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Tbpd/hpdfw “I’m going to be super outgoing and loud in public to make people like me but then later feel like I was super annoying and regret it with the entirety of my being”

Interstellar medium - gas and dust that fill space. 

 "Do I have a thing? Am I just a waste of space?“ 

Inspired by Necessary by always_a_slut_for_ho which i read on my way home and lance w an experimented eye is getting to me 😭


-You let in the outsiders, with their sad eyes and wounded hearts. The orphaned, the abandoned. Let them in your home. Learn from them, yes but raise and love them. Offer them all the magic the whole world has to offer. Then they fuck you. Oaths? Meaningless. Love in their eyes, worthless. Heart they promise you will never be. - Marco Polo (2014-2016)


Random Moon Sign Facts

Aries Moon: finds it hard to be tied to one person for a long time but tries hard to be honest about this

Taurus Moon: have a certain quality of stillness and peace that others find soothing

Gemini Moon: likes to learn from home and explore topics of interest with friends and family more than strangers or classmates

Cancer Moon: possibly unknown to even their closest friends and family, they’re very romantic at their core

Leo Moon: hates to lose face and will always try to preserve their pride

Virgo Moon: high achievers; the kid that usually ends up tutoring everyone else 

Libra Moon: very eloquent and good at saying the right thing at the right time

Scorpio Moon: they have innate sex appeal regardless of what they look like

Sagittarius Moon: amazing sense of humor

Capricorn Moon: tend to have very good bone structure 

Aquarius Moon: growing up, they were probably somehow much different than everyone else

Pisces Moon: have a humanitarian spirit that manages to connect with just about everybody

Shots Fired and Hidden Secrets [Part 1]

For @chatnoirisnotaravenclaw!

Sorry, Marie! This has been delayed for so long now… feel free to virtually throw tomatoes at me.

The first time Nico had seen Will in such a state, it had been accidental and the situation was something none of them had ever expected. Sure, they’d anticipated a monster here and there to try and attack them while outside the camp’s protective barriers but none of them ever thought of actually being assaulted by a different kind of monsters.

They were being mugged by street criminals.

There were three of them in total, none actually looking like they can stand their guard on a real fight and are trying their best too look intimidating with how they hunch their bodies and try to ‘carry’ themselves. Not that, the Demigods are intimidated at all. Oh, please. They fought on wars, this is nothing in compare with what they’ve gone through.

Didn’t mean they’ll simply take things easy though. After all, a threat is still a threat no matter how small. After all, the criminals are carrying weapons of some sort including a gun. The one guy who carries it, pointed at them as if saying he’ll shoot if they as much move a muscle.

Nico isn’t impressed of course, if not he’s actually quite irritated. If it had been only him, he would have easily taken the guys out, gun or not but Will is with him and he won’t hesitate killing these people if they as much try and lay a finger on the other.

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Abuse is

honey sweeping into
crevices, sworming between
swollen joints of the hand
broken in seven places
from reaching out
to the wrong people.

Glides soft.  Warm.
Sticks in a way that makes
me feel longed for suddenly.  
Sticks in a way that feels
impossible to rid of.  Offer it
down a sore throat without
question to the breaking voice.  
Mix it thick, dripping, hard to
swallow, call it medicine, ‘Jesus
Christ why do you always overreact,’
call it 'you know you brought this on yourself.’
Pour it into a teddy bear
and romanticize it.  

She is five with dirt-clumped
palms in August heat when Ruben
with the chipped tooth calls her cute
before tripping her.  She is fourteen and
he is twenty-seven but he is soft-spoken
and he will always know better and he
is so patient with her.  She is twenty-one and
never learned home from household,
twenty-one with a self-blaming body,
twenty-one, but
she is trying to learn to drink her tea straight.

—  22, valentina thompson  (ig: x, yt: x)

also quick thing b4 i go back to studying for my finals: the only reason i got into voltron and the biggest reason (THIS PROBABLY TRANSCENDS EVERY OTHER GOOD THING ABT VOLTRON) i’m even still here is bc jeremy shada voices a character.


Jiwon will do everything for Jinhwan-hyung even if he’s tired…

Leonard visiting Vulcan during a ‘vacation’ because he wants to see how their medical personnel work

Coming back from his time off of the ship with a Vulcan cactus tucked safely under his arm and standing there with the biggest smile on his face

Jim asking him where he went for vacation and what he did, fully expecting something like 'camping’ to be the answer and his jaw dropping when Leonard says 'Vulcan’
Not leaving Leonard alone for HOURS cuz he needs to know why he would use his shore leave to go do learning/work. Especially when it involves even more space travel. Only being pulled away by duties as captain and promising Leonard he’ll be back to ask more questions while Leonard rolls his eyes and flees.

Jim going on the bridge the next morning after some sleep and seeing A familure Vulcan cactus on Spock’s work station that Spock is currently trying to ignore but keeps looking at with a raised eyebrow.

He has even more questions for Leonard now, but he’ll save them. He can tell Spock has a few questions of his own, and they’re probably more important.

His hunch proves to be true when Leonard walks onto the bridge and makes a beeline for Spock instead of him or Nyota
Jim’s a little insulted, but judging by how close the two of them are and the smile plastered on Leonard’s face, he’s sure he can forgive the insult this time


this video is honestly so useful, and it’s completely no-bullshit, like it’s straight up good advice packed into 7 minutes so yeah. go watch it if you’re trying to learn another language from home :)

also this channel is generally pretty great, although it is mainly french and english


Title: Extraterrestrial 

Pairing: jongtae

Rating: pg-13

Warnings: aliens

Summary: AU where Taemin is a fallen star and Jonghyun is really confused

Notes: I was super inspired by this picture of taemin (below) and i just had to write something aoehgiosfgn

he was completely naked from head to toe, bare skin glowing just slightly in the pale light where the dirt wasn’t speckled over it. and his hair. his hair was an obnoxious shade of bubblegum pink. jonghyun edged toward the rubble hesitantly, prepared to bail if the naked kid in the hole gave him any trouble. his thumb was pressed against the smooth surface of his phone, ready to dial an emergency hotline at any moment.

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GOT7 - Would You Rather

Tagged by @kittae. Why you do this to me? This level of suffering? I like it. ;)

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Would you rather:

- Go surfing with Jackson OR Lay on the beach with Jaebum

I’m not a big fan of the ocean (because there are sharks and jellyfish in there obviously) and with my uncoordinated ass, I would probably hit my head on a reef or something. I’ll lay on the beach with Bummie. :)

- Decorate a christmas tree with Yugyeom OR Buy christmas presents with Jinyoung

I wanna decorate the tree with the giant maknae and tickle his tummy when he reaches to put the star on top. ;)

- Go to a cool NYE party with BamBam OR A cozy night at home in front of the fireplace with Mark

Sign me up for that fireplace with Markiepooh please!

- Breakfast in bed with Jaebum OR Out for brunch with Youngjae

If me and Jaebum are in bed, I can promise you we ain’t ever leaving. There better be room service. Defsoul gonna have to learn to work from home.

- Pet cafe with Jackson OR Fancy bar with Jinyoung

Bleh fancy bar. Give me the pet cafe with a puppy Wang.

- Cuddle with Yugyeom OR Kiss Jaebum

Why can’t I have both? Give me both. What kind of kiss are we talking? Is it like a pity kiss on the cheek or is there tongue? Sorry I’m not giving up my cuddles.

- Get tickled by Jackson OR Tickle Mark

If Jackson were to tickle me he gonna need those fencer reflexes because my fists start swinging when I get tickled, it’s not my fault. It’s a survival response. I learned that in psych. I’ll tickle Mark instead.

- Citytrip with Youngjae OR Roadtrip with BamBam

Roadtrip with the dab boy. He not allowed to drive though. Probably nae nae so hard he’d run us into a ditch somewhere.

- Go shopping with Jaebum OR Go to the movies with Yugyeom

Ooh, tough one. How about I go shop with Jaebum and then I’ll meet Yugie at the theater later? Yep let’s go with that!

- Go to a comic con with Youngjae OR Bingewatch your favorite series with Jackson

Oh my goodness I would go to CC with Youngjae. What would we dress up as? I would dress him like Khal Drogo and I would be khaleesi and that would be the cutest thing ever! I wonder if he watch GoT? He’d probably scream every time there were boobs on the screen. Which is every two minutes. :P

- Go on a variety show with Jackson OR Star in a romantic MV with Jaebum

Definitely a variety show. I’m a horrible actor and can’t melodrama. Jackson and I would have a riot with our antics. Aries stick together!

- Go iceskating with Youngjae OR Go for a walk in snow covered nature with Jinyoung

Walk in the snow with Jinyoung, because there would definitely be hand holding so neither of us would slip and fall.

- Get lost in the middle of a forest with Mark OR Lose your paddles in the middle of a lake with Yugyeom

I’ve grown up in the woods. I can find my way out. I’d probably be the one to make Mark think we’re lost just to see how he reacts and to make him stuck out in the wilderness with me for a while. ;)

- Hug with BamBam OR Hold hands with Jinyoung

I want to hold hands with Jinyoung. He my bias. He my love. I’d probably break his fingers on accident from squeezing too hard in excitement. Whoops.

- Work out with jackson OR Go wall climbing with Yugyeom

I love wall climbing! And I’d have a great view of the booty. :P

- Go for karaoke with Youngjae OR Bowling with Yugyeom

Karaoke! I hate bowling.

- Have a candlelight dinner with Jinyoung OR Late night picknick with Jaebum

Oh god not JJP. Gotta go with the bias on this one.

- Get a love letter from Mark OR A love song from Youngjae

I’d die to know what Mark would put in a love letter. I’d probably faint.

- Go snowboarding/skiing with the maknae line OR Après-ski with the hyung line

I pick hyung line by default. Sorry, my babies!

- Go to a famous museum with Jinyoung OR Stay in bed and order roomservice with Mark

Have mercy. I would go to the museum with Jinyoung. I’d just listen to everything he had to say about everything. He’s dreamy. I die.

- Go to a music festival with Yugyeom, Youngjae and Jaebum OR Survival camp with Jackson, BamBam and Mark

Hell yes survival camp. I am all about that.

- Play video games with Yugyeom OR Go to amusement Parks with Youngjae

I am such a gamer. I would love to crush the maknae. Hehe.

- Get spooned by Mark OR Spoon Jackson during a nap

Yeah, Mark can spoon me while I spoon Jackson. There we go.


- Get a striptease from Jackson OR Strip for Jaebum

I would strip for Daddy because he told me to ;)

- Whiny Youngjae OR Rough Jinyoung

Rough Jinyoung is what my dreams are made of. I have to go now. *screams*

- Edge Yugyeom OR Overstimulation by Jackson

Oh my gosh. I’m with Jackson on this one. I’m a big fan of that shit.

- Dom Jaebum OR Sub Mark

Yes, daddy!

- Long makeoutsessions on the couch with Youngjae OR Steaming quickies in the kitchen with Jaebum

That boy better bend me over a kitchen counter or else I got better things to do. :P

- Get carried to the bedroom by Jackson OR Swipe everything off of the dinner table with Jinyoung

I would probably get off just from the sight of Jinyoung shoving everything off the table oh geez I have to stop this is not good for me

- Get blindfolded by Jaebum OR put a blindfold on BamBam

I would put a blindfold on Bambam, tie him up, and then raid his closet to be honest. Haha

- Have angry sex with Jaebum OR Make up sex with Jackson

Angry sex with JB? I melt at the thought. He the only member of GOT7 that could intimidate me. 

- Suck hickeys into Mark’s neck OR Get hickeys from Jinyoung

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Me.

- Ride Jackson’s thigh OR Have BamBam kiss down yours

Not gonna lie. I would ride the shit out of his thighs. He got sexy thick thighs. Damn.

- Perform oral on Jaebum OR Have Youngjae go down on you

Jury still out on this one.

- Ride Yugyeom OR Get bent over by Jinyoung


- Get your hair pulled by BamBam OR Get spanked by Mark

Hm, how many spanks we talking though? I only like the occasional slap on the ass. If he trying to pull me over his lap and spank me a couple times, I would have to retaliate.

- Get tied up by Jaebum OR Handcuff Yugyeom

I don’t like getting tied up. Come here, giant maknae.

- Markson threesome OR JJ threesome

If you’ll excuse me I’m needed at church.

- Have sex backstage with Youngjae OR In the dorms with BamBam

Nope. So much no.

- Get teased under the table at a dinner by Jaebum OR Tease Jinyoung

I would love to tease Jinyoungie to see how he’d handle it.

- Play never have I ever with Jackson, Yugyeom and BamBam OR Spin the bottle with Jaebum, Youngjae, Mark and Jinyoung

Bring me the bottle.

- Do body shots with Mark, BamBam and Jackson OR Get lap dances from Jinyoung, Jaebum, Youngjae and Yugyeom

Shots! Shots! Shots!

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Sorry for this overwhelming amount of fluff here but.. I always have to think about harry saying that he was always loved in his childhood. Like, he's this well behaved boy who grew up in such a good family. He'll pass down those amazing values and unconditional love to this children one day. Raising a little boy or a little girl or both with everything he has learned from home. Welcoming a little baby in this great big family. Raising a human being that's actually gonna be decent as an adult

You are hurting me so deeply….

When that day comes, Harry is going to be the BEST father. Seriously. And that baby is going to be so loved, coming into the best family. Harry will instill the same family values into his babies that he was raised with. He’s gonna be so hands-on I’m sure.

We Don’t Talk Anymore l Shawn Mendes Imagine

(a/n): hey there! I really hope you like this imagine <3 and the second part of ‘Judges’ is coming soon <3. the imagine has some flashbacks 

prompt: Shawn & (y/n)’s relationship isn’t working.

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You loved Shawn with every bit of yourself.

He was perfect. For you it didn’t matter if you got to see him once every two months, or that you had to share him with millions of people who looked up to him, or all the girls who would kill to be in your place. Just hearing his voice through the phone, or seeing his tired yet extremely happy face on your laptop screen was enough for you. He was yours, he loved you and nothing mattered as long as you had him, but lately that had changed…

September 2016

Hey, it’s Shawn. I can’t pick up right now but leave a message and I’ll listen to it later,” you heard the message for the third time today, and had to resign to leave a message.

“Hi baby. I’m sorry that I’ve been calling you so much today, you’re probably busy since you aren’t picking up,” you released a nervous laugh. “I just wanted to check on you, and tell you I was accepted into the program I told you about, remember? Well, call me when you can. I love you” you finished and noticed your hand was shaking.

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