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Could you please do a tutorial on how to draw the body and different poses. It's really hard and your tutorials are super helpful. Thanks!

The easiest way to create a dynamic pose is to create a “line of action”. It’s basically the first thing you will learn in a life drawing class. Just look for the flow of the body rather than the individual limbs and stuff.

I have a tutorial on drawing the body here

i didn’t want to use my painting style, but its all ive used lately so i forgot all my other coloring styles rip

anyway here’s a preview of a project i just started and hope to have finished soon (oh if only)

based on the halloween set!!

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Hey I was looking through your blog and I really want to know how you make things look so good. Do you think you could teach or point me to some reference? Any help is deeply appreciated, thank you sincerely

Now this is ENTIRELY PERSONAL OPINION, but I think there aware two things one should practice first when learning to draw as a hobby. 

Drawing exercises to steady your hand. Straight lines, curved lines, ovals and circles. The more you practice, the easier of a time you’ll have when you get to drawing more complex shapes. 

Doodling. Drawing with no set goals or plans. Everything on the page/ canvas coming purely from your mind with no sense of “right” or “wrong” when t comes to the way you draw. 

ahhh okay so I dont art very much but I wanted to do a thing? For @callmearcturus and the fic with the frog boi Jake and this is the first time Ive done a thing based on a fic and posting on tumblr and yeeeee many firsts haha But like! The fic is hella good and just going to keep getting better and if you like extremely well written dirk x jake fics 100% worth going and checking out their AO3 and read the fic! :D 

(okay but did i do this right I have no idea what im doing owo;;)

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For the "send the emoji and I'll draw the answer" meme thingie (ill just include the question too) "☁: Guilty pleasure?" , "☕: Coffee or Tea?", and "☂: What do you hate to/can’t draw?" ... is that too much ? but yeah just curious so u dont need to draw it out if u dont want t o

guilty pleasure: testing out ideas/art styles i wanna try emulating a little but using libra as the test subject bc he’s. fun to draw leave me alone

tea or coffee?

what do you hate to/can’t draw?

a few friends have asked for nsfw stuff, maybe i went along with it cause it was… birthday art… and also i learned a valuable lesson

OOC: @bunisbun? I know you’ve been down, so I wanted to do something for you…I know it’s not much and I’m sorry for that, but….I really do hope you feel better soon. ;w;

Anime style–to me in a nutshell– is a complete understanding of human anatomy, gesture & environmental design principles interpreted in a simplified manner with cartoon heads. Part of the reason why many contemporaries scoff at mimicking this style is because many kids who blindly copy anime style don’t understand this, and therefore suck at the aforementioned principles…They get the cartoon heads right, though.

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I have a CU headcanon that sort of adds on to Krupp being able to play guitar. While Ben is good at guitar, what if CU is an unexpected MASTER of the banjo? I mean, he was technically raised on a farm in his origin story... 😆



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curious question as fellow artist. what do you do when you're the feeling the urge to draw, but you have no idea what you want to draw? i love art - i've loved drawing since i was little - but more than often i have motivation but no inspiration. (and the opposite, although that's rarer.) how do you deal with that? any suggestions how to deal with these problems?

No problem!  A few things you can do:  

1.  Pick a random object to draw.  If possible, choose something weird:  I once picked my little brother’s inflatable clown punching bag, and was surprised at how fun it was.

2.  Do sketches of a favorite animal or pet.  In person or from photo reference if possible, as it can really improve your ability to draw anatomy.

3.  Do studies of a specific body part.  Eyes, ears, noses, or feet.  Draw as many as possible.  It’s surprisingly euphoric.    

4.  Draw people – but just as outlines.  For me, few things can be as frustrating as trying to realistically draw people, even though people are now most of what I want to draw.  I seem to do best when I A) draw them in my own specific style, or B) think of them as shapes.  Try and draw the outline of a person with just one line.

5.  Draw that one thing you’re absurdly good at drawing.  I’m pretty sure you know just what I mean:  that one thing you were obsessed with as a kid, probably the first thing you learned to draw.  For me, it was dragons.  They’re my go-to for when I can’t think of anything else to draw.

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Can i request: Mysme everyone finds out mc is pretty good at drawing, then MC requests them to draw her. Im curious... how would they draw her hahahahah ?? 😂

Draw..Such a good thing to do (Oh man, i need to draw again)
Sorry for this lol

Hope you like it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request.


  • “Wow, MC!You drew this?”
  • No, it was a freaking ghost
  • Stupid question
  • “Can you teach me?” This is so typical
  • Yoosung always want to learn things, but he’ll give up after 3 hours
  • “Draw me first and then I’ll think about teaching you”
  • Looks fair
  • He picks the paper and starts to draw
  • It’s about one hour since he began
  • Maybe he’s secretly an artist?
  • “DONE”
  • You pick up the paper, really curious
  • It was literally a stick with hair
  • It doesn’t even have a mouth!
  • “I think teaching you, it’s a good idea..”


  • You drew him
  • He’s so surprised, like MC THIS IS ART, A TRUE ART
  • “Where did you get to draw like this?”
  • “I don’t know…Practice?”
  • He picks up the pencil and a paper
  • “Zen what are you doing?”
  • “I will return the favor princess, i will draw you”
  • You laugh, this man is crazy
  • “You know how to draw?”
  • “I’m good at everything”
  • Okay then
  • After some 8 minutes, he gives you a paper
  • It’s a stick figure too, but this time with a princess dress, a pink dress
  • It’s cute
  • You laugh 
  • “I’ll treasure this.”


  • While you were drawing, she’s looking
  • She is just amused, you’re really good at this
  • “Can you do Zen?”
  • Stop it
  • “Jaehee, why you don’t give it a try?”
  • She doesn’t think this is a good idea, but you convince her
  • She starts to draw, after some minutes, she’s done
  • It’s not that bad, it’s a simple drawing, if she practices a little, she’ll be as good as you!
  • “Jaehee, you’re not good at what?”
  • “Sleep”
  • This makes sense


  • YES
  • He keeps looking at your drawings, really happy about all of this
  • “Seven, want to give a try?”
  • “I don’t think so MC” he laughs
  • “C'mon Seven, try, but try your best!”
  • He gives up, he’ll try
  • He picks up the pencil and starts to do something
  • Looks like he’s just shitting on the paper
  • Doing random things
  • After 1 minute he was done
  • “DONE”
  • He’s fucking Picasso
  • In one fucking minute?


  • He can’t see that well
  • But he knows that you’re doing a good job
  • You’re happy about it
  • And you will always be better when you’re happy about it
  • I wish this was true
  • You give him a pencil and a paper and say a little “Try it out”
  • V can see a little…But not enough to draw
  • He has a bad handwriting, i expect this
  • When he finishes, is just a bunch of scribbles
  • He asked how he was
  • You say “Good…”
  • “It’s a bunch of scribbles?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “I knew it.”


  • “You’re good at it”
  • And that’s it
  • Stop eating ice cream
  • “Make me”
  • Then you drew you and him, wait for the best part…
  • Eating ice cream
  • BOOM
  • He loves it, he wants to put it on the wall
  • “Saeran why don’t you try drawing a bit?”
  • “Can i draw death people?”
  • “No”
  • “Killing people?”
  • “No”
  • “Ice cream?”
  • “Yes”
  • “Ok then”
  • While he was drawing you go to the kitchen to drink some water
  • When you’re back, he hasn’t drawn at all
  • “Where is the ice cream that you supposed to draw?”
  • “I ate it.”
  • HAHA
  • Go with your brother. You two deserve each other.


  • He loves everything that you do
  • He supports you in everything
  • But this?You’re so talented
  • You need your arts to be in some exhibition
  • STOP
  • He’ll not stop talking about it
  • Until you requested that he make a drawing
  • He says that he’s not good with it
  • But he’ll do it
  • He’ll put a lot of passion in it, since you requested him
  • He made you, like a chibi you, with cat ears
  • You don’t know how he made this.But you know one thing…
  • It’s so cute!
  • “I will send this and make a profit out of it”

Ushiten Week ✧ Day 1 

First Time(s) ➡ first kiss  (✿◡‿◡)

I know, first kiss is like the number one most obvious choice, but I love picturing Tendou being really brave and determined, grabbing Ushi and giving him a really sloppy kiss because he’s so in love holy shit he can’t contain it anymore (but ushi is also fallin’ pretty hard so it’s ok)

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im not even to the part with diego brando but man i love how u drew him and those dino things??? he's my son now

diego??? son material??? fkjdlKFJD jkjk THAANKS his design’s p cool! dinosaurs were literally the first thing i learned to draw as a kid so im glad nearly 20 years of experience™️ has amounted to somethin hahah