learn to play ukelele

manamogen  asked:

do any of your ocs play instruments?

Sankari can play piano and violin.
Sacha can play Hot Cross Buns on recorder and also piano, possibly more instruments if they learned the notes, they’re incredibly talented,
Kay can play guitar.
Posy and Ramone can play tambourines.
also, he’s not a part of the above character’s story but I love him so,
Yoshi would love to learn how to play ukelele. Thanks,…..

my aesthetic:

barba and sonny sitting on a hill, watching the sun set. sonny tucks a wildflower behind barba’s ear. the wind is blowing.

the light grows dim and the stars begin shining weakly. sonny points out constellations to barba, holding his hand, laying in the grass.

everything is quiet, just crickets and sonny’s voice. barba loves listening to him ramble on, and eventually he catches the detective’s gaze. he stops talking for a second and they just listen to the crickets as they watch the last streaks of pink fade from the sky.

sonny’s trying to learn the ukelele because barba is so musical and he plays this lil tune he learned to surprise his boyfriend. he’s kinda nodding his head to the music, immersed in thought and concentration. rafael is sitting right in front of sonny now, watching him play.

he finishes his song and looks up from the ukelele about to ask if he did okay but barba just tackles him back into the grass and kisses him


decided to introduce myself to my one follower. it means a lot, ily (^__^) i am 14 years old, a transgender boy who is also a panromantic asexual. this is my first ever tumblr blog where i reveal my gender/sexuality, so it’s pretty scary, i like dan and phil, lots of bands, books, and rupaul’s drag race. i’m also in the process of beginning to learn to play bass and ukelele !! if u want to be friends or even just talk then hmu i’ll be more than happy to meet u. i hope u enjoy these low quality selfies.

anonymous asked:

can i have a ship pls,im 14 and i love music and dancing(but im really shy bout' it),i would want to learn the guitar, i kinda know how to play the piano and a ukelele,im really shy,i have straight black hair

I ship you with Zach! :-) He would love your passion for music and would encourage you to dance and sing freely. He would try his best to help you with new instruments and would try his best to break you out of your shy shell. :-)

studyblr intro!

hi! I’m Clare, and I started my studyblr to try to encourage me to be more productive and improve my grades, especially since it’s the new year.

I will be posting original content of my desk, notes, bullet journal etc, alongside reblogging other studyblrs’ content :)

some facts about me!

I read far too much, and have done so since I was small.

My favourite subjects are English and Music.

I also play piano and sing, but would love to learn the ukelele, drums or clarinet.

I’m a Virgo, and apparently equal parts Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, as each time I take the test my result varies!

I just started learning German a few months ago, but my main language is English and I can also speak decent Irish.

Some of my favourite studyblrs are:

@studylustre @elkstudies @emmastudies @studyign @soymilkstudies  @studywithinspo @academiix @studypetals and @thearialligraphyproject @izzystudies  @studyquill you should definitely follow them if you haven’t already!

Please reblog to spread the word, and so I can check out your blog!

artsy-twins  asked:

Hi! I'm planning to study in SVA in 3 years but I'm not sure if I'm good enough. I'm afraid they won't acept me and this would be so depressing! Do you have any advice for someone who wants to go to SVA but has no idea of how to improve my skills?


First of all, please don’t tell yourself that you’re not good enough! I suspect I have a lot of self-worth issues, mostly from internalizing racist stuff I think, and none of it is healthy or helpful. There’s a difference between wanting to improve and acknowledging room for growth, and beating yourself up for no reason. 

So that little sheep icon I use? When we were growing up, my brother and I would be really bored in church and draw on the back of the bulletins. There was a wack little sheep drawing on the front of the children’s bulletin that we thought didn’t look like a sheep, so we started drawing our own. That led to a huge cast of rotating characters (Cap’n Baa: Interstellar Adventurer, Boozer the Alcoholic Sheep, etc.) that we drew for years and years. 

Fast forward to Portfolio Day during my senior year of high school. The representative from RISD was looking at my portfolio, and thumbed through my sketchbook. She saw all the sheep comics in there, and questioned me about it; I assume because they weren’t hand studies, or self-portraits or whatever. She told me to “stop drawing those, because they won’t ever lead anywhere.” 

When you punish a person for dreaming their dreams, don’t expect them to thank or forgive you.

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Despite Sunday and Monday’s positive vibes, today was not a good one. 

I’m letting it get to me. I said I wouldn’t, but it is. I have meetings all day tomorrow and meetings are killing me these days. I need something positive to focus on/look forward to. 

I have to remember that I am my own agent of change. If I’m unhappy, no one can fix it but me. I can only control myself. 

So I will take some steps forward (vague, I know, but for good reason). 

Tonight called for a bit of wine and Doctor Who. And ukelele playing. Determined to learn a song as requested by niece. 

It’s all downhill after tomorrow! 

P.S. Thank you for all of your messages and comments on NROLFW! They were super helpful and I’ll keep you updated on my progress/thoughts.