leaks and shui


Alright, so listen up. One of the reasons I love Lamento so much is the little details and the  extensive thought put into this game. Now the Forget-me-not is an important flower, and I’m here to explain the symbolism. So what do the flowers actually represent? Well, they represent:

  • True and undying love
  • Remembrance during partings or after death
  • A connection that lasts through time
  • Fidelity and loyalty in a relationship, despite separation or other challenges
  • Reminders of your favorite memories or time together with another person
  • Growing affection between two people

 They got this meaning from an old German myth, The myth is  that  two lovers were  walking along the Danube River first seeing the bright blue blossoms. The man retrieved the flowers for the woman, but he was swept away by the river and told her not to forget him as he floated away.

Now they can come in a lot of colors, but the most common variety is blue. The color blue also has a lot interesting symbolism to it. Blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

Honestly,  Forget-me-not’s are the perfect flower for this game. Shui and Leaks love transpired death( I don’t care what you say. Leaks still loved Shui, same for Shui). A lot of Leaks best memories came from his time with Shui. Plus the game has a lot of themes around memories and remembrance. There is a reason the song played during the intimate scenes  is called “ Forget-me-not”

Alright end of my mini rant


His tail was as black and beautiful as the night - the only blackness that allowed Shui to shed all his worries and burdens from the world, the blackness in which Shui could find calm and comfort, in which Shui could be himself - just a normal cat.

Shui would think that, as he wrapped his arms around the black tail’s owner from the back and buried his face in his companion’s shoulder, taking in the familiar, gentle scent that never failed to send him into a peaceful sleep.


It is not quite possible to dye black into any other color, but when Shui hugged him from behind, body warmth permeating through layers of clothes, soft breath brushing against his skin… Leaks thought maybe, just maybe, that his ears were dyed in a hue of red. 

If it was the case, certainly, he hoped Shui didn’t notice.

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