lean and bounce


Summary: After Sam insults Peter the reader comes up with a plan to get him back…a very creative plan. 

Word Count: 1886

Authors note: SMUT! SHORT BY SMUTTY! Peter is 18 in this fic, and it’s mentioned within the actual story:) Let me know what you guys think!

You were standing in the compounds kitchen looking through your phone when your favorite crime fighting spider entered the room. Peter angrily ran a hand through his hair, mumbling to himself.

Looking up you asked, “What’s wrong Peter?”. Peter was pulled from his thoughts, now holding your gaze. Shaking his head he asked, “You don’t think I’m just a child right (y/n)?”.

He walked over to you as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Out of habit Peter rested his hands on your hips. You smiled, “You are spider-man”.

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(someone commented that it looks like an anime opeNING SO MAYBE IT WILL BE EVENTUALLY I MADE KEYFRAMES)

We Are Young: Shower Time

Throne Of Glass High School AU

Note: You guys asked for it. Here it is. The scene that started a revolution - literally. For those of you who don’t know, this is a side chapter to my story We Are Young, the link to which you can find below. This is also the first time I’ve written something like this, so keep that in mind.
Big shoutout to everyone who pushed me to write this scene. And special shoutout to our revolution leaders: @miladyaelin, @snaps7, @throneofstars, @jxmessjrjuspottcr, @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie, and @fictionalcharactersaremyreality. And @christina-dh, for starting all this with one simply question in my inbox. LOVE YOU ALL.

Warning: NSFW

Main Chapter


Lysandra was aware of his eyes on her, his gaze burning holes in her back.

She made it to the bathroom before him, peeling off her clothes piece by piece as she went - she was glad her father was on the night-shift this week.

By the time she made it to the shower, she was in just her underwear. She turned on the water, letting it heat up, before stepping back. She knew Aedion was behind her, standing in the doorway, watching. Just the thought caused heat to slowly build in the pit of her stomach, a sensual smile pulling on her lips.

Slowly and with a tantalizing sway of her hips, Lysandra stepped out of her underwear. She didn’t once look back as she walked forward, stepping into the glass shower.

She stood there for a few moments, letting the streaming water soak her hair and body, before finally turning around.

Aedion was standing in the middle of the bathroom, still shirtless from their makeout session earlier, the door now closed behind him. Gone was the carefree, boyish look that normally took form on his face. It was now replaced with a look of complete love and lust. Lysandra felt the warmth between her legs begin to throb as his eyes slowly drifted over her wet, naked body, lingering on her perked breasts and between her legs.

“Well?” Her voice was a seductive purr as she spoke. “Are you going to join me? Or do I have to do everything myself?”

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*Warning: smut* RFA+V+saeran react to MC dancing sexily and them acting upon it *Wink wink*

 This was requested by @trustxfundxkid-jumin ^^ YAY lol

Oh right, ‘nother huge disclaimer is that Jumin’s had a ddlg kink ok? Ok, I don’t want any more negative feedback about it ‘cause it really hurt me when people criticised on my last post ^^ Anyway, yeah, I warned ‘ya!


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genre: cuddly fluff

member: nct’s jeno

word count: 1,298

a short cuddly jeno scenario for my char baby this might suck idk

Originally posted by welltakeitslow

Your boyfriend is very proud in his choice of movies. So proud that he picked out an abundance of his favorites to binge watch with you at the dorms.

School had worn you out today, and you were exhausted. But when you saw the way his eyes lit up when you agreed to this movie marathon, you couldn’t say no. You laid down on the sofa, and you could feel your eyes fluttering closed, the heavy pull of sleep resting on your eyelids. Suddenly you felt a lean frame bounce on top of you, head laying on your stomach.

“Y/N! You have to stay awake, you promised you’d watched movies with me!”You smiled, and let a hand sneak into his hair, running your fingers through his blonde locks as he laid his head on your tummy. “I know Jeno, I’m awake.”

It was night time, and the weather seemed to get worse and worse as time passed. It was raining hard, and you could hear the roars of thunder. Although, none of that mattered now. The sound of the storm only made the comfy atmosphere even more amazing, the feeling of your boyfriend laying on you, feeling his breathing and little giggles every time you ran your fingers through his hair. You started to giggle too.

“Why do you keep laughing?” You said through your chuckles.

“It tickles!” He said.

You stopped, and let a hand fall to his back to gently rub it, “Alright, let’s start the movie marathon.”Jeno looked up at you with his signature smile and along with the iconic eye smile. He made your heart melt, effortlessly.

Then you heard the boom of thunder, you felt Jeno jump a little at the sudden noise. After his jolt, he searched to find your eyes with a lost puppy dog expression. “Did you hear that?”
“It’s just thunder, we’re fine Jeno.” You said, rubbing the side of his face. He gave you a assuring smile, and hopped off you to go play with the TV.

That was only then the thunder returned even louder, taking the lights with it.

Then you were in the pitch black.

The power outage made your heart stop, but you felt better when you felt a hand grab yours, knowing exactly whose big hand it was, the same hands that always soothed you.

You then saw a light, it was Jeno holding his phone up to his face, you could see his tan skin and pretty brown eyes reflecting off the brightness emitting from his phone. “You’re okay?” He said, turning the flashlight ON on his phone. He shined it on you, and you squinted a little bit, nodding.

“Sorry.” He said giggling.

“Let’s go find some candles instead” You suggest.

Jeno held your hand gently, guiding you through the dorms to find any candles you could find. Only Jeno kept being picky, trying to find scents that would smell nice together, after he set down a candle, you lowkey picked it up afterwards because you knew there wasn’t enough candles in the house to make it smell like sugar cookies like he wanted.

“But the sweet smells will be romantic.”

“We can’t settle for just one watermelon candle? We need more candles Jeno.”

“You’re gonna throw off the theme pls.”

“Whatever you say.”

You returned to the living room, then you lit the candles and began placing them all over the room. The room was dim, and echoing with the sound of the storm.

“I guess that’s as bright as it gonna get.” You said, sighing.

“I kinda like it.” Jeno said. “It’s comforting.” Then his expression saddened.

“Awe, what’s wrong?” You said, cupping his face.

“We can’t watch the movies, I was really looking forward to showing them to you. I like sharing things I like with you.”

You smiled and laced your fingers behind his neck, bringing his face to yours, resting your forehead against his.
“Don’t worry, next time we’ll watch all the movies you want. I’m all yours.”

You heard his chuckle, and he leaned toward you, grabbing both your hands, and pecking your lips. You were shocked at first, but you soon fell into the kiss.

You and Jeno were really romantic and sentimental, all your time was surrounded around being close to one another and keeping one another laughing and smiling. You had never kissed before, the atmosphere was never so perfect. This storm was definitely on your side.

He backed away, the eye smile making a grand appearance again. He quickly hid his face and began laughing. “I can’t believe we kissed.” He groaned through his giggles. “I hope I didn’t suck.”

“You’re such a dork.” You said, then laid a chaste peck on the tip of his nose.
Jeno wrapped his arms around you, walked you backwards to where you both fell onto the couch. You both giggled, you laid on his stomach.

He raised his finger. “Wait here.” He said, hopping off the couch and running to his bedroom. He came back with his comforter and a bunch of pillows. He then laid with you, wrapping an arm around your waist and nuzzled his head in the crook of the neck.


“Hmm?” He hummed in response.

“Are you still upset we can’t watch the movies?”

“No. I think I like this a lot better.” He said, squeezing you tighter. You could feel him smiling into your skin.

“You’re such a baby.” You say, wrapping your arms around his neck. He then gets close enough to your face where his nose touches with yours

“Your baby.” He replies.

“Yes, my baby.”

He smiled and kissed your forehead, then returned to his favorite spot in the the crook your neck, holding you tight.

The hyper Jeno was the one to fall asleep first, you felt his slow breathing beside you. You kissed his temple. “Sweet dreams Jeno.”

In his sleep, his mouth tugged into a little smile. You laid you head next to him, and watched his peaceful sleeping form until your eyelids fell themselves.

Your dreams were interrupted by the giggles and chattering of the dreamies.

You opened your eyes to see all of Jeno’s roommates standing over you. You looked at your form, with Jeno practically holding onto you like a koala, snoozing soundly. You smiled at him, and directed your attention to Chenle, who was trying to take a picture of the sleeping Jeno, where you could see up his nose. But Chenle had the flash on, and Jeno jumped at the sudden light. He shot up as all his members were laughing at him.

“I didn’t know Y/N was spending the night.” Mark said.

“Jeno, you looked really happy.” Renjun said, chuckling.

“Awe, hyung loves Y/N!” Jisung said in a sing-song voice.

“I was wondering where you were. I had to sleep alone smh.” Jaemin said annoyed. Jaeno is shaking

“He better look happy, Jeno is so ugly, Y/N you’re so pretty you can do so much better.” flamechan

Jeno threw a pillow at Haechan, and then put his hands over his cheeks, smiling like an idiot.

“Awe he’s blushing!” Mark said. “Let’s leave the love birds alone.” He said, shoo-ing away the dreamies.

You grabbed Jeno’s pink cheeks and kissed them, to earn his little giggle, aka your favorite sound in the entire world.

“Hey Jeno!” You said.

“Yes?” He said, staring lovingly at you beside him, running his long fingers through your hair.

“We can have the movie marathon now!” You said sitting up and holding his hand.

“You’re excited now?” He said.

“I got really good sleep last night..” You said. “I’m not tired anymore, I really want to watch the movies with you!”

He smiled and kissed your forehead.

“You’re so cute. No wonder I like you so much. ”

Love Triumphs Chapter 9: Decisions

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1250 Words

Chapter Summary: After Jared asks you to move in with him, you need to make a decision.

Story Summary:  AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Author’s Note: I usually try to pick a gif to match the chapter, but I couldn’t make my way past this one!

“What did you say?” You asked him, cocking your head to one side, sure you didn’t hear him correctly. There was no way he had just asked you to move in with him. After all, the two of you hadn’t been together very long, even long enough to officially call this a relationship. On top of that there was his kids, his ex wife, and the fandom who didn’t seem to like the fact that the two of you were together.

“I asked you to move in with me.” He repeated like it was the easiest concept in the world. He was staring at you, a lock of his hair covering his eye. If you did know better, you would have thought he was at easy, like this was a normal every day conversation. But you could see the subtle differences. The way his eyes had narrowed, or the way he kept chewing on his lip. His long, lean leg was bouncing next to you, even more energy than he usually had.

“Jared, that’s nice of you to offer, but…” You started arguing, even though you weren’t sure why. It actually made sense, and you knew you were easily falling for him.

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Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Word Count: 2054

Requested: By Anon

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks but I have never done anything like this before. Let me know if you guys like it. I’m also not using all the lyrics. I also got a bit carried away, let me know if there should be a part 2??

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover

So the bar is where I go

You walk into your local bar with your friends ready for a good night. You heard that a semi famous band are playing tonight but you haven’t heard what their name is. Your friends and you set yourself up in a little booth close to the stage. Two of your friends, Taylor and Ruby, head off to the bar to get drinks for all of you. While you wait for your other friends to come back you sit with the other friend, Michone.

“I wonder who is playing tonight.” I say to Michone.

“Yeah I hope they are good.” She said back.

You look over at the stage to see a man setting up the stage for the performer. It was just a local man playing with his guitar. Michone and I sit there listening to the sweet tone.

Taylor and Ruby come back to the table with some shots.

“Shots!” They yell.

You grab one and swallow it straight away.

Me and my friends at the table doing shots

Drinking fast and then we talk slow

The man on the stage finishes his last song and the club start to play their songs when you finish your 4th shot feeling a bit tipsy. Your friends head to the dancefloor and ask if you want to join.

“I’ll be there in a second.” You answer.

You walk up to the bar and sit on the stool. Striking a little conversation with the bar tender. You feel someone sit next to you on the stool.

Come over and start up a conversation with just me

And trust me I’ll give it a chance now


“What’s a lovely lady doing at the bar all alone?” The man asks.

You turn your head around to be met with no other than the famous Joshua Dun. Man he looks good up this close.

“Y-your Josh Dun.” You say, stuttering a little.

“Sure am, are you a fan? What’s your name?” He asks with his squinty smile.

“My name is Y/N and I am a huge fan, you guys helped me through so much so thank you.” You say honestly.

“Well that means a lot. Do you want to dance, Y/N?” He asks you.

“I’d love to, uh I mean sure.”

You both get up and head to the dance floor.

               And then we start to dance, and now I’m singing like.

               Girl, you know I want your love

               Your love was handmade for somebody like me


You start dancing with Josh and he spins you around so your back is against him. You start to move against his body feeling the music. You start to sing along enjoying this moment. You turn back around to face him and you grab the back of his neck and dance with him. A few songs later and your friends come over to you.

Come on now, follow my lead

I may be crazy, don’t mind me

“Hey, Y/N we are heading off. Are you coming?” Ruby asks.

“Um.” You say while looking over at Josh.

“No it’s okay, I got her.” Josh answered.

Michone gives you a look to say ‘holy crap that’s Joshua Dun’. You nod at her and smile widely. After they left Josh turned to you.

“I would love to get to know you more Y/N. Do you want to come back to mine to hang?” He asks.

“Sure. I would love to get to know you too. You aren’t going to kill me are you?”

“No. Definitely not. I promise.” He laughs.

“Okay. Well let’s go.”

He smiles and grabs your hand taking you outside and to his car. The ride to his house was full of laughter and stories.

“And she turned around to me and yelled right in my face and spit went everywhere. It was so gross.” Josh was telling you a story.

“Man that’s so bad.” You say while laughing.

Josh moves his hand over to your thigh and laughs. You look at his hand and blush. You guys make it back to his house and enter.

“Wow, what an amazing place you have here. Do you share it with anyone?” You ask.

“No, it’s just me living here. Gets a bit lonely sometimes. I know that’s weird to say because normally Tyler is over.” He answers.

“You and Tyler have sleepovers? That’s so cute.”

“Shut up.” He said while blushing.

We walk into his room.

“Man this drum kit is amazing, where’d you get it from?” You ask.

“I got it ages ago from a local music store. What, are you into drumming too?” Josh said.

“Oh, a little bit. I’m not that good at it.” You answer.

“Have a go.” He said.

You think about it for a little bit. You don’t see the problem with it. You walk around the drum kit and sit down. You grab his drum sticks and look up at him.

“Have any songs in mind?” You ask Josh.

“Uhh, do you know how to play any of our songs?” He asks.

“Yeah I know all of them except for Fairly Local. I’ve been stuck on that one for a while.” You say.

“Okay why not The Judge.”

You spun one of the drum sticks around your finger and started the beat of The Judge. You knew this was one of Josh’s favourite songs from Blurryface so you knew you couldn’t screw it up in front of him. You continue for a while closing your eyes while hitting the drums.

This was one of the things you did that calmed you down. You were also told that you were good at singing but you didn’t believe them. You thought you’d give it a go though so you started to sing the chorus of the song. After a while you thought you should stop. You opened your eyes to look at Josh. He was staring at you with his mouth wide open.

“Sorry I guess I got a little into it.”

“No, don’t say sorry that was amazing. Do you know how good you are both drums and singing?”

“Oh I guess I’m not that bad.”

He walked around to you and grabbed your shoulders to stand you up. You were really close to your idol.

“You are really talented Y/N. Believe in yourself.” He whispers.

He looks down at your lips and breaths in harshly. You look at his eyes and bite your lip.

“Y/N please don’t do that.” He said while running his thumb over your bottom lip.

“What do you me-“You were cut off by his lovely lips meeting yours.

He takes control of the kiss and it gets heated. He pushes you against the wall

Say, boy, let’s not talk too much

Grab on my waist and put that body on me

Come on now, follow my lead

He grabs your waist and continues to kiss you like tonight’s the last time he’ll be able to see you. He lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his torso. He spins around and walks you to his bed and places you down, not breaking contact at all. He runs his hands along your side really gently. You grab his hand and place it on your boob. He breaks away from the kiss.

“Y/N this was definitely not my intention. I really just wanted to get to know you more.” He softly said.

This is why everyone loved Josh. All his fans knew he was a lovely, calm and gentle man. You loved that he was so gentle but when it came to his drums he went all out with all of his passion for his fans. He loved his fans with all his heart. So did Tyler and you knew that.

“Josh. Please I want this. Trust me, you don’t know what I felt watching videos of you drumming or watching you at concerts doing what you love. It drove me insane.” You say.

He looked down at you. He smiled and leant back down. He lightly kissed your lips and moved to your neck to kiss and nibble at it. You moved your head to the side so he could get better access. He placed his hand back on your boob squeezing it. You arch your back.

He slips both hands down to your hem and slides it up. You lift your upper body up so he could slip the shirt off you. You are in a sitting position and Josh leans over and kisses you hard. He grabs one of your cheeks and holds it. You wrap your hand around to his hair and lightly pull at it. He uses one hand to unclasp your bra. He slides it off your shoulders. He starts to pinch your nipple.

“Josh.” You moan into his mouth.

You grab his shirt and rip it off him.

I’m in love with the shape of you

We push and pull like a magnet do

Although my heart is falling too

I’m in love with your body

He grabs your pants and yanks them down. He sits up a little and looks at your underwear. It was your favourite lingerie and by the look on Josh’s face he liked it too. You saw him look over to where he threw your clothes and saw that your bra matched it.

“Holy fuck.” He whispered but you heard it.

He slid them off your legs and crawled up your body to be face to face with you. You wrap your legs around his torso to pull him closer to you. You lean down to take his pants and boxers off him. You look into his eyes.

“Y/N we really don’t have to do this. We can just go back to talking. I’m really starting to like you. I just want to get to know you.”

You kiss him to let him know you want this.  He grabs your face and kisses you harder. He runs his tongue on your bottom lip asking, begging for permission to play with your own tongue. You allow him to. He slides his finger down your side making you shiver. He grabs your waist with one hand and the other is still on your face.

“You aren’t a virgin, are you? Not that being a virgin is a problem it’s just I don’t want to rush you into anything.”

“No Josh I am not. Are you though?”


“Mm, good.” You say while going back to kissing him.

He quickly leans over to open his bedside table. He gets out a condom and slips it on.

“You ready?”

“Yes, Josh.”

He pushes into you making sure you’re always okay. He moves in and out.

“Josh, please go faster.”

He listens to you and moves at a faster pace. Kissing your neck and leaning on his arm above your head.

“You know you are absolutely gorgeous.” Josh said.

“Josh.” You moan.

“This isn’t just it for us either, I want to see you after this.”

“Can we talk later?” You say.

You grind against his dick and he groans. You roll Josh over so you’re on top of him. You flip your hair to one side and lean down to kiss him, bouncing on top of him.

You hear his little pants and swear words. You move faster while moving your hips back and forth.

“Princess I’m close.” He said.

“Me too.”

You start to feel it build in your stomach. About to bubble over. You looked into his eyes and you could tell he was about to hit his edge. You moved at the same speed and then it hits you. You grab the bedsheets next to Josh’s face and squeeze it while moaning. You slow down but still move to help Josh get to his high and his follows shortly after yours. You roll next to him and lean against his chest.

“Y/N I wasn’t just using you. I really do want to see you and not just in my bed, although I wouldn’t mind doing this again. But only if you want to.”

“Josh, I’d love to see you again. You’re lovely to be around already.” You say while snuggling up to him.


Important Day - Jax Teller Fluff

Rquest: can you do a jax imagine where the reader is pregnant and it’s about them telling the club that they’re expecting and on the day she gives birth he proposes? If that’s too long it’s okay, sorry if it is lol. If it’s possible when he proposes can it be when the guys and Gemma are seeing the baby once she’s done delivering and he does it infront of them?

A/N - Ren = Reader name. I don’t like the look of Y/N in stories so this is my compromise. 

Tags:@sonsofahappyanarchy @mrstellerwinston @chaosmieu @realpowertwix @anarchyrenegade @soafanficluvr1 @fortheloveofthesoa @khyharah @redwoodog @thegoodthebadandtheempty @jade770 @supernaturalanarchy   @jaaxtellerasf   @brriik

Jax bounced his leg as he sat back in the chair. It was family dinner time at Gemma’s house and they were waiting for everyone to finally arrive. Ren sat next to him and placed her hand on his knee, halting the bouncing. Leaning over, Ren whispered into his ear “Stop fidgeting. Everyone is almost here. Then we’ll tell them.” Jax smiled and nodded, wrapping his arm around the back of her chair. Once everyone was there, the couple enjoyed the meal before them. Abel waved at them from his place next to Gemma, who was helping him cut up his food.

Halfway through the meal, Jax stood and cleared his throat. “I’m glad everyone is here. Ren and I have an announcement we’d like to share. As you all know, Ren has been feeling a little under the weather lately. Well,” he paused and looked at the faces staring back at him, “better get ready because there will be another tiny Teller running around.”

Gemma was the first out of her seat and ran to the couple, throwing her arms around them and pressing kisses to both their cheeks. “I”m going to be a grandma again?” Ren smiled and returned the hug, trying to push the tears back.

  - ———————————————– -

Ren slowly made her way toward the garage office and watched Gemma, who sat at the desk, sorting out papers and entering the information into the computer. Looking up from the papers, Gemma smiled as Ren sat carefully in the seat in front of the desk. “Hey, Momma. When is our little bean going to make their big entrance?” Ren smiled and shrugged. “I don’t know. Like Daddy, baby Teller has to bid their time to make the best entrance of all. I wish it was time though. I’m tired of carrying this watermelon around! I want to see my feet again!” Gemma laughed and shook her head. Ren was one of the few women that Gemma approved of almost immediately. Ren took to helping Jax care for Abel when he was a baby and finally, after 3 years being together, Ren was about to give Gemma her second grandchild.

“Well, don’t worry. Your feet are still as ugly as when you could see them,” Gemma grinned as Ren faked offense and tossed a balled up napkin at her. “Once this baby is out of you, we’ll go get a pedicure. That way you can see that your feet are still the same as they were.”

Ren rolled her eyes and started to rub her stomach, letting out a groan. “UGh, this baby needs to come soon. Or I’m killing your son. Why can’t we be like seahorses and have the men carry this load around?”

Gemma laughed harder and stood from her seat, making her way over and brushing the hair from Ren’s face. “Oh honey, if men had to carry a baby for 9 months, there would no longer be any humans on this earth. They can’t endure the pain. They’d crumble in a month or two.”

 -  ———————————————– -

It wouldn’t be for another two days that Ren would be admitted to the hospital. 9 hours and 32 minutes after being checked in, Ren laid back on the bed, hair matted to her face, and a sheen of sweat covering her body. She couldn’t help but smile as Jax walked back over to the bed with the small pink bundle in his arms. “And this is your Mommy. She thinks she looks horrible, but like you, my little princess, she is gorgeous.” Jax carefully handed over the small squirming bundle. “Everyone wants to come in and see you two. You ready?” Ren shook her head and continued to stare in wonder at her little girl, “Not yet. But go get Abel. I want him to meet his little sister.”

Jax returned minutes later, Abel trailing behind him with a stuffed crow in his arms. “Hey buddy, this is your little sister.” Jax picked up Abel and sat him on the bed next to Ren. “What’s her name?”

“Skylar Rose Teller”

Abel leaned in close and pressed a small kiss to the little girl’s nose.

-  ———————————————– -

Soon the room was filled with members of the SAMCRO family. Gemma led the pack and rushed toward the hospital bed, stopping and covering her mouth as she looked over her little granddaughter. “Can..can I hold her?” Ren smiled and held out the little girl for Gemma. Jax walked around and sat on the bed next to Ren, wrapping his arms around her shoulder and pulling her close. “Just look at her! She’s beautiful, just like her momma!” Gemma held the little girl so the rest of the room could take a peek. Ren smiled as all the men cooed around the little girl. Not even a few hours old and she had the bikers wrapped around her tiny little fingers.

Jax cleared his throat bringing all the attention back to the couple on the bed. “I want to thank you all for being here for us. I know we’ve been through a lot this past year and Ren has endured all the bullshit we brought around while pregnant,” Jax stood and reached into the pocket of his jeans, pulling out a small box as he kneeled next to the bed. “Ren, I can’t imagine my life without you. You have been the best mom to Abel, the best friend and old lady to me. You’ve blessed me with a beautiful baby girl. And I’m hoping that you’ll make this day even better by agreeing to be my wife. Will you marry me?”

Ren stared at Jax, unable to say anything she just quickly nodded. “Why would you ask while I looked like this!” Ren stopped caring and let the tears spill over. Jax slid the ring onto her finger and pressed a deep kiss to her lips. The cheers from the room broke them from their little world. Little Sky didn’t approve of the noise and started squirming and crying.

The One That I Want [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Sebastian Smythe X reader where she’s a cheerio at her private school and part of glee club and when the new directions find out he has a gf (you) they take a disliking to u bc ur schools team is their main competition in cheer and glee club since Sebastian thought it’d b a good idea to unite ur schools team and his for glee

a/n: i can totally see seb with a cheerio idk guys IDK

“Girlfriend?” Santana quips, squinting her eyes at the Warbler captain. Just then you and a few other cheerios tumble from the door. You do a flip, high pony whipping back when you stand up, royal blue skirt fanning out across your upper thigh. Quinn glares, crossing her arms over her red McKinley High uniform.

Sighing, you strut over to Sebastian, tennis shoes squeaking on the polished floor. He grins at you, taking your hand. “Hey Bas. Didn’t know you guys had company over.” you pout, pecking his lips, ignoring the gags from the Glee club. “Oh, New Directions! Fancy meeting you here- actually, why are you here?” you quip, tilting your chin up.

It’s Quinn who speaks; the head cheerio that you know too well. “We can ask you the same thing.” she says softly, fluttering her eyelashes, looking innocent. “We had an issue to settle, what’s your excuse?” she questions, tilting her head; pale blond ponytail cascading down the back of her head.

Your boyfriend grabs your arm before you’re able to step forward; long fingers wrapping around your white long sleeve undershirt. “Now, now, babe, don’t make this about them.” Sebastian chuckles, fixing his striped tie. You bite your pink glossed lip, crossing your arms over your blue and gold uniform. “The Warblers and the Pitches are teaming up for Sectionals.” he explains, dress shoes tapping over to the piano. “Mine and Y/N’s voices sound absolutely phenomenal together, so I had to do a duet.” Sebastian rolls his lime green eyes.

“You guys know Alex & Sierra, right?” you ask, sitting on the edge of the piano stool, nodding teasingly at the New Directions. Most of them nod, making you grin wickedly. “Well, we’re-” you motion to the Warbler and yourself, “In the middle of practicing one of their covers.” you taunt, spinning on your ass so you’re facing the piano.

Sebastian smirks, rolling his navy blazer to his wrist before starting to play the slow melody of a Grease song. “I got chills, they’re multiplying, and I’m losing control…” he begins, perfect plump lips moving with each vowel. “'Cause the power you’re supplying….It’s electrifying!” he sings in a soft tone, smiling at you.

Crossing your legs and fixing your short skirt, you bat your eyelashes at him. “You better shape up, ‘cause I need a man.” you breathe in, chest rising, “And my heart is set on you… You better shape up; you better understand… To my heart I must be true…” you sing, waiting for him to join in. “Nothing left- Nothing left for me to do…”

“You’re the one that I want…. Oo-oo-oo, honey.” Together, the lyrics flow smoothly along to the piano. New Directions shift awkwardly as you stare into Sebastian’s eyes. “The one that I want… Oo-oo-oo, honey. The one that I want, oo-oo-oo, the one I need..” Sebastian’s voice raises as yours gets low at the last line.

Grinning, you stand up, hearing the rest of the Warblers and the Pitches do back up to the two of you. “If you’re filled with affection… You’re too shy to convey.” you purr, coming to Sebastian’s other side, “Meditate in my direction… Feel your way…” you lean your elbow on top of the table, ear touching your shoulder.

Sebastian taps the piano keys, gazing up at you; green eyes filled with love. “I better shape up, 'cause you need a man…” he belts out, straining his neck as he hunches forward. His blazer scrunches in the back slightly.

“I need a man.” you interrupt, making your voice louder than his. “Who can keep me satisfied.” you wink, tapping his chin with your index finger.

He smiles, peering down at his long fingers. “I better shape up, if I’m gonna prove-”

You lean forward, hair bouncing around, “You better prove….That my faith is justified…” you hold the note while he sings ‘are you sure?’, face inches from yours. “Yes I’m sure down deep inside!” you muse, mouth hanging open.

Slowly, Sebastian rises from the stool when the Warblers and the Pitches continue the pace. “Cause you’re the one that I want… Oo-oo-oo, I need the one that I want.” the two of you sing, smirking at Rachel’s (and others) shocked face. He takes your hand, pulling you into him, placing the other hand on your hip, over the short blue skirt. “Oo-oo-oo, I need the one that I want….Oo-oo-oo, the one I need… oh yes indeed…” you end it, eyes focused on his for a moment.

The Warbler licks his lips before turning to the McKinley Glee club. “That’s just a taste of what you’re up against.” he taunts, holding you firmly to his side.

Sam gulps, “We’re screwed.”

blakesdoitnastier  asked:

Congrats on your ficaversary Kristen! I'd love a lil engagement fic 💕

Thanks, Caitlin! Perhaps luckily for you, I already had an engagement fic in progress so you get to be first up. 

(~750 words, G. Based on an actual family story where no one’s sure exactly what happened because one party has terrible memory and the other…well.)

The evening is perfectly normal.

It’s calm, quiet–easy and familiar in his favorite way.

Bellamy had a meeting across town, so he picked up dinner at a Thai place next door to the gelato shop that Clarke loves but they rarely drive out of their way for, then stopped for a pint of amarena, too. The only thing they have planned is eating takeout and watching Netflix on Clarke’s couch.

It’s all perfectly normal.

Which means he’s also acting perfectly normal, thank you very much.

It’s not like he has a reason to be nervous, anyway. So he’s asking his girlfriend to marry him? They’ve talked about it, are already planning to move in together after his lease is up in August. They have an apartment lined up, a vague timeline worked out–the fact that he wants to spend his life next to her should not be anything new.

She’s going to say yes. She’s all but told him that already.

(But, God, he hopes she says yes.)

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Optional Bias - Forever and always ♥

Member: None. Optional Bias. I just couldn’t make up my mind.

Pairing: Him & Female!Reader

Genre: Angst but with a Happy Ending

Words: 1,321

Summary: He had promised her a “Forever“ but sometimes fate isn’t on their side.

Note: I just couldn’t make up my mind so I chose an optional bias. I recommend you listen to THIS SONG. I used to listen to it all the time and wrote this because of it.

Today was a special day, because today he would come back. After 1 ½ months of touring it would finally be time to meet him again. She had cleaned up their entire flat. There wasn’t one bit of dust in the entire apartment and everything smelled clean and fresh. She had also gone to get a haircut and had curled it a bit to give it some volume. Her knee length dress had a loose cut and was tight around the waist, the pastel color suited her skin and the minimal makeup made her look soft and gentle. He told her that he would be back at around 5 pm, so he was supposed to be here any minute.

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Peter x Reader Imagine (requests open)

‘heeeeey! can i request a imagine where the reader is peter’s sister and she notice he was acting weird and she discovers he’s spiderman and idk you can do something funny and cute?? thanks :)’

A/N: as a huge fangirl, I find this request challenging since I’ll be writing the sister’s point of view. Challenge accepted >:3

* * * * * * * * * * *

Promise To Stay Safe

You walked through the halls, chatting with your friends telling jokes and making fun of the teacher’s ridiculous tie. You were holding your phone in your hand when it started ringing. You picked up and heard your little brother’s voice.

“Hey, I wanted to ask you, where are you?” He said, sounding nervous.

“Chill Peter, I’m on my way to the car, Jesus, Stark won’t kill you for not arriving sharply at the Internship” You said, since every day after school, Peter ran straight to your car, and waited anxiously for you to arrive.

“No pressure, sis…” He said chuckling awkwardly. “Just wanted to let you know…” You laughed at him.

“Whatever, Peter” You said. “See ya in a couple of minutes”

“Sure, love you sis” He said,

“Love you too, nerd” You hung up and said goodbye to your friends and left to the parking lot.

Peter was leaning against your car, bouncing his leg, as he typed on his phone. You greeted him, poking his forehead before opening the car. Before you knew, Peter was already inside, with a huge smile on his face.

“If it wasn’t because I know you’re way too socially awkward, I’d think you have a date with the hottest girl in school” You joked, as he glared at you.

“I’m actually pretty excited about the Stark Internship…It’s really cool, you know?” He sighed, sounding like a 6 year old with a crush.

“Peter, are you gay? Like, do you like Mr Stark or something? I mean, I know there’s some sort of appeal to his smartass self but…”

“I’m not gay, okay?” Peter said, rolling his eyes at you, as you started the car and laughed at him.

“It’s a joke, Peter. I know you’re not gay, I’ve seen the way you stare at Lisa” You winked at your little brother.

“Liz” He corrected you.

“Whatever” You laughed.

You arrived home and warmed up the leftovers from yesterday. Peter practically vacuumed his food and ran to his room. In less than a blink, he left the house, telling you he was going to be back for supper. You stared at him, wondering what the hell did he do in the stark internship that he loved going as much as a regular teenager liked making out at parties.

You reluctantly had some homework done, but didn’t feel like spending the rest of the afternoon home alone, so you texted your friends, hoping to improvise some plans. Hopefully, your best friend was down to go to the movies, and agreed to go with her. Since the movie theater was a few blocks away, you didn’t take you car.

You checked the time and since it was almost 7:30, you thought Peter would be free by 8, so you decided to call him and ask him if he wanted to join you and your friend to the movies. As you dialed his phone, you looked up, and noticed the legendary Spider-Man sitting on the edge of a building, staring down at the city.

You heard Peter’s yodeling ringtone up in the sky, and frowned confused. You saw Spider-Man look for something and grabbed a phone from nowhere, since he didn’t seem to have pockets in his suit, and put the phone on his ear. At the same time, you heard Peter pick up.

“Hey sis! How is it going?”

It wasn’t hard at all to put t two and two together. Although, you couldn’t believe your brother was Spider-Man. You gawked, staring at him from the ground, as Peter called your name.

“I supposed you butt dialed me again” he muttered before he hung up.

You ran to the closest ally, hiding from his view, as you felt your heart beat fast, as if you’d run a marathon.

“What the actual fuck, man” You whispered. “My little brother can’t…” You said, looking back to the top of the building where you saw Spider-Man sitting. “No” You whispered.

You texted your friend, telling her you could no longer go to the movies, since you started having some pretty bad cramps, and needed to lay down and drug yourself in pain killers. After sending her the text, you ran home, hoping that you’d be there before Peter. You had to see it closer. And you knew if Peter arrived earlier, he’d probably change and hide the suit. If you were there before him, you could still have a small chance to see the suit.

When you arrived home, you went inside Peter’s room, and luckily, he wasn’t there yet. You lied on his bed, and waited for him to arrive. Less than a minute after you arrived, you heard the window move. You looked from his bed, and saw him silently crawl on the ceiling, towards the door. Peter was wearing Spider-Man’s red and blue suit, but without the mask. He managed to close the door, and climbed down.

“So, Spider-Man, huh?” You asked, as soon as he touched the ground.

He screamed and jumped, unaware that you were in his room. He tried to say something but began mumbling unintelligible sounds.  

“What are you doing in my room?!” He asked freaking out, trying to change the subject.

“What’s with the suit?” You asked, completely ignoring him.


“Is this what you do in the Stark Internship?” You asked, as he froze, incapable of making any noise. “Peter, this is dangerous”

“Please don’t tell May, she’ll freak out and won’t let me do this” He said, walking closer to you.

“Well, she has plenty of reasons to do so!” You said.

He began taking off his suit, and put on a shirt but no pants, stating in his boxers.

“I’m fine, nothing has ever happened to me…”

“Yet!” You interrupted him. “How long have you been doing this? Less than a month since you went to Germany?”

“Yes but…”

“Peter! Zip your mouth!” You yelled louder than before, and tears forming in your eyes. “We’ve already lost mom, dad and uncle Ben. The last thing I want to hear is that something happened to you, okay? You’re my little brother, and I love you, Pete. This is precisely why May would freak out if she knew you’re Spider-Man…”

Peter looked down, tensing his jaw. He didn’t think of it this way. You were right. The two of you had lost your parents, and not so long ago uncle Ben. You were the only thing he had left, and he was the only thing you had left.

“I’m sorry for worrying you Y/N” He whispered.

“I’m not going to tell May, but promise me that you’ll try your best to stay safe” You said hugging him. “Promise me that you’ll text me where you are and if you’re fine. I don’t want to turn on the TV and find out that something terrible happened to you, okay?”

Peter’s eyes got watery, and hugged you tightly. He never saw you so worried since uncle Ben died. Being the sassy sister all the time, made this intimate moments more heartwarming.

Peter nodded, with his face burried on your neck, as you two hugged. You broke the hug, and held Peter’s face in your hands as you whipped away a tear falling down his cheek.

“I promise you to keep you updated” Peter whispered. “I love you Y/N” You kissed his forehead.

“I love you too, Pete” You said, ruffling his hair. “Now, go wash your face before May arrives and thinks I made you cry” Peter chuckled.

“Technically, you did” He said, running his hands through his cheeks, cleaning his tears.

“Shut up, I was being a good sister” You giggled.

“For once in your life” Peter joked as he walked to the bathroom.

When Peter left his room, May was casually walking inside, and saw his eyes all puffy.

“Peter, what happened?” She asked.

Peter couldn’t make up a quick white lie, so instead, he threw the ball at you.

“Y/N” he muttered, and closed the bathroom door behind him.

“Y/N!” May called, sounding anything but amused.

“Yeah?” You said, walking out of Peter’s room.

“Why did you make Peter cry this time?” She said, crossing her arms.

“What?” You asked, as Peter left the bathroom and smiled at you. “You little bastard” You whispered, containing your laugh.

“Is it funny to you? To bully your little brother?”

“No, May…” You sighed. “He took my phone charger without asking me”

“Whoa, so, you lost all control over a phone charger? Y/N apologise to Peter. It’s not fair that you make dramas over little things…”


“Apologise to him!” May interrupted you.

You stared at Peter, who was standing behind May, trying his best not to laugh. You rolled your eyes at him before talking.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you, Pete…” You said stoically.

“Apology taken, sis” Peter said, faking a sad voice.

“Jesus, you sometimes act as if you were 7” May muttered and walked to the kitchen.

Peter walked towards you, laughing.

“What are you laughing at? you little shit” You whispered, laughing as well.

Peter didn’t answer, and walked back to his room. He turned around, and looked at you. “Thank you” He mouthed as you nodded. He smiled at you and walked inside, closing the door behind him. You lied on the couch in the living room, sighing deeply. You grabbed your phone, and unlocked it, to see the new message you had from your best friend. Before reading your message, you stared at your lock screen, which was a picture of you and Peter playing at the park back when you were 13 and 11 years old.

So I was the idiot that wrote this question without realizing how hard it would be to answer it. There are so many key point dance moves that I love!! I mean I love all of them!! But if I must…here are just a couple in no particular order…

The sinsoki move. They’re going in such a rush that it’s just a blurry hand in your face. It’s so cute and simple and I always do it when I listen to “Rush” (and when I don’t) Also…I mean Wonho is just so flippin cute when he does it.

And of course as the follow-up, I like the car driving move too because look at Wonho’s cute little shoulders moving around waaah!!! Again, simple and really cool looking when they do it together. I think it’s one of Shownu’s signature choreo moves. I’ve seen it on “No Mercy and “Hit the Stage.” Go Shownu!

Ok, but of course I gotta talk about the “All in” chest hit move because it’s so badass but subtle. They gotta send a curve through their body from their chest down to their hips. It’s like lightning traveling through a chord. And then they step forward while they do it making them in sync and hitting the beat too. It’s “sexy” in a form I’ve never seen before.

And then…the “All in” back move. I’ve always liked backs and back muscles on “the man” and thought they were underrated. But Monsta X is my soulmate so…’nuff said.

This shirt grabbing move from “Stuck”…I mean really…

‘Cause I’m a fighter, fighter…this move is so masculine and bad ass–I mean they’re crazy fighters! It’s sooo cool; they’re just hanging their bodies like growling monsters and then nudging their knees to the beat.

I like Monsta X’s choreo because of their subtle moves–the small movements like a turn of the head or the tick of their arms and just like little rolls of the body but when they all do it together it looks really fucking cool. The “Beautiful” move where they lean back, bounce on their feet from side to side, and move their arms up and down is good representation of that subtley–matching the beat with little movements. It’s the illusion of when you put your thumbs in the little front bands of your pants or when you put your hands in your pockets. It’s so hard to make this move look cool ‘cause it has to be just right but they pull it off.

The “Beautiful” orb grab to the heart and then smooth sweeping underneath the wings of their coats. Yes, my boys…yes…very nice. Well done again, leader. It’s also really fun to do!

Shit…I should probably stop before I do all of their moves. The non-key point dance moves are gonna be even more difficult…and twice as long. Sigh…

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (5) Favorite Key Point Dance Move

anonymous asked:

212th and 501st time travel back when obi wan was a padawan and have to protect this self sacrificing idiot.

They aren’t sure what to make of it.

The artifact, Jedi in origin, had been all lackluster until their Commander had poked at it with a curious expression on her face, lekku’s twitching in that all familiar motion of intrigue which the 501st had become familiar with within the week of meeting her.

Of course, nothing had happened in the start. Tano had looked visibly disappointed before going of to find where the Generals had gone. The troops had settled in to set up camp as best they could in the old Jedi temple, some of them looking at the murals and status in awe.

The next moment the artifact had screamed shrilly and started to glow and the next moment…

They were in the temple with a young version of the General of the 212th and said General’s master.

“Fascinating. Very fascinating.” Jinn leaned forward, eyes bouncing from Rex to Cody’s face and then to the rest of the vod’s. “So, this artifact, it glowed, screamed and then you were here. Did you feel anything else, any of you?” He asked in childish curiosity almost, intrigued as the redhead beside him just quietly sat there, nursing a canteen of water.

They’re trying not to stare at him, at their General. He looks so young and vulnerable, eyes open wide and full of questions.

“Yes sir and perhaps sir? There was a odd sensation as if something…washed over us?” Cody was answering beside Rex. Most of their brothers had found a spot to sit quietly and observe the Jedi’s. Both Jinn and Kenobi were different from their generals.

The logistic of Jedi’s had always been the same, peacekeepers.

But it appeared that in the last twenty years or so, they had gone from being primary negotiators to becoming warriors and it showed on these two.

Jinn was hardened yes, but not battle hardened.

And Kenobi…Obi-Wan…

Soft and fresh with a face still rounded by baby fat, not quite a man yet but still grasped by childhood. And if Rex was to say it, a bit dehydrated too.

“Fascinating, very fascinating.” The man leaned back on his legs, tapping his chin.

“Sir, may we request what you two are doing here?” Cody ventured to ask.

“Hmm? Oh, we were on our way to a diplomatic mission on Ul'Vira. Unfortunately we were shot down.” The master looked to his padawan who smiled back to the man. “We were on our way towards the closest settlement when Obi-Wan felt the temple here and we decided to investigate.”

“…Shot down?” Cody’s jaw muscle twitched.

“Yes, unfortunate something that happens now and then. Not everyone is interested in Jedi meddling as they call it.” Jinn chuckled. “But to be honest, I’m grateful for your appearance as there is little to drink of clean water here on the planet. My padawan was starting to suffer for it.”

“I did tell you I was quite fine Master.” Obi-Wan’s spoke up, his voice higher then they were used to but with the same accent.

“Yes, that’s why you’ve been clinging to the water canteen despite it being empty now Obi-Wan.” There was something kind and worried in Jinn’s eyes. “There’s no shame in admitting to weakness and need for assistance padawan.”

The redhead flushed a bit, looking down, obviously embrassed despite the gentleness in his master’s statement.

“And admitting to pain and injury is never a weakness when in good company Obi-Wan. So perhaps you’ll let our new friends medic take a look at your ankle then.”

Rex and Cody traded looks as Kix got to his feet at the merest suggestion of a injury. It appeared the general was quite adapt at trouble even in peace times.

Well kriff.

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Stiles and Derek meet at the club or something and it's love at first sight, but then Stiles spends weeks angry because Derek never called him, they meet later and it turns out that Stiles gave him his number wrong!

Thanks for the prompt!

Read it on Ao3.

Stiles didn’t believe in love at first sight. It was a load of shit. Sure, there was affection at first sight. Lust at first sight. But there was no way to see someone and immediately fall in love.

Well, at least that’s what he thought until he met Derek.

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