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i voted for trump too it makes me uncomfortable that taylor is speaking about politics. i wish she just wouldn't.

awe baby i’m sorry she called your nasty ass out! that must really suck! well, us minority fans have been waiting forever for this. sorry it’s no longer about you and you can’t enjoy her music without thinking that you voted for someone Taylor Swift is against!

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can you recommend some of your favorite blogs (like in general) what blogs are u friends with?

hey nonnie!!

(this could get a little long, I apologize)

I recommend checking out the TSTZ group, they’re an amazing and wonderful group of people, they are legit some of my absolute closest friends on this entire website.

@tamenow @kanyeinterruptedme @ofrunningfoxes @thelasttime @shesdeads @gothswift @tylrx @starring-inyour-baddreams @bleachela @swift-melodrama@knewromanticks @inadaydreams @comebackbequeer @colorsinautumn @teardropsonmyguitar @speaknow @t-swift @lov-eswift@neversayingsorry @septembersawamonthoftears @anotherdramadrama@thiislove @foundherselfs @taylorkeepdancing @enchantedswift13 @straightlinedownx @alltheswiftienamesaretaken @swifting-it @hugeselenatorswiftie @swiftrecords @aboutiskarmas @swiftchill @torreymercer @theloveofswift @youareeinhalloweentown @villageisaglow @stillgotscars @inastorm )

some more amazing taylor blogs

@heartofagirl @tshifty @tayswiftnation @fifth-harmony @swiftiemere @phillyswift @longlivejily @teylors @taylorswifft @ohkimani @shakeitoff @noitsdibbles @noitsydney @backseatfreedom @in-her-wildest-dreams @rockworm @jtmaster13 @juniorjewel @havingcoffeeall-alone @tylorswft @sunsetsbabes @taylorswiftedit @thatswiftblog

some of my fav fandom blogs (mostly all got bec side blog)

@jonnerys @briennister @princessdany @ohmelisandre @manbunjon @annabelleebythesea @starkargaryen @daenerystargaryn @ashara @thehound @rhaella @aegon @meerareeed @mhysaofdragons @dreamofspring @visenyahs @daenerya @jaimelanniser @sansarya @jonstavk

so…. yeah! hope this is what you wanted! sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!

here is my blogroll

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could u make a list of blogs I should follow?


so here is a very short list of all my favs (that I can think of ahh) mutuals / blogs that I’ve adored for a while

*some got blogs crawled in lol*

@1989worldtour @afragileline @anotherdramadrama @areyoueverdreamingofme @beginagain @blankspaces @boniver @broswiftie @cages-boxes-hunters-foxes @carouselofswift @castlescrumbledovernight @coldsayou @colorsinautumn @daenerystarg @dancinroundthekitchen @darkjeans-yournikes @dreamofspring @enchanteds @lovestory @enchantedttomeetyou @fifth-harmony @getawayscar @greydaysclear @hasechoed @heartofagirl
@hesaidshesaids @heypay @hold-ontothenightswift @imyourdaisys
@in-her-wildest-dreams @inadaydreams @isnt-it @itsdelicates @iwishyouwouid @jtmaster13 @julyninths
@kanyeinterruptedme @kingofsmyheart @kingofmysheart @knowitsdelicate@llikestarlight @lov-eswift @lwymmd @messthatuwanted @nightbefore
@nightlock @noitsydney @nowyourdaisy @ofrunningfoxes @ohkimani@passinnotesinsecrecy @princessdany @she-so-swift @shouldhavesaidno @speaknow @speaknowtaylor @stevenvrogers @stillgotscars @straightlinedownx @stumbleonhometomycats @swiftful-thinking13@taybigail @tayloralisons @taylorswiftbitch @teardropsonmyguitar @teardropsonsmyguitar @thelasttime @timcgraw @truegodofthearena @tshifty @whyshedisappeared @wildesttdream @worthwilefight @yocalio @youandmeforevermore @youareeinlove @youfitinmypoem

and there ya have it! :)

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I do think she had everything handed to her. I don’t think she’s suffered at all, she even fell in love with her supposed “rapist” as you want to call him. Stop trying to victimize her when she’s the mad one.

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I feel like Taylor’s mental health got really bad... for some reason I never imagined her to go into a dark headspace? She’s always so bubbly. I would hate it if my baby experienced depression or if she ever thought about.... yeah. What she said left me really sad and concerned I hate that she went through that

honestly.. i don’t think i’ve ever heard her say that she’s struggled with depression or mental health issues but.. I can’t imagine her not getting depression during those hard times.. like.. it hurt me to hear the things said about her and to watch the media completely take a 180.. I can’t imagine what she went through?? she is literally so fucking strong I just.. I’m constantly amazed by her

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i like jon and want jonerys to fuck for eternity but what disheartens me about the mass disregard for dany's story in fandom is that i feel like i can find jon's story in every fantasy story ever but dany's story is so unique and different in the genre so to see ppl want to just ignore her and have the white boy who's secretly the most important person ever saves the day story AGAIN is so boring

I agree. A lot of people (Tumblr) think daenerys’ storyline is basic but like how the FUCK is bringing LITERAL DRAGONS back into the world basic? how is going from a meek, abused girl into a strong woman who takes no shit basic?? Her story IS SO unique and if they end it by her dying that will just RUIN it. and honestly Jon Snow is dead ass the love of my whole life but like… if dany dies.. and because they married or because he’s the last targaryen he somehow gets the throne / the rule / gets what dany has been fighting tooth and nail for the past 8 years of her life for.. I will be so upset. It’s like oh, let’s take everything you’ve worked for and give it to this man! you’ve survived starvation, homelessness, being sold, raped, abused, suffered a miscarriage, being chained / enslaved and degraded upon but let’s give all the success to this guy who came back to life bec some lord of light needs him to be alive like WHAT! I’m literally disgusted even thinking about it like.. no!! That can’t happen I will just delete my blog and pretend like this series never happened.

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i voted for trump and I don't understand why people are saying, "she's so democratic!" and "there's no way she voted for trump!" when that's not what she said at all. She said she's not voting for a man, she said nothing about Trump. You democrats are wild.

Is this ask real life?

you say she didn’t say she didn’t vote for trump, which is true, she doesn’t say she didn’t vote for trump. She however did say,

“I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country. I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights, and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent.I cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love.’

that doesn’t sound like trump at all does it? he doesn’t support a lick of the things she stands for, he’s actively against women, lgbtq+, or people of color.

she continues to say, “Her [Marsha Blackburn] voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me. She voted against equal pay for women. She voted against the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which attempts to protect women from domestic violence, stalking, and date rape. She believes businesses have a right to refuse service to gay couples. She also believes they should not have the right to marry. These are not MY Tennessee values.”

trump supports all of those things! Just because she didn’t specifically say, “I didn’t vote for trump,” doesn’t mean she did! use context clues! read between the lines! use your brain!! think!!


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how do you go from date to official girlfriends? did you (or did she) just ask? also I’m so happy for you :)

OKAY SOOO. Girls are strange okay, us lady lovers have it hard because we don’t know if this girl is being flirty or friendly, did they touch your arm in a friend way or romance way, are they staring at you because they like you or because you have something on your face?? like you never know with girls so you literally have to say, “hey, I like you, ect” and that’s what I did basically.

so last week when I asked her out, I said, “hey, do you want to go see a movie?” and she said yes! and I knew she was bi but I didn’t know if she liked me, you know? I didn’t know if this was a date or just a hang out between friends. so near the end of our little date, I said, “there’s something I want to tell you.” and I basically said “if its not painfully obvious, this is supposed to be a date,” and she lit up and smiled really big and said, “I was hoping it was, but I didn’t know for sure!!” so yeah. then I just kinda said like are we dating? and she said yes and boom! she said she really likes me *scream* and that she can’t wait to see where this relationship takes us :)

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When did you know you were gay?

so for me, being gay wasn’t something that was fathomable, it wasn’t something that could even happen. Not because I was taught that it was bad, but just because where I lived girls liking girls wasn’t something I was exposed to. But, I always liked girls, everything I did was about girls, I joined ballet because of girls, I joined clubs because of girls, like everything was about girls. I realized that I liked girls when I noticed that I kept saying, “oh I’m just not looking for a relationship right now,” when someone asked me why i didn’t have a boyfriend. I realized that I would get flustered and embarrassed when girls would talk to me and I realized that I had alot of “girl crushes” and uhhh yeah then Hayley Kiyoko released girls like girls and I was like hooooly shit iM really gAY