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for a prompt request: single mom katniss takes her infant daughter to college because her babysitter cancels , and her classmate Peeta helps take care of the kid so K can concentrate. .

So this took me a loooong time, and I’m sorry for that, @mellarkablegirl. I had some trouble with this prompt because it’s a little out of my comfort zone and I tweaked it a little bit. I hope that’s okay and that it’s worth the wait.

A HUGE thank you to @papofglencoe for the quick beta work and encouragement!!<3


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Seventeen React to: Changing their baby's diaper.

mymisstina requested: Can I ask a Seventeen reaction to them have to change their babies diapers? please 😊

:) Here is your Seventeen reaction! I hope you enjoy it, feel free to request again if you’d like. Here we go - A 


He would need assistance because he’s still not the best with changing the baby’s diaper just yet. Jaehyuk is only a month old and Chan hasn’t had much experience with the whole changing thing so he’d probably ask for help after getting frustrated with fighting with a diaper for ten minutes. Would be very embarrassed after watching his wife put the diaper on the baby with a laugh.

“What am I supposed to with you? You always laugh. I’m learning.” He pouts

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“How many times can you pee in an hour?” he laughs softly at his daughter.
After changing her diaper for what felt like the eighty ninth time, he’d tickle her belly and play with her until she peed again. Then he’d hand her to his wife and raise his eyebrows
“Our daughter is leaking and it’s your turn to change her.”

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“Uhhhh.. How do I- he’s peeing on me HELP?!”

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Is a pro and would get his daughter in a clean diaper and some clothes. But with his luck she’d use the bathroom right when he put her down with her toys.
Would huff and look at his wife.
“She’s as stubborn as you are. You get this one.”

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“I think I need to call and apologize to my mama for doubting how hard it is to change a baby boy’s diaper. First I need a shower and change of clothes. Take this devil.”
Would laugh but is a bit grossed out because he got peed on by little Junior

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“I love you but if you keep stinking like this you need to change your own diapers little one. Either that or mommy is on diaper duty at all times.”  

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“I didn’t sign up for this.. Why are you being mean to me? I’m trYING TO HELP YOU.”

Is frustrated because his son is fighting with him about wearing a diaper. 

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Would have to duct tape the diaper shut because his daughter has a habit of ripping her diaper off and running around naked.
“Now you can go play. If you come back naked we’re going to have problems.”

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Much like Chan; Is a new dad and needs help changing the baby’s diaper.
“Well it’s much less complicated than I thought. Hey, stop laughing at me, she’s little and I’m scared to touch her.”

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After changing Seokyoung’s diaper, has to do it again like immediately.
“I swear if you aren’t my child..”

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“Okay. You peed in my face last time. If you do it again expect a war little boy.”
Changes his diaper successfully and tickles his belly
“Good job.”

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Would read to his daughter as he changed her diaper because it’s her nap time but she peed and couldn’t sleep until she had on a dry diaper

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“Stop kicking me. I thought you loved me, what is this? I give you a clean rump and you give me bruises.” 

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I literally think this acquaintance of mine’s kid is going to grow up to hate her because she WAY overexposes the kid on social media. She put pictures of her bloody delivery on Facebook. She has a custom hashtag on Instagram for pictures of her kid with over 200 photos from her birth to now at about two years old. And just now she put up a picture of the kid naked on the potty seat to talk about how she finally learned to “pee pee in the potty!” Like my parents might have a few compromising photos of me and I know that instant access to a camera wasn’t like it is now when I was growing up, but I still think there is such a thing as too much.

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hi, can I bother you with some cat questions? I'm planing on adopting two. How often do you change their sand box? do they share one? what do you do to control the "hair everywhere"? how did they learn not to pee or poo everywhere? what sort of toys should they have? having two cats, does gender matter or they get alone just fine no matter what?

I scoop every other/every day and change the whole litter once a month. I get this nice long lasting kind called world best at target. My cats are sisters so they get along brilliantly. If you adopt two, it’s nice to get siblings or cats who know each other. Mine like pom poms and empty boxes.

Cats kind of litter train themselves. They prefer to poop and pee in the box. They usually learn from their mother at their foster family. So mine came litter trained.


NEW VLOG IS UP! Today Nandini sings for us, I learn how to pee and eat at the same time, and I FINALLY watch the season finale of Game Of Thrones. Also, a crow BASICALLY attacks us. Enjoy xo

Restless Nights

A/N: I’ve not had the best day so this isn’t my best writing..hope everyone still enjoys this x

You hopped under the covers with Dan, both of you exhausted from the long day you’d had. Contently you rested your head on his Dan’s chest. His fingers gently worked through your hair, relaxing you instantly. 

‘’Do you think he’s asleep?’’ Dan asked, bags under his eyes.

You nodded. ‘’We should get some sleep while we can,’’

Y/S/N had hit the ‘’terrible twos’’ and needless to say it was a hard time for both of you; he was your first and only child so you were still learning how to cope with the tantrums and occasional peeing in the hallway. 

Just as you began to drift off, you heard your bedroom door creak open slightly. 

‘’Da,’’ He said, running over to the bed. His face was tear streaked, he clung on to his teddy bear like his life depended on it. 

‘’What’s wrong?’’ You both asked, picking him up and placing him in the middle of the bed.

He rubbed his eyes and sniffled. 

‘’Was it a bad dream?’’ Dan asked, covering Y/S/N with his favourite Winnie the Pooh blanket for comfort.

He nodded and clung on to you, his eyes red from crying.

‘’It’s okay, you can stay in here tonight,’’ You said, kissing his forehead.

Dan covered you all with the duvet. ‘’Love you,’’ Dan said, kissing you both goodnight.

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My corgi always manages to pee on his little stubby feet every time we go for a walk. Does Otis do that? I don't know how to get him to stop peeing on himself.

Otis recently learned how to lift his rear stumps to more accurately claim bushes for Wales. He hasn’t had any trouble peeing on his feet, though he has fallen over when he lifted his leg with too much enthusiasm. 

I’m not really sure what advice I can give. Perhaps someone can leave a tip or link in the comments. Maybe you can get him little rain boots like this piggy has. 

Here are some other comments from here regarding the bathroom issue.

Man who thinks women need his advice on potty training:

“Here’s another suggestion, ladies. Start heading to the bathroom when you first feel the urge and not after you finish the next mimosa. Go to the bathroom alone. Tell your friends the party doesn’t have to move to the stall with you.”

Man who thinks women need his advice on peeing, drinking, and maintaining a girlish figure:

“Learn to hold it Tricia, or consume less alcohol. Your liver will thank you, as well as your thighs.”

Man who thinks that women should be charged for having EXTRA needs, since apparently male needs are the de facto norm:

“Then we should charge women more for the construction of said bathroom factilities. Instead a Surtax we can have a Ma’amtax.”

Man who somehow got the idea that women have a vindictive desire to inconvenience men instead of just wanting equal access to a toilet (because anytime a woman wants something, it’s got to be about men):

“Please. Its because men use urinals and it takes far less time. Lets remove urinals and make a law that men must sit when they pee, then the both lines will be just as long as women will be happy. Amazing how you still want men to hod open doors for women but the sheer audacity that men can piss and get out of a bathroom in half the time must be stopped”

Man who thinks women are using the restroom to transform themselves into “parade floats”:

“The bathroom is a place to go and empty your bladder and bowels, and wash your hands. If women want to use bathrooms as a place to build themselves into parade floats, there are going to be lines. Perhaps women need a separate preening room.”

Man who wants to know—have women ever tried just not having the problem?:

ok so what’s the solution? Why hasn’t a woman figured out a better method yet? I’m making fun of course…but men have our bathroom issues sorted out and have for decades.

Man who thinks the solution is to simply become a real estate mogul/senator (why didn’t we think of that??? BRB, winning lottery/getting elected), also seemingly did not notice the public horde of men who very adamantly insist that women do not actually need adequate facilities:

“Then go buy some buildings or get elected office and add some more bathrooms. Its not as if anyones stopping women from doing these things. Theres not some secret group of men plotting against women having more bathrooms.”

Man who thinks that women should have to learn to pee differently, meanwhile men just can’t help it:

“Roll them sleeves up and get to work ladies or learn how to pee standing. we can’t help our biology.”

This is shyla aka baby who had a terrible heat stroke almost 3 years ago. We aren’t sure what happened but she had to learn how eat and drink all over again. She uses pee pads near the litter box and has regained most of her sight. She can jump up on the bed and has become a spoiled housecat. She enjoys sitting in front of the french door watching birds and boosting through the house. She has come a long way! (submitted by tracy)