in response to the 13rw discourse

you do this thing. you act like suicide is a new epidemic but it’s not. people die from suicide every day. i’ve come across the statistics throughout my studies (most recently being gun safety for a debate) and it isn’t new. you’re not allowed to pretend it’s new because a show about a fictional character woke you up. you are not allowed to pretend that rape is new because you’re only just now hearing about it with the case of hannah baker. you’re not allowed to become an advocate for bullying and/or mental illness because of this show. i am not saying that you cannot watch the show (because i find it kinda cool that they made a book a tv show). i am saying that you have to know that the events depicted in the show aren’t new.

i understand where you’re coming from. i read the book (holy shit). i know about the triggering events that occur in the show and i don’t disagree with some of how the show displayed these. i will tell you that if you didn’t read the book the events come as a shock in some situations. but i agree that several of the events could have been portrayed better. the overall theme of the book (which was beautifully written, by the way) was that you never know that you’ll miss something until it’s gone. i don’t, however, believe that you have the right to tell people to watch the show or not. the best you can do is warn them.