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I’ve waited so long for another afro fusion/gem! So far we only had Ruby, Garnet and Sardonyx!

I can’t wait to get to know who this new gem is!

She seems to be a ruby/pearl fusion.

I was hoping it would be two new gems or a new gem Altogether. But it’s fine I suppose.

Surely she will look much different from our ruby and our pearl fusing.

And that sapphire is hilarious! Talk about future vision. This girl sees the future in the future. Lmao.

I have a feeling she is just trying to be what she’s made for instead of herself. Maybe she wasn’t meant to see into the future. Maybe my love should try… seeing in the past ? Hehehe.

I wonder who that mysterious wonderland caterpillar character is. Lol now it feels like homeworld is being compared to wonderland. Well the Diamonds are kind of like the queen of hearts. Lol. Steven is the white rabbit. And lars is alice, since steven got him into this. Haha!

And shout out to @rebeccasugar for the afro hair and siamese twin representation ! We really appreciate it!

Now I can’t wait for the shallow minded art work of our new gem fusion with straight hair instead of the representative style she was made with. *eyeroll* It’s an afro people, drawing it like that doesn’t make any physical sense.

What am I saying? They won’t listen to me anyways. They’ll do her like they did Ganet, Ruby and Sardonyx. Let the representation erasure begin.

I believe that Topaz and the Beta Gems will be necessary for Steven to be able to help Jasper. 

I miss Jasper. I really do. There’s a very strong, emotional part of me that just wants her to return and to be healthy and happy right now. 

But there’s and equally strong, logical reason as for why she couldn’t be helped. Steven was simply not capable of helping her because he didn’t know her. He didn’t know the real her. He knew that she had lost her mind to the corruption and that she was angry and blamed Rose for what happened to her colony, her planet and her Diamond. But that isn’t all that there is to her. 

The Beta Gems know what she was like during the Rebellion, before Pink Diamond was shattered. (I believe that Jasper came out before Pink Diamond was shattered.) They’ll be able to tell Steven what she was liked before she was consumed by grief and self-hatred. Before she got the toxic, negative world view that warped her personality. 

And Topaz might be able to tell Steven about what life is like for Jasper on Homeworld now. How do they treat a gem from the Beta Kindergarten? What do they think of her, especially since, for all Jasper being the “Ultimate Quartz”, she was unable to save her diamond and she was unable to save her planet. She failed, and Homeworld would know that. 

But why would Topaz, of all gems, tell Steven about how Homeworld treated Jasper? Why not somebody like Peridot? Well, Peridot didn’t really know Jasper at all before they were put together for the mission. And, yes, I am fully aware that there’s even less of a stated connection between Jasper and Peridot. However, judging from the leaked clip and stills from Stuck Together Topaz doesn’t really seem all that happy in Homeworld. She seemed reluctant when Aquamarine ordered her to fuse, and something made her cry. Topaz doesn’t appear to like Homeworld, but she obeys its ways because it’s what she’s supposed to do. But still (baseless conjecture incoming) she sees Jasper, and sees how Homeworld treats Jasper and she doesn’t like it. 

And so, armed with actual knowledge of who Jasper is and was and what made her the way she currently is, Steven will be able to help her in ways that he never could before. 

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Is there a new SU episode? I keep seeing screenshots from a new leaked episode but I can't find it anywhere. Do you know where I could watch it if it's out already?

there will be on the 17!

oh those are from a leaked 1 min clip at the beginning of the episode, the rest isn’t available ahh

bughead fans are the most, saying archie is jealous because it looked like he rolled his eyes at the boyfriend comment but writing essays about how betty looking like she’s ready to murder someone at the sight of archie and veronica doesn’t mean she’s jealous of them being a thing

lmao ok, i see how it is