Reasons I am the Demogorgon

- No one likes me
- Ugly
- would let Steve Harrington hit me with a bat
- makes weird noises a lot

YO MY FRIENDS, the other day this blog hit 100 followers! Thank you guys so much! <3 I had to brainstorm what to do to celebrate, and honestly I had no idea. 

But I went with this: the bachelor/bachelorettes favourite animals! Hope you like!!!

Abigail - Guinea pigs. She loves her David Jr. He’s fairly easy to maintain, which is good for her (she probably has a short attention span for work), plus he’s super fluffy and cute! 

Alex - Doggo. These bros will play catch on the beach, run together on the farm, and, of course, practice gridball each and every day.

Elliott - Ducks! They’re so beautiful (just like him). (but he still is bffls with the crab in his pocket).

Emily - Sheep. She loves all animals, but these dudes = free wool! She feels bad for taking and using their wool for her projects, but makes up for it with hugs and kisses. 

Haley - Bunnies!!! Honest she is utterly in love with how cute they are (and also how goofy they are!) but she isn’t so keen on the mess they make. For true love, you must make sacrifices. 

Harvey - Birb. Particularly parrots (yes Emily has a parrot, but!) A smart bird for a smart man, he would never be lonely again with this lil guy on his shoulder. 

Leah - Squirrels. She loves nature, so will occasionally bump into these cuties whilst on her quest for wood or just on a general walk! She knows the squirrel in the secret woods by name. She has a huge soft spot for these cuties, and will occasionally bring them nuts. 

Maru - Dinosaurs! You know this babe would nerd out if she realised you had a freaKIN’ DINOSAUR?! 

Penny- BEES. My queen bee. She would love all the animals on the farm, but she really loves the bees, she is very invested in any “save the bees” project she comes across, because dang, they do so much for us! How could you not love them?

Sam - (ok I tried my best not to use the same animals twice BUT) Dog!!! He would have a big dog with a lot of energy to match his own! 

Sebastian - Cat. Petting animals helps with stress, so imagine this boy sat at his computer desk, kitty curled up on his lap, purring away. Pure happiness. 

Shane - please do I even need to answer this. CHICKEN BOI. He sits in the coop to chat with Charlie, and it’s just, he’s home.

im really sorry but i can’t help but sigh and roll my eyes at cis women artists who center their work around vaginas and different things that are supposed to symbolise it and the ‘beauty of femininity’ and women.. y'all aren’t groundbreaking y'all are regurgitating the exact same things every other pseudo-feminist cis female artist does over and over again and what annoys me the most is that the work is so passive and pointless, if it were actually doing something I could respect it i guess but all you’re doing is narcissistically revelling in your own and other cis womens ‘female’ beauty(sometimes even your -cringe- fertility)and your hardly alternative view on sexuality

Fuck I'm 20 + Hitting 500 followers

So I’ve got the age no where I’m no longer have a 1 at the start of my age.
But fuck I’m 20.
Like I remember being fucking 10.
Being 20 hasn’t really made a difference I’m still gonna spend all day playing my daughter and reading.
Like I just got 71 new books.
I’ll probably get more.
The shopping meme about books is so me.
Okay gonna stop rambling.
Thanks for 500+ followers too guys 😙 I’m glad you all love my crazy obsessives. Like this is where I’m most popular. I have 50 Facebook friends and about 60 on insta. But I do love Tumblr best. It’s so much more creative and friendly. So yeah…
Stop rambling Leah
Thanks guys

The Tale of Beebob

My sophomore year of uni was the only year that I lived with more than one other person. Whenever you get more than two people in an apartment, some people are always going to get along better than others. I had two roommates who were both extremely religious (let’s call them Ann and Sophie) who bonded instantly over their beliefs. Well, being an agnostic, I stayed out of most of their conversations and became the odd man out. I was okay with that; I’m a quiet, keep-to-myself person who just wanted to sit by the window with a pot of tea and study.

I won’t deny that they were sweet girls, but they were always trying to pull me into their antics. I just didn’t find stomping around on the floor of our 2nd floor apartment or singing loudly and purposefully off-key to be fun. But I dealt with it, because what was I going to do? I like to think of myself as a live-and-let-live person.

That is, until they started pranking one another with Beebob.

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