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Green-Eyed Monster

Request: can you do where the reader is jealous and spence has to remind her that she is the only person he is in love with and yea just a lot of fluff

Warnings: jealousy ! Fluff ;)

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You and the team were all huddled up in the victim’s house in Texas for a recent case. A whole family was missing.

Everything was going by plan until the sheriff of the police department walked down the steps that led into the living room, a young petite woman following behind him. She stood behind him quietly, she didn’t look a day older than nineteen. Her dark brown hair framed over her wide doe eyes. In between her arms, she held an aged book of “Huckleberry Finn” that looks like it’s been read a thousand times.

“Sorry to bother, but I just found this young lady hiding in the bedroom closet upstairs,” The Sheriff says. By the look in Hotch’s eyes, I knew exactly who he was gonna make talk to her.

“Reid, you think you can talk to her?” Hotch questions and Spencer nods.

“Mark Twain, good choice,” Spencer comments as he leaves the living room with her.

“He’s one of my favorites,” I hear her say, a giggle following in the distance.

“He’s one of my favorites,” I whisper to myself in annoyance, using an exaggerated high pitch tone to copy her voice. I tried redirecting my mind back to the box in front of me, sorting through all the objects inside. Seems like they were moving stuff out of a boy’s room.

“You good, Y/N?” Morgan asks teasingly, a brow raised.

“I’m great,” I force a smile. You knew Spencer was a sucker for girls who were inclined to literature. You could back that claim up with his past with Maeve and you.

“Relax, green-eyed monster,” Derek laughs. “Boy Wonder over there is head over heels in love with you, he’s not leaving you anytime soon.”

“Touché to that,” JJ comments.

You huffed and left the room, files in hand to go ask the sheriff for more information about the family. And also to peak in on the conversation between Spencer and Mrs. Twain.

As you hopped up the steps, you spotted Spencer and the girl in what looks to be her bedroom. She was crying and he held her in between his arms as she did so.

“What the-” you began to stomp your way over there but someone stepped in front of you.

“Y/N, I’m stopping you from doing something you’ll regret,” Rossi scolds. “We need that girl to talk. Apparently, she’s one of the unsubs victims who managed to escape recently.”

In your opinion, this was incredibly unprofessional. But Rossi was right, the team needs a lead and if this girl is the answer to that, Spencer has to do what he has to do.

About an hour later, you and the rest of the team were back in the conference room of the police department. The second Spencer walked into the room, he found newfound perspective on the case.

“I think I figured it out,” he says quickly, rushing over to the work board. “Thanks to Leah.”

You could feel Derek’s teasing gaze on you and you turn to give him a death stare.

Spencer quickly drew up all his ideas on the board and connected all the dots within five minutes. He called up Garcia to give the team a quick biography on the life of the suspected unsub and finally, everything seemed to piece together.


When you and the team arrived at the unsub’s secondary location, everyone piled out of their cars, guns ready and pointed.

Spencer suggested bringing Leah after all the unsub ended up being her older brother. He was the cause of death of a previous family in the area, same exact M.O. You discovered that family was a surrogate for his actual one. This time he finally had the confidence and he kidnapped the parents and spared Leah. The boy was an outcast in his family, the only person who really appreciated him was Leah which is why she was left alone.

“Leah, you’re coming in with me, okay?” Spencer tells her as he places his hands on her biceps. “Be careful, don’t trigger him in any way. You’re the only one who can get through to him.”

“Okay,” she whimpers.

“Y/N, lead in Leah and me,” Spencer orders quickly before rushing towards the abandoned cabin.

You ignored the annoyance clawing at the back of your mind. You expected Spencer to at least tell you to be careful or that he loves you, but his usual comments of security were nowhere to be heard. And that just irked you.

You were supposed to protect everyone, yet here you were wanting to blitz attack the girl from behind. Luckily, you didn’t have to stare at the back of her head for much longer since you were supposed to lead them in.

You kicked the door down and rushed inside, gun pointed.

You made your way into the house just as soon as the unsub, Jackson, was about to kill his father.

“FBI!” You shouted. “Jackson, put the gun down, now!”

Jackson quickly whipped his father around, using him as a shield and pressing the gun against his head. The mother sat in the corner of the room, tied up, mouth taped and tears falling down her face.

“No!” Jackson shakes his head vigorously.

“Jackson, I know you don’t want to do this,” Spencer says, walking in with the gun pointed at the raging murderer.

“You don’t know what I want and don’t want,” Jackson spats.

“I know that you don’t want your sister to see you get killed,” Spencer says. “I know you don’t want her to suffer from the sight of seeing her parents being slaughtered right in front of her.”

“What do you mean?” Jackson says angrily.

“Leah!” Spencer calls and in walks Leah. You could feel the nerves radiating off of her from behind you.

“Leah,” Jackson breathes out. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at home, safe.”

“J, I was safe at home with mom and dad,” she chokes out.

“No, no mom and dad are horrible, they deserve to die!”

“No, they don’t, J,” Leah cries.

“Yes, they do!” Jackson fires a shot causing everyone to duck and cover. Another shot goes off, but it’s not coming from Jackson. You turn around to see Spencer pointing his gun at Jackson, and two bodies hit the ground.

The father scrambled off his back and crawled over to his wife, trying to rip off the ties that had her bounded. Jackson’s lifeless body lied in a growing pool of blood from the gunshot wound given to him by Spencer.

“Are you okay?” Spencer asks in worry. You turn around, thinking he was speaking to you - but he wasn’t. He was helping Leah off her feet who seemed to be in complete shock. Then finally it hit her.

“Jackson!” She screams out. Spencer holds her back from running to her brother. He holds her tight in his arms and you could see how she’s struggling to stand so Spencer falls to the ground with her.

“Y/N! Are you okay?” Emily asks you, offering you a hand to help you off the floor.

“I’m fine,” you mumble, taking her hand. You storm out of the stuffy house, ripping off your bulletproof vest and throwing it to the ground.

You went over to Hotch who was speaking to the EMT’s and waited until he was done speaking.

“May I go back to the hotel?” You ask impatiently.

“Everything is in check so yes, you may leave,” Hotch nods. “Jet won’t be ready until 6 am, you know the drill.”

“Yup,” you say curtly and turn on your heels towards one of the SUV’s.

“Y/N!” Hotch calls out. You turn around and give him a questioning look. “I don’t think Spencer realizes what he’s doing. I’ll give him until tonight before he realizes what’s wrong.”

“I don’t think he realizes either,” you agree. You hop into the SUV and quickly pull out of the police car filled lot.

You wanted nothing more than to take a hot shower, change into your pajamas and rest in bed. You were irritated and exhausted, plus Spencer being oblivious to your jealousy was a pain.


When you stepped out of the steamy bathroom in your oversized T-shirt and fuzzy socks, you didn’t expect to see Spencer sitting on the bed, fiddling with his thumbs.

“Why are you back so early?” You question. “I thought you still had some stuff to take care of.”

Spencer immediately caught the change in your tone of voice. He felt something was wrong earlier, but he brushed it off as you being annoyed with the case.

He felt his mood drop even more as you walked past him without a hug or a kiss, not even a smile. You just went to the other side of the bed and crawled in without acknowledging him again.

“Y/N,” he trails off, scared to ask you. “What’s wrong?”

“You don’t even know, huh?” You chuckle in disbelief. “Good night, Spencer.”

You reached over and turned off the light on the bedside table, your side of the room was now in shadows and only the light from the bathroom illuminated the dark room.

Spencer wracked his brain with different problems he might have caused between the two of you - but he kept coming up blank. He didn’t know what he did to tick you off.

Then he remembered a comment Morgan made before Spencer took off.

“Tell the green-eyed monster I say hello,” he joked.

It clicked. Spencer remembered the saying for jealousy was “green-eyed monster”. He just didn’t know why Morgan would bring it up.

Spencer looked over at you and he frowned. The green-eyed monster was you.

“I know what I messed up,” Spencer breaks the silence. “I ignored you the whole day. I put all my attention on Leah.”

You throw the covers off of you and sit up in annoyance.

“That’s not all, Spencer,” you frown. “I was annoyed yeah, but what really hurt me is what happened when we were in the unsub’s house.”

“What happened in the-” Spencer stopped mid-sentence. He remembered when the first bullet went off towards the middle of the room, instead of asking if you were okay, he went straight to Leah.

“Yeah, you know where I’m coming from now?” You say. Spencer rushed over to your side of the bed and turned on your bedside lamp. He kneeled down on the floor beside you and took your hands.

“Y/N, I’m in love with you, okay?” He begins. “I don’t know why you were jealous of Leah in the first place, I was just trying to solve the case and she was the key to it. Y/N, you’re a professionally trained law enforcement officer, I know I don’t need to worry about you.”

“But Leah, she’s perfect for you!” You exclaim quietly. “She reads the classics, she’s easygoing, she’s beautiful.”

“I think you just described yourself,” Spencer chuckles. “You’re perfect for me, Y/N. You’re more than just beautiful and intelligent, you’re the love of my life. You feel like home to me. No one is ever going to change that.”

“Do you really believe that?” You ask softly.

“I do,” he responds. “I love you, Y/N.”

You give him a small smile before leaning down and kissing his forehead and then his lips. You could hear him kicking off his shoes before he crawls into the bed with you and envelops you in his arms, never breaking the kiss.

“Maybe I should shower,” he breathes out as he breaks the kiss. “Do you know how many pathogens I could be passing onto you-”

“Shh,” you press a finger to his lips, “just enjoy the moment.”

Spencer lets out a small laugh before returning his lips to yours in a sweet and loving kiss.



"Colors of Rainbow"

Request By: @silentwaters4

Summary: Would you mind writing one where Bucky learns the reader likes to draw and he’s just fascinated by it? Please and thank you, doll!

A/N: So I hope you like it, but don’t be rude about it, and it may be short but I put thought into it soo have fun. Love you!!!!

Warning: Fluff, A little bit of Angst but really Funny


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Daddy Daughter Day: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested:  How about one where tom as has to do his daughters hair without reader there to help him, cause she on location or something. And he wants to spend the day out with the little one but he was threatened by reader to not let her baby go out looking a mess. 

Tom was asleep until he felt a foot pressing into the side of his face. He woke up and looked over at his daughter and smiled. Her body was tangled in the lush covers, he moved his body and fell back asleep. 

“Daddy wake up!” The voice of the little one shrilled in his ear. “Huh?”

“Wake up!” See started jumping on the bed and tossed a pillow at him, “Lee, can you calm down.” He grumbled, quickly grabbing her legs and catching her. She giggled as he placed small kisses all over her face. She rested her head on his chest, “I miss mama.”

“Me too darling, me too.” You were away on set, filming for a highly anticipated movie while Tom took care of your 5 year old daughter, Leah. “What do you want to do today babygirl?” He asked. She shrugged and played with his hair, “Do you want to go to the park?”

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Leah: Who Broke It?
Everyone: * Silence *
Leah: I’m not mad. I just wanna know.
Seth: …I did. I broke it.
Leah: No, you didn’t.  Paul?
Paul: What? Don’t look at me! Look at Jared!
Jared: What?  I didn’t break it!
Paul: Huh that’s weird. How’d you even know it was broken?
Jared: Because it’s sitting right in front of us AND IT’S BROKEN.
Paul: Suspicious. 
Jared: No, it’s not.
Paul:  Well, Emily was the last one to use it. 
Emily: Liar, I don’t even drink that crap.
Paul: Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
Emily: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles! Everyone knows that, Paul!
Seth: Okay, okay, let’s not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it Leah.
Leah: No. Who Broke it. 
Everyone: …
Jared: Leah, Embry has been awfully quiet-
Embry: REALLY?
Jared: Yeah, really
Leah:  I broke it. It burned my hand, so i punched it. I predict that ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here. (as seen on Parks & Rec) 


“Love…For Better or Worse”….. Pt. 2

With Valentine’s Day solidifying our choice to expand our family, Moses and I have been taking every chance we have to try for a baby. Knowing that he wants this just as bad as I do, and that he’s still willing to try with the odds weighing heavily against us, makes me see him in a whole different light. I honestly feel more connected…more in love with him, and more loved by him. Even my level of attraction for him has gone up, something I never thought was possible with his sexy ass. I’m not sure if it’s because of those orgasms he gives, leaving my ass gone, his new “Zaddy” beard, or just the fact that we are doing this, but he can get it anytime he damn well pleases. Humph, today was no different. I finally received a new shipment of exclusive and very expensive items to reserve for “priority” clientele, and Moses stopped by from the studio to help me unpack. After listening to the beats he just finished and eating, I’d say we got through one box before temptation set in and my ass ended up pinned against the wall. As punishment for taking his time, I decided to ignore his attempt to get at me and continued sorting through boxes. After playfully threatening me saying “the longer I take, the harder he’s gonna fuck me”, I brushed by him asking him to “make that a promise”. Next thing I know, his stiffness was pressed against my ass, his hand was up my dress and his lips were wrapped around my neck. Shit, after that, the only thought on my mind was how good his dick was going to be, as we hauled ass into the back office. Unfortunately, there was one thing that I wish stuck…The fact that I told Levi and Dana to come through to pick out one item each. So I guess you could say it was a little awkward when we came out of the room, me in shock looking freshly fucked, and Moses walking out with a guilty ass smirk on his face. The two of them had a ball snickering as they looked on, while Moses said goodbye to me after greeting them. Levi looked me up and down shaking his head, while Dana ran to the window to make sure Moses left. Once the “coast was clear”, she ran back and immediately started to grill me. 

Dana: “Bitch….What in the actual fuck???” She said, cracking up. “I’m guessing since the lights were off, your nasty ass forgot we were coming? Shit, y’all could have at least drove instead of calling a car to take y’all around…Got us comin in here thinking you stepped out and shit…” 

Levi: “Right, was it that serious for mini mogul to make an appearance??” 

Teeleah: “Oooh, don’t be tryin to play my man out like that…His shit is far from little or thin…You need to be nice Vi, since he’s the one paying for that portfolio you keep reaching into…” I jokingly snapped, sticking my tongue out. “Anyways, I have no idea what you two are referring to..”

Dana: “Oh really, hunh??…Then why is your hair in that ponytail, when your snap you posted a few hours ago shows it down and extra done??”

Teeleah: “I plead the fifth…” I said, as we all cracked up. 

Levi: “Mm-hum…Keep messin around like that and an actual mini muse might make an appearance.” 

Dana: “Exactly..” She chimed in, while I stood silent. 

Levi: “Wait a minute…You have been glowing a helluva lot recently, extra happy for no reason too, all signs that you’ve been getting it in like crazy…Girl, are y’all trying to get pregnant???” He asked, getting no response from me.

Dana: “Leah, you don’t have to answer that…I don’t think it’s any of our business.” She said, glaring at Levi. 

I continued to stay silent after she said that. Conflicted, barely describes what I was feeling at that moment. Moses likes to keep shit under wraps and I wanted to respect that but, at the same time, I was dying to tell my closest friends. Dana is like a sister to me, especially now that Nica and I aren’t as close, and Levi has been in my life for years. what’s the harm in telling them? Who doesn’t want someone to go to with frustrations and feelings that can’t share with a significant other?  I honestly need all the support I can get being that this journey is gonna be tough. Hell, the only person I told was my mother and she was not pleased at all. I know having them rooting for us will make this a lot easier, so with all that in mind, I decided to answer the question.  

Teeleah: “Actually we are.” I said, as they both stared at me confused as hell with reactions I damn sure didn’t expect. “Look, I know it’s not the most traditional thing to do but…”

Levi: “Oh honey, I get it…I’m just a little concerned that’s all. I mean after he slept with that girl? He literally fucked her hours after you sent him that break up text, Leah. Who the hell does that? And what about your long break up before that? You’ve only been back together for what…6 months and ever since you’ve run into issues? I just feel like it’s too soon, what’s with the rush? Why not give you a ring first? Since when did Mogul want a kid so bad? It just seems too convenient.”

Teeleah: “All of that shit is behind us and is staying there. There is no rush, nothing is shady or convenient, Levi. This is something we both want.” 

Levi: “It’s just doing too much. 

Dana: “How bout you’re too much!” She yelled, directing her attention towards Levi. “I get that you’ve known her for years but you need to calm all that noise down. Over here bringing up irrelevant shit, when she’s sharing somethin that’s bringing her joy. Whatchu mad for?”

Levi: “Sweetheart, nobody’s mad! I’m just trying to save her from becoming baby mamma #1″. 

Teeleah: “Alright Vi, you said enough. Let’s drop it.” 

Dana: “Nah, you ain’t tryin to help shit. All you wanna do is gossip and get your tea for the day. I’m not beat…I can see right through your ass.” 

Levi: “You know what…I’m just gonna go. Leah, I truly am looking out for you and I’m sorry for coming on too strong. So are we still good?” 

Teeleah: “Yess, Vi…See you Monday.” I said, as he gave me a huge hug.

After he left, Dana had a few things she wanted to get off her chest. Since her demeanor changed, I realized she too was having issues with our decision. At this point I was drained from the bullshit Levi was on, and I didn’t really want to hear it. 

Dana: “Listen, I’m gonna keep it real. While I don’t like or trust Levi’s intentions, he has raised some valid points. Babes, I can’t wait for you to have children but I’m not sure if now is the right time. You feel me? Like he said, this just seems rushed and I know you’d rather be his wife than baby mamma first. You’re 29, you have plenty of time to have kids. Why not wait? Plus there’s something else…” 

Teeleah: “Because..” I said, trying to compose myself. “I might not be able to have children…”

I explained everything to her, from losing the twins to what my fertility tests say. When I was finished the first thing she did was give me a hug. It was clear that she now understood and accepted my choice.

Dana: “Girl, I am so sorry. Losing those babies, and finding out this bullshit?? You need to do whatever you can. You hear me?” She said, as she wiped tears from her face. 

Teeleah: “Yeah, I do…” I said, as my voice cracked and I too wiped tears from my face. 

Dana: “Shit, this IVF betta work.” 

Teeleah: “Girl, I’d be so grateful.” *crying again* “This shit ain’t fair…I’m trying my hardest to stay positive, but I honestly don’t think it’s gonna happen. Humph, but you know what…” I said, drying my eyes. “I’m gonna give it my all. That’s all I can do…So you said there is something else you wanted to say?”

Dana: “Shit….Girl…Aight, Moses was chillin with Sean the other day and I kinda overheard something I found a little sketchy. He was basically worried about something Asia could possibly leak. She’s apparently been going off on twitter calling him a fraud and shit. He seemed scared actually. Moses didn’t say any other details, of course, but it’s clear that he’s hiding something.”

Teeleah: “He’s probably scared that she’s gonna leak the fact that he slept with her. You know how they are with the media getting wind of their business.” 

Dana: “Humph, ain’t that the truth…You’re probably right. I should’ve thought of that before I almost caused all hell to break loose.” *lauging*

Teeleah: “Ha, it’s ok girl….Shit, lets get out of here. All this drama just made me hungry.”

Dana: “Yesss…Let’s go to to this new soul food restaurant that just opened. I need some Mac n Cheese in my life right now.” 

We left the shop and headed for the restaurant like we planned. I definitively didn’t expect all this stress today. While I’m glad I have Dana’s support, I’m unsure about Levi. I’m know he’ll come around but in the meantime, I can’t let it affect me. As for Moses hiding shit or them initially believing that this is all too convenient, I’m not going down that road. I can’t let speculations ruin my relationship so unless something concrete pops up, I’m not going to pay it any mind.  


Anonymous said:What would dating Leah Clearwater include? Thanks lovely!

A/N: Yeah sure, lovely. Leah Clearwater is my sweetheart. I love her a lot. She’s so precious, hahah! I hope that you like this post, I haven’t been doing a lot of ‘dating…would include’, so I’m a bit rusty with this.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Leah Clearwater would include:

- Being Leah’s imprint.

- Comforting Leah whenever she really needs it.

- Leah pretending like she doesn’t need you but she really wouldn’t know what to do without you.

- Getting Leah like the back of your hands

- Leah getting you like the back of her hand.

- Leah softening up like butter around you, only to have the pack tease her.

- “Awe! Look at her!” Quil would whine, pouting and batting his eyelashes.


- “I swear, I’m going to personally assassinate each and every one of you boys.” Leah would threaten, but really it’s a total promise.

- Catching Leah off guard with mushy feelings.

- “I’m not really good with this stuff any more…” she’d confess.

- “Just be mushy with me and I’ll be happy.” you’d grin cheesy.

- Leah becoming bearable to the pack, in which, makes the pack forever grateful for you.

- “I’ll never do what Sam did to you.” you’d promise.

- You never being able to look at Sam with any sympathy or empathy. Anything he get’s, you think he definitely deserves.

- “You tortured her this whole time, and you’re not even sorry, Sam. You’re a sick disgusting person and I feel no sympathy for you and I never will. Whatever you get, you deserve, and worse.” you’d spit.

- Being team Leah all the way!!!

- “I will never do what Sam did to you. I will never leave you ever. Do you hear me, Leah Clearwater?

- Incredibly heated arguments.

- “Why don’t you leave? Leave like everyone else has.

- “You think I’d do that to you? Just because you imprinted on me doesn’t mean I don’t have an attachment to you. I don’t have a black heart like that over grown dog you call an alpha, Leah! My heart is for you and only you, and if you can’t believe that…

- Absolutely always making up.

- Sleeping in on the weekend until the late afternoon because the two of you have been cuddling most of the day.

- Being La Push’s cutest couple.

- Long deep passionate kisses that lead to much more.

- Seth walking in on the two of you making out.

- “Hey Leah- OH MY GOD!

- “Get out of here Seth! Urgh!

- You laughing when Leah chases Seth out of the house.

- Being close to Leah’s little brother.

- “Thanks for looking out for him, (Y/N).” she’d smile.

- Long deep talks late at night underneath the stars and gorgeous night sky.

- “I don’t know where I would be without you…

- “Probably punching Paul in the face.

- “Yeah, definitely.” Leah would grin.

- Being her everything.

- Leah being your everything.

- “I love you, (Y/N).

- “I love you too.

- Hot sex.

- More hot sex.


- Always being anxious when you know that Leah’s out on patrol.

- “You better take care of her or I’ll skin you all and keep your pelts as trophies and reminders, people!”

- Leah being undoubtedly protective of you.

- “Touch her or even look at her again, and I’ll rip your head right off of your neck.

- “You think I’m joking, Lahote?

- “I told you I wasn’t joking.

- The pack thinking about you naked because Leah thinks about you naked.

- “Your girlfriends hot!

- “I don’t want to think of (Y/N) naked, Leah. Stop!” Seth would whine.

- Leah getting incredibly jealous and denying it.

- You getting incredibly jealous and not denying it.

- Pranking the pack together because you two are trouble makers.

- Loving each other completely.

- Loving the perks of having Leah as your imprint.

- Hating the perks of being an imprint.

- “You’re not going out there when there’s bloodsuckers running around, (Y/N)!

- “Come on, Leah!

- “Do you want a giant wolf in your room tonight?

- Loving each others imperfections and perfections.

- Being crazy about each other.

- Not being able to fall asleep without being in Leah’s arms.

- “But I have to go on patrol tonight baby.

- “Fine! Have a grumpy shit for a girlfriend tomorrow.

- “Don’t be like that. I hate having to leave you but I have no other choice.

- “No, I see how this is. Run along with your pack of wolves whilst I pull an all nighter and watch Spongebob on my own.

- “But Spongebob’s our thing.

- “And so is sleeping.

- “Urgh! Stop being so stubborn!

- “No, you made your choice.

- “I love you.”

- “You too.

- “URGH!!!

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pudassassin  asked:

Imagine Leah and farmer agreed to have one day of role swap-- like farmer doing art and Leah doing all the farm work instead, how will this going?

They met at the southern entrance, eyes wide as they looked to each other.

Leah was all over the place, sticks and dirt in her hair, dust clinging to her clothes and skin. 

The Farmer looked worse for wear, hair matted and paint staining both skin and clothing.

They looked at each other, frozen in time for that second. They soaked up each other’s appearance, knowing full well what they looked like. They broke at the same time, laughing at the day.

“How did you end up with paint on you?“ Leah asked.

“I don’t know!“

“I thought you were just doing some stone carving!“


(Requested by Anon)

When you woke up from the excruciating burning, you were confused as to where you were. Everything was different. Clearer. You saw colors that you didn’t know existed. There were sounds and smells you shouldn’t have experienced, yet you did.

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anonymous asked:

Camren Married fic where they have kids and try to have sex when they have time to spare fluff and smut PLEATHE

Interrupted Part 1

(I plan on making this 5ish parts. Each part will be them getting interrupted in different situations by their children.. or maybe even Dinah haha.) Also sorry if there is any mistakes and sorry I took so long to start updating. I was feeling a little down but it’s alright. I’m here now. I will still do my other requests as I fill this one just so everyone knows :)

Camila looked down at the ring on her finger and smiled. She couldn’t believe it. Looking back at age 16, she never would of dreamed that she would have married the girl of her dreams and have two amazing children with her. Case and Leah were her whole world. He had Lauren’s green eyes and she had her brown ones.

The bed shifted beside her and she turned to look at Lauren who smiled sleepily at her. “Good morning baby,” Lauren smiled. “I had a really good time last night. Maybe that’s why I’m so damn tired.” She leaned on the palm of her hand, using her elbow as support, so that she could look into her wife’s eyes.

“So did I. Maybe we should have Dinah watch the kids more often.” Lauren only smiled more.

“Did you just hear yourself Camz? When we had Case you told Dinah that she wasn’t allowed to watch him because she would dress him like a gangster.

“A classy gangster,” Dinah said, announcing her presence. The two children ran and jumped on the bed, giving hugs to Camila and Lauren.

“I missed you mommy,” Case smiled big, looking down at Lauren.

“I missed  you too love bug.”

“What about me?” Camila pouted, momentarily turning away from Leah to get Case’s attention.

“Don’t worry, I missed you too momma,” he giggled, switching Leah spots on the bed.

“Thank you so much for watching them last night D,” Lauren said, starting to get out of bed.

“Yeah, we really owe you,” Camila agreed.

“Nah, you don’t owe me a thing. Y’all needed to fornicate anyways. Lauren was getting kinda grumpy.”

“Dinah!” Lauren scolded. “Children are present.”

“So?” Dinah asked, fixing her snapback. “They don’t know what it means.”

Camila shook her head and laughed. “I’m sure they do since they just spent the night with you.”

Dinah put her hands up in defeat. “I might of taught them some words.”

Both parents looked to the children that were still curled up in bed. “What did Auntie Dinah teach you both?” Lauren asked with wide eyes.

“She told us not to tell you,” Leah giggled.

“Yeah, we promised to keep our mouths sealed unless we are around her.”

“We were going to have waffles with DJ, but you won’t tell us what she taught you so I think maybe she should just leave and you guys shouldn’t get any breakfast,” Camila joked. Her voice was stern enough so that they couldn’t tell if she was joking or not.

“But-“ Leah started, stopping when Dinah interrupted her.

“Go ahead and tell them, I want some waffles.”

“You,” Lauren said, pointing to Dinah. “Might not be getting any waffles because you probably taught them something inappropriate.”

“I didn’t I promise,” Dinah put her right hand on her heart. “I swear. I just told them to act like I did so that I could get y’all fired up.”

Lauren and Camila turned to look at the kids to make sure they were telling the truth. “Is that what happened?”

Both nodded. “Let’s eat some waffles. I’m starving.” Dinah said, turning to walk out of the room.


Dinah was playing with the kids in the living room while Camila was in the kitchen making the waffle batter. “It smells good in here,” Lauren said, wrapping her arms around Camila and kissing the back of her neck gently.

“Waffles do smell good,” Camila joked, sighing. The kisses on the back of her neck were relaxing. “How many do you think I should make?”

But instead of an answer, Camila got more kisses. This time they weren’t as gentle. Lauren would nip at the back of her neck before soothing the area with her tongue and leaving an open-mouthed kiss on it. Camila tried hard to muffle the moans that escaped her lips. But with each nip and kiss, it was getting harder.

“Lauren baby,” she quietly pants. “The kids and Dinah are in the other room.”

“Exactly, they aren’t in here. So let me make you feel good,” Lauren whispered into her ear, reaching around with her right hand and unbuttoning Camila’s jeans.

The brunette held on to Lauren’s wrist before she could fit her hand into her panties. “Seriously, we need to stop.”

Lauren growled, pushing her hand in further anyways. “That’s not what you were saying last night when I had my tongue deep in you, curling it and twisting it just the way you like it.” Camila whimpered but still tried to hold off. “Or when I sucked your clit into my mouth, sometimes nibbling at it with my teeth and flicking my tongue over it fast.”

“You know we shouldn’t be doing this,” Camila finally gave in, opening her legs slightly wider for Lauren to reach in.

“I just love to make you feel good baby. So let me.” Nibbling on Camila’s ear, Lauren gently guided her finger through wet folds. “Jesus Camz, you’re so wet.”

Camila’s breathing was labored and she was struggling to stay up. She used her arms against the counter for support. “Only for you,” she whimpered, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back.

Lauren’s fingers were making delicious circles on her clit, but she wasn’t pushing down hard enough, effectively teasing the shit out of her. “Lolo, I need you in me.”

Lauren went back to sucking on her neck as she continued to tease her sensitive bud. “What was that?”

“Stick your fingers in me Lauren, please.” Camila pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as an effort to muffle her moans.

“I didn’t quite get that. Repeat it one more time?” Lauren smiled against her neck, while scissoring her fingers on the outside of Camila’s clit, teasing her further.

“If you don’t finger me right fucking now, I’m going to fucking do it myself and make you watch.”

Lauren moaned, reaching down further to push two fingers into Camila’s wet entrance. Before she could, a voice called out behind them.

“Momma?” Case asked, leaning against the door.

Both girls broke apart, Lauren wiping her hand off on a dish towel and Camila buttoning her pants back.

“Y-y-yeah?” Camila asked, trying to fix the huskiness in her voice.

“Auntie Dinah told me to come in here and tell you both to keep it down. I dunno why, but yeah.”

Both Lauren and Camila’s ears turned bright red. Turns out they hadn’t been as quiet as they had originally thought.

Baby's First Words (Brooklyn Beckham Imagine)


My 10 month year old baby girl (Leah) giggled as I tickled her tummy. “Can you say mommy?” I asked.

The baby stopped laughing and just stared blankly. “Please say mommy?” I said more nicely this time.

She still just stared up at me blankly. “Brooklyn come over here!” I yelled so he could hear me from the kitchen.

“Yes?” He asked, and now stat beside me on the floor.

“Help me get our daughter to talk.” I stated.

Brooklyn took Leah from my arms and bounced up and down. She started laughing again, showing her one tooth she was starting to grow in.

“Baby girl can you say dada?” Brooklyn asked, now sitting her on his lap.

Leah just stared blankly at him. “If you say dada I’ll give you a treat!” He exclaimed.

“She’s not a dog.” I stated, rolling my eyes.

“Well that’s how I got rocky (the dog) to roll over.” Brooklyn shrugged.

I sighed and picked up Leah again. “Okay you win for now but I will get you to talk one day.”

“No.” Leah’s small voice said.

Me and Brooklyn looked at each other shocked. “What did you say?” I asked.

“No!!!” Leah exclaimed.

Brooklyn lifted her up and started bouncing her around. “Aw my baby girl is a diva already.” He laughed, and Leah giggled with him.

“I can’t believe my daughters first word is no, but I guess I’m just glad she can talk.” I smiled.

“Y/N I think she needs her diaper changed.” Brooklyn stated.

“Again? What are we feeding her?“I said before getting up to get the diapers.


A/N: Hope you enjoyed!!!! Requests open as always.


“What did you see last night?” He seriously asked, staring at her. Leah gaped at him, brow furrowing.
“Sorry, who are you?” Leah asked, trying to wriggle out of his tight grip. The teen looked a little surprised, but his grip didn’t falter. Instead he just leaned closer,
“Just tell me what you saw.” He insisted.
“I…have no idea what you’re talking about.” Leah became defensive, using her other hand to try and pull herself out of the guy’s grip, but it was no use.
“I saw you in the alley last night.” The guy explained, voice low, "Did you kill him? Did you kill my dad?”
“God, dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Leah’s stomach started to knot up as she lied to him. She struggled to get out of his grasp, “Let me go.”
“Not until you told me what you saw.”
“I said, let me go.” Leah bit out, eyes narrowing as she stared up at him. He opened his mouth to say something else, leaning forward and gripping Leah tighter.

“Too Good”.....Pt. 7

I’m standing here in front of the man I love and trusted with my heart, asking an all too familiar question just after the crack of dawn…”Where in the hell are you coming from?” I spent six years married to Ryan, who had me ask this shit one two many times and now Moses is doing the exact same thing…Damn this is so messed up. Even though we were having major issues and I regrettably sent him that text, ending our relationship, it happened less than two fucking hours ago. Shit, to do what I’m assuming he did this soon, is fucked up, regardless of the circumstances. Even so, I’m praying that this was something spontaneous that occurred after I broke up with him. If that’s what happened, I may be able to look past it. His ex-girlfriend Trisha, although he will never claim her as that, is back in town and I’m sure he knows. She is trifflin as hell and has done everything in her power to try and derail our relationship, so I’m positive she’s already contacted him. He almost screwed up and cheated with her in the past when he assumed we weren’t gonna make it, and I wouldn’t put it past him to go after her now. Humph, it’s funny how life throws you for a loop sometimes. I rushed over here after breaking his heart with that dumb ass text, hoping that he would forgive me, and now he’s about break mine….Damn.

“So are you gonna tell me where you were or are you just gonna leave me in the dark?” I asked, as he stood silent, getting agitated.

“You know it’s funny how you left me, and now your standing here asking questions that ain’t got shit to do with you? You broke up with me Leah! I apologized for anything I did, looked past the grimy ass shit Mediatakeout showed YOU did, and tried to work it out, but YOU didn’t want to.” He yelled, getting defensive as fuck. “You came here to apologize and start fresh? Let’s do that. Damn baby, leave well enough alone!”

I thought about doing what he said, but truth is, I can’t leave this alone. He’s obviously hiding something he knows is fucked up. Humph, getting defensive and using phrases he sure as hell doesn’t use. I need to find out the truth and I’m not making any decisions until he gives it to me.

“Moses, I’m just asking a simple question. Why can’t you answer it? How can we start fresh and you can’t tell me where you were?” 

“Damn…Umm…Aight…Look…This shit happened after you sent that text, Leah. I was hurt as fuck and made a dumb ass mistake. I know there’s no excuse but I’m just being honest. It didn’t mean shit to me, I swear.”

“What didn’t mean shit?? The fact that you instantly fucked someone else, Moses?? Who was it? I know it was some bitch you know.”

“Leah, come on…Let’s just put this behind us.”He begged, rubbing his hands over his face.

“You know what, you’re right. I already know you ran straight to Trisha, humph…I broke up with you, so I guess…” I said in a low tone, putting my head down, trying to keep it together.

“Trisha?? I didn’t even know she was in town.” 

“Well who the hell was it with? What are you hiding?”

“Leah…Just leave it alone…Please?”

”Just tell me!!!” I yelled, desperate for an answer. 

“Asia!! Leah, I had sex with Asia!!!…Dammit man!!…”

It took me a second to process what the fuck he just told me. This mothafucka had sex with Asia? His PR assistant? Who publicly embarrassed me? The bitch he refused to get rid of when I asked him to? The ho he claimed was a lesbian?? Humph, this wasn’t some random attempt to move on, this shit has been building up. Like I said before, something spontaneous I could accept., but this shit?? Hell no. 

 “Asia Moses? You fucked Asia?? Why would you do…?? Fuck it, I don’t even need an answer. You are the worst! This is the second time you put yourself in a convenient ass situation. Humph, but you know what, I’m glad that shit happened. It’s opened my eyes to a whole other side of you. I was never gonna bring this up, but I overheard you talking to Sean a while back. You told him that you tried to get at Asia back in Sunset Valley and carried on about how good she looks now. You had a thing for her then and you have a thing for her now. This shit didn’t just happen, Moses!! You may not have planned it, but you can’t deny that you couldn’t wait to stick your dick in her!!”

“You reaching hard as hell and blowin shit up!! That was years ago, Leah. As for commenting on her looks with Sean, there ain’t shit wrong with that and you know it. I was at her place earlier, trying to come up with ways to clean up that mess you started. She came on to me, I turned her down and was on my way out when I got your bullshit text. I tried to get you to change your mind, remember? And what did you say? “go do you and stop begging me to stay” She came on to me again and I just went with it. I swear on everything, I didn’t want to fuck that girl. I didn’t even enjoy it. I wanted you.”

“Are you seriously trying to blame me for you screwing her?? Like you didn’t have a choice?? Oh no! I’m not sticking around for this shit.” I said, as I started to put my things in my purse. “You and Ryan are two snake ass mothafuckas. Blaming me for shit, YOU did. I refuse to be that dumb, worthless, bitch that begs the man who left her for his mistress not to divorce her. You can give one of those rings over there to someone else. Someone who will put up with this bullshit.”

As I started to realize the gravity of what I just said, my hands started shaking, causing me to drop my keys and phone. Here I am, accusing him of thirsting after Asia when he wasn’t. After everything I put him through, from my petty ass posts on social media to wearing blatant inappropriate outfits, he still wanted to marry me. As much as I tried to ignore the obvious, there was no ill will in his heart when he did that shit. I got on the floor to pick up my stuff when it fully hit me: I caused this entire mess. I tried too hard to prove that I wasn’t the same submissive woman I was with Ryan and it backfired. I sat against the dresser and started to cry. Moses, who stood silently watching, approached and tried to comfort me.

He put his arms around me and kissed my forehead. While his embrace felt the best it ever has, I caught the sent of J’Adore Dior, the perfume Asia is always drenched in. That made me cry harder, prompting him to speak.

“Leah, I’m so sorry. You gotta believe me, baby.”

“I know, its just…I can smell her perfume on you.” I said, as I continued to cry. 

“Damn…Okay…I can fix that.” 

He hauled ass into the bathroom and took the shortest shower of his life. Apparently he wasn’t kidding when he said he would fix it, ha. In him doing that, most of the tension, hurt and anger we both felt disappeared. When he came out of the bathroom we smiled and let out nervous laughs. He moved my stuff, and sat down next to me. I put my arm around him and laid my head on his shoulder. He pressed his head against mine and we stayed like that for a minute or two until I broke our silence. 

“We are two crazy ass mothafuckas.” I said, with a sigh of relief. 

“We??? You sure about that??” He said, laughing as I jokingly punched him. “But nah. I like to think of it as being crazy in love. Shit you have to be to put up with some of my baggage.” 

“Same here, ha. About everything, Mo I’m so sorry. I know I’m to blame for causing this mess. I hurt you with the crap I was doing and the break up. I wish I could take it back. I really am sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, I could’ve chose to do shit differently but I didn’t. I hurt you too. That’s somethin I gotta live with. But…I just remembered. You said you were scared to tell me something??.” 

Up until this point, I completely forgot about it…That painful truth about my fertility, I was too scared to reveal. With my anxiety taking over I got up and started pacing around. He got up as well, grabbed my hand and tried to calm me down. 

“Whatever it is baby, we can get through it. Aight??”

“Ok.” I said, as tears formed in my eyes. “Well a few weeks ago I had some tests done at my gynecologist’s office and they showed that I most likely won’t be able to have my own children.” 

He looked at me stunned and confused as hell. His eyes were filled with pity and sadness, as he drew back his hand and ran it down his face. I wanted to burst into tears as a lump formed in the back of my throat. He was clearly distraught  but tried to hide it as he asked more questions.

“So like, it will be hard for you to carry them?? Cuz if that’s case we can always get a surrogate. Shit, money ain’t a issue.” 

“No, I wish it was like that. It’s my eggs that are the problem. While I have them, the quality is low to the point where it will be hard as hell to get pregnant and if I did, my chances of miscarriage are high. She said that’s most likely what happened before.” I said, as the tears finally poured out. “I was the reason why they didn’t make it.”

“Look none of that even matters baby.” He said, as he kissed my forehead, nose, and lips. 

“Fuck what those test say. They didn’t say you can’t have children, they said it will be difficult. It’s obviously possible since you’ve been pregnant, so I’m just gonna have to work my ass off at knockin you up. Shit, there are an assload of drugs and treatments. We can try it all. Now if it doesn’t work and we feel like we’ve had enough, then adoption is always an option, beautiful.” 

“You would seriously adopt??” I said, as my eyes widened and a grin formed across my face. 

“Hell yeah. Did you forget I’m adopted?? Even though it’s by my uncle and aunt, I still know how it feels not to have biological parents. My father passed and my mother didn’t want to have shit to do with me. If I could give someone else what Pops and Moms gave me, then I’m all for it. Shit, the baby would be ours and still be our heir.”

“Or heiress?”

“Exactly. Shit, don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me somethin, ok? I’m here for you always.” He said, kissing me again. “So umm, which ring did you like the best? I know you looked.”

“Oh you know me so well.” I said, with a smirk. “The Cartier one. It’s perfect.”

“Gotta go with the most expensive one, hunh? That’s good though, now I know what style to get when I have them make your replacement.”

“Don’t make me wait too long.”

“Trust me, I won’t.” 

We made out for a while until we stopped, since we were getting carried away. We both agreed that it would be a little weird if we had sex when he just left Asia’s house not too long ago. We laid down and talked instead. We have a lot of self-improvement to do and it starts today. I’m going to try my hardest not to be as quick to “jump the gun” or over react to situations. He’s going to try and be more supportive when it comes to my brand and most importantly, he’s getting rid of Asia, first thing in the morning.        


THE JENSEN/MISHA OP… The story behind this is that at work we had Mean girls day and I kept this sign from it. Leah saw it on my wall and was like omg let’s use this for the Jensen/Misha op! What we originally planned was to have Jensen hold it and all of us (including misha) hug jensen, but then as we were in line we thought “you can’t sit with us.”
This was amazing. We walked up to them and I started to talk to Jensen and he just stops and starts fixing Misha’s hair. And it just came out, the sass just happened. I was like “oh ok, yeah just fix the hair first. Misha fix your hair.” And their faces oh my god. Jensen’s face was my favorite, I can’t even describe it.
So i handed the sign to Jensen and said “ok can you hold this?” And looked at misha and I put my hands over my heart and go “misha, I’m sorry but you just can’t sit with us.” And he looks at leah and she points and goes “go over there.” And we hugged Jensen and AT first his elbow was on top of my head but then he moved it behind me. At this point we have NO idea what misha is doing, I thought he was standing there acting sad. Had NO idea what he did. But Chris goes “oh my god that’s amazing” and everyone starts laughing. After Chris took it, I turned to see misha and he yells at me, I don’t know what he said but i was like “oops sorry!” And ran away…

Anonymous: A scenario where they blush because of something their lover does

(Yahoo~! I am done spamming Yui Komori stuff and am now here to present to you part two of the blush scenario! If you guys think it’s too long, I’ll be happy to shorten my fics up a bit. Enough of that, please read and enjoy! Don’t forget to heart, reblog and follow! They keep this blog alive and kicking <3)



You raised your eyebrows when you saw the table Kanato prepared. It was covered with all sorts of sweets and desserts. You swore you could smell the sugar a mile away before you even saw the food.

The childish boy dived at the nearest seat and began pointing at the courses with a knife he picked up. “Ah, doesn’t it look fantastic, Teddy?” He smiled. Rows of sugary courses laid in from of you; you could barely name five of them. “Reiji got it all for me because I was a good boy for a month! They’re all so perfect…”

He prepared a plate for him and began placing multiple meals on it. “My stomach hungers for it all, Teddy… Let’s eat!” He began scarfing down everything in sight.

“That’s a lot,” you began conversationally, “I don’t think I’ll be able to finish more than three plates, Kanato.” It all looked very appetizing but you knew your limits.

The purple haired boy looked at you incredulously. “What is (Y/N) talking about, Teddy?” He cocked his head to the side. “I wonder who told her that she will eat anything… She’s so silly, Teddy! (Y/N) is only here so we can talk to someone!” He closed his eyes and smiled innocently at you.

“Eh?” Your eyes twitched in irritation. “Kanato, I was writing a very important paper for school. I thought there was an emergency,” you told him. Sighing, you took a seat next to him. Your mouth watered at the sight of food. “Can I at least have a bite? I’m starving!” You pouted when he still refused. You were sure that he just wanted you to beg for it.

Suddenly, you got a brilliant idea. If he won’t give you anything… you’ll just have to force him to! “Ah, it’s alright, Kanato,” you told him much to brightly for his taste, “after all, I’ve got something ten times sweeter and ten times more delectable than anything here on the table!” You crossed your arms and smirked as he took the bait.

“What? Something better than all of this?” He parroted your words. “You’re lying! Tell me what you have this instant that’s so sweet!” He stomped his foot. You didn’t answer immediately for dramatic effect. Although, you did tell him before things escalated quickly.

You giggled mercilessly. “You,” you gave him a light peck on the cheek, “you’re sweeter and tastier and yummier than anything anybody can ever make!” Amusement danced in your eyes as he buried his face on Teddy so you wouldn’t notice the blush that was rapidly forming on his cheeks.

Just as you expected, he filled a second plate with desserts and shoved a spoon of pudding into your mouth. “Here. So you won’t bother me any more.” He immediately turned away after.

You rolled your eyes and grabbed some innocent fruit that was just laying there. You tapped his shoulder to make him look at you. “Be careful, Kanato,” you warned him and showed the cherry you were holding, “if this keeps going on, you might end up as red as this cherry.” He promptly threw away the fruit and stepped on it without hesitation.



You were on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. During the middle of the school day, you realized that your precious laptop was lost somewhere. Your palms went clammy as you looked everywhere for it. You still had several vital essays and presentations saved there. It took your all not to go crazy from stress.

While searching, you tripped over a pair of legs that you swore came out of nowhere. Rubbing your head, you peeked. “Shu-san?” You saw him sleeping. You thought he could help you. “Um, sorry to disturb you but… have you seen my laptop? It’s in a red casing and it has a couple of stickers…” You mumbled awkwardly.

You were surprised when he responded fairly quickly. “Tch. You’re that pervert’s woman, eh?” There was no use denying. You nodded your head. “I saw Laito carrying it earlier. He went that way,” he traitorously pointed to the right.

You sighed in relief and quietly thanked him before sprinting towards that direction. You were angry that Laito stole your prized laptop and you ran before he could defile it or anything inside.

Before you could pass one of the classrooms, you heard the whining of a boy. There was also dramatic music playing in the background and several other voices were faintly heard. Quietly, you opened the door.

Immediately, you saw the fedora wearing student in the dead center of the old classroom. He was holding a tub of vanilla ice cream as he was watching a foreign show from your laptop.

“No~! Clark and Leah are meant to be together,” he moaned as he watched the Filipino soap opera play out, “Simon, get away from her! It was going so well!” He shoved a spoon of ice cream and munched on a green macaroon with a glum look.

Your eyes twitched and you looked at his back in disbelief. He stole your valuable laptop… just to binge watch a cheesy drama series that you downloaded? You marched towards his figure and crouched beside him.

You pretended to hum in thought. “Hmmm, no, actually, I think Simon and Leah look so cute together,” you told him dryly. The redhead jumped a little and looked at you. “Eh? Bitch-chan? When did you get here?” He asked as he frantically tried to shut down the running program.

“Oh, I dunno,” your voice hinted at sarcasm, “maybe because YOU STOLE MY LAPTOP?!” You shouted. “Honestly, I almost had a heart attack when I couldn’t see my precious baby. And then here you are, talking to yourself in the dark, you pervert. Can’t you just- eh? What the hell?”

When you closed the tab for the episodes, Google images was opened. The pictures you saw were all of a half naked very attractive boy posing for the camera. It took you a while to process that the search bar told you the words ‘sexy James Reid shirtless’.

You looked at his blushing face as he whistled and looked anywhere but at you. You snickered at his guilty expression and added fuel to the fire. “Aww, don’t worry, Laito! Everyone wants to see James Reid shirtless. I won’t judge your, ah, preferences.”

If possible, he looked even more embarrassed. You basked in the rare moment. “Now, Bitch-chan… It’s not what you-”

“WHO STOLE MY VANILLA ICE CREAM?!” A bump was heard. “Noisy. It was the pervert.” Silence. “……..LAITO I’LL KILL YOU!”

“…… You’re on your own, kid,” you grabbed your laptop and sprinted out of the room with one last look at his flushed face. You snorted and made a mental note to tell Ayato everything.



You were happily eating ice cream with Subaru at the local park. The two of you were just walking around; admiring the scenery. Not too long after, it got quite dull and repetitive.

“So,” you messily licked your dessert, “have you been to the mall, Subaru?” You began pitifully. It was quite obvious you weren’t the master of conversations. He scoffed. “Seriously? Even I could think of something better than that, (Y/N).”

You weakly huffed. “Well, at least I tried,” you threw away the remnants of the cone away and grinned at him. “What do you wanna talk about, then, oh great king of awkward silences?”

He mumbled something you couldn’t decipher. “Sorry, what?” You asked him to repeat. “You have some ice cream on your cheek,” he managed to say, “it’s bothering me.” Your tongue darted on you lips. “Huh? I can’t taste anything… Are you lying to make me look like an idiot? It isn’t working,” you jokingly accused.

“No!” He barked. You thought that was the end of it. Suddenly, his lips fell on your face. You could feel him lick off a sticky substance before he scrambled away from you. “What the hell was that?” You laughed at his generous antics. Grinning, you poked his cheeks. “You’re the best boyfriend ever, my darling Tsundere.”

He glared at you. “Goddamnit. Not this again.” He looked up at the sky. “Whoever the hell is up there, please, for the love of all that is holy, please don’t let her speak again.”

“You’re so cruel to me, darling,” you said softly, “hey… You just gave me a brilliant idea!” He had a horrified expression as you ran towards the lonely bench. “Wait! Fucking hell… I swear, (Y/N). Don’t you dare!”

You jumped on top of the wooden chairs and called for the attention of the other residents of the park. “HEY, EVERYONE!” With your loud voice, it was hard to ignore you. “LEMME TELL YOU A LITTLE SOMETHIN’…” You grinned widely as at least a dozen people listened.



“THE REASON WHY I’M UP HERE YELLING MY HEART OUT IS BECAUSE…” you looked deeply into his eyes, staring into his soul as though you thought it would make the message clearer. “I LOVE HIM WITH ALL OF MY HEART. HE MAY NOT KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME BACK BUT I’M TEACHING HIM! I HOPE HE DOESN’T GET MAD WHEN I GET OFF OF THIS THING. SO, WITH THAT SAID, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!” You bowed and jumped into Subaru’s arms. You planted kisses all over his face without any warning.

Suddenly, before you could leave, a nice old couple approached you. “Ah, young love,” the man sighed, “you better keep her close, pretty boy!” He good-naturedly told Subaru. His wife continued. “Such brave girls like that? Well, they only come once in a lifetime. Hope you dearies live long together!” They turned away and left you two in thought.

“Huh,” you brushed the hair away from Subaru’s face, “you know what?” You placed your forehead on his. You happily realized that your breaths were in sync, your eyes were staring longingly at one another and, in that moment, you were sure that your souls intertwined into one. “I really hope so, too…”

10 times you couldn’t help but love Leah Pipes

1. When she revealed what Cami really wanted to say in 2x19…

2. When she posted this super hot instagram

3. When she took the best #nofilter selfie EVER

4. That one time she almost killed all Klamille shippers with one tweet

5. When she wasn’t afraid to post a REAL no makeup selfie

6. When she did…. well, whatever the hell this is

7. That time when she looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress

8. When she had the perfect response to all the haters calling her “granny panties”

9. When she summarized 50 shades of grey in just one pic

10. Every time she was being such a cry cute

for Camille Appreciation Week Day 7: Leah Pipes Appreciation
(sorry for being late you guys! I had so many ideas and it took quite a while to decide…)

I walked up and all three of them were just staring at me, and oh my god it was so intense. Having all three of them just there, like whoa. I had a picture of me and Nikki doing the NBP from wrestlemania and I walked up and was showing them. Jensen just looks at me like 👀 and said “what am I doing?”
“You’re putting your hand on your shoulder and being sassy.”
He’s like “OH OKAY I CAN DO that.” with that little smirk.
And then I was like “misha can you come over here?” And pointed next to me and Jared starts poking my Phone and starts to grab it from me and goes “oh like this?” And grips his shirt collar and pulls it down. I pulled a Sam Winchester bitch face, like it was so involuntary and it just happened, I was like “no on the shoulder” and I looked at jensen & said “ok I’m gonna "critique” you" and he’s like “ok ok” and he put on that face like “yeah that’s right I got this” and posed. I put my hand on his shoulder and all the sudden leah turns so fast to face Jensen and goes “wrong side!” and me and Jensen just look at her like 👀 and then we took it
And then we were leaving and misha goes “do you know what that was?” And Jensen is like “I don’t know what that is.” It was amazing I died laughing walking out

He teaches your toddler how to do something

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Zayn: “Baby, look at this, yeah?” He murmurs sweetly to your one year old. She sat securely in his lap, the both of them sitting in front of the coffee table in the living room. Leah watched Zayn carefully as he held the yellow crayon in between his fingers. You watched as he rubbed the crayon over the lion drawing inside of her coloring book leaving neat and colorful markings. “Can you do that, hm?” He smiles down at her as she takes a crayon into her chubby hand and started to imitate what Zayn did just moments ago, scribbling across the whole paper. He gasps playfully and widens his eyes at her, “You did it, baby!” He exclaims with a slight chuckle filling his tone causing Leah to squeal and clap her hands in excitement.

Liam: “Daddy, how do you do that?” Two year old Bella asks, nothing but curiosity filling up in her tone. She watched as Liam slipped his last shoe on and proceeded to tie his white laces into a perfect bow. He looks over at the curious two year old who was sitting right next to him, a chuckle soon escaping his mouth. “C’mere ill teach you, yeah?” He smiles to himself even though he was fully aware that she was far too young to learn how to tie her shoe, it would be a great bonding experience anyway. He unties his shoe and she takes a spot next to him. “Take both of them in your grip,” He pauses and waits for Bella to do as told. With the help on Liam, soon the shoe was tied in a couple of minutes, a smile lingering in his expression.

Niall: “Put your fingers right here, babe.” He smiles warmly and takes Mia’s smalls hands into his own, positioning her fingers over the frets of his guitar. She sat in his lap, her blue eyes looking down at the acoustic guitar in front of her. “Now strum your hand over the strings, Mia. Like this.” He instructs and pretty soon his fingers were strumming over the strings of the guitar, demonstrating for her. It didn’t take long until Mia finally did as told, music soon making its way from the guitar to fill the living rooms she strummed. A chuckle was soon to be heard coming from Niall’s mouth, “Very good, sweetheart.” He praises soon leaning down to press a soft kiss on the top of her head. 

Louis: “Come on Natalie, kick the ball to me.” He encourages with a smile. “You can do it, pass the ball to daddy, yeah?” His voice urges again as they stood out playing in the backyard. She does as told, a huge smile making its way to her face when she kicks the ball slightly. Louis stops the soccer ball with his foot, a slight smile soon tugging at his lips. “Kick it to me, daddy.” She exclaims jumping in excitement. “Stop the ball with your foot once it comes your way.” He explains right before he gently kicked the ball with his right foot, the pink soccer ball rolling in her direction. Seconds later, the ball had come to a halt with her foot on top of it, Louis smiling uncontrollably.

Harry: “Can i help, daddy?” A soft spoken voice was soon to be heard just around the corner. There stood little Ava, her eyes lighting up as she watched Harry icing all of the cupcakes he had just made with blue frosting. “Of course you can, sweetheart.” His dimples becoming noticeable as he smiled over at her. He lifts up the two year old and sits her on the marble counter where the cupcakes sat in the baking tray. She takes the white icing packet into her hand and waits for Harrys instructions. “Alright babe, hold it over one like this.” He places his larger hand over hers, holding it in the correct spot. Soon the blue icing was being squeezed out of the white icing packet, his chuckle filling the room in admiration.

Niall Imagine - People from the past (Part 2)

Niall returns to the kitchen a few seconds later and places an arm around my waist as I put the mash potatoes into a bowl.
“It smells great, babe.” He says and I smile at him.
“Thanks, babe. You can go to the table so long, and I’ll bring the food in a few seconds.” I say and Niall smiles at me before leading Leah to the kitchen table.
I grab the food and carry it to the table.
I start cutting the beef when Leah speaks up.
“Is that roast beef?” Leah asks, and I politely confirm.
“Oh, I’m a vegetarian.” She says and I swear if I wasn’t going to get arrested for murder, I would’ve stabbed her right then and there.
“Oh. I didn’t know. Will you be okay with the mash and vegetables or do you want me to make you some pasta or something?” I offer being overly nice.
“I’ll be fine.” She says, grabbing a plate.
We spend a long while making small talk while Leah scolds me when Niall’s not looking.
Only 3 days, then she’s gone.
I repeat those words to myself through the entire dinner, hoping that the time will pass quickly.
After dinner she immediately went to sleep, claiming she was tired.
“Babe, I have to in to the studio tomorrow for the entire day, will you and Leah be fine here?” he asks and I nod.
“Yeah. We’ll be okay.” I say, regretting inviting her over in the first place.
“I’ll leave my card for you and then you can go to the mall or whatever and have a girls day? Do what girls do?” he says and I smile, declining his offer.
“We’ll go to the mall but keep your card. I have money.” I say since I hate spending Niall’s money.
“I know, babe. And I know you hate spending my money but please take it?” Niall begs but I still refuse.
“Fine, then take the card and go buy me some high heels and dresses and shit?” he says and I can’t help but laugh.
“Okay. I give up.” I say and Niall kisses my cheek before we drift off to sleep.
“Baby? Wake up?” I hear Niall’s voice whisper and my eyes flutter open.
“Hi.” I say and Niall smiles at me.
“Hey. I’m about to leave for the studio. I put my card in your wallet, okay?” he says and I nod. He gives me a quick kiss before walking out of our bedroom.
I hear him and Leah talking downstairs so I assume she’s awake.
I shower and get ready before walking down stairs to see Leah already dressed and watching TV.
“Are you ready?” I ask, not even trying to be polite.
“Yeah, but before we go, can we please talk?” she asks, sounding genuinely upset.
“Uh- sure.” I awkwardly say, taking a seat across from her on the other couch.
“I don’t know what came over me yesterday, and I want to apologize for everything I ever did to you. I know I was terrible and I rally am sorry. After High school I completely turned my life around, but last night I just got out of control and I really am sorry.” She says, sounding truly sincere.
“It’s okay, Leah. I forgive you.” I say. Maybe these next few days won’t be so bad.
We hug each other and soon head out to the mall.
“These shoes will look totally amazing with that dress we bought earlier!” Leah exclaims, pointing to a pair of shoes standing the window.
“Yeah. But they’re way too expensive. I say, walking a few steps ahead when I notice Leah isn’t following me.
“Give me Niall’s card. I’m going to buy them for you. Niall told me to buy you something you wanted because he knows you won’t do it yourself.” She says and I reluctantly hand over the card.
That does sound like something Niall would do.
Leah is busy in the store for a while and soon we head home. Niall is already there when we get home and we show him everything we bought.
“Oh! Y/N bought a gorgeous pair of shoes with your card! I told her $2000 is expensive but she said you didn’t mind. Y/N, show Niall the shoes you bought!” she says.
“Niall- I-” I start, but Niall interrupts me.
“You bought shoes for $2000? That’s ridiculous!” Niall says, raising his voice.
“I told her not to do it.” Leah adds and I feel tears starting to form in my eyes.
“I’m sorry. I’ll go return them.” I say, grabbing the shoes and walking out of our house with tears streaming down my face.

*** ***
Part 3? x

Jack Gilinsky Imagine : "Summer with the Jacks" - Part 4

 Part 1  ||  Part 2  || Part 3

I  woke up and searched for my phone to find, when looking at it, that it was still 7 in the morning. I knew I was not going to be able to catch any more sleep so I just got up and put on some shorts and a large sweater  with a my hair on a messy ponytail.

                “Went for a stroll at the beach, call me when you want to have breakfast. Love, (Y\N).”  I wrote in the note to my grandparents.

                Two days had gone by since I had last seen Jack. To be honest, I thought it was better that way, I didn’t want to really start liking him just to get my heart broken so maybe it was better if I didn’t see him at all, but every time I was in the pool I would open my eyes from time to time and look for him, I couldn’t avoid it, in my head I wondered if he ever thought of trying to find me, of wanting to spend time with me, but he probably didn’t.

                 I got to the beach and sat on the sand near the sea shore. I closed my eyes and focused on the sound of the waves, trying to clear my mind of any thoughts that included not only Jack but my mother too.

                She had called me the night before telling me she got me an interview at some great architecture university and once more I had to tell her that wasn’t what I want and once again we got into a fight that only ended when my grandmother took the phone out of my hands and talked to her herself.

                I inhale the fresh and salty air and clear all that of my mind.

                “May I join you?” A voice makes me open my eyes and I find Johnson standing next to me.

I take a quick look around to see if Gilinsky was with him and gesture indicating him to seat next to me and bring my knees to my chest, resting my chin on them.

“I haven’t seen you in some time.” He smiles at me.

“Two days.” I whisper.

“What have you been up to?”

“Ow, you know, crazy stuff like bingo with the old ladies from the south area of the condo.”

“That bad?” He asks raising an eyebrow.

“Not really.” I give him a tired smile. “I just have a lot on my mind.”

                “You want to talk about it?” He asks softly.

                “Not really, no.” I look at the sea in front of me. “Where’s Gilinsky?”

                “He’s with his father, taking care of something in the city center.” He comes closer to me and places an arm around my shoulders pulling me closer to him. Normally I would have pulled away, especially from a guy I had only met once, but somehow I felt like I could trust him. “You like him, don’t you?” He asks as I lay my head on his shoulder.

                “I don’t even know him right!”

                “That means nothing, (Y\N)! Now, if you don’t want to like him… that’s a totally different thing.”

                “Yeah, maybe that’s it; it’s just something his father said.” I pull my sweater’s sleeves down so they would cover my hands. “Does Jack date a lot of girls?” I look up so I can see Johnson’s face.

                “He doesn’t date them…”

                “He makes out with them and that’s it.” I complete. “Thank you, but I’ll pass.”

                “(Y\N), he’s a great guy and I’m sure that if he likes you it won’t be like that, I have talked to him about it and he always tells me that he hasn’t found the one that makes him forget all the others so…”

                “That many, hun?” I ask with a fake laugh. “What about you, have you found the one?” I ask trying to turn the conversation around.

                “Yeah, I only have eyes for one girl…” He says staring into my eyes. “Eden from building four!” He looks away quickly with a laugh.

                “She’s 64, Jack!” I say laughing at what he had just said.

                “She makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Don’t judge me!”

                “I won’t!” I put my hands in the air. “But seriously, thank you for listening.”

                “Anytime, cutie.” He smiles at me. “I feel like this is the start of a beautiful friendship.” He says in a funny tone contemplating the sea.

                I kiss his cheek and lay my head on his shoulder again. I never would have thought something like this would happen the first time I met Johnson, he just seemed like the type of guy that you can’t have a serious conversation with, always making jokes and fun of you, but now I really saw him as who he was and I felt like he had appeared at the perfect time in my life.

                “I hope it is.” I smile at him.  

                “The fact that I don’t want to date you will surely help.” He pinches my chin.

                “Thank you?” I ask rising an eyebrow.

                “That’s not it, (Y/N), it’s just that you like Jack, I like another girl and besides that when I hug you it feels like I’m hugging my sister.”

                I crack up laughing at his last statement.

                “You can be like my twin brother!”

                “The brother that has your back!” He replies raising a hand so I would high-five him and I did.

                “Now, Mr. Johnson, who’s this girl you like?”

                “Ow, just this girl from school. Her name is Leah.” He smiles, showing all his teeth.

                “Asking her out, no?” I move myself so I was sitting in front of him.

                “Yeah, (Y\N), I had never thought about that.” He says jesting.

                “Why haven’t you asked her out?”

                “I don’t know!”

                “Excuses, excuses…”

                “Well pretty girls usually prefer Jack so, why would I bother?”

                “Bullshit!” I shout out of nowhere, and then laugh after realizing what I had just said.

                “(Y\N)!” Jack laughs looking around and then looking at me again. “It’s the truth!”

                “But you’re a fine piece of ass!”

                “Well, thank you, too bad you’re into Jack too, isn’t it?” He gives me a fake smile.

                “Jack, Leah is not into Jack! I’m not Leah!” I seat next to him again and hug him quickly. “You’re going to ask her out, okay?” I ask with my arms still around his neck.

                “Okay, BUT you are coming with us on a double date with Jack!”

                I take my arms from around his neck quickly. “I don’t know, Johnson…”

                “One date, that’s all I’m asking. Then you can decide if Jack is an asshole yourself.”

                I look at him for a while thinking about what was the worst that could happen.

                “Okay, okay, for you, I’ll do it.”

                “You don’t even know me right!” He says quoting what I said about Gilinsky before.

                “Yeah, but you told me you would have my back… “

                “I will, believe me.”