Fitness shoot with Jeremy

Another portfolio fitness shoot. This one was done in downtown Phoenix,
we were super rushed with light and I hadn’t done really any location scouting before hand. So we really “winged it” but im happy with the results, its always good for me to work quick and stay on my toes in a scenario like this. This shoot was all shot with my Canon 5Dmk2 and 1 Einstein™ E640 with a large soft box. post production was done with lightroom 4 with the exception of some cloning done in CS4

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Gorman Ridge Rally 2013

Last weekend (at the age of 19) was my Little brothers first rally race.
The race was held in about an hour north of LA in a place called Gorman Ridge. It was convenient that i was on my way home from Seattle/Canada that weekend and it happened to be on my way home. I arrived with only 10 mins to spare before his first stage. Unfortunately they 1st gear blew on the start of the first stage. the limped the car through the rest of the stages still ending up 7th in AWD Open class. (he’s driving the black/white Subaru GC8 *top pic) with hardly any time to grab gear I just ran out onto the course with my 7D and luckily caught a few sweet photos on one of the jumps at the end of stage 3.

Hope you enjoy this little series from the weekend.-Lear