leaky staff

Very disappointed and upset that I wasn’t able to get tickets for Open at the Close. I had the screen pulled up all morning and was constantly refreshing starting at about 1:50. The website started moving very slowly, and it took a few minutes for me to get to the page where the ticket was. Then when I went to check out it glitched and told me I couldn’t buy a lit pass (which I had already purchased) because they were sold out. So I tried again and it told me that I still couldn’t do a lit pass (which like I said, I already had)- but this time it said that the park event was old out too. After about five minutes of nerdy crying, a friend told me there was a wait list I could get on. I really hope that they can add more tickets because I am so sad. I know Leaky is doing everything they can and I am appreciative of that. Even though I’m upset I didn’t get it, I am NOT MAD AT THE LEAKY STAFF. Do not be upset with them. They are doing and have been doing everything they can to make sure we have a good time and are attempting to get more tickets. So thanks, Melissa and staff. I appreciate what you’re doing and really hope that you can get more tickets.