leaning on each other

1/5 is so important to me

Like it bookends the show and changes them as people. 1 and 5 meet early into their careers as operatives and grow and change together to the point that they are completely different people by the end. Nigel becomes the KND’s best because of 5′s help and advice and 5 becomes the supreme the KND needs and deserves because of 1′s friendship and learning from having known him.

And they care about each other so much? They’re probably the most important people in each other’s lives. They lean on and trust each other instinctively and I love them both so much like ❤❤✨❤.

Also if GKND happens and they don’t hug I’ll die probably.

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If you're still taking TMI Tuesday asks, what's Zoe's favorite memory with Scott (who I can really only think of as Zach tbh)?

Yeah, I’m having a situation with him where I think of him as Zach, and everyone calls him Scott in-game, including Zoe, so then he exists in a sort of Zach/Scott indeterminate state. It’s confusing.

Anyway, the twins have always been pretty competitive with each other, but also learned to lean on each other a lot, especially as their mom grew sicker, with their dad being frequently busy or away.

One thing they used to do when they were young-ish, like from age 10 or so, was curl up together and take turns reading to each other, each of them reading a chapter while the other did something else (homework, a project) and then passing the book. That tapered off as they grew into teenagers, but it is still a fond a private memory that Zoe holds close.

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Good morning,I hope everything with you is going great. You're a strong woman and you will get back to normal soon. Have a fun day😘

Thank you!! And yes things are ok today. I talked to my step mom last night and she’s doing ok. She said just don’t hug her. But like her and I said support and love from friends and family is what helps heal. That and time. If I think about how I will never be able to talk to my Dad again then that fucks me up. And hell just writing that made me misty eyed and sad. Sooooo I don’t think about that. My Brother and sister are doing ok. We have each other to lean I s but damn having an 18 year old sister is like having another child. She’s going to give me an ulcer!!! She bought lingerie the other day and proceeded to tell me about it!!! Ahhhhh her and my son are only 4 years apart…. Lord save me!! But I love all of my siblings.

I’m just imagining Lena and Jack are having a lovely dinner staring into each other eyes about to lean in for a kiss when all the sudden they hear “can you pass the garlic bread” and Lena looks to her left to see Kara sitting next to her eating their food acting like her being there is no big deal and she’s just like “This dinner is delicious Lena. Have you tried the appetizer it’s great” And Lena and Jack just staring like how long has she been there.

a long list of keith + lance concepts:

  • keith or lance waking up before the other, and admiring the other quietly as they sleep
    • lance, waking up, tiredly: hi
    • keith, already awake, smiling at him: hi
    • or
    • keith, just waking up: good morning
    • lance, smiling at him: it is now
  • the two of them standing close to each other and speaking quietly — no one else knows what they’re saying, but keith is laughing
  • their insults for each other becoming pet names
    • keith sitting in the rec room, looking up when lance walks in from a mission: hey, genius
    • lance, removing his helmet and walking up to him: what it do, mullet (leans down and kisses him)
  • the two of them comforting each other when they’re missing home, having a rough day, or just feeling sad
    • keith with his head bowed and fists clenched, angrily wiping at his tears until his boyfriend pulls him in for a hug, making him feel better instantly
    • lance with a forced smile on his face and teary eyes, swearing that he’s fine!! until keith embraces him, and he feels safe enough to cry
  • keith wrapping his arms around lance from behind, at random points in the day, burying his face against his shoulder
    • keith during a team meeting: (hugs lance like this)
    • lance: (smiles and covers keith’s hands on his waist with his own)
  • lance coming up behind keith and wrapping his arms around keith’s shoulders, saying ~stuff in his ear
    • keith, smiling, leaning away: shhhh! shh
  • the two of them sharing a pair of earbuds (sharing their favorite songs)
  • keith lifting his chin a little whenever he wants a kiss
    • (the team after one of shiro’s pep talks, about to get back in their lions)
    • keith: wait (taps lance’s arm) (leans close, raising his chin)
    • lance: (smiles, and kisses him) good luck
    • keith: (smiling) you too
  • lance tapping his cheek whenever he wants a kiss
    • (the team about to head out on a mission, exiting the rec room)
    • lance: hey (at keith, before he leaves) aren’t you forgetting something? (leans forward and taps the side of his face)
    • keith: (smiles and kisses his cheek) there you go
    • lance: hm… i think i need a little more.
    • keith: … (grabs lance’s collar and pulls him in for a deep, long kiss on the mouth) … all set?
    • lance: (heart eyed and a little dazed) yeah
  • holding hands under the table at breakfast
  • laughing together in the rain

this is one of my absolute favorite kisses because it just seems so…real? so spontaneous? 

when kisses happen on screen, we often see some sort of buildup, whether it’s a declaration, or people slowly leaning in, or people running toward each other, etc. or kisses usually have some sort of purpose, characters will kiss for the first time; they will kiss when they reunite, when they’ve been apart for whatever reason; they’ll kiss when they greet each other; they’ll kiss when they say goodbye to each other; their kiss will be the introduction of a scene; their kiss will be the ending of a scene. and those kisses can be absolutely wonderful, skam is actually full of them, but the fact that we’re mostly used to those kinds of kisses makes this one seem all the more special and unique

because this kiss is kind of just a….“just because” kiss? i kiss you just because you’re here, i kiss you just because i look at your face and i’m drawn to your lips, i kiss you just because i can, i kiss you just because i’ve wanted to kiss you every hour of everyday for so long and i wasn’t able to, but now i am, so i will. just because why not. just because we can. just because we want to. just because

this kiss almost looks improvised, but we know it’s not, it’s 100% planned - the way it happens, the moment it happens, the angle. and that’s one of the show’s biggest strength, the fact that it manages to make scripted authenticity seem so unscripted. and it’s just a little kiss, it’s just a little thing, but the sum of all these little things, of all these genuine-looking moments we see in skam is exactly what makes the characters and their stories feel so real

i hope the tomlinson/deakins have an amazing christmas i know it must be so hard to not have their mum there with them but it’s so clear how much love is among that family even from those few snaps and the fact that they all have each other to lean on is so important

Ok but imagine someone finds out that some journalist for a gossip website is writing an article on Kara and the DEO tries but they can’t get access to it and they’re all freaking out thinking it’s a Supergirl reveal and the article comes out titled ‘Who the hell is Kara Danvers?’ And it’s got a series of photos of her with Clark Kent and Lois Lane, her following after Cat Grant and interacting with Maxwell Lord. There are pictures from her college internship working at Wayne Enterprises - including candids of her eating lunch with the elusive Bruce Wayne himself. There’s a photo from years ago when she met Diana Prince while visiting Clark. A picture of her and Lena Luthor sitting close, leaning in to each other and whispering. There are excerpts of her quotes from supergirl, someone she seems to know personally.

At no point does the article mention her possibly being supergirl. It only talks about how this seemingly plain, average 20-something from a coastal small town is somehow connected to many of the most powerful and influential people from coast to coast. And thanks to the DEOs attempts to get the article before it’s published, there’s an editorial addition at the end that says after announcing plans to write on the reporter, their servers were attacked and nearly hacked in to in an attempt to stop its publication.

“So I ask you,” the article ends, “who exactly is this Kara Danvers?”

the day isak first kisses even at school, he has norwegian class in the morning. he gets to school a little early and there are only a few students in class, and there’s this couple in front of him. they’re holding hands on their desk and he’s not looking at them, but he sees two heads lean in toward each other, knows that they just kissed. it’s nothing, just a quick kiss, and then the class starts and they let go of each other’s hand and isak realizes he never holds even’s hand at school

isak sees couples kiss in the cafeteria and in the hallways. quick kisses before one heads to class, or longer make-out sessions. boys kissing girls and once he saw a boy kiss a boy and just. people kissing people. it happens. he’s putting his physics textbook back in his locker after his last class of the day and next to him there are these two girls he once briefly met at a party, and they’re holding hands and isak doesn’t look but he still sees it from the corner of his eyes, two heads leaning in once again. a kiss 

he texted even when his class was done, and now even is walking up to him, coat on and backpack on his shoulders and ready to leave school and go home. and he gives isak the sweetest smile and isak puts his coat on, looking into even’s eyes as he does. as if he can’t look away, not really wanting to anyway. and even simply holds his gaze, the sweet sweet smile in his eyes as well, and he asks isak “ready?” and isak nods and he just. now his head is leaning in and his lips touch even’s and maybe someone is putting their textbook back in their locker and they notice the kiss from the corner of their eyes. maybe someone is purposely looking. maybe. isak doesn’t really care 

isak takes even’s hand in his own, interlaces their fingers as their mouths part. and then even presses his forehead gently against his and when isak opens his eyes, the same smile is still in even’s eyes but there’s also brightness added to the softness and the warmth. and even asks “a kiss?” and isak’s back is against his closed locker when he sighs contentedly and replies “yeah, why not?”

because, yeah, why not 

u know whenever male writers write the gotham city sirens saying things like ‘we’re on the naughty list ;)’ or draped all over each other and there’s always the background innuendo that they’ve had a threesome at some point… like i want that innuendo only applied to the gotham rogues as whole. like give me male rogues leaning on each other when they talk and riddler and two-face saying shit like ‘sorry batman three’s already a crowd ;)’ it’s only fair