leakycon free hugs guy

Somehow me going "I wish I could hug Dylan right now" has rapidly devolved into Dylan okaying plans to make tiny pocket Dylan felt dolls and plans for a "Free Hugs Guy" etsy shop.

Tonight is weird and wonderful and exactly what I expect of my Leaky people.  I love you all a lot.  I managed to eat my oatmeal and I’m sipping juice and I feel much better now than I did an hour ago.  Now if only my Prisoner of Azkaban DVD wasn’t scuffed.

It’s all good.  I’ve got people who care about me and an amazing community and in the end, that’s what matters, not my crappy teachers and my body that often sucks at being a body.

Pictures and links to the pending Free Hugs Guy merch will happen eventually.  I need to get felt and things.