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We Are Young: Shower Time

Throne Of Glass High School AU

Note: You guys asked for it. Here it is. The scene that started a revolution - literally. For those of you who don’t know, this is a side chapter to my story We Are Young, the link to which you can find below. This is also the first time I’ve written something like this, so keep that in mind.
Big shoutout to everyone who pushed me to write this scene. And special shoutout to our revolution leaders: @miladyaelin, @snaps7, @throneofstars, @jxmessjrjuspottcr, @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie, and @fictionalcharactersaremyreality. And @christina-dh, for starting all this with one simply question in my inbox. LOVE YOU ALL.

Warning: NSFW

Main Chapter


Lysandra was aware of his eyes on her, his gaze burning holes in her back.

She made it to the bathroom before him, peeling off her clothes piece by piece as she went - she was glad her father was on the night-shift this week.

By the time she made it to the shower, she was in just her underwear. She turned on the water, letting it heat up, before stepping back. She knew Aedion was behind her, standing in the doorway, watching. Just the thought caused heat to slowly build in the pit of her stomach, a sensual smile pulling on her lips.

Slowly and with a tantalizing sway of her hips, Lysandra stepped out of her underwear. She didn’t once look back as she walked forward, stepping into the glass shower.

She stood there for a few moments, letting the streaming water soak her hair and body, before finally turning around.

Aedion was standing in the middle of the bathroom, still shirtless from their makeout session earlier, the door now closed behind him. Gone was the carefree, boyish look that normally took form on his face. It was now replaced with a look of complete love and lust. Lysandra felt the warmth between her legs begin to throb as his eyes slowly drifted over her wet, naked body, lingering on her perked breasts and between her legs.

“Well?” Her voice was a seductive purr as she spoke. “Are you going to join me? Or do I have to do everything myself?”

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*Warning: smut* RFA+V+saeran react to MC dancing sexily and them acting upon it *Wink wink*

 This was requested by @trustxfundxkid-jumin ^^ YAY lol

Oh right, ‘nother huge disclaimer is that Jumin’s had a ddlg kink ok? Ok, I don’t want any more negative feedback about it ‘cause it really hurt me when people criticised on my last post ^^ Anyway, yeah, I warned ‘ya!


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Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Word Count: 2054

Requested: By Anon

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks but I have never done anything like this before. Let me know if you guys like it. I’m also not using all the lyrics. I also got a bit carried away, let me know if there should be a part 2??

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover

So the bar is where I go

You walk into your local bar with your friends ready for a good night. You heard that a semi famous band are playing tonight but you haven’t heard what their name is. Your friends and you set yourself up in a little booth close to the stage. Two of your friends, Taylor and Ruby, head off to the bar to get drinks for all of you. While you wait for your other friends to come back you sit with the other friend, Michone.

“I wonder who is playing tonight.” I say to Michone.

“Yeah I hope they are good.” She said back.

You look over at the stage to see a man setting up the stage for the performer. It was just a local man playing with his guitar. Michone and I sit there listening to the sweet tone.

Taylor and Ruby come back to the table with some shots.

“Shots!” They yell.

You grab one and swallow it straight away.

Me and my friends at the table doing shots

Drinking fast and then we talk slow

The man on the stage finishes his last song and the club start to play their songs when you finish your 4th shot feeling a bit tipsy. Your friends head to the dancefloor and ask if you want to join.

“I’ll be there in a second.” You answer.

You walk up to the bar and sit on the stool. Striking a little conversation with the bar tender. You feel someone sit next to you on the stool.

Come over and start up a conversation with just me

And trust me I’ll give it a chance now


“What’s a lovely lady doing at the bar all alone?” The man asks.

You turn your head around to be met with no other than the famous Joshua Dun. Man he looks good up this close.

“Y-your Josh Dun.” You say, stuttering a little.

“Sure am, are you a fan? What’s your name?” He asks with his squinty smile.

“My name is Y/N and I am a huge fan, you guys helped me through so much so thank you.” You say honestly.

“Well that means a lot. Do you want to dance, Y/N?” He asks you.

“I’d love to, uh I mean sure.”

You both get up and head to the dance floor.

               And then we start to dance, and now I’m singing like.

               Girl, you know I want your love

               Your love was handmade for somebody like me


You start dancing with Josh and he spins you around so your back is against him. You start to move against his body feeling the music. You start to sing along enjoying this moment. You turn back around to face him and you grab the back of his neck and dance with him. A few songs later and your friends come over to you.

Come on now, follow my lead

I may be crazy, don’t mind me

“Hey, Y/N we are heading off. Are you coming?” Ruby asks.

“Um.” You say while looking over at Josh.

“No it’s okay, I got her.” Josh answered.

Michone gives you a look to say ‘holy crap that’s Joshua Dun’. You nod at her and smile widely. After they left Josh turned to you.

“I would love to get to know you more Y/N. Do you want to come back to mine to hang?” He asks.

“Sure. I would love to get to know you too. You aren’t going to kill me are you?”

“No. Definitely not. I promise.” He laughs.

“Okay. Well let’s go.”

He smiles and grabs your hand taking you outside and to his car. The ride to his house was full of laughter and stories.

“And she turned around to me and yelled right in my face and spit went everywhere. It was so gross.” Josh was telling you a story.

“Man that’s so bad.” You say while laughing.

Josh moves his hand over to your thigh and laughs. You look at his hand and blush. You guys make it back to his house and enter.

“Wow, what an amazing place you have here. Do you share it with anyone?” You ask.

“No, it’s just me living here. Gets a bit lonely sometimes. I know that’s weird to say because normally Tyler is over.” He answers.

“You and Tyler have sleepovers? That’s so cute.”

“Shut up.” He said while blushing.

We walk into his room.

“Man this drum kit is amazing, where’d you get it from?” You ask.

“I got it ages ago from a local music store. What, are you into drumming too?” Josh said.

“Oh, a little bit. I’m not that good at it.” You answer.

“Have a go.” He said.

You think about it for a little bit. You don’t see the problem with it. You walk around the drum kit and sit down. You grab his drum sticks and look up at him.

“Have any songs in mind?” You ask Josh.

“Uhh, do you know how to play any of our songs?” He asks.

“Yeah I know all of them except for Fairly Local. I’ve been stuck on that one for a while.” You say.

“Okay why not The Judge.”

You spun one of the drum sticks around your finger and started the beat of The Judge. You knew this was one of Josh’s favourite songs from Blurryface so you knew you couldn’t screw it up in front of him. You continue for a while closing your eyes while hitting the drums.

This was one of the things you did that calmed you down. You were also told that you were good at singing but you didn’t believe them. You thought you’d give it a go though so you started to sing the chorus of the song. After a while you thought you should stop. You opened your eyes to look at Josh. He was staring at you with his mouth wide open.

“Sorry I guess I got a little into it.”

“No, don’t say sorry that was amazing. Do you know how good you are both drums and singing?”

“Oh I guess I’m not that bad.”

He walked around to you and grabbed your shoulders to stand you up. You were really close to your idol.

“You are really talented Y/N. Believe in yourself.” He whispers.

He looks down at your lips and breaths in harshly. You look at his eyes and bite your lip.

“Y/N please don’t do that.” He said while running his thumb over your bottom lip.

“What do you me-“You were cut off by his lovely lips meeting yours.

He takes control of the kiss and it gets heated. He pushes you against the wall

Say, boy, let’s not talk too much

Grab on my waist and put that body on me

Come on now, follow my lead

He grabs your waist and continues to kiss you like tonight’s the last time he’ll be able to see you. He lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his torso. He spins around and walks you to his bed and places you down, not breaking contact at all. He runs his hands along your side really gently. You grab his hand and place it on your boob. He breaks away from the kiss.

“Y/N this was definitely not my intention. I really just wanted to get to know you more.” He softly said.

This is why everyone loved Josh. All his fans knew he was a lovely, calm and gentle man. You loved that he was so gentle but when it came to his drums he went all out with all of his passion for his fans. He loved his fans with all his heart. So did Tyler and you knew that.

“Josh. Please I want this. Trust me, you don’t know what I felt watching videos of you drumming or watching you at concerts doing what you love. It drove me insane.” You say.

He looked down at you. He smiled and leant back down. He lightly kissed your lips and moved to your neck to kiss and nibble at it. You moved your head to the side so he could get better access. He placed his hand back on your boob squeezing it. You arch your back.

He slips both hands down to your hem and slides it up. You lift your upper body up so he could slip the shirt off you. You are in a sitting position and Josh leans over and kisses you hard. He grabs one of your cheeks and holds it. You wrap your hand around to his hair and lightly pull at it. He uses one hand to unclasp your bra. He slides it off your shoulders. He starts to pinch your nipple.

“Josh.” You moan into his mouth.

You grab his shirt and rip it off him.

I’m in love with the shape of you

We push and pull like a magnet do

Although my heart is falling too

I’m in love with your body

He grabs your pants and yanks them down. He sits up a little and looks at your underwear. It was your favourite lingerie and by the look on Josh’s face he liked it too. You saw him look over to where he threw your clothes and saw that your bra matched it.

“Holy fuck.” He whispered but you heard it.

He slid them off your legs and crawled up your body to be face to face with you. You wrap your legs around his torso to pull him closer to you. You lean down to take his pants and boxers off him. You look into his eyes.

“Y/N we really don’t have to do this. We can just go back to talking. I’m really starting to like you. I just want to get to know you.”

You kiss him to let him know you want this.  He grabs your face and kisses you harder. He runs his tongue on your bottom lip asking, begging for permission to play with your own tongue. You allow him to. He slides his finger down your side making you shiver. He grabs your waist with one hand and the other is still on your face.

“You aren’t a virgin, are you? Not that being a virgin is a problem it’s just I don’t want to rush you into anything.”

“No Josh I am not. Are you though?”


“Mm, good.” You say while going back to kissing him.

He quickly leans over to open his bedside table. He gets out a condom and slips it on.

“You ready?”

“Yes, Josh.”

He pushes into you making sure you’re always okay. He moves in and out.

“Josh, please go faster.”

He listens to you and moves at a faster pace. Kissing your neck and leaning on his arm above your head.

“You know you are absolutely gorgeous.” Josh said.

“Josh.” You moan.

“This isn’t just it for us either, I want to see you after this.”

“Can we talk later?” You say.

You grind against his dick and he groans. You roll Josh over so you’re on top of him. You flip your hair to one side and lean down to kiss him, bouncing on top of him.

You hear his little pants and swear words. You move faster while moving your hips back and forth.

“Princess I’m close.” He said.

“Me too.”

You start to feel it build in your stomach. About to bubble over. You looked into his eyes and you could tell he was about to hit his edge. You moved at the same speed and then it hits you. You grab the bedsheets next to Josh’s face and squeeze it while moaning. You slow down but still move to help Josh get to his high and his follows shortly after yours. You roll next to him and lean against his chest.

“Y/N I wasn’t just using you. I really do want to see you and not just in my bed, although I wouldn’t mind doing this again. But only if you want to.”

“Josh, I’d love to see you again. You’re lovely to be around already.” You say while snuggling up to him.


Love Triumphs Chapter 9: Decisions

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1250 Words

Chapter Summary: After Jared asks you to move in with him, you need to make a decision.

Story Summary:  AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Author’s Note: I usually try to pick a gif to match the chapter, but I couldn’t make my way past this one!

“What did you say?” You asked him, cocking your head to one side, sure you didn’t hear him correctly. There was no way he had just asked you to move in with him. After all, the two of you hadn’t been together very long, even long enough to officially call this a relationship. On top of that there was his kids, his ex wife, and the fandom who didn’t seem to like the fact that the two of you were together.

“I asked you to move in with me.” He repeated like it was the easiest concept in the world. He was staring at you, a lock of his hair covering his eye. If you did know better, you would have thought he was at easy, like this was a normal every day conversation. But you could see the subtle differences. The way his eyes had narrowed, or the way he kept chewing on his lip. His long, lean leg was bouncing next to you, even more energy than he usually had.

“Jared, that’s nice of you to offer, but…” You started arguing, even though you weren’t sure why. It actually made sense, and you knew you were easily falling for him.

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So I was the idiot that wrote this question without realizing how hard it would be to answer it. There are so many key point dance moves that I love!! I mean I love all of them!! But if I must…here are just a couple in no particular order…

The sinsoki move. They’re going in such a rush that it’s just a blurry hand in your face. It’s so cute and simple and I always do it when I listen to “Rush” (and when I don’t) Also…I mean Wonho is just so flippin cute when he does it.

And of course as the follow-up, I like the car driving move too because look at Wonho’s cute little shoulders moving around waaah!!! Again, simple and really cool looking when they do it together. I think it’s one of Shownu’s signature choreo moves. I’ve seen it on “No Mercy and “Hit the Stage.” Go Shownu!

Ok, but of course I gotta talk about the “All in” chest hit move because it’s so badass but subtle. They gotta send a curve through their body from their chest down to their hips. It’s like lightning traveling through a chord. And then they step forward while they do it making them in sync and hitting the beat too. It’s “sexy” in a form I’ve never seen before.

And then…the “All in” back move. I’ve always liked backs and back muscles on “the man” and thought they were underrated. But Monsta X is my soulmate so…’nuff said.

This shirt grabbing move from “Stuck”…I mean really…

‘Cause I’m a fighter, fighter…this move is so masculine and bad ass–I mean they’re crazy fighters! It’s sooo cool; they’re just hanging their bodies like growling monsters and then nudging their knees to the beat.

I like Monsta X’s choreo because of their subtle moves–the small movements like a turn of the head or the tick of their arms and just like little rolls of the body but when they all do it together it looks really fucking cool. The “Beautiful” move where they lean back, bounce on their feet from side to side, and move their arms up and down is good representation of that subtley–matching the beat with little movements. It’s the illusion of when you put your thumbs in the little front bands of your pants or when you put your hands in your pockets. It’s so hard to make this move look cool ‘cause it has to be just right but they pull it off.

The “Beautiful” orb grab to the heart and then smooth sweeping underneath the wings of their coats. Yes, my boys…yes…very nice. Well done again, leader. It’s also really fun to do!

Shit…I should probably stop before I do all of their moves. The non-key point dance moves are gonna be even more difficult…and twice as long. Sigh…

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (5) Favorite Key Point Dance Move

The One That I Want [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Sebastian Smythe X reader where she’s a cheerio at her private school and part of glee club and when the new directions find out he has a gf (you) they take a disliking to u bc ur schools team is their main competition in cheer and glee club since Sebastian thought it’d b a good idea to unite ur schools team and his for glee

a/n: i can totally see seb with a cheerio idk guys IDK

“Girlfriend?” Santana quips, squinting her eyes at the Warbler captain. Just then you and a few other cheerios tumble from the door. You do a flip, high pony whipping back when you stand up, royal blue skirt fanning out across your upper thigh. Quinn glares, crossing her arms over her red McKinley High uniform.

Sighing, you strut over to Sebastian, tennis shoes squeaking on the polished floor. He grins at you, taking your hand. “Hey Bas. Didn’t know you guys had company over.” you pout, pecking his lips, ignoring the gags from the Glee club. “Oh, New Directions! Fancy meeting you here- actually, why are you here?” you quip, tilting your chin up.

It’s Quinn who speaks; the head cheerio that you know too well. “We can ask you the same thing.” she says softly, fluttering her eyelashes, looking innocent. “We had an issue to settle, what’s your excuse?” she questions, tilting her head; pale blond ponytail cascading down the back of her head.

Your boyfriend grabs your arm before you’re able to step forward; long fingers wrapping around your white long sleeve undershirt. “Now, now, babe, don’t make this about them.” Sebastian chuckles, fixing his striped tie. You bite your pink glossed lip, crossing your arms over your blue and gold uniform. “The Warblers and the Pitches are teaming up for Sectionals.” he explains, dress shoes tapping over to the piano. “Mine and Y/N’s voices sound absolutely phenomenal together, so I had to do a duet.” Sebastian rolls his lime green eyes.

“You guys know Alex & Sierra, right?” you ask, sitting on the edge of the piano stool, nodding teasingly at the New Directions. Most of them nod, making you grin wickedly. “Well, we’re-” you motion to the Warbler and yourself, “In the middle of practicing one of their covers.” you taunt, spinning on your ass so you’re facing the piano.

Sebastian smirks, rolling his navy blazer to his wrist before starting to play the slow melody of a Grease song. “I got chills, they’re multiplying, and I’m losing control…” he begins, perfect plump lips moving with each vowel. “'Cause the power you’re supplying….It’s electrifying!” he sings in a soft tone, smiling at you.

Crossing your legs and fixing your short skirt, you bat your eyelashes at him. “You better shape up, ‘cause I need a man.” you breathe in, chest rising, “And my heart is set on you… You better shape up; you better understand… To my heart I must be true…” you sing, waiting for him to join in. “Nothing left- Nothing left for me to do…”

“You’re the one that I want…. Oo-oo-oo, honey.” Together, the lyrics flow smoothly along to the piano. New Directions shift awkwardly as you stare into Sebastian’s eyes. “The one that I want… Oo-oo-oo, honey. The one that I want, oo-oo-oo, the one I need..” Sebastian’s voice raises as yours gets low at the last line.

Grinning, you stand up, hearing the rest of the Warblers and the Pitches do back up to the two of you. “If you’re filled with affection… You’re too shy to convey.” you purr, coming to Sebastian’s other side, “Meditate in my direction… Feel your way…” you lean your elbow on top of the table, ear touching your shoulder.

Sebastian taps the piano keys, gazing up at you; green eyes filled with love. “I better shape up, 'cause you need a man…” he belts out, straining his neck as he hunches forward. His blazer scrunches in the back slightly.

“I need a man.” you interrupt, making your voice louder than his. “Who can keep me satisfied.” you wink, tapping his chin with your index finger.

He smiles, peering down at his long fingers. “I better shape up, if I’m gonna prove-”

You lean forward, hair bouncing around, “You better prove….That my faith is justified…” you hold the note while he sings ‘are you sure?’, face inches from yours. “Yes I’m sure down deep inside!” you muse, mouth hanging open.

Slowly, Sebastian rises from the stool when the Warblers and the Pitches continue the pace. “Cause you’re the one that I want… Oo-oo-oo, I need the one that I want.” the two of you sing, smirking at Rachel’s (and others) shocked face. He takes your hand, pulling you into him, placing the other hand on your hip, over the short blue skirt. “Oo-oo-oo, I need the one that I want….Oo-oo-oo, the one I need… oh yes indeed…” you end it, eyes focused on his for a moment.

The Warbler licks his lips before turning to the McKinley Glee club. “That’s just a taste of what you’re up against.” he taunts, holding you firmly to his side.

Sam gulps, “We’re screwed.”

I know I haven’t officially introduced everyone for @threadercomic, but it’s pride month! From left to right: Ezra-homosexual, Dar-demisexual, Mattie-bisexual. 

You’ve probably heard of gay and bi before, but let me tell you about demi. Here’s a great (slightly nswf) comic by @alphabetsoupcomic about it here: demisexuality. There’s a giant ace-spec rep gap and it’s one of many reasons why Dar is important to me. 💜 

Nothing At All - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic: Chapter 22



WARNINGS:  definitely NSFW,  oral sex, tub sex, basically Alfie gets lots of sex - turn back now if you’re a young’un

Chapter 22 – Caution: Hot

Alyona heard his voice coming down the hallway, while she stood gazing at the gorgeous double slipper copper bathtub in Alfie’s bathroom.   Perched on its edge, she gathered her long waves, already curling in the rising steam, into a knot at the top of her head.

“Careful how ya go there love,eh.”  

Alfie rushed forward into the bathroom just as she was trying to figure out the delicate process of stepping over the scalloped side of the huge tub.   Did she balance on the injured leg and step in? Or step in with the injured, while balancing on the stronger leg?    Completely naked and posed with one leg midair, bent over holding the side of the tub, when Alfie came into the bathroom.  She heard all the air sucked into his lungs from the doorway.

“Fuck me, now that’s a sight innit?”    

He whistled low as he walked towards her, hands settling on the soft curve of her hips and his mouth grazing the back of her neck, where the piled hair had left it exposed.   His lips trailed across and down her shoulder, while his fingers trailed up her skin to settle around her waist; pulling her close.   Alfie made note of the angled position and exactly how neatly his pelvic area fit against her backside, filing it away for another day when she was steadier on her legs.  He groaned into her neck and Alyona turned her head to catch his lips in a fiery kiss that made him want to skip the bath and carry her straight back to the bedroom.   Then the vision of creamy, wet skin flitted before his eyes and how it would feel against his own, and he decided — both was good.  

“Ya need some help love?”

Alyona nodded against his cheek and leaning back against his chest for support, swung the other leg over the side until her bare backside was resting on the edge of the tub.    Alfie couldn’t resist a playful squeeze of the pert cheeks, and earned himself a swat when she almost slipped.  

“Sorry sweet, but damn yer ass looks good on my tub.”

She smiled back at him.  “Well thank ya, but I bet it will feel much better in the tub Alfie.”

Alfie mumbled a right love, and then placed his hands under her shoulders to help ease her gently into the water.    The sigh that escaped her brought a smile to his face and for a brief moment he stood rooted at the edge, gazing down at her blissful face.   Her head leaned against the high back and her eyes were closed.  Soft tendrils had already escaped from the bun at the top of her head and coiled damply around her face and neck.  There were no bubbles this time to obscure his view of her slender curves beneath the water, and his eyes moved in a very slow, lengthy perusal from collarbones to her toes.   Lingering on his favourite spots in between.   It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen, and his fingers quickly moved to unfastening the buttons of his shirt.   Hastily he discarded it upon the floor and then made quick work of his trousers, boxers and socks.    Alyona discreetly peeking from under her eyelids as he disrobed, her breath catching at the sight of him semi aroused already.   Her eyes widened and noticing Alfie standing still beside the tub, raised to find him watching her with a smirk on his face.

“Missing me love?”

She splashed a handful of water at him and sunk down further beneath the water, scooting forward to make room for him.   Alfie stepped one foot into the empty space behind her, and immediately howled.

“Bloody hell!!  Right… so that’s fuckin lava yeah, innit?”

Alyona peeked a glance over her shoulder to find him balanced on one foot with a pained grimace on his face and sucking air through his teeth.   She couldn’t restrain the laughter at how he gingerly dipped the toes of the other foot into the hot water, only to pull them back again.  But remained stuck in the odd stork like pose.   His eyes, looking somewhat pained, raised to her own, and saw amusement swirling with all the colours.

“Fuck love, how is it yer so soft and yet impervious to hell fire water?”  He dipped the other foot again, this time letting it linger to adjust.   “Bloody hell, I’ll not put my pecker in that inferno yet… I’ll not be any good to ya later sweetie.”  

Her shoulders shook with laughter now, and she turned to face his standing body, but it only brought her face to face with his still semi erect penis.   Her eyes lifted – caught his raised brow.

She cast him a coy wink.   “Ya look pretty good to me right now.” 

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Imagine Negan separating you from your boyfriend

Part One

Originally posted by midqueenally

As your screams died down, Carl feared the worst… Either Negan was done, and he would let you back out to the group, you were dead, or best case, you killed him. However as the time kept slipping by the last option seemed less and less likely, and then he came out, and you were no where to be seen.

“Damn, you got a good woman right there. Just took me threatin’ the little one here to make her shut the fuck up. Now I am going go, got more shit to collect, however I will be seeing ya at the end of the week, and I expect my shit, less you wanna hear me do that to another one of your women.” He smiled as he turned back towards the RV.

“Where’s [Y/N]?” Carl screamed after him, causing him to stop and turn towards him, a smile on his face as he did.

“Oh didn’t I make it clear ‘fore I fucked her, she is now mine.” He emphasized the mine as he leaned forward slightly and then bounced back up, “Plus that one is mine too, so get ‘im in the van.” He snapped pointing Lucille at Daryl as the men manhandled him into the van, while everyone watched, “And if you don’t get me my shit, or you try to save ‘em, I promise you this,” He gestured at the bodies on the ground, “will happen again to one of them.” He smiled as Carl glared at him, “and I promise ya boy, it ain’t gonna be the one in the van.” 

He turned on his heels and walked into the RV, slamming the door before he drove away, leaving the group to stand there to care for their dead and watch both you and Daryl drive away.

When they finally got back to Alexandria they were all silent, each going to their own corners of the town, Carl found himself walking into the house, and walking up to the bedroom he once shared with you. upon opening the door he was greeted with a dark emptiness, his feet guiding him straight to the dresser you both shared. His hands ringed around the soft cotton fabric of one of your shirts, as he lifted it to his nose, inhaling the smell he had grown so accustom too. It reminded him of a spring day. As he inhaled he thought of Negan smelling the same thing Carl was, and it made him sick to his stomach. As he opened his eyes, his hand found its way to the small charm hidden under his shirt.

“Hey Carl.” You smiled as you jogged up to him, he couldn’t help but smile as he watched your hair wave and bounce with your movements. 

“Hey.” He breathed out as you stopped in front of him

“Look what I found on today’s run.” You announced to him as you held up a necklace, it was a simple metal disk on a chain, the first letter of your name craved into it.

“Cool.” He replied as you smiled

“I also got you this.” You replied putting something cold into his hand, when he looked down he saw a similar necklace in his hand, “I know it is kinda girly but I thought you might like it.”

“It’s cool.” He replied as you smiled again, and started walking beside him, talking.

The next time he saw that necklace, was the night he planned on asking you out, you both sat on the guard tower watching the town grow dark, the stars sparkled above you as you did.

“[Y/N].” He whispered as your head turned towards him, your eyes sparkling, and your hair falling to the side as you answered, “Carl.”

“So I was wondering…. ummmmm do you have a thing for Ron?” He mentally started hitting himself as your eyebrow arched, “Ummmmm like as a friend or…”


“I don’t trust him, I will act nice to him, just to keep the peace, by I would never put a gun in his hand, less someone in this group wanted to lose an eye, or a foot.” 

“So do you gotta crush on anyone?”

“Someone however I am pretty sure they are dating another girl in this camp.” You answered as he thought of who that could mean, and then she asked sadly, “So you have a thing with Enid?”

“No, I mean she is nice but I don’t think I could ever see myself with her, when I like someone so much better then her.” 

“Hmmmm.” She hummed in reply as Carl dug in his pocket and found the necklace, “So [Y/N] I know you got me this, but I was hoping you would take it.” He swallowed as he placed the necklace on her lap.

“What too girly?” you smiled, causing his heart pace to quicken

“No I was hoping you would wear it, you know as a sign that you and me…”

“Wait, are you asking me out?” You asked as he blushed

“Ummm, well I’m trying.” 

“Well Carl Grimes I would love to wear it, if you wear mine.” You reached behind your neck and undid the clasp on the necklace you wore, and handed it to Carl before replacing the one you once wore with the C one. 

He had found his way to the bed, flopping down on the covers, the shirt still in hand, as the other fumbled with the charm. And as he shut his eye his thoughts were flooded with your screams, and the knowing that he couldn’t help you.

Part 3

Part 4

Inferior Se is Fun

This is what has happened to me in a span of 4 months in gym class.

-hit by a football in the head

-hit by a soccer ball in the head

-hit by a soccer ball in the head again

-trips someone in soccer and badly hurts their back

-trips another person in soccer

-blocking someone in soccer and gets hit really hard

-hits someone in volleyball

-doesn’t notice someone going to kick the volleyball, leans down to bounce ball, gets kicked in jaw

-stands under net as someone shoots the basketball, gets hit by basketball

-hit in the head with the badminton “ball”

And there is this ISTP dude who keeps telling me to pay attention.

speedilyelegantscoopslams  asked:

What is your favorite wrestling hold or move to use on an opponent?

I like stretching an opponent so if i had to pick one right now i’d say an over-the-knee backbreaker 

(bonus crotch grab over there)

or a dragon sleeper

Damn look at him pull him apart

I also love seeing a jobber finished off with a piledriver and watch his lean body bounce on the ground while he’s unconscious

ashes-to-ashesx  asked:

Let's see, something cute and fluffy with Aaron but also smutty of that makes sense? Like reader is 10 years younger then Aaron and calls him "daddy" but he's like super protective and is afraid to act bc he doesn't wanna hurt her idk something like that I guess

Alright, I can attempt to do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Gazing at the door of his office, you were nervous about springing him with lunch.  You knew the looks and the stares he gave you whenever he came in to get his order, always the same: a BLT with extra tomato, no pickle spear, sour cream and onion chips and 2 brownies go to.

He never did order a drink.

Taking a deep breath, you knock on his door, hearing him tell whomever it is to come on in.

Opening the door and swiftly closing it behind you, he looks up from his paperwork, his face stunned when he sees you standing in his office.

“Hey,” you say meekly, searching his face for an expression that he is not allowing himself to give.

“I, um…I brought you lunch,” you stick it out, slowly walking over to his desk and setting it down.

“How do you know where I work?” he asks, his eyebrow cocked in the air.

“Because you left this behind yesterday,” you say, setting his access badge slowly down on his desk.

Watching him press on all of his pockets, he thinks back to this morning, realizing that he never even flashed his badge to get in to the building.

“I’m here too much,” he mutters, sighing as he takes his badge, and his food, and sets it in front of him.

“Thank you,” he says, looking into the bag and smiling lightly, realizing that you have remembered his order.

“It’s the same thing every time, it’s not that impressive,” you say quickly, wringing your hands together in a nervous gesture.

“It’s much appreciated, I didn’t even realize what time it was,” he says, flashing a smile at you before quickly putting it away.

“Listen,” you say, taking a step forward, “I…uh…I know that I am probably younger than you, by how much I’m not sure, I’m 28, by the way, and um…well…if you are ever interested, here is my number.”

Taking a piece of paper and scribbling it down, you take a second and flip it over, writing your address really quickly on the back.

“I notice that you don’t have a wedding ring, so I don’t feel so weird doing this,” you say, sliding the piece of paper to him as you put his pen back in the cup on his desk.

And with that, you walk out of his office, leaving him staring blankly down at a piece of paper with everything he needed to know to track you down.


“Ugh, I’m such an idiot!” you say, slamming your apartment door as you groan and flop down onto the couch.

“Thank god for paid vacation,” you say, flipping your shoes off of your feet as you peel off your clothes, leaving them strewn on the floor as you head into your bathroom.

You thought you did well for yourself.  You were the General Manager at the most popular sandwich shop in the city, and you were proud of your 55k a year plus benefits job that you held.

But something was missing…and you didn’t know what.

Quickly showering, you throw on your pajamas, a tank top with no built-in bra and some baggy black elastic-waisted pants, and trot back out into the main living area.

“One week of nothing but sleep and laziness,” you sigh, sitting on the couch just as a knock comes at your door.

Groaning, you get up, rushing to the door and throwing it open, not bothering to look in the peephole before opening up.

And you wished you had.

Because standing before you, in a white t-shirt and jeans, was Aaron.

As your eyes widen, a smirk playing over his lips, you step aside and usher him in, not able to so much as greet him.

“Hi,” he says, running his fingers thru his hair as he turns around, taking in your sight.

“H-hello,” you stammer.

“You didn’t think I would come, did you?” he asks.

Shaking your head, he smiles and dips his to the floor, clearing his throat in the process.

“Look, you are in your latter 20s, but I am in my latter 30s, and while most people don’t care about age gaps, my team is very…nosy when it comes to the team’s more private affairs.

Nodding slowly, you walk over and sit down on the couch, prompting him to sit next to you.

“But whenever I come into the sandwich shop, and you are working, I just can’t…”

Hearing him sigh, you finally find your voice.  “The age gap doesn’t bother me, if you think it does.”

Snapping his head back up, he says, “Oh, no.  I didn’t think it did,” he says, smiling.

You loved his smile.

“I just…I have a tendency to feel incredibly protective of people that are younger than I am.  I don’t know if it’s a constant need to protect those around me, or if I carry being a father around with me all the time…”

“You have a child?” you ask, smiling kindly at him, excited to get to know him more.

“Yes, I do.  A son,” he says.

“I bet you’re a wonderful father,” you say, your voice light as you try not to stare at the throbbing vein protruding from his neck.

As he chuckles lightly, you watch as his hand slowly slips towards yours, your stomach turning in on itself as his fingertips finally graze yours.

Your breath hitching, you feel your nipples harden under your shirt as Aaron looks up, your chest catching him off guard as he stares.

“I…uh, I just…”

Clearing his throat, your face flushing, he continues.  “I’m just concerned that if anything were to, you know…happen…between us, that I would end up becoming a little too protective, and smothering you.”

Giggling to yourself, you scoot a little closer to him.

“I’ve been alone for quite some time.  I think I could deal with a little bit of smothering.”

And that’s all he needed.  Suddenly his lips were on yours, his tongue smashing into your lips, prodding for your tongue as your mouth shoots open, salivating as his taste as he pushes you back down onto the couch, his body shaking as he runs his fingers around to the back of your neck.

Groaning, you run your fingers up his shirt, his back muscles tensing under your feathery light touch as you dig your fingertips down into his back, a groan emanating from his lips as he latches on to your neck.

You could practically feel yourself spilling in to your pants.

As he rears back, ripping his shirt above his head, he takes the hem of your pants and yanks them down, tossing them off to the side as he scoots you around, your feet planting into your carpeted floor as he presses your legs open, his body quickly finding you as he wraps his arms around your torso, nuzzling into your still-covered breasts.

Panting lightly, you buck against him, begging for friction.

“Just be patient,” he breathes, your nipples heating up as he slowly lifts your shirt over your head, your body naked before him as he takes in your figure, kissing in between your breasts before taking one into his mouth.

Bucking against him again, he grazes his teeth along your nipples, your nails digging into your couch as he slowly kisses down your stomach, your jumping with every flick of his tongue, as he skips over your heated sex, playfully biting at the little bit of fat you have perched on your inner thigh.

Hissing and jumping back, he presses his hands into your hips, willing you to stay still as he sucks and prods up and down your legs, your mouth involuntarily groaning in anticipation as he licks back up, positioning his mouth at your entrance as he looks up at you with his beautiful brown eyes.

“Beg,” he commands.

“Take me, Aaron.  Any way you please.  Just please…take me.”

Slowly licking a line from your entrance to your throbbing mound, he buries his face in to you, your legs being thrown over his shoulders as he pulls you down closer to him face, mumbling and humming, causing hot vibrations to ricochet thru your body.

Squirming underneath him, you feel him smirk as you grind onto his face, your body taking control as your mind goes blank with pleasure.

“Oh, Aaron…oh, please, oh good god!”

Jumping back, he pulls you back one more time, slowly sticking two fingers in as he dives back in, licking and sucking and pressing.

“Yes, oh god.  Yes, Aaron.  I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cuuuuu-”

And as your body throws itself over, your legs shaking and your core contracting, your back arches off of the couch as you take in a deep breath and cry out:

“Oh, god!  Daddy!  Yes!”

Sinking back down on to the couch, your eyes fly open with the realization of what you just yelled, and as your gaze flips down to Aaron, his face glistening between your legs, his eyes dark with passion, he rips up to you and presses his lips to yours, urging you to taste yourself on his tongue as he meanders to your ear and whispers:

“If you’re a good girl, I’ll make you say my name again.”

As your eyes widen, you nod your head vigorously as he sits back down onto the couch beside you, his pants unzipped as they fall to the floor.

“Come here, beautiful.”

As you crawl towards him, his erection standing high in the air, he guides your hips as he places you over his rock-hard length, pulsating and jumping at the thought of having your tight walls contracting around him.


Lowering yourself down, your gaze never leaving his eyes, you both gasp as he enters you, his dick filling you to the core as you start to roll your hips.

His sex face was perfect.

As his eyes roll back in to his head, growls and pants start to escape his lips as you pick up speed, rolling your hips as he bounces you up and down on his dick, his hips thrusting in to you as he grips the couch beside him.

“Oh, god, Y/N,” he moans between breaths.  “Ride that dick.”

Grasping the couch behind his head, you lean forward and bounce your ass, his cheeks sinking low as his balls come up and smack you, his hands flying from the couch to your ass, spanking you lightly as he looks into your eyes.

“You’re…incredible…” he mutters, his voice lost in the waves of pleasure cascading over his body.

Breathing hard, sweat starts to drip from your nose, and it plummets to Aaron’s lips, his brow furrows as he wraps his arms around your waist, flipping you around so that your back is on the couch, his body hovering above you as he dips down and kisses your nose.

“Daddy’s got you,” he whispers as he enters you again, your lips whimpering as you feel him draw back out, only to slam into you.

“Oh, god,” you moan, your body shuddering with each slam of his dick.

“Oh, yes!” you say, your fingers running thru his hair as he draws back one more time.

“Oh, Daddy!” you yell out into the room.

And that’s when it happened.

His body drops down on to you, his lips connecting with yours as his hands wrap around you, supporting your head as he jolts and jumps within you, his body shuddering with his orgasm as he reaches down and gives your mound a few flicks, once again sending your sensitive body over the edge, your walls closing in on him as he hisses, his dick jumping once again as you milk it for everything it as.

Sweat dripping everywhere, his forehead against yours, breathing his air and feeling his heat, you lean up ever so lightly and kiss his lips again, wrapping your arms around him as you urge him to drop his body weight on to you.

Feeling him slowly lower himself on to you, he breathes hard into the crook of your neck as you run your fingers lightly up and down his back.

Kissing him at his temple, he leans himself up and off of you, helping you up as he pulls you into him, your legs up on the couch as you run your fingernails lightly over the inside of his thigh, watching his balls as the jump at your touch.

Giggling lightly, he kisses the top of your head, smiling into your hair.

“Jack is having a sleepover with his Aunt tomorrow night,” he says, tilting your head up to his as he looks into your eyes.

“Dinner and a movie?” you ask him, your eyes pleading with him to say yes.

“Dinner, I can promise.  A movie?  Maybe not so much.”

And as the two of you smile at each other, your head leaning back down onto his chest as your breathing finally settles, you start to lightly shiver as a slight chill overtakes your body.

“Shower?” you ask, your eyebrows raising as you tip your head back up to look at Aaron, his smile turning dark as his pupils dilate once again.

“Shower,” he repeats.

“Blankets” ( Wonho smut/fluff)

Title: Blankets

Featuring: Wonho (monsta x) and you

POV: Third person

Rating: Mature

Summary: A cozy morning cuddle session turns dirty.

Requested by anon!. If you’re like a Fall/Halloween scenario, go here!

It was chilly as she awoke despite the shining sun, a perfect autumn morning. She rolled over on her side and snuggled deep into the layers of the blankets, eyes peeling open just enough to see Wonho on his back, covers pushed down his waist, chest bare, face relaxed in a serene sleep still.

He rustled a bit on his own, head lulling toward her as his eyes also opened into small slits. He saw her face and smiled gently.

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anonymous asked:

dom tyler fucking sub josh while dom jenna rides j

cuute they have him all tied up and he’s tugging at the bonds as jenna rakes her nails down his chest, leaves jagged red lines all across the otherwise milky expanse of his skin.

tyler has his thighs shoved back, calves tight around jenna’s ass, fucking him so fast and hard, making him whimper with every thrust.

jenna leans down and slows her bouncing to a rut, just letting josh’s cock slide back and forth inside her. “does ty’s cock feel good in you, baby boy? is it stretching you out so well?”

josh nods and sobs, goes rigid as jenna clenches around him. “mama…he feels so good. mommy and daddy take such good care of me, ah!”

The Roommating Season

Chapter: 2 / 4

Author: mldrgrl

Summary: Written for @thexofiles Go Fic Yourself segment for War of the Coprophages.  I’m paraphrasing, but I believe the request was for a fic where, instead of going to Massachusetts to avoid the fumigation of his apartment, Mulder spends the weekend at Scully’s.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Saturday

Scully woke slowly on Saturday morning, frowning in annoyance when she looked at the alarm clock and it was only a little past six.  This was her day to sleep in and she intended to get a good hour more of sleep before getting up.  She closed her eyes again, but then opened them right away, listening intently for any signs that Mulder was awake.  She’d almost forgotten she had a house guest.  Hearing nothing, she shut her eyes again and the next time she opened them, it was nearly eight o’clock.

Scully stretched languidly and got up to brush her teeth.  Queegqueg was quietly gnawing on a small rawhide bone in the corner and she stared at him for a moment, wondering if what Mulder said was remotely true.  The dog lifted his head from the bone and blinked up at her, tongue lolling out of his mouth.  She shook her head and continued to the bathroom.

She stood at the sink, brushing her teeth and inspecting a line on her face that she couldn’t tell if it was a developing wrinkle or a crease from her pillow when Mulder stumbled in, naked except for a pair of grey boxer-briefs loose on his hips.  She was startled and pulled the toothbrush from her mouth, toothpaste dripping down her chin.  Mulder rubbed his spiky bedhead and with half-closed eyes and didn’t even seem to see her.

“Mulder!” she choked around a mouthful of toothpaste and then leaned over to spit in the sink, keeping the back of her wrist under her mouth when she straightened.

“Morning,” he mumbled blinking at her and continuing to rub the back of his head.  He just stood there like it was a normal thing to be half-naked and half-asleep in her bathroom.

“Did your parents never teach you to knock?” she said.

“Why would I knock on an open door?”

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Unexpected visitor

Originally posted by jengkook

A/N: Mature content and sexual language.Not completely smut, just a little sexy scenario. 

A doorbell rings. You hesitantly wait cuz there is no one who could visit you at this late hour. You hear it ring two more times, indicating that the person behind the door has no intentions of leaving. You get up, cross the living room and open the door. He’s standing before you, taller than you remember, more handsome and definitely more manly than you have ever seen him.

Last time you saw him he was still a kid, not fully developed, his arms skinny and his body slim. His face was round with a lot of baby fat and hair ruffled because he never cared to spend more than two minutes styling it. His voice still hasn’t had mutated and every time he would smile, big front teeth would be showing. You remember his skin being much more pale then now and his facial structure much more soft in comparison to his high cheekbones and prominent jawline. His big arms with accentuated muscles were showing under the white t-shirt and veins interlaced on his forearms.

“Hello noona”

“When did you return home Jungkook?”

“Just yesterday” he nonchalantly says, his deep voice vibrating in your earlobes and makes your senses alert.

You go to kitchen to prepare the tea but also to escape the weird vibe that’s filling the living room. As you’re standing by the counter, pouring hot water in the cups you hear footsteps and in the next moment Jungkook enters the kitchen and stands right behind you. You can feel his chest pressing against your back and his hips pushing hard to your ass. He takes strands of your hair and moves it to the other side, slightly brushing the skin of your neck with the tips of his fingers, making the sensory receptors on your skin tense.

“You know noona” he comes closer to your ear and whispers, you feeling his hot breath against your skin, “I was thinking about you every single night while I was in army.”

“Oh really? And why is that so?” you ask but Jungkook doesn’t respond, instead he pushes you harder against the counter and sniffs the scent of your hair.

“You know noona, before I went to army I was just a kid. Now I’m a man, and I want to prove it to you.” he says still squeezing you from behind and you can now feel the bulge in his pants growing against your ass cheeks.

You feel your legs trembling from his touch and deep voice in your ear. Two years ago you would push him away, but not tonight. Jungkook became a man and he knew it. You knew it too, and you wanted him.

He turns you around so now you are facing him and his lustful stare wanders all over your body, stopping at your breasts.

“Ooh noona, I see you haven’t stopped wearing low cut shirts” Jungkook says, his glare glued to your cleavage, “you always teased me with those shirts. I could see your tits bouncing whenever you would walk down the stairs.”

You know this is wrong but you can’t stop it. Your body refuses to listen to your mind and you push your hands under his shirt, feeling his lean stomach muscles.

“Will you bounce your tits for me tonight noona?” Jungkook shamelessly ask, then grabs your hips to pull you closer. Every time he calls you noona you can feel your core pulsating and getting more wet.

You lean closer and start to kiss his neck while your hands are still brushing against his muscles. He grabs you by the waist and picks you up to set you on the counter, his hands slowly moving from your waist up to your breasts. First he gently cups them and starts to lightly kiss you from neck down to your boobs. Your senses go wild at the soft touch of his wet lips on your chest and you want more, so you lock your legs around his hips, making his bulge brush against your heated center. You lean your head back and arch your back so you could give him even better access to your upper body. Jungkook takes your signal and he gives your breasts a rough squeeze.

“If you only knew how many times I was pleasuring myself while I imagined I was touching your breasts like this noona. You have no idea how crazy you make me go” Jungkook says and lifts you up. You instinctively lock your legs around him and your arms grab his back.

“Then show your noona how good you can fuck.”

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Youngjae scenario Jackson scenario JB scenario I need this job series

Bad Boy (Harry Styles)

{Outsider  AU}

He lit up a cigarette, his hands shaking from the intensity of his anger. You tugged your jacket around your body as you approached him and his beat up car. You could see the dull orange glow from the end of his cigarette light up slightly when he inhaled, the white smoke easing out of his mouth.

“Harry,” you said quietly, finally getting close enough to him where he could hear you.

He didn’t reply, he only looked at you. You bit your lip softly, coming over to lean up against the hood of his car with him. Crossing your arms, you looked over and that was when you noticed his hands shaking. His jaw was tense, the dull street light casting shadows on every dip and edge of his face. Tapping his cigarette clean, he shook his head, closing his eyes for a moment.

“I can’t fucking stand them…” he murmured, his voice low and tired, yet dangerous. “I hate them, so much…”

“Parents?” you inquired, chewing your bottom lip and he nodded his head stiffly, taking another inhale.

He held the cigarette out to you, holding the smoke in his mouth for a few seconds before letting it go. You shook your head slightly, keeping your arms around yourself.

“How long have you been out here?” you asked quietly.

“Since I called you from the pay phone,” he replied, keeping his eyes straight ahead. “Didn’t want be in that shit hole anymore.”

“You can’t live in your car Harry…”

“Watch me,” he snapped, turning his head slightly towards you.

“You know I can just go home you know,” you raised your eyebrow over at him.

“Don’t do that…” he huffed, tossing the stub of what was left of his ciggy to the ground, crushing it into the ground with the toe of his shoe.

“Well what do you want me to do Harry?”

“Just…” he breathed out, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I don’t fucking know, just come here,” he nearly growled, reaching out and grabbing you by your hips, his fingers pressing into the layer of flesh that covered your hip bone.

You stumbled into his side, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. He turned his head to face yours, his lips attaching themselves to your jaw. His kisses were showing strong evidence of anger, but at the same time, with you, he was never harmful. You could feel his teeth grazing over your skin, nipping down just as he got to your chin. You opened your eyes when he pulled away, looking back over at him.

Without any hesitation, he grabbed your chin with his hand, holding your face in place. His lips were against yours in seconds, a firm and steady pressure being applied into the kiss. The back of your thighs pressed up against his car, the grill imprinting itself through your jeans.

You kissed him back, your hands resting on his sides. His hands slid to rest on the sides of your neck, keeping their firm, but non-harmful grip on you. Harry pressed himself closer to you, his torso completely up against yours as much as he could. You dropped one hand behind you, steadying yourself with the hood of his car as your support.

When his lips began to move, it was sloppy and full. You could feel how plump his lips were, how wet they were against yours. He dragged his tongue over your bottom lip, eager to gain access. You let your lips part slightly, and let his tongue work around for a while, sucking harshly on your lower lip every few seconds. His teeth dug in, causing you to gasp out slightly and bite down as well, catching his upper lip and your tongue. He pulled away for a moment, his hand grabbing the back of your neck. You looked up at him, his eyes seeming darker than usual. You pursed your swollen lips together, squeezing your thighs together subtly.

“I’m getting you off aren’t I…” he breathed out, his tone dangerously low.

You nodded slightly. He pushed one of his hands between your legs, pressing up through your jeans and into your core. The seam of your jeans was pressing up against your clit, his two fingers holding it in place for a moment and just barely rubbing back and forth. You looked up at him licking your lips eagerly. He undid your zipper, pushing two of his hands into your jeans and started rubbing over your panties, not even starting off slow. His fingers pressed up against your heat, focusing on your clit with no mercy. You dropped your head onto his shoulder and let out a low groan. He teeth were gritted and his muscles were tense as he put all of his energy into getting you off.

“That’s right… my baby girl is so good… letting me fuck her when I’m angry…” he whispered out harshly, tugging the material of your panties to the side and immediately plunging two of his stiff, long fingers up into you.

You dug your fingers into the arms of his leather jacket, your breathing starting to quicken.

“H-Harry…” you whimpered out, trying to roll your hips into his to get more of him.

Within a second, he ripped his fingers out of you and grabbed your jaw, holding both sides of your face.

“I want you to ride me…” he growled out, grabbing your wrist and pulling you over to the passenger side of the car, opening the door eagerly and getting in first. He scrambled to unzip his jeans, pushing them and his boxers down just enough to expose his erection, letting it spring up and hit his stomach.

You let out a quick breath and got in on top of him, pulling the door shut quickly. You awkwardly shuffled out of your jeans, being careful not to knee him where it would definitely hurt. When you finally managed to get them down to your ankles, you grabbed his length and held the shaft tightly, sliding your already wet self, down onto him.

Without any protective barrier, neither of you cared. He was too angry and you were too eager. You didn’t waste a second sliding all the way down, getting as far as you could and taking in as much of his erection that you could.

“You like my hard cock huh?” he hissed out, grabbing a hold of your breasts over your thin t-shirt, pushing them together and sliding his hands up under the shirt, tugging the bra down to get your nipples into his hands. “You take it so well…” He pinched your nipples, twisting them slightly and pulling, making you whine out loudly. Grabbing onto his shoulders, you began sliding up and down over him, harshly biting down on your lower lip to muffle your moans.

“Your pretty little flower is fucking drenched…” Harry snickered. “Makes it easier to ride my cock huh?” he smirked darkly, spitting on two of his fingers and going back to work at your clit.

You screamed out slightly, dragging your nails down his chest as you started to bounce, your skin slapping against his.

“U-Ungh!” you moaned out, your heartbeat racing and the sweat beginning to collect on your forehead. You couldn’t help how loud you were getting, and it was music to Harry’s ears.

“Be as loud as you fucking want, I want to hear how good I’m making my baby girl feel, fuck!” he yelled out the last part, kneading his fingers into the flesh on your arse. He gripped at the meaty skin, using one hand to push your shirt up just enough to reveal one breast, leaning forwards as you bounced on him. His tongue swirled around the sensitive bud sucking harshly on it, his fingers going back onto your clit, pinching it and rolling it between the pads of his pointer and middle finger. You let out another scream and threw your head back, rolling and grinding your hips into his, wanting to feel as much of his as you could.

Your body was tensing up and you could feel his length throbbing and growing inside of you as the orgasm built up. Your stomach was rolling around uncontrollably, your body glistening slightly from the amount of sweat that was building up. Every time you bounced up and down, your breasts would move in his mouth and in his hand, making his teeth bite down on your nipple so he wouldn’t lose his grip. You screamed out once more before the orgasm hit you quickly, your body going through spasms. Your muscles clenched and unclenched around him. You were so out of tune with yourself in the moment, you just flopped over when he pulled out of you, shooting cum out onto your stomach and slightly up onto your bare chest.

You breathed out shakily, looking down and biting down on your bottom lip, trying to stay upright. Your legs still had spasms of intense energy shoot through them, making your whole body shake. Harry looked up at you, his fingers still digging into your hips.

After a few seconds, he reached a hand back into the back seat, looking around for something. He came back with some napkins, carefully wiping away his release from your skin. Now his hands were shaking for a completely different reason.

His face was more relaxed and his eyes had gone back to the soft green they usually were. You fell into his chest, nuzzling your face into his neck as you slowly came down from your high. Taking a deep breath, you held him tightly.

Harry reached over into the driver’s side seat, grabbing his leather jacket and draping it over your shoulders. You could feel his hot breath against your ear, his lips moulding to the skin just under your ear.

Once you caught your breath, you moved your arms around his neck and let your eyes close, your body relaxing into his.

“Feel any better..?” you murmured, kissing the hinge of his jaw gently and pulling your head back slightly.

“So much…” he murmured, the intensity in the air going down.

You pushed some of his sweaty hair from his face, nodding your head and smiling softly. Your eyes lowered slightly and you couldn’t help but notice the red marks you had left down his chest.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” you inquired, brushing your fingers over them gently.

Harry shook his head and grabbed your hand gently, kissing over each finger individually. “No… not at all…”

You nodded and relaxed back against him.

“You can come stay at my house if you want…” you offered after a couple moments of silence.

“Yes please…”