leaks and shui

「Even if the world killed you――」

One couldn’t speak.

One couldn’t see.

Words that couldn’t be told.

Truth that couldn’t be seen.

The vow

though clouded by blinding rage and despair

was never forgotten.

Materialized into forget-me-not of the other world

Spilling from their shut eyes and closed lips

To finally be told

To finally be seen.

「――I would not forget you.」

Drunk types

Konoe: i’m-not-drunk drunk. he’ll argue for hours long about how “resistant” he is to alcohol, all the while drinking more and getting even more drunk in the process.

Asato: emotional drunk. he’ll go from wholehearted laughter to sobbing in a heartbeat. the reasons for this stay unknown, for he can’t talk clarly while drunk.

Rai: philosophical drunk. anyone sitting beside him will get dragged into a deep and meaningful discussion about the meaning of the universe.

Bardo: karaoke drunk. he’ll sing literally anything: screamo, pop, oldies… hell, he’ll even compose songs on the spot then forget about them 15 minutes later.

Shui: cuddly drunk. he’ll cuddle anyone at arm’s length, and for some reason Leaks is always within his reach…

Leaks: never gets drunk. he’s the responsible adult who takes care of everyone, and he always curses the gods for having such a messy group of drunkards under his watch.