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Hello, I am relatively new to art (a couple of months into school) and there are so many things to learn and it's so easy to feel overwhelmed. I spend most of my time on school assignments, if not all, and I'm not sure how to fit in time to practice drawing more like we are expected to. What should I do?

Haha Meg here to answer questions way too late because she is a butt! I kind of want to expand on this a bit because I know exactly how this feels.

THIS IS SO NORMAL. My first year of college I struggled horribly with how art was transformed from a stress relieving hobby, to work. I was consumed by projects, had exhausted all my creativity, and felt like I was somehow regressing. Three things helped me with this:

1. Find another hobby and take breaks. I started exercising and going to the gym! This would get me out of the art sludges I would get in, give me a space to de-stress, and surprisingly motivate me to get back to work. Turns out, spending a few hours at a gym is less of a time waster than psyching myself out about how much not-art I was doing for like 3 hours. When I got home I felt refreshed, and excited to get back to work. I got projects done faster and would let myself nap or watch a movie with the extra time. If I felt extra great I would draw in a sketchbook while watching Netflix, or put on youtube art tutorials while browsin’ the internet. You can actually learn a lot without even having to draw! Watching speedpaints, livestreams, or even just checking out art blogs can really help! If your are watching tutorial type things for practice, maybe try out the techniques they are teaching along with them and then continue practicing while guilty pleasure binging Pretty Little Liars for the 18th time.

2. Change the way you think about projects. Don’t think of them as homework. Really, truly make the effort to turn them into something you are excited about! Whether its foundational, 3D, whatever! If you are excited about it, you automatically will absorb the things you learn more precisely and more permanently. It’s kinda like taking a history test. Did you study by using flashcards, did you zone out in class, did you only learn the facts? You might pass, but its doubtful you will retain much even the next day! You gotta get involved, get fascinated by the story! Get invested in it like you get invested in a suburban mom from your hometown and an acquaintance you don’t remember ever meeting but always remember following having a passive aggressive comment duel about the moral implications of a shared Buzzfeed video on facebook.

3. Understand WHY you are given these projects
. Do you have to draw a cube? Maybe you have to paint a still life? Understand that you are doing this so you can learn the skills of visualizing 3d forms in space inside your brain. Like a super power. Use your newfound xray vision to see through the forms. Knowing why you are doing these things is imperative to your growth. Projects ARE practice and you can learn a lot from them. They shouldn’t be something you do to get them out of the way

Some other things that help me were carrying a sketchbook around with me always! Understanding that practicing and learning mean making a million mistakes. Some drawings are gonna look goofy as heck and that is A OK. Focusing on small drawings instead of large personal projects. You can do A LOT of fast, small sketches. I started doodling little sprites in my free time to help me with poses, for instance. They were small and quick but I learned a lot more about anatomy with them than I ever would spending six hours on one pose in a piece. And like I said, I learned so much from just playing Youtube videos .

SycraSinix, and Blender Guru are some really great tutorial based youtube videos. I especially loved playing Sycra livestreams!

Audra Auclair, Cherylynn Lima, Remarin, Sara Tepes, Sarlis are all great speedpainters!

Drawfee is a comedy type livestream of people drawing silly prompts and hanging out that can be fun to have on while working too!

THIS WAS SO LONG. But I hope it was helpful! Just let yourself grow naturally, don’t feel like you need to be practicing 24/7. If you invest time and love into your projects you WILL grow, and if you absorb creativity you will learn. Draw when you can, but don’t police yourself to the point of it just becoming self inflicted homework that drains you.

Top Five Resources for Learning Japanese

I am aiming to take JLPT N1 this year! A lot of my methods for learning are online such as iKnow and the rikaikun extension. However there’s something about using your hands that really helps information to stick. I learn best using experience and tactile methods. So I am going to list my favourite resources and tools just now for working towards proficiency in Japanese.

You don’t need to write any kanji in the JLPT exam so this might seem a bit strange. But I highly recommend using resources for native speakers of Japanese for a natural and immersive study experience. Each of the example sentences in this kanji workbook involves poop. It’s so bizarre that it sticks in your head and makes learning a bit less repetitive and dry.

This book is a lot more serious than the last. A lot of people use the Nihongo Soumatome series to study for the JLPT. It’s fun and accessible. But I have heard that it’s not so thorough and you might miss important grammar points and vocabulary that come up on the test. This book series, Kanzen Master is more comprehensive, if a little daunting at first. There’s no English nor any pictures. It is a good idea to use it in conjunction with A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar if you need an English explanation of a term or grammar point.

Every student of Japanese needs a denshi jisho. The kanji recognition system is far better than any app I have ever tried. I can scribble a kanji in any random stroke order and 9 out of 10 times it still recognises it right away. It has a wide variety of dictionaries and encyclopedias- even full length books and audio clips are included in the software. The battery lasts a long time and it’s easy to carry around.

I love using these notebooks for studying kanji. The grid style means you can practice writing balanced characters, and even if you use a brush style pen there’s no ink bleeding through the pages.

Finally this notepad I found on amazon is one of the best things I’ve ever found for Japanese vocabulary. The pronunciation section saves you from squishing furigana in around your kanji and the layout is nice and clear. It’s kind of bullet journal style so it’s organised and clean to look at.

I have been studying Japanese for years now and I have come across a lot of books and notebooks and tools, some great and some pretty awful. There’s a lot out there and I’m sure there’s plenty I haven’t mentioned. If you have any suggestions definitely put them in the notes!

Everyone! Please stop giving Yana-Sensei so much hate! Yana gave us Kuroshitsuji! The best manga in the whole universe! You all should learn to respect her! We all knew this was coming, these events are what makes Kuroshitsuji so special and amazing! I don’t know what my life would have been like without Kuroshitsuji. Before I joined this fandom, I decided to quit watching anime and manga because a lot of them really didn’t interest me, but then when I saw Kuroshitsuji, I started loving anime and manga again, more than ever actually.

Yana is my queen. I love her to death! She is the most amazing being ever! One day I wanna work for her, I’m gonna quit my career and leave my home and country behind just to work for her, that’s how much I love Yana. Please, do me a favor and don’t give her hate, she has been through a lot. She lost her whole family, she doesn’t have any parents anymore, she is alone, so let’s be her family. The Kuroshitsuji fandom is a loving family, so let’s give our queen and each other some love and always stay with each other till the end.

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Do you know of any posts that just give a short summary of butch and femme as identities and their contexts? I want to start learn more but my mental health’s taken a nose dive lately, which means I can’t comprehend lots of text to read at once, like with a book, and so I think tumblr posts or internet articles that are usually more broken up would help, but I don’t know which are reliable. If you don’t know of any it’s nbd!!!

this post is a list of articles, essays, and books about butch/femme culture! obviously you said you’re not able to read books right now but the essays and articles are still worth a shot and the books are good to have for the future!

I was thinking and Loga’s element should be Water and Virgil’s should be Earth.

The fact that Virgil’s was water has bothered me since he said it because he doesn’t go with the flow and being “dark and mysterious” isn’t all his personality. I think even @what-even-is-thiss mentioned it in the Avatar AU, right?

But Logan being earth made sense back then (when I saw the q&a video) and there was no left element for Virgil.

However, now that I think of it, Logic is the one that is always shifting and adtapting and changing? I know the argument of him being earth comes from grounded arguments and stuff but it isn’t enough. Every time you learn a new fact your logic has to change a bit or maybe a lot to make space of it, for it to make sense with what you already know. Sometimes you learn things through books, movies or people that completely change your perspective, and in a tiny amount of time!

Also, it is Logan’s role to keep memories and to create Thomas’s knowledge, so he is the one with the deep analysis, not Virgil.

And I think the reasons why Virgil’s element should be earth are more obvious. He’s stubborn, he’s doesn’t like change and he’s the one who tries to stop emotional conflicts between the sides asap (new years resolutions, growing up, moving on).

So, yeah. Superficially, (up to how in depth even Thomas and Joan knew the characters when that video happened) it appears that Earth belongs to the grounded Nerd and Water to the dark anxious Emo. But thirteen videos and lots of character development later I know why this wasn’t adding up.

… thanks for your attention, I should be analyzing my homework’s literary works instead.

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Got pissed off that people were spamming Ethan and Jack and people outside the markiplier community so I left the cult. Smh this is why we can't have nice things.

honestly, don’t let it get you angry

it definitely sucks that some people have been spamming jack and ethan, who literally had nothing to do with this.  but you gotta remember that the people who were doing that were only a small bit of the community.  i think majority of us stayed in the markiplier tag and stayed respectful

there’s always going to be those bad eggs that make us look bad, but you gotta focus on the people who were respectable and made this a fun experience!  honestly tonight was a lot of fun for me and i know so many others had fun as well!  hopefully those who spammed jack and ethan learn to be more considerate towards them moving forward, but don’t let this ruin your night!

my great grandmother died today. she would have turned 109 in february and was born in 1909. i’ve learned a lot from her, and here are some of my biggest takeaways:

1. even when life is long things move quickly. the issue is not a short life; it is change, because everything is always changing. don’t do something because life is short. do it because the opportunity is now.

2. be kind. even when her hands were warped with arthritis, my great grandmother knitted hundreds of scarves for veterans. sometimes it is worse to be comfortable than it is to treat someone well.

3. never shy away from learning. willful ignorance is both the worst fault and the easiest to do away with.

4. you can’t make something out of nothing but you can build something where the nothing is. my great grandmother’s poor family immigrated to the usa when she was two years old because her mother thought the streets in new york were paved with gold. they were not, and my great grandmother’s family didn’t even speak english, so they worked hard jobs for low pay. today my great grandmother died surrounded by a loving family in a comfortable home after living a long, happy life. you can work your way to happiness if you are not already there.

5. history is always closer than you think it is. my great grandmother lived through the great depression, both world wars, and the cold war; she was born before there was widespread electricity and died after the spread of the internet. every distant event isn’t so distant. pay attention to cause and effect because history is a circle and will inevitably come back again.

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2 question: No one needs a brand new high end GPU! Just get one from yesteryear for your tiny PC! ALSO I'm kind of an artist/musician/game designer but I'm NOT a programmer and not really programming minded, what's a good way for me to start prototyping stuff of any kind? Be it writing easy code or learning the equivalent of Unreal 4 Blueprints or something literally anything easy would help

No one needs a brand new high end GPU! Just get one from yesteryear for your tiny PC!

This is absolutely true! Though!! The tiny ITX computer I’m making is going to be put through a lot of compute(CUDA/OpenCL) and Video work and I’ve asymptotically reached the performance/feature limit of my GTX 770. Especially when it comes to hardware video acceleration(The 770 is of the Kepler architecture, which only has one “Yes” for the YUV 4:2:0 column and “No” for everything else).

I’m probably gonna get a cute little 1050 or whatever 1150 Volta comes out with at that price point since I’m in no rush and could use the extra beef since I’m not orienting it towards gaming(which has a LOT more wiggle room! If this was just for gaming then hell I can just get a 750 for cheap). Might even try AMD GPUs at some point since that’s a territory I’ve never really touched.

ALSO I’m kind of an artist/musician/game designer but I’m NOT a programmer and not really programming minded, what’s a good way for me to start prototyping stuff of any kind? Be it writing easy code or learning the equivalent of Unreal 4 Blueprints or something literally anything easy would help 

So the cool thing with pre-made game engines is that they are definitely targeted more towards game designers and and favor that rapid iteration and rapid feedback without having to dive too deep into the grit of a lot of code. A lot of node-based editors out there make it much easier to prototype games and UE4 makes it a core selling point that you can do everything 100% in blueprints which simply interfaces with C++ code and interpolates VERY well with C++. What I notice a lot of people do with UE4 is that they implement and prototype their game in blueprints until it functions like they wish and then piece by piece convert their blueprint code to C++ to flatten out the draft work into performant C++ code and you can call and interface with your C++ code from your blueprint code while doing this(you can convert part of your blueprints into C++ and the rest of the blueprints can just use the new C++ edition). So in terms of prototyping and iteration and getting that rapid design-feedback I really think that UE4 welcomes that kind of workflow very well. Blueprints reflect the current state of the UE4 API as well so even if you did everything in C++ you’d probably be doing similar things in your C++ code as your blueprint graph would look like and this is very helpful because Unreal Engine 4 has a very big documentation problem where the API is developing much faster than anyone can really care to document it so blueprints will always generally reflect the state of the API even if undocumented.

Some other honorable mentions that support graph editors: Construct, GameMaker, Stencyl, Playmaker(Unity)


Wednesday: Jan 17, 2018 (Day 17)

I finally analyzed the data from my hourly OD readings from yesterday only to find out that the growth is INCREDIBLY slow, which was very wrong for this particular strain at these conditions. I double checked the protocol for the growth medium with Colin and Gennady and found that I did not add a very important component for growth. To do that, I have filter sterilize and we are out of filters…

So my project is getting pushed back a bit, which is just as well because I found out that I was up first for lab presentation. I’ve finished my final paper today and will be starting the actual presentation making tomorrow. I am incredibly anxious about this because my PI can be highly critical. If he asks me something I have no idea about, I think I will probably burst out in tears in front of everyone in lab.

Things that went right today:

  • Snow!
  • Got A LOT of recreational reading done
  • Learned a new step in ballet

Artwork for @belldandy-goddessofthepresent‘s fic, “Once More Around the Block”, aka the angler fic.

…I finally finished this. Finally.

Even though I read a lot of comics, I definitely have a lot to learn about lettering and lay out and flow, whatever it’s called, etc. This is probably so full of noob mistakes, but I figure that’s okay, because I am a noob.

To all you comic artists out there who make it look so natural, I salute you!

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You don't post a lot these days but when you do it feels real, genuine, there's a vibrancy to it. You're living your truth and we get to watch it happen. In real time.

thank you! i love when people analyze things i do that i just do because i do them it makes me feel like a complicated robot learning about themself

I’ve been thinking about language learning as an autistic person. I love languages, and I’d say I do have a talent for it if paired with lots of hard work.

However, speaking is a nightmare. I was always kinda okay even in languages I didn’t like (e.g. Italian) but the moment an oral exam came along I was lost (literally, my grade in written vs oral exams differed by two entire marks.) I write fanfiction in Swedish but I struggle with basic spoken sentences.

(Hang on I’m trying to make a point here.)

I was wondering why that is so hard for me and I have a theory. It’s scripting, or lack thereof. Most NTs don’t have to actively script a conversation while they’re at it so they have brain capacity to concentrate on language. As an autistic person however I need to juggle several things at once: building sentences and the language itself, pronunciation which can also be affected by general motor problems, possible auditory processing disorder AND stuff like eye contact and remembering social rules. If your grasp on a language is unsteady at best, all of that at once becomes a huge barrier.

What adds to the problem is that imho school doesn’t teach enough to allow students to reach the level it claims without external learning resources. Example: My friend has a certified B2 * level in French, and only four years later she probably couldn’t order a tea in that language.

With this level if knowledge you just don’t have the vocabulary to substitute things you don’t know, and in an already stressful situation it’s hard to completely restructure a sentence. I already struggle with that in my native language.

To compare, my last oral exam in English was a breeze. Looking back, the situation had completely avoided some of the worst problems which is why it was so easy and barely stressful:

By that point I was at a C1 / almost native level (despite never consciously practising pronunciation outside of school!). Full disclosure, the exam was also better since I didn’t have to script a conversation, I was only answering questions. (That also had the nice side effect of not being a nervous wreck y'know.)

Classes push you to start talking as soon as possible, while that might work for others, it’s not always helpful.

Tl;dr: Speaking a language as an autistic person is on an entirely different level than learning the language itself and there’s no shame in holding off on spoken conversations until you feel it won’t do more harm than good. Everybody learns their own way <3

If anyone wants to add their own experiences, please do.

*Note: Levels of language proficiency according to CEFR. There’s A1/ A2, B1/ B2 and C1/ C2, A being beginner and C1 being similar to native speakers. You can look up the guidelines online.

So because I won’t be working on Betty vs Sans...

I decided to revive Freya vs Reset.

Despite it, I have learned a lot to animate since I made the teaser for Freya vs Sans, but I want to make this one better.

I want to show my improvements, so I’ll be doing it over from scratch using the same music you heard from Reset Sans’ speedpaint.

Will you support me in this?? Please throw me a like or reblog if you do <3 I really could use the encouragement.

BTW if you never saw my trailer for Freya vs Reset, here it is:

it’s trash though now ahaha.

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ok i don't mean to expose your secrets but i need some help. I'm new to making gifs and mine don't look that great. i wanted to ask how you get your gifs to have the right amount of even grain? mine looks like a very distorted image and its just not pleasing to look at. also the colors are super dark and maybe a little overly saturated? i play around in photoshop but i can't seem to get it just right. yours are always so nice and i wanted to know how you do it. thanks :) also do you sharpen?

hi nonnie, and thanks for the compliment about my gifs :)  I’m not sure I really have any ‘secrets’ but I’m happy to share how I make my gifs - one of the ways I learned was looking at tutorials and asks from other gif makers (and then an awful lot of practice and trial and error).

I’m not entirely sure I know what you mean about the grain though, so feel free to shoot me another ask if this reply doesn’t cover it!  one thing I think helps though is to get the best quality video you can in the first place.  I use a chrome extension called flash video downloader to capture vids from twitter and/or the pens page, and choose the largest resolution if I’m given an option.  Then I use Photoshop (CS6) to make the gifs, so that’s what I’ll go through here.

The overall process is generally this:

Import frames from video and delete any extras
Crop and/or resize (540px for full width gif, 268px for side by sides)
Fiddle about with layers/colouring
Add any text layers (and watermark)
Adjust speed (usually 0.06 or 0.07)
Try to save
Cry because size is too large
End up cutting a few more frames
Save gif, post gifset, then look at it critically every time you see it :|

The rest is going under the cut bc it’s gonna be long!

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hi!! i've always really admired your art and i've noticed the way you colour has improved so much in the past few years! do you have any tips on colouring or tutorials you'd recommend on the subject?

thank you so much!! i recently bought “color and light” by james gurney its a rly good book and i learned a lot from it !! i totally recommend it !! here’s an excerpt that rly helped me:

in general tho, my advice is to think about think more abt the relativity of color more than the color itself. like how gray looks orange when surrounded by a bunch of blue? (this video shows what i mean! he made a painting that looked like it was full of green and blues but he only had orange and purple paint) uh using less colors helps make a ! piece of art look more cohesive!

these arent a hard rules tho!! and you should break it when u feel like it would benefit ur art!

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Different anon here, Fry Bread when made properly is actually really good, it can the bases for a lot of different native meals from a desert (but that might be an Americanized thing) to Navajo Tacos. (Also it’s totally fine you didn’t know what Fry Bread is, that anon was kinda rude, he could have brought it up in a better way. Bc lots of Americans don’t even know what Fry Bread is) But one thing I’ve learn is white/American people cant make Fry Bread worth shit 😭 Navajo Fry Bread is 👌🏼

ive been told its fried dough and not fried bread and now im like,,, all up in this bitch, sign me the fuck up for fry bread, i wanna try that

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Your comment on Damian is pretty sound, and might I add that I think he has a long way to go before he can establish any kind of relationship, since he just started making friends after 13 years of training as an assassin,

oh yeah this too! i think generally he’s a lot better than he was at the start, but at this point romance would probably be a bit too much of a stretch, since he’s still learning to make friends and stuff like that, this makes a lot of sense.

language study update
17th of January 2018

Finnish: I study it every day, but for various amounts of time. I often watch Finnish youtubers, and I am experiencing that I am starting to understand what I am hearing. I can now vaguely make out what they are speaking about (at least for the most part).

Minä rakastan suomea!

Spanish: Study it at school. My Spanish skills have increased a lot in the past year, however I still have a lot to learn. I am just happy that I am making progress, and my motivation is still up and running. 

Me encanta el español!

Mandarin Chinese: Study it at school. I started learning Mandarin Chinese in August last year, and I have already learned a lot. I hope to continue this good habit, and maybe sooner or later reach a certain fluency. However, I think it will take me years to learn writing all the characters.


Armenian: Have had to put it a little aside now and then, but I am making progress nevertheless. I hope I get the chance to study it more thoroughly in the future. I will never give up on Armenian, as I love it too much. I have also gotten in contact with some natives of Armenian, which I am very excited about.

Հայերեն սովորու՜մ եմ