I’ve been dreaming with this man for three nights straight now. His name is Piv, I guess. He makes me feel conflicted ‘cause I don’t think I’m supposed to trust him, but I kinda like him. Oh he turns into an owl sometimes, too. And likes playing pranks on people.

She’s The Myth I Believe In

I’m proud of what I’ve been doing yet I ain’t proud of what I’m about to do, I’ve been pretending that I ain’t delusional

With you here by my side, we’re staring at the same picture, we’re talking about the person you said you love the most

You break the glass of silence, all of sudden you say the things I never wished you would even think of

What the hell am I doing.. Where am I? Where are we? We’ve been lost in the reality for too long, too far

Words down underneath the blanket I pull over my head that he can’t hear, every damn time you need a friend, sweetheart, I’m open all night

Maybe he can just stay busy with his lover, maybe he’s just too busy with the other girls, maybe he doesn’t notice I’m always there for you

You get so lonely when he’s away, you get so messed up and frustrated when you miss him, deep down I feel the lonesome in your eyes

Till the gloomy face fades away I’m a shoulder to lean on, I’m a temporary lover to cry on, at least till you see him again

Can’t say a word when your smile comes out easy because of something good has happened concerning his appearance, I’m so tongue-tied

You can look me in the eye and smile, and say yes, you are the dream, the world of a dream which never been felt so true to me

I’ve been wondering, why would I pick this role, and the only part I hate the most is when I gotta smile when you’re happy with him

The cracks in my heart ‘cause he stays in your heart, while you put me in the place where myth and fairy tales happen

Ghosttown (ft. Travi$ Scott)

Let’s get real, land of the ghost, so trill
Come and take a trip in my hill, get ghost
Don’t come up here with that shit, get roast
Know La Flame don’t play by his toast, you know
And I’m bound to flow you down, come on, she grab my jeans
She grab the kush, she balancing on my balance beam
While i’m jigglin’ cantaloupes
We off that lean, lean, lean in my dream, dream, dream, dreams
We don’t want alcohol drinks, only soda and codeine
Get it right, get it right
It ain’t down for the night, it ain’t down for the night
A-yo yo yo Lean where these bitches come from
Tryna’ see who with the shits, who really down to get drunk
I might throw up, might turn up, turn up of every summer
Every summer, every summer, every summer

I want to believe I can be an author…
But tonight, I feel like a failure.
I feel sick, in pain, and like nothing I do will ever be enough.
Like I could keep working, keeping trying, and the overwhelming swamp will win. 

I am almost so terrified to keep trying that tonight I just want to give up. 
I have never felt so much like giving up, 
As I have tonight.

And that…
Scares me more than anything. 

#fitspo for the day 💪😬 love following @ashley.horner so much respect for her and love her physique… Ima just keep putting in the hard work and building me some muscles! Everyone should have a goal or a physique they like so they can keep looking at it or following the person and keep the motivation learn to never give up on your dreams nothing is impossible. People who think your dreams are silly are the people who are too weak to follow their own dreams 👍💪 #physique #fitfam #fitchicks #back #glutes #fitgirls #healthy #lean #muscle #bodybuilding #figure #dedication #motivation #determination #dreams #nevergiveup #nothingsimpossible #fitness #bikinigirls #fitbody

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The idea of traveling seems really exciting but daunting at the same time. Besides leaning to remember dreams and practice going to internal places, how else can I prepare or practice?

Energy work!

Doing various energetic exercises such as shielding or centering will help you learn how to operate on that wavelength. Since Traveling requires that your physical body stay put, it really helps to know how to get things done just with your mind and willpower. This will also literally strengthen your energetic and astral bodies so they are easier to work with. 

"A Fresh Start, and a New Hand."

Like stars in the sky, each memory twinkled brightly in his eyes as the man awoke from what felt like a dream. Leaning forward in his seat Fate rubbed his eyes in an attempt to refresh the image in his mind. A woman, whose smile stuck in his memory, there was something about her that was just dynamite. The Cardmaster couldn’t help but smile as his glowing red eyes soon shifted back to blue. Perhaps that dream was more than simple fantasy, ever since he’d gotten his power dreams felt more like visions than anything. Perhaps Fate would see Lady Luck smile in the flesh sometime. 

It wasn’t until some time later that he made his way to Bligewater once again, after laying low long enough the air felt safe enough for Fate to return to the scene and resume cleaning the pockets of any sucker foolish enough to sit across the table from him. Fate was having a ball, with his ‘all seeing’ eye, no one had a poker face good enough to keep a secret from him. So the money began to flow, and it was almost effortless on his part. The stressed exclamations and defeated groans of the poor fellows that left the master gambler’s table. The Cardmaster was back in town and word would soon spread like wildfire, hide your gold; Fate is not on your side.

Love my love my little minx,
I found a diamond tickled pink,
The color of lean obscene my dream,
While drinking c.r.e.a.m. Sips start to think,
My homegurrl is the homiest,
I wink, her skin tone chocolate
And we just fit like gats and clips,
Or chaos to apocalypse,
Some sun eclipse are temporary,
Our souls shine life to cemetery’s,
Glow brighter than dmt fairies

Pulling herself free from the bed, Mercy gave the smallest of quiet sighs as she heard within the distance the soft cries of her current young charge, it was not out of annoyance, but pity.
She wondered how he must have felt being cooped up among two practical strangers, in a house he was unfamiliar with and a bed that must have been quite different to what he was used to.

With this in mind, it was always easy to drive away any hard feelings for being awoken at the early hours of morning.

Pulling her long braid back from over her shoulder, Mercy lifted off the pale rose coloured robe and draped it about her, tying off the middle in her pace toward the guest bedroom that Hans had so lovingly prepared.

“Hey… Leetle vhone, I am here, do not be upset…” She announced on her entry into the room, smiling softly at the child. “Did you have a bad dream, hm?”
Leaning down to him, she scooped the splice’s child up against her warmth, tenderly resting his chin against her shoulder as she supported him with the ease of one arm, able to pick up his blanket with the other and bundle him up into it.

Cooing to the boy as if he was one of her own startled ravens, she softly rubbed the front of her palm along his back, as if to cool the rustled feathers that would have arisen.
Turning from the bed, she made herself comfortable within one of the plush armchairs that sat next to the alcove of the window, the quiet ticking of her heart beating in a rhythm that would hopefully soothe his tears.

Using the quiet beat, she softly sang an old Russian lullaby to ease the poor child back into sleep. 


Artist: Hans Zimmer
Soundtrack: Interstellar (2014)

No techno, but i had to share this incredible, outstanding piece of art with you guys. Everyone who saw the movie will know how breathtaking, emotional and affecting it is. There are scenes like the “docking scene” who literally made me cry like a baby, just because the soundtrack is so strong and emotional… just lean back, listen and dream!

For everyone who didn’t saw the movie - go and fucking see it!!!

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Newt didn't seem convinced, still somewhat disappointed that Minho of all people was laughing at him for his dreams. Minho leaned in and sighed quietly, pressing his lips to Newt's forehead. "Come on, if I had a cut on my finger I'd only trust you to make it better for me." Newt reached up and shoved at Minho's face, placing his hand I between his face in Minho's lips. "Go away," he groaned, laughing at Minho's failing attempt to kiss him. -hc anon

Minho laughed. “Hey now, you’re not leaving, so neither am I,” Minho said, his smile dying down a little bit to convey his seriousness. He tightened his hold on Newt’s waist, nuzzling his face into Newt’s neck. “You’d be a great doctor,” he said again for emphasis. “What kind of doctor do you want to be?” Minho asked, hoping that his question would show he really did care.