leap and land

(Context: A benevolent snake has materialized beds for most of the party, and a hammock for the warlock, who hails from an island and hasn’t seen one in months.)

Warlock: I run STRAIGHT across the room and launch STRAIGHT into that!
Cleric: (jokingly, OOC) Roll for that!
Me: (dropping OOC) Actuallyyyy, I probably should.  I’m rolling Dex.
DM: Go for it.


DM: Casul is so excited to see the hammock that she runs across the room and leaps into it, but lands so hard that it swings around three times before dumping her out on the stone floor.
Warlock: wheeeEEEEeeee…
Cleric: I cast Healing Word, and the word is “ouch”.

Snowball Fight of Fate

this is was requested by a beautiful anon (and i hope this satisfies what they had in mind) this turned out to be longer than expected but it’s cute and an easy read. 

holiday advent fic masterlist

“Peter! Fucking stop!” you demanded as he threw snowballs at you, continuously.

“What, why?” Peter teased, still throwing them at you with inhuman speed.

Hiding behind your snow wall, you shouted indignantly, “We promised not to use our powers! If we hadn’t I could’ve definitely pummeled you by now.”

You could hear his cute fucking laugh echo.

“Sure, I’ll let you think that.”

Triggered by his pompous attitude, you leaped from your fortress and landed in Peter’s. With the shock still paralyzing him, he just stared at you, wondering how you could’ve jumped 10 feet. You tackled him, pining him to the snow. He was held down, unable to escape. His eyes bore into yours and you could feel his soft, warm breath against your cold cheek. When you realized your face was an inch away from his, you quickly scrambled away. As soon as Peter wordlessly sat back up into a seated position, you smushed a handful of snow onto his face and ran back to your base.

Fueled by competitiveness and pride, you and Peter fought in the snow till dusk. And by then, Steve was worried that you’d both catch colds and practically dragged you back into the compound. But the end of the game didn’t mean that you and he had forgotten about the awkward encounter on the snow.

“Steve, I’m not cold,” you whined as he pushed you into your room.

“Young lady, I expect you to take a hot shower. And then come down for dinner.”

“Yes, mother.”

After a pizza and pasta dinner, you lingered in the kitchen until everyone left. When the coast was clear, you tiptoed to reach the top shelf that you hid your expensive ass hot chocolate. But you were short by 3 inches.

“Fuck me,” you grunted as you started to climb the counter.

Just then, you saw webs shoot past you. Behind you stood Peter with the hot chocolate in his hand and a smug smile on his face.

“So this is where you hide your good food,” he chuckled.

You hopped off the counter and eyed him suspiciously. “If I give you some, promise not to tell the others?”

30 minutes later, you found yourself in a Christmas onesie, chilling on the couch, watching Harry Potter with Peter. You took small sips of the hot chocolate, savoring the sweet and smooth flavor of the coco and the softness of the marshmallow. Peter on the other hand, gulped that shit down like it was a shot of vodka.

“Isn’t your throat burned?” you asked disapprovingly.

“Worth it,” he cringed.

When he heard your loud laugh, he observed how your eyes closed, how your nose scrunched up, how your mouth opened and smiled, and he observed how he was falling for you.

You cleared your throat to bring his attention back. “You okay?”

“Yeah…I think so.”

Pursing your lips, you turned back to the movie. But throughout the entire movie, you couldn’t help feel a kind of…tension. Amid the festive atmosphere of hot chocolate and flickering tree lights of red and green, there was another air of…something. You couldn’t place your finger on it, until the end of the movie came and Peter finally found the courage to speak up.

Placing his empty mug on the coffee table, he turned to you. “(Y/n), can I talk to you about something?”

Your face buried in the mountain of marshmallows, you simply nodded.

Taking a gulp, he said timidly, “I really…I’ve always felt a…The moment I saw you…I like you.”

When he said those words, the air seemed to come to a stand still. The atoms stopped buzzing. You blinked blankly, the mug still in your mouth.

“I like like you. And I think I realized that today.”

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So today I had a good day and it started off with meeting a very nice divorce lawyer. She’s awesome and she’s just the right type of person to help me and she understands my concerns and what I want… Unlike some other really crazy lawyers. And I have to thank the Assassin’s Creed fandom for bringing us together.

You see earlier this year, I left my (ex)husband. I was alone and sad and angry at the world. I was in a bad place like Cal. I didn’t think things would get better.

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And then some of my friends (I’m going to name names, @butterynutjob and @fluffle-talk) here told me there was a group that liked to cosplay Assassin’s Creed where I live so maybe I didn’t have to sit alone and color by myself. I was feeling down, but I talked to them online and they made me feel better. They told me I should get to know my bad ass self. They invited me to come and kick ass with them.

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So I did… I came out and found that I had a lot of really cool new friends just like Cal did. And it wasn’t long until we had our own girl gang….

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And there’s three of us–Cal, Maria and Elise–and we’re badass and we’ve all got each other’s backs so when they saw their Cal wasn’t doing so good…

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They came to help her get back up and keep on going. They saw I needed to get out of the prison I was stuck in. And one of them who had been there and done that, held out her hand and reminded me that we’re a sisterhood after all… And sisters stick together and she helped me find the right lawyer. So today I found out I have another friend I didn’t know I had. She’s one of us in disguise–as in not a cosplayer–but nevertheless willing to work with my limited resources and with the same attitude as me which other lawyers didn’t share. When I met the group for the first time, they were some of the nicest cosplayers I’d ever met. They told me that it was really a Brotherhood and that they took it seriously and that they’d be there if I needed anything from a walk out to my car at night to a place to crash and I just want to say thank you to my girl gang and the rest of them. IDK if they’ll even see it here because most of them are on other sites. But I’m just putting it out there as a way of saying thank you universe, I’m grateful. 

(This last GIF is by @assassinscreedfilm y’all let me know if you want it off, but I love this one because our girl gang is working on this cosplay and that’s how we roll. And thank you to the people that GIF these things like @andsowewalkalone because you help us so much!)

Fandom is awesome guys. Thank you Assassins! <3

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Ladrien Prompt for the 5 sentence fic "That's the dumbest idea ever. Of Course, I'm in."

“That’s the dumbest idea ever, of course I’m in.”

“Yes!” Adrien exclaimed, pumping his fist. “Farthest jump wins!”

“On three,” Ladybug said. “One. Two. Three.” As soon as the word left her mouth, both her and Adrien ran to his climbing wall and scaled it. Adrien leaped off first, and landed on the far edge of his couch with a cheer. Ladybug smiled down at him and called out, “That was awesome! But like, how many times did you have to jump from here to make the couch and not the floor?”

Adrien rubbed the back of his neck and grinned sheepishly. “About three broken bones worth of misses.”

Ladybug threw her head back and laughed. “I’m surprised you were allowed to keep it!”

“Yeah, well, it’s kind of hard to argue with a seven year old who has an iron grip and won’t come down until he wins.”

She snorted. “Alright, as thrilling as this conversation is, we should continue it when I’m down there too. I’d suggest your move out of the way, handsome boy.” When he complied (in an overly dramatic manner, if she did say so herself), she quickly judged the distance she needed to beat him and jumped.

Watching in awe, Adrien saw her beat his own distance and land with a flourish. He never doubted she’d beat him at the silly game, but that still didn’t prepare him for the warmth he felt at watching her succeed. “You’re amazing,” he said, instantly growing red in the face.

Her own cheeks were pink when she turned to look at him, “You’re amazing too.”

Took a break from the fic I’m writing to write this one!

Send me a sentence starting a fic and I’ll write 5(+) more! No longer accepting prompts for this from this point on!

You know what really got to me about Magnus’s story about being on the bridge? How utterly and completely mundane it sounded. That a warlock, a being so powerful that Valentine himself fears them, could kill themselves just by leaping from a bridge. And, I mean, us mere mortals survive those sort of falls all the time. I mean, statistically, most don’t, but it happens, but it’s still considered enough to kill a warlock, and like… 

It just really brings home Magnus’s frailty and vulnerability? Like people always talk about how badass and powerful Magnus is, but seriously, he’s still got the most basic of human weaknesses?? We watch Shadowhunters jump off of roofs, and vampires leap from buildings, and werewolves land on their feet - gravity don’t even bother them. But the most powerful beings of all? So human??? 

I love it. 

Warlocks are the closest to demons you’ll probably ever get… and yet, they’re also the closest to humans. Imagine that. 

Camera Shy - Peter Parker x Reader

Requested by anon

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The wind whistled past your ears as you leaped off the swing, landing not so gracefully on the soft grass. You covered your face, laughing on the ground. Peter’s friendly laughter came from above you and you looked up to see him with his camera.

“Ten out of ten. Really (Y/n), that was an excellent landing.” He mock clapped, grinning widely.

You laughed, accepting his hand to get up.

“Smile.” He said, raising the camera.

“Noo.” You giggled, covering your face with the sleeve of your jumper.

“Aww, (Y/n). Don’t tell me your camera shy?” Peter teased, lowering the camera.

You shook your head, not uncovering your face.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. What if I take photos of you but show them to no one. Not a soul.”

You stared at him then nodded.

You went back on the swing, determined not to trip this time.

As you leapt off the swing, you heard the sound of the shutter, and all you could think was how distorted your face must look with your hair everywhere and this stupid grin on your face. After landing more gracefully this time, Peter came over to show you the photos he’d taken.

You, in the air, your hair flowing gracefully behind you, this expression of pure joy on your face.

“I love your smile. You’re just so beautiful.” Peter chuckled absently, flicking through the photos.

You looked up at him, wondering if he’d really just said that.

“What?” He asked, glancing up from the camera to you, “You are.”

You laughed, “No! Just look at those photos!”

“I am! Look at you, you’re gorgeous.” Peter held the camera closer to you, pointing out little things in each photo which he liked and slowly, you started to see it.

“See?” He asked.

In answer, you wrapped your arm over his shoulders, pressing your lips to his. He smiled, kissing you back, the camera hanging loosely around his neck between you. The autumn leaves crunched under your feet as the two of you moved closer together.

And it was beautiful.

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Hello! Do you think Hiccup is clumsy? A lot of fics portray him as such, and his repute in the village certainly suggests so ("Every time you step outside, disaster follows"). On the other hand, it must require some agility to pull off what he does with Toothless (eg. leaping off Toothless and landing at a run during Dragon Racing). What do you think? Thanks!

I want to make the distinction that Hiccup, as a young boy, is physically awkward, but he’s not clumsy.

It is certainly easy to see Hiccup as clumsy, and I believe when I first watched HTTYD I would have agreed with that assessed characteristic. There are multiple instances in which Hiccup appears to have mishaps related to a physical lack of control. However, even when he stumbles backwards and falls in a basket when Stoick visits him in the shop, Hiccup’s not being clumsy (Stoick pushed him in the basket accidentally). The instances in which Hiccup has mishaps arise from two other traits of his: 1). his physical lack of strength as a young teenager, and 2). his impulsive decisions to charge into danger.

To give an example of how Hiccup is not clumsy, one can go to the start of the first movie. When Hiccup is first introduced in the shop with Gobber, he shows Gobber his bolas slinger, which accidentally fires and hits a Viking in the forehead. However, there’s nothing clumsy about it. Hiccup intentionally taps the machine twice on the top, and it just happens to fire. As Hiccup himself explains, it’s a “mild calibration issue.” It’s not clumsiness.

Instances in which Hiccup is physically awkward happen because Hiccup is not strong enough at the time. He has problem picking up an axe and a shield at the same time on his first day of dragon training. That’s not from being clumsy or having butter fingers. That’s because he’s only got so much strength to work with and is trying to find a means of balancing all that weight feasibly. When Hiccup tosses the bucket of water up to douse the Zippleback, it falls short of the head - not because he’s clumsy - but because he didn’t put enough strength into the motion. Astrid and Hiccup have a bit of an awkward encounter during the day that they fight the Deadly Nadder in the ring. But in the midst of a skirmish, there’s plenty of reason to fall down… and Astrid fell down on top of Hiccup. Hiccup couldn’t move because someone else was fumbling awkwardly on top of him. When Hiccup sneaks into Berk with Toothless to undo the saddle strap, Toothless yanks him into the air in front of Astrid - it’s an awkward moment, but it’s not Hiccup who’s at fault for that.

You could perhaps call having the tree branch slapped into his face clumsy. That’s about it.

Hiccup is definitely physically awkward as a young teen. He waves his hands around wildly. He fumbles to hold weapons because they’re a lot of weight for him. He makes many physical mistakes related to not having enough body strength. But that’s strength, not clumsiness.

For as Hiccup gets physically stronger throughout the franchise, those sorts of weird physical baubles disappear. His wild hand waving stays the same, but the other signs of physical awkwardness vanish. Hiccup gains a lot of strength by continuing to work in a smithy, training in weapons, riding Toothless, and going on adventures. Resultantly, we come to see a young man who is not clumsy - on the contrary, he’s pretty physically adroit. If Hiccup were inherently clumsy, he would still be baubling around even once he gains his adult strength. However, young adult Hiccup can very smoothly fight off enemies, jump on and off his dragon, and do a host of action moves that shows he’s actually pretty nimble and dexterous. As you say, Hiccup’s got to have a lot of agility to pull off his stunts. Just watch him in RTTE. He’ll do things like jump down and slide on a knee and pull out a crossbow and take a shot that hits where he intended. Talk about smooth!

Now it is true that Stoick growls, “Every time you step outside, disaster falls.” While that can get an impression of clumsiness, the reason disaster falls around Hiccup is because he makes stupid choices. Hiccup is an impulsive individual who will charge out and Do The Thing even if it is not safe. As a young teenager at the start of HTTYD, we learn that he has been repeatedly going outside during the dragon raids despite being instructed to do the contrary. Hiccup is racing into a dangerous environment that could get him killed. In fact, what happens here is that a Monstrous Nightmare starts chasing Hiccup, causing a lot of destruction, and prompting the chief to race after them to save his son. If Hiccup had stayed safe indoors, Stoick would not have had to clean up after his son and try to save him. Because Hiccup runs into a situation he cannot handle, disaster falls, and his father has to come to the rescue.

Therefore, I feel as though all the situations that might be considered clumsy are better interpreted as Hiccup growing into his strength, and Hiccup charging into situations he should not enter.

So by all means, write in amusing moments where Hiccup has mishaps, especially when he’s young! I would not say they arise from clumsiness, though.


So, I’m rewatching “Operation L.I.C.E.” and it just occurred to me- how strong were these kids? Physically?

I mean, Numbuh 1 is totting the back of a toilet. Even gutted of its machinery, that thing’s ceramic and heavy. Not to mention they filled it to the closest to the top they could get it with cheese.

Those canisters are made of thick plastic and metal, and they’re certainly not empty. But no one looks the least bit burdened- Numbuh 3 is wearing two fasteners, but that’s more for balance than anything else. Without it, the thing would tip over. 

Not to mention how high they can jump- I can’t tell you the number of times one of them manages to catch up with a vehicle of some sort on foot- a feat in and of itself-, leap, and land on top of it. (Granted, normally they grab onto something to fling themselves higher, but they have to grab said thing and expertly use it to catapult their small bodies.)

Kids Next Door basic training must be fierce.

‘Blur’ : The Leap and its shadow. I caught the in between moment of the leap to landing, of the focus and the defocus. So true for so many things in our lives that remain an in between through out. Monochrome adds to the blurry story of the fluid grey of our minds and hearts. This frame is a true metaphor of our life and how we live it, the pigeon its leap and the shadow are purely incidental. Stories from the streets of Saigon.

Conjuratuon of the Animal Badges of the Grigori for the Vernal Equinox

Serpent Red, Tellurian Fire,
Burning with our deep desire
As the stars rise in the East
Illumine bright our Eostre Feast

Swift White Hare, Abundant Earth
The Vernal Time is Life’s rebirth
Your leap lifts up the Land awake
The balance we shall not forsake

Old Grey Toad, Waters Deep
Twixt day and night is Wisdom’s keep
Your road leads through the sun-down mist
Marking us both cleft and kissed

Black-wing Crow, Airy Queen
Your Northern Wind remains Unseen
It blows from out the Gates of Night
And fills us with an awful fright

Beasts and Gods comingle here
Melez, Melez, with joy and fear!
As the Spring is sprung today
Labyrinthine we tread the Way
Open now the Deeper Well
And harken to our Fateful spell!

Starter for: @wildtsukai

Kurt waited a little impatiently, fingering his earpiece as if he could encourage his team to hurry up by fiddling. As soon as everyone was in position surrounding the warehouse, they would break in and, hopefully, capture the miscreants inside without too much of a skirmish.

“I’m set,” came Spike’s voice. 

“Me too.” That was Jean.

“Alright, that’s everyone,” Scott said, his voice slightly distorted through the small speaker. “On my mark…”

Kurt tensed, the moments of silence that followed seemed to stretch on into eternity…


BAMF! He appeared inside the warehouse, startling those within. Windows smashed a moment later, heralding the arrival of everyone else. Kurt didn’t even have the time to glance around, as suddenly there was a spray of bullets far too close to where he was standing. He sprung to the side, porting mid-leap, and landed on the back of one of the men, knocking them both do the ground.

A loud bang sounded and Kurt yelped, reeling away from the deafening noise and clutching at his ears. For a moment, all other noise faded, then the silence was replaced by a loud ringing in his ears. When he opened his eyes, a thick smokescreen hung in the room. He could hear the others coughing and was soon to join them.

“Gah, they’ve run! There’s some kind of back door, I can see it from here!” came Scott’s yell from the headset, only just audible to Kurt through the persistent ringing in his ears. 

There was more shouting over the intercom, but Kurt couldn’t make it out, instead, he found the nearest wall and pressed his face against it, the small pocket he formed giving him momentary respite from the thick smog. 

A movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention and Kurt inched towards it, peering through a beginning-to-clear haze. His hand raised to his earpiece and he spoke into it, hoping the others would hear him. 

”You guys go after them, I’ll catch up! I think I’ve found something…”

Pairing: Dazai/Chuuya
Theme: jealous

“You’re late.”


“You don’t sound sorry.”

Dazai smiled. Chuuya was perched in a tree; how he got up there presented it as a sight Dazai found slightly amusing, but he watched him gracefully leap down, landing on his feet smoothly and straightening. His coat fluttered a bit before settling around him, draped perfectly and he adjusted his hat, glaring tiredly. “I was with Odasaku.”

“I didn’t ask,” Chuuya grumbled, turning around. Dazai blinked; the edge of Chuuya’s coat just barely brushed against his pant leg and he was frozen in place, head tilting.


“We’re going to be–”

“You’re not jealous, are you?”

Chuuya was an incredibly important member in the mafia, was trusted and revered. However, what he wasn’t known for was his poker face. Maybe Dazai had an upper hand, being his partner, but he knew that basically anyone could’ve seen the way Chuuya flinched. His shoulder jerked a bit, a slight movement that a trained eye could pick up easily. 

Dazai crossed his arms and smiled again. “Ah, you are–”

“Shut up!”

Arms staying crossed over his chest, Dazai moved only his fingers to catch the blade Chuuya threw at him, clearly never having intended on harming him. Yet, Dazai feigned shock, gasping dramatically. Chuuya glared at him halfheartedly before turning and beginning to trudge in the original direction he’d been heading in. “Let’s go. I want to get there before sunset and–”

Grabbing Chuuya was never a good idea. Dazai wasn’t one to really to do so even as a joke; he’d seen the way some poor, unsuspecting burly man would think Chuuya could be an easy target and end up with a dislocated arm from a half second touch of his fingers to Chuuya’s wrist. Regardless, Dazai reached forward and gently grasped Chuuya’s coat. He tugged softly, just enough for Chuuya to stop and look over his shoulder tiredly. 

Letting go of the fabric, Dazai opted instead to take Chuuya’s hand. Chuuya’s eyes narrowed but he didn’t retaliate; he just watched as Dazai brought his hand to his lips, closed his eyes and grazed a kiss against the back of his fingers.

“You’re the only one for me,” he said quietly, opening his eyes to look at him. “Please believe that.”

Chuuya scoffed and looked away. “Asshole. You’re always with Oda–”

“Odasaku’s a treasured friend of mine, but you, Chuuya…”

Taking another step closer, Dazai released Chuuya’s hand so that he could cup his chin, coax Chuuya into looking at him. The moment they were face to face, he leaned down and kissed him lightly, lingered for only a moment before stepping back, should anybody pass by.

“You’re my partner.”

On The 5th Duke Of Devonshire, William Cavendish

This guy, in short:

and this one:

and, on the off chance that you’ve forgotten, this guy:

Mr Norrell had once publicly reprimanded the Duke of Devonshire for speaking at the same time as Childermass.*

(*It is, given that the 5th Duke died in late July 1811 and that sentence is in the chapter covering January-February 1812, possible that Clarke is referring to this guy’s son, the 6th Duke, but the suggestion in the sentence seems to me to be that the incident is more than six months old.)

And the thing about William Cavendish, the 5th Duke of Devonshire, the man to whom Gilbert ‘Respectability’ Norrell said ‘Can you shush my Childermass is speaking’, is that he is the son of William Cavendish, the 4th Duke of Devonshire.

And the thing about the fourth Duke, is that he was, at one point, the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

So what essentially happens is that Norrell, who doesn’t appear to be of great social standing himself, tells off a PRIME MINISTER’S SON. FOR TALKING OVER AN EX-PICKPOCKET.

That is a powerful enemy to risk making, Norrell.

Wild Days || Harley & Daryl

Harley sits on the banister of the staircase and lifts her foot to tilt a portrait just enough to make the person within squawk with protest before complaining about how rude children were now. Harley just laughs and does it again. “Come on, lighten up! Have some fun. Pretend it’s an Earthquake!” She pauses when she sees someone below her. It’s a student she’s never seen before and he looks rough around the edges. Someone who might not ignore her. She grins and leaps off her railing- landing easily on the one two stories down next to the kid. “Hey. You new here?” 

Escape to a Pretenders Haven

She was done. She couldn’t take it anymore. In the brightness of sunlight, Ballora could make out foggy shapes, figures, and where to move and not move to avoid bumping into things. She was scared of what may happen if she were caught but… she couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t wait on Baby’s ‘plan’, even if she did trust the giant doll. She danced for the show, near the edge of the stage, getting applause for the balance she had right on the corner. With a pause, she looked for  a gap in the crowd, and twiled back some, using the gap in the people as her spot. She paused, taking a graceful bow, before doings some tip-toe steps and leaping from the stage, landing gracefully amongst the crowd. There was applause as she continued to dance to the music, weaving among people without even letting her jutting out tutu touch anyone. At the edge of the crowd she spun, then bowed. Everyone clapped, while her world stopped spinning, she stayed low, a smile upon her face.

That had been quite a performance, even for her and all the alterations she’d been through to make her beyond good in her art. Even with what it had been turned into, Ballora refused to let them take her art away, to take away the dance that kept her sane. As the applause died, the song fading, she stood up straight, naturally still on her toes. With a casual glance around, she suddenly turned and… ran. For a while she seemed to be dancing still, her toes bent down as she moved, but as she moved on, her feet flattened out and she ran. She avoided running into anything, but she had no idea where she was going.

She could barely see. She topped a hill, risking a glance back. She saw shapes coming towards her, and with a jolt kept moving. She was thankful for the alterations she had- they gave her speed and stamina she’d never have known before. At the same time, she wouldn’t be in this situations without them. Up ahead she saw a change in color, and her ears picked up voices. Perhaps she could lose her pursuers there- it wasn’t eh same voices she’d fled from. She couldn’t hear any music, or Baby’s voice. Even as she came towards the town, her heart shrank in fear.

Did she even look normal enough to blend in? she was in costume, and wasn’t much shorter then Baby anymore…

It was better chance then nothing. She was unaware of the stares, of the odd dress everyone had, as she weaved through the crowd without touching a soul. There was a colorful building she made her way to, and without hardly a thought she tried the door, opening it and ducking inside the building. She kept a hand on the wall as she slid to the side of the door, looking around confusedly.

It was much darker in here, she couldn’t make out any shapes. Her eyes couldn’t adjust fast enough, so she just hoped there weren’t many people here.  She closed her eyes, the purple eyelids covering her bright green, nearly yellow, eyes as she slowly scooted herself towards a corner. After a moment of standing there, her eyes opened again, having adjusted to the darker area enough to make out the vague colors that confused her fuzzy vision. Her bluish brows creased confused and worried, and she didn’t dare move from where she was. Her breath was rapid and she tried to calm down.

Did she manage to escape?

Was she finally free?

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