i 100% stick to the headcanon that leandra and malcolm never like actually got married, officially, they just were running away together with a kid on the way and kind of looked at each other and were like should we get married? and they were like well that’s not really feasible right now is it. so they just like, decided. that they’re married now. started referring to each other as husband and wife. and like they never had the ceremony even after they could have. they just decided they were married now and that was that

please allow me to tell you one of my malcolm and leandra headcanons ok like

i think that like, when they are dating, they spend a lot of time cooking together, it is a little bit of a trial and error sort of situation, because like neither of them has had to cook all that much but they’re both pretty quick learners. but it’s less the lack of experience that holds them back and more the thing where like sometimes they’ll start kissing in the middle of cooking, like they just meant for it to be a peck but then it turns into like SERIOUS KISSING, and they forget that they were cooking and stuff burns because they were too busy kissing to worry about not burning stuff. it is a good thing that malcolm is a wizard because he can just like blast stuff with ice and it stops being on fire