My 3-year-old Nephew has taken an interest in playing computer games–so whenever he sees me playing, he tries to help by pushing all the buttons.

This is, of course, rather distracting so, instead, I have him push only one or two buttons (usually Forward and/or Space Bar so he can he can see what his button presses are doing) while I do everything else.

He’s really good about listening and pressing the button(s) when I tell him to so playing together is always fun.

The only problem is that he never wants to quit playing and do something else :/

Day 191 Albany to Wellstead 102K

It’s a case of leaping frogging from one town to the next on this highway. Today was a pretty easy one. Not so many hills and for a change a bit of wind behind me.

The south coast highway stretches for 600K and I will need to cycle every inch, plus some which I will elaborate below. I try to keep myself occupied by counting parrots, mostly noisy black cockatoo who screech when they see me and follow me until I am escorted off their territory. The biggest concern are road trains, trucks pulling 3 wagons behind them. To be fair they give a wide berth, if I see oncoming traffic I quickly get off the road. There will only be one loser in that match up.

Arrived at the campsite at Wellstead, population of 24, to be met by the owner farmer. A spit of Graham Gooch. Really nice guy and in predicting a storm this evening offered me the use of his caravan. That’s his dog in the photo, apparently her stare is enough to herd sheep. She has 8 pups at home and she was glad to chill out on the back of the truck for a few hours.

Now the pain in the arse. Due to all the rainfall a bridge has come down on route which means a 80K diversion and on gravel!Not what I was looking for. I will ask at the next stop if it’s passable by cycle, hopefully so.