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i had another one of those weird dreams last night. the ones where in the dream i Knew what i had to do to get out of the situation bc i had watched a movie or had a dream abt it before but then things went wrong and shit didnt go as planned

dubiously helpful ao3 statistics

I was chatting about my #goalficlength today with a friend and I started to wonder if there was anything to be learned from doing a little data analysis of the “Top 100″ zimbits fics on ao3. I don’t know if any of this is helpful, but regardless *throws information into the void*

Some notes: I only collected data for the Top 100 fics determined by kudos count that were tagged as “Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann”. I did not do any content analysis or judgment calls for them, so a couple of non-primary zimbits fics snuck in, but I’m sure the data is not that much compromised. ;-) I originally started out collecting comment counts as well, but quickly surmised through very scientific gut feeling that that metric would be fairly useless since the number was all over the place for first 20 or so fics, so I threw it out.

Anyways, here we go:

The vast majority of the Top 100 fics were under 10k words, with 39 being under 5k words and another 27 being from 5k-10k. That accounts for 66 of our Top 100! As you can see, the distribution gets much smaller after that, with another 15 fics in the 10k-20k range and 11 in the 20k-50k range. Finally, we have a handful of long fics: 5 come in at the 50k-75k range and then we have 3 all-star fics that have over 75k!

The shortest fic in the Top 100 Fics comes in at #84 with 1098 words: It’s not in the way you say you’re mine by caughtinanocean

The longest fic in the Top 100  Fics comes in at #4 with 285,748 words: Something Like This by emmagrant01

(side note: did you know that The Fellowship of the Ring only has 187,790 words?!)

Here’s an unsurprising distribution: Fics rated Explicit and Mature combine to account for 41 fics of the Top 100 fics. Fics rated Teen actually make up the biggest chunk of the pie, though at 34 fics alone. There are another 20 fics rated G and 5 fics that are Not Rated.

I had to fiddle with this scatterplot in order to make it work visually, so our 3 “outliers” that are over 75k words are not represented here. This chart simply shows the distribution of kudos as related to length of work. You can see how the majority of those fics under 10k cluster right around 1500 kudos, while longer fics obviously tend to have more kudos.

In case you were wondering what zimbits fic claimed the #1 spot, it’s Phone, Please! by twentysomething with 4,568 kudos! (holy cow! I guess it pays to be recommended by the creator herself!)

Okay…what did we learn, class?


The Obamas unveil the 2016 White House holiday decorations

President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and their daughter Sasha light the 2016 National Christmas Tree during the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at the Ellipse near the White House in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016.

First lady Michelle Obama previewed this year’s holiday decorations in Washington on Tuesday, Nov., 29. “The Gift of the Holidays” is the theme, as the Obamas prepare for their final Christmas celebration in the White House. Ornaments on display spell out the word “girls” in 12 different languages, paying homage to Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn initiative. (Getty/AP)

Photos: (from top) Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP, Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, Andrew Harnik/AP, Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, Alex Wong/Getty Images

See more images of the 2016 White House holiday decorations on Yahoo News

i was gonna wait to post all 4 at the same time but fuck it its taking me 5ever to finish so here’s the first one (kobra kid’s next) 

party poison inspired by @transboykobrakid‘s killjoy moodboards go check them out they’re super cool 


Kobra | Ghoul | Jet


If I have learned anything from being sick, its that everything happens for a reason. It took me a very long time to accept, but sometimes it takes darkness to see who’s truly ride or die. When I needed support, my community rose to the occasion, and vice versa. Its moments like these, that make me proud to be trans. This isn’t an easy lifestyle and it can be quite lonely at times, but the support from a fellow community member can make the world of difference. When I was at my lowest, these guys got me through. Maybe its just me, but these pictures speak volumes about love, trust, friendship and brotherhood. When I have my own practice one day, I can only hope to fill the walls with pictures like these–pictures of our community working together to help each other reach our dreams. 

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Do you have any tips or advice for anyone that is interested in making Gifs? p.s your gifs are amazing ah I love them so much :)

hey there, thank you so much for all the love and of course i can give you some tips. here are a few from the top of my head:

  1. learn via tutorials - honestly i wish i had as there are so many tutorials these days about almost every technique and style needed to make gifs. they also explain in detail everything you need to make a gif. you can find my tutorial on how to gif here and other tutorials here.
  2. sizing is important - make sure you use the tumblr dimensions (either the old dimensions or the new dimensions work fine) otherwise your gifs will not fit onto tumblr.
  3. colouring a gif is just as important. there are two ways of doing this either creating your own colouring (this is more for people who have been making gifs for a longer time) or by using a pre-made psd where someone has already created colouring layers for you. 
  4. blogs like @itsphotoshop and @yeahps are the bread and butter to gif making, they have tutorials, psds and all the other resources you may need to make a gif. they are also really helpful if you are having any problems with making a gif.
  5. practice makes perfect. if i were to show you the first ever gif i made, let’s just say it is barely even a gif haha. but the more time and effort you spend on photoshop, the more skills you learn and you begin to create your own style while doing so. my gifs are so different to the first ones i posted on this blog and i still continue to learn more about making gifs everyday.
  6. please feel free to ask a gif maker if you have any questions. we all started in the same place and most are happy to help and provide advice to people starting out so please feel welcome to ask me or any other gif maker any questions or problems you are having.

this is all i can think of from the top of my head, but i hope i was able to help and please let me know if you have any questions. i’m wishing you all the best for your gif making and i hope you’re having a lovely!

❝ Laura Roslin taught me a great deal about the trade-off that occurs, the constant negotiation between heart and mind that occurs in a woman when operating at the top of the male power structure. Playing this female president gave me a deep curiosity and profound visceral experience of smart capable women who choose to step into the top job. ❞
 ↳ Mary McDonnell, on what she learned from playing Laura Roslin


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I want to know what you think it would be like for Zelda or any hylian woman for the matter to spend a few months in the gerudo town. They do let all women in and it's a shame we don't get to see more of that in game.

….While technically the askbox is still closed, this isn’t either a scenario or headcanon… Alright, what the hell, I’ll let this one slide. BUT none others like this, I need to focus on finishing ya’ll scenario requests sweetie!

I think it would be a very rewarding experience. I don’t know how many people I speak for, but personally, whenever I’m surrounded by all just girls, I immediately feel more relaxed. besides that, staying in Gerudo Town would be rewarding in the cultural exchange sense- while it is a city of mostly Gerudo, there are women from all other races staying there too, so a woman from one background would be able to learn about many. 

On top of that, most of the Gerudo seem really nice/open minded, so it seems like any woman who is at the very least polite and respectful can and will make good friends there. 

They would however have to adjust to the weather, which is something that isn’t easy to do, especially in a desert. 

shiro being able to sing is one of my favorite headcanons (which makes sense considering his VA) but like….imagine him being on that galra ship, in a cell all by himself after fighting as a gladiator or after haggar experimenting on him, the darkness and despair closing in on him and he fills the silence with songs from back home (which range from top 40 to traditional japanese songs he learned as a kid depending on just how lost and alone he feels)

or imagine that shiro and matt did manage to stay together despite all odds and there are nights (or what they assume to be nights) when matt can’t sleep because he’s so scared and he misses his family, or he has nightmares, and all shiro can do is hold him in his arms and sing to him, hoping that he can provide at least a little comfort in this terrible, terrible place

or if sheith is more your speed, imagine keith holding onto the memory of shiro’s voice, imagine him holding onto the memory of the two of them sneaking out waaaaaay past curfew for keith, and shiro pulls out the guitar strapped to his back and the two spend hours under the stars, singing, dancing, laughing, because shiro is leaving soon and he wanted to spend his last night on earth with keith. he promises that he’ll be back and keith says that he knows. but then keith hears the news and what was once simply a fun night became a treasured, if not painful and bittersweet, memory, one that gets him through those lonely nights in the desert

things the TOP students do

- they google everything - if you don’t understand a subject, don’t be afraid to google/search a step by step tutorial on youtube.

- they test themselves on everything - testing myself was a really great thing that i could’ve done. 

- they don’t highlight every little thing - highlighting anything = un-engaged reading. if you want to note something that stands out, underline and write a corresponding note to go along with it. or better yet, write yourself a note summarizing the item in your own words.

- they study in short bursts, not long marathons. - Studying in short bursts tends to help you focus intensely because you know there is at least a short break coming.

- they immediately study their exam mistakes - getting a bad grade on a test isn’t fun, so top students learn from their mistakes. 

- they make their own study guides - the best students don’t simply use the study guide the teacher provides, they create their own.

- they actually write on paper - writing out notes on a laptop is efficient. but it’s so easy to quickly type out exactly what the professor is saying, but in the teacher’s words. not in a way you might be able to understand it. 

- they ask questions - asking questions is what got me from an C- to an A-. i’ve been confused with the pythagorean theorem and i asked the math teachers, and they brought me in during study hall (enrichment) to help me understand. 

- they have their own social lives, too, you know - top students don’t spend all day in the library, contrary to what you might think, rather, they take the time to put their studies aside and do something which is fun and exciting!

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I just wanted to say you improved a lot like a lot this year!! What do you have to say that helped you improve this fast other than drawing everyday? also I wanted to know what program and brush setting do you use for line art and colouring? also can you ever make us a coloring tutorial please?

Holy crap you are the sweetest thing. I just sat here quietly squealing as I read your message~ So thank you!!

I think in the past I never quite knew how I wanted to actually draw.. like the techniques and I was constantly changing my mind on how I should paint until recently. I think I found an actual style that I’m happy with this year and since then I’ve been steadily improving. I’ve also found a lot of artists that inspire me and I’ve tried learning things from them. here’s a few off the top of my head: pigeon666, kelpls, kada-bura, sacetcendre, bwubwuartiguanamouth. Not to mention I’ve been scouring the world and internet for possible art references on architecture and lighting, among other things. It’s always good to use a reference and learn from nature.

Sometimes when I feel like i’m not really progressing I’ll think of something I can add and focus on. Right now I’m focusing on stuff like veins and more realistic eyes and fingernails… and like, light shining through ears. Also I think that drawing what you want to draw is really important. I decided a while back that I wont draw anything unless I actually want to draw it and just have a good feeling about it. And while I do draw almost everyday, I think it is also good to take a break every once in awhile. Play some video games for a few days or go on nature walks or play an instrument or even just take a break from digital drawing and do a few watercolors or sketches or something. Just let your mind rest and do something different for a bit. Get inspiration flowing through your body before you pick up a pencil. I think that’s good.

For the program I use Paint Tool Sai and for the brush settings i’ll do a smol tutorial with a drawing of my smol son  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I start off with a softer brush to do the sketch.

do a quick outline, doesn’t need to be perfect cause I’ll paint over it eventually. I mainly use it for a guide

do base colors on separate layers with a solid brush. I usually lower the opacity on the sketch and outline layers at this point.

do some quick shadows and lighting with an airbrush tool. I like to do the lighting on luminosity

block out some colors and add depth. I like to use colors and not just a ‘lighter and darker’ version of the base color. I usually use purple for shadows and lots of reds and oranges for light.

paint and blend. I lowered the opacity on the outline and sketch layers again so you can barely see them. I also outlined around his eyes with the outline pen.

I got rid of the outline and sketch layers entirely here after I decided I was done painting. I use that water color brush a lot. It’s probably my favorite.

And for the last step I just did a small outline around the places I thought needed it. <3

Thank you for asking!! I think I’ll start posting more progress pictures and maybe tutorials in the future just so ya know!

*Smooches you and then flies into the darkness*

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I just did a quick YouTube research because I knew nothing about her and I just discovered that two on the songs I heard on the radio and that I liked a lot are hers! I'm so excited! I hope it's Louis!

Anonymous said: Her songs are so popular!!! She is always on top list on spotify playlists i learned her from there. It’s gonna be so good for louis!!!

i actually know two of her songs too, yay! her voice is bomb, she would sound amazing with louis!


Bangtan as Hogwarts Students – The Ravenclaw

Rap Monster: Pureblood. Ravenclaw House Prefect and one of the most brilliant modern Ravenclaws; the Sorting Hat took a minute to decide whether Namjoon should be a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw, before finally placing him in the latter, stating “Slytherin would be the obvious choice for you, yet the obvious choice isn’t necessarily the most beneficial. There’s much for you to learn from being a Ravenclaw.” Namjoon proved to be a top Potions student and easily took an affinity to Alchemy. Is also a fan of Defense Against the Dark Arts but he would like to be an Auror after graduation.

The Gryffindors - The Hufflepuffs - The Slytherins

Tony Robbins shares the simple financial advice he learned from working with the smartest financial people in the world

Unshakeable” author Tony Robbins shares advice he learned from interviewing the top minds in finance. Following is a transcript of the video.

I’ve got access to the smartest financial people in the world. What if I interviewed 50 of the smartest people, found out whether the average investor can still win or not?

I’ve been coaching a man named Paul Tudor Jones, one of the top 10 financial traders in the world for 24 years now. He’s extraordinary and I’ve learned so much from him.

How do I set myself up to win, even when I’m losing? First thing you got to do at the basic level is you need to have three months, six months for some people, 12 months for some people — you want to build to have enough emergency cash that if you lost your job, if you lost everything, if you went through a medical emergency, and so forth, you don’t have to worry that you’re going to fall off.

So the first thing is really start to build that emergency fund for people, I think, [it] is one of the most important things. It’s a simple thing. It’s not an easy thing because it’s hard to get yourself to just put money aside that’s not growing, but you need some that’s available to you for those situations.

Ray Dalio, who’s the most successful hedge fund manager in the world, he’s returned more money to investors than anybody in history. When I met him and talked with him he taught me something simple, he said, “Tony, people tend to invest in what they heard about, what they read about, or what their family did.”

But the problem is every single asset class that you love will have a day where it will it drops 50-70% in a day. If it’s later in life you have no time to make up for it so you have to diversify.

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