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Make an imagine where Eric starts dating a Hispanic girl. He ends up enjoying it more then he thought he would, and is turned on when she starts speaking Spanish. <3

Yess! I’m Hispanic also and this is one of my favorite imagines ;) I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry if this sucked :(

You and your boyfriend Eric were hanging out after school at his place. You and Eric went out for three months and to be honest, he like it that you were Hispanic but he had a difficult time understanding the words in Spanish and how to speak Spanish. He didn’t mind it. He liked and enjoyed your culture.

Today you guys just did homework over at his place. His parents would be home in a few hours due to work so that left you and Eric by yourself in his house. Normally you guys would just cuddle on the couch, or watch tv and make out at the same time. But some days, you guys would either study together for a big that y’all had in class or do homework and help each other out.

‘’What does this word mean y/n?’’ Eric asked you as he pointed to a Spanish word that he didn’t know.

You and Eric had Spanish homework. You guys had foreign language class together and usually some days, you guys would learn Spanish, German, or French. Today they just handled out Spanish homework and it was easy for you because you knew how to speak Spanish from your heart ever since your parents taught you when you were a baby.

But not Eric.

‘’It means what’s up? Qué pasa? It means what’s up?’’ You softly giggle at him as Eric got a little frustrated his homework.

‘’There! Only two more to go and.. thanks to you, I’m about to be finished‘’ Eric kissed you on the cheek. You smiled and starting blushing.

‘’No problem honey’’ You smiled at him and helped him finish the rest of his homework. You were already finished before he did.  

After he was done with his homework, Eric got interested whenever you told him stories about your culture on what you did such as the holidays, the food, the games, and parties also.

You could tell he enjoyed it more than he did whenever you two started dating. You also could tell that he was like ‘’It isn’t that bad as I thought it would be’’.

‘’You should teach me a little Spanish’’ Eric suddenly stopped you from speaking as you were telling him a bit about what your family did for the Christmas holiday. He was biting his lip as he looked at you.

‘’Um sure..’’ You said, wondering why did  Eric ask you that question. He never asked you to teach him how to speak Spanish and this is the first time he asked you.

‘’What do you wanna learn?’’ You asked him.

‘’Let’s see… hmm… Oh yeah, I got it… How do you say daddy in Spanish?’’ Eric said with a smirk on his face appeared.

‘’Oh it’s Papi, daddy is ‘’Papi’ ’in Spanish’’ You said and then slowly stopped as you noticed that Eric was turning bright red as he bit his lip. You got the message and smirk at him in an innocent way.

‘’Tú eres tan sexy’’ (you are so sexy) You said with a grin and crawled near Eric.

‘’Yo quiero darte un beso bajo te la estrellas’’ ( I wanna give you a kiss under the stars). You said. Eric started licking his lips.

You could see the bulge in his pants as your Spanish seduced him.

You got near his ear and slowly pulling on his earlobe with your teeth as your fingers went through his hair. You could feel his breathing getting heavier.

‘’Tu eres tan guapo’’ (You are so hot)’’ You whispered in his ear.

That did it for Eric. He turned to face you and started kissing you passionately and grabbing your hair gently.

‘’Damn you are so fucking sexy when you speak Spanish to me like that, you always turn me on every time you speak Spanish, I knew half of the words you said to me, but damn baby you turn me on so good’’ He growled in your ear and then continue on kissing you roughly, picking you up and putting you down on the couch with him on top of you.

Let’s just say that you were glad that you knew what his weakness and turn-ons were ;) and you also were glad that you two had a little ‘’fun’’ on his couch.

My Flower


For: Blacky

Blacky, I want you to know that you’re my light in the darkness. I never thought that I would find love, that I’d be alone for all of eternity but here you are.

My beautiful mouse. Talented, elegant and wise beyond your years. I’m so glad that I met you, I’m so glad that I have you in my life. You make this empty life so much more meaningful.

Thank you. So much. For everything! I don’t know what I’d do without you. Blacky…

Ich liebe dich meine Blume. ❤️❤️

From: Metalionette.

(I learned some German today, yay!!)


Easy German 26 - What are you doing today?

“Learn German with Easy German: Manuel talks with people in Münster (Northwestern Germany) about their plans for the day.”

Story Time!

So yesterday in my English class, on our worksheet, we had to underline what needed to be in Italics. One line was: “Auf Wiedersehen is a phrase we learned in German I today.” Someone was called on to show everyone what needed to be Italicized, and they said “That German phrase there” to which my teacher responded, (I’ll try to spell out how she made it sound) “Do you mean Oof Why-der-see-hen?” And I quietly said the proper pronunciation, and she asked me what it meant, and I’m telling her it means goodbye while I’m about to cry because of George DeValier. And that’s the story of how I almost started bawling in English.


“I’m back, Ryuko”

“Welcome home sis!”

Satsuki visiting Ryuko in Kanagawa.

Ryuko is always happy when her sister drops by. Mrs Mankanshoku welcomes her too and would always make an extra portion of her Mystery Croquettes (Satsuki loves them, the first time we saw Satsuki being truly happy was when she ate the croquettes in episode 22, and like Ryuko she sincerely enjoys family dinners since she never had them). Then they talk all night about their current lives, about the past, about the future, anything really. And though Satsuki would never admit it, she’s really missing Ryuko but is too shy to ask her to live with her. But after Ryuko graduates from High School she finally musters the courage to ask her to move into her mansion (which is actually Ryuko’s mansion because they built it on the plot where the burned down Matoi Manor stood as she teared down Kiryuin Manor right after Honnouji Town was destroyed, burning the painful memories along with it). She asks Mako to move in with them too but she refuses, knowing that the sisters deserve having some private time together to bond. Now they are both studying at Tokyo University (along with Houka, Shiro and Nonon), Satsuki is majoring in politics and environmental studies and Ryuko is aiming to be a elementary school teacher. Mako is helping her Dad in his little hospital, Ira would often visit and help her. Uzu is still trying to beat Satsuki at Kendo (impossible task) and occasionally gives Ryuko Kendo lessons, refusing to fight her seriously until she learns how to properly behave in a Kendo match (Ryuko isn’t too happy about that, because who the hell needs rules in a fight?). Once every two months they would all come together and celebrate, forgetting studies and work, just enjoying themselves. Life couldn’t be better and they all earned it.