lean mean grilling machine

For the grocery shoppers out there: George Foreman Grill.

One called “The Champ” costs $20 online ($30 after shipping at all) from looking at Google Shopping, but “The Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine” costs $35 or so after shipping on Amazon. My family has had a larger version for years and it still works great to the day.

Even though it sounds like it’s mainly for meats, it can be used for anything that can be cooked on a grill - and more. I just cooked asparagus on it this afternoon, and I’ve made frozen chicken strips for my salad, reheated leftovers (especially paninis), sandwiches that you want to cook (grilled cheese is great on it), and throw on my frozen burgers and regular buns together so they’re done about the same time. Hot dogs cook pretty alright too with a bit of watching. I’ve seen my mom throw on some leftover fried rice, which is magic because it’s a slanted grill… but hey, more power to her, I guess?

If you’re on a budget, again, it goes well with a lot of frozen meats and larger vegetables, given they’re not covered in sauce or something. Just use good judgement though, because the top is really heavy and squishes things like tomatoes and fish (but not shellfish). 

I swear I’m not a salesperson but I really think it’s great. Not sure if all two-sided grills are alike, so I’d stick to this.