leandra little

listen to me:

modern fenhawke dads

just imagine

  • they adopt a little girl and name her leandra
  • hawke is the king of dad jokes
  • fenris is worried about hurting her/messing up her childhood cause he never had one and doesnt know how parenting works
  • hawke dressing baby leandra in fun outfits and posting them on the internet/texting them to the crew
  • when he doesnt think anyone is listening fenris sings to baby leandra all the time but when confronted about it he has no idea what hawke is talking about
  • hakwe being convinced that every sound she makes is her first word and he comes running to fenris about it all the time
  • when shes old enough, hawke shows little leandra magic tricks and teaches her how to do them and then she runs to fenris and shows him what she learned and hes impressed and proud even though hes seen hawke do that same dumb trick 18615264 times 
  • hawke and fenris fussing over leandra on her first day of school 
  • one day little leandra comes home from school and cries about how some kid bullied her and hawke isnt home to help so fenris teaches her how to punch correctly and tells her to never let anyone treat her in a way she doesnt like
  • and hawke gets home and finds out and tries to pretend he doesnt approve of fenris’s fighting lesson
  • but then they’re called into school because leandra punched that kid and hawke is all “YOU GO GIRL i mean leandra violence isnt the only option”
  • and then they go out for ice cream afterwards with the crew