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Do u have any advice for someone who is being bullied? It's happening to me rn and I don't know what to do, I'm terrified that if I tell someone that it'll make the problem worse. Any advice? P.s ❤ your blog x

yeah of course! let me tell you a story that happened to me when i was in 8th grade, and hopefully by the end of the story, you learn something 

background: i was born and raised in jakarta, indonesia, and i went to an all girls catholic school almost all my life.

so you guessed it, drama was EVERYWHERE. in 8th grade, someone i thought was a friend of mine started backmouthing me because she thought i wasn’t a good friend, just because i’d “leave” her while i was making friends with other girls. so she and a few other girls started rumors about me that weren’t true, and in just a matter of 1-2 weeks, the whole grade (so about ~140 girls) hated my gut. only 2-3 girls wanted to be friends with me. and the way that schools work in indonesia is that all the classmates you start the year with, are the ones you end the year with. around the same time it happened, my grandfather passed away, so the 2 events really took a toll on me. i was depressed, would miss school, and lock myself in my room most days. my parents were very concerned that they took me to see a psychiatrist, and i did. it helped so much because i felt like someone was actually listening to me (which is why i decided to major in psychology in college). 

anyway, the school year finally ended and i was relieved, hoping that i wouldn’t be put in the same class with them in 9th grade. but lady fortune didn’t like me too much, you guessed it again, they were in my class again. i was so devastated and my mom told me to try speaking with the headmaster, who happened to be a nun (her name was sister Alexis). my mom and i went to see her one day, and i told her everything that happened to me in 8th grade and asked her if i could move class. sister Alexis was the strictest nuns at school and i was honestly not expecting her to say yes. but then she told me something that changed my life, for the better. 

she said, “tiffany, in life you will face many difficulties, and you will meet people who dislike you and would do anything to bring you down. life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. they (those girls) already know that you’re in the same class with them, and once they find out you move class just because of them, do you want them to think you’re a coward? that you’re running away from them? won’t that make you look even weaker? but it’s all up to you, if you really want to move class, i won’t say no” 

then it just clicked in my head. did i want to run away from them? did i want to give them the opportunity to think that i was weak and afraid of them? so i refused her offer to move me to another class. i stayed in my class and started fresh. if i moved to another class, i would’ve probably never had the 2 best friends i have up until today. 

hope this somehow helps you and somehow gives you inspiration!!!! 

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How do people have the time to decorate class notes? Is it done after class or are studyblrs just super quick?? Give me the secrets!

ROFL okay firstly, I’ll let you know my stance before telling you how to do it. 

I know how those studyblrs do it, but I personally don’t do it myself because I know it’s a waste of time - why does decorating something affect how efficiently and effectively you can learn something? Colour coding and segmentation is effective, don’t get me wrong, but going as far as to “decorate” your notes with pretty drawings… Saying that “it motivates me to study” and stuff is all an excuse to waste time feeling like you’re doing something productive tbh I know this because I’ve done it once when I was younger lol 

There are plenty of ways to motivate yourself to study that don’t include brush lettering and drawing pictures, and most of the time, good study habits just involve discipline at its core

Yeah decorating is nice, but admit it, it’s time consuming and inefficient, and doesn’t work at a higher education/university level (maybe only if you’re taking a low course load or first year - otherwise you’ll sacrifice valuable time that can give you a high distinction/distinction grade). 

But of course I’ve read numerous answers to this by those studyblrs themselves. I don’t mind telling you how they actually do it; it’s your choice whether to use that poison or not. 

Firstly: doing notes after class

The vast majority of those studyblrs (when asked) usually reply “oh those aren’t my class notes, I rewrite them after class”. What they do is that they note take in two ways:

  1. Take normal dot points, but leaving spaces for decoration - they then go home and highlight, brush letter, draw pictures, etc. to make notes attractive and take a photo for their studyblr. 
  2. Write really messily and quickly to get the information down - then go home and rewrite everything, switching pen colours and highlighting as they go, line-by-line. 

Obviously the more effective one is the first one. 

Secondly: just “super quick”

These few people will bring their brush lettering kit or whatever art supplies they need to class (and usually have a massive pencil case as a result). They will usually be proficient with brush lettering/drawing already or are the kids who do arts as hobbies. 

They can brush letter as quickly as they write, so it’s no big deal for them to do only the heading in brush lettering, then proceed to note take as normal, and then do any highlighting, underlining, etc. when the teacher pauses speaking. This way is significantly less effort, so if you’re looking for pretty looking notes, this is more effective, but you need to have some decorating skills on the fly, that kind of thing. 

Decorating notes isn’t for everyone - some people have a lot of other commitments in addition to school, and so don’t have the time for this - think carefully about whether it works for you. And just a last reminder that it’s not sustainable at a university level, particularly in higher years, and especially if you still want distinction/high distinction results. 

Hope that helps! ^_^


You can say I spend majority of my year with Dan & Phil. I am so glad that the phandom welcomed me with open arms. I made a lot of new friends, did fun projects and achieved many goals that I’ve set for myself; like having an entire art summary filled with colours+digital and completing inktober. To me, it was been a very successful year. I may or may not still be in the phandom but where ever my art takes me, I hope to create new memories in 2017 like this year.

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Hey to all those people telling people “ it’s not so bad, just power through the cramps” when they're on their period because it’s not an excuse to miss school/work etc.!

I had bad cramps today, but I tried to “power through it” and went to class anyways, even though my grandmother had to drive me because I couldn’t walk to the bus.

I tried to “power through it” when I started to feel like I was going to throw up in the middle of my lecture, leaving to take a walk outside in the cold to try and clear my head, even though walking made my right side feel as though it was being ripped in two.

I tried to “power through it” when I started getting cold sweat all over my body, taking off my sweater and then putting it back on two seconds later because my body couldn’t decide if it was hot or cold.

 I tried to “power through it” when spots started to appear in my vision, and just kept walking towards the exit.

I tried to “power through it” when I started to dry heave, and started walking faster.

I tried to “power through it” when my ears started ringing and the spots took over my vision and I was so so hot but shivering and my side felt on fire and twisted into knots and stabbed all at once.

I tried to power through it to the point where I collapsed in the middle of my college hallway. A stranger brought me to Outreach Services, where I lay on the floor, vomiting, for an hour until somebody could pick me up and take me home.

The school paramedics told me that I had passed out because I put too much stress on my already taxed body. My body was taxed because of hormonal fluctuations and blood loss aka my period.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. In the past when I’ve had cramps like this, I’ve stayed in bed and eaten strawberries and watched MASH all day.

So don’t you DARE tell me that you should “power through the cramps and do it anyways”. Powering through made me pass out. Powering through made me have to be wheeled out of the school in a wheelchair because I couldn’t keep my balance to walk. Powering through made my grandmother with osteoporosis and a tendency to panic have to come pick me up from school and help me up the stairs and almost break her hip when I started to collapse backwards on the front steps. Powering through made my 13 year old brother have to supervise me while I took a bath because I was afraid I would pass out and drown (he was super sweet about it actually; we closed the curtain and he read me Voyage of the Dawn Treader). Powering through made my mother who works to support our family pretty much on her own have to take time off work to come home and make sure I was okay.

In conclusion; If someone feels crappy because of their period cramps, leave them alone. Don’t make them do things anyways, because you might make it worse. And definitely don’t make them feel bad for not wanting to do things because of cramps; that’s the reason I even got out of bed this morning. Be nice to people on their period. Possibly buy them chocolate or painkillers. Nut don’t make them do things when they have cramps, and definitely don’t tell them “it’s nothing, power through” because cramps? Cramps can be one of the worst things you could possibly imagine.

Seriously. Fuck you all.

  • Dazai: I'm gonna go fight Chuuya~
  • Atsushi: But you aren't armed!
  • Dazai: I am
  • Atsushi: With what?
  • Dazai: Over-confidence ;)

I’ve realized I don’t actually believe it’s possible to “teach” someone a language.

You can provide resources, but the student needs to use them.

You can answer questions, but the student needs to ask them first.

You can point at a word and say “This means that.” And then the same again for the next word. And then again, and again, and again. But a dictionary can do this too.

You can give a long awkward explanation of all the grammatical exceptions to the rules, but you’ll probably leave them even more confused than when they started.

What you can do is inspire them, give them passion – the longest-lasting and most useful gift you can give someone who wants to learn a language. If you ignite the flame of excitement within them to pursue the language on their own, they will continue to learn for the rest of their lives, even without you.

i step into the room. a man is standing there. he turns around to face me. it’s billie joe armstrong. he has a guitar in his hand. he tilts his head a bit to the side. he grins. i want to scream. he asks me a question. “what the fuck does ok stand for?” i start shaking. he stares at me. women and children are screaming. we’re surrounded by fire. he’s waiting for my answer. i answer him.”i think it stands for okay.” he jumps out the window while flipping me the bird. i don’t think he liked my answer. i start crying. i’m sorry billie joe armstrong 

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 27)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Spoilers for Day 7 of Jumin’s route.

Ahhhh thank you everyone for your patience, this chapter was a struggle for whatever reason (work with me here Jumin, goddammit). I literally have around 1.3K that I just scrapped ‘cause it wasn’t working… ugh… but I’m much happier with how this version of Chapter 27 turned out. Enjoy!

Your fingers slip and the marker falls onto the page, leaving behind a purple splotch across the intricate lines of the mandala you’ve been colouring. Well, damn. You bring the paper closer to your face to inspect it, then pull back. You can maybe fix it with white-out, but… you put the sketchpad down with a sigh. Now there’s an ugly blot across your carefully planned design.

…You’re running out of things to do. Well, perhaps that’s a lie. It isn’t as though there’s an actual shortage of things to do, just that none of them seem appealing. Sitting in Rika’s apartment doing nothing is worse than doing something boring, though, so you’d gone to the internet again and discovered ‘mandalas’, geometric drawings with intricate patterns designed to take a long time to colour as a way of relieving stress.

You’re not really sure if you’re any less stressed out now than you were when you began, but at least colouring the small shapes means you’re not thinking about Unknown breaking into the apartment, or the bomb, or Unknown, or Mint Eye and their so-called ‘paradise’, or Unknown, or…

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The best way to get over drawing insecurity is to redraw older stuff.

I started to try digital art this year so Kuroo on the left side is from early May 2015 and the other from late October this year.