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I hate how everyone talks about 'cc shippers offending M'. Just look at the comments on ESN music video. It's insane. It's like everyone has to mention how good she looks, but nobody writes about D or C. So much for supporting them. It's like your support is only measured by how much you love the people around them.

Anon. Honestly I’m not surprised but it’s so sad. I knew from the moment video “leaked” of her presence by her friends, something apparently not sanctioned as the starkids were surprised we knew, this would turn into a mess and an ass kissing fest of queen beardy.

These “fans” are delusional. They say she is amazing and supportive.

I guess their definition of amazing is unemployed spoiled brat with nothing but time to follow Darren and make him look miserable. Who acts childish and unprofessional at events. Who lives with another man. Who mocks his fans. And uses social causes for her own gain with little to no regard for the actual meaning or need for the cause.

And by supportive they mean manipulative and abusive. Who makes Darren utterly and completely miserable as evidenced by nearly every photo and video we’ve seen. Who has remained standing by utilizing methods I find repulsive and reprehensible.

I think I’ve made myself clear. I understand why she is in the video and I do not fault Darren for agreeing.

But I still hate it. I hate that her presence is overshadowing the two men who are working hard to make this band successful. The two writing the songs. Performing them. Marketing the band.

One video and it’s all overshadowed by that woman. Something that happens all too often and frequently. I’ll say it again. This cannot end soon enough.

You know who I miss on PLL?

Mike Montgomery.

This delicious slice of man candy. Lord have mercy with this scene where he was lifting weights was too much for me to handle.

I hope y'all have seen his leaked videos lolol bc lord Jesus. That made my year. And no I don’t want any hate from the Cody Christian fandom about it lol let me live.

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rumors have been going around that the season 3 villain will be a female Kryptonian.

With Zod in the finale. my bet is that it’s either: 

Ursa (seen in Superman II with Zod and Non)

She’s an accomplice to Zod. She was also in the Phantom Zone with Zod and Non (in the comics/ movies). This is likely due to both Non (in season 1) and Zod (2x22) making appearances and the importance of the Phantom Zone in the show, for Kara, Astra, Non and now possibly Mon-El since the leaked video. 


Faora-ul (seen in Man of Steel)

A soldier for Zod. His ally and sometimes wife, in some comics.

sammyjo16 replied to your post “If Supergirl writers needs to add another White guy…”

“because chance of Chris Wood returning for season 3 or any is very low. ” LMAO - he is already confirmed for s3.

You literally quoted me. A very low chance is still a chance. I also tried to find an article about him returning for season 3, so you have evidence to back it up. I didn’t have any luck. Sorry, maybe you will. 

Melissa even said sorry to fans. SPOILER ALERT there’s a leaked video out of Mon-el leaving in a space pod while Kara watched and crying (I wouldn’t watch it if you’re a mon-el fan because there was Lena/Supercorp fans cheering). It would make no sense for the story. Him leaving would be less meaningful or impactful because it would be too soon! Give Kara time to mourn or actually grow outside of a romantic relationship/interest like I said at the bottom. Same thing for Mon-el too. Allow him time to become a hero for good reasons because his reason was to be with Kara. Which is not a good one.

But a low chance is still a chance. Supergirl is on CW and they love their pretty white boys. 

If you’re right, you literally spoiled it for me or save me from getting annoyed. Thanks


Stuck Together

Random leak ;b  enjoi


first appearances (1/?+ holly blue agate

“Blue Diamond and her trusted Agate—that’s mehave been maintaining this place since the dawn of Era 2.”


Overwatch Insurrection Event Leaked! It’s in French, but still shows new skins!


The Good Lars has been posted


Doug Out has been uploaded the rest will come soon


I Am My Mom last episode has been posted


Are You My Dad is up