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Do u think that with human warrior cats, apprentices would be 10-13 years old, or 13-18 years old?? Idk which works better

tbh with human warrior cats i think there would be different “stages” to an apprenticeship. i’ve thought about this a lot and how different human wc would be (aka so this is just my hc)

from years 8-10, kits begin learning their foundational skills. learning how to weave, make baskets/clothing, cooking + skinning meat, basic carving skills etc. they’re not an official apprentice, but they still begin learning bc theres no point having them sit around and do nothing

ages 11 - 12 are super important bc this is the time when they start to hone in on their specialized “skills”. do they want to be a hunter, specializing in long-range attack and learning trapping skills? do they want to be an artisan, responsible for creating clothing, baskets, blankets and jewelry to be traded with other clans at a gathering? maybe they are interested in healing and begin to help the healer go on herb-expeditions in the forest etc etc

age 13 is when they have their apprentice ceremony. all apprentices learn basic skills, but this is when they start to specialize and utilize their own talents. their mentor is usually chosen based on their own skill and specialty

i would say that there would probably be rules about battle, in that younger apprentices are strictly messengers or help the healer until they reach a certain age/pass a certain test (maybe age 15/16?)

i can imagine human wc to have super elaborate ceremonies and rites of passage along an apprenticeship. there’s really no set-age for when they can become a warrior, it just depends on their training and skills. maybe tattooing (earning their stripes haha get it) or ceremonial clothing, or even special weaponry is given once a character becomes a warrior 

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Relationships are a lot of work but it is so worth it you have two very different worlds becoming one. And being a black gay couple there are many different pressures you have the pressure of society , personal insecurities,family , friends and not to mention gay men themselves . It makes it so hard to TRUST and believe in one another but I’ve learned ultimately none of that matters you can’t stress about what others may think say or do you have to know that what you are working toward is worth it . And don’t stress or over think over things that haven’t happened and letting your mind wonder about what-ifs and just continue to be loving caring and understanding . KELVIN EVANS I haven’t ever loved anyone out side of my family as much as I love you , you are a gift from God and while we both have personal things we are working on I love you just the way you are . Things are going to get better and I’m always going to be here for you though what ever life sends our way good or bad .Love AMIR

Help Needed!

Dear Wicthes,

I know a lot of you suffer from mental illnesses. And I myself do so a lot. So I was thinking of making a “first aid” kit for mentally ill witches. 

Obviously not a replacement for professional mental health help, but something to go with it or to just help in general. 

I’ve been thinking about it a lot because honestly it’s something that means the world to me. 

The idea is to make a series of posts and ultimately a masterpost with resources mentally ill witches can use. 

Simple Spells

Enchanted Phrases

Self Hypnosis

Herbal Infusions

Precious Stones

Little techniques you’ve learned throughout the years to help ease mental health issues when in need. 

Again, I can’t put enough emphasis on how important professional help is, but I’d like to provide as much help as I possibly can too. 

At first, I planned on just focusing on eating disorders since those are my biggest personal struggle, but honestly, everyone deserves help. So even if you just have a few tips to give me, or if you want to be a serious participant, please PM me! And, if not, at least signal boost this. I’d like it to reach as many people as possible. I should be starting this series of posts in a weeks time, but you can apply whenever, just send me an ask off anonymous or PM me, or reblog this post, saying you want to help and I’ll contact you.

I’ll see how I’ll go about this, but I’m good at organisation. It’ll work out! 

Much Love;


A word on zines, fan collaborations, and cynicism

This has to do with the McHanzo zine that was announced, and might already be in trouble thanks to some rather negative people. I have been thinking about it since yesterday, and some things have been bothering me about the whole thing. These are my two cents, take them how you will.

On the subject of how participants are chosen:

This is going to sound harsh, but the reality of the situation is some people are not going to be chosen. I saw one anon state, “I get that you’re trying to treat everyone equal, but in the end the result is the same: Many artists/ariters will get denied because the judges picked someone else’s work over theirs.” And you know what, that’s true, but probably not for the reasons anon is so worried about.

What that anon, and everyone who submits work to any selection process, needs to know is that art is subjective. Art is subjective, and we all have our biases. It’s *hard* to be objective about something with no measuring stick. I saw earlier someone ask what the “criteria” was for being chosen. That’s not how it works. You don’t say “Okay, the art must have these specific components, must have these bullet points checked off” in order to be chosen. It’s not a standardized test. Art is subjective, and anyone who creates art needs to understand that any given group of people are not going to agree on what is “best” or what is “appropriate” or what is right for a given publication. You’re submitting work for these judges to chose what they think is write for their publication. They are not saying you cannot create work for the fandom, they’re not saying you can’t post it, they’re not saying you don’t have rights to your submissions, they’re not saying you can’t publish it in any other fashion. All they’re saying is they will choose what is the right collection for this particular zine at this particular time.

I’m not involved in the process. I’m one of the people that applied. I don’t expect to be chosen. That’s because I have been submitting my work to things for years, and sometimes you just don’t get chosen. That’s the way of it. I might make what I think is the best piece of art I have ever made, and it was not chosen for a particular publication or show. I don’t go into any selection process EXPECTING to be chosen. That is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Here is an example from real life: I once submitted a collection for consideration to get a scholarship. It was some of the best work I had ever done. I was rejected, and when it was discussed it turns out my rejection was based on the fact that they had already had multiple people submit with similar subjects (in this particular instance it was a landscape collection). It’s not that my art wasn’t good enough; it was that they had too much good thing in that one category. A scholarship went to someone who, at the time, I thought didn’t deserve it, because their work was different enough to be attention grabbing. I learned a lot from that experience, that you can be good enough and still not get what you want, and that it doesn’t make you less.

Let’s say, the judges are presented with 40 people who mainly do busts/waist-high portraits. They’re all wonderful, they’re all well done, but it’s also 40 busts/waist-high portraits. Then over here we have 2 people who drew characters in a fully-fleshed out environment. Someone might not get chosen from the busts/waist-high portrait group simply because there are just too many similar pieces like that, and they want the book to have some variety. Maybe two people are dead-set on writing the same AU, which wouldn’t make sense in a book with such a broad topic. This is just one possible example that might come into play, from things I have seen in the past working with selection processes. Sometimes you can be very very good, but you’re just not what is needed at that moment.

40 slots are open, and if more than 40 people submit, then people are going to get rejected. It’s not a bad thing. Rejection isn’t the end. There will always be another opportunity. We can’t all get every opportunity presented to us.

More importantly for anon, I want them to consider this: You are already doubting whatever choices the judges and the admins for @mchanzine​ are going to make, despite the fact that no decisions have been made. You claim that the only people that will be chosen are those that are “popular.” First, no, that’s not “how it works” all the time. Some people actually do well based on their merits, not how many followers are in their sidebar. Second, how about we actually give them a chance to succeed before setting them up to fail. You can’t accuse someone of favoritism when a contest has not even begun. If push comes to shove and the only people that get chosen are wildly popular, then sure, get angry if you want. But it won’t really matter, because they aren’t the only people that can make zines out there, it’s not the end of the world.

And finally, if you aren’t happy with the people chosen for the final work, think hard about why your opinion on who should and shouldn’t be chosen is so much better than anyone else’s. Their opinions are just as valid as your own. Out of all the people that apply for this zine, if they were each given their way as to who was in and who was out, you wouldn’t get a zine with the same 40 people. You could get hundreds of variations. The difference being, these people are the ones making the zine, not you. That’s all. They’re the ones putting in the work to organize and produce this work. Nothing is stopping you, anons of the world, from doing the same thing.

As for the admins possibly sending a copy to the voice actors, it was just a thought that they put forth to the community. A good number of people said they were not comfortable with it, so they offered you two solutions: either they would make a second edited copy for the VA’s containing only those people who were comfortable with it, or they wouldn’t send one at all. At that point, its up to the artists that are chosen to make the decision. They gave you two reasonable alternatives, one of which is exactly what you asked for. It’s a non-issue from there on out. To continue bringing it up is to beat a dead horse.

To the people that keep trying to attack the project before it is even off the ground, I want you to consider what an opportunity this is for some people out there. This is an open publication that anyone can contribute to, regardless of age. This could be a project that, to the people who get accepted, could add a valuable piece to their portfolio, the chance to say they were in a publication that was circulated, that could lead to help with scholarships, college applications, job applications. A fan zine can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Please don’t try to shut something down for your own petty hateful reasons, and possibly take opportunities from people who need it.

I hope the zine happens, even if I don’t get accepted. These are good things. These are things that can grow a community, if you let it. I look forward to reading it, and seeing artists and writers I may have never encountered otherwise. And I know there will be others, and that it isn’t the end-all-be-all of my endeavors.

Just try. Just try, put yourself out there, and take a risk. You might not make it, but you’ll have made something. Don’t be so cynical that you think everyone is out to stop you before you even begin.

Thank you.

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How many languages do you know?

oh boy…. I know a lot of languages but I don’t speak fluently all of them.

I know French ( My maternal language ), English, Spanish ( I spent a lot of time in Mexico to learn ), Japanese (Just started learning Katakana and kanjis), Italian and a little bit of Dari ( One of my friend teached me )

So that makes 6 languages that I know but I don’t speak all of them fluently

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Can i have some clarke/alex headcanons 😊😊

-Alex and Clarke have a lot of time together bc of Lexa’s games so they learn to read each other really well. 

-Alex paints whenever Clarke paints and she’s AWFUL but Clarke adores her blobs so much, she puts them on the fridge and everything

-Alex is Clarke’s number one supporter (except maybe Lexa) and constantly makes Clarke feel like the most gorgeous person on Earth, even w her scar

-Alex and Clarke bake together, Alex likes licking the batter off the spoons, Clarke loves watching her adoringly

-Alex is Lexa Jr. Which means her number one priority is making sure Clarke is safe and happy even tho she’s Clarke’s baby and not the other way around

-Clarke takes Alex shopping and Alex DESTROYS ppl who hit on Clarke, she’s a savage

-Alex and Clarke sneak unhealthy food whenever Lexa’s around

-Clarke calls Alex “Pretty girl” just like Lexa, and Alex beams bc she loves it. 

I think Steven should have mastered his powers a lot later in the show? I think that could have been a good character development, more drawn out. Now he’s as strong as Amy??
Or maybe he has all his powers now, but he’s super reckless and can’t control them like the gems.
Just,,, please make him a child and let him make mistakes and LEARN. Not be some all-knowing???

I find it really hard to watch people I care about make the same mistakes I have and not intervene.

You may think this a good trait to have and yeah, most of the time it is. But sometimes it’s a bit of a burden and today I’m really feeling it.

Often I just wish that people can learn from the mistakes of others.

I feel like screaming ‘look at what happened to me! Learn from that, don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t put yourself in pains way’.

But I’m learning sometimes it isn’t my place. Sometimes, people can know the consequences and still go ahead with things and sometimes we have to let them learn for themselves.

A kind word goes a lot further than a lecture.

God is showing me that He is the mover and the shifter. He will intervene and I will pray.

Pray for those you see straying from the path, and know that it will be God bringing them back, not your strength alone.

Rely on him when all you wanna do is scream. He will quiet your soul and instruct your heart.

Just pray. I am.

-31women (Gabi)

“I don’t wanna be here! I wanna go play!” screamed the small Eve, holding his big brother’s hand as tight as he could. Even though he clearly wanted to leave, he would follow his brother.

Adam, on the other hand, didn’t seem to complain at all.

‘Now, now, Adam… make sure you take good care of your brother and both of you learn a lot at school.’ he had been tasked with something like this, so he listened and would accomplish it.

Having a notebook to use for both of them, he made his way into the classroom, Eve immediately following as he complained and cried. Along the way, Adam was thinking of a reward to give Eve once they were both done with school work.

Art by PEZ on pixiv

Imagine remodeling your home with Jason. He wasn’t convinced this little cottage was worth the money you’d have to spend to fix it up, but the two of you have made a lot of progress. Every little project makes it feel more like home, and you’ve enjoyed learning so much in the process; about home improvement, and each other.

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7 people you would terribly miss on here and one thing that makes them special! Spread the love!

Here we go, in no particular order:

@campaignofmisinformation She is the soul of this fandom. One of the nicest person I’ve come across on this hellsite :) Her love, knowledge and respect towards the X-files and the actors is exemplary. A lot to learn from her.

@justholdinghandsok - The beating heart of the Gillovny ship. Not always easy, but no matter what you through at her, she never loses her dignity and she always treats everyone with respect. She stands up against bullying and protects people when needed. 

@becksndot5 Funny as hell. Energetic, positive and chill. She is our dark wizard. We came this far, ‘cause when shit hits the fan, you go to her & she calms you down. Her stories are the best! So glad we run @naya-kismet together!

@sembell First of, Moving Forward. Have you read that masterpiece? If not, please do so. I wish there would be a new chapter every day. She is wicked, clever and honest. She is supportive AF.

@a-january-girl She is a crazy talented artist. Her drawings are awesome, and she only started to practice recently. Her fanfics are my faves, give me all the smut/fluff she wrote! She has a kind soul, she is my French twin.

@funtasteec I love her gifs, and her answers to anons. She has a style which I appreciate. She is fun, and she was my partner in crime last year when we went to see David Duchovny’s dancing skills in Vienna.

+1 Everyone else who I follow, who I reblog from, who I interact with. I love this fandom for the people in it. We had some rough patches in the last couple of months but I think from now on, we can only go up. My dash is the happiest place again, ‘cause you of y’all. Thank you! 

I love you all, bring on that new Season of The X-files. I’ve been ready since 1993! 🎊🎉👽❤️

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What's the best way i can use my white privilege to help poc people?

first of all, don’t say “poc people”, since “poc” is already “people of colour”, so you’re saying “people of colour people”, which a lot of poc have pointed out makes it sound more like another version of “coloured” rather than a non-offensive acronym

i know a lot of non-native english speakers tend to not realize that we’re doing it, which is why it’s something we need to learn to be on the lookout for

the most important thing you can do is to educate yourself, and i mean educate yourself. don’t rely on poc to coddle you and hand you explanations on a silver platter, because then you’re again expecting them to cater to your white ignorance and entitlement

of course, educating oneself should happen majorly through listening to poc (and that means listening without interrupting or bringing up Buts or Not all white peoples), research and examining and realizing the power balances in place

once you know your stuff, educate others. don’t talk over poc, obviously, but there are tons of ignorant white people out there who will demand explanations about racism and things related - which is where you can step in and save someone yet another tiring conversation at the end of which they still wont be taken seriously and which requires enormous emotional labour on their part. magically, white people tend to be more willing to listen to other white people

that still doesn’t mean that if a poc is explaining something, you should jump in and start talking over them - boost their voice and if you know of other poc who have been saying the same thing, boost their voices too. for every explanation you can give, there are already tons of poc who have been speaking out about the same thing for years and you can redirect people to their articles to give them the recognition they deserve

if you’re ever told that you’re being racist, don’t immediately dismiss the accusation and instead reflect on whether you’re, even unknowingly, asserting yourself in inappropriate ways. same goes for “all white people are/do x” and “not all white people” statements. if you know that you don’t do said thing or are actively trying to unlearn it, good, move on and tell stacy from next door who is fighting the “not all white people” cause that she’s being a douche (who quite possibly does do the mentioned thing)

and as the last thing, don’t feel guilty about your privilege, because that again is something that calls for poc to coddle you. acknowledge that you have it and concentrate on making the best of it where it counts

obligatory disclaimer: im white and you can start your journey by looking up posts on how to use white privilege for good that were written by poc

hi! this is just a quick post to say that i really haven’t been writing much lately, but i will definitely come back to it. i’ve been a lot happier and Better lately, and sometimes that makes my poetry become Not As Good. i’m learning that it’s better to be a happy person than a good writer, you know?

i’ll come back to writing, as soon as i can, but for now i’m giving myself some time. i hope you’re all doing well 🌻

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I know that Beth isn't exactly one of the main characters, but I totally adore her and I can't wait to rear more from her! Also I'm really interested in learning about Jackson since he's done so much for Jules and her feelings.

Thanks! I actually really love Beth (and I’m crazy loving all these asks right now since I’m stuck at my kids’ gymnastics studio for a bit and this makes for an awesome distraction!). She’s very different from anyone else in the story. Her background is different and she’s more mischevious and manipulative than anyone else. And her relationship with Will is both rewarding and complicated. It’s gonna be fun. 

With Jackson, there’s so much to learn! A lot of that will come in the first sequel, as will Jules’ evolving feelings and understanding of relationships. He’s fantastic for her. He really is. We’ll be covering her earlier relationships, too (Miles and Tyler), both of whom are seriously lacking compared to Jackson. Jackson is, quite honestly, a really fantastic guy who adores Jules, treats her like a queen (no pun intended, but I think I’m hilarious, honestly), and puts her first. Always. He shows her what it’s like to be fully loved by someone and, quite frankly, he’s awfully good in bed, too. Jules starts dating him in early 2035 and, while we will cover him extensively in the first sequel, there’s not a whole lot I can write with him before that, because their first meeting will actually be a part of that sequel. But yeah… Jackson… mmmm 

Big brother!Taeyong

Originally posted by hey-uta

Request: Anonymous said:hii i saw your wrting with boyfriend chanle and thought is it possible to make something like that but with big brother Taeyong instead? thanks !!

A/N: ajgjlrhg idk if this is what u meant or like a bf chenle w taeyong as ur big bro but either way i hope u enjoy and if this wasn’t what u wanted, feel free to request again!!<3

  • uhm one of the best big bros ever???
  • srsly he’s so great
  • he’s always taking care of u and like all he wants is for u to be happy
  • if u still go to school, he’d always want to bring u to school 
  • man he’d even make breakfast for u and wake u up and all that shit
  • most of the time he can’t bring u to school tho bc of his schedule :(((
  • so he sends u a message 
  • ‘hello y/n i hope u have fun at school, don’t forget to eat and learn a lot!!’
  • w loads of emojis
  • zelghjrhgj i feel like when u two were a bit younger you’d always fite tbh
  • probably fight over chocolate ngl
  • it’s okay tho bc in the end he always gives u a piece of his chocolate so :”)))))
  • taeyong is a protective brother tho
  • he rlly doesn’t want u to get hurt
  • he’s protective but like not too much bc like he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to u but at the same time he wants u to be able to learn from ur mistakes??
  • azjfrhgjrhgjh anyways
  • whenever u come to visit taeyong at the dorms he always makes food for u and it makes the rest of the members hungry ajleghjhgjeg
  • taeyong gives them a bit too ok but like ofc they have to leave some food for u bc u need to eat too
  • he made it clear to his members tho that he doesnt rlly want any of them to date u bc that would be v weird to him
  • it’s not like he would rlly mind that much but it’d just be a tad bit weird for him ljeghjrhg
  • sometimes he invites u over too to watch horror movies w him
  • it’s ok if ur scared he’s gonna protect u
  • taeyong is always giving u tight hugs when he sees u and he’s always like “wow you’ve grown!!!” even when he just saw u a few days ago aljghhzguhr
  • constantly asking u how it’s going w school and w ur friends
  • man u could talk shit about ppl to him and he’d listen to every detail and ofc give u advice on how to handle some situations
  • man whenever u have a bad day he’s always ready to listen to everything and to cheer u up
  • he always brings ice cream and chocolate and anything else ur craving w him
  • sometimes he can’t come and see u tho so he just facecalls u and he shows u what the other members r doing aka fooling around
  • ejrhgjrhg which automatically makes u smile
  • and when he smiles he’s happy bc he doesn’t like it to see any of his siblings sad ok
  • omg sometimes u,taeyong and ofc u and ty’s older sister go out together just to catch up and aljjrhg sometimes taeyong ends up crying bc he remembers all of the stuff yall used to do together but now everyone’s growing up :”)))
  • taeyong is the type to buy u loads of gifts for ur bday tbh
  • especially things that you’ve always wanted or things that u saw at the mall but u couldn’t buy it
  • ajegljrhgjhj he probably make u a cake too if he has time
  • hmmm
  • what else can i say
  • the type to bring u to the dance practice room so u can see him dancing tbh
  • and when u cheer on him he’s v happy and he’d always high five u
  • ok but like w every sibling
  • ofc there r fights too
  • and i feel like most of them would be about his protectiveness
  • which kind of makes him a bit sad, bc he knows he shouldn’t be that protective but at the same time he rlly doesn’t want anything bad to happen to u and it’s just alheljghruhg
  • he’d probably call u and then apologise to u and sometimes he cries when he aplogises jeaghjrhgj ofc u apologise too for being a bit rude to him but everything turns out okay so
  • taeyong likes shopping w u
  • and he’s always asking “does this look good on me”
  • “what about this”
  • and ofc he helps u w choosing out clothes too
  • “no not that one, take another colour”
  • “oooooo yes that’s v pretty”
  • in conclusion
  • taeyong is a really great brother
  • :”))

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I made my first ever spell jar last night from your anti anxiety jar post. I'm so proud of it. I'm such a slacky witch. I don't keep up with anything. Most people wouldn't look at me and see a witch, cause I'm pretty much never doing anything witchy related. But I want to. I wanna up my craft. And I actually had the things to make the anxiety jar and I do struggle with anxiety sometimes. So I'm really excited I was able to make this one. I love your blog and have actually learned a lot.

Ahhhhhh! Yay!!! 

And it’s okay! I don’t “look” like a witch either! I hate the idea tumblr has that everything has to be witchy all the time, because it doesn’t. My life and my person and my style is so much more than my craft and I think it’s okay if you aren’t always doing witchy things or don’t have the energy to do witchy things. It’s okay! You did something and that’s rad! Proud of you!

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hey!! i just want to say thank you for taking the time to educate us on islam. as a non-muslim, there are definitely details in sana's season that have confused me, but your blog is a great source to learn about them and other elements of the religion. it makes me understand sana more. keep being amazing!!



I hope you’re well!

13 reasons why.

Kids nowadays should see 13 reasons why. I, myself, learned a lot in this tv series.

There are 13 lessons or more that you will learn in this Netflix series. I don’t think I can post all the lessons I learned because, I might spoil you guys. Haha. So yeah, just watch the series and I promise that it will be worth it. Let’s give ourselves sometime to chill by watching this series. I can relate, I swear. Haha.

Once upon a time, I was a bully in class who loves making fun out of my classmates and some of my friends. I am seriously shouldn’t do it in the first place. I was sad and making out of people is my way to gain happiness but I was wrong. It should not work that way. It will never work that way. Guys, a piece of advice, if you feel terribly sad, best suggestion is talk to someone regarding on how you feel. You have to vent it out, in a good way of course. There are lots of things we could do. There are lots of options, we all need to do is find it. Bullying when your sad is not the answer and never it will, okay? I learned my lesson. Happiness should come in a good way. 

After hearing that there is a Netflix series about bullying and suicide, I immediately asked my cousin if somehow she could grab a copy for me. Good thing her boyfriend has, so, she passed it to me. Seriously, before I started watching the series I know that I could wear one of the characters shoes for I should know how it feels like to have someone close to your heart took his own life. It was tragic. It was sad. It was devastating.

It took me a day and a half to finish the whole series and after binge-watching it I was like, stuck for a moment and I caught myself asking why would a person close to my heart took his own life? I mean, am I one of the reasons why? Did I let him down? Did I reject him when he needed me? Did the world shut him down? Did he feel alone? Did he leave clues as well, like Hannah Baker did? Why he did what he did? There are questions that I don’t know how to answer. 

Yeah, it is true that moving on could be an answer but not all the time. Sometimes, you really have to find out why. I should not let myself watch the series because I am now drowning in a sea of thoughts but I know I could cope up. 

, Guys, I suggest that if you feel alone?  Feel free to message me, okay? I might help you with your thoughts, okay? Just be fine and everything will fall in to right places.