Left is me about 6mo. Pre HRT, right is me now about 5 ½ months in. I can’t see a difference but, according to some folks I’m unrecognizable.

On the other hand, mentally I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. I have an amazing girlfriend whom I adore (❤️ @khaleesi-gem ❤️) Every day I wake up and see new life and opportunities ahead of me, and I have goals that no longer seem like half faded dreams looming in the distance.

Today isn’t a major milestone. It hasn’t been some significant fraction of a year, and today wasn’t the first time I passed in public or advanced my life in some meaningful way. On balance it was kind of a dull day filled with more daily annoyances and frustrations than good things. But it still feels like a good day, a day where I can get ready to sleep and feel happy and satisfied, added to an ever growing sea of them, where they haven’t existed before.

remember when daenerys said that she didn’t regret going north, losing one of her dragons, because she realizes the importance of defeating the Night King and his army,

also remember when she said that she would fight with Jon to defeat the Night King, she didn’t care if he hadn’t bent the knee yet, she just wanted the Night King and protect everyone from him.

also remember when Jon said my queen, bent the knee to her even though he didn’t have to, because he believes in her and everything she stands for.

I love my parents.


If you see my age and it makes you uncomfortable, PLEASE send me a message and let me know!! I’ll 100% understand if you don’t want me to interact with you, or if you want me to unfollow - it’s completely valid and understandable, and I would rather this than have you feel uneasy and uncomfortable!


have u seen this lesbion music video I think it’s gr8


is someone from the disney channel going to explain to me why mal bertha is looking at evie like she hung the fucking moon????

on 1989 she hid her face because she didn’t want for it to have any relationships to how to album would feel and for Reputation she has completely left that for dead and is staring us directly in the eyes with her head held high and with a look that could slice a man in two I’m READY