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I really like you // Montgomery de la Cruz

Warning: slight smut, idk

You stepped out of the shower, drying yourself off and putting your clothes back on. Your hair was still wrapped in a towel. When you came out of the bathroom you nearly jumped out of your skin. There was someone sitting on your bed, head in their hands. The person turned around and you were greeted with the face of Montgomery. “What the fuck, de la Cruz? What are you doing here?” you exhaled, confused but relieved that it was Monty. “Well, good to see you too, Y/N.” he said with a smirk on his face. Your relationship with Monty was not really a relationship. A few times a week you hook up with each other, you were friends with benefits. You always had a crush on him, but he just wasn´t the relationship type, so you take what you get. “Uhm it´s nice to see you too, but that wasn´t the question Monty. What are you doing here?” You asked again throwing your towel into the bathroom. You were dressed in one of Monty´s flannel´s he left at your house a few weeks ago, underneath it you only wear lacy panties and a lacy bralette, you always felt comfortable in them.
He shrugged his shoulders and got up to meet you. “I saw that your parent´s car weren´t in the driveway.” He said walking closer to you.  “So you decided to climb through my window?” you asked amused pointing at the open window. “What can I say, I just missed you.” He mumbled and pulled you into him. “Monty, you saw me in school today.” You giggled, when he began to place kisses on your neck. “Your parents are away?” He asked, completely ignoring what you just said. “They went out with some friends.” You whispered and felt him smirk against your neck. He pushed you against the wall next to your door and you gasped, surprised by his sudden harshness. His kisses fast turned into harsh bites and sucking on your neck, his hands under your flannel roaming over your soft skin. You yelped when he bites your neck extremely hard while he bucks his hips into yours, but he didn´t stop. “Monty.” You whispered, trying to push him away, but his hands grabbed your hips harder. “Monty, stop, you´re hurting me.” You said, pressing your hands against his chest still trying to push him away. He starts tugging at your flannel moving it up, this was enough for you and you finally managed to push him away from you. You pulled the flannel down again looking at him shocked. He stands a few feet´s away from you and was breathing heavy looking at you furious.  “What has gotten into you?” you whispered wrapping your arms around yourself in a manner of self-defense. He snarled sarcastically and shook his head laughing. “What? You don’t want me? You think you can call me whenever you want someone to fuck you, but when I need it you refuse? I´m not your dog you can call when you need someone to play with!” He shouted and you flinched at his outburst. “Everyone thinks they can treat me like shit and I´m so done with this.” He throws his arms in the air and started pacing around your room. “Monty, you are scaring me.” You mumbled pressing yourself against the wall to create as much distance from Monty as possible; you have never seen him like this at least not toward you. “Ah now you are scared?” he laughed sarcastically and you saw that he looked more angry than before. “Please calm down, Monty. We can talk about it or someth-“He cut you off when he smashed a picture frame against your door. Glass and wood splitter hit the side of your face and you flinched, feeling the glass cutting your cheek. Your breath was shaky and your hand went to your left cheek. You looked at your hand in horror when you saw blood on your finger, tears starting to well up in your eyes. “Oh god, Y/N/N, I didn´t mean… I never wanted to…” He immediately went to you, his eyes full of concern. You flinched when he placed a hand on your unharmed cheek and you saw the shock written on his face. “I´m so sorry, I never wanted to hurt you; you need to believe me. You are the only one that ever… I mean… I´m so sorry.” He rambled and you felt a tears running down your face. “Y/N, please say something.” He whispered and you looked at him. “I need to clean up before someone steps into the glass.” You whispered kneeling down shoving the leftovers from your picture frame together. You were shaking, what you noticed when you pulled out the picture from under the glass and wood. “Stop, Y/N, you´re hurting yourself.” He takes your hands into his own, pulling you up. “I´m so sorry, Y/N/N.” he whispered pulling you into his chest, pressing his lips against your forehead. You closed your eyes, slowly returning the hug. You two stands there for a moment and you seek comfort in his hug. He breaks the hug and bends down to clean up the mess he made.

You sit on your bed watching Monty. The picture he throws was actually a picture of you and him from the last summer, when you were at a party at the beach. You looked down at the picture and smiled slightly. On the picture Monty and you sat at a bonfire and he had his arm around your shoulder, while you had your head leaning on his shoulder. That night was the first time you really talked to him and for once he wasn´t the cocky asshole you knew from the hallways or the jock with anger issues. This night he was sweet, funny and cute. You saw another side and that’s when the felling´s started. “I remember that night.” He mumbled and you jumped, you didn´t noticed that he had sat down next to you. “You remember that night? You were pretty drunk.” You whispered smiling, still looking down at the picture. “And you looked so beautiful.” He whispered and you meet his gaze. “I´m so sorry, Y/N, please don’t hate me. I couldn´t stand if you hate me.” He whispered and you smiled at him. “I could never hate you, Monty.” You said and caressed his cheek in a loving manner. “I will clean this cut now.” You mumbled, getting up after a bit of silence. He nodded and shooting you a small, but guilty smile.

When you left your bathroom Montgomery still sat at the same spot on your bed. When he heard you coming he stands up, facing you. “I will go now; you probably want to be alone.” He said and walked to your window. You walked towards Monty wrapping your arms around his torso. “Stay with me. Don’t go.” You whispered, burying your face in his back. “Y/N/N, I think it would be the best when we don’t see each other for a while.” He said, his hands resting on your window frame. You shook your head no, hugging him harder. “I hurt you, something I swore I would never do.” He sighed trying to escape your grip. “But I want you to stay.” You whispered and he sighed again. “Why?” he whispered clearly confused. “Because, I want to watch a movie, cuddle myself in my bed and eat ice cream and I want it to do it with you.” You whispered, he finally turned around and smiled at you, while you began to grin. “I know you can´t resist me.” You said biting your lip. He rolled his eyes and looked at you with a raised eyebrow. “I always thought it would be the other way around.” He said smirking down at you. You just shrugged your shoulders, turning around and sat yourself down on your bed, leaning against your headboard. “Go downstairs and get the ice cream. I will choose the movie.” You said turning on the TV, smiling like an idiot. Monty shook his head smiling and let out a small laugh. “Chunky-Monkey?” he asked, but already made his way downstairs, knowing the answer. “And when you´re back you ´re gonna take your clothes off. I like you better without them.” You shouted after him and giggled, hearing his faint laugh from downstairs.

You sat on Montgomery´s lap the movie long forgotten. His hands were on your thighs running them up and down, while you were holding the package with ice cream and a spoon. “Come on, give me ice cream.” He whined and you laughed at his childishness. “Montgomery de la Cruz just whined, I can´t believe it.” You said, between laughter’s and he rolled his eyes. He opened a few buttons of the flannel you were wearing, kissing your now exposed collarbone and you let out sigh, biting your bottom lip. “Fine, you get some ice cream.” You whispered smiling at him. He opened his mouth and you placed a spoon with ice cream in his mouth. “Wait, that’s only banana and walnuts.” He mumbled still munching on the ice cream and you giggled. “You did it on purpose.” He gasped with an amused smile on his lips and you laughed out loud. “You were using my sweet spots against me, you don’t deserve chocolate.” You explained planting a small kiss on his lips. “But I was only using them to get some ice cream.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. “You want chocolate?” you asked ghosting your lips over his and he nodded brushing his nose against yours. “Make me a compliment.” You stated and grinned at him, while he groaned. “What do you want to hear?” he asked. “You can´t really expect that I will tell you what to say.” You looked at him and he began to smirk. “I love fucking you.” He smirked at you and you rolled your eyes. “Way to ruin the mood.” You mumbled frowning and leaned back. “Okay okay, you are the most beautiful and smartest girl I´ve ever meet.” He said smiling up at you. “Okay I will accept that.” You nodded approvingly, placing a spoon with banana and chocolate in his mouth. “Go on and you will get more.” You said with a smirk. “I really like you.” He whispered smiling slightly at you, his thumb painting small circles on your hipbones. “That´s not a compliment.” You countered. “But a confession.” Your smirk fell and you blinked a few times. You placed the ice cream and the fork on you nightstand and your hands went to his neck. “You mean it?” You asked hopefully while your hands played with his hair and he nodded. You placed your lips on his, your hands on his cheeks now, while he pulled you even closer. Monty pulled away smiling at you. “I really like you too.” You confessed and he began to smirk. He leaned forward and you yelped when your back hit your bed. Monty began kissing your neck while unbuttoning the flannel. He kissed his way down your neck to your collarbone, now plastering kisses down the valley of your breast and your giggle´s turned into moans. “God, I love it when you wear lacy underwear.” He mumbled between kisses and moans. You moaned as a reply your fingers running through his hair tugging on it. “Did you expect someone else?” He smirked unclasping your bra. “You´re the only one I have sex with.” You stated bringing his lips to meet yours. “Good, because I don’t share.” With that he ripped your bralette from you and started sucking on your right nipple. “Monty.” You hissed his name, when he grazed his teeth over his your nipple. “Oh God, I love it when you say my name.” he smirked turning his attention to the other nipple.
Both of you didn´t hear the car pulling into the driveway or your parents coming through the front door. You both were pulled out of your foreplay, when you heard your name being called. “Y/N, are you still awake?” you heard your mother call and you pushed Monty away from you, your eyes widening in shock. “Shit.” You hissed starting to bottom the flannel up. He was pacing through your room and started to collect his clothes together. You heard footsteps coming closer and you pushed Montgomery into your bathroom. Just in time you managed to sit down on your bed, grabbing the book, you were recently reading from your nightstand. You opened it, when your mother opened your bedroom door. “Hey sweetie, you are still awake?” she asked and you smiled at her. “Well, I had too much sugar I think.” You mumbled pointing to the ice cream and she cracked a smile. “How was your dinner?” You asked trying to act normal. “It was ok, how was your evening?” Your eyes wandered to your bathroom door before you shrugged your shoulders. “Oh the same as always. I eat ice cream, watched a movie and continue to read my book.” You explained smiling at her. “What happened to your cheek and neck?” She asked and you inhaled sharply. “I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous but something fell down and I was too lazy to stand up, so I accidently hit my check on my night stand.” You explained trying to sound convincingly. She nodded and began to smirk. “And what happened to your neck?” She was now grinning at you and you looked at her in shock. “Mom.” You exhaled and she laughed at you. “Is he here? Maybe hiding in your wardrobe?” she asked and looked around your room. “No mom, he is not here and this is awkward.” You sighed and shook your head. “What? You think I never meet up with my boyfriend when my parents weren’t home, when I was young?  And I have hid my boyfriend from my parents more than one time.” Your eyes widen in shock. “Okay mom, this conversation is over.” You mumbled hiding your face in your hands. “Okay, I will leave you alone.” She said getting up. “And Y/N? Hopefully you used protection. I don’t need grandchildren running around my house.” She said pointed to your bra lying on the ground. “Oh god mom, get out.” You shouted and she left your room laughing.
After a few minutes later Monty came out of your bathroom, smirking. “Why are you smirking? My mom almost caught us.” You whispered meeting halfway. “Your mother is funny.” He whispered laughing silently. You smiled at him sarcastically before rolling your eyes. “Just joking, babe.” He mumbled, placing a kiss on your lips. “So, you had too much sugar, huh?” He asked smirking down at you. “You are my sugar, baby.” You whispered, pulling him into another kiss. He smirked into the kiss, before deepening it. You break the kiss and shoot him a smile, which he returned. He began to slip into his jacket. “You are leaving?” you asked playing with the hem of his shirt. “I don´t think it would be a good idea if I stay over. Your parents don’t know I´m here.” He whispered smiling and you nodded absently. “Your mom called me your boyfriend.” He stated this time more serious. “Actually she talked about her boyfriends.” You countered and he nodded. “You don’t want me to be your boyfriend?” He asked, avoiding your gaze, he seemed almost shy. “You were the one who told me you aren´t the relationship type.” You whispered trying to look him in the eyes. “But what if I changed my mind?” You looked at him surprised but slowly began to smile. “And what made you change your mind?” You asked and began to smirk. He rolled his eyes and pulled you into a kiss, giving you the answer to your question. “Okay.” You whispered, against his lips after he breaks the kiss. “I will go now. See you tomorrow?” He asked moving toward your window and you followed him. “Yeah.” You mumbled and pulled him into a hug. He kissed you one last time before climbing through your window.

For the rest of the night you couldn´t swipe that smile off your face.


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A Double Take / Jeff Atkins

Words: 1365

After packing up all of the books that were spread over the table, you zip your backpack and place it back on the ground. Pulling your phone from your pocket, you text your friend to let them know you would be at their house soon to rehearse.

You had found out only a few days ago that you would both be performing at prom and you were beyond excited. It was the first time you would be playing for your peers and you were looking forward to it.

Just as you were going to stand, someone sits opposite you. Casting your eyes over them you can’t help but smile, “Hey Jeff,” you greet, settling back down in your seat.


You tilt your head, “You okay?” you ask, noticing the nervous expression on his face. “Do you need something?”

Jeff offers you a small smile, “Actually,” be begins, “I was hoping to ask you something.”

“Of course, what is it?”

He licks his lips quickly, clasping his hands together in front of him on the table, “So prom is coming up and I was wondering,” he says, taking a breath, “if you would like to go with me. As my date,” he says.

You were taken back, you weren’t expecting to be asked to prom-especially by Jeff. “Oh,” you mumble. “I-um-I can’t,” you answer, flinching at the unintended bluntness of your tone.

The look of disappointment and confusion on Jeff’s face caused your stomach to tighten. You hated to upset him, you didn’t mean for your words to hit him as hard as they did.

Closing your eyes, you try to wipe the image from your mind. “Jeff,” you sigh, “I didn’t mean for it to come out so…abruptly.”

He nods, “I get it. You don’t want to go with me. It’s okay.”

“No,” you rush to deny, “it’s not that.”

Jeff forces a smile, “Really (Y/N),” he insists. “It’s fine. Totally fine.” 

You release a breath, “Please let me explain,” you try. “I would love-”

“I need to get going, I’ve got practice,” he interrupts, “I’ll see you around, yeah?”

Jeff doesn’t bother giving you anytime to answer before he walks off. You refrain from yelling after him, not wanting to disturb the peace of the library. Slumping back in your seat, you throw your head back slightly and groan, “Seriously?” you groan.

You notice rather quickly that Jeff is avoiding you. In the week leading up to prom he barely spoke two words to you-never giving you a chance to explain why you denied his offer.

If he had given you the chance, you would have told him how much you would have loved to go with him but having already promised to perform and help out backstage, you wouldn’t have much time during the night to spend with him. 

Your friend’s attempts to cheer you up didn’t go unnoticed, but they were unsuccessful. Having practically no contact with one of your closest friends really hurt you.

Setting up the stage, your attention drifts around the decorated gym that would be full in only a few hours. You would be singing in front of your classmates…your nerves had slowly declined over the past week which was something you were thankful for. 

By the time people had started to show up, you were more than ready to get on stage. Your friend came to collect you when it was time to go on. The lights in the room darkened for a moment as the two of you made your way to the stage. 

The first song picked up tempo rather quickly and you didn’t get much of a chance to take in the crowd. The next few however, was much slower and the lighting that shone around the room allowed you to observe the couples that had gathered on the dance floor.

Your gaze soon drifts to the tables that borders the dancers, catching the eye of a familiar face. You lock eyes with Jeff momentarily before he looks away only to snap his attention back to you. Offering him a small smile, you have the urge to laugh at his shock.

During your break between sets, you wait to the side of the stage-conversing with your friend. Feeling a hand on your shoulder, you spin around to come face-to-face with Jeff.

“Hi,” you say,

He shoves his hands in his pockets, sending you a smile, “I didn’t expect to see you on stage,” he begins. “I had to check twice to see if it was you.” You chuckle at his words and wait for him to continue. “I’ve realised that I may have overreacted this week,” he admits. Sighing as he adverts your gaze, “I’m sorry for not letting you explain.”

You cross your arms over your chest, “Why didn’t you?”

He shrugs weakly, “I was embarrassed plus I thought I ruined things between us by asking you.”

“Jeff,” you scold.

“I’m sorry,” he repeats.

You shake your head, dropping your arms to the side before pulling him into a tight hug. “Please don’t avoid me again,” you insist. Jeff slides his arms around you and allows you to hold him tighter. “I thought you were really mad at me.”

He squeezes your waist gently, “I didn’t mean-”

“I know,” you cut him. “For the record,” you declare, pulling away, “if it weren’t for this,” you say, gesturing to the stage behind you, “I would have said yes.”

Jeff’s face lights up, “Really?”

You hit his chest gently, “Of course! Why on earth would I have said no?”

“Because of someone else, potential awkwardness, you not want-” 

You cut his listing off by placing a hand over his mouth, “Jeff,” you state firmly, “I would have loved to have come to prom with you. Very much actually.”

Jeff’s expression softens as you remove your hand from him, a moment of silence surrounding you both. “Do you have time to spare for a dance?”

“I don’t know,” you admit reluctantly. You glance back at your friend, seeing them scrolling through their phone you call their name to catch their attention, “Do you think you can go solo for a while?” you ask.

Their eyes dart between you and Jeff and a grin forms on their face, “I think I can manage that,” they replies.

Looking back at Jeff, you hold your hand out for him to take, “Shall we?”

Jeff guides you to the dance floor and you wrap your arms around his shoulders when you come to a stop. The next song begins just as his places his hands on your waist again.

Your fingers toy with his hair at the base of his neck as you start to sway, “I was really hoping I’d see you here tonight,” you tell him.

“Why’s that?” he asks.

“I have to have a reason to want to see you?” you retort. “I’ve missed you.” Jeff apologises again which makes you roll your eyes playfully, “It’s fine, I can see why you might have been hesitant to talk to me. I’m sorry our wires got crossed for a little while.”

“I imagined it just like this you know,” he says after a while.

“Imagined what?” you question, your brow furrowing.

Jeff smiles, “Being here with you-dancing with you. I’m glad we get at least one dance. I’ve wanted to ask you to prom for a while,” he admits.

You match his expression, your own smile widening once more, “You have? Why?”

“I’ve liked you for a really long time,” he says quietly. “But I’ve never been sure if you would even consider feeling the same way…so I kept pushing off asking you out.”

You tilt your head, “I never realised.”

He laughs, “I think that was kind of my intention.”

Stopping your movements, your arms slide over his shoulders and down his arms. “We really need to do this being honest thing a whole lot more,” you declare. “We would save so much time.”

Jeff sends you a questioning look at your words, but realisation soon hits him as you lean forward to kiss him.

25 Reasons Why Julian Blackthorn is a Cinnamon Roll

1. He has curly hair

2. He is unrelentlessly in love with Emma Carstairs and has been for 5+ years

3. “If my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you”

4. His favorite superhero is Iron Man

5. He makes pancakes for his family and they are good pancakes

6. He is an artist

7. He wakes up super early every morning

8. His eyes are oceany green-blue

9. He would do anything for those he lobes

10. He takes care of all his siblings

11. He has a secret room dedicated solely to his paintings of Emma

12. His physique is not overly-muscular, it’s “long and lean”

13. His humor is dry

14. He drinks too much coffee

15. He was named after Julius Caesar, a Roman legend

16. Emma broke his heart

17. He bites his nails down to the quick because of anxiety

18. He’s a grammar nerd

19. He smells like cloves and paint

20. Emma was his first kiss and took his virginity

21. He never takes off the sea glass bracelet that Emma gave him

22. He is very passionate and a deep thinker

23. He rarely forgives and never forgets

24. He has a dark side to him

25. He still has nightmares about the Dark War

Tyler Down x Reader: Nervous

A/N: yay tyler down imagine. I really hope you like it I loved writing this and if you want an imagine just come and request something.

Words: 960

You and Tyler had been going out for almost a year and he still hadn’t met your parents because he was to nervous to meet them.

“Come on Tyler we have been going out for almost a whole year and you still haven’t met my parents properly. Why are you so scared to meet them?” You asked confused as the two of you were walking down the hallway.

“Because Y/N I’m not really the kind of guy that parents are usually happy to see there daughter come home with.” He said looking down and playing with the camera that was around his neck.

“Ty my parents love you and you know that. Even though you never actually sat down and talked to them they have met you before. And believe me when I say that my parents are happy that I’m with you they don’t want me hanging around some hot jock.” You said grabbing his face so that he was looking at you.

“Wow thanks for the compliment Y/N.” He said crossing his arms.

“Come on Tyler you know that’s not what I meant. You know how hot I think you are and how much I love you. Stop doubting yourself so much.” You said uncrossing his arms and taking one of his hands.

“I’m sorry. You know I can’t help it but I’ll try for you.” He said smiling at you.

“Thank you. Now will please come over tonight for diner so that you can finally meet my parents?” You asked hopefully.

“Fine.” He said still with doubt in his voice.

“Really! Oh thank you so much baby.” You said happily as you kissed his cheek and hugged him.

“Y/N…” He said blushing because of the public display of affection.

“Sorry Ty. I’ll text my mom to tell her you are coming over.” You said as the both of you walked out of school.

“Well I guess I’ll see you tonight then.” Tyler said smiling at you nervously.

“Yeah be there at 6 okay and try not to be to nervous okay. Love you.” You said as you kissed his cheek and started to walk away.

“Love you too.” He said quietly.

As the diner was coming closer Tyler was becoming more nervous by the minute. He was constantly texting you telling you he couldn’t do this but you kept encouraging that he could. You had put on a baby blue dress and had put Y/H/C in a half up half down hairstyle and put on a little more make up then usual.

“I’ll get it.” You yelled as you heard the doorbell ring.

You walked down the stairs and went to open the door but not before your mom stopped you to tell you how pretty you looked.

“Hey Tyler.” You said as you opened the door and hugged him.

“Hey Y/N, uhh…wow y-you look s-stunning.” He said looking at you nervously.

“Thank you, you look very handsome Tyler.” You said looking at him with a smile.

He was wearing black pants with a black dress shirt and obviously he had his camera with him and he was also holding a bouquet of flowers.

“Come on in.” You said stepping aside so that he could walk inside.

“Don’t be so nervous.” You whispered in his ear as you closed the door and took his hand.

The two of you walked inside of the living room where your dad was sitting on the couch and your mom was putting some last minute stuff on the table.

“Um Mom, Dad this is my boyfriend Tyler.” You said smiling at Tyler and holding his hand.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N.” Tyler said looking at your parents with a very nervous look on his face.

“Oh Tyler hello it’s so nice to finely meet you properly.” Your mom said walking up to Tyler and shaking his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you to. Uh these are for you.” He said as he handed your mom the flowers.

“Oh thank you so much Tyler you shouldn’t have.” She said smiling and walking away to put them in a vase.

“Hello Tyler we are very happy to meet you.” Your dad said walking towards Tyler and you could just see Tyler’s face turn into a scared look.

“H-hello Mr. Y/L/N it’s very nice to meet you.” He said his voice wavering with fear.

“Loosen up kid if our Y/N loves you then we love you.” Your dad said smiling at Tyler and going to sit down at the table.

“I told you not to worry.” You said smiling at Tyler and kissing his cheek.

“Well come on kids sit down.” Your mom said as she sat down at the table next to your dad.

You and Tyler went to sit down opposite of your parents and started eating. The whole night went amazing Tyler was able to loose up and he was even talking about his camera with your dad.

“You really have a good one Y/N.” Your mom said as you were doing dishes.

“Yeah I know.” You said smiling.

“Never let him go.” She said kissing your cheek.

“Don’t worry I won’t.” You said with a huge smile before she walked away to talk with Tyler.

After a few more hours Tyler had to go home and you walked with him to his car.

“See I told you it would go well.” You said smiling at Tyler and holding his hand.

“Yeah I’m really happy it did. Who knew that me and your dad would have so much in common.” He said laughing.

“I know right. So umm…I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said as you stopped in front of his car.

“Definitely.” He said smiling before leaning in and kissing you.

So, it was my (apparently completely wrong) assumption that the first session with the trainer thing at the new gym would be an actual workout when really it was an hour of him talking about my goals, taking measurements, and like, talking about my ~feelings~ on what various goals meant to me.

My dumbass rolled out of bed in actual workout clothes. If I knew the first session was just an hour-long pow-wow I would have told them to schedule it whenever??? Instead of insisting I needed it at 6 a.m.?

But whatever, I got it out of the way and at least I’m scheduled for two hour-long sessions next week and basically permanently on the schedule going forward for four, .5 hour sessions/week… And it was not as expensive as I thought it might be! I’m still paying the same amount I did for my last trainer, just one more session per week. And I was able to go through my morning routine at the gym to better guess when I’ll need to finish working out… And it worked like this, I wouldn’t be able to work out tomorrow or Monday anyway because dad is leaving so I need to be at home until the last possible second in the mornings for pup.

So basically next week I’ll finally be logging calories burned on #bitchesgetripped. Time to fit back into my clothes comfortably

15 ASSOCIATIONS  .      

repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question .

001 .   ANIMAL .     snake . 
002 .   COLOR ( S ) .     shades of purple and red, black.  green, too  !  
003 .   MONTH .      april. 

004 .   SONG .    anything by yung lean  :///  
005 .   NUMBER .   13 .
006 .   DAY OR NIGHT .    night  ,   dusk  .  

007 .   PLANT .        burning   )   roses .   
008 .   SMELL .     death and weed honestly hes basic :// oh my god .. definitely sweet, but not too much.   think black xs by paco rabanne.   definitely quite cinnamon scented once you smell a bit more of it.    cheap cigarettes,   that cheap ass vodka you know you’ve only got it ‘cause the person you asked to buy bought the wrong one and you can’t go and return it for another one because you’re under 21. 
009 .   GEMSTONE .    amethyst  .   

010 .   SEASON .    winter .
011  .   PLACE  .    his bedroom.  a skating field in which there’s hints of red spray paint all over it, a suburban neighborhood with snow covering some of the grass     -    it’s night, and there’s some blue neon lights coming from the windows.   when it’s snowy outside and the trees have no leaves.   not exactly an actual place, and yet internet forums that look like they’re straight from late 90s to early 00s. black backgrounds, writings in a bold red style that, by the dripping letter effect    &.    all the bling bling shit u know its probably a blingee :// 
012  .   FOOD  .       honestly if u ask his ass .. hes fuckin extra .. he’ll probs say human meat or some shit eh .. but marinated meat or fish he loves that shit .   big fan of colorful food too .   loves chocolate    &    red velvet cake  !     sushi, too.    apple pie.    blue ice cream.   anything w cinnamon.    both sweets   &    spicy food.    blue and black licorice candy.

013  .    ASTROLOGICAL SIGN  .      pisces . 
014  .    ELEMENT  (  S  )  .      fire. 
015  .    DRINK  .     cherry cola, anything with cinnamon   (   especially coffee w milk added .   )   ,       slurpees     (    purple or blue !      )    ,     water    …    that ultimate fuck boy drink aka the purple drink w codeine :/// absinthe, too. definitely reminds me of him whenever i see that shit.

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You’re Something Extraordinary 

1. Love Like You + Nothing Like You - Rebecca Sugar 2). Still - Daughter  3). The Witcher 3 OST - Priscilla’s Song 4). Can’t Help Falling In Love With You - Twenty One Pilots 5). The Gambler Fun 6). Patron Saint of Pretty Faces - Small Wonder 7). The Storm - Elenowen 8). Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz 9). Bind Us All - FESTIVAL 10). So This Is Love - Ilene Woods & Mike Douglas 11). I See the Light - Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi 12). Wolf & I - Oh Land 13). Lean On - (Featuring MØ & DJ Snake) Major Lazer 14). Run Daughter 15). The Oil Slick Frightened Rabbit

A constaco mix, listen here (x).

I was kinda leaning toward 13 bc I just started new Vegas and I had a vault 13 outfit bc I got the version w all the dlc but I don’t know what vault 13 is lmao it’s just. A lucky number to me

But I don’t know jack shit abt it because I only have like, 3 hours logged in new Vegas lmao
Basically I don’t know the like, context for most of the vaults, I know 111 bc I play fallout 4 and that’s. Pretty much it

ObsidianMichi’s Solavellan Masterlist

It’s that time, guys. It’s gotten too big to track and I’ve gotten so many new followers today. (Hi!) I may do a better graphic later, but below is a complete listing of my current fics in a convenient place. I’ll keep updating this consistently as more are posted.

The Eirwen Lavellan Collection:

Lingering in the Sun

Abelas comes to Skyhold in search of Lavellan, hoping to build a better future for their respective peoples. Solas searches the Fade, but cannot avoid Lavellan’s presence in the dreams of others. She finally finds him for a reckoning. (PG-13, Post-Game, Complete)

A Joyful Rebellion

Solas hears Lavellan cursing, something she does often but only in private, and wonders about it’s source. Set just after their arrival at Skyhold, after the first kiss and before the second. (PG-13, One Shot, Complete)

A Daydream’s Sweet Temptation

When he finds her in Skyhold’s library, Solas has naughty daydreams. Lavellan has a plan of her own. (Mature, One Shot, Mild Sexual Situations, Complete)

The Halla and the Wolf

Inquisitor Eirwen Lavellan dances “The Halla and the Wolf” with Loranil during the celebrations after Adamant, Solas is not jealous. Really. He’s not. (Mature, One Shot, Complete/ish)

A Fistful of Snowballs

When Inquisitor Eirwen Lavellan and Sera gang up on Solas for an impromptu snowball fight, he must find a way to retaliate. Preferably without Sera discovering he enjoys such childish activities. (PG, Pure Fluff, One Shot, Complete)

No, You Sleep First

Eirwen Lavellan decides Solas needs to sleep, but he’s less than agreeable about giving up first watch. (Takes place early Hinterlands. PG. One Shot. Fluff. Complete.)

One of Us

Eirwen Lavellan dances at a Dalish celebration as Solas looks on. When the Clan Keeper mentions an interesting detail about her dance partner, he discovers he doesn’t know quite as much about her past as he thought. (PG-17, Fluff, Mildly Smutty, Posted in honor of Fluff Friday.)

I Will Remember You

In the aftermath of Hakkon’s destruction, Eirwen reflects on the past Inquisitor and his love while Solas wonders what she would do in their place. ((Post-Breakup, not Post-Game, Jaws of Hakkon Spoilers, Fluff n’ Angst.))


Excerpt from a later chapter of On Wings of Ravens, Eirwen Lavellan’s backstory.

On the Wings of Ravens

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8, Ch 9, Ch 10, Ch 11, Ch 12, Ch 13,  Ch 14,  Ch 15,  Ch 16,  Ch 17,  Ch 18,  Ch 19,  Ch 20,

Plagued by guilt-ridden nightmares, Lavellan disappears to try to clear her head. When she meets a mysterious Inquisition scout, a Dalish elf named Harel, Eirwen learns more about the past than she ever expected and Solas finds his own plans in danger of veering wildly off course.

If you would rather read it on AO3, it’s here.

(Long Fic. PG-17. Incomplete. OC included. May leap off cliffs to escape canon. Send help.)

The Way We Say

After chasing the Viddasala through the eluvians, Eirwen and Solas finally come face to face after two long years. (Long Fic (complete), PG-13, Drama, Angst, Fluff, Romance, warning for Trespasser spoilers.)

A Hundred Pages of Foreplay

Eirwen Lavellan and Solas read aloud some smutty literature written about the Herald of Andraste and ‘Commander Chulain Rutherbuck’. Eirwen performs voices. Hilarity ensues. (One Shot, PG- PG13ish. Fluff. Humor.)

Conquest in Winter (Post-Trespassper)

The Lady in Blue and White (PG-17, Solavellan, Long Fic)

The Dread Wolf, Fen’Harel walks the world and Thedas turns to war. In Tevinter, there are rumors of yet another slave uprising as the Qunari begin their invasion in earnest. While in Orlais, former Grand Duke Gaspard returns for another attempt to retake his throne. The Inquisition is leaderless and rudderless when the Inquisitor, Eirwen Lavellan vanishes during her stay with the Avaar.

And in the shadows of it all, there is a lady. A lady in blue white, in whose shadow hides another intent on upending the board. Solas will once again find himself torn between the world he wants and the woman he loves, but he can only have one. The time has come to choose.

Short Drabbles:

Body Paint

Eirwen helps Solas prepare for an Avvar ritual.

Meme Prompts:

Kiss Prompts:

Anath'Ara, Fen'harel for Ottabox, (7) A Kiss on the Mouth (passionate) from the Kiss Meme.)

First Sentence Prompts:

Leliana and Eirwen in Skyhold

(First Sentence Meme)

Solas and the Wolves

Cassandra’s Trust

Casual Sex Meme


Eirwen Headcanons (Including Solas/Solavellan HC)

Eirwen, the Agnostic Elf

Eirwen/Solas Pregnancy

Random Number Prompts

“Hey, have you seen the… Oh.”


A Kiss with a Fist

Eirwen and Abelas take to the sparring arena in this silly one shot. Mild violence, flirting, and fluff ensues. (PG-13, Fluff n’ Violence, Sparring)

Len’alas Lathdin

At the Arlathvhen, Eirwen Lavellan reflects on her relationship with Solas and how her life has changed. After she finds herself moodily drunk in the woods at Fen'harel’s statue, Abelas offers her a supportive shoulder to lean on. (PG-13, Fluff n’ Angst.)

Fragile Heart

When Eirwen Lavellan is injured in battle with a Pride Demon, Abelas is forced into a conversation with Varric Tethras about his feelings. He doesn’t take it well. (PG-13, Fluff n’ Angst.)

You, Me, and Paperwork Makes Three

In Skyhold, Eirwen Lavellan tries to continue working in bed. Meanwhile, Abelas proves to be a formidable distraction. (PG-13, Fluff)

The Grump’s Way to Smile

At Skyhold, Eirwen Lavellan teases Abelas about being grouchy. It earns him a kiss. (PG-13, Fluff)

Solas and Eirwen AUs

Fall in You 

After Eirwen drinks from the Well, she discovers Solas’ true identity.

Other Lavellans:

Just A Happy Ending… a little late

I wrote this on the BSN Solas thread. It’s exactly as the title describes, a fluffy happy ending that comes a little late. For not a specific Lavellans. (PG, Fluff n’ Angst, One Shot, Complete)

When the Words Won’t Fit

When Madera Lavellan steals a precious Tevinter tome from Dorian Pavus, Solas searches Skyhold to find it and discovers a different gem instead. (PG, Fluff n’ Stuff, One Shot, Complete. Done for Ottabox’s wonderful cutie, Madera.)

The Points Where We Collide

When Solas helps Siobhan Lavellan collect blood lotus in the Hinterlands, things get a little wetter than he bargained for. (PG-13, Fluff n’ Stuff, Once Shot, Complete. Done for Aerieyena’s Siobhan.)

Fics Posted On AO3 (But Not Here):

Glory to the First Man

Inquisitor Eirwen Lavellan teases Solas about how not grim and fatalistic he is with grimdark fatalism. Things get a little dirty. (Explicit, One Shot, End Smut, Just for Fun, Warhammer 40K quotes and references, Not really part of the official Eirwen Lavellan collection.)

Beneath Fen'harel’s Gaze

During a Dalish celebration, a rather drunk Eirwen Lavellan drags a drunken Solas out to Fen'harel’s statue to relive some adolescent memories. Things get a little dirty. Very dirty. (Explicit, One Shot, Gratuitous Smut, NSFW, Quasi sequel to “One of Us”, Prompt for Ottabox.)

Non-Solavellan, Non-Lavellan Fiction

Adventures of the Merry Trevelyans:

The Duel

When an invitation to one of the most popular soirees at Val Chemin arrives at Skyhold, it throws the Inner Circle into a tizzy, even more so as they discover the host, Marquis Alberico de Caetani has challenged Inquisitor Alix Trevelyan to a duel. This annual tradition forces Iron Bull to reflect that he might not know her as well as he thought. (PG-17, suggested sexual content, F!Trevelyan x Iron Bull)

He Knew He Loved Her

A series of shorts in which Iron Bull reflects on when he realized (or failed to realize) he loved Inquisitor Alix Trevelyan.

happy egg uwu

i updated hte jongtae masterlist (((nd the other masterlist with one fic lmao))) for hte new year

nd i also made a schedule page so ull kno what fics r comin up uwu uwu

also also i found this one site that told me my top posts for each month this year s o

lil fic rec uwu

January: Jongyu; Vanilla; R; Jinki suddenly gets the ability to read minds and wow is he on Jonghyun’s mind a lot

February: Jongtae; Harry Potter AU; PG; au where taem is a muggleborn ravenclaw nd isnt havin any of hogwarts’ no technology bullshit

March: Jongtae; Vamp AU; PG; i think we all kno what vamp au is lmao

April: Jongtae; Eye-Sex; PG-13; *leans against a wall* hey u wanna make out *slips nd falls down*

May: Jongyu; Actually Familiar; PG; magic baker jong nd jinki bein all cute nd awk nd taem the ferret bein a lil shit uwu

June: i did not post a fic in june otl

July: Jongtae; Makes the Boys go Noot Noot; PG; Summer AU Day 2: Dudebros

August: Jongtae: Summer AU Masterlist; PG to NC-17; summer au is a blessin tbh

September: Jongtae; ( ಠ∀ಠ); NC-17; that one ask for taem gettin laid after his first win nd jong cryin in the middle of it

October: Jongtae; A Castle-Oriented Story; PG; Aro Jong Ace Taem fantasy prince-locked-in-a-castle au uwu

November: Jongtae; Why This; PG-13; We’re studying in the library and there are two people very obviously fucking in the stacks and we keep sharing embarrassed glances

December: Jongtae; Less Traditional; PG; Aro Taem askin Jonghyun to marry him

Murphy’s Law

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a Steve x reader, where you two are dating and Sharon and you get into a fight and he takes her side and its angst and stuff, but near the end it’s fluffy. :)

Warning(s): Murphy’s Law can just get in the way of somethings, but you know, great things come from it, too. 

The room was cold and could be considered abandoned if it weren’t for the vast amounts of computers. Dust layered each one though, making it incredibly difficult to not leave a trace. My fingertips left prints as I desperately tried to find one that wasn’t compromised. Yet, like everything else about this mission, it appeared things were going to be on the more impossible side. 

“Agent 13, status report,” I said, while finally coming across a working computer. I hurriedly typed various codes and located a USB port as I waited for an answer that never came. Sighing, I managed to get some of the information off of the computer onto the small, compact device. I anxiously tapped my foot and leaned against the desk. “Agent 13, status report,” I said again, an angry tone evident. 

“Get out,” was all she responded with. Much like myself, she sounded angry and was ready to be done. I didn’t blame her. This mission was the last thing any of us wanted to deal with, especially when S.H.I.E.L.D. was trying to do its best to lay low. However, we were supposed to be a team and work together. 

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