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Woah haven’t been on this website in aaaages!

Better post some pictures of the last piece I made…

This piece is about 45cm tall and is called ‘Primavera’ as it is based on the Botticelli painting, one of my absolute favourites!

The pictures with the paper and pins show my pattern making process

A sneaky peek at the beginnings of a new collection that I’ve been working on that doesn’t use porcelain! But I’m still sticking to monochrome I’m afraid Haha. They are also my first ever attempts at throwing

Not quite what I was hoping to get with the glazes on the inside, but I like a happy accident

They might be finding their way onto an etsy shop I’m setting up in the not too distant future :)


Details showing the 3 main patterns I carve into my porcelain vessels. They are in order from the easiest at the top to most challenging at the bottom.

I’m trying to nickname each pattern so I can make sense of my designs with more ease. but somehow inverted irregular pyramid pattern just doesn’t work for me ahaha


Carving porcelain, filmed over 3 days. If you look closely at the uncarved clay you can see the points that I follow when I am carving. These points are made by plotting the structure of Renaissance paintings onto the surface with paper and pins. My research examines the use of maths in European painting of the 14th-16th centuries. To see the completed piece and the pattern mapping process go here: http://leah-jensen.tumblr.com/post/122781251561/sandro-botticelli-by-leah-jensen-hand-carved

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