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Well guys it’s been 20 years since the first ever Harry Potter book was published, by a queen known as J.K. Rowling. I bonded with, one of my now, very good friends over Harry Potter. I learned about fandoms and started this blog to share my love of them, Harry Potter probably being my main one. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for these books! I learned so many things from these books, such as kindness, acceptance, the difference having really good friends can make, and so much more! These books not only made me into who I am, but also got me into reading! Rowling had a difficult life and I don’t think she expected to influence so many lives with just 7 books. I honestly can’t thank this woman enough for creating this whole world, that we can just escape into when we can’t or don’t want to deal with our world, even if it’s only for a short while. So thank you J. K. Rowling for creating this amazing world for all of us to go to, when we need a little magic in our lives.❤️💛💙💚

You Are What I Hold On To (Jughead x Reader)

can u please do a jughead x reader (they r friends) and the reader has huge anxiety and starts to have a random panic attack when she is hanging out with jug. he comforts her and is the sweetest and helps her get through it and gets her what she needs and it’s cute and fluffy:) (also could you not really add that much of the actual show into, just more of the character if u get what i mean) xoxo –Anonymous

Imagine: Your anxiety disorder was always a well-kept secret from everyone, including your best friend and crush, Jughead Jones. You intended for it to stay that way, until one day things become too much, and you must confront the idea of Jughead accepting you for who you are.

Warnings: mentions of anxiety, depiction of a panic attack

A/N: Just a disclaimer! I have depression but I don’t have anxiety, so I had to do some research into the experience of having anxiety and anxiety-related panic attacks to make sure I wasn’t letting my own experiences influence the story! Feel free to let me know if I mis-portrayed anything!

When you woke up, you already knew things were getting bad again. Usually you were able to keep the magnitude of your anxiety under control (yet still ever present) through thought exercises taught by your therapist and a hearty regimen of medications, but on some days even the most practiced thoughts and the strongest chemicals couldn’t help. Even worse, you could never figure out when it was going to happen, or why.

You’d opened your eyes to a pounding in your chest and shallow breathing. Your hands shook when you reached for your pill bottles and did your makeup for the day. You kept drawing crooked lines onto your lids with eyeliner. Stupid, stupid, stupid. This caused you to draw them even worse. Wipe them off, try again, mess up, repeat.

Finally, you were able to look semi-decent. You took a deep breath, staring at yourself in the mirror.

“Keep it together girl,” you murmured. “Get through one day looking normal. You can do this.”

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I’ve had this blog since I was 12, and watching it grow to this level is something truly spectacular. Meeting a bunch of awesome people, learning more about my favorite band, and figuring out how to use Photoshop are just a few of the amazing things that have happened to me over the course of these years. I’ve really grown with you guys and I’m really glad you’re all speculating me blog about the best band the world has ever seen. It means a lot that 6000 people validate me, and I’m here today to validate all of the amazing blogs I follow. I really love all of you, and thanks for being on this journey with me.

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Hanbin x reader

Angst + Happy end. (I was going to write an angsty ending to this but I couldn’t bring myself to do it haha)

Warning: F-bombs, alcohol abuse.


Standing in front of the brightly lit YG building, you take solace in the biting cold that came with the changing season. Unlike the fiery heat of summer that burn everything in its sight, the cold is comforting and peaceful…Almost healing. Smiling up at your only night time companion for the last month and some days, your spirit lifted to see the man in the moon’s silver glow so brilliantly fighting the pollution of man-made light that drowns out even the most spectacular stars. As good of a friend as he is, now and then the moon leave you in darkness, taking his soothing light with him. During those nights, you learned to make friend to fill the empty void. Trudging over toward the gate, you bow to the familiar wrinkled face of the night guard. He’s always chipper despite the late hours. His high spirit and humor lull your desperation for daily human contacts to sleep; real genuine contacts, not the bullshit passing by greeting you get from work. Sure you have friends but with the high strung life of a twenty something in a big city, a few hours couple time a week is the most any of you can put out. During those hours, the sorrows melt away and nothing exist but laughter. The moment you step away from the radiance of friendship, the shadow of loneliness steps out from its hiding place.

Maybe I should just move in with the girls…

 Shaking back to reality, your heart warms up a little at the still smiling uncle. You had actually gotten quite close to the him from all your trips to your boyfriend’s work. 

- “Back again so soon? What’d you bring him today?”

- “Just some soup and sides. It’s getting cold so i thought soup will warm him up. I brought you some snack, that should help you pass the time” Smiling as he let you through.

- “Always so thoughtful. Thank you.”

The main reason why you brave the late night so often is so your boyfriend wouldn’t starve himself to death in the recording studio. You know full well what getting into a relationship with an idol means. There’s no need to describe it to anyone. The moment your friends learn about the occupation of your other half, they just sigh a sympathetic wish of luck. It’s rough indeed but you never did care. You know the late hours and the constant absences from home were all for the sake of achieving his dream. Who are you to stop someone you love so much from doing so especially when you never completed yours. The best you can do is support and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself in the process. Without thinking too much, your feet take you down a habitual path to the overworked boy. Knocking to make sure it was okay to enter, you’re hoping his mood isn’t too dampen by the weather today. After a few moments, the door creaks open and a tired bare faced Hanbin greets you. Greets, if that’s even the term to describe the situation. Barely even smile at the sight of his own girlfriend, the exhausted boy whispers a simple “hey” before turning back his work station.

I guess he’s in a bad mood today.

Bad mood or not, your aching soul yearns and screams for him so loudly that just seeing his face is enough to subdue its agony. Another reason why it doesn’t matter how treacherous the trip is, the end destination is always worth it. Taking the hint, this was no time to be a clingy girlfriend no matter how much your heart ache for just 1% of his attention. Quietly walking in, you set the food down on the coffee table nearby and find yourself slumping onto the couch. The sight of his hunched back, hand on his forehead rubbing it frustratingly crushes your heart. It’s always tough seeing him working so hard without resting. He’s always so rough on himself when the drying ink refuses portrays the vivid scenes in his mind correctly. God, what you’d give to have a glimpse into that wonderful mind. Despite the turmoil inside his brain, you can’t help but be mesmerize by the burning intensity yet tranquil scene of him hard at work. His face still graceful under the furrowed, vexed brows. Pillowy full lips mouthing out fleeting silent words that either get written down with a nod of approval or dissipate into thin air with a shake of rejection. While the dominant hand busily jotting down notes, the left hand travels all around, sometimes quietly tapping the desk, sometimes propping his weary head up. Your eyes trace every muscle, every vein, down to the two rings on the vena amoris finger. Two rings, one for you and one for the boys. You close your eyes and let your hand remember the feeling of his large hand interlacing yours so tightly every time you guys walk together. After another 5 minutes of waiting, your worn out mind decides it was time to leave. Obviously you’re not getting any time with him today. Shuffle over to the row of machines, you place your hands on his shoulders, massaging them softly hoping to ease some of his stress. You’re glad to see his shoulders relax, head leans back onto the chair letting you know it was okay to continue. This was the first time you touch him in almost a week. You hands drown themselves in the smooth milky skin of his slender neck, the strong shoulders and sharp collar bones. After a few minutes, you timidly say your goodbye.

- “I’m kinda tired tonight so i’m gonna head home. I didn’t take the car so it’ll take me awhile to get back too. Make sure you eat, I don’t want you to faint from overworking. I packed extra for the boys too so give it to them when you go home okay?”

Not even turning around, he breathes out something so low your ears barely register it.

- “Not my fault you love the cold so much you insisted on walking here…”

Solemnity fills the air and stark silence drowns out even the white noise. He spins his chair around to check out what was going on. A a cloud of awkwardness fills the air, so thick that you almost couldn’t breathe. Hadn’t fully intending for you to hear what he just said, he looks slightly fluster that you’re standing there looking like a deer in headlights. He tries to explain but you smile weakly and tell him not to worry.

- “I know i should’ve taken the car but i love the cold. Just make sure you eat… I’ll see you tomorrow night. Let me know what you want to eat.”

Not even bother to ask for a hug or a kiss goodbye, you quietly exit the room. Just before you reach the door, it suddenly swings open. A girl bordering her 20th year runs in exclaiming his name excitingly, ignoring your presence. She’s like a breath of fresh air pouring into the stuffy room and the atmosphere suddenly lights up. Hanbin had told you countless time about Soeun , the baby of YG entertainment. Even though she’s young, she’s beyond talented and beautiful. Favorite in everyone’s eyes, she pretty much could probably get away with murder. You’re not really a jealous or possessive girlfriend but what you witness next is heart wrenching. The charming, dimple inducing smile that you long for manifest itself on your boyfriend’s face the moment he sees the girl. Yet here you were, the girl he swore his life to couldn’t even get a genuine farewell from him. You excuse yourself from bothering the happy pair and soundlessly shutting the door behind you. Lately this has been the routine. Most of his time is spent in the studio. When he visit, it wasn’t the same anymore. It’s almost tedious, like a chore. His effortless laughter that used to chase yours around the apartment were gone. All the activities were done in silent, not the content kind but the deafening kind. The rare days he did sleep over, you’d jolted awake at 3AM to find an empty cold bed. Countless night you sit in a lonely bed staring at the moon, knees to your chest just imagining the warm unattainable sight of waking up to his raspy morning voice and crazy bedhead. You never did mind him not coming home when the relationship was in bloom. You didn’t because when he was home, there was endless cuddles. His arms never leave your body and his attention was all on you. You’d laugh and smile for absolutely no reason. When he has to leave for extended period of times or stay at dorm, your phone would be flooded with endless texts and picture updates. Sometimes you’d wake up to find cute little recording of him chatting about nonsense or just saying he misses you waiting in your phone. Even when he had to work late, you’d be working on the couch right beside him. As busy as work gets, just knowing that the other person was right there is enough. Lately, you two might as well be stranger. Your phone rarely ring with texts from him. If anything, it’s mostly the other boys updating you. It was getting harder and harder to accept this life you’ve chosen so confidently almost 2 years ago. The relationship feels like the fading shade of an unwanted rose, left to soften and waste away. If only there was something to quench its thirst… Going home seems kind of pointless at this point so you choose to wander around the city, keeping the darkening cold as your company.

After another hour of scribbling away on his note pad, the boy spins his chair around the empty room in frustration. Something in the corner catches his eyes, the neatly stacked boxes that his girlfriend had left for him. Saunters over to the small table, he picks up a sticky note with some cute doodle and a neatly written sentence telling him to eat well. Sinking himself onto the soft couch where she was a few hours ago, he begins to go through the stack. Each and every box packed with the food she knows he enjoys greatly. On the biggest box was another sticky note, he carefully peels it off to examine.

- “Babe, it’s getting really cold… I thought some soup would be fitting with the weather.  Are you taking care of yourself? Don’t forget your jacket, you’re so forgetful sometimes when you’re busy. Don’t worry about me, it’s a little cold here without you but as long as you’re well, I’m well. I miss you. Love you lots.”

 A small but heartfelt smile creeps onto his weary face. 

Maybe it’s time to go home.

Pressing on his phone, the digital clock highlighted 1:35 above a moment frozen in time of his girlfriend sitting by the river under the cherry blossom trees. She looks like a goddess laughing so carefree under the sun shinning brightly behind her, flushed pink petals dancing all around the air.  It was taken on their last picnic trip so many months ago. Thumb running over the part of the screen that show her face, he misses her so much a physical soreness pierces his chest. 

I need to take her out on a date soon… I can’t believe we haven’t gone anywhere in so long. I bet she’d like that. Hopefully there’s time for a short vacation closer to Christmas. That girl love Christmas way too much it’s a little worrisome.

A small chuckle passes his lips as he thinks of the little quirks and habits that make her so HER. Packing everything away, his feet couldn’t possibly move faster toward the direction of her apartment. They had agreed to use it as their makeshift love nest for the time being. The dorm is too crowded to have any time alone. When the boys aren’t teasing them, they take her attention away from him and he didn’t like that. He has so little time with her and no one can get in the way. 

- “Just you wait, baby. Some day I’ll have a big house and I’ll ask you to move in with me. We’ll go grocery shopping together, we’ll pick out furnitures together, we can cook together. Well you cook and I’ll supervise the taste. We can get a dog, or maybe 3, maybe cats too…”

- “And a bunny, I like bunny.” 

- “You want me to ask Jiwon to move in with us?”

- “NOOOO, not him bunny… an actual small fluffy cottontail bunny. Jiwon is like a weird, jacked up, too hyper, crazy bunny that eat too much. I don’t know if I can stand him 24/7. we’d both go bankrupt trying to feed him.″

- “Oh okay, we can get a bunny. Phew, for a moment there I thought I couldn’t keep you satisfy so we need to bring Jiwon in.”

- “Yah! you dirty bastard. Where’s your mind going huh? I know you have a side thing with the crazy bunny when I’m not around but do I really need to hear about it?”

Her sweet laughter fills his brain as he replays the memory of the night he knew she’d be someone he can spend his life with. The night she crawled into his lap and told him she decided to move out from the old place she was sharing with her best friend. All for the sake of giving him some privacy when he needs her for his own. The air is so crisp and the night so clear. His happiness from knowing when he reaches his destination, she’ll be there waiting with an open arms illuminate the dark sidewalk. He couldn’t wait to get home and pulls her into his arms. Then he can enjoy the food she slaved for hours to make him while listening to her talk just as they used to do. He knows she’s tired from work too but his health is always top priority for her. She always make sure he’s in top shape and he loves her for it. Carefully entering the apartment, he notices the dark void from the crack under her bedroom’s door. His plan changes to just jumping straight into bed and soaks in her warmth. Food can wait till tomorrow, snuggling up to her seems like a better idea. However, what he found is unsettling in the worst way. A neatly made bed gleams under the moon light and a complete lacks of his love.

Where could she be at this hour… She left so long ago. What if something happened? Damn it, I shouldn’t have let her leave like that. She said she was tired and I just let her walk out like that. Why didn’t I just ask for a car to take her home. Shit. 

Trepidation increases by the second, he furiously taps at his phone in hope of reaching her only to find the familiar ringtone in the next room. Sitting in one place isn’t his style so out the door he went. Not even sure where he’s running to, he just runs. He just needs to see her face. He needs to know she’s okay. His mind screams for her hoping she’d somehow senses that he needs her, wherever she is. His brain conjuring up the worst possible images in his head as distress conceals his every steps. Ignoring the crushing pain in his chest from running so hard, he just runs. After a few blocks, a sight that was like an arrow through his heart comes into view. Police cars and ambulances surrounding a scene of an accident. Muttering “no” repeatedly to himself, he runs as fast as his spent legs could carry him. His mind races 100 miles a second, reasoning to himself that it can’t be her laying there in the middle of the wreckage. Ignoring the instruction of the polices, all he could think of was pushing pass the barricade to see the victims. After a few minute of futile fighting and yelling, a hand grabs him from behind. Shoving it away, he was prepared to fight whoever it was that stopped him from getting his answers. His tantrum only ceases to exist when a warm smile reaches his eyes. It was the owner of the restaurant they used to go on date nights almost every week. It was only then he realizes where he is.

- “Ahjussi, I can’t find her. I’m going crazy here, what if that’s her. I came home and she wasn’t home and i went to find her but i can’t. she doesn’t even have her phone on her….”

He frantically waves his arms around and finally let all his worries manifest. Hands shoving through his hair harshly, panic engulfs his whole being as he paces back and forth.

- “ Hanbin, calm down. That’s not her. Hey! look at me. Listen, that’s not her. She went home, I saw her walked home before the accident happened. Go home and check. She said she was going home.”

The boy’s mind finally eases as he thanks the old man before running off into the neon lit street once again. Rushing into the apartment, he desperately searches for any sign that she made it home. 

Wait, that jacket wasn’t there before, was it? Was that what she was wearing? Damn it Hanbin, you can’t even remember what she wore? How fucked up can you be. She spent her time and energy to see you and you can’t even remember what she wore. 

All of his work seems so insignificant now as compare to a few hours ago when she was waiting so patiently for him in the studio. Why didn’t he just pay a little more attention to her when she was there. He’s so mad at himself that he didn’t think about the glass clinking in the kitchen. Hasten into the kitchen, his lungs finally functioning again seeing his heart and soul leaning onto the kitchen counter with a glass in her hand.

Wait, why is she drinking?

After a long walk, your aching body longs for the warmth of home. The cold isn’t so comforting when it matches the tone of your own heart. The clarity of the cold air seems to does wonder as decision were made… Good or bad, only time can tells. Walking by the restaurant that once were yours and his second home, you sigh in sadness. Just then the owner stumbles out of the door. Haven’t seen him in so long, you call out to the old man to wish him goodnight. 

- “I haven’t seen you and Hanbin in so long… We miss you guys.”

- “He’s been really busy with work so we haven’t had much time lately.”

- “Well, come by soon okay? I’ll give you guys discount.”

- “I will, once he finishes with the album. I’ll buy all of the food you can make.”

You wave goodbye and head home. Once there, all the tiredness seems to dissipates and desolation in its place. You carelessly throw your jacket onto the floor knowing he’s not coming home anytime soon. You strip down into just your undergarments. Away from the constricting clothes that was slightly dampen from the powdery rain, strewing them messily along your path . What’s the point of cleaning up anyways, nobody will see. Everything in this home reminds you of what thing could be… No, what things should be.

I need a drink…

Could be, should be, whatever. It’s too much for your feeble heart right now. Dragging yourself to the kitchen, you hope alcohol would bring you the sleep you desire, or at least makes home less suffocating. You’re distracted but not so much that you didn’t notice the untouched packed meal you left at the studio had somehow made it home.

Who fucking care anyways…

 As you down shots after shots, you were feeling much better mentally. Physically, not so much as you lean onto the counter to support your weight. The view of a handsome panting boy tottering into the kitchen snaps you out of your trance. At the sight of your almost naked body, he stop dead in his track and just stare blankly. You put your shirts on then call out to him. 

- “What the hell are you doing here?”

Not even acknowledging your question, he just sigh loudly and overwhelms your body with a big hug. Ignoring his touch, you pour yourself another shot before his hands force you to stop. Turning you around to face him, his concerning expression worries you a little but all your senses are too numb to care. 

- “I got worried when i got home and you weren’t here. Then there was the accident down the street. For a moment i thought i lost you. Thank god you’re here. I don’t know what I’d do if i lose you.” hand stroking your cheek tenderly, a burning kiss sears your forehead.

- “It seems like you’re doing fine without me.” 

You scoff coldly before pushing him off. Bottle in hand, you make your way toward the living room and drop onto the couch. You barely got another swig in before he forcefully rips the bottle from your hand.

- “What the fuck are you doing?”

- “What do you mean i’m doing fine without you? and since when did you binge drinking like this?”

- “If you pay a lil more attention maybe you’d know when. Give me the bottle.” 

You slur at him before trying to get your poison back. Pushing you back onto the couch, he walks back into the kitchen and empty the bottle. Back in the living room, he takes a seat next to you but you scoot away to the opposite end of the couch but he’s faster. He pulls you into another tight hug placing quick kisses on your hair and cheek. 

- “Look, I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend lately but please talk to me before killing yourself with alcohol.”

- “haven’t been the best boyfriend?” a mirthless chuckle slips out of your throat  “You must be joking. Hanbin, you haven’t been my boyfriend at all lately. I don’t think you have the right to barge in here and demanding a talk.”

- “I know I…”

- “I think we should break up. I’m moving back in with the girls.” 

Feeling brave from the drinks, you cut him off before he could say anything else. It catches him completely off guard as he stammers in confusion about what he just heard. His arms fall away from your body and you take the chance to put some distance in between.

- “Just so you know, i’m not doing this because of your crazy work hours or your job. Your job and your passion isn’t what’s wrong with this relationship. Those qualities were partly why i fell in love with you in the first place. So don’t be going around telling people i dumped you because we grew apart from your busy schedule or whatever bullshit excuse you celebrities use when tabloids digs for answer. It’s the fact that you don’t give a shit.” Your mind starts spinning slightly. Shaking your head to regain focus, you continue.

- “I was perfectly happy with just seeing you at the studio or communicate through the phone. I really was and you know what, just knowing you thought about me every waking seconds was enough to keep my heart lit. Everything was bearable because I have you. Lately, you’ve been such an asshole that I can’t deal with it anymore.”

- “Baby, please. Don’t do this. I know I’m wrong…” misery spills out from his frowning lips.

- “Do you tho? do you really? do you? Cause i don’t think you do.” anguish pulls you into its cold embrace.

He just sits and stares at the unraveling drunken mess that you are, waiting for another outburst.

- “ You don’t so I’ll tell you. We don’t talk anymore. We don’t even touch anymore for God’s sake. You’re like this ice cold king that my peasant self can’t reach. The moment a rough patch hit, you retreat and run away. No matter how much i chase, i can never catch up. Why should I bother chasing you anymore if you don’t want to be caught. Why do I even waste time cooking for someone that doesn’t even care to eat. Why’d you bring it home for, just throw the food away. it’s not like my time worth anything to you anyways. I care for you but all my effort just get rejected. You know how much that hurt? You wanna know what done me in tonight? My boyfriend, the love of my life, the light of my day couldn’t even spare me a smirk. Then some girl burst in like an annoying, icky ball of sunshine and he smiles like he just won the lottery. Every night i come to drop you food, you act like i’m forcing you into doing chores. the reason why I still come even though you barely even notice me is because at least I feel like I’m still doing you some good… Making sure you’re healthy, the least I could do.” You let out a bitter laugh. “It’s funny really, I guess i’m like a depressing blackhole that suck all your happiness away like a dementor. Oh and what was that reaction just now huh? Is my body that disgusting to you that you lost all your thought? Is that why you stop fucking me? Don’t even try to play it off as you were aroused because i know those eyes. Those are not the I’m-attracted-to-you eyes. Well I’m sorry i don’t have a whole team of stylists looking after every details of my body like someone else. You know, if I bored you so much that you’d come home to sleep for 2 hours before heading back to the studio again then I apologize. Really, I am sorry. I guess i don’t have that wow factor, that.. that spunk that the new girl got to keep you hanging around. But who careee… You’re free to go fuck whoever you want now. Just don’t let the door hit you on your way out yea?”

You’re not even sure what you’re talking about anymore. The slumber was getting stronger and your impaired brain isn’t making much sense. The image of him in front of you now looks more like a Picasso painting than a person. Everything is so blurry. You can feel all your senses dimming out as the darkness closing in. Hanbin didn’t say much, he just sits. It wasn’t long before you hit the couch and snore the sleepiness away. 

Staring at his sleeping beauty on the couch, he couldn’t feel any less like  prince charming than he does now. The boy couldn’t fathom what pain she went through before ending up at this point. He blames himself for every bit of her anger, her sadness, and her pain. He vowed to take care of her the day she say yes to being his but now it was the opposite. She took care of him and he took her for granted. His tears doesn’t even compare to hers. She sheds her alone, without anyone to see. Moving closer to his girlfriend, her body seems so fragile, much more than usual. His eyes caresses her body from head to toes before racing back at the bare, void of the sun’s touch spot on her ring finger. She had taken the ring she loves so dearly off and he was too caught up in his own life to notice. A sharp pain penetrate his chest as he exhales slowly, murmuring a low “I’m so sorry, baby” to her. Petting her hair, he places a kiss onto her temple, then her lips in fear he may no longer be able to do so once she’s awake. Just then a sweet voice sounds out. This wasn’t the stern slurring he endured the last 10 minutes. This was something he failed once again to notice that had been absent from her for so long. Recently, her voice took on a somber note, almost desperate. All she wanted is a warm reply from him but he denies her the satisfaction.

- “Stop it! I have a boyfriend.” her hand moves to swat his face away.

Surprise at her reaction, he moves her long and soft hair out of her face for a closer look.  Fast asleep, serene graces her face. Her expression soft and innocent, unlike the hurt and tired face that greeted him not too long ago. 

She’s so beautiful. I really haven’t just look at her in so long…

Staring at his girlfriend is something he used to do so often. He likes to just watch her go about her business. She does everything with such an admirable ease. No effort was ever needed for her to be beautiful or confident. She just is. He settles another kiss onto her pink cheek. Putting a hand on her shoulder, he attempts to move her to the bed before she speaks out again.

- “Hey, i told you. I have a boyfriend. If you don’t listen I’m gonna have to call him.”

Even in her intoxicated state she’s protective of their relationship. A hot tear streams down his face. How could he lets this gone so far. What if she never going to forgive his mistakes. Ignoring her sleepy antic, he carries her away to the bed.

- “My boyfriend is really strong you know. He’ll beat you up.”

- “Is that so?”

The boy whispers back, not anticipating an answer. He just wants to feel the warmth of having a conversation even if she’s not going to answer.

- “Yea! he’s really hot too. but i don’t care about that. i didn’t fall in love with him because of his money or look. Even if he’s bald and old and wrinkly, i’ll still love him.”

Startle at her replies, he becomes aware that he has never seen her drunk. She’s always the one taking care of him when he’s drunk because he can’t hold his liquor even if his life depends on it. This talking habit is completely new to him. Torn between letting her rest or letting the conversation continues, he sets her down on the bed and pull a blanket over her bare legs. She didn’t even bother putting on pants, just her shirt. Laying down next to her, he decided to let her sleep but goes against his decision only mere seconds later. He misses talking to her too much. He misses her voice even more… he just misses her. They could talk for hours about absolutely nothing but lately, no words seems to be found.

- “Tell me more about your boyfriend.”

He tests the water, waiting patiently, hoping she’ll reply.

- “Yea, my B.I oppa is so cool. He’s really good at rapping and everybody loves him. Lots of girls like B.I but I like Hanbin oppa more. He’s funny and caring. Shhh, don’t let him know i like calling him oppa.”

- “Really? Okay, it’ll be our secret. Is he that cool though?” he chuckles at her cute words about him.

- “He’s a really awesome. I’d die before i let him go, I don’t think he even know how much i love him. Mr. bartender, you’re so nosy. Are you trying to steal him? He’s mine you know, you can’t have him.”

- “You love him that much?”

- “Yea… but he hates me though. He doesn’t want to spend time with me anymore.”

- “That’s not true…” he protests at her words, heart sinks at the word “hate”

- “he’s cold… i can feel him slipping away so i’ll just be a good girl and let him go. I just want him to be happy.”

The boy can no longer hold back the sorrow as his tear streams freely. Has he been that careless that his love for her turns into hatred.  Bending down to kiss her, all he can think of is how to protect her and fix everything.

- “I promise you, I’ll make everything better.”

Silence returns to the shared bed as she finally falls into deep sleep. He lays down and pulls her into his arms. Naturally, she presses her face onto his chest and arm fasten around his torso. Another kiss on her hair before he closes his eyes for some much overdue sleep. A much needed cuddle from his energy source.

You finally awaken as the pestering sun hit you squarely in the eyes. Cursing at yourself for not closing the curtain before going to sleep last night, you realize someone is holding your shoulder tightly. Opening your eyes as you jerk your head up out of the pillow. The arm only tighten its hold even more as you hear a comforting raspy morning voice you haven’t heard in a long time.

- “Baby, 10 more minutes. Why are you getting up so early?” he whines.

Too stun to process the situation, you freeze on the spot. Sensing you’re not laying back down, he reaches his other arm over and flip you into spooning position. Snuggling his face into your neck, he takes in a long whiff.

- “Hmm, i miss this scent so much. Let me cuddle you for a little longer.”

Obediently laying still in his arms, you can’t deny that your heart is elated for the first time in long while. Forgetting temporary about your problems, your eyes flutter close once again to enjoy the coziness. The second awakening feels much more like the usual norm, bed empty and cold despite the sunlight dancing around on the blanket. Letting out a loud sigh, you pull yourself out of bed for a glass of water. 

Why the fuck did I drink so much for someone that can’t even bother to stay…

Your thought snips short by the sound of water running. Stumbling into the kitchen, you see your small frilly pink apron barely cover the broad shouldered tall boy that is now frantically trying to stir something in the pan. Your eyes cock up in curiosity as you venture over to see. He doesn’t even notice that you’re slowly making your way over to turn off the running faucet. 

- “Shi– Baby! why are you creeping around like that. I thought my heart was gonna hop out of my chest.”

- “It’s MY apartment.” you enunciate.

- “I mean, nvm. How are you feeling? You drank so much last night i kinda got scared. I tried to make you breakfast but it didn’t quiet worked out… So i had to changed plan. I got you coconut water, it’s in the fridge”

- “Please don’t burn down my apartment.” You say coldly before turning your heels toward the fridge.

- “Go sit down, i’ll bring you your food.”

You raise an eyebrow at him, annoyed at his chirpy exterior. He has that stupid smile on his face that’s telling you there’s no fighting him. Yet there’s a most infinitesimal tinge of sadness in the corners of his slightly puffy eyes. You drag yourself over to the dinning table and sit down. You sprawl onto the table, not feeling too hot. He struggles over after another 5 minutes of pacing around the kitchen, a big bowl in his hands. He sets it in front of you. You couldn’t help but smile a bit inside at his masterpiece of what looks like a messy bibimbap. Places a kiss on your cheek before he runs off and lugs over a tray full of food for himself. 

- “Eat! I know it’s nothing compare to your cooking… I might’ve burnt the other breakfast a bit too much so i ended up making this with the left over in the fridge.” 

He chuckles nervously before digging into his own food. You’re just too focus on watching his expression as he eat.

- “Wait, is that what i brought you last night?” you say hoarsely 

- “Yea. I didn’t get a chance to eat it last night so i brought it home so we can have late dinner together. but then someone went and had liquid dinner instead.”

 - “Why are you eating old food. I’ll make you new one.” you softly sigh.

You reach over to grab his tray but he pushes your hand off.

- “No, you spent a lot of time and love on this. I have to eat it. It’s so good babe. How did you even learn to cook this well.”

Too tired to fight, you sit back in your chair and just continue watching him. Totally forgetting about your own food until he pauses the vacuum that is his mouth and stares at you.

- “Is it not edible at all? It’s okay, I’ll go buy you breakfast.”

- “No… I don’t feel like eating.”

- “That’s no no. You have to eat, is this why you’ve lost so much weight lately? You’re not even eating anymore?”

Setting his spoon down in a matter of factly, he continues to nag you about the importance of food. You can sort of see why he might be annoy at your constant badgering for him to eat. Though you never really nag him the way he nags you right now. No wonder the boys complain so often. He scoops a big spoon full and airplanes it to your mouth. 

- “Open up, if you’re not gonna eat then I have to do this. Come on.”

Grumpily, you open up your mouth after the 5th time he shoves the spoon onto your pursed lips. His lips curl into a smile again seeing you chew. He prepares another spoonful and sets it down before moving back onto his own food. Begrudgingly shove another spoon into your own mouth, your heart flutter seeing him enjoying your food so much. He sucks up all his food in matter of minutes while you took close to an hour. He drags you over to the couch and gestures for you to sit while he cleans up. Falling onto the couch with your legs still hanging off the side clutching your stomach, you got angry at yourself for drinking so much. Then you see a pair of legs move in front of you before Hanbin squat down and kisses your forehead. 

- “So, about last night… I’m not gonna give you some dumb excuse as if it’d justify my actions. There’s no excuse good enough for what i did. Just let me tell you my feeling before you make any decision. If…If after hearing my side and you still want to…”  

- “Break up?” you add in when his voice trails off, choking inside his throat.

- “Yea… that. If you still want to do that and move out then i will let you. But just know i’m not letting you off so easily. I will fight my way back into your life if that does happened.”

You stare at the sadness that’s playing around on his handsome features and nod, gesturing for him to go on.

- “I took advantage of your love for me. I thought i could take my feeling out on you and it’d be fine. You’re my girlfriend, not my therapist or my punching bag. I got so self-centered that i forgot you’re also just human, not some goddess that can wave a hand and makes the world right.”

- “Excuse you but I AM a goddess, get it right.” 

You joke, even if it came out monotonous and dry from the queasiness in your stomach. You can sense he’s punishing himself on the inside and that hurts you. Even though all morning he puts up a happy front for you, he’s dying in pain. You’ve been together long enough that it’s not hard to spot. Whenever he’s hurt, you’re hurt. You just want him to relax… partly feeling guilty for screaming words like knives at him the night before. 

- “Yes, you are.” places a kiss on your forehead. “I apologize for upsetting my beautiful goddess.”

 He smiles nervously, nerve relaxes a little as he sit down crossed legs on the floor. 

- “In all seriousness… I couldn’t take my anger out on anyone so it falls onto your lap and that’s not fair. I know we vowed to be together through thick and thin but you didn’t ask for this unfair life. I know it seemed like I was happy to see Soeun last night but in reality, I just have a certain level of professional courtesy to uphold. I couldn’t let everyone see my pain. I was helping with writing a song for her new album and it’d be bad if she goes around saying i’m grumpy all the time. It’s exhausting having to hide my feelings all the time. You’re the only one that see through it even when i smile. So i thought it was okay to lash out at you. I got too comfortable and i hurt you. I’m really sorry… I just needed someone to blame. i know last night it seemed like i didn’t want to look at you but, i got so sad and shock seeing the state i put you in. I’ve been neglecting you, neglecting us so much that i didn’t even realize. My heart hurt seeing you like that. You looked like you were upset so i didn’t want to add to your stress by calling you out for it. I know i pushed everything too far because you’ve let go of the promise i made you. I can only hope there’s some way you let me make it up to you…”

He reaches over and play with your vacant ring finger. Understanding what he mean, your hand brushes through his bang and down to his cheek, caressing the tears away. His words and emotions are so sincere you can’t stay mad at him. You weren’t really mad to begin with, just tired and wanted to be heard. His face nuzzles into your hand, turning over to place a kiss onto your palm.

- “Silly boy, i took it off to cook for you. I almost dropped it down the drain last time so I took it off yesterday to be safe. It slipped out of my hand and bounced behind the nightstand. It’s too heavy to move and you haven’t been home so…”

His eyes light up like it was Christmas and his frown quirks up into a small playful smile.  

- “So you didn’t take it off on purpose because you’re mad? Let your really strong, really hot, awesome boyfriend B.I oppa take care of that.”

- “OMG i drunk talked in my sleep didn’t I?  please forget about that.”

Running off into the bedroom, you heard a ruckus before he swiftly reappears in front of you. Sitting on the couch now, he pulls you up to sit in his lap. Large hand gently holds yours, he slips the ring back onto your finger before bringing it up to his lips for a soft kiss. 

- “Don’t take it off ever again. If you damage it, we’ll get it fix. If you lose it, we’ll get a new pair. Just like how I will spend the rest of my life fixing us, making us better. Yes, I heard you talk in your sleep last night and no, i will never forget what you said. Of course I know how much you love me because I love you even more. I did forget for a moment but i remember now. If you wanna be a good girl then stay by my side. Don’t leave.” He flashes his dimple at you, smiling brightly. “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. I lost my way, baby. But that doesn’t mean that i hate you. As long as you’re here, I will always find my way back home to you. Trust me when I say all your time and effort is not a waste. It always make my day knowing you put thought into taking care of this useless boyfriend of yours.”

You hook your arm around his neck, pulling his face onto your shoulder. He response by tighten his hold around your waist, softly sigh in satisfaction. Hands running through his hair again, you lean in for a long waited kiss. It sends a bolts of thunder down into your heart and the dark pit in your stomach disappear. Pulling away from the kiss, you stares into his eyes, forehead resting on his.

- “I love you unconditionally, Kim Hanbin. Don’t you ever forget that. If life gets too hard, just know I’m right here. You can tell me anything. Lean on me once in awhile too, I’ll always wait for you with open arms. Don’t make me chase you anymore. You saw where bottling everything up got us… I know it’s hard for you to let go and show your weak side but to me, you have no weak side. You’re the strongest person I know.”

- “I love you so much. If i ever step out of line again, beat me up. Don’t suffer on your own.”

- “I can’t, if you get hurt i get hurt too… There’s still one thing I don’t get, how come you haven’t been sleeping over lately. I miss you and your crazy bedhead.”

- “I’ve been having some problem coming up with lyrics for Soeun’s album. I couldn’t sleep lately and I know how early you have to work. I didn’t want to ruin your sleep too. I miss you so much.” 

- “Aye, haven’t you learn by now i’m a heavy sleeper? Just use me as your body pillow.”

He presses another kiss onto your lips before pulling away and rest his head on your shoulder. Snuggling up tight, arms around your waist, he makes himself as small as possible to fit into your embrace. While rubbing his back, his teasing words come back into your mind.

- “You’re never gonna forget about the ‘my boyfriend is really strong, really hot, and really awesome’ thing are you?” you lean back to look at his face.

- “Nope, call me oppa.” a mischievous grin appears as he winks.

- “Dammit”

- “Why are you acting like it’s such a chore, you said you like it. Call me oppa, or else.” 

He starts to tickle your side causing a fit of laughter to pour out. You try your best to push him off but alas, he’s still much stronger. His laughter follows the cheerful sound of your own. Both of your hearts feel so free after a long stretch of hiding in shadow. 

- “Okay, oppa stoppp. If you don’t stop I’m gonna throw up, I don’t feel good.”

- “What was that? I thought I heard something…did you say something?” He teases and his hand relentless.

- “OPPA, Hanbin oppa. stop!”

- “Alright, I’ll stop. I don’t need you barfing on me. Come here.”

He smiles and pulls you in for a long passionate kiss, arms still holding onto you tight. 

- “What do you say we plan out some dates for next week? I don’t know if I’ll get days off or not but we can go somewhere for a few days toward the end of the year too, if you want. I know your Christmas fanatic butt will like that.” He asks, still snuggling into your neck.

- “How bout just dinner date for now, ahjussi said he’ll give us discount. We’ll worry about Christmas when it’s here.” 

Leaning back onto the couch, he motions for you to rest on him. Letting your head falls onto his chest, you closes your eyes and enjoy your favorite pastime of cuddling up to your teddy bear boyfriend. He closes his arm around his love, feeling glad fate is in his favor still.  Everything is back to the way it should be.

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Dance Class (Hoshi x Reader)

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A/N: Thank you dear anon!(≧◡≦) So, Soonyoung is kind of a non-idol here and if this wasn’t exactly what you wanted, please do send in another request! I hope you like it though, please enjoy! [Request box is open]

Genre: Fluff

Request: “Hiya!!! I’m sorry if your not taking requests but I’ll ask anyway? Could you please do a hoshi au where they meet and hoshi thinks reader doesn’t know who he is but their acc a massive fan but playin it cool ??? Kinda like really like your writing (╹◡╹)” -Anon

It was Saturday and you made your friend a promise that you’ll go to her dance studio in the busiest streets of Seoul. You got out of the shower and changed into your off-white cropped hoodie along with a pair of black training tights. Then after slipping into your most comfortable sneakers, you left the house with your keys, phone, and water bottle in hand.

It didn’t take long for you to arrive at her studio despite it was your first time visiting. Your friend has been asking you to come to one of the dance workshops she holds in her studio since forever, but you’ve always seen dancing just as a hobby and not something you’ll do full-time. It took her almost a whole month of convincing you to come and you decided that today is the day.

“Hey!” You heard her holler from across the hallway, waving her hands in the air.

You gave her a huge smile and followed her inside to one of the practice rooms. “The workshop won’t start until half more hour.” She reminded.

You looked around the empty room, nodding. “I know, I thought I’d help you prepare. What are you going to teach today?”  

“A really simple choreography to MINO’s Body, kinda lyrical.”

Sitting down, you started to stretch as you watched people starting to fill in the room. There were a group of high schoolers, a boy in a red cap, and a couple in matching tees. It was when you went up to get your water bottle that you saw four boys walk into the room. A tall purple haired boy walking side by side with the boy in the sleeveless shirt. Then there was this shorter boy along with someone you definitely recognise. Kwon Soonyoung, the one dancer you really idolise and look up to.

Standing in the front of the room, your friend had gathered everyone and started the workshop. “Good morning everyone, thank you for joining me in my studio for our monthly dance workshop. Today we are all going to learn a very simple lyrical choreography, and perform solo at the end of our class.”

“I’m talking about your 몸,
I’m talking about your 다리,
I’m talking about your lips,
I’m talking about your 머리부터 발끝까지.”

It has been very long since you attended a dance class or even dancing in general. But you easily followed and memorised the choreography and every few moments, you swore your friend would look at you with a proud smirk on her face. You observed some participants who looked a little confused and how they would slowly repeat the move again and again until they get it right. Dance, to you, is art. Every movement, every pose, is like a stroke of paint on an artist’s canvas.

“So, I see that you are quite a fast learner.” She hummed as she plopped down next to you during break time.

You gulped down the remaining rest of the liquid in your water bottle before winking, “Well, I learn from the best.” Earning a playful glare from her.

She was walking around, meeting the participants and asking them how they’re coping so far in the class. Not knowing what else to do except sit back and catch your breath, you looked around in search for Hoshi. You remembered how your eyes kept on glancing at him during the class and you just couldn’t believe that someone’s body could actually move around so effortlessly like his. Scanning the room, you spotted him at the other end, still practicing in front of the mirror. He was perfecting every move, dancing so fluidly.

Then break was over and your friend had started calling the participants one by one to perform the earlier taught choreo. Some did well, some were nervous and kept on laughing, some danced emotionless, some already forgot the dance moves. You watched the three other boys who came with Hoshi danced and they performed really good too. Then, it was your turn to go up the stage.

You tried to ignore the stares from everyone in the room, engulfing yourself in the beat of the music. Dancing powerfully, you listened to every word of the lyrics along with the steady rhythm of your heartbeat. You let go to the song, dancing until you realised it ended too quick. The song ended and so did your performance, the silence were immediately replaced by loud applauds filling your ears.

Gasping for air, you went back to your sitting spot, looking at your best friend who gave you a thumbs up and a wide grin. You paid attention again to the centre of the room. Hoshi was the last performer. As the song started, his body became one with it. He danced and danced, almost looked like he was literally floating on air. His movements were sharp and precise, always in sync with the beat from the song. You watched him, just like you watched the videos of him dancing posted on his channel, in awe and admiration. It also ended too fast, you thought, as you applauded him.

“That wraps up our workshop for today! Thank you again for everyone who joined and danced with me and I really hope that through this workshop, you all will improve more and more in dancing.” Your friend announced and therefore, the class ended.

You were refilling your water bottle at the dispenser when someone tapped on your shoulders. You turned around and found yourself looking at a very familiar face you usually see from your computer screen. It was Hoshi himself, flashing his beaming smile at you.

“Hi.. I just wanted to tell you that I really like the way you dance.” He said and you were internally freaking out, the butterflies inside you were literally performing summersaults.

All you could muster up to do, though, was smile and mumbled a short “Thank you.”

Say that you’re a huge fan, you tell yourself but couldn’t gather the courage to do so.

You’ll regret it, this is a once in a lifetime chance, you bit your lip.

“I’m Hoshi, by the way.” The boy said again, with the same bright smile.

Before you could’ve said anything else, your friend walked past you and patted Hoshi’s shoulder. “Oh believe me, she knows.”

You felt like your cheeks burnt in embarrassment, stuttering.  “I- uh… I’m actually kind of a big fan of your dancing.”

He laughed cheekily, “Well, I’m happy to say that I’m also a big fan of your dancing. Would you like to join me in hunt for lunch?”

“Sure, I’d love to.” You nodded smiling, grabbing your things before joining him in front of the studio.

“Hey, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Soonyoung, I haven’t even thrown it.”

A year ago today my buddy Garrett Danz and I left our homes in Oklahoma with about $800 and the hopes of getting to Washington for a month and making a little film about it. That month turned into seven, and after 21,000 miles of driving and camping - all the way to the Arctic Circle in Alaska and back, leading to a complete lifestyle reevaluation and change. Thankful for all of the blessings I’ve been given in life, and for the family and friends who saw more in me than I knew was there. Always learning.

Today is Wednesday, December 28th.

This morning, I awoke feeling rested; it was still dark outside and the house was quiet.

I made my way to the kitchen to brew some hot, black tea and snack on some dates. As soon as the tea was ready, I poured some into a mug and brought it to the living room, where I sat on the floor with my Qu'ran. As I sipped my tea, I read the story of Joseph, which is one of my favorite stories because it embodies lessons of forgiveness, patience, compassion, and a unified ummah (community).

Then, I lit some candles, did some yoga, and meditated, drawing near to Allah. Afterwards, I recited, “Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem” (In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful) and stepped into the shower. After cleaning my entire body thoroughly, I donned an abaya, headscarf, and stood on my prayer rug, ready to submit myself to Allah.

I knelt on my prayer rug and placed my forehead to the ground. After a few deep breaths, I began crying. Happiness and joy filled my entire body. I said, “Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah. Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah.” This means: I bear witness that there is not God except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

I closed my eyes and repeated it again and again; tears of happiness were streaming down my face. I felt renewed, clean, pure, and I knew that all my past transgressions were forgiven.

Taking shahada doesn’t have to be an elaborate ceremony, but for me, I wanted it to be. I wanted to be alone, in my own home; just me and Allah. I wanted to stand before Him and feel my past life shrivel up as Allah made me a new person.

After I performed my shahada, I prayed Fajr and made dua for my Ummah, family, friends, and people all around the world. I thanked Allah for bringing me to Islam and making me Muslim.

I will undoubtedly say that today is one of the best days of my life.

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September, 1977

Racism Trigger Warning

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To six-year-old Lucas Sinclair, a year was an eternity.  And that was more true than ever as he sat around the kitchen island, the smell of grilled cheese filling the room and Mike’s excited chattering overpowering the sizzle from the stovetop.

It had been only a year since he’d met his friend and he already knew Mike’s every secret and quirk.  The same went for Will, although it had taken a bit more time.  Will wasn’t like Mike- if he had a secret, he could hold onto it rather than watch it explode compulsively from his mouth.  The year the three of them had had together had to have been an eternity if Lucas was able to become so close to two people so different from himself.  To further prove his point, Lucas could not remember the specific months or weeks or days that made up that year.  It was all just a haze of play dates and their favorite corner of the kindergarten class and being so happy.  The only concrete memory that stuck out was the one of Will laughing so hard grape juice came out his nose, but Lucas knew he could live through a million eternities and remember that.  The issue now was that he had to go through an eternity of a year, but this time it was with-

“Alright, three grilled cheese sandwiches for the new first graders!  And Lucas, the tomato soup should be done in just a minute or two,”  Mrs. Wheeler, Mike’s mom, placed three steaming plates in front of them.  

“Thank you,”  Lucas remembered to say.  Even in his low state he felt a twinge of pride.  He was good at using his manners, even when he was upset.  He knew most other kids in his class couldn’t remember their manners even in the best of circumstances, so he was already several steps ahead.  Although today his manners had proved ineffective.  No one, not even the teacher, cared whether he could say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’.

“Do you boys like your teachers?”

Lucas suppressed a wince at Mrs. Wheeler’s question and nibbled around the crust of his sandwich while Mike launched into description of a teacher he loved (Lucas suspected he had a crush on said teacher, but he couldn’t bring himself to tease him.  Not then).  She was pretty.  She gave them a whole hour for reading.  She had already learned half of their names.  Lucas wanted to be happy about the great teacher his friends had ended up with but…

They had found out which classes they’d be in a week prior.  Lucas’s mom had driven out to look at the class list and whether or not Lucas fit in with Mike and Will, and she’d been filled with remorse over the results.  Lucas could feel his face growing hot as he remembered the crestfallen look on Mike’s face as he told him which teacher he had.

“But it’s okay!” Mike rebounded.  “Me and Will can still see you at recess and you can come over to my house every day if you want to.  It’ll be okay.”
Lucas wasn’t sure if Mike had said it for Lucas’s sake or his own, but as soon as Mike had said it, his chin began to tremble.  It would be just as awful to be without Lucas as it would be for Lucas to be without Mike.  

Mrs. Wheeler brought Lucas out of the memory by handing him a bowl of freshly heated tomato soup.  In his book, a grilled cheese was never complete without the soup as a side.  Mike and Will thought it was gross, which only fueled his love for the combo, and Mrs. Wheeler made sure to have tomato soup on hand for whenever Lucas came over.  And Mike was calling this after-first-day-of-school snack at his house a new tradition, so Lucas suspected the Wheeler family would be going through lots of tomato soup before they were finished with him.

“Thank you,” he remembered to say.

“You’re welcome,”  Mrs. Wheeler answered.  “And how are you liking Mrs. Penshaw?  Nancy never had her as a teacher, so I don’t know much about her,”

“Oh,”  Lucas frantically racked his brain for something good to say about Mrs. Penshaw.  She wore tall black shoes, kind of like the ones his mom wore?  She had very neat handwriting?  She smiled at most of the kids?

But not you.

“Mrs. Penshaw is nice.”  It was a lie, but Lucas knew lying was sometimes necessary.  Mike and Will were happy with their teacher.  Lucas had a different teacher.  But it was nothing to make a fuss over.

“Did you talk at recess?”

Mike and Will answered this question together, clamoring over each other’s sentences to tell her about the only part of the day Lucas had enjoyed.  They’d gone on an intricate journey around the playground in search of the perfect dragon lair (because every playground needed one of those) and both boys had lots to say on the matter.  But Lucas could only think of what had happened in the hours between recess.

He’d walked in with more confidence than he had in kindergarten.  Of course he knew Mike and Will would not be at his side, and that hurt, but he also knew that he was smart, friendly, and a great candidate for a friend.  He would find a friend, and while it may not be Mike or Will, he’d still have someone to get him through the school day.  He’d be fine.

Mrs. Penshaw greeted every kid with a smile- that is, every kid but Lucas.  When he walked in the door and offered a polite “good morning”, he was met with a strangely cold look before being pointed to his seat.  From his chair he could see as every other kid got a smile.  Every kid but him.

But that was okay.  Even adults forgot their manners at times, and even with his superior skill set of manners, he was in no position to make judgments.
Class continued as usual, with the introductions and the class rules.  Lucas listened politely.  He missed having someone to talk to, but he could handle it for one day.

But then came snack time.  Lucas pulled out his cheese and crackers and looked to the rest of his table group, trying to decide which one to befriend.  Troy, Jess, and Hannah.  He didn’t love the fact that he had to share the table with a girl but he could look past that.  As long as everyone was friendly he could-

“I heard my mom say that God hates black people,”  This came from Hannah, who was talking to Jess but staring directly at Lucas.

“What?”  Jess was face-deep in his box of raisins.  “Why?”

Hannah shrugged.  “When God hates someone he makes them black.  Like with dark skin.  So that everyone else can all know.”

All at once, Lucas could feel his legs turning to rubber under the table and his heart thudding slow and heavy.  “I don’t think that’s true,”  Don’t think?  “That’s not true!”

Jess finally pulled himself from his raisin box.  “You’re black,”

No, duh.  Lucas had to suppress that little outburst.  Jess obviously wasn’t the brightest of the bunch.  But stupidity he could handle.

He could not handle Troy, who chomped off hard on the end of a carrot before saying in an almost sensible tone: “Black people shouldn’t be allowed at this table.  I don’t want to go to hell because he’s here.”

His stomach clenched, twisting and dropping in one horribly nauseous wave.  How could Troy say something like that?  He hadn’t said anything like that to him in Kindergarten, although he’d never been nice to Mike or Will, which meant he was mean to him by extension.  But how could anyone let him say something like that?  In Kindergarten everyone was taught about the importance of inclusion.  And this was the opposite!  This was exclusion.  And all because of his skin?  

Still reeling from disbelief, Lucas wondered if they’d actually make him switch tables or if it was just a not-so-friendly suggestion.  He glanced around the room.  All the seats seemed full anyway.  And would anyone want to sit with him if they all thought God hated him?

His gaze caught Mrs. Penshaw, sitting quietly at her desk.

A few months prior, Mike had invited Will and Lucas over for a start-of-summer sleepover.  The prospect of having a sleepover, which was something only his older siblings ever got to have, was exhilarating and Lucas would’ve skipped the whole way to Mike’s house had he not been carrying a duffel bag dwarfing his whole body.  They were in Mike’s room and Lucas was declaring himself the king of the room from the top bunk when his foot slipped on the top ladder rung and he landed full on his back.  For a moment he lay there, too stunned to cry.  He could only inhale and exhale in deep, rattling breaths until the air worked its way back into his body.  Mike and Will hung over him, talking to him and trying to get him to stand again, but in those first few minutes he was stuck gasping through his shock on the ground.

That was how he felt now, seeing that Mrs. Penshaw was staring right at their table, knowing that Mrs. Penshaw was close enough to hear every word, and realizing that Mrs. Penshaw was going to let them say whatever they wanted to him.

Hannah, Jess and Troy regarded Lucas with a certain coldness until he stopped talking to them.  The class continued and Lucas could only watch as the teacher asked questions he knew the answer to but was too afraid to raise his hand for.  He had been so ready to go into first grade, knowing he was one of the smartest, knowing he could be the teacher’s favorite, knowing he was the type of boy that could make lots of friends.  But now he was here, knowing that his brain, his manners, and his loyalty meant nothing to anyone in this classroom.  Not even the teacher.

Sitting before his untouched bowl of tomato soup, Lucas could feel tears gathering up in his eyes.  He placed his sandwich down on the plate and tried to wipe his tears away, only to find that his hands were greasy from the sandwich and he was making a big mess all over his face.

Stop crying!  Stop crying!

Lucas had always considered himself good at controlling his emotions, but this was pain and betrayal he could not handle.  A pathetic sob escaped him and he found himself crying helplessly in front of everyone.

He felt Mike wrap his arms instinctively around him and heard Will’s chair scraping against the floor as he jumped up to do the same.  Mrs. Wheeler was in front of him with tissues, trying to calm him down.  But he didn’t think he’d be able to get the words out.  They were too awful to be spoken out loud.

Mike shook his arm.  “Lucas, what’s wrong?”

Through his tears, Lucas looked up and found himself staring into the wide, sincere eyes of his best friend.  All at once he remembered the first day of Kindergarten when he watched Mike’s face crumble in front of a wide-eyed class of judgmental jerks.  Lucas was his friend when no one else would be, and now Lucas knew that Mike would never, ever forget that.

And so all at once, Lucas let the words out.  The whole story unraveled and Mike’s eyes narrowed while Will’s tiny fists clenched and Mrs. Wheeler put a hand over her mouth as if she was horrified by the whole thing.  When it was finished, Lucas felt too tired to cry or do much of anything else.  Mike and Will still clung to each of his arms, each of their grips tightening with fury as he hung his head in shame.

Mrs. Wheeler was the first to speak after he’d finished.  “Well, Lucas, I’m not keeping you in that class and I think your mom would agree with me,”

Briskly she grabbed the phone and dialed, pressing the receiver to her ear with one hand and placing the other on her hip.  “Hello?  Yes, hello, this is Karen Wheeler.  I need to switch one of my students out of Mrs. Penshaw’s class and into Ms. Erland’s class.  Yes.  Thank you.  His name is Lucas Sinclair and-”

Lucas didn’t care to hear the rest.  Slowly, he wiped away the last of his tears and took a bite of his sandwich.  There was another eternity of a year ahead, but at least this time he’d be with his friends.  

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nurseydex #87 "I saved you a seat", please :) (Congrats on 800!!!)

OMG. So, I have had like 3 different versions of this sitting in my draft folder. 

Thank you for the prompt!

Chowder know what people think that he is clueless, but, he’s learn to use it to his advantage. Goalie eyes translate very well off the ice, thank you very much.

That’s why when he notices a pattern between his two friends, he can’t help but laugh about it. Nursey and Dex always sit next to each other.  Always. Like even when they’re fighting, they will just sit and glare at each other, while they eat breakfast.  That’s not even the weird part, they save each other a seat, even if there is no way in hell the other will show up. 

Like today, Dex told him, “Sorry C, that’s Nursey’s seat.” 

He retorted with “Doesn’t Nursey have a workshop at this time every week?” Dex’s ears start to turn bright red.  “Why do you always save him a seat?” 

“Uh. D-Man stuff. R&H really stress about spending time getting to know your partner and all that stuff.” Chowder can see the bullshit from his new seat across from him. 

“Okay…” He just sips on his peppermint tea. “You know you can save him a seat just because you like to sit next to him?” 

“Then, that means I have to admit he has won.”  Dex says to his oatmeal. Chowder just raise his eyebrows. 

“What does that mean?” Now Dex’s cheeks and neck are really red.  

He just sighs, “Then it means I care more, okay? It was easier when I didn’t, but, here we are. Me caring about Derek Nurse’s Feelings. UGH, its so stupid, C. Part of me knows that Nursey won’t change he mind about me just because I save him a seat, but, then part me, the stupid part, hopes that it does. Like some how it makes up for all the awful things I said last semester; like no matter how much we argue and bicker that still I care about him, yanno?” Dex finally looks up to meet Chowder’s eyes. Chowder just smiles and nods. They eat in silence for a few moments. 

“Yo, is this seat taken?” Chowder looks up to see Nursey.  

“No, I saved you a seat.” Dex says without looking up, but, Chowder doesn’t miss the surprise on Nursey’s face as he sits down. 

“I didn’t realize you cared, Poindexter.” Nursey smirks at Dex’s single raised unamused eyebrow. 

After a moment, Dex just rolls his eyes. “Just eat your tofu burger, Nurse.” 

“Its black bean and I will.” Nursey sticks his tongue at Dex, before starts to dig into his burger and fries. His eyes are sparkling like when he scores a goal. 

“Whatever”, is Dex’s only retort and he goes back to his own lunch. He even has a small shy smile on his face. 

God, they’re so clueless. 


Fact: An Iranian astronomer made the first depiction of Andromeda, 1,000 years before Edwin Hubble classified it as a galaxy.

We (the Milky Way) are on a collision course with Andromeda in about 4 billion years in the future. But there’s new evidence that we may have already begun that collision today! Watch to learn more.

Thanks Future of Science friends! You can SUPPORT more videos like this at http://patreon.com/arielwaldman

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It's really sad to see how the fandom is treating Liam. I hope his team learns from their mistakes. The sun article seems to be damage control so I'm assuming they didn't see the backlash coming. I hope they realized Zayn's worth! I hope they see that a lot of people care about Zayn! That attacking him will not help them sale songs but have the opposite effect! Although at this point it won't seem genuine I hope they decide to take the we're still friends route.

Agreed. There does at least seem to be a shift in this narrative, as just today in Liam’s FB live broadcast he included Zayn when he thanked the boys:

“Thanks for Niall, thanks for Louis, Harry and Zayn for our musical journey which I think it’s really nice and beautiful.” 

I think Team Liam is definitely trying to undo some of the damage caused, which is good. I hope the message was received that we do not take cheap shots aimed at Zayn kindly (if only they’d dial it back with all Chiam/daddy duty crap, too). Coupled with yesterday’s Sun article where Liam chose PT as his favorite track and there definitely seems to be a new approach happening. Let’s hope it continues.

That being said though, as usual, there’s always that subset that takes things way too far and are now leaving negative reviews for his song out of spite. It’s unbelievable and completely disgusting behavior.

Have you seen that some people are trying to mask their intentions behind the excuse of “what if I really just don’t like the song”? To that I say BULLSHIT. I can see right through that. If you’re gonna go to those lengths at least have the balls to own how gutter you are.

I personally don’t care for some of Harry’s PR either. He’s shaded Zayn in print and I’m also not crazy about his solo music aside from a couple of songs. Despite that, I can see through that bad narrative (as those Liam bashers should too) so you won’t see me running to exact my “revenge” on Harry by posting negative reviews in the hopes that it would negatively affect his sales. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the boys’ individual music for themselves and not have it be tainted by my own perceptions or biases. I love all 5 boys and want them each to be successful as solo artists. I will never be able to relate to those unprincipled assholes who think this is ever okay. They need to do some serious soul searching and improve themselves immediately.

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Honestly, at first I thought I was straight because I had crushes on guys, but now I'm in high school and I don't like anyone. I think both genders can be pretty or handsome, but I don't wanna date or do anything sexual. I'm assuming it's just a fear or phobia(as my friends tell me) but I believe I fall under the ace or aro category and I always feel uncomfortable talking about my sexuality cause idk what it is. Ya know? But I just found this blog today and I love it sm! 😌❤️

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Aww, thank you!  That’s so nice of you to say!

It sounds like you are doing some searching and learning things about yourself.  Just know that it’s ok to take your time.  It’s ok not to know what your sexuality is.   You have the right to decide whether or not to talk about your sexuality.

It’s ok not to want romance or sex.  There doesn’t have to be a reason for not wanting romance or sex.  Ever.  And if you decide later you do want it, that’s ok too!  Sexuality is fluid and being different later does not change the validity of how you feel right now.

I wish you luck! (and tasty foods to rain from the sky on your plate)

Dear Dany,

Can I call you that? I know it’s informal, but I feel I’ve earned the right. Especially because you haven’t really been Daenerys Targaryen to me since 2014, when I first saw your name and I didn’t know how to pronounce it. Back then you were ‘that one girl from Game of Thrones with the dragons’. Ha. Like I had any idea what was coming next.

I just wanted to say thank you today, before the clock shifts and it’s July 13th. Because I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without you. And I know it’s silly but it’s true. And believe me, I’ve tried to find others who are more influential-people who are actually real, whom I can actually talk to instead of just inside my head. But the fact is that I can’t because to me you aren’t just a queen. You’re a teenager. In a way, we’re kind of growing up together, because I met you when I was thirteen and you were too. And you’re a friend. You’re one of the best friends I have.

I put up with a lot of shit from people. A lot of jokes about being a crazy fangirl, because that’s how a lot of people see me. I make movie calendars, I have 2 poster collages in my bedroom (8 of you specifically; it’s not weird, I promise), and I wear a Slytherin locket pretty much everywhere I go. I just finished revamping it yesterday; now there’s a picture of you on one side and a picture of Jon on the other. But it’s more than that. Thinking on it now, I’ve been throwing myself into fictional worlds headfirst ever since middle school, in an attempt to deal with the normal frustrations of being a teenager: school, friendships, mood swings, and both generalized and social anxiety.

I’ve written almost 90 pieces of writing by now-from 2,000 to 200,000 words, both one shots and original novels. If I really set my mind to it, I can write 80,000 words in a month, regardless of school. I discovered writing in sixth grade and I never stopped, even as I started growing apart from my small group of friends. I didn’t realize I was anxious back then; I thought I was just shy. Writing 10k words in a day is easy. Working on a group project is much harder. Some people took drugs when life got to overwhelming; I grabbed a pen and a notebook.

So then imagine my surprise when out of nowhere I get addicted to Game of Thrones in the summer before eighth grade, though I can’t watch it or read it. And not to the show in general either-nope, there’s this one character who I relate to on so many levels. We don’t have a lot in common, but (at least in the books) we’re both thirteen and frightened-although your fears are a lot more pressing than mine. And even though your circumstances were far greater than mine, you managed to overcome them.

And I don’t buy that it was easy for you after that, because bravery isn’t something that you show once and then forget about-especially when you’re a teenager. Being a teenager is full of self doubt and letdowns and loneliness-and that only increases ten fold when you have to conquer the world. When I got to read the books the next year, before high school, it felt like I’d known you forever-because we weren’t so different really. It seemed like we could be friends, if we knew each other in real life.

And you encouraged me to be brave.

I don’t have anything to complain about. I’m white, well off, and living in a great country. I have every opportunity available to me. I don’t have a right to have anxiety or even complain about my problems when there are so many others who have it so much worse. But hey, if my fictional best friend could walk through a fire and come out with three dragons then why couldn’t I organize and star in my eighth grade play? Why couldn’t I start conversations with new people, even if I could feel my heart beating in my chest? Why couldn’t I confront the truth of my anxiety?

And later, I would start questioning whether the life I was living was the life I deserved. What if I wasn’t happy with a life of constant writing-but also constant isolation? Could there be more to me than writing? We’re also alike in that we don’t have all that many close friends. Then, last year, I started trying to fight my anxiety tooth and nail. But it’s hard when everyone at school already knows each other.

You were there for me, in not only the books and show but also the inspiration I drew from you in those troubling situations. I knew you understood that it’s hard to always be brave, especially when your brain is telling you not to be. It sucks being lonely-not hanging out with friends for two months outside of school, not having anyone to sit with at lunch, staring at your phone and willing it to ring, doing everything by yourself, getting frustrated every time you watch a show about high school because you’ve never dated and you’ve never been to a party and it’s not as easy as just reaching out to someone. It sucks to be the one who has to pull yourself together every night, talk yourself down from panic attacks, and be the one who has to convince yourself you’re not an utter failure for not being able to 'move on’ faster (even though not everyone understands that a mental illness isn’t something you necessarily move on from right away).

When people ask me who my favorite character is, I can never be unbiased. There’s never been another option or another choice. There is no other ruler for the Iron Throne. I am Daenerys Targaryen (and by extension) Jonerys trash and I can’t help it because I have learned so much from you. I can’t help that I’m so young and I just hopped on the bandwagon within the last few years. I can’t help that I’m in the mood to write lots and lots of fanfiction. I can’t help what helped me in times during the past couple of years when I felt truly alone.

Season 7 will be here soon and I won’t have a party to celebrate. I’ll have to go back to parents who don’t really understand why I don’t like ordering a pizza over the phone. My dad’s a casual fan; he’ll watch it with me but we won’t do anything special for the occasion. My brother will tell me to shut up about it and I’ll spend all day Sunday unable to focus on everything-and probably cry a lot during the finale because I’ll finally get to see you again and reminisce about how much you have helped me find out who I am and who I want to be.

You’ve taught me about courage, kindness, and justice. You’ve become my muse, but more than that you’re my friend-and I write fanfiction for you as a labor of love and thanks because I’m only sixteen. I just got a job so I don’t have that much money, so I do what I’ve always done-I write my heart out. And I try not to worry too much if all I want to do is write about you and your family because I have the rest of my life to write original stories too.

So thank you for the bravery you have given me and the friends I have made through you-I can think of at least three of my close friends who I met because they watch Game of Thrones and I felt comfortable really easily talking about it. Thank you for the support and inspiration I found in you, especially when I felt that I had very few others.

On Sunday I’ll be watching season 7 and thinking about how we’ve both grown. And today I’m also reminded that I have learned so very much from you. So thank you, so much.

Sincerely, me

Note: Sorry I can’t make this shorter, I’m not on the desktop version of tumblr.
Also, I’m sorry. I’ll shut up now, I promise. Today’s just been kind of a weird day. Like, it’s been good. But also weird. And I’m thinking too much.


I decided to start studying again today after I took 3 months off to relax, spend time with family and friends & travel for a bit after completing my law degree at university. I am extremely grateful for those 3 years at university because I got to learn more about myself, my capabilities, my strengths but most importantly I got to be self disciplined and learned the art of time management. Those 3 years were the most difficult; but through it all and with the Grace of God I managed to graduate with First Class Honours 👩🏾‍🎓 This has opened major doors for me and all which I am thankful for but at the moment I am only focused on getting my Masters/Postgraduate degree in one of the most prestigious university’s around the world. THANKFUL!!!

I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life as a Law Student 💕😊

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Just wanted to say that you're an amazing person. <3 As a fan of Yurio's character, I was looking forward to seeing how he would develop throughout the series, but now it just feels like the show is trying to stan for him. I think it does his story a real disservice; he needed to learn that the people around him cared about him regardless of his success. Instead he upstages every single character with a friend he barely knows & apparently that's their idea of a fitting conclusion for his arc??

Thank you anon, that’s so sweet T_T

Yes that’s basically my problem. I just discussing this with @soobaki today. Yurio could have really benefitted from that storyline he never got. And then it just keeps getting worst. It was already bad that he ended episode 12 scowling on the podium, then the confirmation that he was not satisfied because Yuuri still beat his FS score. Now we have the extra manga where he basically disrespects all of Lilia’s hard work and blames her programs for his loss because he “couldn’t get in the mood for it”. Excuse you child, who was ready to sell their body and soul to Lilia in order to win??? I mean, I’ve been saying it all along that Yurio choosing to skate his senior debut as something he did not identify with at all was unhealthy for him. Here Yurio is agreeing with me. But blaming Lilia’s programs for the (few, too few) things he lacked is so disrespectful of him when he chose this! 

Wanting to secretly change his exhibition skate out of resentment for Yuuri beating his FS score? Then feeling personally attacked over the duet? Insulting Yuuri again, and using Otabek as a last minute prop just to upstage Yuuri and Victor? Petty, self-centered, disrespectful and selfish. What happened to finding his agape and learning to care and be cared for? He clearly learned nothing the entire season. He feels entitled to be the best at this point and the worst thing is, the narrative is justifying him. We’re supposed to agree, we’re supposed to find this little speech about “continuing to prove his choice is right” inspiring. 

He deserved better writing too. 

I wanted to thank you. I know how odd it sounds since I haven’t posted for quiiite a long time. Let me explain you in the following.

I, the person behind the computer, learn so much throught the ¾ years of blogging here. I learn so much about traditional culture and even if I am not near to perfect all I learned on this ¾ years was weavily rewarded today. Today I was accepted in my dream school because of how special my knowledge and how particular was this cultural knowledge of mine. So followers, friends… Thank you for being and have been so supportive and nice to me. Because of you I can get closer to my dream. ♥

I wanted to make a special thanks to my closest friends and persons I admire here on tumblr.

Thank you so much to @missmyloko, @geisha-kai, @geimei, @kikyonogara​, @kamishichiken for being so knowledgeable and doing such an amazing job! I’m really grateful of all you learn me!

Thank you to @scillsthrills, @tsuyuei, @umeno-okiya , @fraisine​ and @yohtan for being suuuuch amazing friends and adorable supporters! Your support mean the world to me!  And also a thank you lost as a bottle in a sea to my first friend here Suzuyu (not her real name but if she saw it she will remember I think).

With love, thank you for all!

I’m Your Girl (Bobby x Reader)

P.S. This was requested by an anon. Girl I hope you like it, it was so fun to write this one. Enjoy


You never thought you would end up dating an idol. You started your acting career when you were 17 at a kdrama, you were playing the bad girl which matched with your harsh and foreign looks. Even thought you were the villan people showed you a lot of love and the kdrama went amazing. Soon you started doing commercials, interviews, photoshoots, red carpet appearances, you were pretty much everywhere, you were very thankfull for everything and you worked hard for every opportunity.

You met Bobby at a party. It was the last episode of your latest series which went very good, so why not throw a big house party? somehow even though you didn’t know them ikon came to your house and you had the chance to meet them. Bobby always had a crush on you, he found you very attractive and you were a great person, you had jsut turned 20 so you loved to goof around, you weren’t afraid to be weird and just have fun. He asked you out the same day- thanks to his friends pressuring them- you blushed but said yes.

Your relationship was fresh. Everything was still new and you were learning new stuff about each other every day, which was great Bobby was a good man and you liked him, you enjoyed your time with him. Today he asked you to be his date at his party for the success of his two m/v’s, one with mino and his solo. You said yes right away, he had celebrated your accomplishments you cannot say no to his, this was one of the biggest momments of his career, as his girlfriend you needed to be by his side.

You wore your favourite pair of lace up black over the knee boots, with your hot pink knee lenght tennis skirt and a tight black crop top with an X on your back. You made your hair with loose curls and a burgundy matt lipstick, a nice white with dark brown eyeshadow, a beautiful pair of white earrings and a nice ring he Bobby has given you.

As soon as you walked in the club you saw that Bobby was a bit busy, so you decided to go take a drink and then talk to him, you went to the bar and ordered a strawberry daquiri. While you were waiting for your drink you felt a hand on your shoulder, you thought it was Bobby so you turned with a smile, but it was a total stranger

“Hello beautiful”

Great. A random stranger that’s looking for a hook up, he was tall and dark hair, he looked regular, nothing interesting about him.


You said plain. You never were the girl that flirted with random people, you liked to keep to yourself and enjoy your night with your friends or your boyfriend. Speaking of which, your boyfriend had spotted you and saw someone talking to you, you looked uncomfortable, but he gave you your space, he knows you can handle yourself.

“Want a drink?”

“No, I got it covered. Thanks anyway”

You dissmissed him. You tried to turn your back to him, but he pulled you back, making you lose your balance and almost fall down. You pulled his hand away, you were pissed now

“Don’t touch me”

You warned him. He laughed and reached for you again, but you slapped his hand away

“Come on cutie, don’t be mean”

“Yo chill, she is with me”

Bobby came out of nowhere. He saw what happened and almost flied over to you, he stood in front of you, showing dominance

“Then why was she alone?”

“Cause I don’t have her on a leash, she is her own person”

“Then she can decide if she wants to be with me”

He said arrogantly. What’s wrong with him? You tired to pull Bobby by his shirt so you can calm him down, you didn’t want him to fight.

“Did she look like she wants to be with you?”

“Come on dude you can’t blame me. She is the hottest girl here, her ass is begging to be shown in that skirt”

Bobby was having a hard time controlling himself, you could feel his anger. You saw how his muscles tensed under the thin material of his shirt

“Babe let’s just go”

“You are a lucky man. Everyone would want to ride a white horse”

He said meaning that you were foreign. Bobby didn’t want to turn it to physical, but that doesn’t mean he won’t put a fight. He pulled the dude by his shirt and looked at him straight in the eyes, you tried to pull him baack but he didn’t move

“If I ever see you around my girl, you will have to call your mom to get that black dress ready. Did I make myself clear?”


The guy replied. He pushed him back and grabbed your hand, he pulled you to the back door and hugged you

“Your okay right?”

“Yes i’m fine”

He let you go and looked at you searching for anything. You put your hand at the back of his neck, smirking

“That was extremely hot babe”

You said. You could feel him relax under your touch, he put his hand on your waistline and brought you closer, your hipbones touching his


“Yes. My man is tough”

He kissed your lips with passion. He spun you and pushed you against the wall, he grabbed your knee and you put your feet on the wall, his hand went to your thigh and under your skin, caressing the soft skin, making the make out session even hotter.

“Baby we got to go back, your friends are in there”

You said to him. His lips went to your jawline and to your neck leaving light kisses

“They can wait”

You let out a deep breath and closed your eyes. He started kissing your lips again but this time softer. He pulled away and you bit his lip, he smiled at you and fixed your lipstick with his thumb

“he was right, you are the hottest girl in here”

“But i’m your girl”

“Damn right. Now let’s go I gotta show off my girl”

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*sticks a buff leg in the air* Tis I- Buff anon and I have followed you to this blog! Since I'm rewatching Trollhunters and I just got a job as a chef today, can I have some platonic older buff friend getting excited about being a chef and celebrating with the kids (jim, toby, and claire) by cooking up some quality food. Bonus trolls in the background not eating anything just hanging. Thank you! 😙


also congrats on your new job!


Jim is honestly right up your ass, trying to help you cook- not because he doesn’t think you can’t, but because he wants to LEARN-
But no, he’s honestly super glad for you! He’s already demanding you teach him the ‘tricks of the trade’, while his mother is trying to drag him off.

Toby is honestly more concerned with the food itself, but he’s excited for you too! He informs you this means you AND Jim are now the designated cooks. Jim is okay with this, and you’re just glad he isn’t invading your personal space, like Jim, Not-Enrique, or Arrrgh.

Claire is the only sane one of the group, Blinky excluded. She’s more interested in talking about your new job, and is a little sad that this means you’ll have less time with them- but she understands! She also asks-but-not-really that you teach her how to finally cook. It seems more like a statement, though…

Blinky is very confused. Why do humans cook as a profession? But, then again, he DOES enjoy your cooking. And you know the old saying- never do what you’re good at, for free! He’s very happy for you, even IF he doesn’t fully understand it.

Arrrgh is also extremely happy- if only because he knows he gets to “bully” you into giving him some of your food. He’s the chillest person about it- a simple ‘congratulations’, and it’s back to video games with Toby. He doesn’t even TRY to understand it, but he’s still happy- because you’re happy!

anonymous asked:

hi! how would each function flirt? like, what are the tactics of each function when it comes to flirting? thank you and i hope whatever you do today, youre doing something you love! xx

Si: looks for little ways to be helpful or indispensable to you, is probably the person you’ve friend-zoned

Ni: generally dislikes flirting, secretly tries to learn as much as possible about you, prone to stalking behaviors so you’ll feel like someone’s always watching you

Ti: not great at flirting, keenly observes your behaviors, probably makes somewhat pathetic or awkward or even weirdly aggressive attempts to impress you or get your attention

Fi: no strategy, acts erratically, does weird impulsive unpredictable things, gets giddy when you pay attention, the shy ones have a knack for magically disappearing from view when you notice them

Se: tries to impress you with their shiny qualities/skills/talents, will do fun/creative things to make you feel great about yourself

Ne: becomes weirdly and intensely fascinated with you and asks you lots of questions, they may not realize they’re flirting hard with you

Te: painstakingly constructs the perfect environment or conditions for things to… happen, awkwardly tries to “steer” you towards things happening

Fe: goes the extra mile to be warm and friendly, possibly invites you out to all the various group things, suddenly takes a lot of interest in your interests