Top 10 Reasons Why Hank Green Won't Be At LeakyCon

10. It’s the same weekend as a Golden Girls marathon.

9. He is allergic to the state of Florida.

8. He has to officiate French the Llama’s wedding.

7. He’s worried John Travolta will butcher his name while introducing him at a wrock show. 

6. His book club is meeting to discuss Twilight.

5. He’s been cast as an extra in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

4. Lindsay Lohan hired him as her new sober coach. 

3. He’s contractually obligated to appear at another plumber’s convention.

2. He couldn’t find anyone to feed his hanklerfish.

And the number one reason why Hank Green won’t be at LeakyCon is:

1. He forgot to be awesome. 

(Just kidding, Hank. You are still pretty awesome)