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Dating Shayne Would Include

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- Dudes, I used to do these all the time. Let’s see if I’m still any good


- Like I know he’s all bashful and funny, and he would be at the start. but once you two started dating


- Shayne probably isn’t all that into PDA so he’d keep it small

- probably just hand holding and small pecks if he felt like kissing you

- he would just cuddle the shit out of you in private or in front of the rest of the crew

- you would have to be friends with the Smosh Squad

- it was like #3 on his list of must haves

- would send you daily snapchats about nonsense

- your longest streak would be with him

- having to listen to him do weird accents all the time

- but loving it because he did them so well

- living separately but having enough clothes at his apartment to just live there

- movie nights would be a regular thing

- just for a little bonding time because he’s usually always busy

- which would be the thing the two of you fight about most

- you guys don’t fight often at all

- but when you do fight, it’s loud, harsh and mean

- Shayne seems like he would have a temper

- not a big one, but after he’s angry, everything else would just be fuel to the fire

- he would say words he doesn’t mean and throw things

- you would have to leave so you didn’t do anything you would regret (i.e break up with him)

- once he heard the door shut, all of the anger would vanish and would be replaced with guilt

- i take Shayne as one of those guys who hates fighting with his whole being

- and fighting with the person he loves most would just tear him to pieces

- and knowing he said some shit that wasn’t needed and probably hurt you? he would probably be in less pain if he was stabbed

- he wouldn’t go after you, he knew that would just make it worse

- but he would stay up as long as it would take for you to come back

- when you did comeback he’s cry and hug and kiss you

- he’d do anything to make you happy; to make you forgive him

- you would, of course

- you could see how visibly upset and distraught he was over the fight

- so you forgave him

- he would still worry though

- he always worries over you

- you’re his baby, his love

- you mean the world to him and he would just want you happy

- you’re sick? welp, looks like you have to stay home a week with Shayne because he is sure as hell not letting you leave the house

- stressed? cuddles will happen as soon as possible to see you smile again

- bored? looks like you’re learning how to skateboard together

- Shayne would adore you

- he would be cheesy all the time

- would send you little texts during the day to remind you how much he loved you

- would make you breakfast before he went on his morning run

- would leave you little post it notes around the house when he is out of town

- would probably get a little jealous of how close you are with the other smosh members

- Shayne would do anything for you

- Shayne would be one of the best boyfriends ever honestly

- i’m not crying there’s just a tree in my eye

if you guys like this, please tell me! I’ll be sure to make more<3 


Mom- Zach Hyman

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Ok so this one took longer than planned, but I got it out in time! Yay! Not much plot but fluffy and funny! Hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of drinking and stupid plans

Anon Request: if requests are open & you have the time, can I get an imagine w/one of the maple leaf rookies? a fluffy one where the reader & whichever rookie you choose have a super cute/long term relationship and you’re kind of the mom friend of the rookie group because you’re used to taking care of people. sorry if this is vague/doesn’t make sense lol. I’m considered the mom friend of my friend group, which is great, it can just be a bit stressful b/c my friends are all dumb asses (that I love dearly haha)


              You put your hands over your eyes. You just couldn’t watch.

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Some humanstuck head canons
  • Kankri was banned from Debate Club in high school for interrupting other students with warnings about “triggers” and taking up literally the entire club period talking without ever getting to his point. 
  • Porrim taught Kanaya how to sew and make her own patterns for clothing. This ended in many shirts for Porrim (many didn’t fit at first, but Kanaya was a fast learner) in styles that her sister liked, and she wore them proudly. 
  • Meenah once cut her braids and donated them to Locks of Love; a few days later, Feferi followed her example and ended up crying over her lost mermaid hair. Luckily, it grew back before second grade started.
  • Latula wasn’t the only one who helped Mituna learn how to skateboard again after his accident; Kurloz would help him balance or catch him before he could hit the pavement.
  • Damara ran Anime Club until a teacher caught her writing unsavory phrases in Japanese on the board for the class to learn - all with incorrect English translations, of course. She still doesn’t regret it. Apparently, neither does Rufioh, since he never turned her in.
  • Despite Nepeta and Meulin’s obvious love for cats, they don’t just work with felines at the local no-kill shelter; they’ve made plenty of canine friends, as well. Nepeta even managed to convince their mother to adopt an old Cocker Spaniel that had taken a shine to her after being left in the shelter for years.
  • Equius didn’t have many friends before Nepeta; most of his interaction came from a horse named Sam (originally one that Horuss had taken from a shelter that gave up on him and thought he’d never run again; he’d proved them wrong over the course of three years). When he met Nepeta, she was sitting on the road by the fence, drawing the horses; and despite his apprehension when she struck up a conversation, it ended well enough. Equius had a beautiful sketch of his horse with a phone number written on the corner. 
  • Aradia would go to the beach with Feferi and look for sea glass when she wasn’t in the woods or digging for fossils - her favorite find was a deep red piece that she gave to Sollux for his birthday. 
  • Karkat moved to a new town and transferred into a new school his second year of middle school. He was worried about his genetic mutation - ocular albinism - until he met a dorky kid with heterochromia iridis named Sollux. Whether things went up or downhill from there depends on who you ask.
  • Terezi wasn’t born blind; her favorite thing to do before her sight was taken was to color the sidewalk up to her porch with every piece of chalk she had in her box. She didn’t give up, though; Dave helped her cave little symbols into the ends of the pieces, and sat with her as she learned them. He didn’t mind going home with chalk smeared on his hands (and sometimes his face).
  • Vriska had a pet tarantula named Peter Parker. Unfortunately, Peter Parker had the skills of Houdini, and got out of his enclosure one night and ended up in Aranea’s room, where he promptly made a home of her book bag. The next day, their mother got a very strange call from a very concerned principal about a tarantula found crawling up her eldest daughter’s back. 
  • Gamzee and Tavros have movie days every weekend, and they always start with a Disney movie; it’s supposed to be random, one person picking with their eyes closed, but Gamzee always peeks and pulls Peter Pan off of the shelf. Tav hasn’t caught on yet. 
  • Eridan’s first scarf, a little blue shark-printed piece of fabric, was actually a Christmas present from Cronus. The present Cronus received in return was a box of Eridan’s favorite seashells. 

Rex: I never actually got to hear your laugh before, it’s actually kind of cute.
Alright so like- rex and maddy were hanging out talking and maddy says she never went out to have fun in the park

So then rex had an idea to spend time on teaching her how to ride a skateboard.

When madison finally learns at the park, she starts to enjoy it.

Madison never had this much fun in a long time and had a weird feeling

Then she bumps into rex and they fall down like a bunch of dorks and madison starts laughing, where it leads to this scene. (Sorry for making this long aaa)


soeey i took a while to answer but i wanted to draw something back jhdgakfhd

My “things to do” on summer holiday.

- Get a tan.

- Get a hella tattoo.

- Say yes for a whole day.

- Leave a note on somebody’s car window.

- Have a big sleepover.

- Buy a pair of converse.

-  Have a water balloon fight.

- Go by a different name for a day.

- Be hippy for a day.

- Watch sunrise and sunset.

- Maybe get a boyfriend.

- Learn how to skateboard.

- Go on a thrift store shopping spree with friends.

- Hold a “free hugs” sign in public.

- Make an inspiration wall.

- Write a song and sing it in public.

- Get a piercing.

- Talk to a stranger.

- Reach 2K on Instagram.

- 24 without any electronics.

- Destroy a watermelon with your friends.

- Have a paint fight wearing all white.

- Fry an egg on the road.

- Create a quote book.

- Play messy Twister.

- Buy flowers an give it to a stranger.

- Burn old schoolwork.

- Maybe get fit (?)

- Kiss someone.

- Make a blanket fort and sleep in it ( maybe do it in your backyard? idk, just be original ).

- Get a pennyboard.

- Wear pajamas in public.

- Go to as many concerts as you can.

- Take a photo every day.

- Go to a record shop.

- Go to the zoo.

- Go to a fair or carnival.

- Buy a cute little fish.

- Go bowling.

- Make Vlogs.

- Jump into a pool fully clothed.

- Ikea adventure with friends.

- Make a summer movie.

- Make pinterest recipes.

- Get on a roller coaster.

- Go to the amusement park.

- Start a wish tree.

- Make a bonfire party.

- Make a selfie album.

- Fly a kite ( I’ve never done that )

- Make a bonfire party.

- Crave names in a tree.

- Make a lemonade stand.

- Buy a disposable camera.

- Play catch with eggs.

- Leave notes in books on a book shop.

- Get a construction cone ( I think it’s gonna be fun ).

- Make a Instagram account and take photos of everything that you do this summer.

- Have a lot of fun.

Jaime Reyes teaching his S/O how to Skateboard Headcanons

> It started with you complementing his skating skills and generally just admiring him for it. Then he asked if you knew how to do it - if not he’d teach you.

> So in favour of spending more time with your boyfriend and learning how to skateboard - you agreed. That afternoon, Jaime went to grab his board and flew you to this old skatepark he knows since it’s always empty, this way you wouldn’t have people watching you to put you off. Jaime is thoughtful that way.

> Firstly you just had to get your balance on the skateboard, seemed easy enough once you’d loosened your death grip on your boyfriend’s shoulders that is.
“Jaime I’m going to die!”
“(Y/n), you’re not gonna die.”

> Scarab mutters something only audible to your boyfriend about a 0.00032% chance of you falling in a peculiar way that could inadvertently lead to your death. Jaime sighs, sending a glare to this pebble before kicking out of the way.
“What was that for?”
“I just decreased your chances of dying according to Scarab.”
“Ah - okay then…”

> Put his hands on your waist to help with balance and everything so you got the hang of it without falling off of the board whilst he told you where to manoeuvre your body weight to turn.

> Scarab is very useful and has an endless list of statistics that make for the perfect skateboarder.
“Scarab I’m trying but it’s harder than it looks!”
“(Y/n), I know what Scarab said but you’re not going to get a weight distribution of exactly 64% to the right - even I can’t do that every single time I turn.”
“Do not dissuade them Jaime Reyes, they’re balance and skill are gradually increasing.”
“Alright, alright - Scarab said you’re doing good (y/n)!”

> Probably fell a couple of times because mastering a new skill is not easy. It really hurts when you fall on your butt so you just lay down with a sigh, Jaime is over you in seconds asking if you’re alright whilst brushing some stray strands out your face.

> Jaime being really supportive and helpful, plus you can have a lot of fun with him.

> That boy is liable to slip into Spanish when you get it right and he’s super hyped about it, like he will kiss you if you complete that ramp.

> Ended up falling on your boyfriend when you lost control of the board, you moved so you were straddling him and decided to kiss him while you were there.
“You’re a pretty good teacher Mr Reyes.”
“And you’re a wonderful kisser (l/n).”
He blushes after he realises what he’s just said.

> By the time you’re done, you’re both sitting against the wall with your fingers entwined watching the sunset.
“You up for something to eat?”
“Ah, you read my mind cariño. I’m paying since you did a great job today.”
“Aw thanks Blue, we can go wherever you like then.”

> May or may not buy you a new skateboard so you can practice together if you actually enjoyed skateboarding.

> When/if you become a pro skateboarder, you’d both go together and trade board tricks. Jaime’ friends that do skate are kinda jealous over the bond you two have and the fact Jaime actually got his gorgeous s/o into skateboarding.

Alrighty but ya know how Adrien has a skate ramp, basketball court, zipline, dance machine, etc. in his room? What if those all were installed because he kept making excused to try and go outside. like “Father, I would like to learn how to skateboard”, boom skate ramp and board, roll away son. “Father, wouldn’t it be great to go ziplining for vacation?”, here ya go son your very on zipline in your huge room, i also put in a rock climbling wall so it’s more of an adventure. and hell the media library, “Father can I go to the library i wanna read the classics” no son the library comes to you

☼ Summer Bucket List ☼

1. No Facebook for two weeks. 
2. Make a time capsule with friends.
3. Send a message in a bottle.
4. Go on a road trip with friends.
5. Write notes and release them in the air with balloons.
6. Shaving cream fight with friends.
7. Leave a note on somebody’s car window.
8. Go paintballing with friends.
9. Dance with a complete stranger.
10. Roast marshmallows with friends.
11. Say yes for a whole day.
12. Go to a drive in theatre with friends.
13. Go to a concert with friends.
14. Finish writing a story.
15. Have a big sleepover with friends.
16. Ride a Ferris wheel.
17. Go up a down escalator or down an up escalator.
18. Get a tan tattoo.
19. Go swimming at night with friends.
20. Doodle on a pair of white shoes.
21. Have a lemonade stand and donate the money to a charity.
22. Make a friendship bracelet for all of my friends.
23. Attempt to hold my breath for one minute underwater.
24. Buy a new pair of Converse.
25. Go camping in my backyard with friends.
26. Have awesome water balloon fight.
27. Be a hippy for a day.
28. Place flowers on random people’s doorsteps.
29. Go by a different name for a day.
30. Make a glitter glow jar.
31. Have a real picnic with friends.
32. Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
33. Photo bomb a stranger.
34. Lose a few pounds.
35. Have a silly string fight with friends.
36. Paint my nails different every week.
37. Have a huge water balloon fight with friends.
38. Go trick or treating to confuse people with friends.
39. Cook an egg on the sidewalk.
40. Play hide and seek at IKEA with friends.
41. Build an awesome sand castle with friends.
42. Watch the sunrise/sunset with friends.
43. Camp in my backyard with my friends.
44. Make a summer scrapbook.
45. Go to a carnival with friends.
46. Have a pool party with a kiddie pool.
47. Chase the ice cream truck.
48. Put grapes in the sun and see if they turn into raisins.
49. Go coning with friends.
50. Finish the writing challenge.
51. Go to a midnight premiere with friends.
52. Play laser tag with friends.
53. Learn how to skateboard.
54. Go on a thrift store shopping spree with friends..
55. Melt crayons on a canvas.
56. Make a new friend.
57. Make a wall of inspiration.
58. Sleep under the stars with friends.
59. Flashlight tag with friends.
60. Earn some money.
61. Tie dye stuff with friends.
62. Play dry, dry, wet with friends.
63. Pie someone in the face.
64. Spend a day doing anything you want by yourself.
65. Hold a “free hugs” sign in public with friends.
66. Write a song and sing it in public.
67. Mentos and coke with friends.
68. Buy tons of disposable cameras, print all the pictures, and decorate my room with them.
69. Have a nature day in the forest with friends.
70. Go to the beach at night with friends.
71. Destroy a watermelon with friends.
72. Play chubby bunny with friends.
73. Get a new piercing.
74. Go on an adventure with friends.
75. Fill a wall in my room with note cards that have my favorite quotes on them.
76. Walk around until I get lost with friends.
77. Bake a bunch of treats with friends.
78. Meet someone semi-famous.

79. Have a paint fight wearing all white with friends.
80. Carve my name/initials in to a tree.
81. Make a big mural painting with friends.
82. Talk to a stranger.
83. Tell everyone you meet you love them for an entire day.
84. Go somewhere new.
85. Write messages on note cards. Stick the note cards in balloons and blow them up. Hang the balloons on friends/neighbors porches. When they pop the balloon they read the secret message.
86. Finish ‘Wreck This Journal’.
87. Have an overnight movie marathon with friends.
88. Superglue a quarter to the ground.
89. Go on a nature walk.
90. Try the invisible rope prank.
91. Duct tape a friend to a pole and watch them escape, or not.
92. Go an entire week without technology.
93. Cover a car in sticky notes.
94. Try something you have never eaten before.
95. Create a quote book with quotes you love.
96. Play messy Twister.
97. Make a short film with your friends.
98. Spend the whole day speaking with an accent.
99. Travel out of state with friends.
100. Fill an empty mayo jar with vanilla pudding and eat it in public.
101. Walk into a crowded elevator and say “I am sure you are wondering why I gathered you all here today”
102. Buy a Penny Board.
103. Make a video completing each of the challenges.
104. Have an awesome summer.

Things Eleven teaches Mike:

How to scramble eggs: She learns from Jonathan and decides to teach Mike after he tries (and fails) to make her breakfast one Saturday morning. Because, let’s be real, Mike has only ever done two kitchen-related tasks well: made a volcano with baking soda and toasted waffles.

How to skateboard: She learns this from Max and passes on the knowledge to Mike as repayment for helping her learn to ride a bike. She tries (and fails) to hide the fact that she’s using her powers to help Mike keep his balance. When he does fall, she’s there to help him get back up. 

The scientific names of birds: El is immensely interested in birds and Mr. Clarke, being the awesome tutor that he is, assigns her a special project on birds that combines science, reading, and a short presentation. While Mike helps her put together the poster, she rattles off several interesting facts about the (terrifying) winged creatures, listening happily all the while and, before he realizes it, agreeing to go birdwatching with El next spring.

How to dance: When the Snow Ball rolls around in 1984, Mike tries to work up the courage to ask El to be his date. When he finally gathers the nerve, El looks at him flatly and explains that of course they’re going together; they made a promise. She then proceeds to ask if he actually knows how to dance, a question he must answer with a shamefaced no. Having learned from Nancy, El teaches Mike the basics of swaying and where to hold your partner. It’s a lesson that Mike will, with red cheeks, pass on to his curious and eager friends.

How to change a tire: El learns this skill from Hopper when she’s sixteen; it’s one he insists on teaching her even though she has no plans to learn to drive soon. It comes in handy a year later when she and Mike are on their way home from a movie and he gets a flat. El’s a good teacher and she even uses her power to lift the car for Mike, saving a bit of time so she can make curfew and not get grounded. 

How to braid hair: This is a lesson for the future—for when El and Mike’s four year old daughter decides she wants her father to braid her hair for picture day.