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The First of my Last 20

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Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether). See if there are any patterns. Then tag your favorite authors.

I learned that I have written a SHIT-TON of Jensen lately. 9 of my 14 Jensen fics came since the end of August. There has been an OBVIOUS Jensen crisis in me, and this ISN’T counting any series that I have written for. These are just imagines. 

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My Last 20 first Lines

1. Jensen had been tirelessly working on the first episodes of season 12 for a solid week.(Livestream) fluff, smut Jensen x Reader

2. Mornings like these were rare occasions. (Mornings Like These) fluff, implied smut Dean x Reader

3. Being in love with Dean would be a rollercoaster I’d never want to get off. (Life with Dean)

4. Life with Jensen Ackles would be anything but dull. (Life with Jensen)

5. When you sold your soul to save my life, you had no idea what that would truly come down to mean. (To Lose your Soul) angst Dean x Reader

6. “Uteruses are so stupid,” you bellowed from the warm cocoon you were wrapped in. (A Woman’s Pain) angst, pain, fluff, mild nudity Jensen x Reader

7. The anxiety had hit you from left field in the middle of filming a scene with Jensen. (You Are Not Alone) angst, wee bit of fluff Jensen x Reader

8. You had not been able to get your mind off of Dean lately, often at the most inappropriate times. (Distracted) fluff, angst, implied smut Dean x Reader

9. As Dean’s fingers sank to the knuckle inside your aching cunt, you arched your back into Dean’s touch, his palm pressing firmly against your clit. (Don’t Care Who Sees) pure smut, Dean x Reader

10. Karaoke had been incredible. (Singing With Jensen) fluff Jensen x Reader

11. It wasn’t everyday that your big brother, if two minutes older even counted, got married.(Public Indecency) fluff, smut Jensen x Reader

12. “Y/N. Hey you with me?” Sam asked, glancing up from his book looking at you with concern. (The Pain He Caused) angst, little bit of fluff Dean x Reader

13. You walked through the front door and let the door close softly behind you.  (Movie Night) fluff, angst Jensen x Reader

14. You hadn’t heard from Jensen since last night when he texted you to tell you that he had to stay in Vancouver because of filming. (Forever & Always, The Story of Us) fluff, angst, smut Jensen x Reader

15. Cooking with Dean was always adventure, a messy one sure, but an adventure nonetheless. (Fun with Food) fluff Dean x Reader

16. You missed Dean in every way imaginable. (Irresistible) smut, angst Demon!Dean x Reader

17. You stood in front of the mirror trying to fight back the urge to cry. (Beautiful) angst, fluff Dean x Reader

18. “What about this one?” Jensen asked as he stepped out of the closet, turning in a complete circle so that you could get a good look at him. (For you, I will) fluff, smut Jensen x Reader

19. “My word,” you exclaimed as you plopped down in your favorite oversize chair in the den of the bunker. (Three’s Company) smut, Dean x Reader x Sam

20. It wasn’t often that you got to just let loose and enjoy yourself. (Jealous) implied smut, fluff, jealousy Dean x Reader