I lol at people on dA who bitch when their art is posted on tumblr when it links back to their deviation and has their name underneath the image.

There’s a fucking ‘Post To Tumblr’ button on every fucking deviation.

Don’t want your shit shared? Don’t fucking put it on a website that offers to share your work.





Now shut the fuck up, you whiny shits.

EDIT: If there’s an option to turn off sharing on other sites, then turn it the fuck off. Then and only then do you have the right to complain.


1: This is the entire email she sent. No attachments. Also, it looks like a monkey on crack typed out the message.

2: Oh! She’s fixed her typos. Sort of. Note that now I have become Kate. Also, she’s still tahnking me.

3: I understand the gist of what she’s saying here, but it still reads like an ESL student wrote it. NOTE: THIS WOMAN HAS GOT TO BE AROUND 50 YEARS OLD, AND SHE’S ALSO SPENT HER WHOLE LIFE IN AMERICA AND ALSO SHE IS A PROFESSOR OF A CLASS THAT IS BASICALLY “HOW TO TEACH READING”. 

I fucking hate this school sometimes.