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There’s a patient who comes into work all the time and is some rich CEO for a company but he always comes into the hospital in: board shorts and an Australian flag tank top and thongs.

Also last week he spotted some other rich guy I hate and was like “OH FUK IS THAT [name]?” The other guy turned around and was like “hi! Come on we’ll go into the gym together” and my guy goes “oh nah mate I’m just busy at the moment” and when the other dude left he leans in and goes “That guy is such a fucken WANKER”

Anyway I’m trying to be his friend so he gives me expensive wine to sell on gumtree later on

I don’t care if you don’t like Hillary. I don’t care if you were Bernie’s #1 supporter. I don’t care if Jill Stein “speaks” to you.

Listen to me. Today in class, we had a poll. Many of the students refused to vote because #NeverHillary and #DumpTrump and #I'mTooCoolForPolitics.

It came out 70% Trump. Trump won my class, because the left-leaning students refused to vote.

I know this election sucks. I know both candidates are problematic. But if you don’t go out there and vote for Hillary, Trump WILL be president. Our country WILL go to hell, and we WILL NOT make any real progress towards LGBT+ rights, women’s rights, or the rights of people of color. The right to have an abortion will be more heavily restricted, if not repealed. Our economy will continue to struggle because Trump will not raise taxes on the rich like we so desperately need to do. The environment will continue to hurt, as Trump has shown no real concern with environmental issues, and so will education. He has no political experience. NONE.

Please vote for Hillary. Please keep this misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and selfish man out of our government. We don’t need any more.

  • something left-leaning people need to do: stop mocking right-leaning people for being poor and/or under-educated as if these were inherent character flaws rather than the result of larger economic problems
  • something left-leaning people don't need to do: have a cuddle party with right-leaning people who think xenophobic policies are the best solution to these problems

Every now and then I see hashtag discourse about supporting kids who are black sheep in their communities. Occasionally, these posts will also mention atheist kids, and OP will get dragged across the coals because atheists are not an oppressed group.

Which is easy to say if you don’t live in a fundamentalist community or come from a religious family. Not all atheists or agnostics are Richard Dawkins, “euphoric”, and militantly hostile towards other people’s religious beliefs. I’m originally from a small, rural town in Mike Pence’s home state, where local churches often exercise a cultish level of influence over the community. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a left-leaning household with agnostic parents who embraced multiculturalism, so I only had to worry about religious abuse outside of the home. Almost all the bullying I experienced at school was because everyone knew I didn’t go to church… kids mocked me, called me names, and kicked me around a bit, while public school teachers told me I was going to Hell. On my first day of kindergarten, my teacher had us raise our hands if we went to church. As the only child who didn’t raise his hand, she interrogated me and then informed me that I needed to find Jesus. I had classmates tell me that they weren’t allowed to be friends with me because I wasn’t Christian and their parents were afraid I’d infect them with my sinfulness.

So, here’s to anyone who grew up in suffocating religious environments, at home or in your larger community. Spiritual abuse is real, regardless of your background, and if your beliefs, behaviors, or identity have made you a target of it, I’m sorry. Just try not to let your experiences poison your tolerance of the healthy religious beliefs of others.

Until all of us have made it, none of us have made it.

Rosemary Brown (1930-2003): Canada’s first black woman to be elected to a provincial legislature & the first black woman to run for leadership of a federal political party in Canada. She belonged to the New Democratic Party (NDP), Canada’s major left leaning party; she narrowly lost to Ed Broadbent for leadership of the NDP.

this is a PSA from memebot’s dadmom because i know some of you are in the US and this is your first time voting so you might not know this but



some states allow early or mail in voting BUT NO STATES LET YOU VOTE ONLINE.

if you see stuff about that IT IS PEOPLE TRYING TO OBSTRUCT VOTING

they are TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. they are hoping that if they spread misinformation about the election they can keep the left-leaning, internet-aware generation from the polls

THERE IS A LONG HISTORY OF DIRTY TRICKS LIKE THIS BEING USED TO ATTEMPT TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM VOTING. in previous elections we’ve seen lists of mostly Black people being targeted for calls saying to vote on the wrong day, stuff like that.


Today, I fucked up... by trying to ride a bike.

So I’m up North with a family friend, my gran, and my cousin. This cute little town happened to be perfect for bike riding, and there were in fact two bikes. My cousin takes the normal bike and leaves me with an olympic-looking one. Now normally this tall bike would be no problem for anyone to ride, but no. I am only 4'11.

I get on the bike anyway, thinking, “Oh my god this is actually going to be easy, my legs are just long enough!”


I start pedaling, getting like 2 and a half pedals in and stopping because my back already hurts from leaning forward. Right then I realized that I have absolutely no idea how to break this bike. Rolling down the hill I thought again, “This is gonna be easy, just hop off and run!“ 


I just lean left because my leg wasn’t even long enough to get over the bike. I fall, the 30-40 lb bike lands on my body which is only a little over half the weight of the bike. My entire thigh gets bruised and my leg gets cut right on the inside of the knee.

no cross country for me tomorrow.

TLDR; too short for a bike, couldn’t brake, got badly bruised and cut.

To be black and female in a society that is both racist and sexist is to be in the unique position of having nowhere to go but up!

Rosemary Brown (1930-2003): Canada’s first black woman to be elected to a provincial legislature & the first black woman to run for leadership of a federal political party in Canada. She belonged to the New Democratic Party (NDP), Canada’s major left leaning party; she narrowly lost to Ed Broadbent for leadership of the NDP. 

even if Hillary wins, every single left-leaning person and quite frankly, every single person who gives a fuck about POC, LGBTQ+ people, Muslims, women, immigrants, and oh, I don’t know, THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY AND THE WORLD…all of those people who voted for third parties in protest or to be symbolic instead of voting for Hillary should be fucking ashamed of themselves

the funny thing is, people still want to act like this was about Hillary. like, no, this was about racism. white people came out and voted for that in DROVES because the Republican Party has spent the last, I don’t know… decade at least? Running platforms that were thinly codified racism. And I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but Republicans aren’t THAT stupid– they were voting for that codified racism all along. And the reason Trump is so popular among white people is because he drops the code entirely– he “says what he thinks.”

He says what they think.

People voting for Trump voted for white supremacy. Period.

liberal centrists that use “hey we win elections” as their main argument against more left-leaning factions are basically sorta in a similar position to various early modern pro-monarchy arguments in that its an argument by appealing to the status quo and it gets really exposed for its emptiness when the status quo shifts eg; “monarchy is the best form of government because most societies are monarchies and thus monarchy is the natural organization of human society” starts to no longer hold water when monarchies are rapidly being overthrown and “neoliberal centrism is best because it wins elections” likewise has its rug pulled out from underneath itself when these people lose elections especially against “unelectable” politicians

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do you know where the antifa red and black motif originated?

Antifa has its roots in far-left politics, given that it sprang up from the German Communist Party in 1932, which wished to create a militant anti-fascist group for communists, which would then be called Antifaschistische Aktion. It was swiftly stomped out by Nazis in 1933, but then was resurrected in the 1980s. 

Because of it’s origins, most members of antifa adhere to some kind of far-left school of thought. So, most members are either communists, anarchists, all kinds of socialists, syndicalists, mutualists, etc. Although, I have seen some self-professed social democrats who heavily lean towards far left politics who are in antifa before.

Anyways, the symbolism inside the logo becomes pretty obvious with that in mind. The original logo of Antifaschistische Aktion from 1932 was actually entirely red like so:

Given that the red flag has been a definite symbol of communism and socialism since 1871 after its use as the banner of the Paris Commune, that’s where the red flag originates from.

The red flag was also used by anarchists up until the 1880s, when anarchism started to branch off from other popular far-left movements. From then on, the black flag was adopted as a symbol for anarchists, sometimes with a large circle-A featured on it. Given that large portion of antifa members identify as anarchists (with many of them also identifying as communists as well), it does make sense that they would add the black flag along with the traditional red. 

Sometimes you may also see antifa using a red and black bisected flag like this:

Which is the flag for anarcho-communism and anarcho-syndicalism, with origins from la Confederación Nacional del Trabajo, or CNT, which is a Spanish confederation of anarcho-syndicalist labour unions. CNT, along with la Federación Anarquista Ibérica (FAI) is best known for the establishment of Revolutionary Catalonia in 1936, which was a region of Spain which was organized by anarchist and socialist trade unions, militias, and parties during the Spanish civil war. Revolutionary Catalonia was a pretty rad place until 1939 where it was destroyed by Franco, Mussolini, and Hitler bombarding them all at once. 

There’s other flags often used alongside with the antifa logo, but I won’t get into those given that you only asked about the red and black. This is just based off what I know and if anyone has any other info to add, then feel free to do so. 


Tedwards be shoppin'

Why are all Republican attempts at boycotts and protests so fucking weaksauce?

“We’re going to boycott Hamilton, because we were definitely going to go and see a Broadway musical with a primarily POC cast and a notably left-leaning bent! Even though it’s solidly booked until 2018, and if by some random chance we have a ticket already, there aren’t refunds!”

“A Starbucks barista didn’t like some guy screaming about Trump, so we’re going to go to Starbucks and buy drinks, and tell them our name is Trump! Starbucks will rue the day they incited us into giving them our money!”

It’s not even like this is a recent thing. I remember when the Iraq War broke out and France politely declined to get involved, and their response was “Yo guys, I have a sick idea for a protest, get this, we’ll buy expensive French wine and then pour it down drains! That’ll teach French politicians that not toeing the line with what the US wants will lead to a small boom in their wine sales!”

What the fuck, Republicans.

BTS Reaction: You’re Distracting~

Reaction: You have a habit that is distracting to him. (Good distracting ;D)

Jin: You find him leaning over the stove as he cooks, apron wrapped around his waist. He’s still wearing the thin white t-shirt he uses for a pajama shirt, but it’s a free day, so all bets are off. “Jagi? Sorry to bother you, but do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your schedule for the next couple of weeks?”

“Sure.” He nods easily and turns his head to smile at you over his broad shoulder. You stand on the tips of your feet and rest your head on that shoulder, half-leaning against him. Your left hand brushes along the top of his back, fingernails drawing shapes into the soft cotton. He looks at you out of the corner of his eye, before focusing on the food again.

“So I told you that on the fifteenth we’ll be shooting on site, right? Well, they’ve had to push that up a few days, which means I might have to leave before you head off on tour,” you begin, smiling sadly. You explain why they had to change the date, which hotel you’re staying now, all the menial details that have been changed to accommodate the shift. “You might have to go see that movie with the guys instead. Sorry, jagi.”

“Wait, what? Why are you leaving early again?”

You gape at him. “Jin, I just spent the last twenty minutes explaining why! Did you not listen to any of it?”

He looks sheepish. “Sorry, it’s just hard to concentrate when you’re doing that.”

“Doing what?” 

“You know, with your hand on my back…” he trails off, his face flushing a bit.

“Oh,” you say hesitantly. “Should I stop?”

“No, no,” he replies quickly, shaking his head. “It feels…nice. Just, do you mind explaining again?”

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Suga: Yoongi’s staring into the computer screen with the mind-numbing realization that his struggle is in vain. The groundwork for the third comeback song is all there, the underlying beat playing on loop in his headphones, the recording schedule for the vocals scheduled in between dance practice and promotions. Everything’s in place, the maknaes are nowhere near the studio and therefore not destroying his creative drive, and Hobi should arrive to work on his lyrics within half an hour. It’s all good.

Except you.

You’re sitting at the computer next to his, the feature track you’re providing the song pulled up on the audio. You’re writing down notes as you listen to your latest test recording, marking when to try raising the speed or lowering your voice. The first run-through was good, the second one better–you’re doing great work like always, and you look damn fine in ripped blue jeans, a double-layered black tank top and cream cardigan, with his old Supreme snapback covering your hair. 

It’s just the damn pen you keep chewing.

He can’t stop himself from glancing over and watching as your lips wrap around the top and that tiny flash of teeth comes biting into the metal cap of the pen. At first, it was maddening but also lucrative, since he channeled those thoughts into writing a set of rap stanzas that he can adapt to a song later on. Now, it’s like a switch was flicked off in his brain, and all other thoughts have become secondary. You know what? Fuck it.

He pulls the headphones from his head and saves all of his work before turning to you. You look up in surprise at the sudden movements, pulling your own headphones from your ears and resting them around your neck. “Hey, what’s up?”

“I’m about to give that mouth of yours something worth chewing on.”

You look at him with wide eyes before slowly taking the headphones off your neck and putting the offending pen down onto the table.

When Hoseok arrives thirty minutes later, you’re both sitting back at the computers like nothing happened, hair ridiculously messy and lips bright red. Bruised.

“In the studio?” Hoseok whines. “Really?”

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Rap Monster: You’re sitting in the seat next to him as you travel with BTS to their next concert location, having received special permission to come along this time instead of meeting at the concert venue after the show. You’re grateful for the extra time to spend with Namjoon before they leave Seoul again, even if he has to spend it preparing for the concert.

He pulls out one headphone when he sees you take out three thin markers from your bag and says, “Do you want to draw on me?” He’s wearing short sleeves that day. Lucky.

“Yes, I do,” you answer. “I was thinking a tree today or a mandala. You care?”

“Tree sounds good. Seoulhyun-noona’s not going to be happy, though,” he adds, though he really doesn’t care much on that front. He loves the feeling of you drawing on his skin, of being the center of that creative focus. Even with two or three markers, you manage to make really incredible little drawings. They sometimes give him ideas for lyrics.

You shrug at the mention of his stylist. “I brought those really good make-up remover wipes this time, so it shouldn’t be a problem.” You tug his forearm onto the chair of the seat, pushing his bracelet further up his wrist and smoothing your finger along his skin. 

He replaces the headphone and sits back in his seat, watching you draw and enjoying the small drag of the felt tip along his arm as the bus ride continues.

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J-Hope: You’ve joined the boys for movie night, so after having dinner together, you’re all gathered around the TV. Hoseok drags you down onto the couch next to him and nestles in close, making sure to slouch a bit so he can lean against you. He’s made sure to invite you to every movie night that he can manage to harangue the boys into holding in addition to casual movie nights at the apartment for one specific reason. 

About fifteen minutes into the movie, he can tell you’ve become wrapped up in the plot and waits impatiently for the moment it starts. He feels hyperaware of your body next to his–he has no idea what movie is even playing on the screen.  He feels your hand travel up from around his back, the tips of your fingers drag lightly along the side of his face before they sink into his hair and gently stroke backward, and he closes his eyes and basks. His body feels light and relaxed, heavy with a sleepy comfort, and the feeling of your hand in his hair is pure bliss.

You don’t notice until the other boys begin snickering, nudging each other and nodding in your direction. You pause. “What?” 

“Hobi-hyung’s asleep,” Jimin whispers back, smirking.

You look down at Hoseok where his head is resting just below your shoulder, on the top of your chest. You realize your hand is drawing his fringe back from his forehead and start to pull it back.

“No,” Hoseok murmurs quickly, picking up the remote in his lap and throwing it in Jimin’s direction. It hits Taehyung in the knee, and Jungkook and Jimin burst into hushed laughter. Taehyung glares.

“Keep doing that,” Hoseok demands sleepily, and you comply, your face feeling hot as the surface of a stove. 

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Taehyung: You’re studying for an upcoming exam, bent over the table in the living room where you’ve spread your textbooks, notes, and review sheets. Your grade in the class is already pretty solid, so you’re not as concerned as you would be over the grade of the exam. And that was the only reason you had allowed Taehyung to come hang out with you in your apartment. After nearly twenty messages and four attempted phone calls all begging to come over and spend time with you, you’d buckled and agreed with the stipulation that he had to be quiet.

At the moment, he is sitting on the couch opposite you and doing something on his phone. You can tell that his eyes keep flickering up at you, but you continue to steadfastly ignore him for just a bit longer. You bite your lip absentmindedly as you think on the next review problem, when he throws his phone onto the cushion next to him and slides onto the floor, crawling to your side.

“I think it’s time for you to take a break,” he says, and you raise an eyebrow skeptically.

“Oh, do you?”

“Yes,” he replies, leaning in and pulling your lower lip down with his thumb. “This needs to stop, and I know just the thing to do it.”

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Jimin: He doesn’t think you really realize you’re doing it, but every time you pass him while doing chores in the apartment or stopping into the living room to ask him a question while he’s on his computer, you peck him on the cheek or the lips before heading off to do whatever you’re doing that moment. Jimin doesn’t remember you doing that often when he still lived in the dorm with the guys or earlier in your relationship, but it leaves him dazed for several seconds. By the time he’s processed the feeling of your lips on his, you’re in the next room calling your friend or washing the dishes in the kitchen and he’s left to shake himself back into work mode.

Well, not this time. He’s pretending to work on his computer in the living room as he often does on the weekend, listening to you pulling the sheets from the bed to do laundry. A fake email to Jungkook is pulled up on the screen to give the illusion of working, and only one headphone is in his ear. There’s no music playing. He’s waiting as patiently as he can manage, but his foot is still tapping a bit.

“Jimin? Have anything you need to wash?” You ask as you glide into the room, setting the laundry basket down on the ground by the couch. You lean over him, looking at his screen curiously, as he pulls the remaining headphone from his ear.

“Do you mind throwing those shirts in with yours?” He asks, his eyes carefully trained on the screen as he types another meaningless sentence into the email.

“Sure,” you agree cheerfully, turning to press your lips into his cheek when he makes his move.

He turns quickly and catches your lips, his hand reaching up to cup your jaw and hold the kiss steady. He presses several gentle kisses into your lips, a smile breaking across his face as you make a small sound. After a minute or two, he releases you, loving the pink color of your cheeks and your bright eyes. “Thanks, jagi.”

He smirks and bites his lip as you nod and walk away, obviously a bit dazed. Yep, that habit can stay. 

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Jungkook: It’s something he’s always noticed you do when you’re thinking about something. Wondering where to eat for dinner tonight? There it is. What should you wear to the party at his company’s building? Again. Looking over emails from work? Boom, it’s back. 

He’s wanted to do something about it from the beginning, to ask you about it or tease you, or make a move when you do it, but he hasn’t had the confidence. Until now.

He’s decked out in a suit and tie, his hair styled around his face and make-up on point from the recent photoshoot. His stylist had given him permission to wear it home with the stern condition that he bring it back in perfect condition. She hadn’t asked why he needed it, and he hadn’t told her. The secretary at the front desk of your apartment building had spilled coffee on herself when he walked in. Point is, he looks fine as hell, and he knows it. 

And he can tell you do too, from the look of surprise and want on your face when he walks into the apartment and steps into the room. You’re wearing one of his white t-shirts and dark jeans, the hems rolled up above your ankles, curled up in his favorite armchair. 

And there it is. Your hand is hovering in front of your mouth, thumb dragging so slowly along your bottom lip. You lightly bite down on your thumb as your eyes check him out from head to toe.

“Do you do that on purpose?” He asks lowly, taking a few slow steps into the room. He unfastens the button on his suit jacket, letting it fall open. When you drag your eyes to his face to give him a confused look, he mimes your habit, smirking around his hand.

“Oh, no, I just…do that when I’m thinking about something,” you reply quietly. “Why are you wearing a suit, Kookie? Not that I’m complaining….”

He loosens his tie from around his neck and ignores your question, instead asking, “What are you thinking about? Must be pretty important. You seem distracted.” Now you know how he feels whenever you do that.

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