Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

Learn to Fly || X-Avversiera-X


She’d been told by many of the Shepherds to stay away. Shun the woman she seeks, for she is a foul witch who will surely hex her something fierce. Nala didn’t understand why everyone shunned Aversa so, when she was accepted into the army. If she was so terrible, then Prince Chrom would have killed her and left her corpse to rot. But he didn’t. He let her join, which means she can’t be all that bad. 

The young wyvern rider passes the camp’s outer ring, reaching into Aversa’s territory. A few steps more and the dark flier comes into view. Haar follows behind, mostly out of boredom, but the wyvern is behaving well so far. 

“Miss Aversa? Ma’am?” Nala calls, a bit of uncertainty lingering, as she’s not quite sure how to address the other. 


Watch 1,000 Musicians Play the Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” at the Same Time

Gallant is one of those people who I am just expecting to blow up and become international soon as his music just keeps getting better and better and his latest track Weight In Gold is no different. With a sweet blues guitar mixed with funk elements and a voice that gives me an eargasm every time I hear it, this song is a must listen for any music lover. The sooner Gallant releases an album the faster I can be in musical wonderland - Jakk

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Foo Fighters- Learn To Fly

from There Is Nothing Left to Lose (1999)

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