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Heyyy! Love your blog, I've read possibly every fic under the "accidental relationship" and "pining" tags and was wondering if you could update one of them? much love to you people

I did the pining update yesterday and here’s the accidental relationship one. - Anastasia

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Diamond Side Down by hazelandglasz

(1/1 I 659 I Not Rated I Allydia)

Prompt 24- Accidental marriage

put a ring on it. by doctorkaitlyn

(1/1 I 1,120 I General I Sterek)

Stiles wakes up with a mouthful of dirt.

Werewolves + Alcohol = Married? by audrey1nd, RsCreighton

(1/1 I 1,260 I Teen I Stiles/Isaac)

What do you do when you wake up in bed next to your least favorite wolf and find that you got married the night before at your best friend’s bachelor party?

On the Other Shore by Strangeredlantern, Vague_Shadows

(1/? I 1,765 I General I Isaac/Stiles)

Stiles and Isaac have started building a life together with Eloise, but they still have a lot to work through.  

That’s What I Get For Waking Up In Vegas by dontletyourheartdistractyou

(1/1 I 2,821 I Mature I Erica/Malia/Allison/Lydia)

“This is so much like the Katy Perry song,” she groaned, throwing a hand over her forehead.

“Really?” Derek asked. “I was thinking of the Ashton Kutcher movie.”

(In which Erica Reyes accidentally marries four people while vacationing in 9Vegas.)

Turn a Little Faster by skoosiepants

(1/1 I 3,207 I Teen I Sterek)

He shifts back and forth on his feet and tries to psych himself up. He can do this. He’s a badass werewolf, he can totally tell Stiles that they accidentally got werewolf married because—because Stiles was thinking about him, and happened to give him a token of his, uh, affection under the silvery light of the last full moon. Platonic affection, Derek thinks sourly, so he doesn’t get why his wolf feels all warm and fuzzy and bonded all of a sudden.

Honestly, it’s like—why aren’t people accidentally getting werewolf married all the time, if it happens this easily?

Bacon Is The Answer To All Life’s Problems by eeyore9990

(1/1 I 3,322 I Teen I Sterek)

After the election results come in, Stiles uses his long weekend to go visit Derek in Nevada because running away from all of life’s problems sounds like the best of all possible choices. Shenanigans ensue.

Sealed with a Kiss by Inell

(1/1 I 3,628 I Explicit I Stackson)

The fairies seem to like to Stiles, and, unfortunately, the only other person they’ll even let around him is Jackson Whittemore, who he totally doesn’t have feelings for at all. Nope. Not at all.

And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis

(1/1 I 7,155 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

The Valentines Thing and Other Fiascoes by Pandaabeer

(6/7 I 8,705 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek has recently succeeded in a lot of things. He has a job, he has a place with electricity and heck he even has netflix. What he has never succeeded at and probably never will is relationships. He’s a sad sack when it comes to love. This Valentines is nothing new.


The sequel to Valentines Strike no one wanted.

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale by moonstalker24

(5/5 I 9,383 I General I Steter)

This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”

Best Men by zcinmalik

(1/1 I 11,422 I Mature I Boyd/Scott)

Boyd, in a moment of startling clarity, finally feels the unnatural weight of the gold band adorning his ring finger.

To Form a More Perfect Union by WritersAreLiars

(3/? I 11,503 I Mature I Deucalion/Stiles)

Stiles never expected that helping an injured dog would result in him living out the plot of one of his novels. Now he’s accidentally married himself to the alpha of the esteemed Blackwood pack and hoping that Deucalion isn’t too good to be real.

The Hangover by van_helsa124

(13/13 I 15,826 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles and the pack visit Vegas to blow off some steam, only to wake up with no memory of the night before. After interrogating Peter for information they quickly realise that: Boyd is missing, a rival pack has declared a blood feud, hunters are on their trail …and, oh yeah, Derek and Stiles are married.

Steel Blue: A Fractured Fairy Tale by FiccinDylan

(15/15 I 29,251 I Explicit I Sterek)

The real reason Stiles and Derek stopped sleeping with each other was because Stiles was the first to break the feelings dam. For Derek, love and sex were placed in two separate compartments, but for Stiles, love was 9chocolate and sex was peanut butter, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were always his favorite candy.

He knew he’d fall head over heels in love with the wolf and he did. And he didn’t know if he could handle Derek not feeling the same way. So instead he agreed with Derek to remove chocolate, and add in the jelly of sarcasm and ribbing banter and jerking off alone.

It sucked.

But Stiles respected Derek and valued his friendship over everything else., he’d do anything for the wolf.

Oh, and he also just found out that he might have a twin brother that’s a porn star for Neckz&Throatz, but oddly… that’s the sidebar in this tale.

Fools Rush In by origamifrogs

(3/3 I 30,673 I Explicit I Sterek)

“Stiles wakes up in his hotel bed in Las Vegas, sticky eyes blinking open to the sight of a stranger sleeping beside him.

A stranger who is male.

And naked.

Stiles promptly falls out of bed.”

Or, the one where Stiles and Derek get drunk in Las Vegas, accidentally get married, go on a road trip, and find love along the way.

UST (An Unfortunate Series of Tropes) by ureshiiichigo

(20/20 I 54,259 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles and Derek sitting in a tree, M-A-R-R-I-E-D.

Wait, what?

Or: Stiles thought he and Derek were finally getting to be bros, and then Deaton had to go and ruin everything with his stupid spell.

We Prefer Good Love to Gold by i_am_girlfriday

(9/9 I 63,371 I Explicit I Sterek)

This week on Millionaire Matchmaker: Supernatural Edition - Derek Hale, a thirty-year-old millionaire venture capitalist and beta werewolf, finally gives into his sisters’ pressures to start dating again and reluctantly agrees to use the services of a supernatural matchmaker. Stiles Stilinski, at age twenty-five, just sold his start-up to Google for undisclosed millions, and ends up on a reality dating show when his true alpha best friend tries to help him get over his broken heart.


The last thing anyone expects is for the two eligible bachelors to fall in love with each other behind the scenes.

The Purloined Letter by DarkAthena (seraphim_grace)

(34/34 I 83,123 I Explicit I Sterek)

Kate Argent learns that Peter Hale has a letter, the contents of which, if known, would ruin her, and decides the best place to find it would be the hunting party arranged for the Whittemore-Martin engagement celebrations, but there are some issues with her plan, Peter has brought his nephew, the house is full of omega meaning everyone is watching everyone else, Lydia is not as happy with the engagement as her mother casting her eyes on someone else, her niece, who she’s meant to be chaperoning has eyes for a penniless Scottish Lord, and she’s not even sure that Peter brought the letter with him.

“My clothes are… um… my clothes don’t shift with my form.”

Namjoon blinked, realized he was gaping, and blinked again. His mouth snapped shut as he finally realized the meaning behind the words, but all he could choke out was a meek, “Oh.”

(A scene from @thatonepersonwithaface’s fic for this au here!! )


The event at Bard was absolutely amazing!!!!!! We watched the first episode (FAB) and then Bryan and Neil answered questions they’d collected from the audience!!!! This included Bryan again saying how much he loves the #Fannibal community and treasures his fans, an impromptu Happy Birthday song to an audience member, and other interesting behind the scenes tales.

Sadly, service was awful, so live tweeting was hard, but you can check out the #AGatBard tag on twitter for all the tidbits we learned and all the fun stories we heard!!!! (Bryan’s Origin Story, Bryan’s delight about gay genie cum shots ;), Bryan being awesome, more Bryan being awesome…)


@wiith-my-hands will also be posting an almost full video of the whole talk very soon, so stay tuned!!! 

After the talk, Bryan very generously came out and spent some time with all of us Fannibals!!! He talked to everyone who had something they wanted to say to him and signed everything that was put in front of him!!!! He must have spent a good half hour with us and we all left with giant grin on our faces!!!! Bryan included! 

In a way, it was extra nice we were there, because according to the people running the event, Neil’s whole family was there after the talk since he lives in the area, but I don’t think Bryan really had anyone with him, SO HE GOT TO HAVE US!!! 


Timeless Fanfic writers you need to read

Okay people, as a VERY active fanfic reader (meaning I check for new fics/updates multiple times a day and try to comment if and when I can); I have been thinking about doing an update on favorite fics, and fic authors bc you know reasons… So, here it goes :)


MISSYriver (just every Timeless thing their little heart can come up with- almost everything they have up right now are all from officerparkers Timeless challenge I believe)

OnceUponAWhim (if you aren’t reading ‘Timing’ then you are seriously missing out; everything else they write is fantastic too!)

rachelbee (another lovely person who makes me squeal when they post)

CindyRyan (I’m a sucker for the dark stuff and she’s got that down)

aredburn (’When you’re in the darkness, only the blind can see,’ hands down one of my favorite fics; Baby Charlie kills me)

qqueenofhades (she’s one of the biggest garcy fans; writes mostly smut, but does so amazingly. My personal favorite is ‘i know you [i walked with you once upon a dream]’.)

extasisswings (another garcy writer; my favorite of theirs is ‘ex gratia’)

Justbeyourself205 (mostly garcy but some lyatt too)

miera- (gosh I loved, ‘Time Will Tell You To Stay By My Side’)

LivingInSmilesIsBetter (if you’re a fan of whump and fluff then go on over there)

vaqhma (author of ‘Adrift’)

Jamieleigh01 (author of ’Dance with the devil’)

deadlyrainbows (I seriously love Lucy knowing/learning self-defense)


TheVelvetDusk (I loved ‘Constellations’)

elenam1996 (again, I love the dark stuff. Author of ‘Lost’)

neeeeeallll (’Stuck in the Middle with you’ makes me squeal, cry and laugh all at the same time)

fortheloveofbuttercups (’What We Are’ this was one of the first Timeless fics I ever read)

irismay42 (’Unmade’ was one of my all time favorite weekly challenge fics for the “someone from Wyatt’s past” fic)

gaelicspirit (I’ve read ‘Breaking point’ several times)

bearbone (’Behind the Scenes of 1x11′ was the scene filler we all needed desperately)

Though I’m partial to the dark stuff, kidfics, and corny fluff, there are SO many more great fics; but I figure this will be my list for now.

I didn’t even include some of my faves from Wattpad so let me know if you want me to do one. Most of all I want to thank this amazing fandom for being what it is and continuing to write such amazing fics!

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Has Cas met Jody and vice versa? Bc I'd like to see them meet and for them to get along. And then after he's gone or out of ear shot, for Jody to tell Dean he "chose a good one" and that he's "a lucky guy"

No they haven’t met yet and it is a TRAVESTY.  Tbh you may be writing this because you’ve seen all the Jody on my dash recently but I will re-iterate because hey, I love Jody…  Jody is the epitome of a Badass woman who can do both sweet, polite and gentle and give-a-fuck shoot you in the head if you touch my boys and give me the evil eye.

I love her.

She already has shown previously to season 12 but even more clearly in season 12 that she is kind of a mom figure to Sam and Dean, the little arm grab in 12x22 made me want to weep, those guys are such good actors… they conveyed such meaning between this moment and the one in 12x06 at the door. 

I am 95% sure that Jody will be a key component in the GA being made more aware of Dean’s grieving as romantic.

I’m just going to explain here what I was going to write on a separate post because I have real FEELINGS about some of season 12′s foreshadowing for season 13 and Jody and Eileen are a big part of this.

Between Sam, Jody and other regulars and one off characters we should get some excellent Grieving!Dean exposition because…

Originally posted by wally-west

I have previously said that I was expecting a Red Meat style parallel towards the end of season 12 and we got it - Sam / Eileen (DAMN YOU I WAS HOPING FOR A RANDOM COUPLE IS ALL, HOW DARE YOU MAKE IT SAM/EILEEN!). 

Now we need the follow through. We need Dean to grieve, which is partly why I think so many meta writers think Cas has to stay dead for a good amount of time rather than being resurrected, even if not really himself, he needs to be really actually dead for a while, REALLY dead, for Dean’s part of the story.

I’m thinking these days that season 13 is basically textualising the potential of season 12 re: the boys in relation to Mary and Cas.

From 12x03 (dammit I love 03′s of the season!) we have:

- Mary removing herself from them for her own self realisation story and partly out of love for her memory of them as children.

- Cas removing himself from them to protect them out of love and to save the world out of his own sense of duty. 

Then from 12x15:

- The boys think Mary has removed herself out of choice from them but behind the scenes we learn that Mary has been misled, allowed herself to be misled and ends up held against her will. Dean manages to get her back by being honest and facing his own demons while accepting her flaws and through the power of love. BUT she is of course separated from them AGAIN, and now further removed than in the MoL HQ prison.

- Dean thinks Cas is dead and is deeply worried. Sam is supportive. The miscommunication due to a lack of honesty about feelings and not facing their own demons is a part of why Cas ends up dead.

So do you see what I mean? That season 12 focused a lot on the boys’ worry about Mary being separated from Mary and Cas being dead? That 12x23 actually made this happen for season 13?

So season 12 was foreshadowing season 13 in this sense, taking what the potential issue could have been and making it WORSE. Mary is separated from them at the MoL / ends up in a totally different universe. Cas is potentially dead / Cas is actually dead. Mary and Cas, who are both absolutely central to their character arcs as a whole, will of course be central to the boys’ character arc’s through this part of their story.

So yeah, moments in season 12 like Jody offering to console and help Dean to talk about “anything”, the boys turning up at her house and Sam revealing one of Dean’s sexual interests while Dean is a little embarrassed (but this will be much less the case now moving forwards of course, I hope it is an exposition of how much less bothered he will be about this kinda thing in season 13 onwards), Jody canonically being linked to being a mother figure to Dean in his time of angst…. 

I can’t help but feel this is going to be important with all the other links around this. It’s too much of a coincidence.

Like I say, either way I think this is going to be relevant but IF Jody is in the 3rd episode of the season I will be even more excited as 03′s are usually very important re: Cas in my mind.

101 Things I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA

#34: Iroh explains the philosophy of the four nations to Zuko in “Bitter Work.”

“Bitter Work” is a critical episode for exploring the philosophy behind earthbending. Toph explains that rock is a “stubborn element,” and that Aang’s airbender mindset makes it challenging for him to learn his elemental opposite. And once again, the show emphasizes the parallels between Aang and Zuko through parallel scenes – this time, parallel teaching/learning sequences  As Aang goes through his Rocky-esque training montage, Zuko is being tutored in how to generate and redirect lightning. 

And this speech by Iroh to Zuko takes the cake:

Iroh: Fire is the element of power. The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want. Earth is the element of substance. The people of the Earth Kingdom are diverse and strong. They are persistent and enduring. Air is the element of freedom. The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns and found peace and freedom. Also, they apparently had pretty good senses of humor! (Iroh smiles widely, but Zuko doesn’t react.) Water is the element of change. The people of the Water Tribe are capable of adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community and love that holds them together through anything. 

In one 20-second explanation, Iroh sums up what the series has already shown us about the differences between and strengths of the four nations. For example, we saw the endurance of Haru’s father and the other Earth Kingdom villagers who survived for years on a Fire Nation prison. And we saw the waterbenders’ deep sense of community and devotion in Princess Yue’s sacrifices for her people–and for the world.  

Carcharodons Q&A

I recently opened the floor to a Questions and Answers session. The subject - writing about the enigmatic Carcharodons Astra in my forthcoming novel, “Red Tithe.” The response was impressive, not to mention a bit intimidating - I’ve received over 50 questions in the last 24 hours. There were a number of reoccurring themes (such as variations of “will we see Tyberos making an appearance”), so I’ve amalgamated some of my responses below. Happy reading, Space Sharks! 

1) Is Tyberos going to be in it? Tyberos the Red Wake isn’t going to make an appearance. Initially he was actually going to be the primary Carcharodon character, but that was changed for two reasons. Firstly, there are so few named Chapter characters we thought it would be nice to bring some new ones to light. Secondly, if this first book is successful enough to warrant a series, Tyberos is the perfect “big fish” to bring in as the story develops, so to speak. Rest assured that if there are sequels he will feature in an ever-increasing capacity. 

2) Are you keeping the Pacific Islander feel in the Chapter? I am indeed playing upon the Pacific roots of the Chapter. What the likes of the White Scars are to Japan, China and Korea, the Carcharodons will be to Polynesian and Maori culture.

3) Will you be following previous cannon from Badab? The stealthy silent approach then super psycho? This story is actually set before Badab. Their combat doctrines, however, remain the same. 

4) Can we have any of the names of the characters and their role so we can start building our own minis to represent them? I feel as though I shouldn’t divulge all the character names at this point, but suffice to say all the usual Space Marine Company roles will be there – Captain, Chaplain, Champion, ect. The Chapter’s Chief Librarian is also a central character. I’d love to see minis of them when the book hits the shelves! 

5) Which Primarch do they respect, and who do they hate? I can see how you could claim that answering that won’t reveal there origins… but it’s still too close to the bone I’m afraid!

6) How much do they contribute to shark conservation, and what kind of shark outreach programs do they run? They have lots of sharks in big tanks within the predation fleet. On a serious note though, I do intend to hold a charity auction for a signed copy of the book, with all proceeds going towards a shark conservation trust. More on that come January!

7) I haven’t read any of the various stories/novels outside of Gaunts Ghosts. Are there any other books I should be reading beforehand that will add to my enjoyment of Red Tithe? No, there’s no real previous knowledge required for this one.

8) Carcharadons are silent during battle, will this be implemented in the book? It will. I should clarify that naturally they talk over private vox during combat, but their warcry is their deliberate, eerie lack of a warcry.

9) Are they going to have awesome tattoos? Definitely. They’re called exile markings, and they hold a number of meanings, but for a real-world representation look up tā moko.

10) What era will Red Tithe be set in the timeline? The novel is set in 875.M41. That’s 124 years before the current timeline events and 26 years before the initial events resulting in the Badab War.

11) How much of the chapters origins and culture can we expect to have revealed? A fair amount on the culture, delving into those Polynesian influences. For example, we look at the Chapter’s view of the Emperor and the Imperium, particularly the Imperial Creed. We also examine rites like tapu and the Void Vows. As for the origins, I’ve not only avoided giving answers, but actively tried to muddy the waters even more. I should stress there is a full origin story in there, we’re just not revealing it… yet.

12) How closely do the Carchardons follow the Codex, ie battle companies, first being veterans tenth being scouts? What level of tech do they have access to, ie pre or post grav/storm talon? Relatively closely, but there are many differences. Companies are known as Battle Shoals, and a Captain as a Shoal Master. Each Shoal is its own self-sufficient fleet, that then combines into the greater Nomad Predation Feet. The 1st Shoal are the veteran Red Brethren and the 10th are Scouts, as with Codex-compliant Chapters, but given how spread out the Chapter is it’s not known if there are actually more Shoals after the 10th. There are also no reserve companies – all 8 “Battle” Shoals follow the standard pattern of Tactical, Assault and Devastator squads. Lastly, the Red Brethren almost never fight as a single Shoal, but are dispersed among the other ones to act as “enforcers” during the long periods Shoals spend separated from the main Nomad Predation Fleet, ensuring they continue to follow the wider directives of the Chapter. In terms of tech, it’s a big mix of old and new, but some of it stretches right back to Heresy-era stuff.

13) What level of tactics and such can we expect to see on display in the book? Is it going to be purely character driven or action oriented? It’s quite character driven and a bit less hardcore military scifi, but needless to say there’s plenty of action and both sides have their own little tricks up their power gauntlets. 

14) What’s the dynamic between battle brothers off the field of battle. Isolationism is a key tenant of the Chapter’s rather complex and ancient philosophy. Large amounts of time are spent between voyages in the void deep in suspended cryo-animation, and when the Carcharodons aren’t asleep they prefer solitary contemplation. Much like more drastic adherents to the Imperial Cult, such as the Death Korps of Krieg, Carcharodons are encouraged to view the whole as important and not think of themselves. Matters like honour or duty mean little to them. Such isolationism is, in part, an element of the coping mechanism the Chapter has developed over 10,000 years of exile.

15) What’s the main enemy of the book? Xenos or chaos? Chaos, specifically the mighty VIII Legion, the Night Lords!

16) Did you remember to use noxl Dreng as a name aha an do the Charcaradons have a unique formation like the Deathwing? He’s not in it, but he will be in the next one! And they do, but that likewise won’t be featured until later in the series.

17) Do they suffer the harsh scrutiny of the Inquisition as the Wolves do? They undoubtedly would, if the Inquisition could ever actually get a hold of them. They may be getting close to doing just that though, as the events of the novel will show…

18) Will we get a look “behind the scenes”? Or more about their talent to seemingly appear out of nowhere at the right time? Any huge revelations in general? (aka, will I have to scrap my Deathwatch sharkie’s background again? There’ll be a lot of cultural flavour, though I should also stress it’ll be by no means the beginning-and-end of what we have to learn of them. And I hate to think of anyone scrapping their background because of what I write! I certainly hope not.

19) How much void war might we see? I’d love to see some giant ship on giant ship action. There’s a little bit of void war, but if it’s major fleet engagements you want you better hope the sequel gets a green light, because that’s going to be a major part of it. 

20) Will this turn into a series, or will it be a one off? Would like to see a closer look at their culture as a Chapter so more than one book would be great. If it sells it’ll likely be a trilogy of novels. I’m certainly hoping so, anyway!

21) I’m curious as to Tyberos’ wargear, if he is in sole possession of a few one of a kind items then would they be capable of making other unique shit like that in their forges for others in their chapter? As mentioned above, Tyberos doesn’t feature yet, but when he does we’ll get a good look at his gear!

22) I wonder more about their style of combat and if they share traditions from various island people of Terra? They adhere to the documented “strike from the shadows” and “no mercy” ideology laid down, though I also explore their use of various Polynesian weaponry, such as koa spears and leiomano clubs.

23) While we know that the Carcharodons have access to Heresy era wargear and their tactics are reminiscent of the Warhounds/Night lords/Raven Guard they would need a way to A. replenish their war-gear, B. Maintain it……..the question becomes how is this done, as far as we know up until the Badab war the Carcharodons were little more than myths, I doubt they sent Astartes to become techmarines on Mars. Do the Techmarines simply pass down the knowledge or is it psychically implanted in aspiring brothers. Furthermore do they have their own forge vessels or simply acquire new gear via…….less conventional methods? Without giving too much away, the various “tithes” they extract from worlds provide the majority of their resources – the “red” tithe is merely one form of tribute acquisition. However, there are also a number of factions within the Imperium they possess secret dealings with (I hope to explore one in the sequel). 

24) I feel like what makes them especially fascinating is the mystery that surrounds them, the fact that they’re pretty much an enigma to everyone and their motivations can’t be readily gauged. I’m not really sure what my question is… Probably something like “how much light are you planning to bring into the darkness - and how much of said darkness will be left untouched?” The mystery is half the fun! I’m hoping to shed a lot of light when it comes to their culture, while at the same time confounding anyone who’s hoping for the big origins revelation so early on (trust me, it’s worth the wait). 

25) Do you think their actions in the Badab war helped their rep or hindered it? Hindered insomuch as the Imperium is now more aware of them, but at the same time they’re now definitely seen as a force to be reckoned with. That brings its own challenges and benefits. 

26) What are your thoughts on them possibly being related to the Night Lords? We shall have to wait and see!

27) Are there female characters in the novel? Definitely, one of the primary point of view characters is female, and there are several secondary female characters. 

28) How did they manage to get their hands (fins?) on so much Heresy gear? Because they were around during the Heresy…

29) What trials do potential recruits go though? Recruits undertake a number of “bloodings” and eventually earn enough exile markings for promotion to the rank of full Void Brother. The precise details of their non-combat trials have yet to be explored though. 

30) Would I be correct in assuming that the Carcharodons and the Marines Malevolent would agree on many things? Only to an extent. Whereas the Marines Malevolent actively seem to dislike humanity and fight with jaded bitterness, the Carcharodons simply don’t often consider the importance of individual human lives. It’s a sin of omission, rather than active… malevolence. 

31) The Charcarodons from their known lore always strike me as a kinda eccentric bunch. And yet they are a choosable chapter in Deathwatch. Is it plausible that Charcaradons send marines to the watch to easy the tension between them and the big I? I’m not sure if the Fantasy Flight lore still holds, but it’s not inconceivable there have been Carcharodon inductees since Badab. 

32) Silly question but this is kind of how I decide if I like a chapter or not. How well do they treat their Chapter Serfs? If your policy is “I love Chapters that brutalise their serfs”… you’re going to like the Carcharodons. Simply put, their serfs are straight-up slaves. Refusal to give up the practice of slavery was one of the many reasons the Carcharodons were exiled in the first place. I’m hoping to explore this more in the second book. 

33) How it happened that you started to write about Carcharadons? Did you get a choice of what Chapter to write about or was it an assignment from BL? I was asked to come up with and pitch my own ideas to the editors. I’d always liked the Carcharodons and felt they deserved more page-time. There were some doubts at first, but I managed to convince everyone that I thought they deserved a shot, even if they weren’t a First Founding Chapter. Big credit to BL for trusting me enough to give the project the green light!

34) How well do the Carcharodons get on with the rest of the Imperium at large? Not so well I’d imagine. At the moment the relationship is a bit of an enigma – the Imperium just isn’t particularly aware of the Carcharodons, although interest is growing… 

35) What was the hardest part about writing the Carcharadons? What was the easiest part? How hard was the novel to write overall? It was definitely a tricky project. Astartes are already inhuman, and the Carcharodons are the most inhuman of them all, so getting into their heads and showing things realistically from their point of view took some fine-tuning. Conversely, I really enjoyed writing the Night Lords parts. Without taking away from their nuance, they really are wonderfully classic villains, midnight armour and lightning bolts to boot! 

36) Are there any named characters in the book that we can look forward to? No big ones from the current lore, but hopefully I’ve added a few. I’m going to throw a curve ball and say that my favourite character in the book isn’t a Carcharodon, but is actually Amon Cull, the Prince of Thorns… 

37) What is the Space Sharks view on librarians? I wouldn’t call it veneration, but they view their Librarians as very important. This is because it’s very difficult to replenish the Librarian Coven outside of the Imperium. Finding untainted psykers of the correct age is a tricky business even for Chapters that can operate inside of the Imperium’s borders, so for exiles it’s even more difficult. Librarians are also the keepers of the Carcharodon’s lore, and are thus viewed with great respect. 

38) Did the revelation regarding the Carcharodon’s origins blow your mind so much that you had to rewrite much of the story? Also, is Tyberos the Chapter Master? And can we have some Intel on the massacre between the Carcharodons and the Executioners? Things were indeed changed a bit once I discovered their true origins! And Tyberos’ place within the Chapter is something I hope to explore in the future. As for the Corcyran Massacre, that information remains classified…

39) Has their habit of recruiting from the worlds they attack ever backfired on them? Only occasionally, and that’s something I hope to explore in the future. 

40) Any chance we can get a estimated word count? 85,000 words. As a pointer, most Black Library novels fall between 50,000 and 90,000 words.

41) Is there a way to order signed copies? I’m happy to sign and return any books sent to me, though I may have to be miserly and beg for postage money to be included, lest I somehow prove wildly successful and lose all my royalties to mailing people back their books. 

42) Is there any kind of reoccurring theme to their armour or tactics we could incorporate into our models?The greys on their armour vary a lot in shade, and they’re fond of chain axes. They also use exile markings on their armour to record various things – just look up ta moko. 

43) Can you twist someone’s arm to rerelease a transfer sheet? I’ll do my best!

44) Did you think about having an Inquisitor called George? So they could be sharkies and George? You’re joking, but the sequel will definitely include a character called Gorg now.

45) Would you consider their tactical specialty to be void warfare and ship to ship boarding actions?Yes, and brutal close assaults in general. That, and leaving no survivors.

46) What’s their homeworld like? Now that is a wonderfully tricky question. They do have a homeworld, and they love it dearly. It’s their devotion to it that’s a keystone of their ongoing loyalty, in fact. But I dare say no more on the subject just yet!

47) How would you say the Carcharodons fair in terms of how they relate to the rest of the imperium? Are they disliked by most other Chapters? The Guard? Mechanicus, ect. The Imperium is still largely unaware of their existence. Those who do know of them view them with a mixture of fear and disgust, even among their fellow Astartes. The Carcharodons, however, care not. 

What I learned from Episode 21 of MLB

This is literally me just commenting on things from the latest episode. This contains spoilers for Episode 21 of Miraculous Ladybug. Watch it here

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cloudthreeandahalf  asked:

Call it right now. How will Steven Universe end? I want to know! By the way, I love your blog.

ALRIGHT KIDS BUCKLE UP IT’S STORY TIME (also yay, I’m glad you do! Thank! :D)

I should mention that I like to think of this as a legit guess - not based on explicit events in the show, but based on the show’s themes, its message and storytelling, and the way Steven’s character is treated by these. I doubt things will go down this way exactly, there’s still so much we don’t know about the setting and the characters, but this is an example of how it could go down based on the message I think the show is trying to send. It’s one way to tie up all the show’s loose ends while also telling a meaningful story.

Here’s what I think could happen:

The characters’ development:

  • Steven becomes more confident, as his insecurities are dealt with one by one
  • Pearl and Amethyst both find new motivations to better themselves and slowly come to terms with who they are, eventually learning to love themselves and be proud of themselves. They also continue to support each other and find comfort in the problems they share, while learning from their differences.
  • Garnet eventually becomes more comfortable un-fusing, and Ruby and Sapphire’s experiences apart make Garnet even more mellow, happy and strong. By the end of the series, Garnet is back to being completely permanent and Ruby and Sapphire are completely assimilated into her once again.
  • Steven ends up saving Lapis from Malachite and she has to admit that she did need help. Steven helps her realize that living for him isn’t enough and that she needs to find her own purpose. Lapis leaves Earth to explore the cosmos, hoping she’ll find her purpose out there somewhere. She returns in the finale, where she fights on the Crystal Gems’ side.
  • Jasper and Peridot are exiled on Earth for their repeated mistakes and each get a redemption arc, as Steven teaches them how to be Not As Evil As They Used To Be. Peridot ends up being a friendly rival who begrudgingly helps out once in a while. She becomes friendly out of pragmatism, her life on Earth is far more dignified and free than her life on Homeworld was and the Crystal Gems can help her keep this lifestyle. Jasper has a massive moral crisis over whether to trust what Homeworld has taught her about life, or if Steven’s way of doing things really is the way to go. She wants to find the truth. In the end, Peridot helps her new friends fight off Homeworld, while Jasper briefly switches back to Homeworld’s side when offered the chance.

The plot of the final episodes:

  • The Diamonds bring an armada to Earth, intending to crush the Crystal Gems once and for all, and take back the old outpost by force.
  • Just before the Homeworld armada arrives, Steven figures out the final step needed to heal the corrupted gems held in the Burning Room.
  • Healed!Centipeetle helps Steven convince the other newly healed gems to help the Crystal Gems fight off Homeworld - including the ones who used to be loyal to Homeworld. She tells them that while Homeworld left them to suffer in their corruption, Steven never stopped caring about them, and healed!Centipeetle is living proof of this. In front of everyone, she changes the diamond emblem on her uniform into a star. The other healed gems all do the same, swearing their allegiance to the Crystal Gems in the upcoming fight.
  • Steven fuses with Connie and Stevonnie leads their new army to war.
  • The Homeworld invasion begins. But the fight is still not even. All the new members of the Crystal Gems still use old medieval-like weapons, while the invaders all use far more advanced gem tech. Slowly, Stevonnie realizes they’re fighting a losing battle.
  • Stevonnie is knocked out and falls apart. Opal saves the kids, bringing them to a safe place where they can recover. Rose visits Steven in his dreams for the first time. They talk about everything that’s happened and Rose tells Steven how proud of him she is. Steven asks her if it’s time for them to go (to die). She tells him ‘no’, as they’ve still got one more ace up their sleeve - then she shows him a vision of the Bismuth gem still bubbled in Lion’s mane.
  • Bismuth turns out to be the living key to some kind of hidden weapon. Steven brings the weapon to the battlefield, where it starts powering up.
  • Yellow, Blue and White Diamond fuse into Green Diamond, an enormous leviathan-like beast.
  • Steven fuses with Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, and their fusion tries to keep Green Diamond away from the fight while Bismuth powers up the weapon.
  • Finally, as the Crystal fusion is starting to come undone, the weapon goes off and blasts through the leviathan. At first, Green Diamond merely seems to crumble - but then each shard takes a humanoid form. Fifteen gems in yellow, blue and white colors fall to the ground.
  • Bismuth’ weapon was an old type of gem destabilizer - and it reveals that each Diamond was actually five gems fused into one large, powerful fusion.
  • The fight around them immediately stops. Soldiers from both sides look on in shock. The first to react is Jasper, who emerges from the crowd lamenting the fact that the Crystal Gems were right about them all along! and immediately goes to beat the teeth out of the nearest yellow gem.
  • The Crystal fusion falls apart and Steven stops Jasper.
  • Still out of it, the yellow gem begs for Steven not to hurt her, they just “missed her so much, won’t she just please come back to them? They’ll leave the Earth alone, they promise!” She’s talking about Rose. In that moment, four pink gems peek out from one of the battleships, where they’d been kept safe. They’re Rose’s old fusion partners - Rose used to be a component of the long lost Pink Diamond.
  • It becomes obvious that the Diamonds lied to their underlings in order to stay in power. It turns out that once, a long time ago, a small tribe on Homeworld were the first to figure out how to use fusion. Twenty of these gems found out that a particular combination of them would create four extremely powerful beings - the four Diamonds. They slaughtered the rest of their colony and threatened other gems around the planet into forming the Diamond empire, which eventually became a worldwide regime. The hierarchy of this regime was determined by strength, which made the Diamonds the unquestioned leaders of the entire planet. However, the leaders were afraid that other gems would eventually learn how to fuse and that some would eventually create a fifth Diamond, which would threaten their authority, so they used propaganda to demonize fusion, making it look cheap, sick and disturbing in the eyes of their people, while also taking all legal power away from fusions.
  • The Homeworld soldiers become livid upon hearing this. They realize that the real enemy is their own leaders and many of them are thankful towards the Crystal Gems for showing them the truth, while others just stop caring about the cause after realizing that everything they thought they knew was a lie. The war on Earth is over for good.
  • The invaders go home. They all need to figure out how their society is going to work, now that the “power = status” thing is in shambles. Knowing that the Diamonds were wrong about fusion, a bunch of secret gem couples finally get gem married and fuse permanently, so they’ll all need to rework the entire social structure of their home. Most of the newly healed gems go with them to help rebuild their home and prevent a repeat of past mistakes.
  • In the end, only a small colony of gems remain on Earth. Steven, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl all stay. Peridot fixes the Galaxy Warp, so they can all visit Homeworld whenever they want. Homeworld becomes a dangerous place, riddled with civil wars and ruthless revolutions, but they still hope that one day, a new and better society will emerge from the ashes. For the time being, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl are all happy to stay on Earth with Steven.

After the end:

There’s going to be a bunch of little windows into the characters’ lives after the battle shown during an extended version of the credits, including:

  • The residents of Beach City helping to clean up after the battle.
  • Connie coming back from the hospital and happily reuniting with Steven.
  • Pearl and Amethyst accidentally fusing into Opal. Opal just shrugs and smiles, before continuing whatever her components were doing, implying that this has been happening a lot lately.
  • Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Greg and Connie having a barbecue on the beach. Lapis, Peridot, healed!Centipeetle and a few other gems who stayed behind on Earth show up one by one to join them. Then the town’s population show up as well, plus Connie’s parents, who just stand around looking uncomfortable among all the aliens.
  • The last scene is Steven saying goodbye to Lapis again, as she returns to her soul searching journey. The lyrics “I could even learn how to love like you” play over Lapis smiling at Steven, before leaving for the stars.

Why is this a possible outcome?:

First of all, it’s one way to tie up all the loose ends - the war, the corrupted gems, Bismuth, etc.

Second: this show is, in part, about the power of patience, forgiveness, kindness and hope. Steven sees good in everyone, even in people and gems who seem to have none. It’s his unwillingness to give up on others who need him that makes him so powerful and important, because, as I’ve said before, it makes others want to be loyal to him and return this unending kindness.

By showing the Homeworld gems that they were wrong, he gives them another chance to better themselves. He shows them that real strength is in cooperation - even the Diamonds were only as strong as they were because they were secretly several gems working together, even if they were using this strength for their own gain. “Survival of the fittest” is out-dated. There are far more “survivors” if people forget that illusion of power and instead protect and care about each other.

“If I could begin to be half of what you think of me, I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love (like you)” doesn’t refer to any single character - it refers to everyone Steven has changed for the better simply by believing in them.

So I knew for a while this scene from Miraculous Ladybug reminded me of something but I couldn’t recall quite well of what ! And then I started watching again the old/first Star Wars Trilogy because, you know, Episode 7 and stuff… And I finally put my finger into it ! It was this scene ! I’m so happy I’m finally able to recall. I mean, I’m sure it must have been pretty obvious for everyone else but still…

By the way, I love Marinette’s face on this one ! Quite similar to Z-6PO/C-3PO in my opinion too, so yeah… Nice inspiration there ! Anybody learned something thanks to me today or was I just the only one left behind on this one ?

Here is the thing about Logan Echolls, bc I can’t sleep.

At first glance you think Logan is another shitty redeemed bad boy arc, like your chuck bass, your Sebastian valmont. You would be correct in looking at Logan’s inner emotional landscape and trajectory—emotionally volatile, difficult—but also wrong. Unlike Valmont or chuck bass, Logan has a legit backstory of trauma, ongoing into the series. Logan is physically and emotionally abused. Also unlike the other Byronic broody bad boys on offer, Logan is not a fucking misogynist rapist at any point in his story line. At his worst he’s a verbally vicious little shit who smashes Veronica’s headlight; he’s a walking open wound and his behavior is condemned. Eventually explained, but never excused.
His arc is also long and difficult. His emotional problems don’t just go away with the kiss of true love, they get worse, they get better. They flare up again. Logan’s first response is always one of violence, part of his walking wounded deal. But he learns to keep it in check through/with/for Veronica. He can move beyond his rage when he’s around her.
The thing about Logan is he’s a caretaker. He doesn’t have overarching grandiose goals in life; he’s a behind the scenes kind of guy at his best: there to offer stability and emotional support and even physical support if it’s needed. He scrapes by on the day to day, just trying to deal with life is hard enough. Logan finds reason to go on in other people; that’s part of why he flares into violence when they’re threatened (that and years of conditioning). He doesn’t know if his life has any meaning, anyway he hasn’t found it yet. He sort of doubts that he’ll ever be a believer in anything more than he believes in Veronica Mars.


For two episodes now, Regina seems different. She seems off each time she is in a scene, her behavior calls out to me. Indeed I wanted to analyze it!!
So I take a closer look at the last episodes 5x15 and 5x16 and I find interesting things. Let’s not forget what I say in my theory on Regina’s insecurities. Keep in mind she’s afraid of being happy, that she doesn’t believe she can be.

Now a scene stands out to me in 5x15 and a lot of you talk about it. The dinner scene with Regina and Emma. That’s when Regina starts to feel different to me and keep being in 5x16. Regina sips casually her tea like nothing is really happening and she is facing the door while Emma is beside her, concerned for her parents. Other than her posture, Regina actually acknowledge something in this scene.

“He doesn’t think I’m good enough for Hook.”

Regina scoffs loudly and laugh. It was a genuine reaction. She knows that Emma is aware that she doesn’t like the pirate. But then.

               “To be honest you’re too good for Hook”

BOUM bomb release without wanted to. Regina actually didn’t wanted to share this with Emma. Eyebrows rising upward, jaw muscle clenching are sign of surprise. Regina is surprised that she said it out loud. She didn’t plan to, it just got out. She’s surprised and a little afraid to.
Emma doesn’t ask anything about it, or even say anything about it, so Regina keeps the conversation going, in order to erase this moment of truth. She even ask Emma what Hook think. Since when Regina cares about the pirate? She never care. She cares for Emma, so if Emma is with Hook, so be it. She can’t go for what she want, since Emma is taken. So Regina “helping” Emma with her relationship, is Regina keeping her feelings to herself.

                  “It’s because he doesn’t forgive himself”

When Regina says that, her eyes aren’t looking at a fix point. They’re numb. Her face is devoid of any expression. She’s neutral. That is self reflexion. Regina is taking a trip to memory lane. The conversation keeps going with Regina in deep reflexion. Her absent look is sign of memory.

“Hook and I are much alike”

She’s making an approach by voicing it. She’s not talking about him here, but her. She’s looking deep inside her. Pouring her heart out to be exact. This conversation is Regina talking to herself in some way.

“He doesn’t forgive himself”

You have to read it: I don’t forgive myself.

“Forgetting herself is the hardest thing to do”

Indeed it is. Regina’s talking to herself. She didn’t forgive herself for what she has done to Emma. Why Emma and not Snow? Well because when she says to Emma:

“You want to help Hook?! Help him with that.”

Meaning: you have to help me with that. Show me that my actions don’t hold you back anymore. That you can leave now without having anger at yours parents to have abandon you because of what I did.

In the first scene of the episode, Emma and Hook are in Emma’s house where there is a nursery. Emma hasn’t let go of her childhood. Regina knows that. So she asks Emma to help her because if Emma helps Regina, she’s actually help herself too. Emma will let go of her difficult and awful childhood.

Now I want to focus on Regina in Sunday episode. I was waiting for it to see how she would act around Robin again. She’s distancing herself from him (and I would do the same) since 4x20 were she learns him and Zelena have a baby.
Regina knows Robin is not her happy ending since the first time she sees him. She says it to Emma in 4x23. Now in front of Zelena.
The scene in the woods says more to her relationship with him than any other. The scene starts with Robin ahead, Regina in the middle and Zelena. Robin chooses Regina first and then Zelena (when she was Marian), the scheme shows that. Then again, if Regina and Robin were in love or in a good place, she will be walking beside him, not behind. Robin left Regina behind. It’s his daughter.
Robin and Zelena argue over the baby and Regina doesn’t say anything. She stands aside. She chooses to! And instead of reprimanded Zelena on her mother behavior, she explains to her how she was as the Evil Queen.

                         NOT CARING, NOT LOVED, NOT HAPPY

Isn’t it what I say in my theory? Regina realizes that and she’s voicing it, which is acceptance. Total acceptance. Acceptance doesn’t mean she’s going to change her behavior.

“My enemies became my family. And that when I finally felt happy.”

My enemies. Snow, Charming and Emma were her enemies, and now they’re family. Her family. Emma, Henry is her family too. Another family. Oh but wait! Henry is Snow and Charming grandson. So Emma and Henry are her family and by blood Snow and Charming.

                    SWAN MILLS FAMILY IS THE CORE.

Then she says: she felt happy. Felt, not being. Something is missing clearly. If she is happy at instant T, she would have use the present, not past sentence. She would have say: And I’m finally happy. But that’s not the case. Something is missing in her life to make her happy. And that is love.
Another thing really important because this scene is the fact that Robin is not in the shot when Regina says this sentence. Robin is off the picture. Robin is not Regina family and not her “happy”. He is nothing. He is not there.
Then I look at Regina expression in this sentence. Instead of showing joy and happiness, like she should do if she was happy, she expresses sadness. So I search why she’s sad? And I think I understand. The missing piece is what makes her sad at this moment.
Sadness stood out at “happy”. Eyes shining, lower lip trembling, eyebrows downcast mean sadness. Ever her voice drops lower. Regina felt happy, bat at the moment she’s not. She starts to be happy, she starts to understand what it feel like and she’s sharing it with her blood, her sister. The person keeping her from it in the first place. By doing that, Regina is freeing herself, much like standing to Cora in 5x12, now she’s standing up to Zelena. Regina finally want to be happy. She’s not afraid anymore. Again, that’s not simple.

                                  “That’s why I’m here”

For family. For Emma. For happiness. For Emma. Feeling happy is with her family. So in conclusion with Emma. That’s the reason she is not happy and that the past sentence is used. Emma is with Hook and well Regina is with Robin. Remember the dinner scene in 3x17. Regina smile at something Emma said. She was happy at this time. And it was her, Emma, Henry and the two idiots.

I want to talk about another scene that’s important too. We have a shot on Regina and Robin when Zelena is feeding Peanut. Put it on pause and look at the facial expression. Robin looks genuinely happy at this moment and it has nothing to do with the fact he just find this daughter! He’s looking at Zelena feeding Peanut! There’s concern too on his face because he doesn’t trust Zelena with the baby ok. But happiness really?
Regina has hatred and sadness. Hatred because she can never be a mother by giving birth, and sadness because this baby is not her and her supposed soulmate. Regina can never experience giving birth. Her expression are legit considering the scene, but Robin? They’re not! Later, at Zelena’s house, Robin shows anger when he asks what happen between Zelena and Hades. Jealousy even.
For all the episodes, Regina and Robin stand at a civil distance, and not an intimate one. So really, Regina is not in love with him as much as Robin doesn’t love Regina anymore. There is no OutlawQueen anymore. They act like goods friends and not people in love. Sorry to state the truth.

Regina keeps referring to Emma as family and now happiness.

5x12 ->love. 5x15 and 5x16 ->family 5x16 -> happiness

I have absolutely no doubt that Regina loves, is in love with Emma, because she is genuine and in love in her expression when she is referring to her. We have to wait and see Swen!

Midheaven and Career

I have a blogpost outlined for this already, but I feel like I’ll briefly go into this now since I’ve recently been getting a lot of asks :-) firstly, please remember that the MC isn’t the only thing that contributes to your career, it’s just the ‘main thing.

ALSO, people WANT to be their midheaven, forget the standard lists of things you see like: leo - actor, virgo - scientist, libra - lawyer. a lot of the asks i get are people telling me that they don’t know what to do because when they search careers for their MC they don’t like any of them. but essentially people ALWAYS want to their MC, we just have to go back to the basics.

for example, leo is ruled by the sun - the centre of the universe! and it rules the 5th house the planet of entertainment so the most obvious suitable careers are any form of entertainers that bring attention and this is true, but entertainers aren’t exclusively leo midheavens. think about what leo really is, centre of the universe, entertainment etc. they want to make an impact! feel important in their workplace. they won’t to not be bored, they want to have fun in their job. they want to be the ones to laugh and entertain their coworkers. a leo mc can work a 9-5 office job as long as they are reminded that they are good at it and they have the freedom to mingle with who they’re working with. 

virgo, mercury - analytical, organisational, private, learning, service, helping others. the obvious options seem to be doctor, accountant? they organise things and learn and help people, right? well, it is right but again, these professions aren’t limited to virgo midheavens. what virgo midheavens really need is to work behind the scenes, to analyse how everything works to just what the end product is. can these people be famous actors in the public eye then? definitely! they love being on set and exploring everything that is ‘behind the scenes’ as much as they may love acting - these people just don’t ‘live’ for the limelight. these people just want to analyse and organise, maybe they like temp work because they can ‘analyse’ certain people at certain jobs, maybe they do ‘fun’ stuff like organise events. 

people want to be their midheaven. if you’re drawn to a certain career, ask yourself why and it’ll probably make sense.