leaky con cosplay


Day 1 of LeakyCon I got to cosplay Dean Winchester and it was the absolute funnest. Becoming my favorite character for a day was just the greatest on so many levels. AND I FOUND MY CAR AND MY CAS!!! (The heart sticker was put on there by the amazing Cas cosplayer I was fortunate enough to befriend)

Hi there, if you are at LeakyCon right now, you may or may not have seen me. I’ve had plenty of people take my picture, and if you just so happen to see this, I give you permission to post the pictures of me, just please tag it with kristen-the-careless and you-cashole, my sister (Janitor Sam) and I would love to see your hella pictures! Thank you!

I went from zero to four cosplays for Leaky Con and they are:
Human!Impala from Supernatural
Rose Tyler from Doctor Who (Empty Child/Doctor Dances)
The TARDIS from Doctor Who

And for the Esther Earl Rockin Charity Ball:
Buffy Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Prophecy Girl)

I am so excited for this convention and the fact that I am going to be cosplaying for the first time, but I wanna thank people on this website for making me realize I don’t have to be the same size as Rose Tyler/Buffy to rock these outfits. Mucho love to all of you. <3