leakycon 2012

I'm still not over the fact that Miraphora Mina of MinaLima said my painting was the best thing she'd seen at LeakyCon.

Having an extremely talented and amazing designer tell you what you made was good? Feels damn good. So so damn good. Out of everyone who complimented that painting that weekend, that’s the one that meant the most to me. Because her and Eduardo Lima’s work blows my mind. Their work was arguably the most important aside from Jo’s. Because a series like Harry Potter? Needs to have some real world magic to make it work. And they put in almost every bit of real magic we got to see (and a lot that we didn’t see). They made everything feel RIGHT rather than just okay. They brought the magic to life in such a beautiful way.

Our rehearsal time kept getting cut down more and more. And we only had Darren for an hour before the show… We never saw Darren actually reading the lines, the only thing we had time to do with Darren was walk him through and tell him where to stand in every part, so Darren did a great job!

We kept on lying to people, pretty much, we kept on saying “Oh it’s just gonna be a reading. It’s just gonna be a reading, don’t worry guys…” The more and more we were like “We’re never gonna actually get to do this show,” so we were like “This is our last shot, this is the last time we’re gonna have some of this people, it’s the last time we’re gonna be able to get Darren.” So we just kept on making it bigger and bigger without telling anybody.

Darren thought he was just going to be sitting, reading, until the day of. He got there and we said “Alright, Darren, here’s your costume back. We’ve gotta draw that scar on your head. You’re gonna stand here and here.” And he was like “You guys. You stinkers. I knew you were gonna do this.”
—  Nick Lang [Source]