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10 things I learned in 2016

1. Travel, a lot. Buy a ticket, grab a friend, and discover places you’ve never been to.
2. Say goodbye. The friendship you had with someone since Year 1 will change and sometimes you slowly distance yourself from each other.
3. Be kind. We live in a cruel, awful world but that isn’t an excuse to be rude and cold hearted.
4. Write. Take a piece of paper and pour your heart out. Write down everything that comes to your mind, I promise you’ll feel so much better afterwords.
5. Dream. It doesn’t matter whether your goals and wishes seem impossible to reach, just try to follow them.
6. Let go. The past is the past and shouldn’t determine the life you live now.
7. Fail. There is nothing more uplifting than failing and getting up again to succeed. We learn from mistakes and while it’s hard to accept, we grow through them,too.
8. Accept yourself. Barely anyone fits into today’s beauty standards and that’s okay. As long as you feel comfortable and healthy, the opinion of other people with judgement clouded minds shouldn’t matter to you.
9. Get help. It’s okay to ask for help and get the support you need.
10. Be independent. I don’t say that you should break up with your partner or get ride of all your friends but please don’t lose yourself in the process of being in a relationship or friendship for that matters.

어디에 가요? - Where are you going?

집 - Home

식당 - Restaurant

시장 - Market

극장 - Theater

문구점 - Stationary shop

서점 - Book store

학교 - School

교실 - Classroom

도서관 - Library

회사 - Office

대사관 - Embassy

은행 - Bank

병원 - Hospital

도서관 - Library

서점 - Book store

수영장 - Swimming pool

공원 - Park

화장실 - Toilet

…에 가요 - Location particle, to go 


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I am composed of fire. I must consume everything around me to survive. I never chose this way of life, but I have learned that only through destruction can I create myself. I can level a mountain, and from those molten metals I can form a sword.

anonymous asked:

something I've learned from this blog is that almost nothing makes a good weapon if it wasn't designed to be a weapon. is there /anything/ at all that you could find in, say, a hardware store, that you would consider an acceptable weapon in a pinch?

Of the top of my head? Crowbars, claw hammers, sledgehammers, hatchets or axes, box cutters (though not as much with utility knives), flamethrowers, nail guns, probably some variety powered saw I’m not thinking of (though, not chainsaws), flashlights. Though, really, a decent sized wrench is better than nothing.

Crowbars or pry bars are a simple length of solid steel. Usually either round, or flat (the round ones make better weapons because of ergonomics), these are hooked on one end, and both tips flatten to a semi-sharp blade. You can’t whittle with one, but you can certainly use it to take an opponent apart.

Hammers and axes are actually weapons. I used to own an 8lb sledge with a “misuse can result in serous injury or death,” warning label. Because what we really need to do is inform those people who haven’t realized you can use a sledgehammer to kill people, that it’s an option.

Claw hammers are slightly shorter than traditional warhammers, but it’s still the same basic design, just intended for civilian use. As a weapon, it even retains the reverse beak, which will allow the wielder to hook the hammer into their foe.

Hatchets and axes are in roughly the same situation. They’re not identical to real weapons, but they’re close enough that it doesn’t matter.

Box cutters are folding knives with a 3″ to 4″ blade. They’re not an impressive weapon, and some cheap ones might come apart in combat, but it’s a knife, and can get the job done.

Incidentally, longer knives intended for things like clearing brush may be an option (this includes the machete). They’re not intended for use as weapons, but they’re still better than nothing.

Worst case, larger screwdrivers can function as an improvised stiletto. It’s not elegant, it’s not a weapon, but you can probably put that in some poor guy’s neck.

So, if you’ve never spent a lot of time in rural areas, the inclusion of a flamethrower might seem a bit deranged. We’re not talking about military grade combat weapons, these are propane powered torches designed for clearing away dead brush and starting controlled burns. In most states (and I think in Canada) you can purchase small propane powered flamethrowers. You’re not going to want to get into firefights with people using one of these, but, again, if you have no other options.

A similar, slightly more horrifying option, is the thermal lance. This is actually welding equipment, so you’re not going to see this in most hardware stores, but it does exist. The thermal lance is a plasma torch, these are used to cut through reinforced metal. While I’m not sure exactly what this would do to a human being, I’m quite certain the results would be very unpleasant.

Nail guns, at least at short range, might be an option. I’ve honestly never really looked into how viable these are as weapons. You honestly might need tool to skin contact for it to work.

Flare guns are another option. Most commercial flare guns fire a 12gauge shell. The flares themselves are very low power, but will burn on contact. The gun itself can’t use normal 12gauge shells, it will explode. Flare shells can be loaded into most (or all) 12gauge shotguns, however, semi-automatic shotguns will not cycle between shots because there’s insufficient force. Still, getting hit with one of these will probably kill you.

The problem with chainsaws is that the viscera will get pulled into the motor and jam the system. This is probably true of most powered saws, though I’ve never really looked into it. That said, if your character just needs to kill a single foe, a powered saw should get the job done.

It might have sounded like a joke, but a loaded flashlight can be a pretty formidable choice. Particularly something like a D-Cell Maglite. These are practically a weighted baton in the right hands, and can do a lot of damage on impact.

The thing that’s probably messing with you a bit is, nothing on the above list (with the possible exception of the hammers and axes) makes a particularly good weapon. (Also, if you’re actually planning to write a scene in a hardware store, some of the above items won’t be in a functional state on the floor. Sadly flamethrowers, thermal lances, and a few others come, “some assembly required.”)

With enough creativity you can probably kill someone with most of the objects in your environment. Improvised weapons are about finding what you have immediate access to, and deciding which is the best option from that list. It’s not about getting “a good weapon,” just finding something you can kludge into one.

A character who takes a flat head screwdriver around as their weapon of choice is going to come across as slightly goofy. A character who, while struggling to fight off an attacker, grabs a nearby screwdriver and drives it through their foe’s neck, won’t. That’s the difference.

A lot of the time, we’ll get a question like, “I want my character’s weapon of choice to be a machete,” at which point I go into the entire discussion of how, “it’s a tool,” and “it’s not designed for combat.” It’s not that you can’t kill someone with one, but it shouldn’t be your characters first choice when dealing with a situation. It’s not a good weapon, but sometimes it’s the only option your character has.


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ID #91945

Name: Valentine
Age: 18
Country: Belgium

Hello there, my name is Valentine, and I come from Belgium. I am quite a shy person when it comes to talking, but I love to write and know more about others.
I am a book lover, I love animals and I like to listen to music (who doesn’t?). My tastes in music are limited to before 2000, but I like modern music too (Ed Sheeran is bae).
I’m a Whovian and a Potterhead. I’m in first year uni and I’m studying English and Dutch.

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college advice from a rising senior || re: studying, learning, and other academic stuff

okay so for starters I may not be the best at this advice. I will be the first to admit that I am probably one of the worst people when it comes to studying and not procrastinating but what things I have learned I will pass on


  • know what you need to study and how much. this sounds basic, but there are certain subjects I had to prioritize studying and knowing what they were was really helpful on nights where I knew I wasn’t going to finish. for example, my problem subjects were sociology and french. if I had tests coming up, I had to make sure that was the homework I got done and knew because I couldn’t fake it
  • don’t go into anything entirely unprepared. I didn’t always finish the book for english or the reading for history. but I made an effort to know what I was talking about. if it’s 3am and you’ve put off reading the book and you’re only 3 chapters into the 10 chapters you need to know by 11am, either skim the remaining chapters or sparknotes. I’d do both personally but that’s just me.
  • get a study buddy. this was the best way for me to remain accountable for studying, especially because I hate letting people down. this is also helpful for topics that require reviewing specific facts (e.g. french, biology, history, sociological terms), or running lines (e.g. theatre, class presentations, oral language exams), less so for things like english or philosophy that are more discussion/opinion based. 
  • know when to sleep. the process of converting short term memory into long term memory is a part of the sleep cycle. all-nighters are ineffectual and can ruin your sleep schedule. if you’re a night studier like I am, learn how to use caffeine to your advantage and know that 4-5 is the sleepiest time of day and you might as well give in to those few hours of sleep. this also applies to day-to-day. college kids like to make jokes about never sleeping but the fact I can generally time studying so I get at least 8 hours a night has caused envy among my peers


  • sleep is how we convert memory. this is pretty much the same as my last point but it’s sooo important. sleep is the underrated powerhouse of a good college career. the stuff you’re learning is going to disappear if you don’t convert that short term memory into long term. I’ve made a helpful diagram that I may expand upon later:
  • know how you learn. there are lots of different ways to learn but basically it can be broken down into four different groups:
    (1) visual (2) audio (3) reading/writing (4) kinesthetic/hands-on
    once you learn how you best retain information, you can use that in class selection, participation, and study tactics. 
  • learning doesn’t always take place in a classroom. go to the seminars and lectures, the poetry readings and gallery openings, talk to your professor during office hours about why their so passionate about what they teach, spend time with people outside your friend group. join the club. some of the coolest things I’ve learned have been in those situations. 
  • learning doesn’t always take place in your comfort zone. this is an expansion on the previous point. take the class in the thing you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time (or if you’re worried about your gpa and are able to, audit it). take the leap. the only way to grow, is to break out of the shell.

other academic stuff

  • go to class. don’t go if you’re sick and contagious, but go to class. even if it’s optional. don’t waste the opportunities you’re given.
  • consider the single notebook method. I’ve been able to put all my notes for a given semester in a single 3-5 subject notebook. I never have to worry about grabbing the wrong one. (make sure it has pockets for handouts though. that’s important)
  • don’t be afraid to talk to your professors. especially if you’re going through a hard time. They’re people. Many professors are empathetic to your plight. Don’t abuse excuses but if you’re legitimately having a hard time, let them know. (example: I had to turn in a hard copy of an essay before leaving for spring break. my travel plans had moved up three hours and the essay prompt was harder than expected. I talked to my professor and got an extension (via email) until midnight.) some professors will be great to talk to about things beyond academia (i.e. life perspective and advice). my two favourite professors have talked me through friend issues and breakups, respectively. Especially professors in your department can help you with career trajectories and advice. Odds are they majored in the same thing they’re teaching you.
  • don’t blow off freshman year. it’s tempting to get caught up in the freedom of living on your own, but your grades from freshman year can affect your overall gpa and potentially affect future honor societies and opportunities. that being said…
  • don’t take yourself too seriously. don’t burn yourself out by overloading on classes and studying. know when to take a break. know how to take a break. 

and as always, if you have any questions, please please please feel free to ask. I’d love to help.


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Name: Yasmine
Age: 19
Country: Paris, France

I’m Yasmine . I’m 19 . I’m French, and I live in Paris . I’m studying biology . Hmm I love dancing , listening to music,painting, drawing . I speak French , English . I learned German for many years but I kind of forgot .. i understand Moroccan, and know a few words in English .
I’m very open minded , a bit shy , but yeahh I love talking to people . I’m open to any gender , any religion, and size ,any skin color, any problem. Hmmm yeah .
Have a good day 🍄

Preferences: I prefer to talk to people 17+ , just to have good conversation , but if you interested and you have 10 , talk to me , i will reply anyway .
Voilà voilà .

anonymous asked:

what the heck is ''vore''

Vore (short for voraphilia) is a fetish centralized around the idea of being eaten alive, usually whole. Occasionally the action of vore will be done with an element of size play, either by having one partner be significantly larger than the other, or by the one doing the voreing having their stomach expand massively.

While the action itself seems brutish and cannibalistic, the nature of vore is actually more peaceful and non-aggressive. The concept lives strictly in fantasy, and in most scenarios, any sort of digestion or death is completely absent.

There are also some variations of vore which involve being consumed by parts of the body other than the mouth, such as anal vore, or unbirthing. But I prefer the traditional method.

click here, here, and here for some examples


Juuzou Suzuya (鈴屋 什造)
Associate Special Class
3 years later

ID #93600

Name: Dionne
Age: 20
Country: Singapore

hello! To be honest I prefer not to use my birth name with people I’m unfamiliar with ;; so you can also call me by my confirmation name, “Lourdes”~

I’m going to graduate with a diploma in biomedical science (medtech) quite soon and still confused on where to go in uni HAHA! I like drawing and anime, I cosplay a little and I really like stationery. Currently (slightly) obsessed with fountain pens but I like, have no money :P

I guess I’m an omnivert since I only open up to a handful of people but that probably only happens in real life ;;

I’m half Chinese, half Filippina yet can only properly speak english :’) I’d like to have a better command in Mandarin and to speak Tagalog/Visayan but I don’t know how and where to start haha ~

Also I never really sent actual mail by myself in my entire life and I’d like to try it, be in locally or overseas ;; also it would be cool to make friends by mail rather than only through internet ww~

Hope to meet some amazing people through mail soon?? ;w;~

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The level I’m making as part of the Introduction to Unreal Engine 4 online course I’m doing.

Not done yet, there’s gonna be a landscape and sunshine outside those windows soon and some proper lighting but I’m pretty happy about this.

I’m against the idea of like “don’t follow me if you are [political ideology/or -ist/-ism ect.] bc i think that people can learn something from my blog even if they disagree with my views and maybe I’ll be the reason they changed. But Nazis and fascists can fuck off like they deserve only death

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Name: Caroline
Age: 18
Country: Denmark

I’m living in a high school daze trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel so I was thinking that having a pen pal would bring some sort of excitement into my life. I’m studying language and have English and Spanish on level A. I’m looking for a pen pal that won’t reply a message with “Oh”, “Cool” and “yeah..”, cause I dont like small-talk, instead I want someone who loves talking about all kinds of random things. I want a pen pal who is not afraid to tell me about their opinions even if they feel that I might not share them. You don’t have to feel obliged to write me every day, but if you’re sad, excited, feeling nostalgic or simply want to share a piece of your day with me then I’ll be happy to gossip with you, obsess over a movie, or talk about life and the choices we face.

Preferences: When I say that I’m open to talk to people with different opinions than mine that does not include racists, sexists or people like that. Preferable someone around my age (16-20). We can write on tumblr or mail that’s up to you. I don’t have snail mail yet but I could get it if you would like to use it.


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nickname: olive :)

starsign: aquarius  

height: 5′2 2/3 

time right now: 8:41 pm

last thing googled: “heeya sojung” bc listen,,,,,,,,, i listen to this song like twelve times a day

favorite music artists: oh boy oh boy here we go. marina and the diamonds, birdy, rihanna, beyoncé, emeli sandé, lana del rey, fifth harmony, taeyeon (as a solo artist), ladies’ code!!!, snsd!!, gfriend!!, red velvet, and more

song stuck in your head: Heeya, the cover by Sojung …. and i am…..crying…..pls….it is so emotional….i am …. sobbing

last movie watched: i don’t know um i think it was star wars lol

last TV show watched: The Walking Dead bc its spoopy

what are you wearing right now: leggings, jean jacket, a choker, and a white lace top

when did you create your blog: um early 2015 i believe

what kind of stuff do you post: well. lots. pink aesthetic, !!ahsoka tano!!, the clone wars and star wars, the legend of zelda, and of course… kpop. sometimes percy jackson, avatar, fire emblem, studio ghibli, & steven universe make an appearance. 

do you have any other blogs: yes

do you get asks regularly: sometimes. not lately 

why did you choose your URL: listen,,,,,,,,,,, i was emo at the time

gender: female 

hogwarts house: i dont know. i never got into that sorry

pokemon team: TEAM MYSTIC FTW 💙

favourite color: purple and pink and blue idk colors are pretty 

average hours of sleep: 4-10 lol

favorite character(s): please buckle up bc we’ll be here for a while. AHSOKA TANO. ALL OF THE CLONES (all of them). CHROM! LISSA. LUCINA. PERCY AND ANNABETH. ALSO SILENA. MALON AND SARIA. AND IMPA. KIKI. KATARA AND TOPH AND SUKI. please don’t make me name my favorites i love everyone

how many blankets do you sleep with: five…..

dream job: author and actress 😌✊🏾

following: like who is following me (309)? who i follow (379)? pls help i am confused. oh well i answered both

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Name: Jacinta
Age: 20
Country: New Zealand

I’ve always loved the idea of a pen pal, and thought this would be a great opportunity to reach out and make a few (hopefully long-lasting) friends! I’m a pretty open-minded person, and I enjoy deeper conversations and different perspectives. I’m about to start learning French, but most languages fascinate me. I love learning about new cultures, reading, sharing stories of our adventures, and would love a long distance friend who is as interested about my life as I am with theirs.

Preferences: Anyone between 18-23, gender doesn’t matter. As for locations: I would prefer people in Europe or Canada (simply because of travel plans, it would be really cool to have friends to visit while I’m there), but anywhere else is fine too!