learned a lot in making this


I finally decided to move from my animation studio work to a freelance / artist career. More details in the video, but basically I also opened a Patreon campaign and a direct online store on Tictail so you can support my art!

The main goal of the Patreon campaign is to maximize the amount of time I can spend on my personal art projects that I can share with you! Also I want to show you how I make my art so you can learn and hopefully get some inspiration from my process.

I plan to make more

  • illustrations (painted by hand with watercolours, gouache etc. and sometimes digitaly)
  • comics (available for you online and in printed form)
  • books and prints of my art
  • videos showing you my art making process, tutorials and video lessons
  • much more other stuff! and than share it all with you!

I hope we can make a lot of great art together!

Accessibility on tumblr

Idk if people realise how difficult reading large amounts of texts is for people with a variety of disabilities.

I love to learn. I love the social information and awareness I get from tumblr, and the things I learn about my own conditions in this space.

But a lot of this content is not accessible. A lot of the time I’m not capable of reading the large amounts of info especially in big paragraphs

So to make your content more accessible try some of these

- don’t have big paragraphs - break down things - it will make your points clearer and easier to absorb.

- use spacing especially between paragraphs and ideas

- use tags - if something is Long but I’ve seen a word that means I might want to read it, I can look at the tags for more info on what it’s about and save it for when I’m more able to process.

- minimise emojis and weird formatting. These things make it more difficult when using a text to speech program

- make a tldr. I appreciate these so much.

- if possible, use images and info graphics and include image descriptions.

- if it’s a long post covering many points use bold and make titles for different sections. This means when I scroll through I can prioritise reading the points that interest me most rather than not being able to read anything.

- lists!

Liebling (Bucky X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Bucky Barnes X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None

Request: Could you do one where the Avengers make fun of the reader because she’s german and one day she pretends to insults them in german but actually she gives them cute nicknames? Maybe some Bucky x reader because he knows he’s got a special nickname? Thanks 💜 love your blog c:

Originally posted by archieaddict

You loved the avengers to bits, you’d do anything for them. But sometimes they make you want to kill them. One of those reasons being that they like to tease you a lot, and it was for the same reason: your accent.

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HELLO hello first of all your art is one of my favorite thing in the world you have no idea how happy it makes me !!! also i was wondering if comics were hard to draw ? like.. do you use references for every panel or just go with the flow and see what happens ? im really curious :D i hope im not bothering, have a great day!!!! 💓💗💖💕

hello!! thank you a lot for the praise, I’m so glad I can make you happier with my art!! <3
I haven’t been making comics for very long to be honest, and I’m still learning a lot. obviously my main influences are manga, but I think no matter your style the key is to…read a lot of comics and pay attention to how they are constructed?
for the little comics I’ve been posting here, I honestly don’t put much thought about it other than those small rules: make it vertical so it’s easily readable on tumblr’s dashboard (as in, I don’t draw two panels next to the other) ; and make it as short as possible to avoid clogging said dashboard (haha…)
my advice would be to start drawing a draft/story board of your entire comic before making a finished version. I didn’t save any drafts of the tododekus I’ve done but I guess it should look like something like this

A.K.A the “I don’t care about drawing itself, I’m focusing on composition, panels placement, gag-delivery, etc”

my example isn’t very good but if you guys are interested in this I can post actual drafts next time

hope this helps a little bit..! I’m wary about giving advices because I still have a loooooot to learn myself…

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Hi, I know you're waiting till the season's over to do your recaps, but I was just wondering what you thought of show! sansa's admiration for Cersei? It really annoyed me, I thought it seemed like the the showrunners think that sansa was wrong to think that love was a surer route to loyalty

If that line had been intended to demonstrate that Sansa had learned a lot about how not to run a kingdom from Cersei - the exact “If I am ever a queen, I’ll make them love me” that book!Sansa decided on - I would like show!Sansa’s line declaring that she’s learned a lot from Cersei. Factors such as show!Sansa’s new Cersei-inspired hairstyle and her hardline attitude to families that fought for Ramsay make me think that this is not the intended interpretation.

It’s also worth bringing in some of the series’ earlier failures in adapting Sansa’s storyline here, I think. In the books, Sansa’s fear of Joffrey and Cersei never stopped her being loyal to the Starks, nor prevented her participation in the plan for her escape. Skipping over all those places where Sansa quietly, understatedly demonstrates in her plot that fear is definitely not the path to true loyalty (and doubling down on this with the failure of the “the North Remembers” plots) demonstrates the show’s own unrelenting cynicism, which they’ve somehow mixed up with political competence.

Finally, ask away! I’m not hoarding my opinions until I write recaps. I’m not hoarding opinions at all.

Hello, how great you come to read my little post, thanks a lot :) 

So where do I start?

My name is Martha, I’m 17 but age doesn’t mean a lot to me to be honest. In my opinion, age is mostly a mind thing, it depends on how you feel and especially what people you hang out with.

So yeah, I live in Austria which is really small and in the middle of Europe. I’m able to speak English and German fluently and am currently learning Japanese, I love languages.

I like to mention that I appreciate any kind of art a lot, art is basically not only my biggest hobby, but the biggest part of me. The art I myself regularly participate is writing, I’m into poetry a lot, especially spoken word. And I also love making short films, which is my major at art school. My goal is to become a director one day.

Besides the stuff I do by myself, I also really like to have good conversations. I like to talk to people, to watch them and to really get to know them. I’m a listener, so please just tell me about your day and i’ll be happy. Or we could go a little further, we could talk about people’s minds and the standards society wants us to believe in and what’s the best and the worst part about growing up and what we think about when we can’t sleep at night. 

So you see, i just want an honest and open minded friendship. There is nothing I could care less about than age, gender, sexuality and where you come from. I want something special and especially long lasting, I’m absolutely no good if you intend to only write one or two letters and that’s it. And yeah, snail mail is what I’m looking for! I love exchanging long letters and small gifts so much, so if you’re into that, you’ve come to the right person :)  

so yeah, just contact me if you are interested, it would make me very happy to get to know you!

please send me tumblr message:


Have a nice day, see you soon! :)

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alberto is such a blessing. did you watch the interview with your namesake? because it's so apparent how much research he did to learn more about judaism, and what each holiday means and when they happen and what being jewish means to simon and the responsibility of being given the task to play the first jewish vampire on tv. it just makes me happy

Oh no I didn’t!!! But yes I know Alberto cares about it so so much and from every interview he mentions it I see he knows a lot and cares a lot and actually researched stuff so I’m so so happy, ill definitely watch the interview I love my man 😍😍 he cares about Jewish fans A LOT he told Rita @alberto-rozende he always sees my tweets and remembers me I honestly started cryin cause that boy is such a blessing and cares about it a lot I Stan a legend (,:


for our first task, we really want to do something to help us learn and develop our characters a little more ! because of the busy schedules a lot of us have in the summer, we’ve come up with some different options for you to choose from. you could make a graphic devoted to this task or even simply write up a post. the choice is up to you with how you present it, just make sure to do it ! just tag it with prhq;task001. ! make sure to like this post so we know you’ve read it !

now for the options !

  • make a playlist ! — this could includes songs that describe your character, your character’s connections, or even just songs that your character would be listening to on a daily basis. the choice is yours ! this could be done on a simple graphic, a list, or even on spotify or 8tracks. be sure to include a short description about why you chose a particular song so we can all learn a little more about your muse !
  • make a moodboard ! — this could be an interior moodboard, exterior moodboard, and/or a ft. moodboard with your character’s connections. these could contain photos of their inner musings, external musings, or one containing images relatable to their connections/relationships with other characters. feel free to complete all three of these !
  • make a character page ! — this page could contain statistics about your characters and other information relevant to their personality and/or interests ! there are some example themes right here. please note that you DONT have to use these specific ones they’re just some examples/options in case someone can’t find one they want to use ( ONE, TWO, THREE, FOURFIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT ).

      that’s all for now ! please complete at least TWO of these options, however you’re more than welcome to complete all. you have TWO WEEKS to complete this task and because of the time length you have to complete them, it is MANDATORY ! just tag your posts with prhq;task001.

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Hey, so... someone recently said that they heard that you hated trans people? This is literally a case of "He said she said" and I wanted to hear from you because I've loved your comic for a few years now, and considering how progressive you've strived to be, it just doesn't make sense to me that you'd hate trans people?

Haha, that’s ridiculous. I don’t hate trans people. I have several close trans friends, I live with and have lived with trans friends, and one of my parents is a transgender woman. I try to do right by the few transgender characters I have, but I’ve got a lot to learn and they haven’t gotten a whole lot of “screen time”. I guess that last one is kind of too flimsy to use as proof, though…

I mean, I’m not really sure how I can prove that I don’t hate trans people beyond my behavior in my life and social media. It’s not like they give certificates for that sort of thing. Maybe some of my trans friends can chip in if they wanted? shrug

@hpminorcharnet:  Adrian Pucey headcanons for @holy-snitch 

  • Adrian enters Hogwarts eager, fresh-faced, and bright eyed
  • see, the Puceys come from magical stock but they’re pretty middle-ground - no long tracing magical career in the ministry, no last name that implies purity above all else, no real reputation past ordinary wizard stock
  • so Adrian’s got a lot riding on his shoulders, and he gets sorted into Slytherin, of all houses, which makes everyone in Slytherin intrigued and everyone else cast him off as typical pureblood stock. 
  • he realizes fast that being truthful gets him nowhere, playing nice doesn’t do much, and Adrian’s always been great at observation, knows what to look for, and starts learning how to read people
  • Over the years he watches acquaintances turned friends (through no lack of bartering and playing the part of his own), and learns the way they think, the things that get under their skin, and uses it for his own survival
  • because the rhetoric in Slytherin house - it bothers him, to say the least, but he knows slipping up and saying anything will get him sent to the hospital wing faster than Malfoy can cause a scene
  • at least for the most part
  • so Adrian watches Flint, three years his senior, graduate then graduate again and come back a bit sharper around the edges. He notices Malfoy getting antsier and antsier as the years go by. He has a pretty good grasp of why Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini stick to their own - they’re playing the game too, of survival in a house that doesn’t necessarily feel much like home.
  • Quidditch is the only time he stops observing, really, and takes on an active role. He gets flack for never following the tricks and the brutality up Flint, Montague, Urquhart’s sleeves, but he’s played for years, and he plays well enough they can’t say much
  • He makes it through seven years intact. He makes it through the way he wants to - people know his name, and think they know what he does, but they don’t know him
  • Adrian graduates the year the Ministry finally acknowledges You-Know-Who’s return and the moment he gets his scores, he whisks his aging parents away to a safe Muggle community with the favors he’s gained by playing his part in school. Flint loans him money. Higgs begrudgingly offers to keep him connected under the radar
  • He’d never been fouled the entire team he’d played chaser, and he’s not going to let himself be caught in something this damaging if he can help it
  • Because that’s the way Adrian has always played games like quidditch, like Slytherin, like the tremulous path the Ministry is heading down  - he plays clean, plays sharp, and always keeps watching for where next to go


Headcanon: I think they would make a great workout buddies. They could learn a lot from each other. Uraraka from Bakugou would be in physical aspect and Bakugou from Uraraka would be in mental such as working out as a way to get a peace of mind!

p.s. I honestly love most of the contents of the Kacchako tag. IT’S JUST SO PURE??? No nsfw or dirty stuff?? Just them being funny and stupid couple or buddies?? I seriously love all the fans of this ship!!

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Hey Seo I'm Korean but I don't know what a Koreaboo seems to mean can u explain it to me? And it seems as if u have dealt with them so can u tell me how to deal with them if I ever meet one? Thanks a lot

it’s basically someone who overly idolizes korean culture and language, often to the point where they say things like they wish that they were korean themselves or making themselves seem “more” korean through their habits / language. they often accessorize words from the language like “oppa” and “saranghae” and do the entire aegyo stuff + talk about having a real, korean boyfriend / girlfriend or fetishize koreans + wish to live in south korea themselves.

it’s fine to be genuinely interested in the country and language and people + learn about them, but koreaboos fetishize, accessorize, and stereotype them. 

i personally feel very uncomfortable when i have to deal with them, so i usually just try to avoid them lmao

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Can I request Armin headcanon with a mute s/o? :3

  • Armin would be the most supportive S/O ever. 
  • He would take a lot of interest in his S/O, and not in the way that people usually show interest as if they’re just being polite. He actually wants to know about them as a person. 
  • He learns sign language. He wants to be able to understand his S/O completely, and knows it’s important to them. He’s able to read/understand sign language quicker than he can speak it, but he keeps at it until he has it down. 
  • He listens. No matter if those feelings are written, signed, or emotionally expressed, Armin listens. Communication matters to Armin in any relationship, and he makes a point to be there for his S/O no matter what. He makes them feel heard and important. 
  • He reads to them a lot. His S/O loves to read, just like him, but really loves to hear the words in his voice. They read together all the time separately, just cuddling together with their books. But sometimes it’s just so nice for them to relax together, Armin’s voice filling the space with the stories they both love. 
  • They go on super fun dates. He loves to have fun with his S/O, to take them on amazing adventures. They hold hands the whole time, and try crazy foods, and take the cutest pictures. They make a point to have the best time possible. 
  • Armin goes out of his way to make his S/O feel special. He knows how hard it is to face the stereotypes and judgements of people. So he goes out of his way to be as accommodating as possible while still treating them like a normal person. That’s why he learns sign language, so that they can communicate as normally as possible. But beyond that, Armin memorizes his S/O’s body language, and eventually doesn’t even need to speak to know exactly how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking. They find a very steady rhythm, and Armin tries to make his S/O feel loved and special and is the absolute best.  

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I sometimes doubt what house I'm in. I'm a hufflepuff, but I don't like people (they are mean and make me anxious), I'm not normal happy, and don't fit a lot of hufflepuff aesthetics. I rather be antisocial in my room then with people, and greatly value learning. But I also value friendships (because they aren't abundant in my life) and loyalty, and literally bought, and named a "pet" cactus today. Do you have and advice to make me feel better about not fitting everyone's ideas of a hufflepuff?

First off, I’m really sorry for the delayed reply. 

secondly: there is no checklist of requirements for being in Hufflepuff, all you need to do is want to learn 😊  

I’ve also read some really cute theories that the house you are put in is not necessarily the house that already matches your attributes, but rather the house that will help you learn the most. eg: by putting someone into a situation that they are not normally in, it gives them the opportunity to develop new skills, that will help them later on. 

you do sound Hufflepuff-y to me, and even if you don’t fit the cookie-cutter ideal, so what? One of Hufflepuffs attribute is Acceptance. I certainly don’t have every attribute attributed to Hufflepuff! It’s one of the reasons i started this Blog, because I don’t fit into all the prescribed aesthetics. Remember: you define the labels, they do not define you 💛

(Ps. I would love to meet your cactus, it sounds adorable! So if you ever feel inclined, don’t hesitate to send a photo🌵)

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One time I saw a demon, I was like 8. I walked into my room at 9 pm, so it was almost dark, and I saw this red face. It kinda looked like a hologram, and all I saw was the face. No body, no head, just a face at about 6 ft in the air. I left the room and didn't go back in for a year. I think it was there because I had a negative energy since we moved into a new house my school sucked and my mom left my dad. I didn't realize what it was until this year and since then I've been more spiritual.

I’m no demon or spirit expert I am still learning about them myself. But honestly just because it has a red face doesn’t make it automatically a demon. I have met a lot of spirits who are more terrifying looking than demons and feed off of negative energy as well. Lots of spirits, especially malicious ones, feed off of negative energy. But it also sounds like it wasn’t doing much of anything if it just was staring at you in a room, so doesn’t sound like it was harassing you. So again, i’m not demon expert but i can’t tell you if it was or wasn’t one.

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Hi love! Gobelins would be kind of a dream come true for me- what are your thoughts having been there a year? And out of curiosity how long have you known French? Love your work and hope your summer goes well xx

Hya dear!
I know, it’s a total dream come true for me too!! (tbh I sometimes still feel like I should pinch myself)
After a year - holy cow, I learned so soooo much. See, Gobelins is a very technical school, and since I come from the academy of fine arts (where we got to experiment a lot but had very little guidance and sense of direction) this was just what the doctor ordered! What I love the most though, are my schoolmates! Everyone is so incredible and works so hard, it really raises your standards and makes you go that extra mile to improve :) not to mention, they are such great craic!
Not to mention, I got to meet so many industry professionals and people I admire!

Oh, and I do not speak french! xD Since I have a BA from the academy, I enrolled in the international MA programme in Gobelins: English Track - MA in character animation and animated filmmaking.
It’s super new and people don’t know about it (I’m in the first generation), but it’s amazing if your only obstacle is language, like mine was!

Thanks for the kind words and I hope you have a fantastic summer as well ♥
Hugs and butterfly kisses

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This is a big speculation but I think the progenitors were something else before they became huge. Like they made primagen and that made them this, then they made the Kree. The Kree tried to recreate the situation by making several types of Inhumans and putting them on the path to make their on transformative in the hopes one would make Primagen. The progenitors could be the original Inhumans.

Speculation or not, that is a very cool idea and certainly plausible.  Royals writer, Al Ewing, stated that there is no plans for a direct cross over between The Royals and Ultimates2 yet that doesn’t preclude there being some bleed over from the general concepts in both books.  

In Ultimates2, we got to learn about the origins of The Celestials and how they ventured out into a static universe and made it dynamic by seeding it with life.  It would make a lot of sense that this mysterious Priamagen may have something to do with how The Celestials propagated and mutated life throughout the cosmos.  Perhaps the prehistoric Kree popes came across a cache of this Primagen and used it to transform, themselves into ultra powerful beings… beings who then imitated their Celestial forefathers by cultivating life on Hala.  

Were this the case, The Progenitors would indeed by akin to Inhumans … the first Inhumans.

cool thinking :3  

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Hello~ I am learning Japanese and have seen some of you post about translations. In a manga called Shuuten Unknown, there was a character saying his name was being pronounced as if it were written in Katakana making it difficult to say and that is should be "said in kanji". I was curious if, when reading kanji, you don't enunciate each syllable as much as you would for Hiragana or Katakana. You've helped me a lot with your post on Japanese so Thank You!!!!


Hiragana and Katakana are syllabaries, which means that on their own they’re like loose letters of the alphabet: they don’t have any meaning, or could literally mean anything that’s pronounced the same way — for example, ‘hi’ (pronounced as the English ‘he’ as in ‘he stole my cookies’) is the pronunciation for 'day’ and 'fire,’ but if I wrote it in hiragana (ひ) you’d have no idea what I was talking about; you’d have to guess from the context. I’d have to write it in kanji (日 for day, 火 for fire) for you to really understand what it is I was trying to say to say. However, regardless of whether it’s written in kana or kanji, the pronunciation remains the same.

All kanjis have a 'meaning’ to them — they might not be words on their own and might need a second kanji to form a word, but you can still associate them to certain things. In Japan, selecting a name for your child is a very important and complicated task, because you also have to chose the kanjis it’s written with (though I do have friends with names written in hiragana). I haven’t read this manga and I don’t know what character it is you’re talking about, but my guess is that whomever called out this character’s name was not aware that it was written in kanji, and 'called it out’ in katakana, so the other character corrected him and said his name actually used kanji and therefore had a special meaning to it. This sounds to me like the mangaka is just being sneaky and breaking the 4th wall, because in real life you wouldn’t be able to tell if someone was enunciating your name with the intention of adding kanjis in their head or not. The only reason we know this other character thinks it’s written in kanas is because, being a manga, it’s literally written on the page. I don’t know what kind of manga this is, but if it’s of the supernatural sort the meanings and intentions behind names may have a certain importance.

Additionally, an author may sometimes make the creative decision to write something in kanas rather than in kanji to convey something. For example, children usually 'speak’ in kanas or using only very basic kanji in mangas, which is used to convey that they still can’t read or write properly and are still very young. Likewise, I’ve seen mangakas use katakana to make a creepy character sound 'creepier’ and to convey that their voice is unnatural or haunting, or that they are screaming in true agony.

I hope you find my answer helpful!!

Absolutely devastated today after learning about Chester Bennington.

And I am utterly disgusted by the people cracking jokes and making other insensitive comments.

I know what it’s like to feel that in pain and desperate. So do a lot of people. And Linkin Park helped me in a dark time of self-harm and despair.

If you are feeling suicidal, please talk to someone. Talk to ME if you don’t think you can talk to someone you actually know!

You aren’t alone. Please remember that.