to the people who are hardcore destiel shippers who absolutely hate wincest, thank u for still following me after i reblog even the most raunchiest posts. ur a star. congrats ilysm.

to the people who are hardcore wincest shippers who absolutely cannot stand destiel, thank u for still following me. ur amazing. a+

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I remember when I was reading Breaking Dawn from the Twilight Saga years ago and I shipped Jacob Black and Leah Clearwater like crazy.

I honestly thought they were going to end up together because they were both lonely and brokenhearted people who understood each other at a certain level. They hated each other at first, but slowly they developed a loyal and trusting bond during the book to the point where Leah even trusted Jacob enough to reveal some pretty personal stuff (in regards to how she felt about being the only woman in the pack and how she would never have a child etc).

I honestly thought they had chemistry, and they were the reason I kept going through the book until the point where Jacob just suddenly randomly fell into insta-love with Renesmee (who was literally just born when he had a fancy for her, so it seemed all sorts of wrong).

What was the point? Leah and Jacob made more sense than whatever Jacob and Renesmee had going on.

Of course, this was back in the days when I didn’t know that things like the twilight fandom and fanfics existed, and I assumed I was the only one who supported Jacob and Leah.

But guess what? I suddenly remembered them today and did a bit of searching and found that they are a thing.

Jacob and Leah are a thing. Jacob and Leah aren’t canon, but they are most definitely a ship.

Their ship name: Blackwater.

How on earth did I not know about this? Do you know how many years I went thinking that I was the only one who supported these two?

You know, if Hayley was pregnant with Elijah’s baby I think I’d watch the Originals. They just have so much more chemistry than Klaus and Hayley imo and the dynamic would be more interesting. I think I would’ve wanted a spin-off starring Elijah rather than Klaus. I think Klaus could’ve stayed in Mystic Falls. He had more overlapping storylines with the MF gang than Elijah does and there’s still loose ends in that regards to Klaus *cough* Caroline *cough* and also *cough* Stefan *cough*. Whereas Elijah was obviously a fanfavorite, but had nowhere to go and didn’t really have any impact on the MF gang’s storyline.

My thoughts on Veronica Mars 1x01 Pilot

With 64 days left until the Veronica Mars movie premier to match 64 episodes of the series, of course I thought: rewatch! So I’m going to be leaving one (1.Un. Echad. Uno) thought on each episode as I go back through.

Warnings: I’m terrible at follow through. And prone to dissolving to squealing when discussing my favorite fandoms. But anyway, here we go.

I guess I had vaguely realized this before, but as I was watching the episode last night, it really struck me that Veronica didn’t believe that her father was right about Jake Kane. When the show transitions from the flashback with the Abel Koontz arrest to her watching Jake arrive at the Camelot, she says, “But if my dad wasn’t right about Jake Kane then, it looks like Mrs. Kane is right about him now.” It’s not that she trusts Keith’s hunch. She only starts really questioning the Abel Kootz arrest when she found that her dad was still working on the case. She doubts that Keith was focusing on the right man, but she stands beside him anyway, even though it cements her exile.

So, Veronica Mars carried a pocket knife and a taser, and is with her daddy ‘til the wheels fall off. How could you not love her dysfunctional, loyal self?

I really need to be loved by someone who doesn’t make me feel annoying or off and won’t make me feel like I have to sleep with them I justttttttttt wanna exist with someone as myself

Tonight was interesting to say the least!

So I went to Zia Records (which is a record store in town, there are probably branches other places but idk) because of their “listening party” for Battle Born.

So I’m walking around, singing to the songs and then this girl approaches me and she asks me if I’m Leah and I’m like, yeah! And she told me she recognized me from TKFBC! Go Figure right? She was a lovely girl, she offered me a ride to the LA and the Utah shows if I were to want to go. That was really nice :]

So then I went to go find my mom and we’re about to leave so I go ask about the free poster and the sticker they advertised and the guy giving them away asked me for a picture with the poster for corporate or something. After that he was telling me about this cool contest with zia for a TK bundle and I’m so getting on that shiz. :D

So then I’m about to leave and Chris (the girl from TKFBC) asked me for a pic with her and that was pretty cool too!

interesting night for me!