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So Tilda Swinton messages Margaret Cho out of the blue (probably looking for an “Asian friend who isn’t offended!!”) and starts whitesplaining to her about how an Asian character being changed into a white woman is “diversity,” as if white women aren’t represented in the media WAY better than Asian men and women.

And Margaret Cho is polite and civil in this awkward, out-of-the-blue conversation with this entitled white woman who is convinced she can do no wrong, but we’re supposed to hate Margaret Cho because she admits that she was really bothered by it afterwards? 

And Tilda leaks the e-mails as if this is another Kim Kardashian/Taylor Swift thing?

Literally all Tilda did was show that Margaret Cho was just tolerating you. Tilda still looks bad to me.

How is this a case of “HOMG TILDA SHOWED UP WITH RECEIPTS!” when the receipts literally tell us exactly what Margaret Cho said happened? How is Margaret Cho in the wrong for being rightfully annoyed by this?

Also why is Tilda pestering Margaret Cho and expecting HER to tell her what’s wrong with whitewashing Doctor Strange? Why can’t she do her own homework, especially when Asian actors like Ming Na Wen and George Takei have been VERY vocal about why they take issue with it?

This whole thing just rubs me the wrong way and I hate how it looks like it’s going to be spun as Margaret Cho just “looking for a fight” or whatever. 

Fucking white women, man…

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Hi! Saw a fanart about this before sooo.. would like to request an HC where MC is also a hacker (maybe as good as God Seven), but she's not affiliated in any organization (freelance?) so didn't come up on the background check and she tells em after they started dating?? Particularly interested in Vanderwood's reaction. Lololol.

✿  ok so I admittedly got a little crazy with this request. Whoops!! we’ve been talking about the Snowden movie in class, so I’ve had vigilante hackers on the brain… 

✿  As usual, I hope you enjoy!


  • Of course he knows about  (♕ ALICE ♕)  - how could he not? Last month the image-boards blew up talking about her after she released a whole host of incriminating government documents to the public! She’s super famous!
  • How does he feel about it? Uh.. well… if…… the government is doing bad stuff…… shouldn’t people know about it? She’s like - a hacker for justice! That’s good, right?
  • Wait, why do you look so relieved?
  • wait what are you
  • what do you mean that
  • i
  • you, of course, are somewhat taken aback. the media is calling you a terrorist and yoosung thinks u are too good for him. 
  • clearly it is the other way around
  • how is this precious angel child still interested in a hacker like you? wtf? 
  • he is hyper proud and clearly does not understand the danger of being with you.
  • you are a vigilante and could get your ass black bagged
  • the Orwellian big-brother police could fuck your shit up at literally any moment
  • He doesn’t care about any of that. He’s going to protect you! This is a cause you think is important, right? 
  • You’ve always supported him in what he thinks is important. He is gonna do the same!!
  • what are you going to do when the MIB show up yoosung, throw honey buddha chips at them and run while they’re distracted??????
  • he wins u over with his sincerity tho and starts helping you out a bit.
  • He’s actually very very good at doing tedious, methodical tasks like looking through e-mails, so he basically becomes your partner in crime. You do the fun hacking and flamboyant trickery, he does the boring sorting.
  • look at you, corrupting the innocent. good job. 


  • He notices that you spend a lot of time on the computer, and at first you just coyly say, well - you’re a programmer.
  • It’s sort of true…?
  • Most of the time, your work isn’t… that bad! You’re just a - a freelancer, like… like a graphic designer or a ghostwriter! 
  • It’s - it’s nothing sketchy! It’s just sometimes on the side you…
  • …y;know, hack into government databases and dump all the dirt you find for the public to see.
  • (ok u gotta tell him)
  • He seriously thinks you’re joking at first when you finally drop that your secret identity is  (♕ ALICE ♕), the flamboyant hacker who’s stolen the public eye lately with a promise to ‘Take the world down the rabbit hole of governmental corruption’. 
  • you’re expecting that to be it. You are dangerous, your job is dangerous, and holy fuck if word got out, Zen’s career would be destroyed. 
  • honestly? you consider being the one to do it, to break up with him for his own safety. Jaehee is right. his career is more important than a relationship.
  • Zen, when he finally accepts that you are serious, is like… fuck that lmao
  • Right now??? He only has a career because of your encouragement, so there is NO WAY he is letting you deal with this on your own.
  • For awhile, you consider… dropping your job and finding something more… palatable. Something in security maybe. You know how to break into networks - you can turn that around to protecting them.
  • Zen takes you off guard by saying, in no uncertain terms, no. 
  • This is important to you. He can see how important to you it is by the long hours you work. He knows what it’s like to have people poop all over your dreams, and he is not going to do that to you.
  • You do, at the very least, use your skills to make Zen absurdly popular. He thought Seven was bad about his dubious promoting? OH LORDIE


  • jaehee breaks into nigh-hysterical laughter when you tell her
  • oh god
  • how long have you been doing this
  • how did you learn how to do this
  • how did you even get into doing this
  • she’s going to be sick
  • NOT THAT SHE’S DISGUSTED BY IT, she immediately clarifies as you start to wilt. GOD, NEVER. NEVER, NO.
  • she’s just terrified
  • She never really… possibly considered that this world could ever intersect her own, and she’s so scared for your safety.
  • You quickly clarify that you’re just a freelancer, though, uh, the fame you have under your pseudonym is,
  • um
  • well
  • you’ve
  • done some pretty big shit. h-hacking government documents, leaking e-mails… uhhhhhh….
  • the news might… call you a terrorist…? ehe.
  • After she’s calmed down, Jaehee adjusts her glasses and gets to work. looking over her shoulder, you see… travel plans…?? flight agencies..??? what???
  • Jaehee has, true to form, taken it upon herself to manage all of the logistics of your inevitable escape from South Korea. seriously this woman is p r e p a r e d.
  • you’re kind of shocked that she’s totally??? and completely willing to aid and abet a criminal and she just looks u dead in the eyes and says
  • You have no idea what I did underneath Mr. Han.
  • (tbh i’m pretty sure Jumin’s 5th anniversary present to u two is smuggling you both to Jamaica, where you can sip daiquiris on a beach and watch the fallout of your reign of terror from afar.)

(as usual - the rest are under the cut!)

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Quick reminder that the Democratic Party didn’t start this “Get all huffy over a technicality” game.

Trump demanded to see Obama’s personal papers for years.

Trump continually dragged up an incident with a private e-mail server.

Trump’s campaign benefited from a slew of day-to-day e-mail leaks.

Trump constantly reminds people of every single missed step in the media and brands them “fake news”.

Trump proved that this strategy works.

People are simply adjusting to the new rules. They’re playing the same game now. And guess what? It’s not fun. It’s really annoying. But when you force a hand, that’s on you.

Side note: I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming the other day (a friend gave me a few movie passes), and these are my thoughts:


  • In the sequel(s), I want to see Bryan Cranston or Michael Shannon as Doc Ock, and I want to see Idris Elba as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.
  • I love the John Hughes-iness of it.
  • Ned is clearly Ganke, which is one of the biggest indications (aside from screen tests with black actors that were confirmed during the negotiation process) that Marvel intended to do a Miles Morales movie before Sony demanded the character be white in those leaked e-mails from the character sharing negotiations. I like Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, and I’m not mad anymore, but man. I still wish they’d done a 1960s-set Peter Parker Spider-Man show for Netflix and had Miles Morales in the movies.
  • I like the diversity of the cast, and it really highlights just how universal the characters really are.

SPOILERS (below the cut):

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I am an innocent mother who just wants privacy and I show that by having a public instagram account where 90% of my photos are of my child who I want privacy for I am a mother and my family just wants a normal life and we clearly show that by stalking fan accounts and then trying to start fights, sending e-mails, leaking private information about the fans I mean we reALLY JUST WANT PRIVACY HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THAT also follow my instagram and twitter both @ innocentmotherbriana thanks
—  Briana the Innocent Mother Jungleworm
KekRaptor: Overwatch To Add New, Well-Balanced Character
KekRaptor: Overwatch To Add New, Well-Balanced Character

In a surprise move, Blizzard Entertainment has stated that they will be adding yet another character to their blockbuster first person shooter Overwatch immediately after the 2017 Summer Games. Shortly after the announcement of Doomfist, a leak of internal e-mails combined with Redditors…

Jennifer Lawrence Is Finally Getting Paid What She Deserves
According to a new report, that is $20 million for a single movie.

This past December, Jennifer Lawrence was crowned Hollywood’shighest-grossing actor of 2014, with a tidy box-office gross of $1.4 billion for the year. And today, we learn that the Oscar winner, Hunger Games star, and Internet sweetheart will finally start being paid like Hollywood’s highest-grossing actor.

On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter broke news that Lawrence negotiated a $20 million deal for Passengers, Sony’s too-good-to-be-true-sounding sci-fi romance, which will pair Lawrence with last year’s second highest-grossing actor,Chris Pratt.

The rate would mark an important monetary milestone for Lawrence, as $20 million is a rarified per-picture payday that only a handful of top-tier stars have reportedly claimed, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock,Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., and Denzel Washington. The Reporter suggests that paying Lawrence $20 million might compromise the film’s budget—especially considering that the movie, which will be directed by The Imitation Game’s Morten Tyldum, is not part of a franchise—and lead to pressure for other actors, like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, to get the $20 million-per-picture deals they’ve also reportedly requested.

The reported Lawrence-Sony deal does not come without its own backstory, though. E-mails leaked after the Sony hack late last year revealed that the studio paid Lawrence less forAmerican Hustle than her male co-stars Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and evenJeremy Renner—this despite the fact that Lawrence was arguably the biggest box-office draw of the ensemble drama.

Earlier this year, Sony’s former co-chairman Amy Pascal attempted to explain American Hustle’s pay disparity. “I run a business,” Pascal said at February’s Women in the World conference in San Francisco. “People want to work for less money, I pay them less money. I don’t call them up and say, ‘Can I give you some more [money]?’ … The truth is that what women have to do is not work for less money. People shouldn’t be so grateful for jobs. People should know what they’re worth.”

Wisely, it looks as though Lawrence is taking Pascal up on her advice.

According to this “leaked” Interscope e-mail, Lady Gaga’s next studio album, STEFANI, is expected to be released 21 January, 2016. However, if the album was already completed (as this email suggests), then the album should be out sooner than a year. Also, these e-mails never seem to be true anyways.


  1. Act Five
  2. Classic New York
  3. Inner Space
  4. Conquer
  5. Free Bitch (Came Back At U)
  6. Curse
  7. Fillin’ You (feat. Justin Timberlake)
  8. Arrow Of The Cupid
  9. La Mi (feat. Beyoncé)
  10. Possession
  11. Chameleon
  12. Angelina
  13. Join Me (feat. Pitbull)
  14. Txt U Pictures
  15. U Love Me Until It’s Too Much
  16. Fuck You Amy
  17. Raven
  18. Waving My Hands Good Bye
  20. Temple

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This election just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Now the FBI suspects that the Russian government hacked and released the DNC emails to embarrass the Democrats on the eve of the Democratic National Convention as a means of helping Donald Trump who is on record as stating that he would not fulfil NATO treaty obligations in certain circumstances something the Russians would very much like to see happen. The idea that the Russians would go so far as to try to influence an American election in favor of Donald Trump would have in the past be a scandal of the greatest proportion. Not so this election. Trump tweeted: 

The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous DNC e-mails, which should never have been written (stupid), because Putin likes me— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 25, 2016

People give James Franco too much credit for “publicity stunts” that are clearly not. Like, he really did try to fuck a teenager and admitted it. That whole “publicity stunt” bullshit was a rumor started by one of his stans on tumblr that had no basis in reality. In fact, I’d venture to guess that the fact that Palo Alto (written and directed by him from his own book) had a subplot about an adult trying to fuck a teenager is that it’s just something James Franco does, and he happened to only get caught once.

The idea that the Interview release being canceled is a publicity stunt is even more absurd, because it wasn’t Sony’s decision, let alone James Franco’s. The four biggest theater chains refused to screen it, so there was no point in releasing it. Those four chains control literally all of the theaters in most towns. There are very few independent movie houses left, and who knows how many of them would screen the movie if the big chains, who can afford outside security, refuse to? Especially because with the big chains out, those little guys become more vulnerable if actual attacks were planned. If all the chains said, “Fuck you,” there’s no way 1500 theaters or whatever could all be attacked, but if, say, ten of the indie theaters in the country went for it? That’s way more possible.

If the movie ends up released on DVD, this might boost sales, but it’s losing Sony a ton of money and making the studio heads look even more incompetent than the leaked e-mails did. Like, if Amy Pascal wasn’t going to lose her job anyway, this is definitely going to put her out of work. 100%. This is a $44 million movie they were putting out on Christmas Day that they’ve been advertising for since the VMAs, whose ad budget was likely upwards of $20 million, and they’re not releasing it at all. They’re losing tens of millions of dollars on this. There’s no upside for Sony at all. This is an unmitigated disaster for them.

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hey, have u seen the leaked e-mails about harry and the girl group GRL? this guy is asking someone else to call harry's manager to ask harry to be in GRL's video and harry keeps saying no. not very exciting but a lil interesting for promo insight and stuff

My laptop just died so I can’t look at the emails.

I’m counting on all of you kind folks to screenshot and post the good stuff!