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What can I do to learn more about the fae?

You know, I found teachers, read books about fairy faith and practiced a lot.

Fairies like string and wind instruments a lot, including song. So you could start out by playing or singing for them at liminal kinds of places where they hang out.

You also might find yourself a holey stone or wood knothole to look at them through. I really just open my senses and trance so then maybe I might see something that makes me look closer, to realize they are around so I can kind of look awry at them from the corner of my eye.


Books Every Black Child Should Read 

Nappy Hair -  Carolivia Herron, Joe Cepeda (Illustrator)

The Snowy Day -  Ezra Jack Keats

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters -  John Steptoe

Meet Addie - American Girl Story 

“Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales, and True Tales” - Virginia Hamilton

Daddy and Me -  Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe

Dancing In The Wings - Debbie Allen

Something Beautiful - Sharon Dennis Wyeth

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i've read that "fluency" is a bad goal as it's not measurable or definite. what are a few better language learning goals?

this is a great question! i definitely think it’s really important to have lots of small short-term goals so that you can track your progress and stay motivated by celebrating your successes, rather than just one very vague long-term goal that can seem very daunting and difficult to define

these are some of the goals i had for learning german and am currently using for norwegian and polish, vaguely in order of when i expect to achieve them:

- learning all the lyrics to a song
- learning to recite a poem
- reading a picture book
- watching a children’s tv show with or without subtitles
- reading a wikipedia article
- reading a newspaper or magazine article
- understanding a whole song having looked up the lyrics
- having a written conversation with a native speaker
- finishing a course book (e.g. teach yourself, colloquial, etc.)
- completing the duolingo tree
- watching a youtube video, movie or tv show with subtitles
- having a short spoken conversation with a native speaker
- understanding a whole song without looking up the lyrics
- watching a youtube video, movie or tv show without subtitles
- having a long spoken conversation with a native speaker
- getting mistaken for a native speaker
- reading a novel

you might also like to check out this post about how i define fluency ヾ(^-^)ノ

Harry Potter improved my English!

The first 4 books I read in german. When the 5th book came out, I bought it and read it through in one night.

But then I finally realised how long it took, months and months for the new books to get translated to German after they were published in English. I couldn’t wait so long. My English wasn’t so good so I decided to train myself. One great advantage was that I knew the first five books and I figured that reading them in English would help. My mom then ordered the English versions and I started to read them in English. 

When the Halfblood Prince came out, I immediately ordered it in English and was really suprised that I understood most parts of it. And the best was that I didn’t had to wait for so long. To fully understanding all of it, I bought also the German version when it came out. I did the same with the other books as well. My English improved very much. In school I was the best student in my English class and I fell in love with the english lanuage. I just like the sound of it and we did had some American and British students coming to our school and I just love to have the ability to communicate with them. They even said to me my English is really good. 

Now I’m using English everyday in my job as a receptionist in a hotel. Having the ability to communicate and help all people feels amazing. 

Back home from the library.

Zeynel’s a voracious reader; having been brought up in a family of scholars books have always been a staple of his life, and he enjoys pursuing any kind of knowledge for the pure passion of learning and seeking truth. He’s particularly interested in theology, literature and the study of folklore and fairy tales. He also loves reading fiction, since the first instance of the modern novel.


29.9.16 A rainy 9am lecture started my day today! I don’t know how I managed to get up, eat breakfast, make lunch, get dressed and get to my lecture in under an hour but I did! I went to the library between a couple of my lectures today to get stuck into some reading - I’ve got an essay about glacier cover to do already and we haven’t even had a physical geog lecture yet. I’ve put a load into the washing machine and I’m about to do some post lecture reading. Wish me luck! Might do a pub crawl later not sure! Xxxxx emily