leah de leon

021911: Food Styling/Photography Workshop

hello! :) i’ve attended a food styling workshop held at school. it was organized by our photography organization, Optic View, and was sponsored by the restaurant, Goodfellas Steaks & Burgers. they are located at 36 T. Gener cor. K-1st, Kamuning Quezon City.

the experience was a lot of fun and so worth it (free lunch c/o the resto!!). the food was so good! :) it was also my first time doing food photography. yay! im such a happy kid :))

anyway, here are the photos:

school’s cafeteria so early in the morning, while waiting for the workshop to start

the workshop @ the school’s green room. guest chefs: Randy Dreisbach *the one in black* and Chef Martin *the white one. im sorry i forgot his first name :s* they were discussing about how to place the elements of the dish, and this part was very mouthwatering because this was done before lunch so we’re all very hungry.

my food shots (angus burger and buffalo wings). the food shoot was done after lunch so im very full during this time. :D

view from 10th flr.

and then after the workshop, my cousin and i went to Noriter Cafe

sooo yea that’s it.. long day was long, but a lot of fun :)

Clouds and Stars

hi :) i was bored so i went to our backyard then i saw that the clouds were interesting. so i went back to my room, got my camera and tripod, and played with them. i was shooting in long exposures to capture the movement of the clouds.. then i though of shooting star trails. it was my first attempt, i just wanted to try. but unfortunately, there were only few stars and i ran out of battery power :( anyway, i’ll try it again when the sky is clear. :)

this was shot in 3 min exposure:

1 min exposure: