leaping lena

Not that we needed it, but if we did need more evidence that Kara deserves better than Mon-El, we got it tonight.

A few weeks ago, Kara ended up powerless on another planet. There, despite her lack of powers, she did everything she could to protect to people she’d gone to save, and was hurt multiple times by the cell guards in order to stop the people she’d gone to help from being taken.

Whilst this was happening, despite going there to apparently help her, Mon-El just watched in silence.

Tonight Kara went to save Lena and try stop Lillian Luthor. Whilst there she was temporarily incapacitated after one of Lex Luthor’s weapons was used against her.

As this happened, Lena leaped forward with “don’t hurt her!” despite being restrained by Hank Henshaw, and she was then thrown to the ground and knocked out.

Mon-El knew Kara was completely powerless there, yet chose to do nothing.

Kara was down temporarily and Lena’s a human, so fragile compared to those she was with at the time, yet still Lena tried.

Mon-El did nothing when Kara had no powers and she was being electrocuted repetitively. Lena tried to do something when Kara was temporarily down but certainly not out and still had her powers.

Stop trying to insist on this bullshit love story of Kara and Mon-El when he only ever does things for her that aren’t a serious risk to him whilst still making him look good. Don’t you dare insist on this being some great new romance for both of them when he doesn’t deserve anything from her, despite how many times she’s gone out of her way to help him no matter how horribly he treated her. The fact he’s less awful now isn’t much of an improvement, and he should be grateful she’s tolerating him, and we should all know she deserves someone who can be her true partner, her equal, someone who helps her be better and stronger instead of dragging her down to their level.

Kara is, in the wise words of Cat Grant, smart and talented and astonishing. She is strong and brave and always tries to see the best in people and help people as much as she can. Don’t lessen this incredible woman to try and justify the existence of this new character. It’s an insult to Kara, and it’s an insult to everything this show is supposed to represent.

So, before episode 20 I was writing something aaaand I got this… Don’t judge me.

Kara tried to control her strength as she opened the door of Lena’s office to leave. By Rao, she could break that crap, but she was aware that if she did, Lena would not be the only one to know about her secret identity. And again by Rao, she’d like so much that Lena had not figured it out. Unfortunately, during the Daxamite’s attack, Kara was forced to reveal her identity and after that Lena simply did not talk to her anymore. In her failed attempt to get things right, Kara had received dry and cold responses from her friend and decided that she should leave before Lena got stressed enough to call security.

    She had an idea of how Lena was feeling. Deceived. Like everyone else, Kara had lied to her. Obviously, in Kara’s mind was much simpler. It was for her safety. Lena already had too many problems and Kara did not want to be one of them. And just the opposite was happening.

    Jess watched the blonde girl take the elevator and run her fingers through her eyes before the door closed. It was clear that the argument between her boss and Kara had been worse than she had imagined. Not that Jess was listening … Maybe just a little … But she could not sit still watching Lena’s only friend leave the building practically in tears. She knew how important Kara was to Lena and vice versa.

    For this reason, Jess got up, took some papers in her hands and knocked lightly on the door of Lena’s office. After a slight “come in”, the secretary entered and watched the figure concentrated on her laptop. She was sad, and it seemed to be the fifth glass of water she drank in less than 15 minutes. It was Lena’s craze. Whenever she got stressed or nervous she drank more water than normal.

    "Yes, Jess?“ The firm voice pulled the secretary back to reality. Her plan had to work.

    "Ms. Luthor, I just saw Kara taking the elevator and she…”

    "It’s all right, Jess. Kara’s just… Well, I do not know what she’s got. I’m too busy to know.“ The words were spoken without the young Luthor’s gaze straying from the computer. Now Jess understood why Kara had been so shaken. Lena had never been cold like that, especially with her friend. Jess would need a great strategy to get Luthor’s attention.

    "Ms. Luthor…” that was a dangerous terrain. She did not know how far she could go with Lena. She hoped that the gentle Lena Luthor was still inside that bitterness sitting on the armchair. “I know I’m in no position to give opinions about your personal life, but-” Lena’s green eyes lifted. Now Jess had her attention. “I’m sure, whatever Kara did, she did not mean to hurt you.” She paused. Lena shifted uncomfortably in her chair and rested her face on her left hand.

    "And what gives you that idea?“ I mean, that she did something that hurt me?” Jess hugged the papers and looked at her boss.

    "She was crying as she stepped into the elevator.“ The Luthor’s jaw tightened. Had Kara really gone out in that state? And it was her fault … But … "Miss. Luthor, I do not know exactly what happened between the two of you, but you really matter to Kara. And I’m sure she feels the same.”

     "Did you finish?“ Jess nodded and left. When the door closed, Lena ran her hands through her black hair and filled her glass again. Her mouth was dry and not even the water was helping her. The image of Kara weeping, with swollen eyes and reddish cheeks, was haunting her. She hated the idea of being the reason of her best friend’s tears. She had to fight the urge to leave her office immediately and run to Kara and hug her. She had work to do. However, she knew too well that she would not be able to focus on it.

     A quiet music played inside Kara’s apartment. She was lying on the couch staring at the ceiling and sighing every ten seconds. Her body refused to fall asleep and she wondered how long it would take Alex to come and check what was happening. Kara had ignored all her sister’s calls and messages. She did not want to talk through messages, she wanted Alex to hug her and say that everything was fine and that Lena would forgive her soon. She wanted to believe that she had not destroyed her most important friendship.

     There was a knock on the door. Alex’s timing was perfect as always, but Kara did not want to get up and open the door for her. Instead, she made a muffled noise that the door was open and folded her arms across her chest. She heard the door open and close and then cautious footsteps on the floor going toward her. She sighed, relieved to have a comforting presence in that heavy air of her apartment, but even so, she did not look at the figure standing behind her.

     "Alex, I’m sorry for ignoring your calls.” there was a pause. “I’m not in the mood to talk.”

     "Then I’d better go.“ hang on. This was not Alex’s voice. Kara stood up in a leap to find Lena standing a few steps from the couch. Her smile was immediate, but she tried to control it by looking at the floor. It was seconds of silence that seemed more like the years Kara had spent in the Phantom Zone.

     "Hey …” she broke the silence herself and looked back at Lena. The brunette smiled slightly.

     "Hey.“ a little more silence and bewildered stares.

     "Did something happen?”

     "No, huh …“ Lena took a step forward and Kara had to hold herself so she would not pull away. She did not want to make Lena feel worse. She could not do that. But it was obvious from the low gaze that she had sensed the tension in the body of the Kryptonian. "I just came…” come on, Lena, be brave. “I came to apologize.” Kara’s jaw dropped for a moment. Apologies. She was apologizing.

     "Lena, you do not …“

     "Let me talk, Kara.” the Luthor’s bag fell to the ground and she took another step toward her friend. “I said horrible things. I just … I felt deceived by the one person I thought would not hide secrets from me.”

      "Lena …“

      "I was selfish. You had every right to hide your powers from me. You had every right to feel scared and I just proved it with my attitudes.” She lowered her head and clasped her hands in front of her. “Still, you accepted me for who I am, a Luthor. Even with all the fame this name has, you did not judge me and never left my side.” Lena held Kara’s face in her hands. “And I promise I will, too.” I will not judge you and I will not leave your side. Kara Danvers, you are and always will be my hero, with or without a cape.“

    "I love you” Kara whispered before wrapping Lena in a hug. She could barely believe what her ears had just heard. Someone loved her. Kara loved her. And she loved Kara. She would forgive Kara again and again just to listen to those words one more time. Because that’s what friends are for.


Originally, it was General Westmoreland who played a major part in establishing the most famous Recondo school of them all—MACV Recondo School.

In 1958, 101st Airborne Division commander Major General William Westmoreland gave Korean War Medal of Honor recipient Major Lewis Millet an important assignment. His task? Establishing a condensed, but intense, patrolling and raiding school for the division. Westmoreland was concerned that his division’s paratroopers needed more intensive training in raiding and reconnaissance patrolling, but was aware that the U.S. Army Ranger School was unable to provide training on the scale he envisioned for an entire division.

When conventional U.S. troop units began deploying to the Republic of Vietnam, the men of Project Delta (B-52) and its predecessor, Project Leaping Lena, had already honed their skills and gained experience in conducting reconnaissance and other special operations in Vietnam, as well as in training indigenous troops in these arts. It soon became evident that the conventional units would need a reconnaissance capability beyond their organic cav troops and infantry battalion recon platoons.

In September 1966, the 1st Brigade 101st Airborne Division sent 10 paratroopers through Delta’s training program, and soon other units were begging to send some of their soldiers through the course. By August 1966, things were getting out of hand. Delta’s CO went to Colonel Kelly, who at this time was reorganizing and expanding 5th SF Group’s intelligence operations, and in the process of organizing and bringing online Project Omega (B-50), Project Sigma (B-56), and a group recon school.

In the midst of all this, Project Delta was also training LRRPs for the conventional units. Colonel Kelly went to General Westmoreland (by then MACV’s commanding general), and on July 1st, 1966, Major A. J. Baker was given the job of forming and commanding the MACV Recondo School, based on Delta’s recon experience and the 101st’s Recondo School. From that beginning, the MACV Recondo School at Nha Trang was on its way.

A Very Tiva Holiday - Chapter 14


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Chapter 14: Snow-Nozzos

“It’s really coming down,” Ziva remarks as she comes in the door, stomping her feet to get the snow off of her boots. Tony looks up from where he’s sitting coloring with Lena, a sheepish grin on his face as he puts down the pink crayon he’d been doodling with.

“Mama!” the girl shrieks, running to the front door where her mother is removing her scarf. She’d no sooner finished hanging it on the hook beside the door when Lena leaps into her arms, exclaiming, “Daddy’s drawin’ princesses!

“Is he now?” she murmurs in response, a smirk playing across her face as she turns to give her daughter a big smooch, her lips smacking loudly against Lena’s soft cheek. The girl squirms in her mother’s arms as she readies herself for another loud kiss attack, when she notices the white flakes on Ziva’s jacket.

“It’s snowing!” she squeals, wriggling free of her mother’s arms and sliding to the ground. She bends down to examine the melting puddles left behind by Ziva’s boots, and asks, “Can we play outside?”

“Why don’t you and Daddy get your coats on and go play?”

“Noooo!” she wails, adding, “You have to come too!

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