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yall know how last year everyone was like “ew furries xD” but now everyones learned to accept it and we’re all furries now? i wonder if juggalos are next

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I have a headcanon that all the clans have slight variations in dialect. Most of the time cats don't bother learning another clans dialect but the leaders and medicine cats have to know the differences. They usually start learning as deputy or after starclan accepts them as a medicine cat. The difference between riverclan and shadow clan is bigger than riverclan and thunderclan and skyclan is very different from the other 4 clans. They kinda have accents with how they talk like the other clans.

OH SAME!!!! i love this hc

yall are really oblivious if you think that male celebrities dont benefit from speaking about feminism you have no idea what goes on behing closed doors you have no idea if movie execs are like “say youre a feminist to get feminists to go to your movies” lmaooo like i promise you 1989 wouldve sold the same amount of copies if taylor never even uttered the word “feminism” like i really couldnt care less if pop stars identify as feminists (ex. meghan trainor) because the average celebrity does not spend ridiculous amounts of time on the internet learning “acceptable” feminism and im not surprised they dont want to align themselves with shitty feminism

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Hey so what do you think about Mare's leadership style? She started out not wanting to be a leader and then was forced into the situation and then embraced it to the point of being unaware of how "coldly" she was behaving to just breaking etc. I was wondering what you thought about her leadership development and how it is a part of her characterization?

Yeah she definitely fits the “reluctant hero” trope. In Red Queen her entire internal monologue is basically “wtf is going on” as she tries to figure out how she fits into this new world.

Glass Sword she has a better understanding of her environment and enemies, but understandably has been through a tremendous amount of change in such a short period, and a person can only handle so much stress.

King’s Cage I think she learns to accept her situation. She can’t run from her problems anymore. I don’t think she’s fully comfortable with being a leader still, tbh she’s more of a symbol than a leader in my opinion. She’s fighting personally as opposed to directing from the top.

In War Storm I think she’ll continue this pattern. I still don’t think she really WANTS to lead anyone, she’s just doing what has to be done to protect the newbloods, find Maven, etc. But she’s not running from leadership either. GS I think she was panicky, and technically she just ran off with her people, no one put her in that leadership position. KC she’s like, “ok I have myself under control, let’s just finish this.”

But it’ll be interesting to see how Cal’s betrayal affects her. Will it hurt just as much as it did with Maven? Or has she grown numb to it and will sort of just take it in stride?? Or will she just shove all her emotions aside and say “I’ll deal with this after” and repress it?? Tbh I don’t know

Predictions / Hopes about War Storm

I Too Have a Dream

This morning my son was walking out the door to school and spoke the saddest words I have ever heard him say,

“Mom, I don’t think I will go outside at lunch today because I don’t want that 7th grader to pick on me anymore.”

In this moment I was crippled with helplessness.

This subject is so delicate to touch on.

How do you talk about it?

I want to bring light to this.

Can you teach children how to be tolerant of differences?

Why is the phrase “You’re stupid” even in our vocabulary anymore?

Shouldn’t we replace it with “How can I help you learn?”

We have to teach our children to be accepting of anything they do not understand.

Race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, social status.

If you don’t know, ask, not judge.

Break the cycle of bullying.

It is near impossible for the child to tell someone without becoming a bigger target.

“Don’t show weakness” they say.

What is wrong with feeling?

That may be what is wrong with this whole world.

The idea that you can’t open your mind or be vulnerable.

Hold opinions, but not so tight that you won’t listen to others when they disagree.

It is ok to not be the same and still get along.

Isn’t that the dream after all?

We all want to individuals and be accepted.

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imagine!! windclan firepaw having trouble hunting bc his pelt is so bright and he struggles to adapt, even though Onepaw and Tallstar are so nice and so is Morningflower, who's become something of a second mother to him. But then the clan truly accepts him and he learns about the secret tunnels! Maybe Firepaw could've been a great tunnel cat, I remember that little trivia thing of Windclan's secret tunnel system. Firepaw's bright pelt might be more helpful down there or something. Yay or nay?


With each passing day, dive deeper into yourself. Find out more about the person you are. One moment we may believe we know everything about ourselves, however, there are so many things that lie below the surface that one may be easy to miss.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

It was at this moment when I first read this comic that I realized the potential of Kory’s character

[Teen Titans (2003) #13]


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

It’s Okay To Say...
  • NO, if you don’t want to do it.
  • NO, if you don’t like the people.
  • NO, if you’d rather relax.
  • NO, if you’re already over scheduled.
  • NO, if you don’t have the time.
  • NO, if it doesn’t fit your values.
  • NO, if you feel forced to say “yes”.
  • NO, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • NO, if it doesn’t make you happy.
Be able to identify any mistakes that may have been made, and allow yourself to learn from the experience. They are not degrading of our character, but are instead opportunities for growth and development.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Today's Cartoons
  • Gravity Falls: Two Kids spending summer vacation with their weird uncle in a town where bizarre things happen with a big mystery. Also about trust, growing up with maturity rather than grow apart from family, always sticking by your friends through the roughest times.
  • Wander Over Yonder: An Optimistic alien who wants to help people across the galaxy. Also wants to make sure no one is ever helpless like he was and help villains rather than hurt or beat them just because they're bad.
  • Star vs. The Forces of Evil: A magical princess from another dimension fights evil with her best friend while having magical and fun adventures. Also shows the fear of the future, fear of growing up, and realistic crushes/relationships/love triangles and how to face them sensibly while growing as a person.
  • Steven Universe: A young boy being partially raised by aliens and has space related adventures while learning about his mother. Also about love and acceptance for everyone and character development that's relatable and real.
  • Voltron-Legendary Defender: A reboot of an 80's show that didn't have much to offer centering around five people who are chosen to defend the universe. Also about teamwork always works, everybody has each others backs, and helping anyone in need no matter how small they seem. Becoming more than just a team, they've become a family all while saving the universe from a former hero.
  • O.K K.O! Let's be Heroes: A boy wants to become a great hero like his friends and family and fight evildoers. Also explains that a hero's journey is long and hard but can be achieved by focus and discipline, while showing that everyone has different sides to them including dark ones and can grow everyday.
  • Society: They're just kids shows, people. 😑
Reminisce over the good times and learn from the bad. Every experience plays a role in your life, and has made you into the person you are today.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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Any chance of a few good modern au fic recs for this piece of enjoltaire trash?

oh I’m sure I could think of a few… *winks with both eyes at the same time*
(also, here’s a list I made from a while back of some good e/R fics!)

Still the One by kjack89

Enjolras and Grantaire’s 50th wedding anniversary.

I don’t want to give it away, so I’m just going to say you should read it. Seriously

Word Count: 3,438

Oblivious by kjack89

The trouble with approaching your relationship the same way you approached your at-times contentious friendship is that apparently, no one realizes you’re actually dating. Or else Enjolras and Grantaire just have the absolute most oblivious of friends.

Or both.

I’m so used to the “everyone except Enjolras and Grantaire knows they like each other” trope, so this one was really fun to read!

Word Count: 4,567

flightless bird by sarahyyy

Combeferre grins. “How long did you wait before you called me?”

There is a short pause. “Two minutes?” Grantaire says, and Combeferre can’t help but to huff out a laugh. “He said three hours!” Grantaire says defensively.

“He’s fine,” Combeferre says, shaking his head in amusement. “He’ll call. He always calls.”

Damn….it’s the slight ambiguity at the end that gets me… (not to be read if you’re in the mood for fluff!! You might cry!!)

Word Count: 1,883

Years Since It’s Been Clear by lady_ragnell

Grantaire really doesn’t expect Enjolras to force him to move in with him when he hears how shitty Grantaire’s apartment is. And he definitely doesn’t expect Enjolras to want him to stay, or how easy it turns out to be, or the way Enjolras has a habit of doing his studying in the sunshine on the living room floor …

Yeah, he may be in some trouble.

Everything. Everything about this. SO GOOD (ps there’s some smut at the very end, just in case you’re not into that)

Word Count: 10,726

Of Roommates And Hallways by madlyie 

Prompt: “we both got kicked out of our rooms because our roommates are having sex so now we’re standing in the hallway avoiding each other” au

Enjolras learns that the guy from apartment No. 27 is much more talkative than a closed door.

Ok this is super frickin cute and the ending is just perfect. 11/10

Word Count: 1,376

I’ll be your Shelter, I’ll be your Storm by missandrogyny

Just pay me back with one thousand kisses.

Fluff! So much fluff! Good things and happy thoughts!

Word Count: 5,532

One Hundred Ways to Say “I Love You” by the_sky_is_forever

In which Grantaire and Enjolras take a very long time to actually say those three special words, but if you pay attention, the words are there.

Love love love love love. I felt super content (in an “I’m wrapped up in a warm blanket sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter’s day” way) after reading this and honestly that’s one of the best feelings to have after reading a fic (for me personally)

Word Count: 16,484

nothing alike by nightswatch

Enjolras comes across a guy who’s trying to steal his car. Except that he’s not actually stealing his car.

The second hand embarrassment is real (I may or may not have buried my face in a blanket while reading this)

Word Count: 2,023

We’re All Stories, In The End by theglitterati

Les Amis discover fanfiction. About themselves.

I had to put this one on here just for fun because I was cackling when I read it

Word Count: 2,210

Ice Ice Baby by sigh_no_more

In the almost four years that Enjolras had known his friends, he always managed to avoid ice skating with them. This was very purposeful. It had to be. After all, they lived in the Northeast, so plenty of opportunities arose for him to go ice skating. He just never took advantage of them. Because Enjolras had a secret. A dark, terrible secret.

Given how nosy and internet savvy his friends were, it was kind of a miracle that only Combeferre and Courfeyrac knew about his past.

But it was time.

(Or the Amis go ice-skating and find out a surprising truth about Enjolras.)

Ok I had to include this one on here too because when I was rereading it just now, it kinda reminded me of Yuri on Ice and that made me happy sooo :)

Word Count: 2,945