6 years ago tomorrow I lost my best friend to cancer, my mom. I don’t care how corny this is but she was honestly one of the most amazing people on this planet and I feel sorry for anyone who was not lucky enough to know her. She was also the strongest person I’ve ever known and managed to smile and laugh through everything she had to deal with. Not being lucky enough to have my mom is here with me is one of the hardest things in the world. I miss you being the first one I’d tell everything to. I miss our Shania Twain jam sessions in the car. I miss the times when I would miss school to come visit you in the hospital dressed in pajamas and we would have “slumber parties”. I miss you yelling at me when I would make fun of your awful cooking. I miss you constantly telling me how much you wanted to marry Tim Wakefield. I miss the notes you would leave for me before you went to work every night. But most of all I just miss you being here and having you in my life. There’s nothing I hate more than when people complain about how much they hate/can’t stand their mom but they don’t know how lucky they are to still have theirs here. I would do anything to have you back so you could continue to share your good spirit with everyone. I was lucky to have you as a role model and everyday I try my hardest to make you proud to have me as your daughter. I love you so much mom, rest in peace and stay beautiful. xoxox