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you’re not ashamed that you did it. you’re ashamed that you enjoyed it.

What Happened w/ Klamille Bed Scene
  • *in the editors room, watching the scene*
  • Editor: Okay here we go...great Klaus and Cami are together, finally. What the...*turns to MN and MH* Again with the thrusting? I thought you talked to Leah about this!
  • Narducci: We did! We thought she had it under control.
  • Editor: Well it's not. Look at this, WHAT is her left hand doing?
  • Hastings: I think the answer to that's pretty clear if you look.
  • Editor: *sighs* Film it again. We can't use this.
  • Narducci: Why not?
  • Editor: This is the CW, no thrusting allowed. Joseph's no better look at his wandering hands!
  • Hastings: We're done filming. Isn't there something you can do?
  • Editor: Hmmm if we zoom in and keep the camera angle up it's not too bad.
  • Narducci: Cutting off their legs and lower half?
  • Editor: We can't see thrusting if we don't see hips!
  • Hastings: Brilliant!
  • Narducci: Perfect!
  • Klamille fans: (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

This scene hasn’t happened yet. But it was released a couple days ago. The moment I saw this, my mind conjured up one single scenario and it’s bound to break my heart and all the others who are avid viewers of this series. The preview for next week’s episodes just validates my hunch.

“How can you do this?”

“I couldn’t help it”

“But I trusted you!”

“I’m in love with her” 

It was necessary for the plot. I know it. But it doesn’t minimize the tightening of my chest. One of the reasons I like this TV series is because it tackles the NOW. It tells audiences of not only one, but a number of stories that ACTUALLY happen to REAL people. It’s not your usual rags-to-riches, or Prince Charming falling for a poor little girl, or the overused mistress plot. It’s not in any way sugar coated. It’s not padded. There’s nothing life threatening about falling in love with your cousin’s ex girlfriend. It’s not unusual for a father to have a serious health condition. The strained relationship between an OFW mom and her son is an ugly truth. In short, the struggles in this show? No biggie. But it’s all real. Love is never easy.Even fairy tales go through the whole “you-can’t-have-a-happy-ending-i’m-not-gonna-let-you” in the form of evil stepmothers; except those scenarios are mostly make believe. The struggle in On The Wings of Love though? It’s real, it’s LEGIT. 

The episode tonight with the hashtag #OTWOLHesitations cemented that fact. For the past few episodes, we’ve been going through the process of grief without even realizing it. Leah and Clark have been in DENIAL for the longest time. And who can blame them? From the very start, they were both warned that they can never date each other for real. As much as we want to deny it, the kind of society that we’re in still find the “date your ex’s relative or your ex’s best friend” unacceptable. That’s just how we were raised. When Clark finally admits to himself that the attraction’s there, he immediately felt ANGER. He tried to deal with it by pushing Leah away and seem like he doesn’t care much for her. The brush off, the avoidance - it was there. And now here we are at BARGAINING. 

The episode started off with them not being able to help their selves in showing what they really feel only to have to take a step back (two steps on Leah’s part). Clark makes a move, Leah backs away. The more intense Clark gets, the higher the wall Leah puts between them. Have you ever seen a great Tango performance? Tonight’s episode was a superb titillating Tango performance.  Two bodies intertwined, breathing the same air, their heart beats accelerating, totally connected - one goes forward, the partner steps back, the latter advances, the former retreats - the burn building up slowly, moderately, then rapidly…. it builds more rapidly until you reach the climax. Tonight, Clark and Leah danced the Tango (emotionally speaking that is) and it was a mind fuck. Whoever thought that closed doors could be very sensual? The tension was there, as thick as the two doors separating them. That scene did not require any exchange of dialogues. The body language and the silence was enough to get the message across: I can’t want you, but I do. 

And then we get to the “I’ll friend-zone myself if I have to” part. Leah recognizes that the only way she can avoid developing deeper feelings for Clark is by looking at the two of them a certain way. That by somehow reiterating they’re friends will validate the boundaries. Her inner struggle was a little annoying and hilarious at the same time. And for a minute, I felt terribly pissed I want to pull her hair. But then I realized, if I were to empathize with her, I’d most probably do the exact same thing. I will bargain. I will take one step forward only to take two steps back. Which she does, convincingly. Leah drives Clark away while secretly yearning for that part of him. She not only bargains with herself, but with fate. And Clark was there, bargaining right along with her: “Is this really what you want?”

The preview, well, that breaks my heart. But I saw it coming. After bargaining comes DEPRESSION. The only question would be: how long do we spend bargaining with fate before we get depressed with the choices we make? And how far do we wallow in grief before we achieve ACCEPTANCE?


Tita Jack: Oo nga eh, yun din ang dasal ko para sa kuya nyo, makakita sya ng babaeng magmamahal at mag-aaalaga sa kanya kagaya ng pag-aalaga at pagmamahal nya sa inyo.

- If that was supposed to comfort me, it obviously didn’t. Because that right there was a gut feel being voiced out. You know Tita Jack, you can feel it too. It’s inevitable. But you yourself don’t want to believe that it’s going to happen because you’ve brought too much heart aches to your son and you JUST.CANT. have this happening to him even when you know, that it’s what Clark has been waiting for his entire life.

on a brighter note, the fact that OTWOL Hesitations episode conjured this much emotion in me to write this whole thing validates the fact that I find each and every single actor in this TV series very effective in their respective roles. From Cherry Pie Picache and Joel Torre who are both veterans in their craft, to Bianca Manalo who epitomizes every single loving older sibling (the eldest in the family almost always gets left behind to take care of their parents, have you noticed?), to Albie Casiño who perfectly portrays every spoiled rotten kids who grow up to be clingy and possessive boyfriends, to James Reid and Nadine Lustre who both deliver the precise mix of kilig, comedic timing, and a flair for the dramatic. 

Their best so far?

Nadine in that “mag-girlfriend ka kung gusto mo” confrontation scene

James in that “i’m in love with her” scene we have yet to witness next week

“Against vampires, humans always lose.”

So, I was asked  by @aafatonkeparindey to write a meta regarding Cami and the seemingly heavy foreshadowing that she’s going to become a vampire.As we all know by now, Leah really got the fandom in an uproar when she posted a picture of herself on set wearing what looks like a daylight ring. The speculation was fueled after she deleted the picture shortly after fans started asking questions. But then she posted another picture with the same ring, although it was a bit hidden. Cami has never been the type to wear a lot of jewelry, and when she does, it’s never been anything really colorful or flashy (take that as you may). But this brings me to the actual show because to me it seems like most people only started to speculate that she would be a vampire because of the photos Leah posted, but I’ve been talking about this since the premiere. So this meta will focus on that and just Cami in S3 so far.

Alright so let’s start with 3x01.

So, Cami had been spooked after seeing how people like her (humans) are being killed by people like him (vampires). Before now, Cami has never been too worried about dying at the hands of a supernatural. There has been nothing but death and mayhem in NOLA since the back door pilot. She’s lost family and friends but none of that has ever shaken her to her core like this. This serial killer’s MO has been strictly humans since the pattern of the serial killings hasn’t been determined yet in this particular scene. Cami is the only regular character on the show that’s heavily affected by the serial killing currently going on. 

Then she goes on to tell him that “she GETS it,” the fact that he’s a vampire and how much of a tortured existence it is. But as much as she understands Klaus, she doesn’t truly GET it because she’s not a vampire. What better way for her to get it than to have her become a vampire? So this scene immediately made me raise an eyebrow.

Now I want to skip ahead briefly to 3x03, because this episode kinda hinted at death a couple times. .

This is the episode that was Cami/Lucien heavy. One line that I found interesting is when he tells Cami (and Vincent) that they were more alike than they’d like to admit. Then goes on to say that because they’ve all entangled in the Family Mikaelson and lived to tell about. This felt like it was alluding to death.Because what happened to Lucien? He reveals to Cami (and Vincent) the story of how he became the first sired vampire, which was a direct result of his relationship with Klaus.  Then again, Lucien alluded to something happening to Cami because she is a vulnerability to Klaus. Which kinda reminded me of what Klaus told Marcel in 3x04 about how his enemies may try to come THROUGH him to get to Klaus, and the same could be applied to Cami, obviously. We’ve already seen in seasons past how her relationship with Klaus has been used against him.

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