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Hey noodles! I’m back with another masterpost! I’ve gotten a few asks about how I take photos, so I decided to condense all of this into one post.

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  • Shoot when it’s light out for best quality photos, because natural lighting is honestly your best friend. Taking them when it’s lighter out will also make it easier to edit them.
  • ** A lesser known tip that I’ve learned myself is to take photos in pure light. My room is pink, so unless I take pictured in the middle of my room at noon they turn out with an annoying purple tint. it’s hard to edit that out, so I sometimes go to other spots in my house to take photos.
  • EXTRA: If you’re taking photos with a screen turn down the brightness. High brightness gives the screen so much glare that you often can’t see anything other than a bright spot.

Taking the photos:

  • I’m using a colorful planner as an example, so I’m using a white background.
  • If your subject is plainer, you can use a brighter background. (I used a sweater)
  • You can also take a picture of your whole desk.
  • EXTRA: lots of pillowcases/sheets=lots of backgrounds!


  • I use Aviary and vsco, and I edit the brightness/exposure, contrast, saturation, warmth, and tint. On vsco I add either the filters A6 or OC and add on the following to fit.
  • Brightness/exposure: turn these up depending on how bright your original photos are
  • Contrast: turn this up for clarity
  • Saturation: turn the saturation up because photos will generally look washed out after you turn up the brightness (be careful that it doesn’t look unnatural)
  • Warmth: always turn this down, especially if you take pictures in artificial light.
  • Tint: this is what I use to correct the purple-y tint that a lot of my pictures cave because of the color of my walls (I turn it greener, but I imagine it’ll be opposite if you have a green/blue room).

Here are some more before and afters:

++look at this post for the individual photos

I took these around 5 PM, and you can definitely see the purple I was talking about above.

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An important point:

You don’t have to do this at all to be a good studyblr. Plenty of amazing studyblrs don’t jump through this many hoops every time they want to post. I would actually encourage you to not do all of this every time you want to post. I used to spend hours agonizing over my photos, and, believe it or not, my grades went down! Now I know how to balance the aesthetic and actual studying, but I was so caught up in how my notes looked that I wasn’t studying them. If you like to take pretty notes and photographs, then have fun with it, but definitely don’t feel pressured to do all of this if you don’t want to.

Working with Plants

1. Start your own Herbal. There are some great books out there, but recording your own experiences/uses/collected lore for herbs is invaluable. Draw, press or take photos of the plants you include. 

2. Learn about plants by seeing them with your own eyes. Visit botanical gardens, nurseries, garden centres and parks to see the plants in situ and (hopefully) correctly labelled. The human brain has an amazing memory for plants, it is a survival skill to be able to identify them. When you walk through a park or garden, notice the plants and identify those you know to re-establish this memory.

3. Grow things. Be as ambitious as your space, money and time allow. Collect plants that are hard to find, appeal to you and suit your climate. Go beyond culinary herbs. Be aware of where you plant things in the garden, both directionally and symbolically. Plants you have grown are constantly receiving offerings of your time, energy and resources and are therefore more likely to be willing to assist you.

4. Plants will die. Even the most experienced gardener will lose plants. Accept it. Don’t just buy a few seedlings and then decide you lack a green thumb because they all died. Some herbs are annuals, that means they only live for a season, some plants are deciduous, some will simply not be suited to your climate or area and fail to thrive. Be patient and persistent and become a student of gardening as well has herbcraft.

5. Work in depth with a particular herb or tree to discover its secrets. Read everything you can about it, research folklore and planetary correspondences, consume it raw, dried, as a tea and a tincture. Prepare a spagyric essence from it. Burn it as incense. Infuse oil with it. Grow it, talk to it, dream about it. Watch how it changes through the seasons, collect its seeds, smell its flowers. Do this until you know it inside out, and then begin again with another. 

6. Substituting herbs is tricky business. No, you can not replace all flowers with lavender or all herbs with rosemary. That is lazy nonsense. Put some actual effort into getting the herbs you need for a spell, and if you genuinely can’t acquire them find something botanically related, energetically similar or at very least ruled by the same planet.

7. Treat herbs and trees as spirits, with respect and humility. Ask before your take, leave offerings, communicate, bond with them and you will be rewarded with gifts and wisdom and powerful ingredients for your spells.

8. Poisonous herbs and strong entheogens are for advanced practitioners. Don’t just start growing or using them because you want to be taken seriously. Some of these plants are tricksters, they can be very seductive. They are quite capable of controlling you. Be wary.

9. When harvesting for magical use, think not only what the plant is but where it is growing. A tree on a university campus will have different properties to the same kind found in a graveyard. A herb growing at the crossroads is different to one found by a stream. 

10. Expand your learning and awareness beyond trees and herbs. Learn the lore of mosses, lichens, fungi and seaweeds. Parasitic and carnivorous plants. Get to know the plants that grow locally, even if they are far removed from those found in your books.

11. Check your sources when it comes to lore. If a book tells you lavender is good for love spells, question it. Try to discover where the information came from, look up the older herbals, read books of plant folklore, investigate planetary and elemental correspondences based on the nature and virtues of the plant, not just what Cunningham says. 

12. Develop relationships not only with individual trees and herbs, but with particular species. Plants can be spirit guides in the way that animals can. There is an oak tree, and then there is Oak. They can teach, guide and protect. Having a handful of plant allies you know intimately and fashioning your tools from their wood, planting them around your house and visiting them in the wild will make your connection to those spirits all the stronger.

catcherofforgottendreams  asked:

While you are working on underverse, what motivates you to do it despite the pressure from others?

I love so much what I’m doing and see people enjoying and supporting this is enough for me to keep going.

I decided to stop thinking about the pressure I’m getting just for one reason.

This will become a long post but I think this will worth it, if you really want to know a little more about me.

I was the only one in charge of the publicity and desgin department of a big company. I was only 17 years old.

They only let me 15 minutes to eating something and then keep working, designing social media content each 15 minutes, programming their website, taking photos for catalogs, learning about products I would never buy in  my life to making ridiculous ads, making designs with 3 choices for monthly banners, traveling outside the city to taking 2 photos of their branches, visit clients, create animations and videos about products, corporative stuff, birthday cards for the other employees.

All of this, I had to do it in three days and give a report to the Gerent.

If something wasn’t finished, they discounted me money.

  • They humillated me in public and also in the business meetings using arguments like “she is just a coward girl” “she is a woman  using a computer”
  • They threatened me to say goodbye to my job without receiving any kind of money.
  • They forced me to take only 15 minutes of my 1 hour-break to eat something and stay at the office. I even wasn’t able to go to another reunions.
  • They blamed my “sissy” drawing because they were losing money.

Of course I got several anxiety attacks and serious damages to my phisical and mental health.

I quit that job last year. And now I’m almost 22.


Suffering because of a poor asshole on internet is useless.
It isn’t compare to what I lived before.  

1. People leave. All of them. Even if you think they’ll stick with you forever, they won’t. I won’t be pathetic and say things like they’ll rip your lungs and leave you breathless on bathroom floor. Some of them will, some will quietly disappear and you won’t even notice. But there is ONE person that’ll be there always, only one and that’s you. So try to make yourself happy.
2. Work on making experiences and memories instead on focusing on things. They will last more than that brand new iPhone.
3. Some things are fucking scary and you’ll be scared shitless but sometimes you just have to do it. Don’t think, just do it.
4. I’ve already mentioned people will leave, but when they’re here, love them with all your heart. Love them like you’ve never been hurt and be nice to them and make them feel good. Do it for yourself. But remember to put yourself first and if they make you feel like shit, leave.
5. Find people that inspire you and make you feel loved and like you can conquer the world. Surround yourself with creative, smart, caring, funny and good people. You deserve that.
6. You have to learn to accept yourself. I know it’s hard and that you’d rather be someone else. Someone prettier. smarter, more popular, richer, skinnier, better. But you can only be you. Good news; you can be prettier, smarter, more popular, richer, skinnier, better you if you work hard on yourself and never give up. And accept yourself as a bunch of flaws and learn to love yourself for it. Get to know yourself better. ‘If a lion knows his strength, no man can control him’.
7. It took me long to realize this but everyone, literally everyone has some problems, some things they hate about themselves, something or someone they can’t get over. You’re not the only one.
8. Every day go on an adventure. It doesn’t matter if you skip a class, sneak in the random building nearby, try to hold in laughing so people who live there won’t hear you and hang out on the roof or take a night ride in car of your friend who just passed a driving test. Break a routine. Live.
9. You can’t help people if they don’t want someone to help them. It will hurt to see someone you love suffering and knowing you aren’t able to help. It will hurt like hell, but you can’t do anything.
10. Laugh. Laugh until your stomach hurts and you cry and you pee in your pants a little and look like a mess. But who cares? It’s the best feeling ever.
11. You’ll have to decide what are you going to do with your life and choose college and job. Choose to do what you love, because that’s the only way you’ll be good at it. Remember you are choosing will you, 10 years from now, get up on a Monday morning feeling like you’re going to hell or looking forward to begin with your day.
12. You can do literally everything. You can become President, lose weight, get your life together or do whatever the fuck you want to do (not neccesserly in that order). All you need to do is to stop yourself from stopping yourself (if you get what i’m saying), and have some motivation and dedication. When you wake up say to yourself I OWN THIS.
13. Every day write down what have made you happy that day, or what are you grateful for. At first it may be hard, but just keep doing it.
14. Surround yourself with art. Go to museums, galleries, concerts, look up when you’re walking down the street to see architecture. Draw, write, sing, play any instrument. Beautiful thing about art is that it has infinite ways to be understood.
15. Read good books, classics. They may not seem interesting at first, but i promise you’ll learn a lot. I have nothing against John Green, but fault is not in our stars. Fault is in ourselves, and we create our own destiny
16. Take photos of everything. Few years later you’ll be glad you did.
17. Love yourself unconditionally. Do things that make you happy or are good for you. Never let other people define your worth. Live up to YOUR expectations and opinions, not others. The most valuable thing i realized this year is that i’m worth it. I deserve the best. No one has to save me, i love myself enough to be my own savior. I’m unstoppable and beautiful. And no one can make me feel anything less.
—  17 things i learned while being 17
100 Photography Tips - Eric Kim

I read this multiple times a week.

1. Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean that they’re a good photographer.
2. Always shoot in RAW. Always.
3. Prime lenses help you learn to be a better photographer.
4. Photo editing is an art in itself
5. The rule of thirds works 99% of the time.
6. Macro photography isn’t for everybody.
7. UV filters work just as well as lens caps.
8. Go outside and shoot photos rather than spending hours a day on photography forums.
9. Capture the beauty in the mundane and you have a winning photograph.
10. Film isn’t better than digital.
11. Digital isn’t better than film.
12. There is no “magic” camera or lens.
13. Better lenses don’t give you better photos.
14. Spend less time looking at other people’s work and more time shooting your own.
15. Don’t take your DSLR to parties.
16. Being a photographer is sexy.
17. Making your photos b/w doesn’t automatically make them “artsy”
18. People will always discredit your work if you tell them you “photoshop” your images. Rather, tell them that you process them in the “digital darkroom”.
19. You don’t need to take a photo of everything.
20. Have at least 2 backups of all your images. Like they say in war, two is one, one is none.
21. Ditch the neck strap and get a handstrap.
22. Get closer when taking your photos, they often turn out better.
23. Be a part of a scene while taking a photo; not a voyeur.
24. Taking a photo crouched often make your photos look more interesting.
25. Worry less about technical aspects and focus more on compositional aspects of photography.
26. Tape up any logos on your camera with black gaffers tape- it brings a lot less attention to you.
27. Always underexpose by 2/3rds of a stop when shooting in broad daylight.
28. The more photos you take, the better you get.
29. Don’t be afraid to take several photos of the same scene at different exposures, angles, or apertures.
30. Only show your best photos.
31. A point-and-shoot is still a camera.
32. Join an online photography forum.
33. Critique the works of others.
34. Think before you shoot.
35. A good photo shouldn’t require explanation (although background information often adds to an image). *
36. Alcohol and photography do not mix well.
37. Draw inspiration from other photographers but never worship them.
38. Grain is beautiful.
39. Ditch the photo backpack and get a messenger bag. It makes getting your lenses and camera a whole lot easier.
40. Simplicity is key.
41. The definition of photography is: “painting with light.” Use light in your favor.
42. Find your style of photography and stick with it.
43. Having a second monitor is the best thing ever for photo processing.
44. Silver EFEX pro is the best b/w converter.
45. Carry your camera with you everywhere. Everywhere.
46. Never let photography get in the way of enjoying life.
47. Don’t pamper your camera. Use and abuse it.
48. Take straight photos.
49. Shoot with confidence.
50. Photography and juxtaposition are best friends.
51. Print out your photos big. They will make you happy.
52. Give your photos to friends.
53. Give them to strangers.
54. Don’t forget to frame them.
55. Costco prints are cheap and look great.
56. Go out and take photos with (a) friend(s).
57. Join a photo club or start one for yourself.
58. Photos make great presents.
59. Taking photos of strangers is thrilling.
60. Candid>Posed.
61. Natural light is the best light.
62. 35mm (on full frame) is the best “walk-around” focal length.
63. Don’t be afraid to bump up your ISO when necessary.
64. You don’t need to always bring a tripod with you everywhere you go (hell, I don’t even own one).
65. It is always better to underexpose than overexpose.
66. Shooting photos of homeless people in an attempt to be “artsy” is exploitation.
67. You will find the best photo opportunities in the least likely situations.
68. Photos are always more interesting with the human element included.
69. You can’t “photoshop” bad images into good ones.
70. Nowadays everybody is a photographer.
71. You don’t need to fly to Paris to get good photos; the best photo opportunities are in your backyard.
72. People with DSLRS who shoot portraits with their grip pointed downwards look like morons.
73. Cameras as tools, not toys.
74. In terms of composition, photography and painting aren’t much different.
75. Photography isn’t a hobby- it’s a lifestyle.
76. Make photos, not excuses.
77. Be original in your photography. Don’t try to copy the style of others.
78. The best photographs tell stories that begs the viewer for more.
79. Any cameras but black ones draw too much attention.
80. The more gear you carry around with you the less you will enjoy photography.
81. Good self-portraits are harder to take than they seem.
82. Laughter always draws out peoples’ true character in a photograph.
83. Don’t look suspicious when taking photos- blend in with the environment.
84. Landscape photography can become dull after a while.
85. Have fun while taking photos.
86. Never delete any of your photos.
87. Be respectful when taking photos of people or places.
88. When taking candid photos of people in the street, it is easier to use a wide-angle than a telephoto lens.
89. Travel and photography are the perfect pair.
90. Learn how to read a histogram.
91. A noisy photo is better than a blurry one.
92. Don’t be afraid to take photos in the rain.
93. Learn how to enjoy the moment, rather than relentlessly trying to capture the perfect picture of it.
94. Never take photos on an empty stomach.
95. You will discover a lot about yourself through your photography.
96. Never hoard your photographic insight- share it with the world.
97. Never stop taking photos
98. Photography is more than simply taking photos, it is a philosophy of life
99. Capture the decisive moment
100. Write your own list.

Dirty Laundry - Peter Parker x Reader Imagine

Word Count: 2748

Warnings: angst feat. a pinch of fluff (but mostly angst)

Author’s Note: This month’s song (or technically last month… it’s for March) is Dirty Laundry by All Time Low. I’m so sorry this took a bit longer than planned, but I hope yall enjoy! The song is kinda about lying… (*coughs* Y/n? *coughs again*) so yeah, expect an argument about that :)

Lilly’s Imagine

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ID #30670

Name: Myles
Age: 20
Country: United Kingdom (England)

Hello there!

I am at University in my second year studying Media with Film & TV.
I’m interested in doing this as I would love to get into contact with interesting, open minded people all over the world to discuss anything and everything! It would be great to get to know you and hear about your daily lives as well as exchanging photos. I really enjoy listening to, and getting to know new people!

My interests include:
Listening to a lot of music (The Beatles, Mac DeMarco,Tame Impala, Ben Howard, Frank Ocean to name a few). Attempting to learn the guitar, slowly haha. Taking photos. My dog, but I do love all dogs! Reading, in particular anything by Jack Kerouac. Nights out with friends! Watching Films (American Beauty, Dazed and Confused, Donnie Darko) and Television (The Simpsons, Peep Show, Black Mirror, Friends, Freaks and Geeks, Stranger Things, The Office!). Playing football!

My dream is to buy a camper van and travel the world in it! The world just fascinates me with all it’s beauty and I love to talk about it and hear about other people’s adventures.

In summary if any of this sounds remotely interesting to you and you think we could get on well, I’d love to hear from you!

Peace! :-)

Preferences: No preferences really, maybe just being at least 18!

Oh yeah and nobody likes small talk let’s talk about deep and interesting things we are passionate about!

I can see it now us running from our demons my God how they have grown into the people we love, into the things we know.

We’re at the back door of your house and you pull me close.
We are not in love
this is not a love poem
I promise. 

This is about you trying to find something in me worth living for.
This is a poem about us trying to cling to the earth even though it seems bound on exiling us.

This is about that time someone touched me and took a little piece of me. This is about how I’m still trying to fill that part of me.

This one is about how he’s been living in the bottom of a bottle since he was sixteen and he only comes up for air once a year, my birthday. This one’s for him wherever he is so he knows i’m still dying but I am surviving and I guess we all have to start from somewhere.

This ones for the boy whose heart I broke last year because I was bored. I’m still sorry and I hope you found
real love.

This is for the nights where I trace my scars and imagine what I would look like with more, if my body could handle anymore. This one is in hope that I go many more years without adding another scar and maybe one day I can learn how to stop missing the feel of that blade.

This ones for you and my hope that you find a guy worth your time. I hope you learn to love yourself inside and out. I hope every photo you take of yourself makes you smile and that one day you won’t need to fill yourself with drugs and alcohol to feel alright.

This one’s for my little sister who I swear is perfect and I hope she never feels like the poems I write.

This one’s for Sarah Bleasdale for being my lighthouse without even knowing it.

This one’s a thank you for anyone whose ever loved me.

—  (197/365) by (KJ)

anonymous asked:

I ship promptis, but I also like the idea of Prompto x Cindy. So like a month ago I rebloged a cute prompto x Cindy fanart and someone reblog it from me and left a rude comment on it. I would like to reblog more fanart, but I don't want to unintentionally lead these people to harass the artist :/

I like Promptis just as much as the good majority of the fandom, too~ They’re a great combination, and not to mention the best friends to lovers trope with them is just to die for. But since you mentioned Prompto x Cindy, dear anon…! *drums fingers on table* Let me tell you about Prompto x Cindy (with no hate attached!).

These two are beyond cute. Wanna know why? Because literally the moment Prompto laid eyes on the belle of Hammerhead, he was so smitten with attraction! Probably the whole ‘Holy tits, she’s hot!’ But it honestly just got progressively cuter and cuter with each passing quote in regards to Cindy. ‘Isn’t she the best?’ ‘I can’t wait to see her when this is all over!’ Love struck things you literally would her a boy-crazed middle schooler say in almost exact quotes. It’s super cute, despite it being one-sided supposedly, considering how really into her work Cindy is.

But let me tell you, dear anon. Have you ever considered the ‘I didn’t think much of you at first, but now I really enjoy your company and always miss you’ trope? I mean! You literally go on a side quest so that Prompto can go to the top of the hill across Hammerhead, confess his love, and hopefully steal a picture of her as she’s working. From across an entire goddamn hill. This boy is so smitten by her that he nearly had to resort to stalking. Noctis facepalmed, probably Ignis and Gladio would facepalm, and Prompto would be the smitten little dork that he always would be.

But what do you know? She appears, and after learning a bit about Prompto taking photography and going on avid photo hikes, she tells him to drop by sometime and show her his photos. Prompto’s so socially awkward and nervous that he can’t even process words properly, and he’s just a precious babe…! And Cindy probably does have a bit of an interest in Prompto. Yeah, she’s always bugging Noctis for things, but do you know what makes me like the idea of Prompto and Cindy? You know, besides Prompto literally being so smitten by the fact that she’s the ‘Grease-Monkey Goddess?’

It’s the fact that ten years later when the darkness fell, Prompto and Cindy still see each other. Gladio’s said to run off while also having a fiance waiting for him, Ignis tends to do solo missions while recovering his eyesight, and Prompto is said to remain at Hammerhead usually helping Cindy. She’s married to her work still, but imagine the cute little friendship or romance between them! Long hours working to make sure that the daemons stay at back, both sharing ideas on how to make Hammerhead a better Hunter HQ, and probably Prompto taking picture of someone who was just as bright as the sun he could remember.

Imagine the idea of Cindy and Prompto forcing themselves to take a break, so they sit together and look at all of the photographs they’ve taken or managed to snap, before and after night came. Drinking coffee and giving themselves a reason to keep working hard and stay motivated.

Imagine the idea of Cindy and Prompto stuck on an idea. So they start throwing about ideas to see what works.
Prompto: What if we go ahead and do this…?
Cindy: …If we do that, then maybe it might work if we do this!
Prompto: And if we do that along with this-
Both: We can make it work!

This is followed by a quick hug or kiss before they scurry off to their workstations properly.

JUST IMAGINE THEM BEING CUTE DORKS AND FRIENDS, ROMANTIC OR NOT. These two would be the cuteness, regardless of what relationship they have. Prompto and Cindy…~ It’s a ship that I definitely get behind and support. :D

“Public libraries are the only place for high quality, free computer training. This is a critical knowledge gap for many working adults. I once worked with a construction manager who had been laid off during the recession, but was having trouble apply to jobs online. He was extremely skilled and very experienced in his field but was losing out on jobs to younger, less experienced construction workers because he had never been required (in life or on the job) to learn to use a computer. Without the library, he may never have gotten another job.
I helped another person learn to use computers so he could communicate with his customers. He owned a home painting business, but lost a lot of clients because he didn’t know how to email them pictures of some of his previous work. His wife came in on his behalf to learn to take photos and email them to clients, and she felt like the library saved her husband’s business.
These are just two examples of what happens every single day a public library is open. Eliminating funding is a short-sighted way to save a very small amount of money in the short term. The return on investment, a phrase this business oriented administration ought to know well, is high for public libraries. It’s like not investing in your 401K…very shortsighted and dangerous.”
— JoLynn Holcomb, Library Manager II, Chesapeake Public Library, Russell Memorial Branch

Hirose Tomoki 150517 Ameblo

A brief moment

Otsukare~panman (^^)
Oh, Kare-panman? (T/N: Curry bread man)
Speaking of kare-panman, yesterday,

Kare-panman was on the floor in the corridor of my house.

My parent’s house.
After I had dinner with my parents, the next day was a rest day so I went back to my parent’s house.
In my room there was a boomerang and in the room next to mine there was Anpanman.

I see,
Last night, Yuuho and Rin-chan came over to play.
I wanted to see them.

But I met my grandmother who lives in Kyuushu.
Actually, my mother went all the way to Kyuushu to pick her up and then brought her over to their house.
My grandmother is a level 85 so she immediately forgets the things that we tell her but it’s that part of her that’s reallyyyy cute~
“Eh? Ah, Gosh, Is that so~ (°▽°)” She always gives such fresh reactions and get embarrassed and it makes me smile (^^)
It soothes me.
The way she gives such fresh reactions every time could be a learning point for my acting (^^)

Somehow, my mother always takes random photos to send to her friends.
She wanted to send a photo to her friend from Kyuushu who gave her this ramen and she was taking a photo of me so I smiled (^-^) (laughs).

Basically, whenever my mother faces the camera towards me, I can only smile.

I had the delicious ramen before leaving.
Speaking of which, the background, I know you can see it so it doesn’t really matter (laughs).
The 2 golden retrievers stuck together at the back gives off such good vibes, they’re so cute ♡ 

When I was having dinner with my parents last night, 90% of the conversation was about my work.
They are really supportive so they were very interested (laughs).
We caught up about various things.

In the future, I promised them that if I were to walk on the red carpet at the Cannes International Film Festival, I will invite them to Cannes~
But first off, I will have to do my best, starting from searching on what country Cannes is part off.
I am looking forward to it so I will have to do my best!

Now then now then, I have 2 performances tomorrow.
In the blink of an eye we have reached the point of back-to-back Tokyo performances.
I am going to do my best tomorrow and properly challenge myself.

I will text again ♡

anonymous asked:

How would be the a nurse's first day working at a hospital? Also, would it be farfetched for a Registered Nurse to start working (as in, they just finished their years of training and start working) at the age of 27? Is it too young?

Hey there anon! No, 27 is not too young; they may actually be older than some of the rest of their cohort.

In the US, a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN) – the most common degree now and almost a prerequisite for hire in most cases – is a 4-year college degree. Assuming your character went straight to nursing from high school, they would be 22 upon graduating from their BSN program. Aging your character 27 means they probably had some other course of sturdy or work first, then switched to nursing, which is far from uncommon.

An RN’s first day at work is typically an orientation. They’ll sit through lectures, fill out paperwork, get their ID photos taken, maybe take a tour, learn about hospital facilities and procedures, orientation to the computer software, getting their email address and login and password, etc. It may last one day or up to a week, depending on the hospital.

They may also get a separate day for a unit orientation, in which they meet their direct supervisor, learn how things work on the unit, etc. Patient flow, paperwork flow, etc.

I would imagine that they will also have some shadow shifts, where they follow and help some more senior nurses, but many nurses report being largely unsupervised during their shifts.

There’s a good set of stories here: http://www.nurseuncut.com.au/what-to-expect-at-your-first-day-of-nursing/  If you want a LOT more firsthand information from nurses, I suggest joining and then searching allnurses.com , which is a phenomenal resource.

One thing to understand about the mindset of a new provider: their first concern is not looking like a moron. (Also not killing anybody – medical and nursing education makes people REALLY afraid of killing people!) They want to be respected, they want to not screw up. The fear of being fired is usually pretty strong on someone’s first day, and they’ll make plenty of mistakes or have “embarrassingly simple” questions for senior staff.

They will also feel kind of alienated. All units have lots of in-jokes, slang, and acronyms that are really hard for outsiders to understand all at the same time.

I hope this was helpful!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I love modern AU Grantaire being a painter, but what if he loved photography instead?
  • He saved money for a year to afford a professional camera and he never goes out without it.
  • Still, he would be able to make beautiful photos with a smartphone
  • He always takes photos during les Amis’ rallies and protests, and they are always iconic images, that perfectly show the reason they are fighting for.
  • Once, during a rally, he took a photo of Combeferre and Feuilly so beautiful that they printed it on every leaflet for at least a 8 months.
  • He prints his photos on his own in a darkroom. He knows many techniques to alter photographs “the old way”.  He can’t use photoshop or any other software to safe his life.
  • He printed a solarized portrait of Enjolras. It’s his masterpiece, he feels like crying every time he looks at it.
  • A photo he took of Jehan was chosen for an exhibition about gender and gender roles. 
  • He has a folder where he keeps photos taken by his favourite photographers, and he frequently leafs through them when he is bored.
  • The only time he really got angry with Enjolras was when he was looking at Mapplethorpe’s photos at the Musain and the leader asked him please not to bring pornography to the meetings. He gave him an icy stare and just left, leaving all les Amis speechless and Enjolras blinking, shocked by the reaction and already feeling guilty. 
  • “It’s just that of all people I would have never thought you would be the one to belittle his work! Some photos are willingly challenging, I can’t deny it, but he took subjects such as homosexuality, gender, interracial love and sex in general and made art out of them! Where society saw sin and horror he saw beauty! In the 80s, Enjolras, while the whole world was turning its face away to ignore that same illness that was killing him from the inside! I can’t believe you are the one who can’t see that he was a revolutionary genius!”
  • Of course, Enjolras apologized in every way he could and understood he had to learn something more about modern art.
  • When he’s in a good mood he takes photos of his friends, so that he can look at them when he’s feeling down. 
  • When he has really bad days, he takes photos of himself. “I’m still here. With all my flaws, my imperfections and my horrible attitude, but I’m still here.”
  • Mankind invented photography to be able to freeze a moment in time forever. For someone who doesn’t believe in the afterlife or in the eternity of principles and ideas, a little taste of immortality can mean the world.