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Can we have Ian seeing Jamie use a move on Claire that she seems to love, like an ear nip, and tries it on Jenny. Jenny's shocked and he has to confess where he learned it. Then Jenny admitting she learned something from Claire? ;) THX!!!

Oooh Ian Sr. and Jenny is interesting! I haven’t ever written them before, but I’ll take a stab at it! We’ll see how this works!

Ian limped along, his bad leg stinging like nettles. So focused on not falling over was he that he didn’t hear the voices around the corner.

“If you’re going to behave like that, we should go upstairs. Ian or Jenny could come by at any moment.”

Ah. His new sister Claire, Jamie’s English bride. Ian slowed his walk and massaged his aching stump.

“Aye, they could. But Ian’s out wi’ some of the men and Jenny’s busy wi’ Mrs. Crook in the kitchens. We’ve a bit o’ time.”

Ian frowned and shook his head. It was rude to listen to what was clearly a private conversation.

He began to limp past the open door, but movement drew his eye. He looked up in time to see Claire put her arms around Jamie’s shoulders and draw him close. She loved him quite a lot, it seemed, though he didn’t know her too well yet. They’d only been back a day or two.

Jamie was kissing her quite feverishly, his eyes closed. Ian couldn’t look away. He and Jamie had known each other for most of their lives and Ian had seen him in nearly every state a man could be in.

Except in love.

Jamie had never been in love before, not really. Not with a lass that loved him back the way he deserved. This was completely different.

Jamie ceased kissing Claire’s mouth, which by now was red and a little swollen, and was kissing down her neck. Ah, the lad learned fast. Then he did something that shocked Ian.

He bit her.

Not hard, not even enough to leave any sort of mark. But Ian was sure he’d seen a flash of teeth and Claire gasped. Ian’s eyes went wide with shock. Why in the name of Jesus would Jamie do such a thing? To his own wife!

But then he saw Claire shudder, her body beginning to move against Jamie’s in a way Ian was all to familiar with. So… Jamie had done that to get her going? He began to wonder what would happen if he were to try such a thing. Jenny and Claire were both strong-willed women with sharp tongues. Perhaps…


That night, after Jenny had washed and plaited her hair for bed, Ian decided to be daring.


“Aye? Sorry, what was it ye said?”

“I asked what you were thinkin’ so hard about. I can nearly see smoke comin’ out your ears.”

“Och, just… Thinking about Jamie and his wife.”

Jenny rolled her eyes and huffed while she pulled the quilts.

“Aye. She’s no’ what I’d hoped for Jamie when he finally settled in to marry a lass, but I suppose she’ll do. She’s no’ afraid of getting her hands dirty, I’ll tell ye that much.”

“Aye, but she seems a good match for him.”

Jenny slid into their bed and sighed.

“I suppose only time will tell. Do ye need help wi’ your leg?”

Using the furniture, he hobbled over to the bed and dropped onto it.

“No,” he smiled. “I think I’ll manage.”

She smiled and moved to kiss him goodnight, but he held her closer. He’d lost only one leg and he’d been married to her for some time now. He knew what he was doing.

She melted into him, obviously enjoying him as much as he was enjoying her. The house and estate had been nonstop chaos since Jamie’s unexpected arrival and they’d had little time to themselves. Without saying a word, she moved beneath him and hiked up the hem of her shift. It was now or never. If he didn’t try this new idea now, he knew it wouldn’t ever happen.

Slowly, he began kissing down her neck, which she craned and arched, presenting herself to him. Picking the spot he thought he’d seen Jamie use, Ian took a deep breath and bit down.

It was a trifle harder than he’d intended. Jenny jerked in his arms and squeaked.

“Ian! What the devil are ye doing man?!”

“I… I’m sorry, Jenny. I just thought ye… Weel, I thought I’d try something… new.”


Her dark brows raised even higher, but her cheeks were flushed.

“Aye, new.”

“And where in the world did ye learn that? Ye’ve never done it before.”


Her lips pursed and her hand began to slowly move down his torso.

“Ian Murray you tell me just where ye learned that or so help me…”

“I’ll tell ye! But ye must promise you’ll no’ speak of it to anyone.”

“Tell me!”

“I saw Jamie do it to Claire and she seemed to like it a bit and I thought ye might like it too,” he blurted all in one breath.

Jenny’s mouth fell open.

“Oh did ye now? Spying on my brother and his English trollop now are ye?”

Ian fixed her with a flat look.

“Jenny… She isna a trollop. English, aye, but ye can see how fond Jamie is of her. I’ve never seen him like this before.”

“Aye, I ken that. I havena seen him so happy either.”

“But did… Did ye like it? Or should I no’ do it again?”

Her lips pulled apart in the most beautiful smile.

“I didna mind it. Though… maybe next time dinna bite so hard, aye?”

He nodded, feeling excited once again and kissed her.


Jamie went down for breakfast while Claire finished dressing. When he didn’t see anyone else stirring in the house, he went in search of his sister. Jenny was in the kitchen, smiling to herself while she poured water into the large pot over the fire.

“Oh! Good morning, brother,” she said with a smile. “Did ye sleep well?”

“Aye, I did.”

His eyes narrowed as he caught a dark bruise on the side of her neck.

“What?” she asked, frowning up at him.

“What the hell is that?”

Her hand shot up to her neck.

“Oh, ah… Nothing to worry o’er.”

“It looks like a bite, Jenny. Did the bairn bite ye?”

“Och no. The bairn didna bite me.”

Anger welled up inside him and he took hold of her shoulder.

“Did someone attack ye?”

“What? No! No, Jamie. Ye think I’d let any fool close enough to bite my neck?!”

“Then what happened?! Who bit ye!”

She gave him a flat (and somewhat disapproving) look and sighed.



“Ian bit me! And it’s your damned fault!”


She nodded her head and turned back to the water.

“Aye! He said he saw ye nip at Claire and that she liked it, so he tried it wi’ me. Only he nipped a bit too hard the first time.”

Heat flooded his face as he realized what Ian had likely seen.

“Oh… Er… Weel… So long as no one’s hurt ye…”

“No one beside my husband. And he kens I didna mind.”

Jamie nodded and let the kitchen in a hurry. Claire was just sitting at the table and gave him a curious glance.

“Are you alright? You’re quite red.”

“Och, er… I’m alright. Just… Learnt more about my sister than I’d like to ken.”

The sound of Ian’s wooden leg had his blush deepening. When his brother in law came around the corner, their eyes met. In perfect understanding, both men looked away hastily and said nothing to each other. Claire asked him what had happened, but he refused to answer. Ian was his best friend, Jenny his only living family. They were happily wed wi’ a son and another bairn on the way. But Jamie did NOT need to know about their bedroom activities.

MaRo said that all of the four color Commanders would be new characters from old planes.

Saskia and the men in the background give a very clear Viking-like vibe so I’m really interested to learn about where she’s from, as Viking plane is something I’m very interested in.

My gut says Dominaria, but I’m hoping that’s not the case, as I’m really wanting a new Viking/Nordic plane to throw myself into.

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GMB asked him about the baby at the premier last night. What was that he was saying..? Not talk to about his family..? He said don't sweat the small stuff (giving advice), he's more relaxed and somethings have been learned from the previous experience. OH REALLY! And they are both very happy, already have a "very bonnie boy" and are looking forward to "whoever comes next." Whoever comes next? I can't even..

At least he didn’t say “whatever”!

@aashanka said: Sometimes it can’t be what you expected to have the biggest impact

yes but sometimes can it be what i expected??

@beingnova  said: oh you’re so sweet and innocent nush i love that

and i love you because you know why 💕

@iktara said: That would be nice if all the above happened but if the whole experience turns out to be something you learn from then you can honestly consider your cal experience a true success with or without any of those things!

you are absolutely wonderful and i love that you are always making me see the bright side of everything <3

@saucewalalaal said: Those are some serious aspirations. You’ll make it through. Push through Anushree!

just keep swimming just keep swimming. (also only 564 days lefts until graduation!)

@classywithasideofcheesy said: Lmaooo how was the interview??

well they didnt ask any technical questions, which was a blessing. i made them laugh (2 dudes!!!!! no one told me there would be 2!) a couple times which i hope was laughing with me instead of at me. i didnt go blank like i did in my last one, so that’s definitely good. but now is the hard part: waiting for decisions for round 2. *fingers crossed legs crossed arms crossed everything crossed give me all the luck*

The whole “married with kids” ending wouldn’t even be so bad if there was actual romantic development with the endgame couples. But coupling some popular ships, usually where only the woman expressed her love, and letting the fans make this cobweb of every moment that can pass as romantic is unfair. It’s not our job to pinpoint when they might’ve started falling in love. Show some flirting, a proposal, a kiss or something.

Learn from Fullmetal Alchemist!!! It’s the perfect example of shonen manga nailing the “married with kids” ending!


what started as kind of a joke snowballed into >this edit< then i went on a crusade to make percy look his age in all the official portrait art. i found all the official photos via the wiki. (edit: pls view the percabeth one at full size)

Terrible Lessons You Learned from Musical Theatre
  • Hamilton:Don't fuck up. Ever. You will die.
  • Waitress:You know what's great? Adultery.
  • Chicago:Easiest way to fame and fortune? Murder.
  • Wicked:Only pretty people can overthrow the government.
  • Rent:Don't ever compromise in the slightest, especially if you're poor and dying.
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame:Nothing good will ever happen to you if you're physically disabled. But you'll sound great.
  • Heathers:The popular kids were right, you really should avoid the weirdos in high school.
  • Aladdin:Lie your way to a good relationship. Especially if she's rich. She'll get over it.
  • Book of Mormon:Blasphemy and fan-fiction are great for stabilizing war-torn parts of Africa.
  • School of Rock:Lie your way to a great career. Especially if your boss is hot. She'll get over it.
  • Something Rotten:Originality is dead, but that's hilarious.
  • Phantom of the Opera:Love never dies, and neither will this show.
  • Lion King:Julie Taymor did something right.

being a girl was complicated. it was swallowing rusty nails and clawing our way towards something we didn’t even know we really wanted. // R.I.D.


“The cards…”

brexit is scary. and not just because britain will be leaving the eu but because it once again shows the amount of support right wing parties all across europe have gained in the past few years. how successful they are in spreading racism, fear and lies fucking terrifies me. and all that just because they think they are somehow superior to others. the way europe (and the world) is headed right now is alarming.