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I think one of the saddest (and potentially most overlooked) parts in “Where You Are” is Chief Tui’s line: “You’ll be okay/In time you’ll learn just as I did/You must find happiness right/Where you are”.*

Because that’s definitely before the point in the movie that you find out what happened to him. And when you listen to it again, you suddenly realize that the song is as much about him convincing himself of being happy where he is as it is about convincing Moana. 

*(emphasis mine)

Green-Eyed Monster

Request: can you do where the reader is jealous and spence has to remind her that she is the only person he is in love with and yea just a lot of fluff

Warnings: jealousy ! Fluff ;)

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You and the team were all huddled up in the victim’s house in Texas for a recent case. A whole family was missing.

Everything was going by plan until the sheriff of the police department walked down the steps that led into the living room, a young petite woman following behind him. She stood behind him quietly, she didn’t look a day older than nineteen. Her dark brown hair framed over her wide doe eyes. In between her arms, she held an aged book of “Huckleberry Finn” that looks like it’s been read a thousand times.

“Sorry to bother, but I just found this young lady hiding in the bedroom closet upstairs,” The Sheriff says. By the look in Hotch’s eyes, I knew exactly who he was gonna make talk to her.

“Reid, you think you can talk to her?” Hotch questions and Spencer nods.

“Mark Twain, good choice,” Spencer comments as he leaves the living room with her.

“He’s one of my favorites,” I hear her say, a giggle following in the distance.

“He’s one of my favorites,” I whisper to myself in annoyance, using an exaggerated high pitch tone to copy her voice. I tried redirecting my mind back to the box in front of me, sorting through all the objects inside. Seems like they were moving stuff out of a boy’s room.

“You good, Y/N?” Morgan asks teasingly, a brow raised.

“I’m great,” I force a smile. You knew Spencer was a sucker for girls who were inclined to literature. You could back that claim up with his past with Maeve and you.

“Relax, green-eyed monster,” Derek laughs. “Boy Wonder over there is head over heels in love with you, he’s not leaving you anytime soon.”

“Touché to that,” JJ comments.

You huffed and left the room, files in hand to go ask the sheriff for more information about the family. And also to peak in on the conversation between Spencer and Mrs. Twain.

As you hopped up the steps, you spotted Spencer and the girl in what looks to be her bedroom. She was crying and he held her in between his arms as she did so.

“What the-” you began to stomp your way over there but someone stepped in front of you.

“Y/N, I’m stopping you from doing something you’ll regret,” Rossi scolds. “We need that girl to talk. Apparently, she’s one of the unsubs victims who managed to escape recently.”

In your opinion, this was incredibly unprofessional. But Rossi was right, the team needs a lead and if this girl is the answer to that, Spencer has to do what he has to do.

About an hour later, you and the rest of the team were back in the conference room of the police department. The second Spencer walked into the room, he found newfound perspective on the case.

“I think I figured it out,” he says quickly, rushing over to the work board. “Thanks to Leah.”

You could feel Derek’s teasing gaze on you and you turn to give him a death stare.

Spencer quickly drew up all his ideas on the board and connected all the dots within five minutes. He called up Garcia to give the team a quick biography on the life of the suspected unsub and finally, everything seemed to piece together.


When you and the team arrived at the unsub’s secondary location, everyone piled out of their cars, guns ready and pointed.

Spencer suggested bringing Leah after all the unsub ended up being her older brother. He was the cause of death of a previous family in the area, same exact M.O. You discovered that family was a surrogate for his actual one. This time he finally had the confidence and he kidnapped the parents and spared Leah. The boy was an outcast in his family, the only person who really appreciated him was Leah which is why she was left alone.

“Leah, you’re coming in with me, okay?” Spencer tells her as he places his hands on her biceps. “Be careful, don’t trigger him in any way. You’re the only one who can get through to him.”

“Okay,” she whimpers.

“Y/N, lead in Leah and me,” Spencer orders quickly before rushing towards the abandoned cabin.

You ignored the annoyance clawing at the back of your mind. You expected Spencer to at least tell you to be careful or that he loves you, but his usual comments of security were nowhere to be heard. And that just irked you.

You were supposed to protect everyone, yet here you were wanting to blitz attack the girl from behind. Luckily, you didn’t have to stare at the back of her head for much longer since you were supposed to lead them in.

You kicked the door down and rushed inside, gun pointed.

You made your way into the house just as soon as the unsub, Jackson, was about to kill his father.

“FBI!” You shouted. “Jackson, put the gun down, now!”

Jackson quickly whipped his father around, using him as a shield and pressing the gun against his head. The mother sat in the corner of the room, tied up, mouth taped and tears falling down her face.

“No!” Jackson shakes his head vigorously.

“Jackson, I know you don’t want to do this,” Spencer says, walking in with the gun pointed at the raging murderer.

“You don’t know what I want and don’t want,” Jackson spats.

“I know that you don’t want your sister to see you get killed,” Spencer says. “I know you don’t want her to suffer from the sight of seeing her parents being slaughtered right in front of her.”

“What do you mean?” Jackson says angrily.

“Leah!” Spencer calls and in walks Leah. You could feel the nerves radiating off of her from behind you.

“Leah,” Jackson breathes out. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at home, safe.”

“J, I was safe at home with mom and dad,” she chokes out.

“No, no mom and dad are horrible, they deserve to die!”

“No, they don’t, J,” Leah cries.

“Yes, they do!” Jackson fires a shot causing everyone to duck and cover. Another shot goes off, but it’s not coming from Jackson. You turn around to see Spencer pointing his gun at Jackson, and two bodies hit the ground.

The father scrambled off his back and crawled over to his wife, trying to rip off the ties that had her bounded. Jackson’s lifeless body lied in a growing pool of blood from the gunshot wound given to him by Spencer.

“Are you okay?” Spencer asks in worry. You turn around, thinking he was speaking to you - but he wasn’t. He was helping Leah off her feet who seemed to be in complete shock. Then finally it hit her.

“Jackson!” She screams out. Spencer holds her back from running to her brother. He holds her tight in his arms and you could see how she’s struggling to stand so Spencer falls to the ground with her.

“Y/N! Are you okay?” Emily asks you, offering you a hand to help you off the floor.

“I’m fine,” you mumble, taking her hand. You storm out of the stuffy house, ripping off your bulletproof vest and throwing it to the ground.

You went over to Hotch who was speaking to the EMT’s and waited until he was done speaking.

“May I go back to the hotel?” You ask impatiently.

“Everything is in check so yes, you may leave,” Hotch nods. “Jet won’t be ready until 6 am, you know the drill.”

“Yup,” you say curtly and turn on your heels towards one of the SUV’s.

“Y/N!” Hotch calls out. You turn around and give him a questioning look. “I don’t think Spencer realizes what he’s doing. I’ll give him until tonight before he realizes what’s wrong.”

“I don’t think he realizes either,” you agree. You hop into the SUV and quickly pull out of the police car filled lot.

You wanted nothing more than to take a hot shower, change into your pajamas and rest in bed. You were irritated and exhausted, plus Spencer being oblivious to your jealousy was a pain.


When you stepped out of the steamy bathroom in your oversized T-shirt and fuzzy socks, you didn’t expect to see Spencer sitting on the bed, fiddling with his thumbs.

“Why are you back so early?” You question. “I thought you still had some stuff to take care of.”

Spencer immediately caught the change in your tone of voice. He felt something was wrong earlier, but he brushed it off as you being annoyed with the case.

He felt his mood drop even more as you walked past him without a hug or a kiss, not even a smile. You just went to the other side of the bed and crawled in without acknowledging him again.

“Y/N,” he trails off, scared to ask you. “What’s wrong?”

“You don’t even know, huh?” You chuckle in disbelief. “Good night, Spencer.”

You reached over and turned off the light on the bedside table, your side of the room was now in shadows and only the light from the bathroom illuminated the dark room.

Spencer wracked his brain with different problems he might have caused between the two of you - but he kept coming up blank. He didn’t know what he did to tick you off.

Then he remembered a comment Morgan made before Spencer took off.

“Tell the green-eyed monster I say hello,” he joked.

It clicked. Spencer remembered the saying for jealousy was “green-eyed monster”. He just didn’t know why Morgan would bring it up.

Spencer looked over at you and he frowned. The green-eyed monster was you.

“I know what I messed up,” Spencer breaks the silence. “I ignored you the whole day. I put all my attention on Leah.”

You throw the covers off of you and sit up in annoyance.

“That’s not all, Spencer,” you frown. “I was annoyed yeah, but what really hurt me is what happened when we were in the unsub’s house.”

“What happened in the-” Spencer stopped mid-sentence. He remembered when the first bullet went off towards the middle of the room, instead of asking if you were okay, he went straight to Leah.

“Yeah, you know where I’m coming from now?” You say. Spencer rushed over to your side of the bed and turned on your bedside lamp. He kneeled down on the floor beside you and took your hands.

“Y/N, I’m in love with you, okay?” He begins. “I don’t know why you were jealous of Leah in the first place, I was just trying to solve the case and she was the key to it. Y/N, you’re a professionally trained law enforcement officer, I know I don’t need to worry about you.”

“But Leah, she’s perfect for you!” You exclaim quietly. “She reads the classics, she’s easygoing, she’s beautiful.”

“I think you just described yourself,” Spencer chuckles. “You’re perfect for me, Y/N. You’re more than just beautiful and intelligent, you’re the love of my life. You feel like home to me. No one is ever going to change that.”

“Do you really believe that?” You ask softly.

“I do,” he responds. “I love you, Y/N.”

You give him a small smile before leaning down and kissing his forehead and then his lips. You could hear him kicking off his shoes before he crawls into the bed with you and envelops you in his arms, never breaking the kiss.

“Maybe I should shower,” he breathes out as he breaks the kiss. “Do you know how many pathogens I could be passing onto you-”

“Shh,” you press a finger to his lips, “just enjoy the moment.”

Spencer lets out a small laugh before returning his lips to yours in a sweet and loving kiss.



Seth and Shells

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Request where Seth imprints on you and so he starts to go by the little hangout spot you always go to pick shells just to watch you? The wolf pack finally see you in person and tease him relentlessly where you actually overhear them and they turn to see your reaction ?! Fluff mostly !!Love your writing by the way !!!

So I genuinely had to youtube Seth Clearwater scenes on Youtube because all I could remember from the books was that he was the most genuine guy but other than that I couldn’t remember any speech patterns or anything.


Bella may have been one of your closest friends but god she could be stupid. Since she’d moved to Forks you’d been close to the brunette and stuck by her during her turbulent relationship with Edward and his family.

Her warped version of rewarding you involved telling you all about the Cullen’s and her friend Jacob and all his friends. You thought that she was bat shit crazy. The Cullen’s were weird but they weren’t people eaters, well you were fairly sure that they weren’t until while hanging out with them at the Cullen’s house when Emmett and you were play fighting and he pushed you a little too hard causing you to fall and cut your knee open.

You’d never been so unhappy to be wrong.

Carlisle patched you while Edward tried to explain that Bella had been telling the truth about them but it was hard to hear him over your panic attack. It took you a while to calm down but when you did Emmett popped his head into the doorway and apologised while keeping his distance. Behind him you heard the door slam.
“Y/N we called a friend of ours Seth to take you home. I was going to ring Jake but he … he won’t come up to this house.” Bella told you softly.
“We thought you might be more comfortable than with any of us at the moment.” Edward added.
“Seth as in Jakes friend, the wolves?!” You panicked and you could see the Cullen’s faces as they gave Bella an accusing look – could she keep no secret to herself?

“Y/N Seth will get you there safely, he’s a lovely young man. I can come with you both if it would make you more comfortable?” Carlisle offered and you agreed with a shy nod there was something about the blonde vampire that let you know that you could trust him.

“Bella? I’m here, where’s your friend?” A playful voice called before Emmett moved from the doorway and was replaced by one of the Quileute boys, he gave Edward and Bella an honest grin before focusing his attention on you.

That’s when you realised that someone, somewhere must hate you because here’s a ridiculously attractive boy positively staring at you and you must have looked a mess. Your knee and jeans were covered in blood and bandages, your hair must be sticking out from the fall. Your eyes burned from the tears brought on by your panic attack and you just wished that he would stop staring at you. To your embarrassment he didn’t.
“What don’t wolves have any manners?” The words rolled off of your tongue and dropped heavily into the atmosphere that had appeared with Seth.
“S-sorry!” Seth stumbled and looked away, his cheeks burning until his head snapped back to face you, “H-how’d you know about that?”
You, Carlisle and Edward all glanced over at Bella, “That’s a long story.”


Saturday morning was the perfect day for shell searching, it was still quiet out before most of the teenagers in the area finally got out of bed and made their way down to the beach. You usually came down to collect shells with your older sister but she was heavily pregnant so recently you’d been left completely alone to bring the lovely treasures back to cheer her up. Swollen feet and morning sickness had really taken their toll on her.

Since you’d met Seth a few weeks ago he’d come to help you a few times. As he approached down the beach you folded your arms and gave him a mock angry face.
He raised his hand in defence, “Sorry I’m late.”
“Wolf things?” You asked, you’d not touched upon the sensitive issue of him not being fully human. All he told you was that there’d been massive backlash against Bella for her telling someone outside of the pack about the packs secret. He promised he’d managed to calm them down and that they weren’t mad at you but he had refused to tell you how and instead started to distract you with bad jokes.
“Hey wolves have a lot of business to get done too.” Seth grinned at you. You pouted and refused to look at him.
“Oh I see, someone need cheering up.” Seth grinned again and started to walk towards you. You recognised the evil glint in his eyes and ran away laughing as he chased you trying to tickle you. He always outran you, the perks of being a wolf. But Wolf or not, there were mad levels of attraction there.
It was safe to say you never found very many shells when Seth came to ‘help’ you.

But when you were on your own, focused and humming in our own world as you made your way across the beach, that’s when you found the most and to Seth when you looked the most peaceful. Of course he’d never tell you that he came to watch you like this but without him there you were just so relaxed. He know that you tried hard to be at ease around him and he appreciated how hard you tried but he knew that it would take a while for you to be alright about the wolf thing.
Sam said he was lucky to imprint on someone who was taking it so well, Kim had freaked on Jared.

Even if he wasn’t willing to tell you about his little voyeur habit he couldn’t keep it a secret from his idiot friends who lived in his head and that’s why instead of being peaceful watching you, he was surrounded by his pack mates.
“She’s hot.” Paul offered helpfully as they watched you wondering up the sand.
“Paul that he’s imprint dude, she is though Seth well done.” Embry grinned and nudged his shoulder.
“And she already knows about us thanks to that airhead Bella.” Leah added and gave her little brother an approving look.

“Why don’t you introduce us?” Quil asked and started to wave in your direction as Seth tried to hold his arms down.
“Hey Y/N!” Paul hollered and behind him Jared, Quil and Jake all cheered and waved. Your head snapped up when your heard your name being shouted to see a gang of guys shouting and waving at you with Seth looking embarrassed and trying to hide behind who you assumed was his sister.

Well they certainly lived up to their names by acting like a pack of wolves.
You couldn’t help but smile as they shouted louder and got more animated the closer that you got to them until you stopped in front of them.
“I’m Quil, amazing to meet you.” He caught your hand and kissed it before introducing all of the boys.
“Sethy here has told us so much about you.” Jake grinned at you.
“In fact it’s all he ever talks about.” Embry added.
“Oh really because he never talks about you guys.” You countered with a small smile of your own as Seth came to stand by you.

“Only because he’s worried you prefer us babe.” Paul smirked.
“Or maybe you’re just not that interesting babe.” You answered and the boys laughed loudly.
“Oh I like her.” Leah grinned.
“So is this a private party or can we help you?” Embry asked and you nodded and the boys pushed past you quickly to race each other to find the most shells.

“So that went well.” Seth smiled at you and you nodded in agreement before leaning up to kiss his cheek. You could felt the heat from his blush as you moved away from him and he slipped and arm around your shoulders as you both sauntered down to join the guys and try to get Quil out of Jared’s headlock.


The guys managed half an hour of being well behaving until Paul had a great idea. As you were all running around throwing a Frisbee to each other when he phrased mid run and leapt to catch the Frisbee in his fangs.

It like the first time you’d met Seth when time seemed to stop. Seth was in front of you in an instant, the rest of the pack where all watching you both. Well apart from Leah, she looked like she might rip Paul apart without needing to phase.
It wasn’t as scary as you thought. Sure your heart was going a mile a minute but still, this massive wolf who looked almost smug as he threw the Frisbee up and caught it again was like a brother to Seth.
It took a while and some strength on your part as you took Seth’s hand in yours and squeezed it reassuringly before pointing at Paul accusingly, “Surely that’s cheating!”

Pt.2 Imagine while the pack is at a bar Leah gets a call from your doctor that you collapsed due to pregnancy problems so she leaves, but not before saying her part to Paul for what he did to you.

Part one https://my-fandom-imagine.tumblr.com/post/161642803732/imagine-paul-breaks-up-with-you-because-he-thinks

“Where you headed Leah the parties just begun!”

“You’re a real fucking piece of work you know that Paul!?! You never deserved her! She didn’t deserve the shit you did to her either and now i’m saying it to you, don’t fucking go near Y/N, or the child you left her with!”

I woke to yelling outside my hospital room and my heart sped up a bit when I recognized not only Leah’s voice but Paul’s voice among a few of the nurses and doctors. I weakly reach up to press the call button and when the nurse enters I politely asked to see Leah and Paul.  

“You don’t have to worry about me being around anymore Paul, my doctor called it Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, basically my heart won’t be able to pump enough blood throughout my body during the childbirth, it’s unlikely that i’ll live through it. I am glad I got to talk to you before it was to late, it killed me each day I went with Leah or Emily to the hospital instead of just telling you I was pregnant, but I was scared that you would hate me… that you would hate our child so I kept it a secret, I guess that kind of back fired in the long run. I don’t want you around me for this Paul, I want you to leave and forget about me, and forget about our daughter.”

Bonfire at La Push

Paul Lahote x reader

Warnings- One kind of suggestive reference (it’s not graphic though) and occasional swearing

This is kind of like a part 2 to ‘Imagine moving to La Push and becoming good friends with the pack’. I wish i made it more flirty but my mind kept going blank sorry guys:( I guess Paul is more flirty than imaginable hahah. I was thinking, if any of you guys wanted, of doing different versions of part 2 with different pairings like one with reader x another pack member? If you guys like the sound of that and want me to write one for another character then inbox me and let me know, i have anons turned on <3

“Hello, i just love your account :3 If you have time, could you write an imagine in which Paul Lahote is teasing/flirting with Y/N after he met her at La Push with the pack ? Thank you :p” requested by @haydenthoughts<3

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CYOSTODA - Part 4: Sam Takes the Dare

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam and Reader
Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA.
Word Count:

Summary: Oooh, Sammy’s getting loosened up quite nicely…. actually, you’re all loosening up quite nicely :)

See @littlegreenplasticsoldier‘s MasterMess

Following on from Part 3 - Leah Picks Truth by @deandoesthingstome , where you get into a game of Truth or Dare with Dean, Sam and their motel neighbour, Leah.  Leah just asked Sam Truth or Dare…

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Sam stares back at Leah, his eyes narrowed just a touch, wearing that inscrutable Sam face that tells you he’s thinking, but you don’t know what he’s thinking. Then he smiles, the kind of smile that makes a girl forget what she was doing or saying, and squeeze her thighs together. You glance at Leah, and you see her swallow hard, the color a little brighter in her cheeks.

He’s looking right at her as he answers. “Bring it on – dare.” Sammy! You are turning it full on tonight, or else the whiskey is hitting you harder than usual.

“Okay. Dare. Um…” Leah takes a breath, avoiding Sam’s eyes for a second, then staring at him head on. “Sam, I dare you to lick a body part belonging to someone in this room with you.”

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CYOSTODA: Sam Picks Truth

Title:  CYOSTODA: Sam Picks Truth

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam and Reader

Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA.

Word Count: 1060

Summary: The three of you celebrate the 1 year anniversary of you joining the Winchesters, and not dying, with fun and games.

Warnings: language, drinking, sexual innuendos, mentions of sex with another person, flirting at a whole new level

Link to the Choose Your Own Supernatural Truth or Dare Adventure MasterMess moderated by the amazing @littlegreenplasticsoldier

Part 1:  The Set Up by @littlegreenplasticsoldier

Part 2:  Dean Picks Dare by @eyes-of-a-disney-princess

Part 3:  Leah Picks Dare by @impalasutra

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Paul Lahote Request

Hey:) i would like to request a Paul Lahote imagine where the reader is Bellas sister and when she visits (during wedding time) Paul imprints on her while she visits jake and paul phases next to her and kinda hurts her?

“Y/N,” you sister, Bella, called out to you as you stepped out of your car.

“Bella,” you exclaimed as you ran and hugged her. “I’m so happy I’m here!” When Bella came to live to live with your dad, Charlie, you had to stay with your mom since his house wasn’t big enough. Not that you minded much since Florida had allowed you to get a great tan. You and Bella were born 13 months apart and had always been close so it was no surprise to you that you were her maid of honor.

“Hello, Y/N, how was your trip,” Edward, your soon to be brother-in-law, asked you. Since being with your sister you and Edward had really bonded, especially once you found out his, and the rest of his family’s, secret. After one…interesting….Thanksgiving that resulted in a bloody nose from you, he trusted you with their secret.

“It was great. Traffic wasn’t to bad from the airport and the flight was good.”

“Let me get your bags,” he said making haste to the trunk. You followed him and Bella into the house and greeted the rest of the Cullen clan, who treated you like another one of their daughters.

“I told Jacob we’d head over once you got settled. Is that ok?” The three of you had all grown up together and been close from a young age. After the Thanksgiving fiasco Bella, Jacob, and Bella also broke the news to you about what Quileute’s were. Although you talked about it with him you still haven’t met the rest of his, what he called, pack.

You unpacked and made your way down the stairs, “I’m ready Bells.” You two made your way into her new car and made your way to the reservation. “Where are we going,” you asked as you passed Jacob’s house. “He just finished his rounds with the pack. He told us to head on over to Sam’s.” The drive continued with your conversations about how that school year had gone and what colleges you were thinking about. “Here we are,” Bella said pulling into the dirt driveway.

As soon as you closed the car door Jacob came running out of the house, “Y/N!,” he enveloped you in a bear hug and spun you around. “Long time no see. I’m so glad you’re back. Come on, let’s go inside, you can meet the rest of the guys.” You and Bella followed behind Jacob and sat down in the living room. “Y/N this is Jared, Quil, Embry, and Seth,” he said pointing to the guys that stood and sat around the area. “And this is Emily.”

“Hey, Emily, how’ve you been,” Bella walked over and hugged her.

“The rest of the guys-”

“… and Leah,” Seth interrupted Jacob.”

“…are out getting supplies and food.” You all sat around and talked. The guys were interested in knowing embarrassing stories about Bella and Jacob and you got to know the embarrassing stories that they had of the two. An hour and a half later the conversation halted from the sound of the side door being swung open.

“Brace yourself,” Emily leaned over and whispered into your ear with a smile. A crowd came into the room and Jacob started introducing you to the rest of the people. “Y/N this is Sam, Leah, and….where is Paul?”

“Coming,” you heard just before a man came running into the crowded room. He came to a stop and met your eyes. You could hear Jacob talking but you didn’t really hear what he was saying; all you could focus on was this man, Paul’s, eyes.


The world seem to melt away as he looked into your eyes. He wasn’t even sure who you were yet but, at the same time, he felt that he knew everything about you. He felt like he was weightless and that you were the only thing keeping him from floating away. “Paul. You who,” a voice called to him and broke him from his trance. “What,” he looked at Jacob.

“This is Y/N, Bella’s little sister.”

“Nice to meet you,” you smiled at him.


Even though you were participating in the conversation that carried itself between everybody in the room you couldn’t help but glance every 5 seconds back to Paul- who seemed to be doing the same thing with you. Before you knew it it was dark out, way later than you thought you’d stay, and Bella stood up, “We better be getting back to the house. I have some wedding stuff to do with Edward tomorrow but, if you want to,” she looked at you, “you can hang out with Jake tomorrow.”

“Yeah, Y/N, you should come and hang with me! We can go to the beach,” he tried to convince you.

“I’ll hang out with you tomorrow. Beats doing last minute wedding stuff, you elbowed Bella playfully.

“Goodnight guys,” you and Bella called out as you walked back to the car.

Once the house was out of sight you turned down the radio and asked Bella, “So who was that Paul guy?”

“Just a packmate of Jacob’s,” she smirked. “Bit of a hot bead but a loyal guy. Why?”

“No reason,” you turned back up the music and looked out the window.

“Good morning sunshine,” Emmett called to you as you walked into the kitchen.

“You look ready for the day,” Esme cheerfully commented.

You grabbed a banana and took a quick bite. “I told Jacob I’d meet him at his house this morning so we could hang out all day. Mind if I take another banana for the road?”

“Take anything you want, Y/N. You’re family, you know that,” Esme gave you a quick hug and kiss on the head before she walked out of the kitchen.

You parked your car in the dirt driveway of Jacob’s and walked towards the house. When you knocked on the door you were happy to see Billy, Jake’s dad. After a quick greeting and catch up he told you to go into the living room. “Ready to party,” you jokingly yelled before you turned the corner and saw Jacob…who was sitting with Paul, Seth, and Quil. “Oh…” you said laughing at yourself. “I’m glad I just made a fool out of myself, thanks Jake,” you playfully pushed him.

“Hope you don’t mind the guys wanted to tag along for the day. I told them we were going to the beach and we came up with the idea to introduce you to the great sport of cliff diving,” he wiggled his eyebrows at you.

You all piled into your car and drove up to the cliff. As Jacob, Seth and Quil took off their shirts and prepared to jump they looked at Paul. “You coming Paul,” Seth questioned him.

“I think I’ll sit this one out,” he said, quickly looking towards you after the guys looked away.

You sat against a rock and watched the guys as they jumped and flipped off the cliff. “Mind if I keep you company?”

“Not at all,” you moved over so he could sit down against the rock with you. “Why aren’t you jumping?”

“Not in the mood. Thought it’d be more fun to hang out up here with you.” You two talked together, only stopping when the boys came back up, and continuing after they jumped off again. By mid afternoon you felt like you two knew everything about each other. After the buys were worn out from all the jumping and swimming you made your way back to Jacob’s house were you all sat around playing games and talking.

“I better get going,” you said looking at the time. “I have dinner with everyone tonight.” You stood up and hugged Jacob. “I’ll see you soon.”

“If not tomorrow you’ll see me at the wedding,” he reassured you. “It’s probably best you leave now; we still have to do patrol tonight. Get home safe, ok?” You nodded and left for the Cullens.


It was 12pm when Jacob, Seth, and Quil, and Paul went out for patrol. Paul couldn’t keep his mind from going back to you as he got ready to shift. Forgetting all about Jacob and the others his thoughts kept going back to you. He thought nothing of it until the patrol was over and he was getting ready to head back home. Seth and Quil were already walking away and Paul was just about to leave when Jacob called out to him. “Paul wait. I saw what you were thinking today.” At first Paul was confused until he remembered patrol. All his thoughts were visible to the pack. He went to make up an excuse but was stopped by Jacob. “It’s ok. I saw how you feel about her. You’ve imprinted on her, did you realize that?” Paul just shook his head. “I know you’ll treat her well…mostly because if you don’t you’ll have a pack of wolves and blood suckers on you,” he smiled at Paul. “You have to tell her,” he patted him on the back and walked back into his house leaving Paul standing alone in the dark.

The wedding had came and went. Your sister and her now husband were off somewhere on a, what you guessed, super romantic honeymoon. You were staying in Forks spending your time either with your dad, with Jacob, or, mostly, with the Cullen’s making plans for Edward and Bella’s surprise house.

You were heading over to spend the day with Jacob and some of the guys from his pack. You hadn’t gotten to see them much since the wedding and you were secretly really excited to see Paul again. When you got to Jacob’s you followed the music into the garage. “Working hard or hardly working,” you called out to the boys who were sprawled out on the garage floor and various cabinets. Paul sat up straight upon seeing you, though you didn’t notice, “We were helping Jake work on the car but we all got bored.”

You were just getting off the phone from ordering you and the boys some pizza when you briefly saw Jacob and Quil talking to Paul about something that seemed important. You were putting your phone back in your bag when Paul approached you. “Hey, Paul.”

“Hey. Would you want to go on a walk?”

“Sure,” you nodded. You followed him out into the woods. The path was beautiful and covered with wildflowers and trees bigger than any you had ever seen. You finally broke the silence. “So, was there something you wanted to talk about? You seemed kind of nervous back there.”

He walked to the nearest tree and leaned up against it. You could tell by the look on his face that he didn’t know what exactly to say. He muttered something but went back to being silent. “Paul, whatever it is just say it.” It took him a couple more moments to come around to saying it.

“I like you Y/N. In a way that I’ve never liked someone before.”

“I like you too Paul,” you said flattered.

“No, you don’t understand. It’s more than that, Y/N. I’ve imprinted on you,” he was almost embarrassed when saying it. Jacob had explained the process to you before once you had found out about him being a werewolf, but you sure never thought you’d be an imprint to someone. Paul started rambling on and on about something you couldn’t pick up and only stopped when you walked over and pressed your lips to his.

“I like you too Paul. I know what this means and I’m willing to go through this with you.” He kissed you happily and you spent the next 20 minutes holding hands as you talked and walked through the forest. “Let’s head on back; the pizza should be there soon.” You took a step forward but stopped when Paul pulled back on your arm. “Come on,” you laughed, “we’ll miss all the pi-”

“Shhh,” he cut you off. His voice was rushed and he was tense. “There is something out there.” His eyes scanned the forest while he stepped in front of you.

It came almost out of nowhere. The biggest bear you’ve ever seen and, by the look in his eyes, the meanest. You felt Paul start breathing heavily; you knew what was happening. “Paul, take it easy. It might pass.” It’s like the bear wanted to prove you wrong. It hunched over and ran as quick as it could towards you two. Quicker than you could process Paul was on all fours and was covered in fur growling and running towards this bear. You also didn’t process you flying back towards a tree due to Paul’s change. You found yourself slumped against a tree with your head pulsing. When you looked up again you saw Paul running into the forest on the bears heels.

You weren’t sure how long it took but Paul came running back in human form towards you. “Y/N,” he ran to your side, “are you ok? Did I do this? I am so sorry.”

“Paul, it’s ok it was just an accident. You were just protecting me. Thank you,” you pressed your hand to his face. “I do think I have a concussion though so if you could help me walk back that’d be great,” you chuckled.

“It would be my great honor.” Paul scooped you up in his arms, holding you close, and walked you back to Jacob’s.

My books arrived to me last week, but since I am currently living in another city I got them this weekend instead. So far I’ve read Because you’ll never meet me by Leah Thomas. Next on the reading list is Unite me by Tahereh Mafi! I’m looking forward to read it between all homeworks! :)

Like Father Like Daughter

Mark stood with crossed arms watching his daughter ride her rainbow penny board back and forth. He had just put on some brand new pink wheels to replace the old yellow ones she had. “How does it feel Leah?”

The little girl stopped the board with ease and stepped down from it. She kept one foot on top to make sure it didn’t roll down the hill without her. “It feels hard to turn now.”

“Don’t worry they will loosen up as you use it and feel like it did before.” He put the screwdriver back in his toolbox before proposing an idea. “How about I bring my board out and we try the ollie again?”

Leah’s eyes twinkled at the thought. “Yes, lets do it.”

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LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: pictures - sneaky sound system,, i think

LAST BOOK I READ: god! i have no time for reading atm but im in the midst of studying the drowner by robert drewe for school so have read that abt 3 times over in the past 6 months. but otherwise the first book from the mistborn series, which i actually rly liked

LAST SHOW I WATCHED: the office or we bare bears 

WHERE IS YOUR IDEAL VACATION SPOT: anywhere!! i wanna go everywhere i can!! maybe somewhere drastically different weather wise frmo Perth

IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD YOU BE?: i with leah!!!!!! my love!!!!!! i miss her so much



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um leah idk where to begin, you’re literally one of the first blogs i followed on this tumblr because i love ong and i loved your content!!!! and then we started talking and became good friends and i fell in love with your precious pure soul. there’s too many things i love about you and i honestly could go on for days. so here’s just a few.

1) you never fail to make my day
2) you’re always looking out for me and it means a lot
3) you entertain my bullshit lol and my ugly snaps
4) you’re a sweetheart
5) you’re too kind for this world, they way you talk to other mutuals and anons… wow just too pure and you’re so precious
6) have i mentioned? you’re a fucking sweetheart

honestly i love you to bits, i mean snapchat knows that lol seeing that we’re best friends on snap but you mean a lot to me and are one of the reasons why i’m still on tumblr despite all the shit i told you that made me want to leave. it’s the people like you that keep me going and fuck, i’m so thankful for it. thank you for always being here for me and having my back ily. you know i’m always here for you too ♡♡♡♡

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Enzo Amore - Rumors (14)

This chapter of the story is gonna be little bitty blurbs about each month through the pregnancy with some tweet and Instagram descriptions. 

Month 3: (The month you two find out your expecting a blessing.)

“Oh my gosh sweetheart… Why are you crying??” Eric climbed into your shared bed and pulled you two his bare chest as you sobbed. “I… I woke up… And… And you were gone… And I just started crying…” You explained through sobs as he tucked your head under his chin. “I just went to take a piss babe.” Eric rubbed your back trying to calm you. “I know but I just don’t know what’s wrong with me.” You wipe your eyes and sigh leaning heavily on him. “Babe… You’re making a human.” Eric chuckled laying back in the bed with you half on top of him. 

You sling your phone into the air chair across the living room. “What the hell babe??” Eric snaps his head from the tv to you. “I don’t know.” You huff falling to your side on the couch. “Did someone say something to you??” Eric went to run his hand over your bare legs. “Don’t touch me.” You order covering your face with a pillow as he gives you a weary look. He turns his attention back to the tv giving you some space as you are clearly upset about something. After a few minutes you slink your legs over his lap and he adverts his eyes over to you as you sit up wrapping your arms around his neck. “What are you…” Eric begins as you perch yourself in his lap. “Shut up and kiss me.” You capture his unexpecting lips in a kiss. His hands fly up to your waist as you deepen the kiss and scoot your hips closer to him. He groans as you bite his lip. You pull away from the kiss to trail your lips over his neck. “These mood swings are gonna give me whip lash baby.” He mutters as he sucks in a sharp breath as you work his sweet spot. “It’s not like I do it on purp…” Your sentence was interrupted with a wince and jerk away as he touched your boobs. “What I do??” Eric holds his hands up as if someone had a gun pointed at him. “My boobs are so sensitive…” You whine in both disappointment and pain. “I’m sorry baby.” Eric placed a kiss on your forehead. You collapse in frustration against him as he snuggles close to you. “It’s gonna be worth it babe.” He rubs his hand over your non showing stomach. 

Eric tweets: “@Y/N Did you unfollow me??” 

You tweet back: “@wweeaallday21 yes I did and until you learn how to FREAKING USE A COSTER ITS GONNA REMAIN THAT WAY”

Month 4: 

“I’m not going.” You stomp down the stairs to find Eric dressed and ready in the kitchen. “Whoa why not?? You feeling sick??” Eric jumped to his feet searching your face answers. “No. I feel fine.” You grit your teeth. “Then what baby?? You’ve been looking forward to this party for a week.” He tilts your chin up to look in your eyes. “Everything makes me look fat.” You fight back tears. “No baby. They don’t make you look fat.” Eric smiles as you glare at him. “Yes they do. All my cute dresses are tighter and my jeans won’t button.” Eric wipes a tear from your cheek. “You don’t look fat in anything. You look like a beautiful glowing mother to be…” Eric kissed your forehead and takes your hand. “Come on.” 

“What is that smell??” You clasped your hand over your mouth swallowing hard. “I don’t smell anything babe.” Eric answered watching your reaction. “I… I think…” You scramble out of your chair at the dining room table and bolt for the bathroom. Eric drops the dishes in his hands and follows after you only to find you had locked the door behind you. “Babe open up.” His plead was answered by the sound of you emptying your stomach. Eric waits at the door until you finally open the door. He gives you a sad smile as he sees your pale face. He scoops you up in his arms and carries you to bed. “Get some rest okay??” Eric tucks you in bed as you cover your face with the covers in embarrassment. 

Eric tweets a picture of you in a sports bra: “Slowly but surely the little G is making an appearance. #proudpapa #sexymama #babyg”

On instagram you post a picture of Eric asleep on the couch his head on your stomach: “Fell asleep telling us a story.” 

Month 5:

It was double date night for you Eric, Leah and Bill. It was yours and Eric’s turn to host so in your living room everyone sat around the coffee table on the floor playing Cards Against Humanity. “I’m gonna go get some more chips and I am taking my cards with me this time.” Eric shot Leah a dark glare as she and you giggled. “I was just trying to help out my team.” Leah fought back more laughter. “When you and (Y/n) are on a team it never ends well.” Eric shared a knowing look with Bill. Once Eric was in the kitchen Leah wrapped her arm around your shoulder. “Soooo when do we find out what we are having??” She smiles rubbing her hand over your small extended stomach. “Next visit we should find out.” You smile taking a sip of your juice (since you can’t have wine anymore). “You said that last month.” Bill commented stretching his long legs out in front of him. “Yeah but the little g is being shy.” Eric answered for you as he now joined the crew with more chips. You smile rubbing your stomach as Eric explained the last trip to the doctor. All eyes shot over to you as you let out a yelp. “Are you okay??” Eric clumsily tries to stand as he bangs his knee on the underside of the coffee table. “Yeah yeah I’m fine… It’s just… Oh my gosh the baby kicked me.” You looked down at your stomach in disbelief. “Kicked??” Eric smiled like an idiot and stepped over Leah paying no attention to her protest to his butt in her face. Eric places his hands on your stomach and the room feel silent for a long while. You let out another yelp and Eric jumps. “The baby kicked me…” Eric whispered as he and you shared an excited look. “Congratulations to you both now will you please get your butt out of my face!!” Leah laughed as she pinched Eric on the back of the leg. 

You tweet Eric while he is on tour: “Your child won’t stop kicking me… #cantsleep”

Eric tweets back: “Sorry baby the kid is a born athlete. #wishiwaswithyou”

Month 6:

You and Eric lay on the couch together. You lay in between his legs back rested against his chest his hands wrapped around your middle. He gently raises your shirt to pool up on top of your big stomach as his hands roam the smooth skin. “I am such a blessed man.” Eric smiles to himself you hum in contentment in his arms. “I have a beautiful woman to call mine and our child on the way.” Eric sighs as you eyes slowly begin to shut as your are lulled by his low voice. “(Y/N) (S/N) I love you. I am here now and forever to provide everything for you and this child of ours.” He shifts on the couch so you are now laying in front of him on your side using his arm as a pillow and his other arm sprawled protectively over your stomach. 

“Son of a bitch I would kill for a freaking tomato right now…” You huff sitting at the breakfast bar in your kitchen. “You hate tomatoes though…” Eric raised his eyebrow. “I know… But your child wants one… Even though they are disgusting.” You prop your elbows on the counter and rest your hands on your fists. “Want me to slice one up for you??” Eric hesitantly asked. “Yeah sure… I’ll give it a shot.” You shrug. Eric slices up a tomato for you and places the plate in front of you. You pick up a piece and take a bite gagging a bit at the taste. Eric goes to take the plate away from you but you stop him. “Wait… I know something that will make this better.” You ease off the bar stool and walk to the cupboard. Eric watches you intently wondering what the hell you are doing. You grab what you are looking for and perch back at the breakfast bar. “Marshmallow fluff??” Eric’s mouth is agape as you spread some of the fluff on a tomato slice. You take a bite and sigh. “Delicious.” You smile in satisfaction at fulfilling your craving. “You one crazy mama…” Eric laughs shaking his head. 

You post a picture on Instagram of Eric holding up an ultrasound picture his face in a pout. “Baby Amore still won’t let us know anything more than the fact that we are having a healthy baby.” 

Month 7:

You and Eric walked hand and hand into the doctors office. Eric signs you into the front desk as you gingerly take a seat. “What was the bet again??” Eric takes the seat next to you. “Which one?? The one where Bill think we wont find out again or the one where Leah thinks we are having a girl??” You smirk as you think back to how excited the god-parents of your kids are. “I personally don’t care what we are having… But I hope Leah is right so Bill has to wear pink in the ring next week.” Eric grins. “Yeah right… You want a girl… I saw you looking at pink leopard print curtains yesterday.” You smirk as Eric blushes a bit. “Shut up. I love spoiling you so having another in the princes would be nice… But having a son would be great too.” Eric defends himself. You two are finally called back to the doctors office. “How have you all been??” The doctor smiles as he spreads the cold jelly on your stomach. “Great.” You smile as the doctor studies the squiggles on the screen. He scrunches up his nose and squints hard at the screen. “Oh dear what do we have here??” He tilts his head to side as you squeeze Eric’s hand your blood running cold. “What’s wrong??”

Eric tweets out a picture of your baby belly with two leopard print onesies laid on top of it. “What do we got here?? A cuppa babies?? #doubletrouble”

You tweet out a picture of Bill and Leah looking surprised: “Broke the news to the god-parents. Looks like both of them were right. #minime #minizo #doubletrouble”

Leah Tweets out: “Twin Amores?? #LORDhelpus #doubletrouble” 

Bill Tweets out: “Hope they turn out like (Y/N). #notanotherenzo #pleasenottwoenzos #doubletrouble”

Month 8:

You blushed like mad as you stepped into your surprise baby shower. “Eric…” You giggle as he hugs you from the side. “Hey it wasn’t my plan it was all Leah… I just had to keep my mouth shut and make sure you got here on time.” He kissed you on top of your head. You hug Leah as tight as you can with your large baby belly. “Girl you’re way too much.” You sigh. “Nothing is too much for my god-kids. Do we get to know their names soon?? Please?? This is killing me.” She bats her eyelashes at you. You look to Eric who just shrugs. “Yeah sure. Might as well since pretty much everyone I know is here…” You gasp looking around the room. “How the hell did you do that??” You start tear up as you notice your family and childhood friends were even there. “Don’t question my magic touch girl.” Leah giggles linking arms with you to usher you around the room to show you everything. 

Eric raised a glass at the baby shower as Bill got everyone’s attention. “My beautiful girlfriend and I have an announcement.” Eric wrapped his arm around your shoulders and place your hands on your tummy. “First off we wanna thank everyone who came today and all the love and support you give us. And a huge thank you to Leah and Bill who spoil us to much with everything they do for us.” Everyone claps for Leah and Bill who smile and share a kiss. “As a thank you to them and everyone else we are gonna relieve the names we picked out for the twins.” Eric looked down at you with a smile. “For the girl we picked out Zoey Faith Arndt and for the boy Jordan Anthony Arndt.” You smile as everyone claps again and gush about how they love the names. You and Eric share a kiss as you are both filled with happiness as your own little family is celebrated. 

Eric tweets out a picture of you cuddling with a leopard body pillow: “Looks like I have been replaced…”

You answer back with: “Aint my fault you’re a space heater… #hotmama #toohotpapa” 

Month 9 coming soon… ;)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… i know this is really different but i didnt want to do a lot of individual parts for the pregnancy… I wanna say a big thank you to @designrwriterchic for helping me out with everything over the past week and brain storming with me… Couldn’t do this without her… please let me know what you think about this part and the series… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING



“I don’t see why you drove your car, we all going to the same place” I said to Cyn

Her face slightly scrunched up “I wanted to, did you ever think of that as a possibility?” she asked sarcastically looking back down at the menu

“Your mouth is out of control these days Cyn” Rocky chuckled

It was outrageously out of control but I been letting it rock for the last couple of days because honestly I found it quite funny.

“What are you talking about? I simply answered his question” her eyes met with mine momentarily before she looked back down

“Well tonight was fun!” Traci said as she clasped her hands together

I nodded “It was alright for the most part. What you think?” I asked putting my hand on Cyn’s thigh under the table

She swiftly moved it “It was fun!” she said cheerfully “We should do it again” she smiled

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Family day

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Word count: 3.2k ish

A/N: [Y/N/N] you nick name (just btw I don’t like the name of this so it might change, if you have a suggestion please let me know:)

Warning: Swearing

Request: (from anon) Hey! You honestly saved me!! Hahah! I love the ones with kids and there aren’t many and then I found you!! Can you write one where it’s just REALLY fluffy and long with the reader and Dan and their toddler? Thank you!!!

Send us requests:)

You and Dan had decided last night that you would have a family day today and do some things with Leah, your daughter. Right now you were sitting on her bed waiting for her to finish picking out what she would wear today while she waffled about something that had happened at her playgroup yesterday. She was only 3 but you and Dan both figured that is was good to let her have some sort of independence, weather that was through picking out her clothes for the day with a little help or picking what the three of you would have for dinner once a week. Once she had chosen her outfit, you helped her get dressed. “Where we goin?” Leah asked. “I don’t know yet sweetie, daddy’s deciding,” you said as Dan walked into the room, checking if you were almost ready to go. “What’s daddy deciding?” Dan asked, walking over to you. “Where we goin?” Leah asked again. “Oh, its a surprise, chick” he responded. “You ready to go?” Dan asked turning to you. “Um yeah, here” throwing a hat at him as you spoke, “help Leah with her hat and I’ll grab her coat.”

“I don’t need help, mummy,” Leah said. “Oh sorry I forgot, you’re a big girl now,” you said smiling. “Yeah jc babe, she’s a strong, independent woman that don’t need no man’s help, isn’t that right?” Dan said, making you giggle as he turned to Leah. She just nodded very enthusiastically in response. “Okay, okay I’m sorry,” you smiled. “Just go and get her before you make anymore silly mistakes,” Dan joked. “Yeeaaaaaaahhhhhh, silly mummy,” Leah said, hugging Dan’s leg hoping he’d get the hint to pick her up, which he did. As you left the room you could hear Leah’s beautiful, little laugh that danced from her lips while Dan swung her around the room, holding her on his hip.

When you returned, coats in hand, you saw Dan standing in the middle of Leah’s room, her on his hip, their foreheads touching as they stared at each other seeing who would laugh first. Just as you expected Leah broke first, Dan laughing with her and you giggled at your two favourite people being cute as fuck. “Oh hhiiiiiiiiiii,” Dan said, over emphasizing the ‘I’, making Leah laugh again as he turned to see you and put her down. “Come on, chick,” you said, smiling at Leah. She made her way over to you and you helped her with her coat. Dan walked over to the both of you. “Let’s go,” he said, kissing your temple, before extending his hand out to Leah for her to grab onto.

They made their way down stairs with you following behind. The three of you stopped at the bottom of the stairs, allowing you and Dan to put on your jackets. When you both had your jackets on, Leah grabbed Dan’s hand once again and he led her out the door. You picked up your bag and followed them, locking the door behind you. “To town,” Dan said, and Leah cheered. She reached up to hold you hand and began to swing her arms with you and Dan. Walking towards the Underground station closest to your house, Leah was singing quietly to herself. You looked at Dan, not sure if he had noticed and he looked down at her and smiled. “What are you singing, chick?” he asked. “A song.” Was that all she was going to say? Really? “I know babe, what song?” Dan pressed, smiling. “My favourite,” she giggled looking up at him. Dan just looked to you as you tried to suppress a laugh. “Really?” he said to you quietly before looking back to Leah. “Can we hear it chick?” you asked. “Mhmmm,” she said, letting go of your hand, hitting her small hand against her chest lightly and pretended to cough before reaching up to hold your hand again. Dan looked at you anticipating what was coming next. “TO-TO-RO TOTORO TO-TO-RO TOTORO,” Leah sang at the top of her voice. “Oh my god,” Dan said, bending down to pick her up and hold her on his hip. “You are the cutest little girl,” he said kissing her cheek. “What 'bout mummy?” Leah asked. Dan looked from her to you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders and kissed your cheek. “She’s the cutest big girl,” Dan said, making you blush a little when he looked back to Leah. 

By now, you had made it to the station. You walked to the platform, Dan’s arm still wrapped around your shoulder, his other arm holding Leah to his hip, her little arms around his neck. “How long we waiting?” Leah asked. “Umm,” you said, looking up to board then back to her, “just 3 minutes chick.”

“Okie dokie.”

Those 3 minutes passed quickly and you could see that Leah was almost bursting with excitement, she fucking loved trains. The train arrived and she would have leaped out of Dan’s arms if he hadn’t been holding onto her so tightly. You stepped onto the train, noticing that there was only one available seat. You motioned to Dan to sit down, given he was holding Leah. “Don’t be stupid,” he said, “sit.”

“Dan I’m fine, plus you have Leah,” you replied. “No I don’t,” he said passing her to you, “now, sit down babe.”

“Thank you,” you mumbled, sitting down. “Shut up, I didn’t do anything, stop being silly,” Dan said, making you smile. “How many stops?” Leah asked. “Only 5. Are you gonna count them?” Dan replied. “Mhhmmmm” Leah said, nodding her head.

Dan had only one objective for coming to town today, or so he had said you to last night. As far as you knew, Dan had just wanted to try to find a board game we had played at Phil’s house 2 weeks ago. You suggested that he go into town himself or try to order it online but he said that we could use this game as an excuse to have a little family outing for the day so you went along with it. You hadn’t brought Leah into the city in over a month so she hadn’t been on the trains much and you loved to see the excitement on her face when she got to go on a train. 

What you did not expect from today was to be where you were now. The Disney store. You had ended up here because Dan had accidentally mentioned it when he was waffling and this just so happened to be the one time Leah had decided to listen to her father’s waffle. This was a problem for several reasons. The first was that it was your favourite shop so you wanted everything. You knew you couldn’t have everything and you knew you were an adult now and needed to set an example for your daughter, but you couldn’t leave the shop without buying something, that would be rude right? The second was that Leah had also fallen into the same trap you had. See, if you were shopping by yourself, you could have some sort of control. You’d see a Disney shop, but you wouldn’t go in and so wouldn’t buy anything. However, you rarely went out without Leah. That meant that the majority of the time when you were out, you had a little Disney obsessed girl with you and there was no way that he was going to walk passed the shop without going in. This had led to the giant collection of tsum tsums growing in the apartment. They were literally taking over. The last problem you were going to have was that Dan always found it hard to say no to Leah and she knew this and used her cuteness to her advantage. 

You had now been walking around the shop for close to an hour. At one point you had wandered off to have a look for ideas for Christmas presents for Leah, leaving her with Dan. After taking down the names of a few toys you made your way back to Dan and Leah. When you found them, Leah was holding onto a giant plush of Kanga and a sightly smaller Roo. “What have you got there chick?” you asked her. “Kanga and Roo,” she smiled, they had always been her favourite out of all of Winne the Pooh’s friends in Hundred Acre Woods. “And why do you have them?” you asked, looking at your husband and he averted his eyes. These plushies were gonna be a lot more expensive than the usual £3 paid for a small tsum tsum. “I love them and daddy said I could have them,” Leah said excitedly and hugged Dan’s legs. He picked her up and held her on his hip, taking the teddies from her and holding them in his other hand. “Did he?” you asked. “Mhmmmm,” Leah nodded. “Look babe, I can’t tell her no now, look how happy she is, they’re her favourites and like if we get these them we can work on having the whole set for her and that would be so cute,” Dan said, starting to ramble. “Can I just see something?” you asked reaching for the tags. “If its the price then no, you can’t,” Dan said, lifting the toys above your head so you couldn’t reach. “Dan please?” you said, jumping. “No, stop being silly I’m going to get them okay?” he asked, taking his arm out of the air and wrapping it around your shoulders. “But-” he kissed you quick, cutting you off. “Okay?” he questioned again. “Okay fine,” you gave in. “Yay! I love yoooouuuuu,” he said dragging it out, making you giggle. “Love you too,” you said, booping his nose. “Hey what bout me?” Leah piped up. “We love you the most chick,” Dan said as you both kissed her cheek.

Now you were at home, sitting on the floor in the lounge with Dan and Leah. You were in front of the sofa with Dan’s arms around you as you both watched Leah play with her new toys. You loved watching her play, you could almost see her little imagination running wild as she hopped around the room Kanga and Roo in hand. You wished you knew what was going through her head at that moment, was she part of the family of kangaroos? Was she a friend that came to visit them? Was she in Hundred Acre Woods? You had no doubt in her mind that she would be able to navigate her way through the fictional woods if given half the chance because she had definitely seen the films and gotten you to read the books enough that she probably knew the place better than she knew your own home. You sighed. “Babe?” Dan said. “Yeah?” you replied. “What’s up?” he asked. “What do you mean?”

“You just sighed chick.”

“It was a happy sigh,” you smiled. “Oh yeah? What were you thinking about?” Dan asked, pulling you closer. “Just our baby, she’s getting so big and like look at her she is literally the cutest,” you said, looking away and instead to Leah before looking back to Dan. “Do you ever wonder what she’s thinking about? Like in her imagination, where is she now? Is she here with us and have her friends from Hundred Acre Woods come to play or is she there with them?”      "I don’t know sweet, but she is definitely the cutest, you got that right,“ Dan said, smiling.

"Come say hi to mummy and daddy,” you heard from across the room. “I guess her friends from the woods are here then,” Dan whispered to you as Leah made her way over, pulling her new toys with her. “Hiiiiiiiiiiiii,” she said. “Hiya chicken,” Dan said, “and who are these lovely people you’ve brought with you?” he asked, stroking her hair. “My friends,” she said happily. “This one’s Kanga and this one’s Roo,” she explained, pointing to each plushie as she spoke. “Well its wonderful to meet you both,” you said, shaking the teddies’ hands and Leah smiled and walked away, once again pulling the toys behind her.

“I want her to stay this little forever,” Dan said, looking from you to Leah, his eyes filled with love. “I know babe, so do I, she’s a good bean,” you smiled, following his gaze. “She’s the best bean, we’re doing good,” Dan said, returning his gaze to you. “We’re doing great,” you smiled, before kissing him while Leah was distracted. “I’m gonna get a cup of tea, do you want something?” you asked, pulling away and standing up. “Ummm a coffee please, chick” he said from his place on the floor. “Okie dokie,” you said, walking to the kitchen.

You returned a few minutes later, your tea in one hand and Dan’s coffee in another, and stood at the door for a second admiring the sight before you. Leah had left her teddies and was now sitting on Dan’s lap, they were adorable. You could see that Dan was talking to her and she was giving him her full concentration. You figured he was trying to talk to her about pokemon, as he often did but as you crept closer you could hear what was actually being said. “.. no boyfriends until after your married okay?”

“Okay daddy,” Leah replied, probably not having a clue about what she was agreeing to. “Promise?” Dan asked her. “Promise,” she beamed as you tried to suppress a giggle. Apparently you didn’t try hard enough as Dan heard you and looked up. “Alright?” he asked. “I’m peachy,” you giggled. “Here’s your coffee,” you continued, sitting down beside him and Leah. “I think it’s time you went to bed chick,” you said, putting you’re tea down and playing with Leah’s hair. “Noooooo,” she protested. “Well your already in your pjs so I just need to plait your hair, how about you go to bed after daddy finishes his coffee?” you asked. Leah looked down into Dan’s mug that he was holding above her leg as she was still on his lap and saw that it was already a quarter gone and looked to Dan, he smiled in response. She leaning into him, “drink slow?” she whispered in his ear, not as quietly as she thought. “Of course chick,” he whispered back. “Ummm okay mummy,” said said, returning her gaze to you. You smiled, happy she had agreed with you. “Okay, c'mere” you said. Leah kissed Dan’s cheek, then walked over and did the same to you. “Can you get me the hairbrush sweetie?” you asked, pointing to the object across the room. “Mhhmmmm,” Leah nodded before getting the brush and returning to you, sitting between your legs. You began to plait her hair and she started to waffle about something. It took both you and Dan a minute or two to figure out that she was talking about My Neighbour Totoro.

By the time Leah was finished waffling, her hair was done and Dan had drank his coffee. "Time for bed chick,” Dan told her. “Noooooo,” she began protesting again but Dan handed you his coffee and stood up. He reached under Leah’s arms and swung her around in a circle a few times, her head thrown back as she laughed, before slowing to a stop and putting her on his hip. “C'mon Leah, look why don’t you bring Roo with you?” Dan asked as you picked up the toy and stood beside them, handing Leah the teddy. “Okay,” she smiled. Dan carried Leah out of the room and up the stairs as you called after them, saying that you’d be up in a minute. You went into the kitchen and grabbed one of Leah’s bottles. You filled it with water and went to join your small family upstairs. 

When you got to Leah’s room, you saw her picking out a book from the shelf and Dan was crouched beside her, Roo had already been put on the bed. When he noticed you were there, he stood up and walked over to you, standing at the door. He pecked your lips and flicked the light switch, the only source of light now being the little night light beside Leah’s bed. Leah walked towards her bed, bringing a book with her and climbed underneath the blankets. Dan took the bottle from you and walked over to Leah, placing the bottle in the bed beside her as he took the book from her grasp. You slowly followed him and tucked Leah into bed before sitting on Dan’s knee and taking the book from him. “Comfy chick?” you asked Leah and she nodded sleepily in response. “Okay then,” you said opening the book. Dan put his hands around your waist and you snuggled your head into his shoulder. He read the story and you turned the pages as your baby fell asleep. 

When the story was finished, you closed the book and Dan released you from his grip, allowing you to stand up. You placed the book back on the shelf while Dan got up and kissed Leah on the forehead. Once the book was back in its rightful place, you walked back over to Leah’s bedside and repeated Dan’s actions from before. “We’ve got a good bean,” you whispered to him. “A very good bean,” he smiled. You pecked his lips and smiled as you pulled away, "I love you.”

“I love you more babe,” Dan smiled and kissed you again. You walked hand in hand out of the room, down the stairs and back into the lounge. 

You picked up the mugs off the floor from earlier and brought them into the kitchen, quickly rinsing them out and putting them in the dishwasher. You turned around to see Dan standing in the doorway. “JESUS ON A TRICYCLE,” you said hitting your chest with your hand. “What?” Dan asked startled by your outburst. “You almost gave me a fucking heart attack that’s what you sneaky prick,” you said. “I’m sorry… pokemon battle?” he said smirking, as he pulled two nintendos from behind his back. “Is this pokemon battle why I nearly died?” you asked. “Um yeah,” he smiled innocently. “Okay fine but your going down,” you said, taking one of the nintendos and walked into the lounge. “Yeah okay sure babe, just don’t forget who showed you everything you know,” Dan retorted. “It is true that I was once the grasshopper but now I have become the master,” you said dramatically as you sat down on the sofa. “Shut up you fucking nerd,” Dan said, sitting down beside you and hitting your shoulder with his own. “You love this fucking nerd, in fact you married this fucking nerd,” you said turning to face him. “That’s true but now I’m gonna crush you at pokemon, prepare to loose,” he said, booping your nose. “You did not just do that.”       “Oh but I did babe”

“Okay Squish its on" 

"Did you actually call me squish?”

“Yes I did, whatcha gonna do about it punk?”

“You’re so cute, Jesus Christ”

“Now is not the time to give out compliments babe, we were mid- fighting talk, now you’ve ruined the flow,” you laughed. “Just turn on the damn game [Y/N/N] so I can crush you”

“Yeah okay fine whatever we both know I’m gonna win anyway”

“Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, sweet”


You Saved Me - Collab

A/N: Another collaboration with Leah and Belle :) Enjoy!

REQUEST: Hey could you do an imagine where y/n is walking down the street and someone try’s to jump her/him and Dan saves them and that’s how they meet?

The day was soon coming to an end and you had just finished up your shift at your internship. It had been a long day, but for some reason these days seemed to get longer. You weren’t enjoying your place at your internship nor were you getting the excitement you used to get every day when stepping into the office. You had been trying your best to stick it out until the end of you term, but gradually you were started to feel that nothing was ever going to change. Nothing unexpected would happen.

You were walking about on your way back to the tube, dragging your feet like you had been dragging yourself at the office all day. You were busy in your thoughts. The streets were busy and so was the crowd around you. You weren’t in the safest neighborhood, but it was manageable, you thought.

As you continued walking you kept feeling the brush and pressure of someone’s body on you. You assumed that it was the cramming of the people around you, so you didn’t suspect anything. “Seems like someone likes it when I touch them,” someone said into your ear. Your eyes grew wide and in your attempt to walk faster was no help. Their arms snaked around your torso, ignoring your physical wail to escape. “Help!,” you cried but it was only a matter of time before they took you through the sea of city folk and into a dark ally.

You kicked and tried to scream, but a grimy hand clasped over your mouth to stifle your cries for help. Terror filled your mind as you thrashed, trying to escape the hold of your captor. You bit down on his hand as hard as you could and he released you for a moment, in which you screamed for help as loudly as you possibly could.

“Hey!” you heard someone yell. “Get off her!”

You turned to see who your savior was and saw a tall man around your age running towards you. You feel your attacker let go of you and he takes off running in the other direction. When the man coming to help you reaches you, he stops, breathing heavily. “Are you okay?” he asks, a deeply concerned look etched on his face.

It takes you a moment to regain your bearings as you’re still in shock about what happened. “I-I think so,” you say, though your hands and knees are shaking. “I don’t know.” You stumble against him and he catches you, steadying your with two large hands on your shoulders. “Thank you,” you murmur, looking up at him. “You saved me.”

He laughs nervously, “I mean I guess. I did what I thought was right. I’m Dan, by the way.”

“I’m y/n. Nice to meet you. Though I really wish it were under different circumstances,” you say, still trying to calm yourself down after the ordeal you just experienced.

Dan seems to notice, “Can I get you a cup of coffee or something to steady your nerves?”

“Yes please,” you reply, feeling safer in Dan’s company and already beginning to forget the circumstances in which you met.

I’d just like to take a break from the usual reblogging to post this. This is someone from my local area. Leah Washington, 18 years old, was on a first date with her boyfriend at a local theme park when a crash on a rollercoaster led to her leg being amputated. 

When she awoke, one of the first things she asked if the loss of the leg would change anything between her and her boyfriend. She will no longer be able to attend the dance school that she loves, yet still poses for these photos and speaks in such a way which is so incredibly humbling. She said:

“I’ll have a different path and a different life. Plans that you’ve thought about in your head for the future… they’re going to be different now, because of what’s happened.

I will always have to put a leg on in the morning, or use crutches. I want to get going on my prosthetic leg, but the process of getting fitted for it is very lengthy.

For now, it’s exhausting being on crutches, but I hate going out in my wheelchair, with people staring at me. I don’t even want a stairlift.

I’m 18 – I can’t stand not being independent. My grandad offered me a blanket in my wheelchair and I said, “No, I’m not 90”. My life is just one long list of physio and hospital appointments. But I’ve got to move on and live with it.”

Read more here:


No matter who you are or where you are mentally/physically , you never know how lucky you really are, as any small accident can change your life forever. Be thankful that in some way you are able to live a normal life which other cannot for reasons outside of their control


we were about to leave the Grove and through an alleyway i see LUKE FUCKING HEMMING’S HEAD over a wall and shit a brick

*possible spelling mistakes bc it’s 3am srry*

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