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Hello, survivor here who grew up with illness and disability and who loves to explore life through fictional characters because it’s a good way to think outside of your own experiences and learn and grow and also to have fun.

Can we stop pretending that unsavory fan content made by survivors is more powerful than big bucks goreporn movies coming out every year? There’s so much discourse about how someone’s geeky indulgent fanfic can cause a whole generation of sickos to feel validated by it and go commit horrible crimes but if an obscure fic is that powerful and influential because to you fiction = reality, why isn’t a musical where we root for the characters making people pies treated the same?

If fans shouldn’t be allowed to write weird or dark or gross things for coping, speculation, learning, healing, empathy, creative exercise, or just for fun just because there might be people who cannot separate fiction from reality, then why isn’t media seen by literal millions your target as well? Because individuals are easy targets and this is all performative and you don’t actually care about us, you hurt us because that’s how weak and powerless you are, you have to harass some 20 year old survivor just trying to explore things safely in the realm of fiction and act like their weird crackship fic with 800 hits is responsible for every new trauma victim created that month.

I’ve got a secret for you: telling survivors they should be ashamed of what they create and they should kill themselves because you personally are grossed out or uncomfortable with their OTP doesn’t protect them or anyone else from harm. The one doing harm is you. Stop harming real people in the name of hypotheticals. I have seen this go on for far too long. You hurt people who are already hurting. Who does that save?

Fellow survivors and even people who just like writing dark things and know that what they write isn’t reality: asking “what if?” and exploring that creatively is not a sin.

Hey. RPers.

If your response to someone saying “What you are doing / saying is hurtful” is to come up with a million flippant reasons and excuses as to why it isn’t… Please step away from the computer.

Invalidating someone else’s experiences and feelings with “it’s just rp” is never okay ever. Learn some empathy.

Belle and Beast 1991 vs. Belle and Beast 2017

Belle and Beast 1991: By the time we are introduced to Beast, he is already more animal than human. He has given up on the chance of the curse being broke. Rather than just accepting it, he lets it swallow his heart and soul. Every day that passes he gets worse and worse. Belle serves as the catalyst of change. By showing him kindness, love and respect, Beast is slowly able to gain back his humanity. He starts to act more and more like a human, with his decision of letting Belle go to find Maurice being his more human and compassionate decision yet. Even the decision to not kill Gaston is one that comes from everything Belle has taught him; even when facing his biggest enemy he decides to show compassion and mercy. When he passes away, he has embraced death knowing that the time he spent with Belle was worth more than his entire life. This realization allows Belle to confess her true feelings for him, allowing him to be reborn again not just as the human prince but the man Belle help create through her love. They started off as not being equals but gradually grew into something beyond friendship.

Beauty and the Beast 2017: Both Belle and Beast are almost equals. While Beast still retains a monstrous nature, he is more of a tortured, depressed individual that has kept the memories of his past, his interests and his feelings. Both Belle and Beast are tortured souls that need to seek refuge in each other. They are both cursed in a way; Belle’s curse is that she grew up never knowing how her mother passed away, living with a potentially depressed father that overprotects her from having a similar fate, in a small town that pretty much mocks her for who she is, and would go as far as to destroy an invention of hers just because they thought it was too unorthodox. By meeting Beast and learning more about his world, she was able to find someone who also felt lonely in a cruel world and confide in him her true feelings without being judged about it while also sharing similar interests. By meeting Belle, Beast was able to learn that there is a lot to a man than just what he does or how he looks like; that we are complex beings with sometimes tragic memories. He is able to learn compassion, empathy and patience through Belle. Both by the end are transformed once they learned that they had more in common than their realize, and by not being afraid of opening their hearts to each other, they became better people by the end.

Same story, same characters, different development. This is what I gathered after talking to many people about both films, and it just makes me appreciate Disney’s take on the fairy tale even more; it is more than just a prince begging a woman to marry him, it is about the TWO OF THEM finding compassion and love in each other and towards each other, with love become a healing factor in both adaptations.

Just my two cents.

Angels on Earth

Angels who are adrenaline junkies, chasing danger just hoping it will make them feel alive, feel infinite again. Angels who don’t care about the pain or injuries their adventures may bring; it only helps them feel more like themselves.

Angels who smoke, drink, do drugs, because hey, this body is temporary and wasn’t mine in the first place so what does it matter?

Angels who go out in the desert on clear nights looking for the strange lights in the sky, who go off in the woods looking for cryptids, trying to find something else that isn’t supposed to exist so they feel less alone.

Angels who break any and all laws they find useless, shaking their heads at the petty rules and restrictions placed on humans and at those who form the governments, pathetic humans who somehow find themselves fit to be placed above the rest. Angels who are rebels on earth as well as in heaven, impatiently awaiting the nearest revolution.

Angels who spill the truth about themselves to whoever will listen after one too many drinks or one too many nights stuck inside their own head, who know how delusional they sound but can’t bring themselves to care anymore.

Angels who’ve expertly mastered playing the part of the human they’re wearing, sometimes feeling bad that they’ve deceived so many of their vessel’s loved ones who don’t know that their child, their sibling, their friend, is long gone and replaced by some unfathomable consciousness.

Angels who stay armed at all times, whether it be switchblades in back pockets or revolvers under mattresses. Angels who sleep with a knife on their bedside table just in case their past comes looking for them. Angels who feel naked without a weapon.

Angels with little to no empathy who’ve learned how to portray emotions and reactions as well as anyone who feels, who can almost understand the feelings on a logical and mental level but not entirely. Angels who form attachments with the mind, because they can’t with their heart.

Angels who are a far cry from the selfless beings humans write them off as, who don’t care what happens to humanity, save perhaps for a handful of humans. Angels who only truly care about one or two people, but would level empires for them.

Angels who abandon their charges because they’re beyond help at this point, because they’re uncooperative, because they piss their angel off one too many times.

Angels who recognize each other on the street, perhaps once friends, lovers, enemies. They don’t speak. Their eyes say everything their mouths don’t.

Angels who don’t want to go back to heaven, who would rather stay trapped in an endless cycle of human lives than return to the corrupt shell of what heaven used to be.

Angels who avoid religious establishments like the plague, because how dare any mundane soul claim to know the doctrines of the divine.

Angels who are depressed, who are sick of the empty feeling in their chest, who don’t know how to feel whole again.

Angels that know that even going back to heaven will never heal old wounds, that nothing with ever be the same after their family was torn apart by the war.

Angels who remember nothing of home or who they were, who have only a feeling of divinity burning in their soul as their guiding compass.

Angels who remember too much, who feel it eating away at them every moment of every day, who think their lives would be easier if they could just forget. Angels who resent the knowledge of who and what they are, but know they’d be lost without it.

Angels who were made to destroy instead of create, who lament that humans can’t see that destruction can be just as beautiful and pure and raw as creation.

Angels who don’t remember God, who never knew Him, who don’t care to. Angels who know they wouldn’t get along.

I honestly would like to some more human!Enjolras…because we look at him through Grantaire’s eyes so often, I think it’s easy not to give him any attributes that are truly difficult or unattractive.

But give my Enjolras whose biggest battle is with his own depression. Whose first reaction to injustice is not anger and outrage but a profound sadness because he feels the pain of others so deeply. Who has to learn to turn that sadness into the outrage that fuels him to make change.

Give me Enjolras who is charming but not completely sure of himself. Who wipes his sweaty palms on his pants before making a speech in front of people. Who is never convinced that he is really the great leader his friends tell him he is. Who is constantly afraid that he will lead them into something he can’t get them through. Who has to trust the faith Les Amis put in him sometimes, because he can’t always believe in himself.

Give me Enjolras who has privilege he has to learn to be aware of. Who grew up well-off and only realizes as an adult that that doesn’t make him somehow better than others. Who never heard of white privilege until his friends had to call him out for not acknowledging that there is still a very real divide between him and people of colour, but who fights every day after that to be aware of his own thoughts and attitudes and to question them. Who, although he is trans and queer, still has to learn intersectionality and empathy in order to become a good activist.

Give me an Enjolras who isn’t perfect! Give me an Enjolras who struggles! give me an Enjolras who had to work to become the person Grantaire fell in love with! Give me an Enjolras who is human.

What you do in this universe comes back to you. Some call it karma. A lot of people focus on good karma. But, realize there will also be things that are not so pleasant. When that time comes, use it as a learning experience. Accept that “bad” karma, realize what it is that is coming back to you. Realize “this is the pain that the person I hurt felt” realize it is a learning lesson on empathy and understanding. And after that point on, choose to do what you believe is right and put good energy and good things in the world. Continue working on yourself and that inner peace.

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Hello!I would like to ask what's your take on Kuchel Ackerman as a mother and what kind child was Captain Levi?Many thanks♡

Gladly, anon! It is my belief that Kuchel was a loving and caring mother who did her absolute best in caring for him. Levi’s empathetic nature is a reflection of her love. That’s the tl;dr, of it, but I’m going to grab a few moments from the manga to support this.

Chapter 65: “She won’t listen to me and says she’s gonna have it”
Kuchel and Kenny argued about the pregnancy but Kuchel wouldn’t budge. She stood firm against her notorious big brother. With or without family support, she wanted this child. 

Chapter 69: Levi is a clean freak because of her
I saw a post floating around not too long ago that suggested Levi was raised in filth but I don’t think canon supports that. The curtains are shabby and worn, but otherwise the room is spotless. Levi was dirty when Kenny found him, but Kuchel had been dead for days at that point. I suspect while she lived she took great pride in keeping him and his environment clean. Levi’s tidy nature is a reflection of his mother.

Chapter 69: “They were all slaves to something”
As part of Kenny’s “everyone is a slave to something” speech, Kuchel is shown with the word “children”. Levi was her purpose in living. He was the thing that kept her going. As a whore in the underground her situation was terrible, but she was proud of her child and devoted her life to him.

Levi wearing her clothing long after her death is indicative of his love in return. He held onto that small part of her.

The best evidence that Kuchel was a loving mother is Levi himself. His caring and empathetic nature didn’t happen by chance. I’m going to quote @teetanjaeger from this post. Amazingly, she wrote it before we learned about Kuchel in chapter 69:

In developmental psychology, empathy is generally considered a learned ability. We are not born with an innate sense of empathy for other people. This is why children are really egotistical little humans. (You know that joke about children being sociopaths? Its kind of true…) So, in order for Levi to have this level of empathy, he had to have learned it somewhere. It certainly wasn’t from Kenny…

Generally, empathy is learned during the toddler years. Children model their behavior off of the adults around them, its how they learn to interact with the world that they don’t understand. 

In case you haven’t see it, this art by Sophie is amazing and best captures my personal headcanons about Kuchel and Levi. 

Thanks for the ask, anon!

A Note of Reflection and Intention

Customers, Friends, and fellow Astral Adventurers,

This is a small blog focused on keeping you in the loop, and to basically be a “state of the business address” so to speak. This is a bit lengthy, there may be errors and misstatements as this was written as a kind of stream-of-consciousness. Please ignore any errors that may be present!

First of all, Magickal Menagerie is composed of two people. We haven’t ever considered ourselves a ‘company’ or a ‘business’ in the classical senses of the world. As we learn, develop, and grow – so does Magickal Menagerie. As we falter, err, and mess up, so does Magickal Menagerie. As we improve, re-evaluate, and progress, so does Magickal Menagerie. We are human. Magickal Menagerie is, in a way, human as it is the reflection of ourselves, our souls, and the work that we do and aim to do. There’s no corporate office, no team of PR agents, and no employees beyond us. We are two hopeful, optimistic, and loving people that want to bring a passion of ours to the world at large. If something we do is upsetting, doesn’t work well, or slows down our process (such as a way we handle shipping, etc.) we want to know about it. Email us, tell us what the issue is, and we promise we will hear you out. As we -are- human, there is also the experience of hate-mail and abusive writing. We believe in all of you. Even those of you that dislike us, wish us harm, we love you still because you are still innately human as we are. You feel the same emotions we feel, though things you may be passionate about are not yet on our radar or have not been examined as closely on our end. We want you to teach us. We want you to show us what matters to you, and if something we do infringes on that, we want to know about it. We aim to stay true to what we personally know, but if we are making an egregious error in your eyes, we want to know about it so we can re-evaluate and re-consider. There will invariably be some differences in our belief systems and those of others, but we don’t aim to bring discomfort to anyone. Magickal Menagerie is a collage of our ideas, our experiences, and our faith. We are pantheistic and hold all divinity very highly in our hearts. We do our best to thoroughly communicate with all entities and share only what we know to be the highest truth. If you can help us expand our knowledge, that is all the better for us. As we learn, so does Magickal Menagerie.

Now, onto the topic of our here-and-there absence from Tumblr and the Internet. We have still been working on orders throughout this time, and we thank you for your patience.

Many have told us not to put our business out there, but we stand by the belief that Magickal Menagerie reflects us as humans. We want transparency and we want improvement for all of you. This is why we want to share with you the reality of the experiences we have had that will make us better able to serve you, to understand you, and to help meet your needs on the personal level.

We went through some rather interesting and momentous changes in our lives, which, unfortunately, have impacted our speed. We expect that to no longer be the case shortly. Over the four years we have been in ‘business,’ we have gone through some interesting shifts. We moved, Carmen was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we were afterward involved in three car accidents, one of which resulted in months of physical therapy. Curtis was diagnosed with ADHD and Carmen was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, both ailments we have had for quite a long time without realizing it.

During this time we have tried to make sure that our customers and friends did not suffer with waiting and irritation. This was not always the case, and for that we really apologize. We have received treatment. We have had our morale boosted by friends. We have taken each blow as a lesson. Each kind letter and each not-so-kind letter as powerful lessons. We have used these lessons to grow as people. We have worked on expanding ourselves and our services. We believe in personal evolution, and only from pain and struggle can we truly find that within ourselves. We have learned powerful skills of empathy and service from doctors, lawyers, patients, strangers, and old friends. We have been so supremely blessed to finally understand our struggles and symptoms and to be able to do something about them. We are so supremely blessed to also have such caring friends, customers, peers, and spirit companions who were there every step of the way. We will not take that patience, that help, and that guidance for granted. They were tools we will use to further ourselves, to further our craft, and to further our grasp on what we do.

There is still much more to do, to learn, to make, and to understand, to learn, and to improve but this is our dedication, our pledge to do so. You have all blessed us, and we hope to do good in this world in return for the grace afforded to us.

This period will be remembered as one of the most tumultuous in history. There are masses of people coming together, building each other, becoming stronger individually. We want to be a part of that. We want to help expand consciousness, learn and teach, grow and help grow. In this time that we have been with you, we have received numerous letters, art pieces, gifts, care packages, kind notes, and amazing stories. We have connected some beautiful, powerful, lovely entities with people of equal beauty, power, and love. That is the intrinsic reward for us. There are many things we could be doing. There are many things we could try to do. Magickal Menagerie has been one of the biggest challenges of both of our lives. It is, however, the most fulfilling thing either of us have been able to do. We felt the call to do it, and we have been blessed to do it as long as we have. We look forward to four more years. We look forward to growing, evolving, and doing better by each and every one of you. It is a work in progress. Nothing is built or perfected overnight, and we are not sure we will ever be the perfect duo that this world and these people deserve, but we dearly want to be. You have all been so amazing, so insightful, and so transformative. We are all struggling with something. Every one of you we have spoken with in depth, every one of those order notes or emails has opened our eyes to how much each of you deal with. There’s so much anxiety, tension, dysphoria, and drama in this world, and so many of us are reaching for any amount of peace we can obtain.

Here’s to the creation of great change, and to the creation of great peace.

This world is wild, wonderful, terrifying, and in major need of new voices.

We are going to work on some ways to channel the transformative voices of our community (the paranormal community/spirit companion community), and are working on ideas that will allow for open, peaceful communication that evokes understanding rather than violent discourse. So many people are hurting, and over different things. Maybe we can create change through understanding at this lower, community level. Maybe we can learn from each other if we open our minds a bit.

We cannot thank you enough for teaching us about your passions – about what excites you and upsets you, and for teaching us also about the beautiful spectrum of experiences there are in spirituality. This is the most diverse, powerful, and experimental community we have had the blessing of experiencing, and we hope to help it grow in all the right ways.

We love each and every one of you – customers, friends, commentators. We haven’t had the ability or time to communicate with you all in the ways we have wanted to, but that time and that forum is coming. We thank you guys for the outpouring of support we have had since opening and especially as we have grown and evolved. We started (online) on April 16th 2013 with a big dream to show people our experiences in the otherrealm. When we were first experiencing the spirit companionship aspect of our journeys, it was not an affordable venture if you wanted to have the work done for you. Justifiably so, as the conjurers at the time were overloaded and were pioneering an art that we hope to continue to develop conjointly. We had a dream to be able to bring a different aspect to this ‘market,’ and connect amazing beings with people of equal bravery and gall. This idea was a turning point for us, something we were and still are highly passionate about.

Truthfully, we never expected anything to come of it.

Now we have a community of people supporting us, teaching us, and showing us things we have never experienced. This is the highest blessing to us. No matter what struggle we have gone through trying to maintain it, grow it, nurture it, and make sure that it helps the most people, this dream and this blessing has been the highest honor we could have received. You have trusted us with helping you on one of the most momentous of journeys, and for that we cannot thank you enough. That is something we will never forget or take for granted.

You are the soul that brings life to this project, and you are the breath that inspires it.

We love you all, and thank you.

Here’s to four more years. ❤

Happy anniversary. 4/16/17

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are there two different words for the different colors in korean like red, blue, etc. cause i've seen different words for each but dont know their uses

You’re right! Some colours have two or more names, and a select few colours even have a Native Korean adjective form! Here is a list of colours, the Native Korean adjective names will be marked in bold.

  • Red/Crimson: 빨간색, 빨강, 빨갛다
  • Red: 적색, 홍색
  • Vermillion: 주색
  • Maroon: 적갈색
  • Dark Pink: 진분홍색
  • Pink: 분홍색, 핑크색
  • Light Pink: 연분홍색
  • Orange: 주황색, 오렌지색
  • Yellow: 노란색, 노랑, 노랗다
  • Light Yellow: 연노란색
  • Beige: 베이지색
  • Ivory: 아이보리색
  • Green: 초록색
  • Light Green / Yellow-Green: 연두색
  • Turquoise: 청록색 
  • Indigo / Navy Blue: 남색,네이비
  • Blue: 파란색, 파랑, 청색, 파랗다, 푸르다
  • Sky Blue: 하늘색
  • Purple / Violet: 보라색 
  • Light Purple: 연보라색
  • Brown (Chestnut): 밤색
  • Brown: 갈색
  • Brown (Yellow Ochre): 황토색
  • White: 하얀색, 하양, 흰색, 백색, 하얗다, 희다
  • Gray: 회색, 진회색
  • Black: 검은색, 검정색, 까만, 흑색, 검다 
  • Silver: 은색 
  • Gold: 금색

That’s quite a nice vocabulary builder! 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

there will be people who use you. they are good at getting close so you care about them. when they see your scars, they’ll flash their own. you will feel kin to them. you know what it is to struggle with things.

and at first you think: they’ll help me if i help them.

but it doesn’t happen. you love them deeply so you always pick up the phone. it doesn’t matter that you have a test the next day or that you’re going through things of your own. you support them.

they are good at pretend. they will play like they are your friend, so you endlessly give to them. after a while you realize: it really doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life, some more pressing emergency is always happening to them. it is a hard thing to recognize, because you don’t want people to hurt like you do. 

i have a friend who never asks me if i’’m okay. she only ever texts me to tell me she wants to die, but never goes to therapy or does any of the things i tell her to do to help herself. once when i came back from my grandfather’s funeral she demanded to know why i’d been gone, and when i explained, she said that without me, she’d almost passed out of this world. i had to lay down on the floor; nothing made sense anymore. i want her to get better. i want to help.

but there are people out there who will use you. who don’t care about getting better, they care about you giving up your time, your effort, your everything. until you are drained of it. i don’t mean those who give back, who will gladly do anything for you, who you know you can trust. who you don’t mind giving up the test for, because you know they’d do the same in a similar spot.

i mean those who don’t know you. who pretend that they care about you but are using your empathy as a sore spot. who take more than they need. who demand your attention all of the time but don’t care if you bleed.

You know, I used to wonder why a lot of people I viewed as “extreme SJWs” used to get so angry all the time. I get it now. It’s because you can state your point calmly and politely, back it up with documented proof of harmful tropes and try to educate people on why something is harmful and constantly be met with “lol rabid sjw” “lol buuut it’s not racist/sexist/homophobic because…” “get the fuck out of the fandom“, “stop being so negative! You’re hurting my mental health”, “It’s only fiction!” and my personal favourite “but I’m POC/LGBT+/female so I can’t be racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic!” 

It’s honestly so fucking exhausting that people would rather continue to be ignorant than stop for a minute and self-reflect. It’s not about shipping wars or “positivity”, it’s not about what you can and cannot ship, it’s about how marginalized groups get shit on constantly in our media and perhaps that’s something that should be spoken out against. It’s okay to enjoy something that has serious issues, but at least acknowledge there’s serious issues.

The amount of vitriol aimed at people for speaking out against these problems on this site is off the charts. The amount of people that take it personally and have a massive victim complex over it is ridiculous. Instead of acting like it’s a personal attack, try to understand where other people are coming from and learn some empathy. 

I see this a lot in prominent m/m fandoms. A lot of these women are queer themselves. How do you feel when you constantly see nasty tropes against female characters? Or the fetishization of f/f relationships? I can tell you it hurts me all the time. I get tired of seeing women treated like objects in fiction. As something to be used to further the male character’s story or used as a “reward” for him. Is it so hard to understand that seeing queer men being abused, belittled and written poorly hurts queer men in the same way?

Media isn’t created in a vacuum. It reflects society’s view on certain topics. It’s painful to see over and over and over again that “queer men deserve nothing but pain” and that “queer women only exist for male entertainment”. Qu*erbaiting helps perpetuate these stereotypes by saying “lol your sexuality is only good for viewer ratings and for entertainment purposes only”. It’s saying “LGBT+ people exist for straight men and women’s amusement and fantasies”.

and another thing: lgbt+ kids aren’t “punishments” or “lessons” for homophobic/transphobic parents to “learn from”

lgbt+ kids are normal kids who deserve parents who will love them unconditionally. lgbt+ kids are regular kids who should not have to be tormented to enlighten their parents. lgbt+ kids are not a tool for other’s education. lgbt+ kids are kids and should not need to confront homophobia/transphobia from their own families.

Virtual humans help aspiring doctors learn empathy

For medical student Katie Goldrath, the first time delivering difficult health news came when she had to tell a young woman named Robin and her mom, Delmy, that Robin had leukemia.

As she broke the news, Goldrath was conscious of not only her words but also her body language: Was she leaning in, looking the patient in the eye and expressing empathy?

The conversation, though, was just for practice.

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last week on Steven Universe: do things that you enjoy for yourself, not to satisfy someone else’s desires

this week on Steven Universe: it’s okay to heal from trauma at a different pace compared to others. there’s no rush in healing, and progress is progress. you do you.

I feel like I’m repeating myself every time an episode airs at this point, but this show is so so so good for kids as a learning piece, and for teenagers and young adults and above who’re watching it. it deals with so much emotional health-related issues and approaches them in a healthy way, and people learn empathy along the way, too. it’s just such a great show, i love steven universe a lot

Here’s What GOP Bill Would (And Wouldn’t) Change For Women’s Health Care - NPR

The republican war on women continues unabated into its 6th decade. When will republican women ever learn? What empathy genes of republican women are mutated.

The Affordable Care Act changed women’s health care in some big ways: It stopped insurance companies from charging women extra, forced insurers to cover maternity care and contraceptives and allowed many women to get those contraceptives (as well as a variety of preventive services, like Pap smears and mammograms) at zero cost.

Now Republicans have the opportunity to repeal that law, also known as Obamacare. But not all will be lost, at least not yet, as not all Obamacare gains will go away. 

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personally, as a victim of bullying, jan and ana really got to me. sylas is a whole different issue, and everyone has a lot of growing to do, but jan is at a place in her arc where i personally am Not Okay with her. i hope she grows more as a person as the story goes, but for now, can't say i root for the world to reward her until she learns a little empathy. but i guess the fact that you have people as divided over fictional people as they get over real ones speaks to your skill an author.

this is the only kind of january-is-bad opinion i’ll listen to tbh. bc you acknowledge she’s not a static character and also that she isn’t real :y it’s the people that talk about her like she’s a real person that needs to be lectured (or worse: the people that want her to be punished) that grate on me

i respect u bc you respect me as an author and trust me to know what i’m doing with her as a story teller. (and i’m sorry to hear about the bullying..!!! as a fellow childhood bully victim i feel u)