lean and bounce

Inferior Se is Fun

This is what has happened to me in a span of 4 months in gym class.

-hit by a football in the head

-hit by a soccer ball in the head

-hit by a soccer ball in the head again

-trips someone in soccer and badly hurts their back

-trips another person in soccer

-blocking someone in soccer and gets hit really hard

-hits someone in volleyball

-doesn’t notice someone going to kick the volleyball, leans down to bounce ball, gets kicked in jaw

-stands under net as someone shoots the basketball, gets hit by basketball

-hit in the head with the badminton “ball”

And there is this ISTP dude who keeps telling me to pay attention.

Sleepover (Minho)

Description: Y/N and Teresa plan a sleepover but Minho wants in.

Warnings: None

Word count: 1059


“Hey Frypan!” you greet him with a wide smile. He raises an eyebrow at you.

“…Yes?” He continues scrubbing at a fork as he listens to you.

“Well I just really love your food and-” you’re cut off abruptly by his loud laughter.

“You love my food? My food?” He stops laughing long enough to take a breath. “Ah, what do you want, Y/N?”

Shoot. He was on to you. You take in air and hope for the best.

“T-Teresa and I were wondering if you had any chocolate left? We’re doing a girls-nighty kinda sleepover thing. And come on, everyone knows girls love chocolate.”

“A girls-nighty kinda sleepover thing?” He repeats. He puts down the now shiny fork and leans on the counter.

You bounce anxiously. “Yeah…So, do you have any?”

You bite your bottom lip and he stands upright and gives a low chuckle. “I always did like you girls better than the guys. At least you smell better.”

He turns around and heads into the back of his kitchen in search of chocolate, you hope.

“Also,” you add. now remembering. “Any snacks you could provide would be appreciated..?” You knew you were pushing your luck but why not go for it? Frypan was a good enough friend…right?

You hear him shuffling things around on the food racks and you wait patiently, lightly drumming your fingers on the countertop. He comes back with a basket of food.

Your eyes light up and you grin at him as you take the basket from him. “Ah! Thank you! I’ll make sure to slip in a word with Alby to get you some new utensils.”

He laughs lightly again and you bounce off back to Teresa’s room to tell her the good news. Once you enter her room you stop immediately, mid-step. Teresa was upside down on her bed, hanging off the edge so her hair dangled and brushed the floor.

“Oooh! Did you get the food?” She turns around so she’s on her stomach but then loses her balance and falls off the bed.

You shake your head at her and walk over to the desk. “Yes I did, Frypan was really nice about it,” you pause. “He said we smell better.”

“Really? Huh.” Teresa heads over to you and goes through the basket to see what Frypan gave you. While she does that, you begin setting up a space on the floor with blankets for you both to sit.

As you lay a second blanket down Teresa gives a surprised laugh. “Look! He gave us some of Gallys drink. I guess he thought it was going to be a crazy night for us.”

You shake your head. “Ick, no way am I drinking that.”

She sets it down on the table and continues searching through through it. Outside you both hear the familiar sound of the Maze walls closing for the night. As if on cue, a knock on the door sounds.

Teresa was too busy going through the basket so you get up to open it. As soon as you open the door someone pecks you on the cheek swiftly.

Minho. Your boyfriend of a year. You smile at him and he asks to come in. You turn to look at Teresa, giving her a pained expression, begging her with your eyes. She mouths the word “NO” and shakes her head. You dreadfully turn back to Minho.

“Teresa and I are doing a girls night thing…no boyfriends.”

Minho purses his lips. “Hmm…We’ll see.”

Then he bounds off before you can ask him anything.

“Alright then,” Teresa says. You sit down with her on the blanket and talk for a little bit as the sun goes down the rest of the way, darkening the room.

“Should we go get a torch?” you question Teresa. She nods and stands, offering you a hand to help you do the same. You take it.

Once you’re down to the Glade, it’s dark enough that torches can be spotted easily. You both go up to Alby and he lets you take the torch that lit up the space around the hammocks. All the Gladers were asleep now anyways. Once you’re gone, Alby lies down in his hammock and the Glade is silent.

You and Teresa hurry back to your room silently, as not to wake the other boys. Once you enter your room you flop down on the bed as she sets up the torch. Then she comes to sit next to you.

You sit up on the bed to give her room. “So,” you start.

You’re about to ask her a question when you see something move. Someone was in the room with you. In the closet, to be precise.

You glance at the crack between the floor and closet door to see Minhos shoes. And…Thomas’s. What were the two shuck heads doing in here?

“How was your day?” You ask a now confused Teresa as you motion down at the boys shoes. She finally catches on and grins.

“Oh my day was great. Worked with the med-jacks and got to see Thomas for a bit.”

“That’s good! My day was pretty good too. Wish I could’ve seen Minho more…” You stand up slowly, continuing the conversation with Teresa as you both walked over to the closet.

“Yeah,” Teresa says as she puts her hand on the door knob. “What would we do without our BOYFRIENDS?” Teresa yanks open the closet door as she says the last word.

Minho and Thomas stare up at you with regretful and surprised eyes.

“W-we uh,” Thomas stutters. You fold your arms, waiting.

“Our hammocks. Yeah they weren’t very comfy…?” Minho says as if seeing if you believe it.

“Mhmm,” you say and hold out a hand. He sighs and takes it and you help him up from his crouched position. Teresa helps Thomas.

Teresa sighs. “Now what? You can’t go back down there; you broke curfew and Alby will be mad.”

“Guess we have to stay with you then,” Minho says and flops down on the bed. Thomas chuckles.

“You slintheads,” you sigh.

As you and Teresa stare at each other, curled up in Thomas’s and Minho’s arms now, you both have the same thought.

This is not what you had planned.

I laid on the radiation table, tight plastic mask over my face. My partner’s sweater draped over me. The machine began to spin around my face and blast me with radiation. I shut my eyes. And there She was.

Long red hair trailing down an emerald green dress. We were sitting in the long grass, lambs scampering around us. Sweet springtime sun shining. She reached over and took my hand. She didn’t speak a word, but she didn’t need to. I just needed Her with me. So l leaned back and the lambs bounced around us happily, the mother sheep bedded down next to Her.
Before I knew it things were over, but Her presence lingered. Thank you, Brigid. Thank you. Day one of radiation and chemotherapy done. One day closer to getting rid of that tumor. I’ve got this.

deckerstarareotp  asked:

What do love the most in Betty and Juggie getting together?


Most of all, I love that it means they’re together. That whatever life throws at them, they’re going to go through it together. Jughead has been there for Betty throughout everything that happened to her with Polly. And now, she’s been there for him with what happened with his father. 

I think that would have happened even if they didn’t get together, but because they are, it makes everything stronger, more official. It makes them each other’s rock, a shoulder to lean on, a mind to bounce ideas off, arms for hugs and someone to understand.

It’s something good, that both of them need. Their lives are a mess, but this thing, the two of them, is something good that they can rely on, a reason to smile when everything else is going to shit. 

I think that’s the most important thing. There are other small things, though.

The smile he has after every kiss. It’s soft and content and that tiny bit smug. “I did that!”

The smile she has after they kiss. Fond and sweet and a tiny bit excited. “Oh my gosh, I like Juggy.”

I like how it’s going to change the way the people around them see them. Like, honestly. I want to see Kevin tease them to death and keep bugging Betty with how good of a kisser Jughead is. I want Reggie to be in complete shock over the fact that Jughead is dating a cheerleader. I want Mama Cooper to say that Jughead’s not good enough, I want Betty to stand up for him and I want Jughead to convince Mama Cooper that he is, in fact, good enough for Betty. I want Polly to swoon over how cute they are together, and to point out that Betty is always happier when Jughead is by her side, and that he treats her like she’s the most important person in the world.

AND Archie, oh man. He’s jealous, isn’t he? We’ve seen it in the last episode. 

And, now, look. I don’t know if Archie and Betty are endgame. But I know that Archie is a little (a lot) self-centered, and that he made a couple of bad decisions. And I think that he needed this wakeup call. To stop thinking about himself and start looking to what’s happening around him, as well.

I love Betty and Jughead being together, because of what we’re going to see next. Awkward firsts: dates, family dinners, prom?!, declarations, deeper kisses!!! Allthewhile solving crimes together! I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

And I know people are pissed about Jughead not being asexual.

I mean, he might still be? He never said anything, yet. It could still happen. 

And, I … I’m not that bothered by it. I didn’t grow up reading the Archie comics, I literally knew nothing of them before this tv show. So Jughead being asexual isn’t important to me.

(It would be interesting, but we got Raphael Santiago on Shadowhunters, so I’m good)

Lastly (Sim, just stop talking already and go back to whatever work you were doing)

They’re cute. They’re very cute (and hot, if you choose to fall into that hellhole). I can’t not like them.


(I’ll try to write this calmly but I’m in mobile &still a mess so ha) last night J went to Troye’s first concert ever in Seattle. It was fucking iNSANE and I want to write a list of tips to survive the concert/what to expect so??

• if you want to possibly touch troyes hand, get there early so that you can enter first (I know this because I got there late)

• if your weather is anything like seattles, wear a fuckinfg sweater (WILD&TRXYE IS GREAT) you’ll be waiting in line longer than you think

•please wear a tank top under your sweater. Outdoor lineups are cold, concerts are not

• everyone looks fucking great





• his voice is just as perfect as it is in the album

• his curls are very beautiful

• if you’re really lucky you might get a video//picture of him fixing his curls and if you do fucking sEnd It to me

• the set is super simple and super nice what the fjcjc

• it’s fucking loud