learn empathy

what sign placements need to work on


Aries moon: You need to stop rushing into things because you feel like it. You’ve likely been told this a million times but you’re not completely convinced anything’s worth being patient for. As an Aries moon, you have a deep need to get things done, move on with life, as fast as possible, it’s always “on to the next one” … losing an opportunity because you didn’t act on your impulse fast enough would be a nightmare to you. When Mars’ ruling sign is in the moon, impulse is a key word especially when it comes to emotions. You need to learn that feeling strongly about something does NOT always mean you have to act on it. You choose to ignore that sometimes it is possible to act too early for example, coming on too strong with potential partners and scaring them off, or expecting someone to get over upsetting events quicker than they can and dismissing them when they can’t. Use your head for once. You need to be aware that what you feel and what you do, don’t always have to be aligned. It may be better not to start something rashly that would be a waste of productive time so… do learn to weigh the pros and cons (something your sister sign Libra excels at). Normally what happens is you start something on an impulse but you grow bored of it quickly and divert your attention elsewhere. You excel at initiation, but you lack endurance and perseverance. This emotional need for excitement and new projects can hold you back in your life, especially in most careers where skill like patience and perseverance are highly sought after or required. Also, just because you move on from things quickly doesn’t mean everyone else does. Learn to be respectful of others’ pacing and approaches even if it doesn’t feel “right” to you - not everything is about you and you are not the world authority on the right way to feel no matter how much it feels like you are, ESPECIALLY when you’re so painfully oblivious to any depth or causes behind your emotions.

Taurus moon: You need to learn to get your mind out of the gutter. If you don’t, you will never grow emotionally. With a fixed earth moon, you genuinely believe holding on to things is the ‘right’ approach, even if these things are currently of no use or value, out of fear that you’ll need them later. This applies to both possessions and principles. You’re so stubborn with your beliefs and you’re well aware of this… The reason most of you choose to do nothing about this is because you’d rather stick to what you know and be wrong than to risk adopting a new belief or approach that proves to be ineffective and a waste of your time. This leads to stagnancy and a feeling of being stuck… And you know why! STOP letting your deep seated fear of change and ‘losing’ valuable things/people hold you back from taking risks and leaps out of your comfort zone. STOP letting your emotional need to be absolutely sure of details/pros and cons hold you back from iniating or making a move in relationships or careers. Time isn’t forever, you know this better than most. What you need to do with all this fixedness is ACTIVELY challenge your schemas and thoughts. Learn to prioritise rationality over comfort and it will become gradually easier to step out of your comfort zone. Unlike Aries, you excel at persevering but lack initiative. Wouldn’t it be better to start something without being completely sure of all the details and pros and cons and slowly become more certain over time than to lose an opportunity because you were too busy meticulously assessing if it was worth the time and effort? And if you end up at a disadvantage then at least you know for certain whether it is worth your time or not. Let. Things. Go. Your way is NOT always the ‘right’ way of approaching things just because it feels comfortable or practical to you. You need to learn to be more tolerant of others’ approaches to things. You’d think you’d have learned that by now with all your apparent love for peace…

Gemini moon: You need to find stability in every aspect of life, especially emotionally. All that chaotic Mercury energy might seem fun and great at first, but gemini moon natives can find themselves feeling lost, confused and annoyed with their scattered mind. It is therefore extremely important to find some grounding influence if you want to achieve personal growth and, for this particular moon, a way to calm the restless mercurial energy or risk imploding in on yourself with your propensity to rationalise and analyse your emotions instead of simply feeling them. One way you can express this is through communicating/teaching others or stimulating your nearly insatiable intellectual abilities through being the student and learning new things. Your strength lies in your resourcefulness and ability to bounce back from most difficult situations. This changeable nature also means your moods are like the wind.. fleeting and unpredictable, the Gemini moon combines the mutable signs’ adaptability and the air signs’ abstracted and detached logic. You need to learn to develop empathy for others or at least be supportive of their emotions rather than dismissive. You need to stop avoiding working through your emotions and get over with the painful process sooner rather than later. Being ruled by the planet of communication is no excuse for being insensitive to the emotional needs of others and/or your own. Most importantly, you need to find a core. Stick to your plans, see what happens.

Cancer moon: Stop giving into your emotions. While you do feel emotions more strongly than most, you let them control you too much and they guide all of your actions. In order for this moon to reach true self-actualisation you must develop objectivity. You have to develop your rational skills and actively attempt to distance yourself emotionally from situations; this will be extremely difficult but it is vital for your growth and it will help you feel more in control of your emotions. Moreover, you need to stop being so stuck in the past - your sentimentality means your past or childhood memories had profound effects on you that you tenaciously cling to, but you must let go and live in the present, look towards the future. The possibility are endless which is why looking to the past to guide the present and future is so detrimental and counterproductive. Learn that clinging onto things that are already slipping away wont keep them in place, it will only elongate the healing period. You know this. You have a tendency to wallow in self pity though… Stop being self-involved and divert your enormous emotional capacity to others, that’s when you are at your best. You also need to learn to take risks in relationships and become less guarded - not everyone will hurt you.

Leo moon: You need to stop being so dependent on attention or praise from others to feel emotionally secure. Moreover, having an enormous emotional need to be recognised is not an excuse to demand attention from everyone you love. Stop assuming you are everyone’s top priority cause really you’ll just end up hurting yourself with this assumption. It’s childish and arrogant to expect everyone to pay undivided attention to you all the time and you know this and yet… You still continue to do it? Just because others give you a free pass to be as demanding and bossy and self-absorbed as you wish to be doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to grow complicit with this, no matter how much you want to be. Your optimism is contagious and your will so strong it’s infectious, thus therein lies the problem: pride. You are always under the deluded assumption that you are right and everyone else’s opinions are inferior, wrong or irrelevant but you must work on being more open to criticism and correction from others, otherwise you’ll drive people away with your prideful insistence and stubborn refusal to admit you are wrong. You must also work on adopting more reasonable expectations of the people you love as you often demand a lot.

Virgo moon: You need to adopt a more forgiving, positive lens for the faults you find in others and yourself. While your high standards and nitpicky nature allow you to achieve great accomplishment and have competent capabilities, they can ultimately be your downfall. Stop being so critical of yourself and others out of a mistaken assumption that it’s helpful and necessary. Sometimes focusing on your strengths and positive traits is what’s needed in a situation. Your perfectionist and obsessive tendencies can make you go over the same thing several times which actually conflicts with the productiveness and efficiency you so desperately need in order to feel emotionally secure. In order to achieve self growth, you must accept that you cannot achieve perfection or you’ll spend your entire life chasing it. The best thing you can do is give things your best. Tell yourself there was nothing more you could’ve done, which is normally true. Burn out your restless mercurial energy through analysis or other forms of detailed communication, but do not rely on this. To reach full potential you must be able to remain calm in moments of chaos which you despise. Skip or change routines.

Libra moon: You need to stop depending on others’ companionship to develop your own personality and/or feel emotionally secure. In order to self-actualise you must learn to be comfortable and confident on your own. Realise your own worth by going out alone, eating alone, staying in alone etc until you’re comfortable with being left alone. Stop letting others decide things for you. You need to develop your decisiveness and not let people take advantage of your easygoing personality. While you do require equality in a relationship, you can be a bit of a pushover with others in fear of being left alone if you assert yourself. That’s not healthy. Work on standing up for yourself and making your own decisions - ignore your superficial desires to have companionship and realise that this is vital to your personal growth. Also there is a tendency to be somewhat detached and rational with emotions, so you need to make a conscious effort to be more empathetic to others’ emotions.

Scorpio moon: You MUST stop trying to control everything and everyone. Manipulating others and controlling them will not ensure their loyalty to you. What sense does it make to control what can’t be controlled? And yet you never stop trying. Closing yourself off from people to avoid betrayal is unproductive and unwise. You may be eliminating any chances of betrayal, but you’re also effectively denying yourself any meaningful relationships and emotional intimacy with others - an integral need of the Scorpio moon. You need to put more trust and faith in people. Not everyone is out to get you. Isolating yourself does not make you invincible, it will only make you miserable.

Sagittarius moon: You need to let yourself form meaningful relationships with people without getting flighty. Your biggest issue is emotional commitment. Even all the traveling in the world won’t necessarily make you feel whole, as enlightened as you pretend to be. You want constant excitement and stimulation but you need to learn to make do with what you have and enjoy the simple things in life… The world won’t be accommodating to your need for variety and change, so you feel smothered by routines and any stagnancy. You need to learn that committing to things is not a punishment, but actually reap many benefits - especially with Jupiter watching over you. You also must learn to develop a sense of empathy and respect towards others’ emotions as your bluntness comes off as insensitive and irreverent (and it is). Not everyone moves on as quickly as you.

Capricorn moon: You have an innate sense of self-control and resilience which are both your greatest strength and weaknesses. Your need to have things in order and in control hinders your potential to grow, explore and learn because you’re so terrified of making mistakes in the first place. You think sticking to what you know/the comfort zone will stop you from making mistakes because it’s already ‘tried and tested’. However, you must experiment and develop some versatility to truly learn. Making no errors doesn’t teach you anything. With the moon in detriment, you are uncomfortable openly expressing emotions and affection and prefer to keep it under wraps. The main challenge with Capricorn moon is to overcome the saturnian ‘block’ and express their feelings and emotional needs without shame. Capricorn moon is terrified of emotional intimacy however and preoccupies themselves with work and career. There is a deep need to be productive and useful which they often focus on fulfilling when their need for firm yet gentle guidance/love is unfulfilled. You must learn to open up to those who care about you and thrive on a little disorder to achieve self-actualisation. Learn to enjoy rewards without feeling guilty.

Aquarius moon: You need to stop searching for your identity through global causes. You disguise your detached insensitivity behind a faux-altruistic worldly veneer, as a transparent attempt to hide the fact that you don’t really know yourself. You stubbornly refuse to interact with your emotions outside of analysing them and you must learn to acknowledge them sooner or later! It’s just over quicker when you make the right decision and address this weakness early on. What happens often is Aquarius Moons often neglect figuring out who they are deep down and instead preoccupy themselves with global issues that they find more “noble” and “important”. However there is no way of achieving personal growth without knowing yourself on an inner level. Don’t be complicit in this cycle of obliviousness.. you’d think you’d have learned to break this routine by now when your moon is ruled by Uranus.

Pisces moon: You need to learn to stop yourself from getting lost and drifting off in foggy daydreams. When Neptune meets the moon, the imagination is rich and vibrant. There is a tendency to maladaptive daydreaming and escapist tendencies which can turn dangerous if this leads to addiction/substance abuse. Work on being more in touch with reality and the menial world. It’ll keep you in check. Face your emotions and fears head on, stop running away! Avoid your flight tendencies and stick to a plan, make lists, all sorts of menial tasks that engage you with the “real world”. Do anything to keep yourself from losing your grip and giving into unhealthy temptations.


Aries mercury: Learn to just… pause for a second and read in between the lines. Actually think about things… The surface level won’t always be honest to you. Learn to rationalise thoughts and weigh the pros and cons.

Taurus mercury: Learn how to open your damn mind. It’s a cliche phrase only because few actually invest mental energy in developing tolerance to other viewpoints and very few actively challenge their fixed schemas. Regardless, that is what you need to do to achieve a ‘growth mindset’. You want practical advice? Actually listen to what others are saying, not what you can prove wrong. Prioritise logic and rationality over your comfort in sticking to mental routines. It will be uncomfortable but it’s vital for your growth.

Gemini mercury: Learn to look at the details. Stop skimming over everything, that will inevitably bite you in the ass if you keep looking for the ‘gist’ of things. Also learn to develop mental endurance. You excel at absorbing a variety of information and mental versatility but you get distracted too easily. Some things are worth paying attention more than 2 seconds for… Every time you catch yourself diverting your attention, be proactive. Force yourself to go back and see if you missed anything worthy/important.

Cancer mercury: Stooooop linking every mental stimulus to your past and stop confusing your sentimental insistence on using the same emotion-based approach for practicality. You might have a rich imagination and great memory, but you need to learn to be more rational. Try to memorise things in different ways. Pay more attention to reality and the present.

Leo mercury: Ok 1) stop yelling and 2) stop blowing everything out of proportion. Constantly exaggerating details will eventually get in the way of your not-so-subtle goal to be credible/recognised and respected.

Virgo mercury: You need to learn to look at the big picture. Nitpicking over tiny and often irrelevant details may have bode well in high school but it can cause you to miss the point or answer that is in plain sight. Perfectionist tendencies make you go over things a million times paying utmost attention to all the little things and… this reductionist and obsessive way of thinking ironically gets in the way of the efficiency you claim to prioritise.

Libra mercury: You need to learn to be more decisive, and more importantly learn that extremes are not necessarily inferior. If you act as a mediator in an argument, actually try and reach a practical solution and/or conclusion instead of just endlessly weighing abstract pros and cons. Learn to think on your feet. Some decisions are better made with less deliberation. Prioritise productiveness over logical assessment. As for indecisiveness, if you’re stuck between two decisions flip a coin or use an online decision maker for more than two decisions and in the moment it takes to generate a choice, you’ll know what decision YOU want to make as you’ll find yourself secretly wishing for it. If you genuinely are unsure, go with the decision the generator made. This will help you become more confident in making decisions.

Scorpio mercury: You need to learn to accept that sometimes there’s no depth to things. Learn when to stop probing and go … probe somewhere else instead of wasting your time. Some people really are that shallow. Some jokes really are that inexplicably bad. Some information really is that cryptic and you can’t figure it out simply because you don’t know all the information. Stop over thinking every single thing. Some things are a lot simpler than you think they are. Save your time. Distract yourself with something intense or complicated enough to override your overly analytical​ mind.

Sagittarius mercury: Stop preaching oh my god.. giving a generic ass answer to faux-deep questions does not make you a philosopher. Learn to look at the details. Also stop being oblivious to how blunt you are, it can be detrimental to your growth. Learn to exercise self awareness in the way you communicate.

Capricorn mercury: You need to learn to pay attention to what you can’t see. Like the other earth mercuries and Aries, what you see is what you believe. Only looking at things at face value holds you back from mental self-actualisation, along with that God complex. You think ignoring whatever’s between the lines in favour of logic is practical and yet ironically insist your line of thinking is right to the point of bias. Focus less on what’s ‘efficient and productive’ and more on detached logic as well as paying attention to the unobservable.

Aquarius mercury: Stop thinking you have all the answers holy fucking God complex… You claim to be tolerant and open minded but go off at or shun anyone who doesn’t share your opinions, even when evidence is presented. Work on being less rigid with your opinions and accept that others might know more than you/be more ~globally aware~ than you.

Pisces mercury: Learn to like…. be present. Stop daydreaming your life away. Stop giving in to your indulgent fantasies. It’s not productive, but that’s foreign language to you anyway. Basically actively remind yourself to pay attention to the real world, and in detail. Set external reminders. Do you really wanna look back on your life realising you wasted most of it daydreaming? You’re a deep thinker in a way the other signs aren’t, but on the downside there’s a reason Mercury is in detriment when it’s in Pisces. Your path to mental actualisation may be more difficult for you than others, but that’s why it’s so VITAL that you start now if you haven’t already. A developed Pisces Mercury has all the answers to the questions no one knows. Don’t let yourself slip away. Even if it’s tempting.


Aries venus: You know relationships can like… have a few moments of quiet right? Like it’s possible to have a fun and exciting relationship without going to a different rollercoaster or nearly dying every day. You need to learn to pause every now and then and actually think about what your partner would enjoy, because half the time you just seem like a chaotic bumbling mess incapable of just chilling for a while. Learn to COMPROMISE in relationships like your sister sign Libra. Venus is in detriment in Aries so it’s hard for sentimentality or romance to be expressed. The relationship doesn’t have to be fun 24/7 or about doing things. If it is then the relationship isn’t about being in love with the person let’s be real it’s just about doing things you feel like doing, just with a companion. Learn that it’s ok to just stay in sometimes. It doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is stagnating or the spark is dying or that you’re ‘settling’ - you may simply be growing through the relationship by feeling secure enough in the union to do stuff you wouldn’t normally do. Also liking someone doesn’t mean you have to immediately jump into a relationship, try extending the chase for a while and you might be pleasantly surprised how fun that stage is. Outside of the area of relationships, you can be impulsive with regards to finances and you indulge in immediate gratification. Learn to CONSERVE, hold back and appreciate the beauty in things. And the next time you try to show a friend or someone you care about an appreciative gesture, consider lending them an ear without judgement instead of suggesting a fun night out for faux-selfless reasons..

Taurus venus: You need to learn to be more spontaneous in relationships. You are very loyal and stable and therein lies your weakness. Learn to take risks in relationships whether you’re attempting to start one or in a deeply committed one. Stop using the fact that you’re ‘settled down’ as an excuse to be lazy and complicit. You can have fun outside your comfort zone… You just take a while to assess whether a relationship is worth investing in or not. Keep in mind that they won’t wait forever though, better to take a chance in a relationship and realise it’s not going to work than to miss the opportunity to start one because you kept wondering if you should take the risk… At least then you’ll know for sure. Aside from relationships, Taurus Venus can be very indulgent so they must be careful not to over indulge and become lazy and too preoccupied with worldly pleasures. You need to stop focusing on your own comfort. Take chances. Change up the routine. Don’t let life become stagnant. Just because something feels comfortable doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Gemini venus: As a mercurial Venus, you need to talk less and do more in relationships. You’re not fooling anyone by just being verbally expressive, your actions have to back up your words. Stop freaking out when someone says the words settling down. You can have a healthy, exciting relationship even when you commit to someone. Outside of relationships, you really just need to listen to people, like actually listen to what they’re trying to say between the lines instead of listening to wait for your turn to speak. You give up on pleasures easily, the type to give up on a show two episodes in because it’s not mentally stimulating enough or too boring. Stop that. Learn to be patient.

Cancer venus: You need to stop being a creature of comforts and stop being so reliant on reassurance. Work up the courage to be affectionate with people even if they aren’t reassuring you 24/7 and actively challenge any insecure thoughts when the people you love aren’t around you. Learn to be more independent, not everyone appreciates clinginess - not to mention this placement is more likely to have dependency issues. Get out of the house, have fun by yourself. Learn that a relationship is strongest when you don’t need reassurance because the security between the people in the relationship is that unbreakable. Outside of relationships, there is a tendency for comfort eating or comfort spending if the wallet allows it. You need to develop confidence and security from within rather than from these external factors. Learn to let go of past hurts.

Leo venus: You need to learn to be more reasonable with your expectations. You have a larger-than-life, almost childlike view of love and these demanding expectations can be exhausting and even crippling to the people in your life who can’t give you the flamboyant over-the-top grandiose displays of affection you dream about. This is disappointing to you, but not everything can be grand all the time - a lesson that must be learned when the Sun’s shining hot rays meet Venus. That doesn’t mean your partner/friends/family love you any less, they may simply have a more toned-down way of expressing love. Loving you can be… expensive. Leo expects grandiose luxury 24/7 and this can lead to over indulgence and laziness in relationships. Leo Venuses may also be impulsive with their spending and always treat themselves if the wallet allows it. Keep an eye on this and control your appetite for luxury in order to grow. Be considerate of your partner’s needs/other people’s needs rather than endlessly thinking about how they don’t measure up to YOUR ideals.

Virgo venus: Venus falls in Virgo so the planet’s desire for calmness, beauty and social grace conflicts with Virgo’s critical, nitpicking, finnicky nature. Stop being so quick to judge others’ appearance and point out their flaws just because they don’t match up to your extremely high standards. These standards can be unreasonable. You constantly criticise those you love because you think it helps improve them, yet you are extremely sensitive to any criticism thrown at you. In order to reach personal growth you need to develop confidence in your appearance and self worth to the point where you are unaffected by outside criticisms. You also need to express your appreciation for those you love in more positive ways, like compliments. Constant criticism will make no one think kindly of you, despite your seemingly good intentions… Insecure virgo venuses can be critical out of a dissatisfaction with their own appearance. Work on being more reasonable and less judgemental.

Libra venus: You need to work on your sincerity. You’re friendly and peace-loving so people enjoy your company but you have a tendency to treat all people the same, regardless of how close or distant you are, bringing your sincerity into question. You yourself often wonder if you like people or if you only like the idea of them but you rarely probe beneath the surface to avoid awkwardness. Your interactions can therefore be quite superficial. You value respect and peace above all so you may be reluctant to bring up issues in relationships. Learn to stop avoiding conflict and address important​ issues even if it disrupts the peace. Stop thinking of people as abstract concepts and really decide whether or not you like certain people. This will help eliminate miscommunication and any resentment from the other party.

Scorpio venus: Love doesn’t have to be painful and dramatic in order to be transformative. Your need for over the top drama in relationships can be tiring and exhausting to others. Stop relying on intense drama to work out your trust issues. Instead, you need to work on challenging your paranoia of being betrayed, letting go of control in relationships and avoid guilt-tripping/manipulating people into staying in the relationships. When Pluto is expressed through Venus, there is a tendency to destroy relationships before they even start (and then some more destruction if it does take off). Just because you find love painful and messy doesn’t mean you have to make it that way for the people who care about you. Stop treating them as toys that need to be tested. Address YOUR trust issues directly to achieve personal growth and form/maintain healthy, strong relationships. With this venus there is a strong attraction to the taboo so be careful, don’t get carried away by your desires.

Sagittarius venus: Stop looking at people as “experiences” to be tried. In order to achieve growth and fulfilment you need to surround yourself with loyal and caring people who don’t disregard your need for freedom and independence. But for full self-actualisation, you need to realise that commitment and freedom are not simultaneously exclusive; instead of leaving relationships the second you’re not stimulated, try waiting it out. Learn to develop patience with your friends and people you love. Not everyone can be intellectually stimulating 24/7. Avoid buying too many souvenirs when traveling.

Capricorn venus: Learn to enjoy pleasure without feeling guilty and learn to loosen up and quit treating relationships like a business contract. If you keep assessing the costs and benefits of relationships you may miss out on an opportunity, not to mention this cold and calculated approach to relationships makes it lose its sentiment. Sometimes it’s better to just jump in even if you don’t know how much you have to lose. This is not to say you are cold and calculated, but you hide your warmness behind a cool veneer. The problem is, most people won’t/forget to look beyond the surface level. Therefore, you must put in an effort in being more socially trusting, warm and at ease until you actually feel less tense and stiff. Not that it matters. You’ll likely distract yourself with work anyways….

Aquarius venus: Learn that don’t have to prove your uniqueness to the world through your partners. Aquarius venuses often enjoy being in progressive relationships and challenging traditions. This stems from your fear of being tied own down and discomfort with traditions that make no rational sense. This is fine, but do not toy with others’ affection for you out of a need to prove something. You can be in a stable and committed relationship while still being progressive - you need to understand they aren’t mutually exclusive. Moreover, you can be careless with or oblivious to the needs of other people in relationships. Most people have no idea how you feel about them. Take initiative and explicitly let them know. Work on being more attuned to the other person’s needs, even if they feel “lesser” than your own “global humanitarian” ones. Ironic that this needs to be mentioned to a sign that seemingly values equality..

Pisces venus: Learn to set boundaries in your relationships. Don’t let people manipulate you, walk all over you or completely disregard your basic needs and get away with it just because you think you love them/care about them. Setting boundaries will not get in the way of forming relationships/finding Tru Love (if you believe in that). In fact it channels and filters the purest and most transformative forms of love towards you. You also need to stop projecting your idealistic standards onto the people you love - you will start to associate love with disappointment inevitably because most people wont live up to your unrealistic standards. You may not realise how unrealistic they are, but wherever Neptune goes, there is danger of illusion and deception. You also need to put more action into showing people you care because your displays of affection can be too abstract. Just BE there. Finally, stop giving in to escapist tendencies. Don’t fall into temptations. When neptune meets Venus, there is danger of addiction/substance abuse or at best maladaptive daydreaming. You are not doomed. Simply learn to control your temptations. Pisces also co-rules Jupiter so there are overindulgent tendencies. Be proactive. Actively try and catch yourself indulging in escapism and force yourself to snap out of it if you can. Jupiter will keep an eye out for you.


Aries mars: Stop being so rash in your decision making! You’ve heard this before and you probably got into trouble many times but you always seem to bounce right back. But if you don’t exercise self restraint and control you will land yourself in irreversible trouble one day. Immediate gratification will never give you the high achievements you so ambitiously seek. You HAVE to learn endurance and patience.

Taurus mars: You HAVE to learn adaptability. Your fixedness and stubbornness work well in persevering and career accomplishment but it also means a lack of malleability, difficulty in bouncing back. You may be tough to break, but once you’re broken it’ll be difficult to put you back together unless you learn to be versatile. Don’t have your mind set on one thing, always have back ups in case things don’t work out. You are not always right and you will end up pushing people away with your rigidity. Learn to compromise. Control your temper when you finally do blow up - this placement has a tendency to push down anger in moments where they can be righteously angry and then build this up until it turns to rage and comes out at completely inappropriate moments. Curb this. Learn to speak up when something angers you right then and there instead of holding on to your anger… Little to no good comes out of this.

Gemini mars: Watch your tongue! With Mercury meeting Mars, you have a propensity for saying hurtful things in arguments. You need to learn to control your crass indifference to others’ emotions when you feel threatened. You need to realise that it’s not acceptable to discard emotional values and principles in order to assert your intellectual superiority e.g. spilling secrets/insulting things the other person is insecure about/using manipulation, etc. There is a tendency to be deceitful and flighty in arguments and life in general here, so you must develop perseverance instead of taking the easier way out. Once you do this, you will be a worthy opponent.

Cancer mars: You MUST learn to stop resorting to, or more often relying on, manipulative tendencies. Mars is in fall when it enters Cancer so it can be more difficult to develop the placement’s strengths and thus there is a tendency to rely on the weaknesses instead. There has to be a way for you to get your point across or win the argument without victimising yourself and demonising the other person/people. You need to learn to assert yourself in the moment express your anger the instant it comes up, instead of holding on to your anger like Taurus Mars. When you do this, your outbursts will seem more reasonable and less confusing and deluded to other people… Make an active effort to be as DIRECT as possible. Say things plainly and explicitly. Soon you will develop more confidence in your assertions and you will feel less defensive about everything. Being rational is very, very hard for this placement when mad which is why you have to start working on this from an early age whether it’s through simple common sense mantras that engage your intellectual mind or taking anger management classes. When you’re angry, the whole world revolves around you. It doesn’t matter to you how the other person feels, you’re blind to this when you blow up despite, or perhaps because of, how empathetic you are generally. All that matters in that moment is that YOU feel hurt. You have to work on being less self-absorbed when irritated, or dangerous things can happen as a result of your blind rage. Learning to prioritise rationality over your own feelings is a must for this placement. Also stop fronting and acting like you’re tougher than you really are… it could land you in deep shit one day if you go looking for trouble to prove your worth. Regardless of how powerless or insecure you feel, your manipulation is maladaptive and must be actively curbed. If and only if you take a proactive stance against this will you start developing confidence from WITHIN, and succeed in all aspects of life regardless of oppositions.

Leo mars: You must learn how to be objective and less self-involved. Simply yelling that you’re the best doesn’t make it true - it in fact conveys self-esteem issues. While you do have a natural confidence, this confidence is highly dependent on the reassurance and praise of others which you manage to constantly receive, so is it really confidence? Your journey to self-actualisation has to begin with developing confidence in your own worth regardless of the attention you get. Also stop being so prideful and rigid, it’s not productive and it’s a waste of time. You’re not always right, that’s a fact - the only way to know if you ARE right in a particular issue is to step back and shove your ego aside and look at the situation from a distance, from different perspectives, etc… THAT is how you know for sure. Learn that letting go and/or considering alternate viewpoints is to your advantage too. Learn to listen to others, accept that they may have better ideas than you. How can you expect any one to believe the whole confidence act if you’re so easily provoked by the tiniest perceived slight?

Virgo mars: Another Mercury-ruled Mars like Gemini, you need to watch your tongue. Stop using the fact that your sharp-tongued criticisms are factually observable as an excuse to berate others, especially if you attack weaknesses they let you see/ told you they’re insecure about. You’re not as mature you think you are when you’re angry, in fact you can be quite relentlessly petty from all the built up restless frustration that comes with being a co-ruler of Mercury. This gives you an immense drive to intellectualise why you’re right… which is also borderline childish. You need to work on your hypocrisy if you expect anyone to take your criticisms seriously/be affected by them, especially when you’re the type to constantly dish out criticism but unable to take any. You also need to work on being more accepting of other people’s approaches - like Leo and Aquarius, you have a hard time believing others know better/more than you or have better ideas and approaches. You have to accept that you’re not the authority on how to do things ‘right’ if you want to achieve personal growth. Zooming in on and obsessing over details isn’t always as efficient as you think it is, this finnicky nitpicking can actually be your worst enemy and a waste of productive time - learn to look at the big picture. The whole is not the sum of its parts.

Libra mars: You MUST learn to be more decisive and straightforward​. Endlessly weighing the pros and cons in tense situations is rarely productive - sometimes a quick, swift decision needs to be made. In order for you to grow as a person, you need to be able to think on your feet. You have a tendency to insert yourself into arguments to act as the “mediator” but fail to reach a concrete solution or conclusion out of fear of ruffling any feathers/escalating the tension or due to getting lost in weighing the situation. Don’t do that, don’t appoint yourself as the mature mediator if you won’t take mature actions. Learn to directly tell someone if you think they’re wrong instead of beating around the bush - chances are, their reactions will be the same. Learn to explicitly express and assert your needs to others instead of dropping hints… The worst that could happen is they ignore it, but that’s almost a given with your passive aggressive approach.

Scorpio mars: You MUST let go of control and stop being so defensive. Like Cancer Mars, you can be easily provoked but not out of feeling hurt, but rather out of paranoia that your privacy is being invaded or the implication that you don’t have as much control over things as you think you do. Guess what, you don’t. The sooner you accept this, the quicker the path to self-actualisation will be. You’re sensitive and hyperaware of power struggles as a result of a deepseated fear of losing the upper hand and being on the lower end of the scale. This may have been spurred by potential feelings of powerlessness early in life. Regardless, you need to let go of your need for control. You need to stop resorting to manipulation or downright ruthlessness to get what you want. Control your emotional impulses that urge you to display dominance… A developed Scorpio Mars won’t need to display it. Thrive on the loss of power rather than fearing it; Scorpio is ruled by Pluto after all, the planet of transformations and shifts in power. Once you start to loosen your grip and become less defensive as a result, you are actually at your best as you are fulfilling your Plutonian purpose of destruction of the self and completely rebuilding a new self from the ashes.

Sagittarius mars: You need to work on your crass indifference to others’ emotions like your sister sign except here this is more impulsive and self-serving. Your bluntness means people can rely on you for your honest opinion, but you use it like a dagger when provoked. You get over it fairly quickly, but you can’t expect others to do so too. You have to be respectful of others’ approach to things - you’re not as accepting as you think you are - and the time it takes for them to heal, don’t expect forgiveness for your (often insincere) apologies, it only makes you look more entitled. You must learn to commit to your projects and not move on to the next interesting thing that catches your eye. You might have an unrivalled enthusiasm for worldly experiences and education, but you lack the perseverance and steadiness required for this. You need to learn to persist even when you feel that your interest is starting to fade. Like Aquarius, you need to practice what you preach if you expect anyone to adopt your views.

Capricorn mars: You must learn when to let go and be inflexible. You pride yourself on self-control, but you hold back from indulging in the merits you get as a reward for your ambition and work ethic. So what’s the point? Do you only do it for pride? Is that the only way you feel important? You must learn to let go and live a little. Stop being so rigid about everything; your need for control and order can be stifling to others. You call yourself a long term planner but where do you see yourself going if you constantly overwork yourself without allowing yourself to enjoy the rewards? You also need to humble yourself down. You may be practical and down to earth, but a confident certainty in your own abilities and knowledge can sometimes manifest as arrogance. You have a God complex that needs to be addressed in your journey to personal growth… You’re so sure that you’re right that you rarely stop and think and consider the other person’s viewpoint without pressure. You’re so concerned with what’s efficient and practical that you always stick to what you know, losing the very objective and logical nature you like to pride yourself on… You must learn to adapt to occasions where things don’t bend your way, where you turn out to be wrong or where you have to experiment with new methods - you have to learn to do all this without resorting to the very level of pettiness you consider yourself above. Rise above this tendency to do whatever to win the argument/ have the last word, it’s childish no matter how you masquerade it. Also be wary of a tendency to step on others to reach the places you want out of a hunger for power… If you want it bad enough you can get there through your own work ethic.

Aquarius mars: You must learn to stop being so inflexible in your views and opinions. You rarely resort to emotional manipulation or rage when angry, not out of respect for others but out of a HUGE superiority complex. You think you’re ‘above’ that like Capricorn Mars but instead of being hypocritical by ending up resorting to the very pettiness you think you’re above, you simply cut the person off and disappear from their life if your values were incompatible and you couldn’t convert them to your side. Ironic considering the tolerance and open-mindedness you constantly preach to others. Learn to humble yourself down and stop thinking your opinions are always right or that you know more than others. Like your sister sign leo, you need to learn to accept that others may know more than you/may be right. Just because you disagree with someone on something doesn’t mean they can’t be in your life.

Pisces mars: Toughen the fuck up and grow a backbone. You need to stop letting people walk all over you and pretend it’s for ~selfless~ reasons when really you do it because you loooove wallowing in self pity. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and relying on escapism. Snap out of it. You MUST be proactive and combat the disillusion that comes with a neptunian Mars. Stop relying on external sources to deal with difficult situations. Face it head on for once. You’ll be relieved. You’ll get through it sooner if you do. Do everything you can to stay in touch with reality. Distract yourself with lists or mentally/physically demanding activities. Don’t let yourself slip away. Stick to plans for once. Focus inward on your emotions to find the root/cause behind certain emotions. You MUST learn to set boundaries. Once you start focusing on yourself and set hard limits instead of excusing others’ actions, asserting yourself will be much easier.

*This is based on the archetypes and basic traits of the zodiac signs. Maintain an objective approach when reading these.. if a description seems off, remember to look holistically at your whole chart. Obviously I don’t know you personally, but astrology is inherently neutral even if my interpretation isn’t and just because YOU don’t express a certain trait does not mean it is not a trait of said sign. So don’t bother with the “not all ___” rants lmao save your energy.

**Astrology is not deterministic, nothing is set in stone just because you have a certain placement - don’t try to justify detrimental behaviours using this excuse e.g. ‘i have a Scorpio Mars and Moon so I can’t help but rely on manipulative tendencies :/’ which is laughable because 1) it’s a shitty excuse 2) it just reinforces underdeveloped traits that discourage any personal growth. You have some degree of control over your behaviours, use that to your advantage.

***I excluded Sun & the outer planet sign placements from this particular post as the description would be too generic and generalised due to the nature of the post. They will be added on the Aspects version of this post as aspects are more personalised and relevant when it comes to the Sun and outer planets.

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What You Learn in Life from Your Saturn Sign

Aries Saturn

Learning to walk alone at a very young age. Learning to take responsibility and being confident. Facing their fear. Always keeping up with their health.

Taurus Saturn

Learning to work hard for everything. Being reliable and making their surroundings secure. Understanding money can’t buy anyone love. Being satisfied with only a couple bucks in their pocket and to stop thinking wealth is all they need. They learn to manage finance. Disciplining themselves until they earn gratification.

Gemini Saturn

Being able to adapt to different situations. Learning to communicate well. Keeping a positive attitude and having faith. Learning that challenge means opportunity. Trying to make connections with others- especially with family.

Cancer Saturn

Expressing more emotions. Learning to have more empathy of others and taking more responsibility. Learning from their difficulties and not being so hard on themselves. Learning to have self-acceptance. Learning to heal and to get over their fears.

Leo Saturn

Being able to connect more with others. Learning to love their flaws. Being strong and wise. Learning to be a strong leader and overcome any obstacles in life. Saturn in Leo are constantly growing.

Virgo Saturn

Accepting that they are not perfect. Fighting their fears. Learning to let go of their material needs. Learning to work on their humor. Learning that their health is very important and learning to cope with their stress.

Libra Saturn

Learning to be more decisive. Working on creating good relationships. Learning to relate more with other people. Becoming more reliable and organized. Learning to find balance between love and control. Learning to be more patient.

Scorpio Saturn

Learning to have self control and to work with their emotional needs. Becoming more responsible, patient, and calm. Trying to be more forgiving. Learning control over negative people and negative energies.

Sagittarius Saturn

Learning to let go of their fears. Becoming more open with how they feel and owning up to what they struggle with. Learning to trust more people and focus on what’s important. Learning to not be so hard on themselves and take a break when needed.

Capricorn Saturn

Learning to take control of their power. Realizing they’re obscure with financial security and that they’re good at serving others. Spending more leisure time for themselves and knowing how hard they work. Learning to not fear over receiving no recognition for their hard work.

Aquarius Saturn

Learning to show more of a equilibrium attitude. Recognizing their great intuition skills. Learning to share their bright ideas with others and become more optismitic with their views of the future. Realizing they can be cold and standoffish at times and to understand their true feelings.

Pisces Saturn

Learning how strong their compassion for others is and learning to fight the negativity their mind plays. Understanding that sometimes they can be detached and that they should be more conscious. Learning to become more confident and to let go of their past.

there will be people who use you. they are good at getting close so you care about them. when they see your scars, they’ll flash their own. you will feel kin to them. you know what it is to struggle with things.

and at first you think: they’ll help me if i help them.

but it doesn’t happen. you love them deeply so you always pick up the phone. it doesn’t matter that you have a test the next day or that you’re going through things of your own. you support them.

they are good at pretend. they will play like they are your friend, so you endlessly give to them. after a while you realize: it really doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life, some more pressing emergency is always happening to them. it is a hard thing to recognize, because you don’t want people to hurt like you do. 

i have a friend who never asks me if i’’m okay. she only ever texts me to tell me she wants to die, but never goes to therapy or does any of the things i tell her to do to help herself. once when i came back from my grandfather’s funeral she demanded to know why i’d been gone, and when i explained, she said that without me, she’d almost passed out of this world. i had to lay down on the floor; nothing made sense anymore. i want her to get better. i want to help.

but there are people out there who will use you. who don’t care about getting better, they care about you giving up your time, your effort, your everything. until you are drained of it. i don’t mean those who give back, who will gladly do anything for you, who you know you can trust. who you don’t mind giving up the test for, because you know they’d do the same in a similar spot.

i mean those who don’t know you. who pretend that they care about you but are using your empathy as a sore spot. who take more than they need. who demand your attention all of the time but don’t care if you bleed.

thevorpalsword  asked:

You know, seeing your apologies/emotional intelligence posts for Dean has made me really notice how self aware he is. That's...a really important and sometimes difficult thing for people to have. He can be hard on himself (way too often, and far too much. Christ, he needs more hugs/affection/support.), and can dismiss his own feelings as unimportant, but he's never really unaware or blind to them. I wonder how/where/when he learned or developed that sense of self awareness? Is it innate?

Here’s a post I did about Dean’s self awareness, as part of my dean is not emotionally stunted series, but honestly there could be much more added to that set. Like you said, the way he apologizes. His self awareness is part of his emotional intelligence. And I was thinking the other day: How in the world did that man get his emotional intelligence because it wasn’t from John, and it wasn’t from Bobby. I think it starts with his innate empathy. 

Check out this comparison from s5 where both Dean and Bobby are depressed and hopeless at different points and Dean’s reaction to Bobby in 5.07:

Compared with Bobby’s reaction to Dean in 5.18:

Don’t think Dean learned a lot about empathy from Bobby. 

And I know people like to speculate that Dean was forced into being a person who cares about other people because John forced him to take care of Sam. But there’s an important distinction that I’ve talked about before. John forced him to take care of Sam but he didn’t force him to care about Sam. Or even to take care of Sam well. Mostly it was about keeping him from harm. It wasn’t about making sure Sam had his mac and cheese with marshmallow fluff (gifs from 10.12).

or a nice fourth of july (from 5.16):

He did that purely because he liked seeing his brother happy. Because of his natural empathy. His empathy is definitely innate. He’s been comforting people since he was four years old. We saw in his memory rom 5.16 that he was able to recognize when Mary was sad and comforted her.

Standard caveat, he shouldn’t have been in a position where it was his job to be his mother’s emotional support. But because he’s innately empathetic, he wants to comfort people, and make them happy. He sees how his mother responded to comfort and he’s not only learning about her emotions from things like this, but his own as well. More of the same, as he went on to exhibit empathy toward Sam and John in the same way. 

(2.01) And since no one else was paying attention to Dean’s emotions, that became another job for him. He had to learn ways to hide them in order to keep functioning. Because the burden was just too great for a child to bear otherwise. This level of emotional care for others was extremely  damaging to Dean, because while he was busy being empathetic and taking care of everybody else, no one was taking care of his emotions:

(2.22, 5.16)

And that’s why he dismisses his own feelings. He understands them perfectly well. He just doesn’t think their worth consideration and care from others. Because they never have been. 

But his empathy (from which his self-awareness grew) was never snuffed out, despite everything that he went through. The lack of any emotional care? All that talk about being a good soldier? John punishing Dean by leaving him at a boys’ home for months? None of that snuffed it out. I think about that a lot.

Belle and Beast 1991 vs. Belle and Beast 2017

Belle and Beast 1991: By the time we are introduced to Beast, he is already more animal than human. He has given up on the chance of the curse being broke. Rather than just accepting it, he lets it swallow his heart and soul. Every day that passes he gets worse and worse. Belle serves as the catalyst of change. By showing him kindness, love and respect, Beast is slowly able to gain back his humanity. He starts to act more and more like a human, with his decision of letting Belle go to find Maurice being his more human and compassionate decision yet. Even the decision to not kill Gaston is one that comes from everything Belle has taught him; even when facing his biggest enemy he decides to show compassion and mercy. When he passes away, he has embraced death knowing that the time he spent with Belle was worth more than his entire life. This realization allows Belle to confess her true feelings for him, allowing him to be reborn again not just as the human prince but the man Belle help create through her love. They started off as not being equals but gradually grew into something beyond friendship.

Beauty and the Beast 2017: Both Belle and Beast are almost equals. While Beast still retains a monstrous nature, he is more of a tortured, depressed individual that has kept the memories of his past, his interests and his feelings. Both Belle and Beast are tortured souls that need to seek refuge in each other. They are both cursed in a way; Belle’s curse is that she grew up never knowing how her mother passed away, living with a potentially depressed father that overprotects her from having a similar fate, in a small town that pretty much mocks her for who she is, and would go as far as to destroy an invention of hers just because they thought it was too unorthodox. By meeting Beast and learning more about his world, she was able to find someone who also felt lonely in a cruel world and confide in him her true feelings without being judged about it while also sharing similar interests. By meeting Belle, Beast was able to learn that there is a lot to a man than just what he does or how he looks like; that we are complex beings with sometimes tragic memories. He is able to learn compassion, empathy and patience through Belle. Both by the end are transformed once they learned that they had more in common than their realize, and by not being afraid of opening their hearts to each other, they became better people by the end.

Same story, same characters, different development. This is what I gathered after talking to many people about both films, and it just makes me appreciate Disney’s take on the fairy tale even more; it is more than just a prince begging a woman to marry him, it is about the TWO OF THEM finding compassion and love in each other and towards each other, with love become a healing factor in both adaptations.

Just my two cents.

Hey. RPers.

If your response to someone saying “What you are doing / saying is hurtful” is to come up with a million flippant reasons and excuses as to why it isn’t… Please step away from the computer.

Invalidating someone else’s experiences and feelings with “it’s just rp” is never okay ever. Learn some empathy.

Hey, Fellow White Fandom Members?

We need to talk about some of the things we’re doing in face claim and aesthetic posts. Because we’ve fallen into some bad habits with those that can be harmful. We, as racial allies, must do better.

1. Casting 20 year olds as high school kids, and 30 year olds as college kids

So this one is more of a general thing, less a problem specific to canonical characters of color. This isn’t Hollywood, you don’t have to worry about school and legal issues with minors. 

Why it matters:

I’m sure we all had self esteem issues during the awkward teen years that were exacerbated by all these 20 something actors cast as high schoolers? They never had pimples, their voices didn’t crack. 

2. Ignoring canon ethnicities all together

Once I saw a face claim for Zahra Namazi that used Vanessa Hudgens. Quick googling told me that Hudgens is Irish, Native American, and Filipina. None of those are even on the same continent as Zahra. And then just, general examples of characters with specific ethnicities either being represented by white actors, or actors with ethnicities that are nowhere close. I’ve seen Michelle Nguyen represented as white girl with blonde dyed hair before. But hey, they look kind of alike, so it’s okay?

Why it matters: If you’re using a white actor to represent a character who is canonically not-white, that’s whitewashing. Simple as that. Don’t do it.
Characters are shaped by their background and their past. To erase their ethnicity, their heritage, is to erase part of what shaped them into who they are. 

In a perfect world, actors, models, and people in these industries would be cast solely on their abilities and talent. Sadly, we are not in a perfect world. POC in these industries have far less opportunities than their white counterparts.
To take away canon representation is to deny these actors, models, and entertainers job opportunities. 

While I realize that tumblr doesn’t present any job opportunities, it is reflecting real world practices. And I think it’s easier for some of us to learn empathy and understanding with fictional characters first. Through this, we start learning how to apply it to people in the real world. 

3. Confusing Ethnicities

Kaitlyn Liao is Taiwanese. Michelle Nguyen is Vietnamese. Kenji Katsaros is Japanese. Ben Park is Korean. The siblings in Rules of Engagement are a mix of British, Filipino, and Chinese. For a few examples. 

None of these characters originate from the same country. So please do not cast any random Asian person to represent them. 

Why it matters: It’s really just impolite to assume that all countries on the Asian continent, and all the people within those countries, are interchangeable. 

4. Ignoring and/or Lightening Skintones

These are the skin tones that Grace Hall and Sean Gayle canonically have.

They both have darker skin, and they’re both beautiful. I promise, you can find real world people to represent them that will have both of these traits. 

Why it matters: Society trains us to view lighter skin tones as more desirable, which is why skin lightening products exist. It’s called colorism, and I encourage anyone who is curious to research it more, because it’s not something I could discuss. 

Aesthetic posts, face claims, and the like are in good, creative fun! But please, be responsible in what you make. 

Angels on Earth

Angels who are adrenaline junkies, chasing danger just hoping it will make them feel alive, feel infinite again. Angels who don’t care about the pain or injuries their adventures may bring; it only helps them feel more like themselves.

Angels who smoke, drink, do drugs, because hey, this body is temporary and wasn’t mine in the first place so what does it matter?

Angels who go out in the desert on clear nights looking for the strange lights in the sky, who go off in the woods looking for cryptids, trying to find something else that isn’t supposed to exist so they feel less alone.

Angels who break any and all laws they find useless, shaking their heads at the petty rules and restrictions placed on humans and at those who form the governments, pathetic humans who somehow find themselves fit to be placed above the rest. Angels who are rebels on earth as well as in heaven, impatiently awaiting the nearest revolution.

Angels who spill the truth about themselves to whoever will listen after one too many drinks or one too many nights stuck inside their own head, who know how delusional they sound but can’t bring themselves to care anymore.

Angels who’ve expertly mastered playing the part of the human they’re wearing, sometimes feeling bad that they’ve deceived so many of their vessel’s loved ones who don’t know that their child, their sibling, their friend, is long gone and replaced by some unfathomable consciousness.

Angels who stay armed at all times, whether it be switchblades in back pockets or revolvers under mattresses. Angels who sleep with a knife on their bedside table just in case their past comes looking for them. Angels who feel naked without a weapon.

Angels with little to no empathy who’ve learned how to portray emotions and reactions as well as anyone who feels, who can almost understand the feelings on a logical and mental level but not entirely. Angels who form attachments with the mind, because they can’t with their heart.

Angels who are a far cry from the selfless beings humans write them off as, who don’t care what happens to humanity, save perhaps for a handful of humans. Angels who only truly care about one or two people, but would level empires for them.

Angels who abandon their charges because they’re beyond help at this point, because they’re uncooperative, because they piss their angel off one too many times.

Angels who recognize each other on the street, perhaps once friends, lovers, enemies. They don’t speak. Their eyes say everything their mouths don’t.

Angels who don’t want to go back to heaven, who would rather stay trapped in an endless cycle of human lives than return to the corrupt shell of what heaven used to be.

Angels who avoid religious establishments like the plague, because how dare any mundane soul claim to know the doctrines of the divine.

Angels who are depressed, who are sick of the empty feeling in their chest, who don’t know how to feel whole again.

Angels that know that even going back to heaven will never heal old wounds, that nothing with ever be the same after their family was torn apart by the war.

Angels who remember nothing of home or who they were, who have only a feeling of divinity burning in their soul as their guiding compass.

Angels who remember too much, who feel it eating away at them every moment of every day, who think their lives would be easier if they could just forget. Angels who resent the knowledge of who and what they are, but know they’d be lost without it.

Angels who were made to destroy instead of create, who lament that humans can’t see that destruction can be just as beautiful and pure and raw as creation.

Angels who don’t remember God, who never knew Him, who don’t care to. Angels who know they wouldn’t get along.

The Saturn Signs - Your Authority, Restrictions and Control

Saturn can be a difficult planet to live with if not placed well. It acts to show us wisdom and strength that come from hardship. It is the “constructive criticism” of our charts and it can bring out our deep, repressed and insecurities. However this planet does serve a purpose, it teaches us life lessons and gives us the tools we need to overcome tough obstacles in life.

Aries Saturn: Saturn in Aries natives usually find that responsibility was thrust at them at a very young age and thus results in them having a serious or pessimistic outlook on life. These people also choose the battles they fight, being quite cautious, they need to learn to distinguish between what is worth their time an what isn’t. This placement is prone to negative self-image.

Taurus Saturn: Saturn in Taurus natives have the deep desire to feel safe and secure, this applies emotionally and financially. They are very frugal, patient people who tend to do well in business. They can either be greedy and possessive or feel guilty for owning things. They need to learn to manage their finances

Gemini Saturn: Saturn in Gemini natives sometimes are prone to difficulties with speech and thought processing, they are restricted in a sense. They tend to be quite nervous people, and communication and public speaking is something they find difficult. However they make amazing writers and teachers, they must learn to have faith in themselves and keep a positive outlook

Cancer Saturn: Saturn in Cancer natives are very serious about the home and their family, it is the most important priority to them. This placement may have also experienced rough family situations growing up. They usually have difficulties confronting their past, however if they wish to move forward, they must do so and learn the being over-dependent and asking for a helping hand are two different things.

Leo Saturn: Saturn in Leo natives tend to appear quite serious and reserved. They are prone to undervaluing their talents and thus miss out on numerous opportunities. They often have difficulties expressing their creativity and humility. They are very strong willed people and if they manage to conquer their setbacks they tend to make good politicians. They need to work on their social skills and their self expansion.

Virgo Saturn: Saturn in Virgo natives are very hardworking and practical people, but their compulsive perfectionism tends to trip them up. They are very self-critical and they will not accept anything but perfect. This leads to frustration and even indicates traits of obsessive compulsive disorders. They need to learn that they can’t control everything and that things don’t need to be perfect to be successful. 

Libra Saturn: Saturn in Libra natives usually have a lot of trouble with relationships or creating strong commitments. It’s not a conscious decision, but they tend to run from any potential relationships because of inner insecurities, they may feel inadequate. This placement has the potential to be diplomatic and caring but needs to let go of the fear of abandonment and take responsibility for their own actions in relationships.

Scorpio Saturn: Saturn in Scorpio natives suffer a very difficult placement, this is the placement that is very self defensive, never giving away motives or emotions, this can be troublesome as they themselves may find it hard to understand themselves. They are usually quite interested in the occult or anything that gives them a sense of power. They need to learn that it’s okay to share their feelings in order to become stronger and that possessiveness pushes people away more than draws them close.

Sagittarius Saturn: Saturn in Sagittarius natives are usually very serious when it comes to their belief systems and personal philosophies, they spend a lot of time looking for answers. They love to learn but it is common for people with this placement to not have easy access to their desired education. They need to learn to open up and let new ideas grow in their mind.

Capricorn Saturn: Saturn in Capricorn natives are very ambitious, power hungry people who have an eye for detail. They prefer professional work environments without emotions and they like to work at a slow pace so they can get things done properly. They can be very charming when they need to be but need to keep good control over their finances and let other people do some of the work instead of believing only they can do the job right. 

Aquarius Saturn: Saturn in Aquarius natives are very good with thinking scientifically, they take pride in their unconventionality and are good organizers. However they need structure in their lives, although they don’t usually want it. They also need to learn to say how they feel and tell people when they’re unhappy because it can be the source of incredible pessimism.

Pisces Saturn: Saturn in Pisces native usually are very self-victimizing and see themselves as martyrs. They are very self-sacrificial and always see the darker side of life, which leads to paranoia. They have trouble letting go of grudges and past hurts which leads to their feelings of vulnerability. This placement needs to learn humility and empathy in order to reach their full potential.

“Learn Empathy”

For somebody else:
Draw it on a picture of them
Magick and item with this sigil, then gift your target that item

For self:
Meditate with this sigil.
Think of the people in your life and the things they do and deal with every day.
Imagine yourself in their exact situation and how you would realistically react.

I honestly would like to some more human!Enjolras…because we look at him through Grantaire’s eyes so often, I think it’s easy not to give him any attributes that are truly difficult or unattractive.

But give my Enjolras whose biggest battle is with his own depression. Whose first reaction to injustice is not anger and outrage but a profound sadness because he feels the pain of others so deeply. Who has to learn to turn that sadness into the outrage that fuels him to make change.

Give me Enjolras who is charming but not completely sure of himself. Who wipes his sweaty palms on his pants before making a speech in front of people. Who is never convinced that he is really the great leader his friends tell him he is. Who is constantly afraid that he will lead them into something he can’t get them through. Who has to trust the faith Les Amis put in him sometimes, because he can’t always believe in himself.

Give me Enjolras who has privilege he has to learn to be aware of. Who grew up well-off and only realizes as an adult that that doesn’t make him somehow better than others. Who never heard of white privilege until his friends had to call him out for not acknowledging that there is still a very real divide between him and people of colour, but who fights every day after that to be aware of his own thoughts and attitudes and to question them. Who, although he is trans and queer, still has to learn intersectionality and empathy in order to become a good activist.

Give me an Enjolras who isn’t perfect! Give me an Enjolras who struggles! give me an Enjolras who had to work to become the person Grantaire fell in love with! Give me an Enjolras who is human.

ID #43121

Name: Jess
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hi my name is Jess and I’m extremely excited to have a pen pal! I understand that meeting new people from different cultures can help everyone to become more confident in understanding more about a culture, and there in turn more about our world. After this summer I begin studying Anthropology and Gender and Women’s Studies at an University this coming Autumn. Some of the things I value most is diversity, empathy, and compassion. I feel as though the only way that people can understand others is by speaking directly to them and putting yourself in other people’s shoes. My goal in life is to impact others lives and improve them, so that everyone receives the rights and dignity that they deserve. some things that I really love are dogs, tea, books, documentaries (especially unbiased ones), and philosophy. I am taking Spanish (Latin American Dialect) and trying to become fluent. I really want to become friends with people all over the globe and I’ll be here for anyone in a time of need.

Preferences: 17-22. Gender does not matter. Place of origin does not matter. Any genders or sexualities welcome. (I am extremely liberal if that’s an issue). Someone bilingual would be really cool. And obviously I would prefer people of different nationalities than my own. I hope I get to talk to you soon!!!!!!

Stories for all

A school librarian introduces me before I give an assembly. “Girls, you’re in for a real treat. You will love Shannon Hale’s books. Boys, I expect you to behave anyway.”

I’m being interviewed for a newspaper article/blog post/pod cast, etc. They ask, “I’m sure you’ve heard about the crisis in boys’ reading. Boys just aren’t reading as much as girls are. So why don’t you write books for boys?”

Or, “Why do you write strong female characters?” (and never asked “Why do you write strong male characters?”)

At book signings, a mother or grandmother says, “I would buy your books for my kids but I only have boys.”

Or, “My son reads your books too—and he actually likes them!”

Or, a dad says, “No, James, let’s get something else for you. Those are girl books.”

A book festival committee member tells me, “I pitched your name for the keynote but the rest of the committee said ‘what about the boys?’ so we chose a male author instead.”

A mom has me sign some of my books for each of her daughters. Her 10-year-old son lurks in the back. She has extra books that are unsigned so I ask the boy, “Would you like me to sign one to you?” The mom says, “Yeah, Isaac, do you want her to put your name in a girl book?” and the sisters all giggle. Unsurprisingly, Isaac says no.

These sorts of scenarios haven’t happened just once. They have been my norm for the past twelve years. I’ve heard these and many more like them countless times in every state I’ve visited.

In our culture, there are widespread assumptions:

1. Boys aren’t going to like a book that stars a girl. (And so definitely won’t like a book that stars a girl + is written by a woman + is about a PRINCESS, the most girlie of girls).

2. Men’s stories are universal; women’s stories are only for girls.

But the truth is that none of that is truth. In my position, not only have I witnessed hundreds examples of adults teaching boys to be ashamed of and avoid girls’ stories, I’ve also witnessed that boys can and do love stories about girls just as much as about boys, if we let them. For example, I’ve heard this same thing over and over again from teachers who taught Princess Academy: “When I told the class we were going to read PRINCESS ACADEMY the girls went 'Yay!’ and the boys went 'Boo!’ But after we’d read it the boys liked it as much or even more than the girls.”

Most four-year-old boys will read THE PRINCESS IN BLACK without a worry in the world. Most fourth grade boys won’t touch PRINCESS ACADEMY—at least if others are watching. There are exceptions, of course. I’ve noticed that boys who are homeschooled are generally immune. My public-school-attending 11-year-old son’s favorite author is Lisa McMann. He’s currently enjoying Kekla Magoon’s female-led SHADOWS OF SHERWOOD as much as he enjoyed the last book he read: Louis Sachar’s boy-heavy HOLES. But generally in the early elementary years, boys learn to be ashamed to show interest in anything to do with girls. We’ve made them ashamed.

I want to be clear; if there’s a boy who only ever wants to read about other boys, I think that’s fine. But I’ve learned that most kids are less interested in the gender of the main character and more interested in the kind of book—action, humor, fantasy, mystery, etc. In adults’ well-meant and honest desire to help boys find books they’ll love, we often only offer them books about boys. We don’t give them a chance.

Whenever I speak up about this, I am accused of trolling for boy readers when they aren’t my “due.” So let me also be clear: I have a wonderful career. I have amazing readers. I am speaking up not because I’m disgruntled or demand that more boys read my books but because my particular career has put me in a position to observe the gender bias that so many of us have inherited from the previous generations and often unknowingly lug around. I’ve been witnessing and cataloging widespread gender bias and sexism for over a decade. How could I face my kids if I didn’t speak up?

And here’s what I’ve witnessed: “great books for boys” lists, books chosen for read alouds, and assigned reading in high schools and colleges, etc. are overwhelmingly about boys and written by men. Peers (and often adults) mock and shame boys who do read books about girls. Even informed adults tend to qualify recommendations that boys hear very clearly. “Even though this stars a girl, boys will like it too!”

This leads to generations of boys denied the opportunity of learning a profound empathy for girls that can come from reading novels. Leads to a culture where boys feel perfectly fine mocking and booing things many girls like and adults don’t even correct them because “boys will be boys.” Leads to boys and girls believing “girlie” is the gravest insult, that girls are less significant, not worth your time. Leads to girls believing they must work/learn/live “like a man” in order to be successful. Leads to boys growing into men who believe women are there to support their story, expect them to satisfy men’s desires and have none of their own.

The more I talk about this topic, the more I’m amazed at how many people haven’t really thought about it or considered the widespread effect gendered reading causes. I was overwhelmed by the response to a blog post I wrote earlier this year. To carry on this conversation, I’m working with Bloomsbury Children’s Books to create #StoriesForAll. Each day this week we’ll feature new essays on this topic from authors, parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, and readers. On twitter, instagram, and tumblr, join us with the #StoriesForAll hashtag to share experiences, photos, book recommendations. Discuss: How deep is the assumption that there are boy books and girl books? Does it matter? What have you witnessed with regards to gendered reading? What damage does gendered reading cause to both girls and boys? What can each of us do to undo the damage and start making a change?

I yearn for that change. For our girls and for our boys.


Shannon Hale is the New York Times bestselling author of over 20 books, including the Ever After High trilogy and the Newbery Honor winner Princess Academy. She co-wrote The Princess in Black series and Rapunzel’s Revenge with her husband, author Dean Hale. They have four children.

ryulx  asked:

are there two different words for the different colors in korean like red, blue, etc. cause i've seen different words for each but dont know their uses

You’re right! Some colours have two or more names, and a select few colours even have a Native Korean adjective form! Here is a list of colours, the Native Korean adjective names will be marked in bold.

  • Red/Crimson: 빨간색, 빨강, 빨갛다
  • Red: 적색, 홍색
  • Vermillion: 주색
  • Maroon: 적갈색
  • Dark Pink: 진분홍색
  • Pink: 분홍색, 핑크색
  • Light Pink: 연분홍색
  • Orange: 주황색, 오렌지색
  • Yellow: 노란색, 노랑, 노랗다
  • Light Yellow: 연노란색
  • Beige: 베이지색
  • Ivory: 아이보리색
  • Green: 초록색
  • Light Green / Yellow-Green: 연두색
  • Turquoise: 청록색 
  • Indigo / Navy Blue: 남색,네이비
  • Blue: 파란색, 파랑, 청색, 파랗다, 푸르다
  • Sky Blue: 하늘색
  • Purple / Violet: 보라색 
  • Light Purple: 연보라색
  • Brown (Chestnut): 밤색
  • Brown: 갈색
  • Brown (Yellow Ochre): 황토색
  • White: 하얀색, 하양, 흰색, 백색, 하얗다, 희다
  • Gray: 회색, 진회색
  • Black: 검은색, 검정색, 까만, 흑색, 검다 
  • Silver: 은색 
  • Gold: 금색

That’s quite a nice vocabulary builder! 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

anonymous asked:

Hello!I would like to ask what's your take on Kuchel Ackerman as a mother and what kind child was Captain Levi?Many thanks♡

Gladly, anon! It is my belief that Kuchel was a loving and caring mother who did her absolute best in caring for him. Levi’s empathetic nature is a reflection of her love. That’s the tl;dr, of it, but I’m going to grab a few moments from the manga to support this.

Chapter 65: “She won’t listen to me and says she’s gonna have it”
Kuchel and Kenny argued about the pregnancy but Kuchel wouldn’t budge. She stood firm against her notorious big brother. With or without family support, she wanted this child. 

Chapter 69: Levi is a clean freak because of her
I saw a post floating around not too long ago that suggested Levi was raised in filth but I don’t think canon supports that. The curtains are shabby and worn, but otherwise the room is spotless. Levi was dirty when Kenny found him, but Kuchel had been dead for days at that point. I suspect while she lived she took great pride in keeping him and his environment clean. Levi’s tidy nature is a reflection of his mother.

Chapter 69: “They were all slaves to something”
As part of Kenny’s “everyone is a slave to something” speech, Kuchel is shown with the word “children”. Levi was her purpose in living. He was the thing that kept her going. As a whore in the underground her situation was terrible, but she was proud of her child and devoted her life to him.

Levi wearing her clothing long after her death is indicative of his love in return. He held onto that small part of her.

The best evidence that Kuchel was a loving mother is Levi himself. His caring and empathetic nature didn’t happen by chance. I’m going to quote @teetanjaeger from this post. Amazingly, she wrote it before we learned about Kuchel in chapter 69:

In developmental psychology, empathy is generally considered a learned ability. We are not born with an innate sense of empathy for other people. This is why children are really egotistical little humans. (You know that joke about children being sociopaths? Its kind of true…) So, in order for Levi to have this level of empathy, he had to have learned it somewhere. It certainly wasn’t from Kenny…

Generally, empathy is learned during the toddler years. Children model their behavior off of the adults around them, its how they learn to interact with the world that they don’t understand. 

In case you haven’t see it, this art by Sophie is amazing and best captures my personal headcanons about Kuchel and Levi. 

Thanks for the ask, anon!

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Do you think we could get more of the puppy therapy story? I know it just got posted but- PUPPIES! And I just love the idea of Palpatine's plans getting foiled by puppies...I also may have imagined him getting peed in by one of them bc it's just what he deserves... Love you stories and hope you're doing well!

He looked like he was drowsing, laying on his stomach with a puppy resting on his back and half closed eyes watching a puppy in front of him, chin resting on his arms with a small smile. The holo of his padawan looked content, warm, happy.

At peace.

Obi-Wan glanced nervously between the masters, hoping that they wouldn’t disapprove, that they would stop Obi-Wan and Anakin.

The dogs had been doing wonders for the blonds mental state and helped him be calm and more then that, happy.

And Obi-Wan needed it just as much honestly.

Sitting at the cafe with a mama dog or one of the calmer puppies did wonders for his darker emotions of inadequacy and worthlessness. It had been one of the reasons he had continued as well as he had after Qui-Gon’s death.

“Deny the results we can not. A good thing this seems to be but atta-”

“If I may interrupt Masters.” Obi-Wan quickly spoke up, licking his lips nervously at their attention. “But its not attachment since they are not ours. The scotties at the cafe belongs to the cafe though they are adoptable. They are a calming influence, lowers the blood pressure and helps achieve meditation by being calm a calming influence. I won’t deny that Anakin, and myself, are fond of them but…they aren’t ours. Compassion and love for an animal is not attachment.”

Somehow, he knew that Qui-Gon was laughing in the Force at him arguing with the council and Yoda of all beings.

“Maybe…” Mace sat up. “We should consider the positive effect this has had on padawan Skywalker. I watched a change in him in his meditation, its calm, he reaches it easier. And I mean still focused meditation, not the usual moving meditation we’ve all seen him master.” The Korun glanced about.

“Therapy animals are documented as having good effect. There are plenty of Jedi, Initiates, padawans, knights and even masters who would benefit from the love an animal provides.” Plo murmured. “I bought his up many years ago and was dismissed, but we are sitting with proof here of how it can affect an unstable padawan. It can also help traumatized padawans and knights. Master no longer on active rosters because of age or injury will also benefit. We already provide physical therapy and mind sessions, but therapy animals can help.”

Obi-Wan could feel the stress melting of his shoulders that he had two councilors on his side at least even if Yoda looked doubtful.

“I agree with Master Mace and Master Plo.” Shaak chimed in, her lekku’s twitching. “I’ve seen the effect of therapy animals on traumatized people outside the order. Force knows that we could use some of that effect on our own.”

Obi-Wan watched them bicker a bit.

“…All the animals offer is a bit of unconditional love that we aren’t allowed to give each other.” He finally spoke up.

The council went silent, attention back on Obi-Wan.

“Past all the rules and the code…the animals don’t care. They adore us because we feed them, we hold them, we give them treats and we play with them. There is no dark side for them. Only benevolent giants. Please consider the fact that…we are all only critters and we are all different, some of us need…more. Some of us need more healing then others. More comfort. I know we are Jedi, but is an animals love really so bad?” He looked at them, a small furrow between his brow.

“We are told to be compassionate, to be fair, to be the hand of justice and of peace. But to be any of those, don’t we need to learn empathy with all? I remember my creche days, I remember bullying. I think animals in the temple would do us all good.”


“Is it true?” Anakin almost bowled his master over in his excitement, blue eyes wide as Obi-Wan barely managed to keep on his face at the blond basically running at him and pouncing on him. “I heard it from Tru, is it true?”

“Slow down Anakin!” Obi-Wan yelped, resting his hands on the teens shoulders and Force, when did Anakin get almost as tall as him? “What have you heard?” He asked.

“That the Council is going to get puppies into the temple.” Anakin stared at his master hopefully.

“…They may. Its not set yet Anakin but they were open to the idea. There was also talk of kittens since not everyone is a dog person. Two separate rooms in the temple.” Obi-Wan settled on.

Anakin made a delighted noise. “Really? I mean I like the cafe and all but…um…well…I’m on a temporary ban.” He grinned sheepishly.

“You…how did you get a temporary ban?” Obi-Wan blinked.

“It wasn’t my fault first of. The chancellor came to see me and um…apparently since he came looking for me that made me responsible somehow?” Anakin rubbed the back of his neck.

“…What happened?”

“…Four of the puppies peed on the Chancellor’s shoes and the edge of his robe.” Anakin coughed. “And um…he may have started to yell.”

Blinking at the blond, Obi-Wan felt his lips twitch up in amusement. “…I shouldn’t laugh but honestly, I’ve never been fond of the man for all you meet with him Anakin.” He chuckled and Anakin grinned a bit more.

“It was a bit amusing honestly. The puppies really didn’t like him though.”

“Hmm, well not everyone is an animal kind. Lets have some tea, meditation and then go spar, how about it Anakin?”

“That sounds like a plan.”

I was babysitting my younger cousins once (siblings, one was ten and one was four – let’s call them Conner and Tim respectively). They were playing with Legos. Conner was trying to build something elaborate, and Tim kept knocking over anything that Conner built.

Conner asked me to tell Tim to stop. I could have done just that – I could have said, “Tim, stop doing that.” Even if I had used the most benign voice possible, there would been an implicit threat: “If you don’t stop, I will threaten to punish you. And if you still don’t stop after that, I will actually punish you.”

I didn’t do what Conner wanted me to do because enacting psychological violence against a four-year-old would have made me physically ill. Instead, I told Conner, “If you don’t like the way Tim is playing, you don’t have to play with him.” Conner immediately understood. He walked away from the Legos.

Tim did not react well. He didn’t want to play by himself: he wanted someone to build things that he could destroy. He said something to the effect of, “But you have to play with me.” Over and over. He screamed quite a bit.

Conner’s only response was to repeat what I had told him: “I don’t have to play with you if I don’t want to.”

Despite the fact that I indirectly made Tim cry, I’m proud of how I responded to the situation. Tim was crying because he was having complex emotions about the very important rule of “People are allowed to stop playing with you; therefore, if you want to play with others, you need to be attentive to their needs and wants as well as your own.” I wanted him to internalize that rule, and that meant he needed to confront those big emotions; so I put up with the screaming.

(Tangent: This is why I think children should regularly have lots of other children to play with outside their immediate family. This rule is a lot less horrifying for four-year-olds if they can reliably find someone else to play with.)

I was much happier with this result, than with the alternate reality where Tim was crying because I put him in time-out and he doesn’t understand why. In that reality, Tim doesn’t learn empathy for Conner. He isn’t confronted with the Very Important Rule. Instead, he sees a power struggle: he was doing a thing that made him happy, and then I forced him to stop doing the thing that made him happy. Ergo, I’m gratuitously mean.

No, I’m happy with what actually happened. It might have taken him a while to learn empathy after that encounter, but he would never have learned it if I’d engaged him in a power struggle.