in response to the 13rw discourse

you do this thing. you act like suicide is a new epidemic but it’s not. people die from suicide every day. i’ve come across the statistics throughout my studies (most recently being gun safety for a debate) and it isn’t new. you’re not allowed to pretend it’s new because a show about a fictional character woke you up. you are not allowed to pretend that rape is new because you’re only just now hearing about it with the case of hannah baker. you’re not allowed to become an advocate for bullying and/or mental illness because of this show. i am not saying that you cannot watch the show (because i find it kinda cool that they made a book a tv show). i am saying that you have to know that the events depicted in the show aren’t new.

i understand where you’re coming from. i read the book (holy shit). i know about the triggering events that occur in the show and i don’t disagree with some of how the show displayed these. i will tell you that if you didn’t read the book the events come as a shock in some situations. but i agree that several of the events could have been portrayed better. the overall theme of the book (which was beautifully written, by the way) was that you never know that you’ll miss something until it’s gone. i don’t, however, believe that you have the right to tell people to watch the show or not. the best you can do is warn them.


        of course when leah imprinted it would be in the most inopportune time. the shewolf couldn’t tell you what happened during the remainder of the volturi confrontation after alice and jasper showed up with the other hybrid. nahuel, she was pretty sure she had gotten that before their eyes locked fleetingly as he cast his gaze across the giant wolves backing up the horde of vampires. she had never been happier about the fact that the packs were split up than in that moment, even if less minds meant that all the boys in her pack were hyperfocused on her feelings too, no way to get lost in the noise.

        after the volturi made her their exit, she could hear them egging her on to phase back and go talk to him. at this point, she can’t even decipher their voices. nervousness fluttered in her heart, wasn’t everything supposed to be easier with imprints? nobody talked about any sort of apprehension. but it wasn’t worry for herself, her own heart, but rather, worry that she wouldn’t be able to make him happy… be the one failed imprinting example of the pack. overall, it had to be good news, right? her phasing wasn’t a mistake if she had imprinted normally, on a member of the opposite gender (even if he was half vampire).

       when she eventually re-emerged from the forest edge in her human form, she could feel the eyes of all of the wolves on her. a somewhat confused growl was enough affirmation that all the shifters knew what happened now. leah made her way past them all, taking her time to cross the snowy field, her eyes focused on nahuel. the rest of the world faded away, it was only them, her ignorant to anything happening past the snowflakes that started to melt before they got too close to her skin.

       how as she supposed to tell him? god, she should have paid more attention whenever paul or jared droned on about their respective imprints. didn’t help that she had all but forgotten what small talk was like too. “ h-hi. i’m… leah. i kind of have something to tell you… if you have a few minutes. ”