8tracks Alternatives

Playmoss seems to be the most like 8tracks in terms of the search function/being able to tag playlists. There’s barely any fandom content on there, though, which was my main use of 8tracks. 

Spotify I’ve heard mixed things about and again the fandom content is low. But there’s a lot of people on there and it seems like the most popular of 8tracks alternatives.

Suan seems cool but its not searchable. You can make playlists and then link them elsewhere, but there isn’t a search function to discover new playlists. 

And then of course you can download a VPN blocker and listen to 8tracks from Canada.

Feel free to weigh in if you have more thoughts about any of these sites or have other alternatives. 

Edit: Editing to say that 8hacks, a playlist downloader, is working for me in case you want to save any of your favorite playlists.

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me to my fancy ass: please calm down